PoS - Proceedings of Science

25th Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics

Texas 2010
December 6-10, 2010
Heidelberg, Germany
published June 06, 2011
The 25th Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics (TEXAS 2010) was held in Heidelberg, Germany, during December, 6-10, 2010. More than 350 astrophysicists attended a very interesting meeting, designed to exchange ideas and results, and to discuss future directions in Relativistic Astrophysics.

A wide range of scientific results were discussed in about 100 oral and about 200 poster contributions during nine parallel afternoon sessions and one highlight evening session. Further information, including the full program, can be found on the conference webpage: http://www.mpi-hd.mpg.de/texas2010/

The papers published here in these proceedings represent the contributions accepted for the parallel sessions and the main poster session at TEXAS 2010.

The TEXAS 2010 SOC included: F. Aharonian (Chair), G. Barbiellini, M. Bartelmann, P. Binetruy, G. Bisnovatyi-Kogan, R. Blandford, J. Bluemer, C. Cesarsky, B. Czerny, R. Genzel, W. Hermsen, W. Hofmann, R. Kolb, A. Loeb, K. Makishima, L. Maraschi, A. Melatos, H. Murayama, J.M. Paredes, M. Rees, S. Ritz, R. Ruffini, D.J. Saikia, J. Silk, R. Sunyaev, V. Trimble (Co-Chair), L. van Waerbeke and Q. Yu.

The TEXAS 2010 LOC included: W. Hofmann (Chair), F. Rieger (Co-Chair), F. Aharonian, V. Bosch-Ramon, S. Casanova, R. Crocker, W. Domainko, C. van Eldik, B. Feuerstein, A. Foerster, H. Gast, D. Jones, E. de Ona Wilhelmi and G. Weese.

Editorial Board of these Proceedings: Frank M. Rieger (Chair), Christopher van Eldik and Werner Hofmann.

conference main image
Main session
SESSION P1 Black Holes, accretion and jets (chairs: Bozena Czerny & Silke Britzen)
SESSION P2: Gravitational waves (chairs: Andrew Melatos & Stefano Vitale)
SESSION P3: Transient phenomena (chairs: Chryssa Kouveliotou & Jochen Greiner)
SESSION P4: Reports from space-based gamma-ray telescopes (chairs: Isabelle Grenier & Marco Tavani)
SESSION P5: Galactic and Extragalactic Cosmic Rays (chairs: Andrei Bykov & Reinhard Schlickeiser)
SESSION P6: VHE gamma-ray sources (chairs: Brenda Dingus & Stefan Wagner)
SESSION P7:Astroparticle Physics (chairs: Laura Baudis & Veronique van Elewyck)
SESSION P8:Intergalactic magnetic and radiation fields (chairs: Ruth Durrer & Andrea Ferrara)
SESSION P9:Next generation major instruments (chairs: Catherine Cesarsky/Richard Tuffs)
SESSION OG (general)
Main session
PoS(Texas 2010)277 pdf F.M. Rieger, C. van Eldik and W. Hofmann
SESSION P1 Black Holes, accretion and jets (chairs: Bozena Czerny & Silke Britzen)
Accretion disks with a large scale magnetic field around black holes, and magnetic jet collimation
PoS(Texas 2010)008 pdf G. Bisnovatyi-Kogan
Recoiling Black Holes in Merging Galaxies: Relationship to AGN Lifetimes, Starbursts, and the M_BH -sigma_* Relation
PoS(Texas 2010)009 pdf L. Blecha, T.J. Cox, A. Loeb and L. Hernquist
Relativistic Jet Feedback in Galaxy Formation
PoS(Texas 2010)010 pdf G. Bicknell
Episodic Activity in Active Galactic Nuclei
PoS(Texas 2010)014 pdf D.J. Saikia, M. Jamrozy, C. Konar and S. Nandi
A model for jets of low mass microquasars
PoS(Texas 2010)016 pdf G.E. Romero
Accreting Magnetofluids around a Rotating Compact Object with a Dipolar Magnetic Field
PoS(Texas 2010)019 pdf M. Shaghaghian
Numerical Simulations of QPOs in Bondi-Hoyle type accretion: the case of SgrA*
PoS(Texas 2010)020 pdf O. Donmez, O. Zanotti and L. Rezzolla
Disk accretion onto relativistic object due to wind of the magnetized plasma and jet formation.
