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International Conference on Particle Physics and Cosmology

02-07, October 2023
Yerevan, Armenia
published May 17, 2024
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The International Conference on Particle Physics and Cosmology was dedicated to the memory of Valery Rubakov who passed away in October 2022. The idea of this event was to get together people from over the world to discuss the domains of physics he worked in and made breakthrough contributions. 
The Conference was aimed to bring together world leading experts and young researchers in the field of theoretical particle physics and related topics. The Conference was organized by A. Alikhanyan National Laboratory (Yerevan Physics Institute) and took place in Yerevan State University, Armenia.

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Plenary session
Parallel session Physics beyond the Standard Model
Parallel session Cosmology and astroparticle physics
Parallel session Gravity and its modifications
Parallel session Neutrino physics
Parallel session Quantum chromodynamics, strong interactions
Parallel session Aspects of mathematical physics
Parallel session Selected experimental results
Plenary session
Cosmic Matter-Antimatter Separation and Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)002 pdf M. Shaposhnikov
New Euclidean axion wormholes
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)003 pdf G. Lavrelashvili
Metastable strings and grand unification
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)004 pdf W. Buchmuller
New Insights into Properties of Matter at High Baryon Density
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)005 pdf L. McLerran
AdS/CFT, Wilson loops and M2-branes
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)008 pdf A. Tseytlin
Valery Rubakov and quantum cosmology: origin of the Universe
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)009 pdf A.O. Barvinsky
Parallel session Physics beyond the Standard Model
Cold Dark Matter in the SE$_6$SSM
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)010 pdf R. Nevzorov
Dark photon emission in elastic proton bremsstrahlung
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)011 pdf E. Kriukova
Photon Polarization Operator in External Electromagnetic Field with Account of Virtual-Fermion AMM
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)012 pdf A.Y. Parkhomenko, A. Dobrynina, I.V. Karabanov and L.A. Vassilevskaya
New Physics at NICA
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)013 pdf D. Kalashnikov and D. Gorbunov
Light-shining-through-wall cavity setups for probing ALPs
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)046 pdf D. Salnikov and D. Kirpichnikov
The effects of the birth of particles in the field of waves of high intensity
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)047 pdf E. Dmitrieva and P. Satunin
Parallel session Cosmology and astroparticle physics
Modelling the formation of structures after inflation
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)015 pdf G. Suzdalov
Curvature oscillations in modified gravitational baryogenesis and high energy cosmic rays
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)016 pdf E. Arbuzova
Lifting the tension of HST and JWST data with conventional cosmology by PBHs
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)017 pdf A. Dolgov
On thermal false vacuum decay around black holes
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)018 pdf A. Shkerin
Leptogenesis via absorption by primordial black holes
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)019 pdf N.A. Pozdnyakov
Inflation without singularity
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)020 pdf R. Kagirov
The Diversity of Gamma Ray Burtsts and Can we learn anything new from GRB 221009 A?
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)021 pdf B.E. Stern and I. Tkachev
Quantum corrections to effective potentials of simplest $\alpha$-attractors
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)022 pdf attachments D.M. Tolkachev, D. Tolkachev, D. Kazakov, R. Iakhibbaev and V. Filippov
General constraints on sources of high energy cosmic rays. Updated Hillas diagrams.
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)024 pdf S. Sotirov
Testing universal dark-matter caustic rings with galactic rotation curves
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)025 pdf D. Davydov
On cosmologies with “strong gravity in the past”
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)026 pdf Y. Ageeva
False vacuum decay around black holes
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)028 pdf R. Gazizov
Parallel session Gravity and its modifications
New tests of general relativity
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)030 pdf attachments A. Zakharov
Geometry of teleparallel theories
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)031 pdf A. Golovnev
Stable solutions in Horndeski theory
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)032 pdf A. Shtennikova
Quartic Horndeski-Cartan theories: a review on the stability of nonsingular cosmologies
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)033 pdf M. Valencia-Villegas
Parallel session Neutrino physics
All-sky Limits on Sterile Neutrino Galactic Dark Matter
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)035 pdf V. Barinov
Parallel session Quantum chromodynamics, strong interactions
Phase transitions between confinement and higgs phases in ${\cal N}=1\, SU(N_c)$ SQCD with $1\leq N_F\leq N_c$ quark flavors
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)036 pdf V.L. Chernyak
Colour structure of three-reggeon cuts in QCD
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)037 pdf V. Fadin
Parallel session Aspects of mathematical physics
Variations of supersymmetric quantum mechanics and superconformal indices
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)038 pdf V. Spiridonov
Generalization of the Bargmann-Wigner approach to constructing relativistic fields
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)039 pdf A. Isaev, I. Buchbinder, S. Fedoruk and M. Podoinitsyn
Entanglement islands and black holes deformations
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)040 pdf D. Ageev
$\mathcal{N} = 2$ higher spin theories and harmonic superspace
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)048 pdf N. Zaigraev, I. Buchbinder and E. Ivanov
Parallel session Selected experimental results
Muon pair production via the photon fusion at the LHC: weak interaction corrections
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)041 pdf attachments S.I. Godunov
Recent results and prospects of the NA62 experiment at CERN
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)042 pdf S. Kholodenko
Recent results and prospects of LBL accelerator experiments
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)043 pdf Y. Kudenko
The result of the Neutrino 4 experiment, sterile neutrinos, dark matter and the Standard Model extended by right-handed neutrinos
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)044 pdf A. Serebrov, R.M. Samoilov, O.M. Zherebtsov and N.S. Budanov
Recent results on a machine learning approach to event position reconstruction in the DEAP-3600 Dark Matter Search Experiment
PoS(ICPPCRubakov2023)045 pdf A. Ilyasov and  on behalf of the DEAP-3600 collaboration