PoS - Proceedings of Science

11th Symposium on Nuclei in the Cosmos

NIC XI - (other nic conferences)
19-23 July 2010
Heidelberg, Germany.
published July 06, 2011

Nuclei in the Cosmos is the most important international meeting in the field of nuclear astrophysics. It brings together nuclear experimentalists, nuclear theorists, astronomers, theoretical astrophysicists, cosmochemists, and others interested in the scientific questions at the interface of nuclear physics and astrophysics. These questions concern, for example, the origin of the elements in the cosmos and the nuclear reactions that occur in the big bang, in stars, and in stellar explosions.

Past meetings have been held in Mackinac Island - USA (2008), Geneva - Switzerland (2006), Vancouver - Canada (2004), Fuji-Yoshida - Japan (2002), Aarhus - Denmark (2000), Volos - Greece (1998), Notre Dame - USA (1996), Gran Sasso - Italy (1994), Karlsruhe - Germany (1992), Baden bei Wien - Austria (1990).

Editorial Board: Klaus Blaum, Norbert Christlieb, Gabriel Martinez-Pinedo
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Session 1: The Big Bang
Session 2: The first stars
Session 3: Chemical evolution and Stars
Session 4: Stars
Session 5: Grains and gamma-ray observations
Session 6: Core-collapse supernovae
Session 7: Hypernovae and mergers
Session 8: Compact objects
Session 9: The s-process I
Session 10: The s-process II
Session 11: Novae
Session 12: X-ray bursts
Session 13: Explosive nucleosynthesis: νp-process, ν-process, and p-process
Session 14: Type Ia supernovae
Session 15: The p-process and exotic nuclei
Session 16: The r-process I
Session 17: The r-process II
Poster Session 1: The Big Bang
Poster Session 2: Chemical evolution
Poster Session 3: Stars
Poster Session 4: Grains and gamma-ray observations
Poster Session 5: Core-collapse supernovae
Poster Session 6: Hypernovae and mergers
Poster Session 7: Compact objects
Poster Session 8: The s-process
Poster Session 9: Novae
Poster Session 10: X-ray bursts
Poster Session 11: Explosive nucleosynthesis
Poster Session 12: Type Ia supernovae
Poster Session 13: The r-process
Poster Session 14: Observations of metal-poor stars
WE-Heraeus Summer School on Nuclear Astrophysics in the Cosmos
Session 1: The Big Bang
Primordial Nucleosynthesis: predicted and observed abundances
PoS(NIC XI)001 pdf G. Steigman
Study of the BBN reaction $D(\alpha ,\gamma )^{6}$Li deep underground at LUNA
PoS(NIC XI)003 pdf
M. Erhard, M. Anders, A. Bellini, D. Bemmerer, C. Broggini, A. Caciolli, P. Corvisiero, H. Costantini, Z. Elekes, A. Formicola, Z. Fülöp, G. Gervino, A. Guglielmetti, C. Gustavino, G. Gyürky, G. Imbriani, M. Junker, M. Laubenstein, A. Lemut, M. Marta, C. Mazzocchi, R. Menegazzo, P. Prati, V. Rocca, C. Rolfs, C. Rossi Alvarez, E. Somorjai, O. Straniero, F. Strieder, T. Szücs, F. Terrasi and H.P. Trautvetter
Session 2: The first stars
Formation of the first stars
PoS(NIC XI)004 pdf V. Bromm
Observations of the most metal-poor stars and what they tell us about the early Universe
PoS(NIC XI)005 pdf A. Frebel
A systematic study of extremely metal-poor stars with SDSS/Subaru
PoS(NIC XI)006 pdf W. Aoki, T. Beers, D. Carollo, S. Honda, H. Ito and Y.S. Lee
David vs Goliath: pitfalls and prospects in abundance analysis of dwarf vs giant stars
PoS(NIC XI)007 pdf A. Korn
Session 3: Chemical evolution and Stars
Galactic chemical evolution - the observational side
PoS(NIC XI)008 pdf A. McWilliam
Topics in Galactic Chemical Evolution
PoS(NIC XI)009 pdf N. Prantzos
Nucleosynthesis and chemical evolution of intermediate mass stars: results from planetary nebulae
PoS(NIC XI)013 pdf W. Maciel, R. Costa and T. Idiart
Session 4: Stars
Reaction rate measurements in underground laboratories
PoS(NIC XI)014 pdf H. Constantini
The 8B neutrino spectrum
PoS(NIC XI)016 pdf
O. Kirsebom, H.O.U. Fynbo, H.H. Knudsen, K. Riisager, B.R. Fulton, A. Laird, S.P. Fox, M.J.G. Borge, M. Madurga, O. Tengblad, M. Alcorta, B. Jonson, G. Nyman, H. Hultgren, R. Raabe, J. Büscher, A. Saastamoinen, A. Jokinen, I.D. Moore and J. Äystö
Microscopic Nuclear Structure and Reaction Calculations in the FMD Approach
PoS(NIC XI)017 pdf T. Neff, H. Feldmeier and K. Langanke
Direct Measurement of 4He(12C,16O)\gamma cross section near stellar energy
PoS(NIC XI)018 pdf K. Fujita, K. Sagara, T. Teranishi, T. Goto, R. Iwabuchi, N. Oba and M. Tanaka
