PoS - Proceedings of Science

The 5th International Conference on Computer Engineering and Networks

CENet2015 - (other cenet conferences)
12-13 September 2015
Shanghai, China
published October 01, 2015
This book is a collection of the papers accepted by CENet 2015 − the 5th International Conference on Computer Engineering and Networks (CENet), which was held from 12−13 September, 2015 in Shanghai, China. It has 87 papers and seven parts. Part I focuses on Intelligent Algorithm with 14 papers; Part II emphasizes Data Processing with 13 papers; Part III Pattern Recognition includes 14 papers; Part IV has 8 papers devoted to one of the most exciting technologies currently surging in popularity − Cloud Computing; Part V covers recent advances in Coordinate Scheduling with 13 papers ; Part VI has 13 papers dedicated to Computer Vision; and finally Part VII focuses on Information Fusion with 12 papers. Each part can be used as an excellent reference by industry practitioners, university faculty, and undergraduate as well as graduate students who need to build a knowledge base of the most current advances and state-of-practice in the topics covered by this book. This will enable them to produce, maintain, and manage systems with high levels of trustworthiness and complexity that provide critical services in a variety of applications. Thanks go to the authors for their hard work and dedication as well as the reviewers for ensuring the selection of only the highest quality papers; their efforts made this book possible.
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Session I Intelligent Algorithm
Session II Data Processing
Session III Pattern Recognition
Session IV Cloud Computing
Session V Coordinate Scheduling
Session VI Computer Vision
Session VII Information Fusion
Session I Intelligent Algorithm
Application of the Artificial Bee Colony Based on Boltzmann in Geometric Constraint Problem
PoS(CENet2015)002 pdf M. Sun, C. Chunhong, S. Mingyan, S. Honghao and M. Baoliang
iDNA-BiProt: Predicting DNA-binding Proteins via Feature Extraction and Fuzzy K Neighbor Algorithm
PoS(CENet2015)003 pdf X. Xiao
A Modified Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Engineering Optimizations
PoS(CENet2015)004 pdf S. Yang
The Vessel Schedule Optimization Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
PoS(CENet2015)005 pdf X. Zhang
Decision Tree Algorithm Based on Regional Growth for the Automatic Oil Field Road Extraction
PoS(CENet2015)006 pdf H. Li
Universal Approximation Property of Weighted Approximate Identity Neural Networks
PoS(CENet2015)007 pdf S. Panahian Fard and Z. Zainuddin
Test Data Generation with A Hybrid Genetic Tabu Search Algorithm for Decision Coverage Criteria
PoS(CENet2015)008 pdf X. Fan
A Rank-Based K-medoids Clustering Algorithm by a Specific P System
PoS(CENet2015)009 pdf X. Liu and L. Qian
Online Detection of Belt Deviation of Belt Weigher Using Extreme Learning Machine
PoS(CENet2015)010 pdf L. Zhu, L. Dongbo and H. Fei
Optimization of Integrity Measurement Algorithm Based on Multi-thread Pipeline Paralleling
PoS(CENet2015)011 pdf Y. Wang, Z. Shan, C. Fan and F. Xue
A New-come Book Recommendation Algorithm Based on Features in University‘s Library
PoS(CENet2015)012 pdf H. Zhou
Period-decoupled Short-term Price Prediction Model Based on Artificial Neural Network and Least Squares-Support Vector Machine Approach Optimized by Bacterial Colony Chemotaxis Algorithm
PoS(CENet2015)013 pdf S. Xue, Y. Shangdong and Z. Xiaoxuan
Relationship Between the Number of Labeled Samples and Classification Accuracy Based on Sparse Representation
PoS(CENet2015)014 pdf C. Zhang
Underwater Robot Path Planning Based on Improved Ant Colony Algorithm
PoS(CENet2015)001 pdf F. Gong
Session II Data Processing
A Novel Electricity Sales Forecasting Method Based on Clustering, Regression and Time-series Analysis
PoS(CENet2015)015 pdf J. Zhao, W. Tang, X. Fang and J. Wang
Online Ship Rolling Estimation Using a Grey Support Vector Machine Prediction Scheme
PoS(CENet2015)016 pdf J. Yin
Generation Algorithm of Radar Simulation Data Based on Electronic Chart Data
PoS(CENet2015)017 pdf H. Chen
Big Data Business Intelligence System Research Based on the ESL System
PoS(CENet2015)018 pdf Y. Liu
