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8th Symposium on Prospects in the Physics of Discrete Symmetries

November 7-11, 2022
published February 01, 2024
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Combinations of the discrete symmetries C,P, and T are probed in
electroweak processes, Higgs physics, and low-energy precision
experiments. New discrete symmetries are postulated to ensure the
stability of Dark Matter or to predict the patterns of quark and lepton
flavour mixing.

The conference addresses the role of  these symmetries in the context of
  * quark and lepton flavour physics
  * strong CP problem and axions
  * neutrino physics
  * cosmology
  * astroparticle physics
  * physics beyond the Standard Model
  * precision experiments with atoms and molecules
  * collider experiments   


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Plenary Monday
Plenary Tuesday
Astroparticle Physics and cosmology
BSM collider physics Tuesday
Quark Flavour Tuesday
Atoms, nuclei, molecules, and spectroscopy
Plenary Wednesday
BSM collider physics Wednesday
High-intensity frontier
Light new particles
Quark Flavour Wednesday
Plenary Thursday
Plenary Friday
Plenary Monday
PoS(DISCRETE2022)001 pdf U. Nierste
Status of the KOTO experiment to search for kaon rare decays
PoS(DISCRETE2022)002 pdf H. Nanjo and  on behalf of the KOTO Collaboration
Discrete Goldstone Bosons
PoS(DISCRETE2022)003 file missing R. Houtz
Theory of CP violation in charm physics
PoS(DISCRETE2022)004 file missing S. Schacht
New results on CPV in charm and bottom at LHCb
PoS(DISCRETE2022)005 file missing A. Carbone
Anomalies in Particle Physics
PoS(DISCRETE2022)006 pdf A. Crivellin
ATLAS and CMS Dark Matter searches: results and future opportunities
PoS(DISCRETE2022)007 file missing H. El Jarrari
Searches for light dark sectors at Belle II, Belle, and BaBar
PoS(DISCRETE2022)008 pdf M. de Nuccio and  On behalf of the BELLE II collaboration
Recent Advancement in Laser Spectroscopy of Antihydrogen and the Progress towards the Measurement of its Gravitational Acceleration
PoS(DISCRETE2022)009 file missing A. Capra
Multi Higgs Doublet Models and symmetries
PoS(DISCRETE2022)010 file missing I. de Medeiros Varzielas
Overview of KATRIN Results on the Neutrino Mass and New Physics Searches
PoS(DISCRETE2022)011 pdf C. Fengler and  on behalf of the KATRIN collaboration
Plenary Tuesday
Modular flavour symmetries from the bottom up
PoS(DISCRETE2022)012 pdf P. Novichkov, J. Penedo and S. Petcov
Modular Flavor Symmetries and CP from the top down
PoS(DISCRETE2022)013 pdf A. Trautner
Status of the CKM matrix fits with a focus on Vub and Vcb
PoS(DISCRETE2022)014 file missing M.T. Prim
Charged lepton flavour violation - Overview of current experimental limits and future plans
PoS(DISCRETE2022)015 pdf A.K. Perrevoort and  on behalf of the the Mu3e Collaboration
Charged Lepton Flavour Violation (phenomenology)
PoS(DISCRETE2022)016 pdf J. Kriewald
Astroparticle Physics and cosmology
Solving the Strong CP and Dark Matter Problems with a $U(1)$ Gauged Extension of the Standard Model
PoS(DISCRETE2022)017 pdf S. Khan and L. Covi
Cosmological constraints on decaying axion-like particles
PoS(DISCRETE2022)018 file missing S. Hoof
Exploring dark matter models with global fits
PoS(DISCRETE2022)019 pdf T. Gonzalo
Two-component vector WIMP – fermion FIMP dark matter model with an extended seesaw mechanism
PoS(DISCRETE2022)020 pdf F. Costa
Global Fits of simplified dark matter models with GAMBIT
PoS(DISCRETE2022)021 pdf C. Chang and  on behalf of the Gambit Community
Atomic responses for Dark matter scattering off electrons with Ge & Xe Detectors
PoS(DISCRETE2022)022 file missing M.K. Pandey
ALPs as dark matter mediators: beyond freeze-out
PoS(DISCRETE2022)023 pdf A. Bharucha and S. Mutzel
`CP in the Dark' and a Strong First-Order Electroweak Phase Transition
PoS(DISCRETE2022)024 pdf L. Biermann, M. Mühlleitner and J. Muller