PoS(Texas 2010)021 pdf S. Bogovalov and S.R. Kelner
Rapid VHE variability in blazars
PoS(Texas 2010)023 pdf F. Volpe
Subrelativistic Jets' Heating Mechanisms
PoS(Texas 2010)026 pdf Y. Krivosheyev and G. Bisnovatyi-Kogan
Energy shifts of spectral lines from accretion discs near a black hole with negative spin
PoS(Texas 2010)027 pdf V. Sochora
Gravitational Lensing in Plasma
PoS(Texas 2010)030 pdf O. Tsupko and G. Bisnovatyi-Kogan
X-ray spectral and timing investigations of XTE J1752-223
PoS(Texas 2010)032 pdf H. Stiele, T. Munoz-Darias, S. Motta and T. Belloni
Searching for the most distant blazars with the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope
PoS(Texas 2010)036 pdf Y. Inoue, S. Inoue, M.A.R. Kobayashi, T. Totani, J. Kataoka and R. Sato
AGN and starburst galaxies at low radio flux densities
PoS(Texas 2010)038 pdf S.K. Sirothia, D.J. Saikia, M. Dennefeld and D. Burgarella
3D Collapse and Accretion in Slowly Rotating Polytropes
PoS(Texas 2010)040 pdf A. Batta
Steady-state rarefaction waves in relativistic magnetized flows: Theory and application to gamma-ray burst outflows
PoS(Texas 2010)041 pdf K. Sapountzis and N. Vlahakis
Charge-starved jets and rapid variability in blazars
PoS(Texas 2010)042 pdf I. Mochol and J. Kirk
Searching for a pulsar black hole binary
PoS(Texas 2010)043 pdf R. Eatough
Understanding the light curves of the HST-1 knot in M87
PoS(Texas 2010)046 pdf Y.i.U.K. Coronado and S.M. Ramos
TeV emission and jet formation in M87
PoS(Texas 2010)047 pdf F.M. Rieger and A. Levinson
Active galaxy unification in the era of X-ray polarimetry
PoS(Texas 2010)048 pdf A. Dorodnitsyn
SESSION P2: Gravitational waves (chairs: Andrew Melatos & Stefano Vitale)
Stellar mass black holes in star clusters: gravitational waves and 'dark remnants'
PoS(Texas 2010)058 pdf S. Banerjee
Gravitational-wave signatures in successful and failed core-collapse supernova explosions
PoS(Texas 2010)060 pdf K. Kotake
Stochastic Background of Gravitational Waves Generated by Compact Binary Systems
PoS(Texas 2010)062 pdf E. de Freitas Diniz Evangelista
Gravitational Wave Background from Supermassive Black Holes
PoS(Texas 2010)063 pdf J.C. Neves de Araujo
Supra-thermal viscosity of magnetized neutron star matter
PoS(Texas 2010)064 pdf D. Chatterjee and J. Schaffner-Bielich
Enabling PTAs for gravitational wave detection: The all-sky HTRU pulsar survey
PoS(Texas 2010)066 pdf C. Ng and E. Barr
Gravitational Wave sources in Ultralow frequency band
PoS(Texas 2010)067 pdf attachments A.A. Sadoyan
SESSION P3: Transient phenomena (chairs: Chryssa Kouveliotou & Jochen Greiner)
Type Ia Supernovae (invited talk)
PoS(Texas 2010)074 pdf R. Pakmor, M. Fink, W. Hillebrandt, M. Kromer, F. Roepke, I. Seitenzahl and S.A. Sim
Gamma-ray burst spectral evolution in the internal shock model: confrontation with Fermi observations
PoS(Texas 2010)080 pdf Z. Bosnjak
Supergiant Fast X-ray Transients (invited talk)
PoS(Texas 2010)082 pdf L. Sidoli
Supernovae Type Ia: non-standard candles of the Universe
PoS(Texas 2010)083 pdf A. Bogomazov and A.V. Tutukov
A New Mechanism of Hypernovae Explosions