Low energy beam induced background studies for a 12C(12C,p)23Na reaction cross section measurement
PoS(NIC XI)019 pdf L. Gialanella
Density and temperature dependence of production rates of 6He, 9Be, 12C
PoS(NIC XI)020 pdf D. Fedorov, A. Jensen, R. de Diego and E. Garrido
Session 5: Grains and gamma-ray observations
Measurements of presolar grains
PoS(NIC XI)021 pdf P. Hoppe
Session 6: Core-collapse supernovae
The final stages of stellar evolution
PoS(NIC XI)025 pdf A. Chieffi and M. Limongi
Core-collapse supernova simulations with CHIMERA
PoS(NIC XI)027 pdf B. Messer, S. Bruenn, J. Blondin, M.A. Chertkow, W.R. Hix, C.T. Lee, E. Lentz, P. Marronetti, A. Mezzacappa and K.N. Yakunin
Gamow-Teller strength distributions at finite temperature and electron capture in stellar environments
PoS(NIC XI)028 pdf A. Dzhioev, A. Vdovin, V. Ponomarev, J. Wambach, K. Langanke and G. Martinez-Pinedo
Delivery of Supernova Material to the ISM through Ejecta Knots
PoS(NIC XI)029 pdf C. Ellinger, P. Young, G. Rockefeller and C. Fryer
Session 7: Hypernovae and mergers
Hypernova and Gamma-Ray Bursts
PoS(NIC XI)030 pdf K. Nomoto
Nucleosynthesis from Black Hole Accretion Disks
PoS(NIC XI)031 pdf G.C. Mclaughlin, L. Caballero and R. Surman
Black Hole and Neutron Star Mergers
PoS(NIC XI)032 pdf S. Rosswog
Radioactively Powered Electromagnetic Counterparts of Neutron Star Mergers
PoS(NIC XI)033 pdf B. Metzger, G. Martinez-Pinedo, S. Darbha, E. Quataert, A. Arcones, D. Kasen, R. Thomas, P. Nugent and I. Panov
Session 8: Compact objects
The Nuclear Equation of State
PoS(NIC XI)035 pdf J. Lattimer
Constraints on neutron-star theories from nearby neutron star observations
PoS(NIC XI)037 pdf R. Neuhäuser
Nuclear pasta with a touch of quantum: towards the dynamics of bulk fermion systems
PoS(NIC XI)038 pdf K. Vantournhout, N. Jachowicz, J. Ryckebusch and H. Feldmeier
Clusters in dense matter and the equation of state
PoS(NIC XI)039 pdf S. Typel, G. Röpke, T. Klaehn, D. Blaschke, H. Wolter and M. Voskresenskaya
Experimental applications of the Nuclear Equation of State to Neutron Star dynamics
PoS(NIC XI)040 pdf attachments M. Famiano, W. Lynch and B. Tsang
Quark-Hadron mixed phase with hyperons in proto-neutron stars
PoS(NIC XI)041 pdf N. Yasutake, T. Maruyama and T. Tatsumi
Session 9: The s-process I
The s-process in AGB stars
PoS(NIC XI)042 pdf A. Karakas and M. Lugaro
The first direct measurement of 17O(\alpha ,\gamma )21Ne and its impact upon s-process abundances
PoS(NIC XI)045 pdf
M. Taggart, U. Hager, A. Laird, C. Ruiz, D. Hutcheon, D.F. Ottewell, J. Fallis, L. Erikson, M. Bentley, J. Brown, L. Buchmann, A.A. Chen, J. Chen, K. Chipps, J. D'Auria, B. Davids, C. Davis, C.A. Diget, S.P. Fox, B.R. Fulton, N. Galinski, U. Greife, F. Herwig, R. Hirschi, D. Howell, L. Martin, D. Mountford, A. Murphy, M. Pignatari, S. Reeve, G. Ruprecht, S. Sjue and L. Veloce
Session 10: The s-process II
Sensitivity of 26Al, 44Ti and 60Fe Production in Core-Collapse Supernovae to Uncertainties in the 3-\alpha and 12C(\alpha ,\gamma )16O Reaction Rates
PoS(NIC XI)046 pdf S. Austin, C. Tur and A. Heger
New measurement of the astrophysically important reaction 62Ni(n,\gamma ) at n_TOF
PoS(NIC XI)048 pdf C. Lederer, E. Berthoumieux, M. Calviani, D. Cano-Ott, N. Colonna, I. Dillmann, C. Domingo-Pardo, G. Giubrone, C. Guerrero, F. Gunsing, M. Heil, F. Käppeler, H. Leeb, C. Massimi, A. Mengoni, J.L. Tain, V. Vlachoudis and A. Wallner
First measurement of the 64Ni(\gamma ,n) cross section
PoS(NIC XI)049 pdf I. Dillmann, G. Rugel, A. Junghans, T. Faestermann, G. Korschinek, J. Lachner, M. Maiti, M. Poutivtsev, M. Erhard, C. Nair, R. Schwengner, A. Wagner, F. Käppeler, S. Walter, M. Pignatari and T. Rauscher
Session 11: Novae
Novae: theory and observations
PoS(NIC XI)050 pdf J. Jose
Destruction of 22Na in Novae: Surprising Results from an Absolute Measurement of 22Na(p,\gamma ) Resonance Strengths
PoS(NIC XI)051 pdf A. Sallaska, C.W. Wrede, A. Garcia, D.W. Storm, T.A.D. Brown, C. Ruiz, D.F. Ottewell, K. Snover, L. Buchmann, C. Vokenhuber and J.A. Caggiano
The 33S(p,\gamma )34Cl reaction in classical nova explosions
PoS(NIC XI)052 pdf
