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The Multifaceted Universe: Theory and Observations - 2022

23-27 May 2022
SAO RAS, Nizhny Arkhyz, Russia
published December 14, 2022
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An All-Russia scientific conference "The Multifaceted Universe: Theory and Observations - 2022" dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Yu.N. Parijskij was held at the Special Astrophysical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences on May 23-27, 2022. Yury Nikolaevich Parijskij, a full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, was one of the founders of Russian radio astronomy. He is the author of hundreds of scientific papers and two monographs. Under his leadership, the largest radio telescope RATAN-600 was created, with which various studies of cosmic radio sources have been carried out. Yu.N. Parijskij brought up the scientific and engineering staff of the telescope as a professional scientific school consisting of a dozen of doctors of sciences and almost a hundred of PhDs. Yuri Nikolaevich had been creating and developing modern radio astronomy methods. His scientific interests extended to many areas: the Early Universe origin and evolution, multiwavelength study of quasars and radio galaxies, deep sky radio surveys, search for the cosmic microwave background fluctuations, the Milky Way, and the Solar System.

About 140 astronomers from Russia and other countries took part in the conference. 
The conference topic is broad - from planets and the Sun to objects of the Early Universe. 
Reports on the scientific heritage of Yu.N. Parijskij were welcome. The conference involves review talks, thematic and poster sessions.

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Astronomical instruments and methods
Cosmology and physics of galaxies
Active galactic nuclei
Multi-messenger astronomy
Stars and interstellar medium
Relativistic astrophysics
the SUN
Planets and planetary systems
Early universe
Astronomical instruments and methods
A new Method for Verification of Astronomical Spectral Flux Density Calibrators based on SRT Data
PoS(MUTO2022)001 pdf attachments A.N. Ermakov, Y.A. Kovalev, V. Vasilkov, V. Soglasnov, M. Lisakov and Y.Y. Kovalev
Development of the prototype of a large-volume liquid scintillation detector with photosensors based on silicon photomultiplayers
PoS(MUTO2022)002 pdf attachments I.M. Dzaparova, A. Yanin, E. Gorbacheva, A. Kurenya, V. Petkov, I. Unatlokov and A. Shikhin
The Methods and a Hardware-Software Complex for Measuring the Stability of Radio Telescope Receiving Systems
PoS(MUTO2022)003 pdf attachments Y.V. Vekshin
On the role of empirical boundary conditions in space weather prediction results
PoS(MUTO2022)004 pdf M.L. Demidov
Detection of absorption in the decimeter radio emission of solar corona
PoS(MUTO2022)005 pdf V.M. Bogod, M. Lebedev, N. Ovchinnikova, A. Ripak and E.A. Kurochkin
Digital methods of RFI mitigation in radio astronomy
PoS(MUTO2022)006 pdf M.K. Lebedev, N.E. Ovchinnikova, V.M. Bogod, A.M. Ripak and A.A. Storozhenko
Results of a new approach to the analysis of multi-wavelength observations data obtained with RATAN-600
PoS(MUTO2022)007 pdf N.E. Ovchinnikova, M.K. Lebedev, V.M. Bogod, A.M. Ripak and A.A. Storozhenko
Computer simulation of a new deployment system for precise solid space reflector
PoS(MUTO2022)008 pdf M.D. Glotov and V. Bujakas
A method for Identifying the Effects of Nonstationarity in the Radio Emission from Nearby Stellar Systems in Spaced Observations
PoS(MUTO2022)009 pdf attachments V.N. Chernenkov and G.M. Beskin
Gaia vs Hipparcos: the Accuracy of Parallax Measurements
PoS(MUTO2022)010 pdf M.A. Al-Wardat, A.M. Hussein and E.M. Abu-Alrob
The Receiving System for a Compact Antenna of the Mobile VLBI Station
PoS(MUTO2022)011 pdf M.B. Zotov
Microwave imaging spectroscopy of the solar corona
PoS(MUTO2022)014 pdf S. Lesovoi, M. Globa, A. Gubin and A. Altyntsev
Continuum radiometers of the RATAN-600 radio telescope: current state and directions of development
PoS(MUTO2022)015 pdf attachments P.G. Tsybulev, N.A. Nizhelskij, M.V. Dugin, A.N. Borisov, R. Udovitskiy and D.V. Kratov