PoS(Texas 2010)085 pdf M. Barkov and S. Komissarov
Gamma ray emission from magnetized relativistic GRB outflows
PoS(Texas 2010)086 pdf A. Neronov and V. Savchenko
Results of the sixth Waseda Nasu radio transient survey using a new system
PoS(Texas 2010)088 pdf S. Kida
Gravitational waves from precessing GRBs
PoS(Texas 2010)089 pdf G.E. Romero, M. Reynoso and H. Christiansen
Three different types of the gamma-ray bursts
PoS(Texas 2010)093 pdf attachments A. Meszaros
AGILE Observations of Variable and transient $\gamma$-ray sources in the Galactic plane, Catalog improvements
PoS(Texas 2010)095 pdf A.W. Chen
Observation of GRBs and TGFs with AGILE
PoS(Texas 2010)096 pdf F. Longo
A tight correlation for GRB afterglows with “canonical” light curves
PoS(Texas 2010)097 pdf M.G. Dainotti
Effects of the upper cutoff of the electron distribution on the light curves of GRB afterglows
PoS(Texas 2010)098 pdf M. Petropoulou
GRB 090618: a possible case of multiple GRB?
PoS(Texas 2010)101 pdf attachments R. Ruffini
The height distribution of type II supernovae in spiral galaxies
PoS(Texas 2010)103 pdf M. Molloy, E. Meurs, L. Norci and P. Kavanagh
Do Fermi-LAT observations really imply very large Lorentz factors in GRB outflows ?
PoS(Texas 2010)104 pdf attachments R. Hascoet, V. Vennin, F. Daigne and R. Mochkovitch
SESSION P4: Reports from space-based gamma-ray telescopes (chairs: Isabelle Grenier & Marco Tavani)
The variable Crab Nebula
PoS(Texas 2010)106 pdf M. Tavani
The "Crazy Diamond" 3C 454.3 and its siblings: confirmations and surprises
PoS(Texas 2010)110 pdf S. Vercellone
Constraints on the gamma-ray opacity of the Universe with the Fermi-LAT instrument
PoS(Texas 2010)111 pdf A. Reimer
Fermi observations of gamma-ray pulsars (invited talk)
PoS(Texas 2010)112 pdf L. Guillemot
AGILE observations of PSR B1509-58: a new class of highly magnetized, 'soft' gamma-ray pulsars?
PoS(Texas 2010)113 pdf M. Pilia and A. Pellizzoni
Recent detections of TeV Pulsar Wind Nebulae with the Fermi-Large Area Telescope
PoS(Texas 2010)114 pdf M.H. Grondin and M. Lemoine-Goumard
On the origin of the GeV and TeV emission in gamma-ray binaries (invited talk)
PoS(Texas 2010)115 pdf B. Cerutti and G. Dubus
The Swift Supergiant Fast X-ray Transients Project: recent results
PoS(Texas 2010)117 pdf P. Romano, S. Vercellone, V. La Parola, G. Cusumano, V. Mangano, P. Esposito and H.A. Krimm
Radio and Gamma-ray Observations of PSR J2043+2740
PoS(Texas 2010)119 pdf A. Noutsos and L. Guillemot
Gamma-ray emission from Seyfert galaxy NGC 1068
PoS(Texas 2010)122 pdf G. Pedaletti and S. Wagner
Seyfert 2 galaxies in the GeV band: jets and starburst
PoS(Texas 2010)124 pdf J.P. Lenain, C. Ricci, M. Turler, D. Dorner and R. Walter
Middle-aged Supernova Remnants with AGILE
PoS(Texas 2010)125 pdf A. Giuliani
Studies on blazar variability in gamma rays with Fermi-LAT
PoS(Texas 2010)127 pdf attachments M. Errando and E. Kara
LS I +61 303 and LS5039 behavior in the high energy regime during two years of Fermi monitoring
PoS(Texas 2010)128 pdf D. Hadasch
Long-term Fermi-LAT and multi-band observations of blazar 3C 279