A. Parikh, T. Faestermann, R. Kruecken, V. Bildstein, S. Bishop, K. Eppinger, C. Herlitzius, O. Lepyoshkina, P. Maierbeck, D. Seiler, K. Wimmer, R. Hertenberger, H.F. Wirth, J. Fallis, U. Hager, D.A. Hutcheon, C. Ruiz, L. Buchmann, D. Ottewell, B. Freeman, C. Wrede, A. Garcia, B. Delbridge, A. Knecht, A. Sallaska, A. Chen, J.A. Clark, C. Deibel, B.R. Fulton, A. Laird, U. Greife, B. Guo, E. Li, Z. Li, G. Lian, Y. Wang, W. Liu, P. Parker and K. Setoodehnia
Unbound States of 32Cl Relevant for Novae
PoS(NIC XI)053 pdf M. Matos, D.W. Bardayan, J.C. Blackmon, J.A. Clark, C. Deibel, L.E. Linhardt, C.D. Nesaraja, P.D. O'Malley, P.D. Parker and K.T. Schmitt
Session 12: X-ray bursts
Precision measurements of 20Na, 24Al, 28P, 32Cl, and 36K for the rp-process
PoS(NIC XI)055 pdf C. Wrede, J.A. Clark, C. Deibel, T. Faestermann, R. Hertenberger, A. Parikh, H.F. Wirth, S. Bishop, A. Chen, K. Eppinger, B.M. Freeman, A. Garcia, R. Kruecken, O. Lepyoshkina, G. Rugel and K. Setoodehnia
Studying the (\alpha ,p)-process in X-ray Bursts using Radioactive Ion Beams
PoS(NIC XI)056 pdf
C. Deibel, M. Alcorta, S.A.M.d. Bedoor, P. Bertone, J.A. Clark, J.M. Figueira, J.P. Greene, C.R. Hoffman, C.L. Jiang, B.P. Kay, H.Y. Lee, J. Lighthall, S.T. Marley, R.C. Pardo, N. Patel, M. Paul, K.E. Rehm, A.M. Rogers, D. Shetty, C. Ugalde, A.H. Wuosmaa and G. Zinkann
Session 13: Explosive nucleosynthesis: νp-process, ν-process, and p-process
Explosive Nucleosynthesis and the p-process
PoS(NIC XI)059 pdf T. Rauscher
Direct determination of the 11C(\alpha ,p)14N reaction rate with CRIB: an alternative synthesis path to the CNO elements
PoS(NIC XI)062 pdf S. Hayakawa, S. Kubono, T. Hashimoto, H. Yamaguchi, B. Dam, D. Kahl, Y. Wakabayashi, N. Iwasa, N. Kume, I. Miura, T. Teranishi, J.J. He, Y.K. Kwon, T. Komatsubara, S. Kato and S. Wanajo
The neutrino-process and light element production
PoS(NIC XI)063 pdf K. Nakamura, T. Yoshida, T. Shigeyama and T. Kajino
Session 14: Type Ia supernovae
Type Ia Supernova: Observations and Theory
PoS(NIC XI)066 pdf J. Isern
Multi-dimensional models of Type Ia supernovae
PoS(NIC XI)067 pdf F. Röpke, M. Fink, W. Hillebrandt, M. Kromer, R. Pakmor, I. Seitenzahl and S. Sim
Nucleosynthesis in surface detonation models of Type Ia supernovae
PoS(NIC XI)069 pdf D.A. Chamulak, C. Meakin, I. Seitenzahl and J.W. Truran
Session 15: The p-process and exotic nuclei
Mass and lifetime measurements of stored exotic nuclei
PoS(NIC XI)073 pdf Y. Litvinov, K. Blaum, X. Ma, P.M. Walker and N. Winckler
Session 16: The r-process I
r-process enhanced metal-poor stars
PoS(NIC XI)074 pdf C. Sneden, I. Roederer, J. Cowan and J.E. Lawler
New n-Capture Element Abundance Determinations in an r-Process Enriched Star
PoS(NIC XI)076 pdf J. Cowan, I. Roederer, C. Sneden and J.E. Lawler
HST-STIS abundances in the uranium-rich metal-poor star CS31082-001
PoS(NIC XI)077 pdf attachments B. Barbuy, M. Spite, V. Hill, F. Primas, B. Plez, R. Cayrel, C. Sneden, T. Beers, J.R. Andersen, B. Nordström, P. Bonifacio, P. Francois and P. Molaro
Enrichment of heavy elements in the Sextans dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy
PoS(NIC XI)078 pdf S. Honda, W. Aoki, N. Arimoto and K. Sadakane
Session 17: The r-process II
The r-process -- the theoretical/astrophysical side
PoS(NIC XI)079 pdf S. Wanajo
An inconvenient truth: The low r-process fraction in the metal-poor subgiant star HD 140283
PoS(NIC XI)080 pdf A. Gallagher, S. Ryan, A. Garcia Perez and W. Aoki
Co-Production of Light and Heavy p-, s- and r-Process Isotopes in the High-Entropy Wind of Core-Collapse Supernovae
PoS(NIC XI)081 pdf K. Farouqi, O. Hallmann, K.L. Kratz and U. Ott
Explosive nucleosynthesis: nuclear physics impact using neutrino-driven wind simulations
PoS(NIC XI)082 pdf A. Arcones and G. Martinez-Pinedo
The anatomy of the simplest Duflo-Zuker mass formula
PoS(NIC XI)083 pdf A. Zuker
Production and beta half-lives of heavy neutron-rich nuclei approaching the r-process path at N=126
PoS(NIC XI)084 pdf J. Benlliure, H. Alvarez, T. Kurtukian, A.I. Morales, K.H. Schmidt, L. Audouin, F. Becker, E. Casarejos, M. Fernandez, J. Giovinazzo, D. Henzl, B. Jurado, J. Pereira, F. Rejmund and O. Yordanov
Poster Session 1: The Big Bang
Precision measurement of the photodissociation of the deuteron at energies relevant to Big Bang nucleosynthesis
PoS(NIC XI)090 pdf R. Hannaske, D. Bemmerer, R. Beyer, E. Birgersson, E. Grosse, A. Hartmann, A.R. Junghans, M. Kempe, K. Kosev, M. Marta, R. Massarczyk, A. Matic, K.D. Schilling, R. Schwengner, M. Sobiella and A. Wagner
