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9th International Conference on Large Scale Applications and Radiation Hardness of Semiconductor Detectors

RD09 - (other rd conferences)
30 September - 2 October 2009
Florence, italy
published June 28, 2010
The primary goal of the Conference is to review the present status of the Semiconductor Detector apparatuses in the field of High Energy or Astroparticle Physics. In both cases the requests on the detector systems are very demanding: very large instrumented surface, radiation hardness and high reliability. During the conference a large part of the talks will be devoted to describe the pixel and microstrip silicon-based detectors installed in the LHC experiments (Alice, Atlas, CMS, LHCb). The first operational experience and the detector performance with cosmic rays run will be discussed. A fraction of the talks will describe possible LHC luminosity upgrade (SLHC) and recent developments on detector radiation hardness. The astroparticle detectors activity will also be reviewed. Topics related to the development and applications of detector electronics will be presented too. Finally semiconductor applications in different fields, like medical Dosimetry and Photomultipliers will be rapidly touched.
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Wed 30 September Morning
Wed 30 September Afternoon
Thu 1 October Morning
Thu 1 October Afternoon
Fri 2 October Morning
Fri 2 October Afternoon
Wed 30 September Morning
Commissioning of the ATLAS Pixel Detector with cosmic ray data
PoS(RD09)001 pdf B. Di Girolamo
Commissioning and Performance of the CMS Silicon Pixel Tracker Detector
PoS(RD09)002 pdf G. Giurgiu
Operation Experience with the ALICE Silicon Pixel Detector
PoS(RD09)003 file missing P. Riedler
Operation of the ATLAS Semiconductor Tracker
PoS(RD09)004 pdf N. Barlow
The ALICE Pixel Trigger system, commissioning and operation
PoS(RD09)005 pdf G. Aglieri Rinella
Commissioning and performance of the CMS silicon microstrip detector
PoS(RD09)006 pdf R. Demina
Operation the Silicon Drift Detectors of the ALICE Inner Tracking System during cosmic runs
PoS(RD09)007 pdf F. Prino
Performance of the LHCb Vertex Detector
PoS(RD09)008 pdf K. Carvalho Akiba
Experience with the Silicon Strip Detector of ALICE
PoS(RD09)009 pdf G. Nooren
Wed 30 September Afternoon
Commissioning of the LHCb Silicon Tracker using data from the LHC injection tests
PoS(RD09)010 pdf M. Knecht
First Alignment of the Complete CMS Silicon Tracker
PoS(RD09)011 pdf J. Draeger
Commissioning and Alignment of the ATLAS Inner Detector using Cosmic Data
PoS(RD09)012 pdf D. Kollar
The Laser Alignment System for the CMS silicon strip tracker
PoS(RD09)013 pdf J. Olzem
The CMS tracking algorithms and their performance in cosmic ray data
PoS(RD09)014 pdf A. Tropiano
Hybrid pixel detector in the PANDA experiment
PoS(RD09)015 pdf D. Calvo, S. Celli, P. De Remigis, G. Giraudo, T. Kugathasan, G. Mazza, S. Marcello, A. Rivetti and R. Wheadon
Thu 1 October Morning
Determination of Si wafer resistivity distributions by C-V measurements
PoS(RD09)016 pdf A.J. Kordyasz, M. Kowalczyk, W. Bednarek, L. Bardelli, L. Lavergne, J. Sarnecki, M. Kisielinski, A. Brzozowski, K. Pytel, J. Tarasiuk, P. Grabiec and A. Panas
RD50 Collaboration recent results on developing very high radiation resistant silicon detectors
PoS(RD09)017 pdf O. Militaru
TSC studies on n- and p-type MCZ Si pad detectors irradiated with neutrons up to 1016n/cm2
PoS(RD09)018 pdf M. Bruzzi
Numerical modelling of different Si sensor design for the HEP experiments