PoS(Texas 2010)129 pdf M. Hayashida
Geometric modeling of radio and gamma-ray light curves of 6 Fermi-LAT pulsars
PoS(Texas 2010)130 pdf A. Seyffert, C. Venter, O.C. de Jager and A.K. Harding
Report of the observations of AGL J1238+0406 (Fermi-LAT J123939+044409)
PoS(Texas 2010)131 pdf L. Pacciani
SESSION P5: Galactic and Extragalactic Cosmic Rays (chairs: Andrei Bykov & Reinhard Schlickeiser)
Latest results of the Pierre Auger Observatory and astrophysical interpretations (invited talk)
PoS(Texas 2010)132 pdf K. Kotera and P. Younk
The propagation of UHE cosmic rays (invited talk)
PoS(Texas 2010)135 pdf M. Pohl and D. Eichler
Cosmic ray transport in magnetised turbulence (invited talk)
PoS(Texas 2010)136 pdf A. Marcowith
Tunka-133: the New EAS Cherenkov Light Array for Cosmic Ray Study
PoS(Texas 2010)138 pdf L.A. Kuzmichev
Shock acceleration of relativistic particles in galaxy-galaxy collisions
PoS(Texas 2010)139 pdf H. Voelk and U. Lisenfeld
Cosmic-ray acceleration efficiency of the supernova remnants RCW 86 and SNR 0509-67.5
PoS(Texas 2010)142 pdf E. Helder and J. Vink
GeV Gamma-Rays from Supernova Remnants Interacting with Molecular Clouds
PoS(Texas 2010)143 pdf Y. Uchiyama
Supernova remants as cosmic ray factories
PoS(Texas 2010)144 pdf D. Caprioli
Propagation and interaction of nuclei within massive binary system
PoS(Texas 2010)145 pdf J. Pabich and W. Bednarek
Cosmic-Ray Acceleration in Centaurus A
PoS(Texas 2010)147 pdf F.M. Rieger
The role of ionization in the shock acceleration theory
PoS(Texas 2010)148 pdf G. Morlino
Nuclear lines revealing the injection of cosmic rays in supernova remnants
PoS(Texas 2010)149 pdf O. Tibolla
Fermi-LAT observation of Intermediate Synchrotron Peaked blazars
PoS(Texas 2010)151 pdf attachments C. Monte
Contribution from Star-Forming Galaxies to the Cosmic Gamma-Ray Background Radiation
PoS(Texas 2010)153 pdf M. Ryu
Molecular Clouds as Cosmic Ray Laboratories
PoS(Texas 2010)156 pdf S. Casanova
SESSION P6: VHE gamma-ray sources (chairs: Brenda Dingus & Stefan Wagner)
Searching for extended Pair Halo emission
PoS(Texas 2010)192 pdf L. Fallon and  on behalf of the H.E.S.S. collaboration
A two-component model of the HE radiation from LS 5039 as observed by Fermi/LAT
PoS(Texas 2010)193 pdf M. Kapala
A lepto-hadronic model for the multiwavelength emission from the jets of radiogalaxies
PoS(Texas 2010)195 pdf C. Medina, M. Reynoso and G.E. Romero
Discovery of VHE gamma-rays from the vicinity of the shell-type SNR G318.2+0.1 with H.E.S.S.
PoS(Texas 2010)196 pdf P. Hofverberg
H.E.S.S. Observations of strong flaring activity of Mrk421 in February 2010
PoS(Texas 2010)197 pdf M. Tluczykont
Gamma-ray emission from AP Librae (PKS1514-241)
PoS(Texas 2010)199 pdf P. Fortin
Discovery of VHE emission from PKS 0447-439 with H.E.S.S. and MWL studies
PoS(Texas 2010)200 pdf A. Zech, B. Behera, Y. Becherini, C. Boisson, B. Giebels, M. Hauser, M.A. Kastendieck, S. Kaufmann, K. Kosack, J.P. Lenain, M. de Naurois, M. Punch, M. Raue, H. Sol and S. Wagner
Discovery of VHE gamma-ray emission from the W49 region with H.E.S.S.