Poster Session 2: Chemical evolution
NLTE strontium abundances in extremely metal poor halo stars
PoS(NIC XI)094 pdf S. Andrievsky, M. Spite, S. Korotin, F. Spite, P. Bonifacio, R. Cayrel, P. Francois and V. Hill
Chromium: NLTE abundances in metal-poor stars and nucleosynthesis in the Galaxy
PoS(NIC XI)095 pdf M. Bergemann
NLTE barium abundance in thin and thick disks of the Galaxy
PoS(NIC XI)100 pdf S. Korotin, T. Mishenina, T. Gorbaneva and C. Soubiran
Analysis of neutron capture elements in thin and thick disks of the Galaxy
PoS(NIC XI)102 pdf T. Mishenina, T. Gorbaneva, N. Prantzos, C. Soubiran and N. Basak
Deuterium Link: From Interstellar Medium and Chemical Evolution to Cosmology and Structure Formation
PoS(NIC XI)105 pdf T. Prodanovic, G. Steigman and B. Fields
APOGEE: A high resolution SDSS-III H-band survey of the Milky Way
PoS(NIC XI)109 pdf M. Shetrone, J. Lawler, R. Schiavon, S. Majewski, F. Hearty, J. Wilson, C. Allende Prieto, J. Johnson, J. Holtzman and P. Frinchaboy
The Role of Mixing and Nucleosynthesis in Extremely Metal-Poor Stars and Implications for Chemical Enrichment of the Galaxy Using the SAGA Database
PoS(NIC XI)111 pdf T. Suda, S. Yamada, Y. Katsuta, Y. Komiya, W. Aoki and M.Y. Fujimoto
Chemical evolution models for spiral disks: the Milky Way, M31, and M33
PoS(NIC XI)307 pdf R. Costa, M. Marcon-Uchida and F. Matteucci
Poster Session 3: Stars
`\delta \mu mixing' on the Red Giant Branch
PoS(NIC XI)113 pdf G. Angelou, J.C. Lattanzio, R. Church, R. Stancliffe, D. Dearborn, G.H. Smith, C.A. Tout and V.V. Smith
LUNA: The 15N(p,\gamma )16O reaction study at low energies with a BGO detector
PoS(NIC XI)117 pdf A. Caciolli
The DIANA Underground Accelerator Facility at DUSEL Laboratory
PoS(NIC XI)126 pdf A. Lemut, M. Couder, D. Winklehner, A. Champagne, P. Collon, M. Famiano, F. Gray, U. Greife, A. Hodkinson, C. Iliadis, D. Leitner, M. Leitner, J.S. Saba, E. Stech, P. Vetter, W.L. Waldron and W. Michael
Study of 12C(\alpha ,\gamma )16O reaction via the transfer reaction 12C(7Li,t)16O
PoS(NIC XI)129 pdf N. Oulebsir, F. Hammache, P. Roussel, M.G. Pellegriti, L. Audouin, D. Beaumel, A. Bouda, S. Fortier, L. Gaudefroy, J. Kiener, A. Lefebvre-Schuhl and V. Tatischeff
Effects of new reaction rates on p-capture nucleosynthesis in Low Mass Stars
PoS(NIC XI)130 pdf attachments S. Palmerini, M. Busso, M. La Cognata and S. Cristallo
Enhanced electron screening in nuclear reactions: a plasma or solid-state effect?
PoS(NIC XI)133 pdf N. Targosz-Sleczka, K. Czerski, A. Huke, L. Martin, A.i. Kilic, G. Ruprecht, D. Blauth, P. Heide and H. Winter
Screening correction to nuclear reaction rates in brown dwarfs and low-mass stars
PoS(NIC XI)135 pdf A. Wierling
Life and Death of Very Massive Stars
PoS(NIC XI)136 pdf N. Yusof, H. Abu Kassim, R. Hirschi, P. Crowther, O. Schnurr, R. Parker and S. Goodwin
Poster Session 4: Grains and gamma-ray observations
Stardust material in the paired enstatite chondrites: SAH 97096 and SAH 97159
PoS(NIC XI)138 pdf M. Bose, X. Zhao, C. Floss, F.J. Stadermann and Y. Lin
Wind composition beyond the tip of the AGB and its relevance to stardust grains
PoS(NIC XI)139 pdf J. Buntain, M. Lugaro, R.J. Stancliffe, A. Karakas, L. Nittler and P. Hoppe
Oxygen Rich Stardust Grains from Novae
PoS(NIC XI)141 pdf F. Gyngard, L. Nittler, E. Zinner and J. Jose
A promising method to obtain accurate Mg and Fe isotope compositional data on presolar silicate particles found in the primitive carbonaceous chondrite Acfer 094
PoS(NIC XI)142 pdf J. Kodolanyi and P. Hoppe
The Inventory of Presolar Grains in Primitive Meteorites: A NanoSIMS Study of C-, N-, and O-isotopes in NWA 852
PoS(NIC XI)144 pdf J. Leitner, P. Hoppe, C. Vollmer and J. Zipfel
Lithium-beryllium-boron isotopes in the meteorites: implications for irradiation in the early solar system
PoS(NIC XI)145 pdf M.C. Liu, L. Nittler, C.M.O.d. Alexander and T. Lee
26Al emission from the Scorpius-Centaurus association
PoS(NIC XI)146 pdf H. Ohlendorf
Silicon Carbide Grains of Type X and Supernova Nucleosynthesis
PoS(NIC XI)148 pdf E. Zinner, F. Gyngard and Y. Lin
Poster Session 5: Core-collapse supernovae
Electro-weak responses of 4He using realistic nuclear interactions
PoS(NIC XI)150 pdf W. Horiuchi, Y. Suzuki and T. Sato
HIP 60350: A supernova ejected hyper-runaway star?