A study of the astroclimate in the Dagestan mountains Agul region and at the Ali Observatory in Tibet as possible locations for the Eurasian SubMM Telescopes (ESMT)
PoS(MUTO2022)072 pdf V.B. Khaikin, V.B. Khaikin, A.Y. Shikhovtsev, A.P. Mironov and X. Qian
Cosmology and physics of galaxies
CII Emission from High-Redshift Quasars As a Signature of Obscured AGNs
PoS(MUTO2022)016 pdf E.O. Vasiliev, Y. Shchekinov and B.B. Nath
Detailed study of galaxies with the stellar counter-rotation phenomenon
PoS(MUTO2022)017 pdf D.F.O. Gasymov and I. Katkov
Study of a bright sources sample in the RATAN-600 Western sector observations
PoS(MUTO2022)018 pdf A.A. Kudryashova, N.N. Bursov and S.A. Trushkin
Comparison of spectral properties of microwave background inhomogeneities on Planck maps with spectral properties of sources of RCR, NVSS and Planck catalogues
PoS(MUTO2022)019 pdf E.K. Majorova and O.P. Zhelenkova
The intensities of Balmer lines in low resolution integrated light spectra of globular clusters
PoS(MUTO2022)020 pdf M.E. Sharina, M. Maricheva and V. Shimanskiĭ
Determination of distances to galaxies by the brightest stars
PoS(MUTO2022)021 pdf N.A. Tikhonov, O. Galazutdinova and G. Karataeva
Search for distant radio galaxies. Big Trio Project
PoS(MUTO2022)022 pdf O.P. Zhelenkova, Y.N. Parijskij, N.S. Soboleva, A.V. Temirova and A.I. Kopylov
Sources of the "Cold Experiment" surveys in different ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum
PoS(MUTO2022)023 pdf O.P. Zhelenkova, N.S. Soboleva, E.K. Majorova, A.V. Temirova and N.N. Bursov
The splashback radius of groups and clusters of galaxies at low redshifts
PoS(MUTO2022)024 pdf F.G. Kopylova and A.I. Kopylov
Nearby voids and their galaxies: recent progress and prospects
PoS(MUTO2022)026 pdf S.A. Pustilnik, Y. Perepelitsyna, A. Tepliakova, A. Kniazev, E. Egorova, J.N. Chengalur and S. Kurapati
Active galactic nuclei
The keys by Nikolai Kardashev and Yuri Parijskij to the Nature of Active Galactic Nuclei
PoS(MUTO2022)027 pdf Y.A. Kovalev, Y. Andreevich Kovalev, N. Alexandrovich Nizhelsky, Y. Yurievich Kovalev, S. Vladimorovich Troitsky, G. Valentinovich Zhekanis, P. Grigorievich Tsibulev, S. Aronovich Pustilnik, M. Gfbdulovich Mingaliev, Y. Vladimirovna Sotnikova, A. Kurbanovich Erkenov, V. Anatolievich Soglasnov, A. Vladimirovich Popkov and A. Vladimirovich Plavin
Spectral and photometric study of the Seyfert Galaxy MRK 1095 (ARK 120)
PoS(MUTO2022)028 pdf S.A. Shomshekova and E. Denissyuk
Study of the radio spectra evolution of Narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies with RATAN-600
PoS(MUTO2022)029 pdf A.G. Mikhailov, Y. Sotnikova, T.V. Mufakharov, M. Mingaliev and T. Semenova
New GPS sources candidates at high redshifts
PoS(MUTO2022)030 pdf T.V. Mufakharov, A. Mikhailov, M. Mingaliev and Y. Sotnikova
The optical variability of some blazars at different time scales - recent results
PoS(MUTO2022)031 pdf V.V. Vlasyuk, O.I. Spiridonova and A.S. Moskvitin
Multi-messenger astronomy
The Search for Neutrino Events from the Blazar PKS 0735+17 at the Baksan Underground Scintillation Telescope
PoS(MUTO2022)033 pdf V.B. Petkov, E. Gorbacheva, R. Guliev, I.M. Dzaparova, M. Kochkarov, M. Kostyuk, A.N. Kurenya, E. Martakov, Y. Novoseltsev, R. Novoseltseva, P. Striganov, I. Unatlokov and A. Yanin
An approximation of the observed extragalactic neutrino background
PoS(MUTO2022)034 pdf S.I. Shirokov and D.I. Solovev
Search for neutrino bursts at the Baksan Underground Scintillation Telescope
PoS(MUTO2022)035 pdf R.V. Novoseltseva, R.V. Novoseltseva, E.A. Gorbacheva, R.M. Guliev, I.M. Dzaparova, M.M. Kochkarov, A.N. Kurenya, E.S. Martakov, Y.F. Novoseltsev, V.B. Petkov, P.S. Striganov, I.B. Unatlokov and A.F. Yanin
Stars and interstellar medium
The influence of host galaxy morphology on Type Ia Supernovae standardization and cosmological analysis
PoS(MUTO2022)037 pdf A.Y. Baluta, M. Pruzhinskaya, P. Rosnet and N. Pauna
Deuterated molecules in regions of high-mass star formation
PoS(MUTO2022)038 pdf I.I. Zinchenko, A.G. Pazukhin, E.A. Trofimova, P.M. Zemlyanukha, C. Henkel and M. Thomasson