PoS(Texas 2010)201 pdf F. Brun, M. de Naurois, W. Hofmann, S. Carrigan, A. Djannati-Ataï and S. Ohm
Discovery of VHE and HE emission from the blazar 1ES 0414+009 with H.E.S.S and Fermi-LAT
PoS(Texas 2010)203 pdf F. Volpe
Luminosity function of BATSE GRBs whose prompt emission is not dominated by the P-GRB
PoS(Texas 2010)204 pdf attachments L. Juracy Rangel Lemos
The formation of hard TeV gamma-ray spectra in blazars
PoS(Texas 2010)205 pdf E. Lefa, F.M. Rieger and F. Aharonian
A new ordering parameter of SEDs from SSC-emitting blazars
PoS(Texas 2010)159 pdf R. Schlickeiser
MAGIC discovery of the distant quasar 4C +21.35 in VHE gamma rays
PoS(Texas 2010)160 pdf J. Becerra Gonzalez
Gamma-ray flares from red giant/jet interactions in AGN
PoS(Texas 2010)162 pdf M. Barkov, F. Aharonian, S. Bogovalov, V. Bosch-Ramon, S.R. Kelner and D. Khangulyan
Modeling GeV observations of gamma-ray bursts
PoS(Texas 2010)163 pdf R. Gilmore, A. Bouvier, N. Otte and J.R. Primack
Eta Carinae: a very Large Hadron Collider
PoS(Texas 2010)164 pdf R. Walter, C. Farnier and J.C. Leyder
Galactic TeV Gamma Ray Sources and Diffuse Emission - Results from Milagro
PoS(Texas 2010)165 pdf P. Huentemeyer
Gamma astronomy with the ARGO-YBJ experiment
PoS(Texas 2010)166 pdf P. Bernardini
New AGNs discovered at VHE by H.E.S.S.
PoS(Texas 2010)167 pdf Y. Becherini, B. Behera, J. Biteau, M. Cerruti, B. Giebels, J.P. Lenain, M. de Naurois, M. Punch, M. Raue, D. Sanchez, F. Volpe and A. Zech
Fermi acceleration at relativistic shocks and its radiative signatures
PoS(Texas 2010)168 pdf B. Reville and J. Kirk
On the TeV Gamma-ray Emission from Cyg X-3
PoS(Texas 2010)169 pdf W. Bednarek
Gamma-rays from Cataclismic Variables
PoS(Texas 2010)170 pdf W. Bednarek and J. Pabich
Time dependent production of gamma-rays in the inverse Compton $e^+e^-$ pair cascades in AGNs.
PoS(Texas 2010)172 pdf J. Sitarek and W. Bednarek
High-energy radiation from T-Tauri stars
PoS(Texas 2010)173 pdf G.E. Romero
Gamma-ray flares from black hole coronae
PoS(Texas 2010)174 pdf G.E. Romero
Detection of very high energy gamma-ray emission from IC 310 by the MAGIC telescopes.
