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29th Johns Hopkins Workshop on current problems in particle theory: strong matter in the heavens

JHW2005 - (other jhw conferences)
1-3 August
Budapest, Hungary
published September 05, 2006
There were important developments in the physics of heavy ions during the past few years. Both developments in the theory, notably, advances in non-perturbative Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD)and in experiments, results from the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC), now suggest very strongly that there exists a new phase of matter: the quark-gluon plasma. This fact is of tremendous importance both in our understanding of high energy nuclear phenomena on earth and also, it changes our thinking about compact heavy objects in the sky, such as neutron stars, black holes, etc. The talks given at the workshop explored various aspects of these developments both from the point of view of experimentalists as well as astrophysicists and cosmologists.

Editorial Board
Domokos Gabor (chairman), Kaplan David E., Kovesi-Domokos Susan, Sundrum Raman

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Invited talks
Contributed talks
PoS(JHW2005)033 pdf G. Domokos, S. Kovesi-Domokos and A. Patkos
Invited talks
Color superconductivity and the strange quark
PoS(JHW2005)002 pdf M. Alford
Structure and cooling of compact stars with color superconductivity
PoS(JHW2005)003 pdf D. Blaschke
Nonequilibrium field theory
PoS(JHW2005)004 pdf S. Borsanyi
Color Superconductivity in high density QCD
PoS(JHW2005)005 pdf R. Casalbuoni
Lattice QCD at finite temperature and chemical potential
PoS(JHW2005)006 pdf Z. Fodor
QCD Equation of State and WIMP Dark Matter
PoS(JHW2005)007 pdf M.B. Hindmarsh and O. Philipsen
A comprehensive search for the theta+ pentaquark on the lattice
PoS(JHW2005)008 pdf S.D. Katz, F. Csikor, Z. Fodor, T. Kovacs and B.C. Toth
Lattice QCD and String Theory
PoS(JHW2005)009 pdf J. Kuti
Stable quark matter in cosmic rays ?
PoS(JHW2005)010 pdf J. Madsen
Low energy properties of color-flavor locked superconductors
PoS(JHW2005)011 pdf C. Manuel
The QCD phase diagram at zero and small Baryon density
PoS(JHW2005)012 pdf O. Philipsen
Thermodynamics of QCD at large quark chemical potential
PoS(JHW2005)013 pdf A. Gerhold, A. Ipp and A. Rebhan
Strongly interacting neutrinos as the highest energy cosmic rays: A quantitative analysis
PoS(JHW2005)014 pdf M. Ahlers, A. Ringwald and H. Tu
Chiral phase transition in effective models
PoS(JHW2005)017 pdf Z. Szép
Strangeness in Compact Stars
PoS(JHW2005)018 pdf F. Weber, A. Torres i Cuadrat, A. Ho and P. Rosenfield
Contributed talks
Charge screening effect on hadron-quark mixed phase in compact stars
PoS(JHW2005)019 pdf T. Endo, T. Maruyama, S. Chiba and T. Tatsumi
Dissipation and vacuum selection
PoS(JHW2005)020 pdf A. Achucarro, N.D. Antunes, F.M.L. Freire and P. Salmi
SU(2,CMB), the nature of light and accelerated cosmological expansion
PoS(JHW2005)021 pdf R. Hofmann
Dense Quark Matter in a Magnetic Field
PoS(JHW2005)022 pdf E.J. Ferrer, V. Incera and C. Manuel
Reconciling resummation and renormalization
PoS(JHW2005)023 pdf A. Jakovac
Coulomb and surface effects on the pasta structure in nuclear matter
PoS(JHW2005)024 pdf T. Maruyama, T. Tatsumi, D.N. Voskresensky, T. Tanigawa, T. Endo and S. Chiba
Polyakov Loop in Chiral Quark Models at finite T
PoS(JHW2005)025 pdf E. Megías, E. Ruiz Arriola and L.L. Salcedo
Kaon optical potential in nuclei and kaon condensation in neutron star
PoS(JHW2005)027 pdf C.Y. Ryu, C.H. Hyun, S.W. Hong and B.T. Kim
Neutrino emissivity from spin-one color superconductors
PoS(JHW2005)028 pdf A. Schmitt, I.A. Shovkovy and Q. Wang
Weak coupling expansion of the hot QCD pressure
PoS(JHW2005)029 pdf Y. Schröder
Neutrino Emission from Ungapped Quark Matter
PoS(JHW2005)030 pdf K. Schwenzer
Magnetic properties in quark matter and comp stars
PoS(JHW2005)031 pdf T. Tatsumi, T. Maruyama, E. Nakano and K. Nawa
Color screening in a constituent quark model of hadronic matter
PoS(JHW2005)032 pdf G. Sanchez and J. Piekarewicz