PoS(RD09)019 pdf A. Srivastava
Development of n-on-p Silicon Microstrip Sensors for very high radiation environment
PoS(RD09)020 file missing Y. Unno
Development of low-mass, high-density, hybrid for the silicon microstrip sensors in high track density environment
PoS(RD09)021 pdf Y. Ikegami
New Measurement of Lorentz angles for electrons and holes in silicon detectors
PoS(RD09)022 pdf M. Schmanau, W. De Boer, K.H. Hoffmann, A. Sabellek, M. Schneider, T. Schneider and V. Zhukov
Simulation of a Floating Gate device fabricated in standard CMOS technology for dosimetry applications
PoS(RD09)023 pdf attachments E.G. Villani
Development of the Silicon Tracker and of a YAG:Ce Calorimeter for Proton Computed Radiography
PoS(RD09)024 pdf D. Menichelli, M. Bruzzi, M. Bucciolini, S. Pallotta, M. Scaringella, C. Talamonti, M. Tesi, G. Candiano, G.A.P. Cirrone, G. Cuttone, C. Civinini, M. Brianzi, D. Lo Presti, V. Sipala, L. Marrazzo and N. Randazzo
Thu 1 October Afternoon
The ATLAS Beam Conditions and Beam Loss Monitors
PoS(RD09)026 pdf B. Macek
Performance of a Single-Crystal Diamond-Pixel Telescope
PoS(RD09)027 pdf D. Hits, S. Schnetzer, D.R. Marlow, M. Pernicka, R. Hall-Wilton, V. Ryjov, E. Bartz, R. Stone, W. Bugg, J. Doroshenko, V. Halyo, B. Harrop, A.P. Hunt, M. Hollingsworth, S. Spanier and W. Johns
Diamond Pixel Module
PoS(RD09)028 file missing J. Moss
New perspectives for the Silicon-On-Diamond material
PoS(RD09)029 pdf S. Lagomarsino, G. Parrini, S. Sciortino, A. Fossati, M. Citroni, G. Ferrari, F. Gorelli, M. Santoro, G. Molesini, M. Vannoni, A. Marras, A. Scorzoni, A. Ranieri, L. Berdondini, F. Brandi, R. Carzino, A. Diaspro, M. Scotto and B. Torre
Fri 2 October Morning
Analysis of the Response of Silicon Photomultipliers to Optical Light Fields
PoS(RD09)030 pdf M. Ramilli
Measurements of 3D Silicon Strip Sensors by two Manufacturers
PoS(RD09)031 pdf
M. Koehler, S. Eckert, K. Jakobs, S. Kuehn, G. Pahn, U. Parzefal, C.M. Fleta, G. Pellegrini, M. Lozano, G.F. Dalla Betta, A. Zoboli, M. Boscardin, S. Ronchin, N. Zorzi, J. Haerkoenen, P. Luukka, T. Maenpaa, H. Moilanen, R. Bates, S. Houston and C. Parkes
Preliminary results of 3D-DDTC pixel detectors for the ATLAS upgrade
PoS(RD09)032 pdf A. La Rosa
A low mass pixel detector upgrade for CMS
PoS(RD09)033 pdf H.C. Kaestli
The upgrade of the CMS Tracker for Super-LHC
PoS(RD09)034 pdf K. Klein
Design and Characterization of a double-layered silicon charge detector for cosmic ray measurements in CALET
PoS(RD09)035 pdf M. Kim
The AMS-02 Silicon Tracker Status
PoS(RD09)036 file missing G. Ambrosi
One year operation in space of the Fermi LAT silicon tracker
PoS(RD09)037 file missing A. Brez
Fri 2 October Afternoon
The SuperB Silicon Vertex Tracker
PoS(RD09)038 pdf S. Bettarini
Radiation detection: novel approaches and readout capabilities exploiting latchup topology via bipolar, MOSFET and MESFET transistors
PoS(RD09)039 pdf A. Gabrielli and E.G. Villani
Serial power distribution for the ATLAS SCT Upgrade
PoS(RD09)040 pdf J. Matheson
Study of the Radiation-Hardness of VCSEL/PIN
PoS(RD09)041 pdf K.K. Gan
Efficiency and readout architectures for large matrix of pixels
PoS(RD09)042 pdf A. Gabrielli, F.M. Giorgi and M. Villa
Radiation tolerance of an SRAM based FPGA used in a large tracking detector
PoS(RD09)043 pdf K. Røed, J. Alme, D. Fehlker, M. Richter, K. Ullaland, H. Helstrup and D. Röhrich
Time resolved studies of Single Event Upset in optical data receiver for the ATLAS pixel detector
PoS(RD09)044 pdf M. Ziolkowski