Photometric monitoring of eclipsing cataclysmic variables
PoS(MUTO2022)039 pdf P.D. Efremova, M. Gabdeev, R. Zhuchkov, A. Gutaev, R. Bayazitov and S. Grigoriev
A study of unknown X-ray sources
PoS(MUTO2022)040 pdf E.B. Ryspaeva and A.F. Kholtygin
Long-term spectral monitoring of the high-luminosity stars in the Cas OB5 association
PoS(MUTO2022)041 pdf E. Islentieva and V. Klochkova
Some mathematical and physical aspects of the gravitational collapse of massive stars
PoS(MUTO2022)042 pdf V.D. Vertogradov and V. Dubrovich
Pushchino multibeams pulsar search: First results
PoS(MUTO2022)043 pdf S.A. Tyul'bashev, G.E. Tyul'basheva and M.A. Kitaeva
Stars like gamma Cassiopeia: close to us and enigmatic
PoS(MUTO2022)044 pdf attachments A.F. Kholtygin, E.B. Ryspaeva, A. Moiseeva, M. Burlak, I. Yakunin and O. Tsiopa
Statistical physical parameter properties of Ap/Bp-stars in the Orion OB1 Association
PoS(MUTO2022)045 pdf A.V. Moiseeva, I. Romanyuk and V. Aitov
The Intraday multi-frequency radio observations of the microquasar Cygnus X-3
PoS(MUTO2022)046 pdf A.V. Shevchenko, S.A. Trushkin, N.N. Bursov, N.A. Nizhelskij, P.G. Tsybulev, A.A. Kudryashova and A.N. Borisov
Confirmation of the star J004229.87$+$410551.8 in M31 as B[e]-supergiant
PoS(MUTO2022)047 pdf A.N. Sarkisyan, A. Vinokurov, Y. Solovyeva, K. Atapin, O. Sholukhova, S. Fabrika and D. Bizyaev
The history of long-term studies of Galactic X-ray binaries with jet emissions with RATAN-600
PoS(MUTO2022)048 pdf S.A. Trushkin, A.V. Shevchenko, N.N. Bursov, P.G. Tsybulev and N.A. Nizhelsky
Wind parameters of the new LBV in NGC1156
PoS(MUTO2022)049 pdf Y.N. Solovyeva, A. Kostenkov, E. Dedov and A. Vinokurov
Accretion Induced Collapse of White Dwarfs as an Alternative Symbiotic Channel to Millisecond Pulsars
PoS(MUTO2022)050 pdf A.A. Taani
Magnetic field of chemically peculiar stars in the Orion OB1 Association
PoS(MUTO2022)051 pdf I.I. Romanyuk, E. Semenko, A. Moiseeva, I. Yakunin and D. Kudryavtsev
Cowling resistivity and Joule dissipation in solar atmosphere
PoS(MUTO2022)052 pdf A.V. Stepanov, V.V. Zaitsev and E.G. Kupriyanova
Two new LBV candidates in the galaxy IC342
PoS(MUTO2022)053 pdf O. Sholukhova, A.N. Sarkisyan, Y. Solovyeva and A. Vinokurov
The Extremely He-rich Star HD144914
PoS(MUTO2022)055 pdf Y.V. Glagolevskij and V.B. Alexey Nazarenko
Relativistic astrophysics
Long-term X-ray/UV observations of the ultraluminous X-ray source HolmbergII X-1.
PoS(MUTO2022)056 pdf K.E. Atapin, A. Vinokurov, M. Safonova, S. Fabrika and O. Bordoloi
Stellar mass black hole candidates in the birthplaces of radio pulsars
PoS(MUTO2022)057 pdf L. Chmyreva and G.M. Beskin
On turbulent viscosity in relativistic jets and accretion disks
PoS(MUTO2022)058 pdf attachments A.A. Panferov
Fast transitions between single and double-peaked optical pulse profiles of millisecond pulsar J1023$+$0038
PoS(MUTO2022)059 pdf A.S. Tanashkin, G. Beskin, S. Karpov, V. Plokhotnichenko, Y. Shibanov and D. Zyuzin
On a spin-up phase in the evolutionary tracks of AR Scorpii and AE Aquarii
PoS(MUTO2022)061 pdf N.R. Ikhsanov and N. Beskrovnaya
the SUN
Analysis of Pulsation Spectra of Chromospheric Radiation from a Solar Flare SOL2015-10-01
PoS(MUTO2022)062 pdf Y.A. Kupryakov, A.B. Gorshkov, L.K. Kashapova and M. Bárta
Investigation of the polar coronal hole in the Sun with RATAN-600 in the centimeter radio range
PoS(MUTO2022)063 pdf O.A. Golubchina
The Form of Sunspots in Cycle 24
PoS(MUTO2022)064 pdf A.G. Tlatov
A study of the Relationship Between the Microwave and Meter-Wavelength Emissions from the Solar Flare on June 3, 2021
PoS(MUTO2022)065 pdf J.N. Shamsutdinova, J. Zhang, D.A. Zhdanov, L.K. Kashapova and H.A.S. Reid
Forecasting of Solar Flares According to the Maximum Brightness Temperatures in the Period of 2011--2015
PoS(MUTO2022)066 pdf E.A. Kurochkin
Planets and planetary systems
Lidov-Kozai perturbation in the motion of Jupiter Trojans
PoS(MUTO2022)069 pdf T.A. Vinogradova
Early universe
Objects with Ultra Steep Spectra in the Central Section of the RATAN Zenith Field (RZF) Catalog
PoS(MUTO2022)071 pdf A.V. Temirova, Y.N. Pariiskiy, T.A. Semenova and N.N. Bursov