Tachyonic Dirac Equation in Schwarzschild Metric
PoS(DISCRETE2022)025 pdf T. Hassanzadeh
The cyclic symmetries in the representations of unitary discrete subgroups
PoS(DISCRETE2022)026 pdf D. Jurciukonis and L. Lavoura
CPT and unitarity constraints for higher-order CP asymmetries at finite temperature
PoS(DISCRETE2022)027 pdf P. Maták, T. Blažek and V. Zaujec
BSM collider physics Tuesday
Top quark physics with the ATLAS experiment at the LHC
PoS(DISCRETE2022)028 file missing M. Romano
Recent searches for new phenomena with the ATLAS detector
PoS(DISCRETE2022)029 file missing M. Franchini
Features of the Weinberg 3HDM potential
PoS(DISCRETE2022)030 file missing P. Osland
Revisiting two dark matter candidates in $S_3$-symmetric three-Higgs-doublet models
PoS(DISCRETE2022)031 pdf A. Kuncinas, O.M. Ogreid, P. Osland and M. Nesbitt Rebelo
Search for New Resonance in the photon and jet final state using CMS data
PoS(DISCRETE2022)032 pdf J. Babbar and  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
Near or Far Detectors? A Case Study for Long-Lived Particle Searches at Electron-Positron Colliders
PoS(DISCRETE2022)033 file missing F. Tillinger
Quark Flavour Tuesday
Measurements of CP violation at Belle II
PoS(DISCRETE2022)034 file missing P. Goldenzweig
Recent results about lepton flavor universality violation at LHCb
PoS(DISCRETE2022)035 file missing B. Fang
Flavour hierarchies and $B$-anomalies in a twin Pati-Salam theory of flavour
PoS(DISCRETE2022)036 pdf M. Fernández Navarro
Recent Belle II results related to lepton universality and flavour violation
PoS(DISCRETE2022)037 file missing M. Hohmann
Scalar FCNC and CP violating mixing matrices from the vacuum
PoS(DISCRETE2022)038 pdf J.M. Alves, F.J. Botella, G.C. Branco, F. Cornet-Gomez and M. Nebot
$B^0-B^ ̅$$^0$ entanglement for the direct CP violation $ϕ_3=γ$ phase
PoS(DISCRETE2022)039 pdf F.J. Botella Olcina
QCDF Amplitudes from 𝑺𝑼(3) Symmetries
PoS(DISCRETE2022)040 pdf G. Tetlalmatzi-Xolocotzi
Higher-Order Electroweak Contributions to Indirect CP Violation in Neutral Kaons
PoS(DISCRETE2022)041 pdf Z. Polonsky, J. Brod, S. Kvedaraite and A. Youssef
Exactly Stable Protons with a Muonic Force
PoS(DISCRETE2022)042 file missing A.E. Thomsen
Outer Automorphism Anomalies
PoS(DISCRETE2022)043 file missing T. Melia
Neutrino masses, flavor anomalies and muon $\boldsymbol{g-2}$ from dark loops
PoS(DISCRETE2022)044 file missing P. Escribano
Atoms, nuclei, molecules, and spectroscopy
The quantum nature of the "minimal" SO(10) GUT
PoS(DISCRETE2022)045 pdf V. Susič, K. Jarkovska and M. Malinsky
New results on the neutron to hidden neutron oscillations hypothesis
PoS(DISCRETE2022)046 file missing W. Saenz-Arevalo
Testing the Pauli Exclusion Principle and Collapse models in underground experiments
PoS(DISCRETE2022)047 file missing F. Napolitano
Implications of a matter-antimatter mass asymmetry in Penning-trap experiments
PoS(DISCRETE2022)048 pdf T. Cheng
Plenary Wednesday
Theory of electric dipole moments
PoS(DISCRETE2022)049 pdf Y. Ema, T. Gao and M. Pospelov
Gravitational wave science with LISA
PoS(DISCRETE2022)050 file missing G. Nardini
Probing ultralight dark matter with cold atoms
PoS(DISCRETE2022)051 file missing G. Perez
Searching for Gravitational Waves from Cosmic Domain Walls
PoS(DISCRETE2022)052 file missing A. Notari
Spontaneous parity violation
PoS(DISCRETE2022)053 pdf G. Senjanovic and V. Tello
BSM collider physics Wednesday
Searching for new symmetries in the Higgs sector with the ATLAS detector
PoS(DISCRETE2022)054 pdf D. Duda and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Higgs boson property measurements at the ATLAS experiment
PoS(DISCRETE2022)055 file missing C. Kitsaki
Higgs measurements from CMS
PoS(DISCRETE2022)056 pdf N. Trevisani and  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
Top physics results from CMS
PoS(DISCRETE2022)057 pdf M. Kumar
Single-charged Higgs boson in $W^\pm H^\mp$ associated production within the 2HDMs.