PoS(Texas 2010)175 pdf J. Sitarek, F. Zandanel, F. Prada, S. Lombardi, A. Neronov, C. Pfrommer, A. Pinzke and D. Semikoz
Recent results of extra-galactic observations with the MAGIC telescope system
PoS(Texas 2010)176 pdf K. Berger
Monitoring the synchrotron and Compton emission of PKS 2155-304 Fermi-LAT and RXTE long term observations
PoS(Texas 2010)177 pdf D. Sanchez and B. Giebels
Discovery of very high energy gamma-ray emission from 1FGL J2001.1+4351 by MAGIC
PoS(Texas 2010)178 pdf K. Berger, D. Paneque and G. Giavitto
Gamma-ray emission in binary systems
PoS(Texas 2010)179 pdf V. Bosh-Ramon
The Milky Way Heart: Investigating molecular gas and gamma-ray morphologies in the Central Molecular Zone
PoS(Texas 2010)180 pdf D. Jones, M. Burton, P. Jones, A. Walsh, G.P. Rowell and F. Aharonian
Testing quantum gravity on extragalactic sources
PoS(Texas 2010)182 pdf A. Piórkowska
Galactic centre star formation writ large in gamma-rays
PoS(Texas 2010)183 pdf R. Crocker
Transient gamma-ray emission from Cygnus X-3
PoS(Texas 2010)184 pdf A. Araudo
Chandra X-ray observations of the HII region G5.89-0.39 and TeV Source HESSJ1800-240B
PoS(Texas 2010)187 pdf G.P. Rowell, D. Horns, Y. Uchiyama, S. Funk, S. Wagner, B. Nicholas and  on behalf of the H.E.S.S. collaboration
X-ray observations of HESS J1702-420 and HESS J1427-608 with Suzaku
PoS(Texas 2010)188 pdf T. Fujinaga
SESSION P7:Astroparticle Physics (chairs: Laura Baudis & Veronique van Elewyck)
Direct dark matter search using liquid noble gases
PoS(Texas 2010)209 pdf T. Marrodán Undagoitia
Theory of indirect dark matter detection
PoS(Texas 2010)210 pdf P. Stefano
Search for a DM annihilation signal from the Galactic Center halo with H.E.S.S.
PoS(Texas 2010)211 pdf D. Nekrassov
Recent results from searches for high energy neutrinos with IceCube
PoS(Texas 2010)213 pdf A. Ishihara
The Search for neutrinoless double beta-decay
PoS(Texas 2010)214 pdf B. Majorovits
Observation of neutrinos from sun and earth with the Borexino detector
PoS(Texas 2010)215 pdf H. Simgen
Future limits on isotropic LV from UHECRs and TeV gamma rays
PoS(Texas 2010)216 pdf F.R. Klinkhamer
A new mechanism for dark matter generation from an interacting cosmological constant
PoS(Texas 2010)218 pdf M.M. Verma
Self-interacting Dark Matter Energy Density
PoS(Texas 2010)219 pdf R. Stiele, J. Schaffner-Bielich and T. Boeckel
Dark Matter searches with H.E.S.S. towards dwarf spheroidal galaxies
PoS(Texas 2010)220 pdf A. Viana
SESSION P8:Intergalactic magnetic and radiation fields (chairs: Ruth Durrer & Andrea Ferrara)
Large-scale, intergalactic magnetic and radiation fields (invited talk)
PoS(Texas 2010)221 pdf A. Neronov
Limits for primordial magnetic fields (invited talk)
PoS(Texas 2010)222 pdf C. Caprini
Constraints from electromagnetic cascades in the EBL
PoS(Texas 2010)224 pdf M. Kachelriess
Evolution of the Cosmological UV Background (invited talk)
PoS(Texas 2010)226 pdf F. Haardt
Extragalactic Background Light Inferred from AEGIS Galaxy SED-type Fractions
PoS(Texas 2010)228 pdf attachments A. Dominguez, J.R. Primack, D. Rosario, F. Prada, R. Gilmore, S.M. Faber, D.C. Koo, R.S. Somerville, M. Perez-Torres, P. Perez-Gonzalez, J.S. Huang, M. Davis, P. Guhathakurta, P. Barmby, C.J. Conselice, M. Lozano, J.A. Newman and M.C. Cooper
Constraints on dark matter powered stars from the extragalactic background light
PoS(Texas 2010)229 pdf A. Maurer, M. Raue, T. Kneiske, D. Elsaesser, P. Hauschildt and D. Horns
MHD simulations of accretion onto magnetized neutron star in the "propeller" regime