PoS(NIC XI)151 pdf attachments A. Irrgang, N. Przybilla, U. Heber, M.F. Nieva and S. Schuh
Evaluating nuclear physics inputs in core-collapse supernova models
PoS(NIC XI)152 pdf E. Lentz, W.R. Hix, M.L. Baird, O.E.B. Messer and A. Mezzacappa
Black Hole Formation in Massive Star Collapse
PoS(NIC XI)154 pdf E. O'Connor and C. Ott
Light Clusters in Core-Collapse Supernovae
PoS(NIC XI)156 pdf G. Röpke
Neutrino bursts from failed supernovae as a promising target of neutrino astronomy
PoS(NIC XI)157 pdf K. Sumiyoshi, K.i. Nakazato, H. Suzuki and S. Yamada
Thermal Nucleation of Quark Matter in a Lepton-Rich Environment
PoS(NIC XI)158 pdf B. Werneck Mintz, G. Pagliara, E. Souza Fraga and J. Schaffner-Bielich
Excluded volume approximation for supernova matter
PoS(NIC XI)159 pdf A. Yudin
Poster Session 6: Hypernovae and mergers
Unique feature of expected event number of neutrinos from collapsar
PoS(NIC XI)162 pdf S. Kawagoe, S. Harikae, T. Takiwaki and K. Kotake
Nucleosynthesis in jet-induced supernovae
PoS(NIC XI)163 pdf N. Tominaga
Poster Session 7: Compact objects
Excitation and destruction of nuclei in hot astrophysical plasmas around black holes
PoS(NIC XI)167 pdf E. Kafexhiu
Pasta Phase with Gyroid Morphology at Subnuclear Densities
PoS(NIC XI)172 pdf K.i. Nakazato and K. Oyamatsu
Nuclear matter for compact stars and its properties
PoS(NIC XI)175 pdf P. Roy Chowdhury
Physics on huge X-ray luminosity of Magnetars
PoS(NIC XI)176 pdf Q.h. Peng, Z.F. Gao, H. Tong and C.K. Chou
The Equation of State of Asymmetric Nuclear Matter at Zero and Finite Temperatures with the Variational Method
PoS(NIC XI)179 pdf H. Togashi, H. Kanzawa and M. Takano
Nuclear equation of state in the relativistic mean field model with density dependent coupling constants
PoS(NIC XI)180 pdf M. Voskresenskaya and S. Typel
Poster Session 8: The s-process
The effect of 12C + 12C rate uncertainties on the weak s-process component
PoS(NIC XI)182 pdf M.E. Bennett, R. Hirschi, M. Pignatari, S. Diehl, C. Fryer, F. Herwig, W. Hillary, A. Hungerford, D. Richman, G. Rockefeller, F.X. Timmes and W. Michael
Determination of the Stellar Reaction Rates of 17O(\alpha ,n)20Ne and 17O(\alpha ,\gamma )21Ne
PoS(NIC XI)183 pdf A. Best, S. Falahat, J. Görres, W. Michael and K.L. Kratz
The effect of r-process enhancement in binary CEMP-s+r stars
PoS(NIC XI)184 pdf S. Bisterzo and R. Gallino
A liquid-lithium target project for production of high-intensity quasi-stellar neutrons
PoS(NIC XI)188 pdf G. Feinberg, M. Paul, A. Arenshtam, D. Berkovits, Y. Eisen, M. Friedman, S. Halfon, D. Kijel, A. Nagler, A. Shor and I. Silverman
Effects of rotation on the weak s process
PoS(NIC XI)189 pdf U. Frischknecht, R. Hirschi, T. Rauscher and F. Thielemann
Indirect study of 60Fe(n,\gamma )61Fe via the transfer reaction 60Fe(d,p\gamma )61Fe
PoS(NIC XI)190 pdf
S. Giron, F. Hammache, N. de Sereville, D. Beaumel, G. Burgunder, L. Caceres, G. Duchêne, E. Clément, B. Fernandez, F. Flavigny, G. De France, S. Franchoo, D. Galaviz Redondo, L. Gasques, J. Gibelin, A. Gilibert, S. Grevy, J. Guillot, M. Heil, J. Kiener, V. Lapoux, F. Marechal, A. Matta, I. Matea, M. Moukaddam, L. Nalpas, L. Perrot, A. Obertelli, R. Raabe, P. Roussel, J.A. Scarpaci, O. Sorlin, I. Stephan, C. Stoedel, M. Takechi, J.C. Thomas and Y. Togano
Stellar enhancement factors in a parity dependent approach
PoS(NIC XI)191 pdf L. Huther, K. Langanke, G. Martinez-Pinedo and H.P. Loens
New experimental measurement of the 25Mg neutron capture cross section at n_TOF
PoS(NIC XI)194 pdf C. Massimi and F. Käppeler
Complete calculation of evaluated Maxwellian-averaged cross sections and their errors for s-process nucleosynthesis
PoS(NIC XI)197 pdf B. Pritychenko
The 41Ca(n,\alpha )38Ar reaction cross section up to 100 keV neutron energy
PoS(NIC XI)199 pdf C. Wagemans, S. Vermote and J. Van Gils
Neutron-capture element abundances in the globular clusters: 47 Tuc, NGC 6388 and NGC 362
PoS(NIC XI)201 pdf C. Worley, P. Cottrell and J. Simpson
Poster Session 9: Novae
Direct Measurements of (p,\gamma ) cross sections at astrophysical energies using radioactive beams and the Daresbury Recoil Separator*
PoS(NIC XI)202 pdf D. Bardayan, K.A. Chipps, R.P. Fitzgerald, J.C. Blackmon, K.Y. Chae, A.E. Champagne, U. Greife, R. Hatarik, R.L. Kozub, C. Matei, B.H. Moazen, C.D. Nesaraja, S.D. Pain, W.A. Peters, S.T. Pittman, J.F. Shriner Jr. and M.S. Smith
Fluid Dynamics Simulations of Ejecta from Novae Explosions
PoS(NIC XI)203 pdf S. Campbell, J. Jose, R. Cabezon and E. García-Berro
On mixing at the core-envelope interface during classical nova outbursts
PoS(NIC XI)204 pdf J. Casanova, J. Jose, E. García-Berro, A.C. Calder and S. N. Shore
Proton decay of 26Si via the 28Si(p,t)26Si Reaction and Implications for 25Al(p,\gamma )26Si
PoS(NIC XI)205 pdf K. Chipps, D.W. Bardayan, K.Y. Chae, J. Cizewski, R.L. Kozub, J.F. Liang, C. Matei, B.H. Moazen, C.D. Nesaraja, P.D. O'Malley, S.D. Pain, W.A. Peters, S.T. Pittman, K.T. Schmitt and M.S. Smith
Lifetime measurements of excited nuclear states of astrophysical interest via the Doppler Shift Attenuation Method
PoS(NIC XI)207 pdf C. Herlitzius, S. Bishop and J. Fiehl
\beta -delayed proton decay of 23Al and nova nucleosynthesis
PoS(NIC XI)211 pdf A. Saastamoinen, L. Trache, A. Banu, M.A. Bentley, T. Davinson, J.C. Hardy, V.E. Iacob, M. McCleskey, B. Roeder, E. Simmons, G. Tabacaru, R.E. Tribble, P.J. Woods and J. Äystö
Spectroscopic study of 26Si for application to nova gamma-ray emission.