PoS(DISCRETE2022)058 pdf attachments M. Ouchemhou, A. Arhrib, R. Benbrik, M. Krab, B. Manaut and Q.S. Yan
Charged Dark Matter in Supersymmetric Twin Higgs models
PoS(DISCRETE2022)059 pdf M. Łukawski
Spontaneous CP violation and the Strong CP problem
PoS(DISCRETE2022)060 pdf A. Valenti
Probing the early universe with displaced new physics at colliders
PoS(DISCRETE2022)061 file missing S. Junius
Photon-photon fusion and (𝒈 − 2)𝝉 measurement at the ATLAS experiment
PoS(DISCRETE2022)062 pdf K. Schmieden and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Photon-photon fusion and tau g-2 measurement
PoS(DISCRETE2022)095 file missing K. Schmieden
High-intensity frontier
CP symmetry test at J-PET
PoS(DISCRETE2022)063 pdf E. Czerwinski and  on behalf of the J-PET Collaboration
Improved test of CPT invariance in ortho-positronium decays at J-PET
PoS(DISCRETE2022)064 pdf N. Chug, A. Gajos and  on behalf of the J-PET Collaboration
First direct tests of T and CPT symmetries in transitions of neutral kaons from KLOE-2
PoS(DISCRETE2022)065 file missing M. Silarski
Entangled neutral kaons as a tool for precision tests of CPT symmetry and Quantum Mechanics from KLOE-2
PoS(DISCRETE2022)066 pdf W. Wislicki and  on behalf of the KLOE-2 Collaboration
The P2 Experiment
PoS(DISCRETE2022)067 file missing L.S. Weinstock
Status of the MUonE experiment
PoS(DISCRETE2022)068 pdf E. Spedicato and  on behalf of the MUonE collaboration
Implications of the $(g-2)_\mu$ anomaly on the flavor structure of New Physics
PoS(DISCRETE2022)069 file missing F. Wilsch
Precision measurements with Kaons at CERN
PoS(DISCRETE2022)070 pdf L. Peruzzo and  on behalf of the NA62 Collaboration
Physics beyond the Standard Model with the NA62 experiment at CERN
PoS(DISCRETE2022)071 pdf L. Peruzzo and  on behalf of the NA62 Collaboration
The NA64-e experiment at CERN
PoS(DISCRETE2022)072 pdf P. Bisio and  on behalf of the NA64 collaboration
Light new particles
On Discrete Goldstone Bosons
PoS(DISCRETE2022)073 pdf V. Enguita-Vileta, B. Gavela", R. Houtz" and P. Quilez"
On Consistent Kinetic Mixing and the Higgs Low-Energy Theorems
PoS(DISCRETE2022)074 pdf P. Foldenauer
The importance of quantum loops for astrophysical ALPs
PoS(DISCRETE2022)075 file missing E. Müller
Neutrino mass hierarchy from the discrete dark matter model
PoS(DISCRETE2022)076 pdf O. Medina, C. Bonilla, J. Herms and E. Peinado
Radiative Neutrino Mass with GeV Scale Majorana Dark Matter in Scotogenic Model
PoS(DISCRETE2022)077 file missing A. Avnish
Sterile Neutrino Search with the KATRIN Experiment
PoS(DISCRETE2022)078 pdf L. Köllenberger and  on behalf of the KATRIN collaboration
Hybrid scoto/seesaw: flavour and dark matter
PoS(DISCRETE2022)079 pdf H. Brito Câmara, D. Marques Barreiros" and F. Rafael Joaquim"
Sterile neutrinos along the DUNE decay pipe
PoS(DISCRETE2022)080 pdf J. Penedo and J. Pulido
Latest results from the CUORE experiment
PoS(DISCRETE2022)081 file missing M. Beretta
Quark Flavour Wednesday
Studies of New Physics in $B^0_q-\bar B^0_q$ Mixing and Implications for Leptonic Decays
PoS(DISCRETE2022)082 pdf K. De Bruyn, R. Fleischer, E. Malami and P. van Vliet
Status of the lifetimes of heavy hadrons within the HQE
PoS(DISCRETE2022)083 pdf M.L. Piscopo
Plenary Thursday
Tests of discrete symmetries at low energies
PoS(DISCRETE2022)084 file missing S. Degenkolb
New avenues in dark matter detection
PoS(DISCRETE2022)085 file missing Y. Hochberg
Flavor Probes of Axion Dark Matter
PoS(DISCRETE2022)086 pdf R. Ziegler
Axions in the early universe
PoS(DISCRETE2022)087 pdf F. D'Eramo
Plenary Friday
Dark Matter from Exponential Growth: Pandemic Dark Matter
PoS(DISCRETE2022)088 file missing P.F. Depta
Looking into the heart of darkness - two-phase xenon time projection chambers for direct dark matter searches
PoS(DISCRETE2022)089 file missing L. Baudis
Present status of neutrino physics from a theory perspective
PoS(DISCRETE2022)090 file missing V. Brdar
Search for CP violation in neutrino oscillations in standard and non-standard physics scenarios
PoS(DISCRETE2022)091 file missing J. Gehrlein
Probes of Axion Dark Matter
PoS(DISCRETE2022)092 file missing J. Jaeckel
(Anti-)hydrogen spectroscopy for tests of CPT and Lorentz invariance
PoS(DISCRETE2022)093 file missing E. Widmann
PoS(DISCRETE2022)094 file missing M. Nemevsek