PoS(Texas 2010)232 pdf O. Toropina
The first galaxies - assembly of disks and prospects for direct detection
PoS(Texas 2010)233 pdf A. Pawlik, M. Milosavljevic and V. Bromm
Pulsar Rotation Measures and the Large-Scale Magnetic Structure of the Milky Way
PoS(Texas 2010)234 pdf C. Sobey, A. Noutsos and M. Kramer
SESSION P9:Next generation major instruments (chairs: Catherine Cesarsky/Richard Tuffs)
KM3NeT: A km^3-scale neutrino telescope in the Mediterranean Sea
PoS(Texas 2010)235 pdf V. Van Elewyck
The General Antiparticle Spectrometer (GAPS) - Dark matter search using cosmic-ray antideuterons
PoS(Texas 2010)238 pdf P. Von Doetinchem, S. Boggs, T. Aramaki, C. Hailey, J. Koglin, N. Madden, K. Mori, F. Gahbauer, H. Fuke, T. Yoshida, W. Craig, I. Mognet, R. Ong, T. Zhang and J. Zweerink
Simulation of the expected performance for the proposed gamma-ray detector HiSCORE
PoS(Texas 2010)245 pdf D. Hampf
Exploring the Universe from hard X-rays to gamma rays with GRIPS
PoS(Texas 2010)249 pdf K. Mannheim and J. Greiner
Instrumentation at the UC Centre for Astro-Engineering (AIUC)
PoS(Texas 2010)250 pdf L. Infante
Potential of the next generation VHE instruments to probe the EBL
PoS(Texas 2010)251 pdf D. Mazin and M. Raue
Single electromagnetic sub-cascades in hadronic showers as the background in IACT observations
PoS(Texas 2010)252 pdf D. Sobczynska
Patch effect in drag-free satelites
PoS(Texas 2010)253 pdf V. Ferroni, D. Hipkins and A. Silbergleit
The COSPIX mission: focusing on the energetic and obscured Universe
PoS(Texas 2010)254 pdf P. Ferrando
SESSION OG (general)
A search for young stellar objects as possible counterparts of Fermi sources.
PoS(Texas 2010)256 pdf P. Munar-Adrover, J.M. Paredes and G.E. Romero
H.E.S.S. observations of the massive stellar cluster Westerlund 1
PoS(Texas 2010)257 pdf S. Ohm and M.V. Fernandes
Monotonous and thousands-of-years cyclic components of isolated radio pulsars spindown.
PoS(Texas 2010)258 pdf A. Biryukov, G. Beskin and S.V. Karpov
Variability of the Naked-Eye Burst prompt optical emission as a manifestation of its central engine periodic activity.
PoS(Texas 2010)259 pdf G. Beskin, S.V. Karpov, S. Bondar, A. Guarnieri, C. Bartolini, G. Greco and A. Biryukov
Search for pairs of isolated radio pulsars - components in disrupted binary systems
PoS(Texas 2010)260 pdf G. Beskin, L. Chmyreva and A. Biryukov
Search for connections between isolated radio pulsars and supernova remnants
PoS(Texas 2010)261 pdf G. Beskin, A. Biryukov and L. Chmyreva
Impact of general reionization scenarios on extracting inflationary parameters
PoS(Texas 2010)263 pdf attachments S. Pandolfi
Cosmic Equation of state from Strong Gravitational Lensing Systems
PoS(Texas 2010)268 pdf B. Malec
The general relativistic Thomas-Fermi theory of white-dwarfs
PoS(Texas 2010)269 pdf J.A. Rueda Hernandez, M. Rotondo, R. Ruffini and S.S. Xue
The influence of the core on the structure of the outer crust of neutron stars
PoS(Texas 2010)270 pdf R. Belvedere
A general relativistic Thomas-Fermi treatment of neutron star cores
PoS(Texas 2010)271 pdf D. Pugliese, J.A. Rueda Hernandez, S.S. Xue and R. Ruffini
Cosmological brane solutions
PoS(Texas 2010)272 pdf K. Uzawa
Excitation and destruction of nuclei in hot astrophysical plasmas around black holes
PoS(Texas 2010)274 pdf E. Kafexhiu
On Magnetic Fields in Rotating Nuclear Matter Cores of Stellar Dimensions
PoS(Texas 2010)275 pdf attachments K. Boshkayev
Fermi Observation of Solar System Gamma-Ray sources
PoS(Texas 2010)276 pdf M. Brigida