PoS(NIC XI)212 pdf
N. de Sereville, M. Assie, I. Bahrini, D. Beaumel, M. Chabot, A. Coc, I. Deloncle, F. De Oliveira, J. Duprat, M. Ferraton, S. Fortier, S. Franchoo, S. Giron, F. de Grancey, F. Hammache, C. Hammadache, J. Kiener, L. Lamia, M. Lebois, A. Lefebvre-Schuhl, F. Marechal, A. Matta, B. Mouginot, C. Petrache, G. Pizzonne, S. Romano, P. Roussel, J.A. Scarpaci, I. Stefan, J.C. Thomas, D. Verney, M. Fallot and L. Giot
Study of Astrophysically Important Excited States of 30S via the 28Si(3He,n\gamma )30S
PoS(NIC XI)213 pdf K. Setoodehnia, A. Chen, T. Komatsubara, S. Kubono, D.N. Binh, J. Chen, T. Hashimoto, T. Hayakawa, Y. Ishibashi, Y. Ito, D. Kahl, T. Moriguchi, H. Ooishi, A. Ozawa, T. Shizuma and H. Yamaguchi
Alpha-induced astrophysical reactions studied at CRIB
PoS(NIC XI)214 pdf H. Yamaguchi, T. Hashimoto, S. Hayakawa, B. Dam Nguyen, D. Kahl and S. Kubono
Poster Session 10: X-ray bursts
The level structure of 18Ne
PoS(NIC XI)215 pdf S. Almaraz-Calderon, W. Tan, A. Aprahamian, B. Bucher, J. Görres, W. Michael, A. Villano, A. Roberts, C.R. Brune, T.N. Massey, Z. Heinen, H. Mach, N. Ozkan and T. Guray
A new technique for measuring astrophysically important (\alpha ,p) reactions
PoS(NIC XI)217 pdf K.Y. Chae, S.H. Ahn, A. Ayres, D.W. Bardayan, A. Bey, M.E. Howard, K.L. Jones, R.L. Kozub, M. Matos, B.H. Moazen, C.D. Nesaraja, P.D. O'Malley, W.A. Peters, S.T. Pittman and M.S. Smith
Mass measurements of neutron rich isotopes in the Fe region and electron capture processes in neutron star crusts
PoS(NIC XI)221 pdf
A. Estrade, M. Matos, H. Schatz, M. Amthor, M. Beard, E. Brown, D. Bazin, A. Becerril, T. Elliot, A. Gade, D. Galaviz, S.S. Gupta, G. Lorusso, R. Lau, P. Möller, J. Pereira, M. Portillo, A.M. Rogers, D. Shapira, E. Smith, A. Stolz, M. Wallace and W. Michael
Role of Shell Model Nuclear Level Densities for Nuclear Astrophysics
PoS(NIC XI)222 pdf M. Horoi and R. Senkov
Mass measurements at JYFLTRAP for explosive hydrogen burning below A=60
PoS(NIC XI)223 pdf A. Kankainen, T. Eronen, J. Hakala, A. Jokinen, V. Kolhinen, I. Moore, J. Rissanen, A. Saastamoinen and J. Äystö
Coulomb dissociation reactions on proton-rich Ar isotopes
PoS(NIC XI)224 pdf
C. Langer, O. Lepyoshkina, Y. Aksyutina, T. Aumann, S. Beceiro, J. Benlliure, K. Boretzky, M. Chartier, D. Cortina-Gil, U. Datta Pramanik, O. Ershova, H. Geissel, R. Gernhaeuser, M. Heil, G. Ickert, H. Johansson, B. Jonson, A. Kelic, A. Klimkiewicz, J.V. Kratz, R. Kruecken, R. Kulessa, K. Larsson, T. Le Bleis, R. Lemmon, K. Mahata, T. Nilsson, V. Panin, R. Plag, W. Prokopowicz, R. Reifarth, V. Ricciardi, D. Rossi, S. Schwertel, H. Simon, K. Sümmerer, B. Streicher, J. Taylor, J.R. Vignote, F. Wamers, W. Christine and P.Z. Wu
Study of the 15O(2p,\gamma )17Ne reaction by the Coulomb Dissociation method.