A Simple Methodology for Database Clustering
PoS(CENet2015)019 pdf H. Tang and Z. Mei
Web Data Source Selection for Tourist Culture integration
PoS(CENet2015)020 pdf S. Deng
A Novel Approximate-Exact Matrix Inversion Selection Method for Linear Data Detection in the Massive Multiple Input Multiple Output Uplink with Reconfigurable Implementation Results
PoS(CENet2015)021 pdf X. Yang
Improved Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition and Its Application
PoS(CENet2015)022 pdf X. Lin, Y. Cai, X. Wang and F. Wang
An Improved Frequent Pattern-growth Algorithm based on Decomposition of the Transaction Database
PoS(CENet2015)023 pdf L. Xiang, F. Wei and X. Liu
De-noising Method based on Median Filter and Wavelet Transform
PoS(CENet2015)024 pdf Y. Weibo, F. Liu, L. Zheng and D. Wang
High Precision of Global Motion Estimation in Multi-dimensional Transform Domain
PoS(CENet2015)025 pdf Y. Yang, X. Cui, S. Aijun, M. Chen and Z. Jiangjiang
Individual Stakeholder‘s Surveillance System on Financing Risks in large-scale construction projects
PoS(CENet2015)026 pdf H. Zhao, W.J. Huang and S.P. Wang
Time Series Clustering Ensemble Algorithm Based on Locality Preserving Projection
PoS(CENet2015)027 pdf X. Liu
Session III Pattern Recognition
Decomposition of Image Restoration Model in the Application of Tibetan Ancient Thangka Repair
PoS(CENet2015)028 pdf J. Jiang
A Novel Plan for Crime Scene Reconstruction
PoS(CENet2015)029 pdf G. Liao
Palmprint Minutia Point Matching Algorithm and GPU Application
PoS(CENet2015)030 pdf C. Wu, L. Zhigang and F. Caigang
HD2UB: A voice communication system for underground mine monitoring
PoS(CENet2015)031 pdf H. Li
A New Multi-class Classification Method Based On Least Square Support Vector Regression Machine
PoS(CENet2015)032 pdf Z. Song, Y. Chen and Z. Guo
Image Denoising Using Shearlet Transform and Nonlinear Diffusion
PoS(CENet2015)033 pdf X. Zhang
High Capacity Reversible Watermarking Scheme for 2D Vector Maps
PoS(CENet2015)034 pdf X. Jing, M. Feng, B. Guo, L. Chen, Y. Zhao and M. Geng
Image Restoration based on A Hybrid Model by Alternating Direction Optimization
PoS(CENet2015)035 pdf W. Zhou
Fast Point Cloud Skeleton Extraction via Octree-graph
PoS(CENet2015)036 pdf J. Cao
Recording Device Identification Based on Cepstral Mixed Features
PoS(CENet2015)037 pdf W. Zhong, X. Kong, X. You and B. Wang
Object Detection based on Deformable Parts Model with Global Context
PoS(CENet2015)038 pdf Y. Wang, X. Cui, C. Mianshu and L. Xiaoni
A Multi-level Method for Fast Computing of All-Pairs 3D Inner-Distance
PoS(CENet2015)039 pdf W. Chen
Nonlocal Mumford-Shah Model for Image Segmentation
PoS(CENet2015)040 pdf W. Lu
Research on Application of Factor Analysis in Computer Color Matching for Textile Dyeing
PoS(CENet2015)041 pdf B. Zhang
Session IV Cloud Computing
Uncertainty Evaluation Approach for Cognitive Network
PoS(CENet2015)042 pdf S. Liu and S. Zhenguo
Multi-Objective Bottleneck-Aware Allocation of Multiple Resources
PoS(CENet2015)043 pdf J. Liu
Bottleneck-aware Allocation of Multiple Resources with Time Constraint
PoS(CENet2015)044 pdf C. Bao
Design and Implementation of Agricultural Production and Market Information Matching Recommendation System in the Cloud Environment
PoS(CENet2015)045 pdf S. Liu
Framework and Strategy of Customer Relationship Management System in Electronic-Commerce
PoS(CENet2015)046 pdf L. Li and X.S. Wu
Grid Resources Search Engine based on Ontology
PoS(CENet2015)047 pdf Z. Miao
Replica Placement in Cloud Storage based on Minimal Blocking Probability
PoS(CENet2015)048 pdf M. Xue, S.J. Jing and G.X. Feng
Study of Logistics Network Optimization Problems in the Cloud Logistics Environment
PoS(CENet2015)049 pdf M. Zheng
Session V Coordinate Scheduling
Interference alignment algorithm in coordinated multipoint transmission system
PoS(CENet2015)050 pdf H. Qiao and Y. Liu
Application of Wang-Yu Algorithm in the Geometric Constraint Problem
PoS(CENet2015)051 pdf M. Sun and H. Shen
Simulation of Emergency Evacuation in School Building
PoS(CENet2015)052 pdf L. Wenhui, Z. Jinlong, H. Li, S. Mingyu, Y. Yupeng and D. Yunfan
Computation of Hitting Sets with Intersection Search Strategy in Model-based Diagnosis
PoS(CENet2015)053 pdf Y. Zhu
Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Autonomous Mission Planning for Planetary Rovers
PoS(CENet2015)054 pdf Z. Li, R. Xu and Y. Ma
Design and Implementation of Multicast Policy Automatic Deployment System
PoS(CENet2015)055 pdf D. Li and X. Chen
Constructing Cost Sensitive Decision Trees Based on Multi-Objective Optimization
PoS(CENet2015)056 pdf H. Tang
Design and Implementation of Health Management System Based on iOS Platform
PoS(CENet2015)057 pdf F. Xu
SMCSN: A New Secure Model of Content Sharing Network by Using Multi-roles Sybil Nodes
PoS(CENet2015)058 pdf Q. Lu, B. Liu, H. Hu and T. Wang
Design and Implementation of Production Management Information System for Jiujiang Railway Track Depot
PoS(CENet2015)059 pdf C. Ran
An Improved Job Scheduling Algorithm Based on the First Distribution and Redistribution Strategy for Grid Computing
PoS(CENet2015)060 pdf T. Ni
MOEA/D Multi-objective Optimization with Adaptive -domination based Random Elitist and Non-uniform Domination Strategy
PoS(CENet2015)061 pdf D. Zhang, J. Liao, P. Zhou, X. Guo and X. Chen
Application of A* Algorithm and Its optimization Method
PoS(CENet2015)062 pdf Y. Liu, D. Jie, W. Hao and J. Lu
Session VI Computer Vision
Design and realization of a vision system for Water Strider Robot
PoS(CENet2015)063 pdf attachments L. Wu
The Online Integrated Development and Management EnvironmentforSmart Phone Satellite
PoS(CENet2015)064 pdf J. Zhuang
Personalized Search for TV Programs Based on Software Man
PoS(CENet2015)065 pdf H.y. Huang
An Efficient Implementation of Advanced-Encryption-Standard Based on a Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Processor
PoS(CENet2015)066 pdf L. Liu and L. Chang
A Solution to Speed up the Loading of Pictures under Android Environment
PoS(CENet2015)067 pdf Y. Cheng
An improvement of Distance Vector Hop localization algorithm for wireless sensor networks
PoS(CENet2015)068 pdf X. Yang and M. Liu
The Research about Collaboration Techniques for Aerial and Ground Mobile Robots
PoS(CENet2015)069 pdf D. Liu
3D Elevation Model of Lunar Muti-Craters on Single Charge-coupled Device Image
PoS(CENet2015)070 pdf J. Wang
The Compressed Storage in Time Memory Tradeoff Attack
PoS(CENet2015)071 pdf L. Zhang, Q. Ji, F. Yu and Y. Zhou
Memory Partitioning Algorithm for Modulo Scheduling on Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architectures
PoS(CENet2015)072 pdf Y. Dai
The Wearable Level for Wearable Devices
PoS(CENet2015)073 pdf Y. Li
Mobile Crowd Sensing Networks Technology
PoS(CENet2015)074 pdf S. Yu
Design of Computer Control System of Vehicle Engine Cooling System
PoS(CENet2015)075 pdf Q. Luo
Session VII Information Fusion
An Ontology-based Approach for Chinese Legal Information Retrieval
PoS(CENet2015)076 pdf N. Zhang, Y.F. Pu and P. Wang
Understanding of the Component-Based Software Evolution by Using Similarity Measurement
PoS(CENet2015)077 pdf X. Zhu, L. Zhong, H. Zong, C. Hou and N. Zhang
Statistical Methods to Evaluate Important Degrees of Document Features
PoS(CENet2015)078 pdf X. Hou
Fake Comments Detection Method Based on Integrated Features
PoS(CENet2015)079 pdf K. Zhang and R. Cui
Prediction of Information Dissemination Based on Passive-aggressive Algorithm
PoS(CENet2015)080 pdf Z. Tian
Multi-Feature Hybrid Gait Recognition Algorithm Based on Iterative Closest Point Algorithm
PoS(CENet2015)081 pdf attachments Q. Jin, Y. Hu, J. Huang and S. Qin
Online Comment Clustering Based on Golden Section Method
PoS(CENet2015)082 pdf P. Zhang and J. Wang
Application of the Transformer Fault Diagnosis Expert System based on Improved Bayesian Rule
PoS(CENet2015)083 pdf Q. Cui, K. Liang, Y. Zhou, S. Cui, P. Hu, Y.m. Li, N. Wang, X. Li, D. Sun, Y. Zhang, D. Wang and C. Han
Gait Feature Recognition Based on Multi-instance Learning
PoS(CENet2015)084 pdf C. Yang, R. Geng and Q. Liu
Text Detection in Natural Scenes Based on Maximally Stable External Region and Deep Convolutional Network
PoS(CENet2015)085 pdf T. Li
A Novel Fuzzy Chinese Address Matching Engine Based on Full-text Search Technology
PoS(CENet2015)086 pdf X. Yao, X. Li, L. Peng and T. Chi
Cross-platform Public Opinion Research of Hot Event under the Media Convergence
PoS(CENet2015)087 pdf C. Jianping, B. Zhang, Z. Hongjun and Y. Fulian