PoS - Proceedings of Science

The 16th International Workshop on Vertex detectors

Vertex 2007 - (other vertex conferences)
September 23-28, 2007
Lake Placid, NY, USA
published August 05, 2008

Its goal is a review of the progress on Silicon based Vertex detectors with emphasis on existing & future detectors, new materials, software, alignment, electronics, triggering, 3D devices, monolithic structures, new developments, applications to medical & other fields.

Editorial Board Marina Artuso (chairman), Eduardo Docutoesilva, Gianmario Bilei, Daniela Bortoletto, Richard Brenner, Massimo Caccia, David Christian, Paula Collins, Roland Horisberger, Els Koffeman, Bettina Mikulec, Sheldon Stone, Dong Su, Toru Tsuboyama, Stephen Watts,

conference main image
Commissioning and detector integration
Novel detectors and electronics
Tracking experience at LHC
Vertexing , Track Reconstruction and alignment strategy
Tracking and vertexing in the trigger algorithm
Future detectors
Other applications; space applications
Commissioning and detector integration
ATLAS Pixel Detector Commissioning using Cosmics Rays
PoS(Vertex 2007)007 pdf D. Dobos
Power distribution, cabling and other reliability issues (ATLAS)
PoS(Vertex 2007)008 pdf M. Garcia-Sciveres
CO2 cooling experience (LHCb)
PoS(Vertex 2007)009 pdf A. Van Lysebetten, B. Verlaat and M. van Beuzekom
Hybridization issues for future applications
PoS(Vertex 2007)010 pdf S. Koenig
Plans for Experiment Protection at the LHC
PoS(Vertex 2007)011 pdf M. Ferro-Luzzi
Status of ATLAS diamond Beam Condition Monitor
PoS(Vertex 2007)012 pdf A. Gorisek
Novel detectors and electronics
Thinned Silicon Detectors
PoS(Vertex 2007)013 pdf H.G. Moser
Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors
PoS(Vertex 2007)015 pdf P. Lutz
Characterization of deep N-well CMOS MAPS for the ILC Vertex Detector
PoS(Vertex 2007)016 pdf G. Traversi
3d circuit integration
PoS(Vertex 2007)017 pdf R. Yarema
Diamond Detector Development
PoS(Vertex 2007)018 file missing K. Oliver
Diamond Detector Progress from RD42
PoS(Vertex 2007)019 file missing W. Trischuk
A CCD Based Vertex Detector
PoS(Vertex 2007)020 pdf attachments K. Stefanov
RD50: P-type Sensor Results
PoS(Vertex 2007)021 pdf G. Casse
DEPFET Active Pixel Sensors
PoS(Vertex 2007)022 pdf H.G. Moser
Development of 3D Detectors at FBK-irst
PoS(Vertex 2007)023 pdf
G.F. Dalla Betta, M. Boscardin, L. Bosisio, M. Bruzzi, V. Cindro, S. Eckert, G. Giacomini, G. Kramberger, S. Kuehn, U. Parzefal, M.K. Petterson, C. Piemonte, A. Polyakov, I. Rashevskaya, G. Resta, S. Ronchin, H. Sadrozinski, M. Scaringella, C. Tosi, M. Zavrtanik, A. Zoboli and N. Zorzi
Development of Monolithic Pixel Sensors for the ILC
PoS(Vertex 2007)024 pdf D. Contarato and M. Battaglia
Tracking experience at LHC
Silicon Central Tracker Commissioning in ATLAS
PoS(Vertex 2007)001 pdf D. Robinson
CMS tracker commissioning and first operation experience
PoS(Vertex 2007)002 pdf C. Delaere
Progress on Alice Pixel Detector Commissioning
PoS(Vertex 2007)003 file missing P. Riedler
CMS Pixel commissioning
PoS(Vertex 2007)004 pdf attachments M. Dinardo
LHCb Burn in Studies
PoS(Vertex 2007)005 pdf F. Marinho
Data Acquisition in LHCb VELO Test beams
PoS(Vertex 2007)006 pdf N. Neufeld
Vertexing , Track Reconstruction and alignment strategy
Track Reconstruction and Experience with Cosmic Ray Data in CMS
PoS(Vertex 2007)026 pdf C. Noeding
Vertex, Track Reconstruction and Luminosity Monitoring at LHCb
PoS(Vertex 2007)027 pdf J. Wang
Alignement strategy for LHCb
PoS(Vertex 2007)028 pdf S. Viret
Tracker alignment strategy in CMS and experience with cosmic ray data
PoS(Vertex 2007)029 pdf G. Flucke
Alignment strategy for the ATLAS tracker
PoS(Vertex 2007)030 pdf T. Golling
Vertex and track reconstruction in Atlas
PoS(Vertex 2007)025 pdf W. Liebig
Tracking and vertexing in the trigger algorithm
Vertex reconstruction and tracking in the trigger algorithm for Atlas
PoS(Vertex 2007)031 pdf C. Schiavi
Vertex reconstruction and tracking in the trigger algorithm for lhcb
PoS(Vertex 2007)032 pdf T. Bowcock
Tracking in the trigger: from the CDF experience to CMS upgrade
PoS(Vertex 2007)034 pdf F. Palla and G. Parrini
Vertex reconstruction and tracking in the trigger algorithm for CMS
PoS(Vertex 2007)033 pdf M. Konecki
A new technique for the reconstruction, validation, and simulation of hits in the CMS Pixel Detector
PoS(Vertex 2007)035 pdf M. Swartz, D. Fehling, G. Giurgiu, P. Maksimovic and V. Chiochia
Future detectors
ILC: Thoughts, Issues and R&D
PoS(Vertex 2007)036 pdf R. Lipton
SLHc Upgrades: Thoughts, Challenges & Strategies in CMS
PoS(Vertex 2007)038 pdf M. Mannelli
LHCb upgrade
PoS(Vertex 2007)039 pdf M. Artuso
Vertex Detectors for a Super-B factory
PoS(Vertex 2007)040 pdf G. Rizzo
The STAR Vertex Detector Upgrade Development
PoS(Vertex 2007)041 pdf L. Greiner
Silicon Vertex Tracker for PHENIX Upgrade at RICH: Capabilities and Detector Technology
PoS(Vertex 2007)042 pdf R. Nouicer
SLHC upgrades: challenges and strategies in ATLAS
PoS(Vertex 2007)037 pdf M. Weber
Other applications; space applications
3H Imaging
PoS(Vertex 2007)043 pdf F. Risigo
Energy Dependent Imaging Properties of the Medipix2 X-ray Detector
PoS(Vertex 2007)044 pdf T. Michel
Active pixel sensors for electron microscopy
PoS(Vertex 2007)045 file missing P. Denes
Nano-CT Scanning
PoS(Vertex 2007)046 pdf attachments B. Masschaele
EXIST: A Large Area Cd-Zn-Te & Si Based Space X-ray Telescope
PoS(Vertex 2007)047 file missing H. Krawczynski
PoS(Vertex 2007)048 pdf E. Vannuccini
Experience and results from the 6 Megapixel Pilatus System
PoS(Vertex 2007)049 pdf B. Henrich