PoS(NIC XI)225 pdf J. Marganiec, T. Aumann, M. Heil, R. Plag and F. Wamers
The Array for Nuclear Astrophysics Studies with Exotic Nuclei (ANASEN)*
PoS(NIC XI)226 pdf M. Matos, J.C. Blackmon, L.E. Linhardt, L.L. Mondello, E. Johnson, G. Rogachev and I. Wiedenhoever
Coulomb dissociation of 27P: a reaction of astrophysical interest
PoS(NIC XI)227 pdf
S. Beceiro, S. Klaus, D. Cortina-Gil, P. Ralf, W. Christine, H. Alvarez-Pol, T. Aumann, K. Behr, K. Boretzky, E. Casarejos, A. Chatillon, U. Datta Pramanik, Z. Elekes, Z. Fülöp, D. Galaviz Redondo, H. Geissel, S. Giron, U. Greife, F. Hammache, M. Heil, J. Hoffmann, H. Johansson, C. Karagiannis, O. Kiselev, N. Kurz, K. Larsson, T. Le Bleis, Y. Litvinov, K. Mahata, C. Muentz, C. Nociforo, W. Ott, S. Paschalis, W. Prokopowicz, C. Rodriguez-Tajes, D. Rossi, H. Simon, M. Stanoiu, J. Stroth, S. Typel, A. Wagner, F. Wamers and H. Weick
Astrophysical reaction rate of 30S(p,\gamma )31Cl studied by Coulomb dissociation
PoS(NIC XI)228 pdf
Y. Togano, T. Motobayashi, N. Aoi, H. Baba, S. Bishop, X. Cai, P. Doornenbal, D. Fang, T. Furukawa, K. Ieki, N. Iwasa, T. Kawabata, S. Kanno, N. Kobayashi, Y. Kondo, T. Kuboki, N. Kume, K. Kurita, M. Kurokawa, Y.G. Ma, Y. Matsuo, H. Murakami, M. Matsushita, T. Nakamura, K. Okada, S. Ota, Y. Satou, S. Shimoura, R. Shioda, K. Tanaka, S. Takeuchi, W. Tian, H. Wang, J.S. Wang, K. Yamada, Y. Yamada and K.i. Yoneda
Hydrodynamic Models of Type I X-Ray Bursts: Metallicity Effects
PoS(NIC XI)208 pdf J. Jose, F. Moreno, A. Parikh and C. Iliadis
Poster Session 11: Explosive nucleosynthesis
Coulomb dissociation reactions on Mo isotopes for astrophysics applications
PoS(NIC XI)232 pdf
O. Ershova, P. Adrich, H. Alvarez-Pol, F. Aksouh, T. Aumann, M. Babilon, K.H. Behr, J. Benlliure, T. Berg, M. Boehmer, K. Boretzky, A. Bruenle, R. Beyer, E. Casarejos, M. Chartier, D. Cortina-Gil, A. Chatillon, U. Datta Pramanik, L. Deveaux, M. Elvers, T. Elze, H. Emling, M. Erhard, B. Fernandez-Dominguez, H. Geissel, M. Gorska, M. Heil, M. Hellstroem, G. Ickert, H. Johansson, A. Junghans, F. Käppeler, O. Kiselev, A. Klimkiewicz, J.V. Kratz, R. Kulessa, N. Kurz, M. Labiche, T. Le Bleis, R. Lemmon, K. Lindenberg, Y. Litvinov, P. Maierbeck, A. Movsesyan, S. Mueller, T. Nilsson, C. Nociforo, N. Paar, R. Palit, S. Paschalis, W. Prokopowicz, R. Reifarth, D. Rossi, L. Schnorrenberger, H. Simon, S. Klaus, G. Surowka, D. Vretenar, A. Wagner, S. Walter, W. Walus, H. Weick, N. Winckler, M. Winkler and A. Zilges
Investigation of neutron-nucleus optical potentials
PoS(NIC XI)234 pdf J. Glorius, N. Pietralla, A. Sauerwein, K. Sonnabend and W. Michael
Target characterization for the ${}^{130}$Ba($\alpha, \gamma$)${}^{134}$Ce $\gamma$-process experiment
PoS(NIC XI)238 pdf Z. Halász, G. Gyürky, J. Farkas, T. Szücs, Z. Fülöp and E. Somorjai
Reaction rate sensitivity of 44Ti production in massive stars and implications of a thick target yield measurement for 40Ca(\alpha ,\gamma )44Ti
PoS(NIC XI)240 pdf attachments R. Hoffman, S. Sheets, J. Burke, N. Scielzo and T. Rauscher
How important is the Family? Alpha nuclear potentials and p-process nucleosynthesis
PoS(NIC XI)241 pdf A. Ornelas, Z. Fülöp, D. Galaviz, G. Gyürky, G.G. Kiss, Z. Máté, P. Mohr, T. Rauscher, E. Somorjai, K. Sonnabend and A. Zilges
Experiments on proton- and \alpha -induced reactions of particular relevance for the p process
PoS(NIC XI)244 pdf A. Sauerwein, J. Hasper, A. Hennig, L. Netterdon and A. Zilges
The new p-process database of KADoNiS
PoS(NIC XI)247 pdf T. Szücs, I. Dillmann, R. Plag and Z. Fülöp
Cross section measurements of 103Rh(p,\gamma )104Pd with the Karlsruhe 4\pi BaF2 detector
PoS(NIC XI)248 pdf M. Weigand, S. Walter, F. Käppeler, R. Plag and R. Reifarth
Poster Session 12: Type Ia supernovae
Turbulence-Flame Interaction on the Early Evolution of Flames in Type Ia Supernovae
PoS(NIC XI)249 pdf A.C. Calder, A. Jackson, D.M. Townsley, D.A. Chamulak, E.F. Brown and F.X. Timmes
Properties of nuclear flame in presupernova white dwarf
PoS(NIC XI)250 pdf S. Glazyrin and S. Blinnikov
Evaluating Systematic Dependencies of Type Ia Supernovae: The Influence of Deflagration to Detonation Density
PoS(NIC XI)251 pdf A.C. Calder, A. Jackson, B. Krueger, D.M. Townsley, D.A. Chamulak, E.F. Brown and F.X. Timmes
On Variations of the Brightness of Type Ia Supernovae With the Age of the Host Stellar Population
PoS(NIC XI)253 pdf B. Krueger, A. Jackson, A.C. Calder, D.M. Townsley, E.F. Brown and F.X. Timmes
Nucleosynthetic post-processing of Type Ia supernovae with variable tracer masses
PoS(NIC XI)256 pdf I. Seitenzahl, F. Röpke, R. Pakmor and M. Fink
Poster Session 13: The r-process
Thorium enrichment in the Milky Way Galaxy
PoS(NIC XI)257 pdf W. Aoki and S. Honda
Number projected energy and heat capacity in the thermodynamic system.
PoS(NIC XI)259 pdf N. Benhamouda, N.H. Allal, M. Fellah and M.R. Oudih
TACTIC: A New Detector for Tracking in Low Energy Nuclear Astrophysics
PoS(NIC XI)261 pdf K. Chipps, P. Amaudruz, L. Buchmann, P. Bruskiewich, S.P. Fox, B.R. Fulton, U. Hager, A.M. Laird, P. Machule, L. Martin, R. Openshaw, G. Ruprecht, A.C. Shotter, P. Walden and M. Walter
Half-Lives for R-Process Nucleosynthesis Using the ANN Statistical Global Model
PoS(NIC XI)262 pdf N.J. Costiris, E. Mavrommatis, K.A. Gernoth and J.W. Clark
Constraints on the weak r-process: Abundance of Palladium in metal poor stars
PoS(NIC XI)264 pdf P. Francois
Silver and Palladium - tracers of the weak r-process
PoS(NIC XI)265 pdf C. Hansen
Detailed abundance analysis of the very metal-poor, r-process enhanced star HE 2327-5642
PoS(NIC XI)272 pdf L. Mashonkina, N. Christlieb, P. Barklem, V. Hill, T. Beers and A. Velichko
The Influence of Neutron Capture Rates on the Rare Earth Peak
PoS(NIC XI)273 pdf M. Mumpower, G.C. Mclaughlin and R. Surman
Study of neutron rich Cadmium isotopes and the possible N=82 shell quenching
PoS(NIC XI)280 pdf T. Rodriguez, J.L. Egido and A. Jungclaus
A Range of Neutron-Capture Abundance Ratios Produced by the r-Process
PoS(NIC XI)281 pdf I. Roederer
\beta -decay and neutron emission studies of r-process nuclei near 137Sb
PoS(NIC XI)283 pdf
K. Smith, F. Attallah, T. Faestermann, U. Giesen, H. Geissel, M. Hannawald, M. Hausmann, M. Hellström, R. Kessler, K.L. Kratz, H. Mahmud, Y. Litvinov, M.N. Mineva, F. Montes, G. Münzenberg, B. Pfeiffer, J. Pereira Conca, P. Santi, H. Schatz, C. Scheidenberger, K. Schmidt, R. Schneider, A. Stolz, K. Sümmerer, J. Stadlmann, E. Wefers and P.J. Woods
Neutron capture in the r-process
PoS(NIC XI)284 pdf R. Surman, G.C. McLaughlin, M. Mumpower, W.R. Hix and K. Johns
Poster Session 14: Observations of metal-poor stars
Niobium in the spectra of metal-poor stars
PoS(NIC XI)287 pdf L. Zacs, A. Barzdis, M. Sandars and E. Matrozis
Chemical abundances in metal-poor giants: limitations imposed by the use of classical 1D stellar atmosphere models
PoS(NIC XI)288 pdf V. Dobrovolskas, A. Kucinskas, H.G. Ludwig, E. Caffau, J. Klevas and D. Prakapavicius
3D hydrodynamical CO5BOLD model atmospheres of late-type giants: stellar abundances from molecular lines
PoS(NIC XI)290 pdf A. Ivanauskas, A. Kucinskas, H.G. Ludwig and E. Caffau
CNO Abundances in Metal-Poor Stars
PoS(NIC XI)291 pdf C. Kennedy, T. Beers, B. Nordstrom, V. Placco, S. Rossi and T. Sivarani
Local stars formed at z>10: a sample extracted from the SDSS
PoS(NIC XI)294 pdf L. Sbordone, P. Bonifacio, E. Caffau and H.G. Ludwig
High ResolutionSpectroscopy of Two Metal Poor Red Giants: HD 218732 and HD 232078
PoS(NIC XI)308 pdf A. Barzdis
WE-Heraeus Summer School on Nuclear Astrophysics in the Cosmos
Basics of spectral synthesis
PoS(NIC XI)298 pdf F. Grupp
Stellar parameters and abundances
PoS(NIC XI)301 pdf A. Korn
What presolar grains tell us about stellar nucleosynthesis
PoS(NIC XI)306 pdf E. Zinner
Exotic nuclei
PoS(NIC XI)305 pdf C. Scheidenberger
Experiments in Nuclear Astrophysics I (charged-particle induced)
PoS(NIC XI)299 pdf J. Görres
Experiments in nuclear astrophysics II (neutron-induced)
PoS(NIC XI)303 pdf R. Reifarth
Nuclear models for exotic nuclei of relevance for astrophysics applications
PoS(NIC XI)297 pdf S. Goriely
Element production - stellar evolution - explosive nucleosynthesis
PoS(NIC XI)296 pdf A. Chieffi
Stellar Evolution and Death - Models and Modeling
PoS(NIC XI)300 pdf H.t. Janka
Matter Under Extreme Conditions - The Nuclear Equation of State and Neutron Stars
PoS(NIC XI)304 pdf J. Lattimer