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From Quantum to Emergent Gravity: Theory and Phenomenology

June 11-15 2007
Trieste, Italy
published October 17, 2008

Quantum Gravity (QG) is one of the most fundamental and longest standing issues of modern physics. There are now several candidate theories for QG (strings, loops, nonperturbative quantum field theories) and it is important to understand how to extract from them testable predictions. This is needed not only to solve old riddles (like singularities or the quantum aspects of black holes physics) but possibly also to deal with new ones, such as the nature of dark energy.

Fortunately in recent times there has been a flourishing of ideas and proposals on how to test mesoscopic (high-energy but still sub- Planckian) effects of different QG scenarios. This field of research goes under the general heading of QG phenomenology. It provides ways to put constraints on possible QG effects (for example departures from Lorentz invariance) but also stimulates new conjectures about the nature of the spacetime fabric and its behaviour near the Planck scale. In particular a key question is to understand how General Relativity arises at low energy from theories of QG.

The aim of this workshop is to put together different communities which are involved in this study: from pure theoreticians to phenomenologists to experimentalists, giving a broad view of the field through a series of colloquia aimed at a general audience (so that the gap between different communities could be bridged) and via daily, organized, discussion times.

The organisers thank the QG research networking programme of the ESF for financial support for the workshop.
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Recent Gravitational Experiments and their Implications for Particle Physics
PoS(QG-Ph)001 file missing E. Adelberger
A string approach to quantum back reaction and gravitational collapse
PoS(QG-Ph)002 pdf D. Amati
On the theory and phenomenology of spacetime symmetries at the Planck scale
PoS(QG-Ph)003 pdf G. Amelino-Camelia
Vacuum and semiclassical gravity: a difficulty and its bewildering significance
PoS(QG-Ph)004 pdf S. Ansoldi
Quantum fields, Noether charges and Hopf algebra spacetime symmetries
PoS(QG-Ph)005 pdf M. Arzano
"Superluminal" scalar fields and black holes
PoS(QG-Ph)006 pdf E. Babichev
Probing effects of modified dispersion relations with Bose--Einstein condensates
PoS(QG-Ph)007 pdf C. Barcelo
Non-minimal coupling as a mechanism for spontaneous symmetry breaking on the brane
PoS(QG-Ph)008 pdf O. Bertolami
Gravitational Effects of Spontaneous Lorentz Violation
PoS(QG-Ph)009 pdf R. Bluhm
Loop Quantum Gravity and Effective Theory
PoS(QG-Ph)010 pdf M. Bojowald
Proposal for quantum gravity phenomenology with violation of discrete symmetries
PoS(QG-Ph)011 pdf Y. Bonder
Effective Field Theories of Gravity
PoS(QG-Ph)012 file missing C. Burgess
Induced gravity and entaglement entropy of 2D black holes
PoS(QG-Ph)013 pdf M. Cadoni
Mode creation and phenomenology of inflationary spectra
PoS(QG-Ph)014 pdf D. Campo
Extended Gravity: Theory and Phenomenology
PoS(QG-Ph)015 pdf S. Capozziello
Why things fall
PoS(QG-Ph)016 pdf O. Dreyer
What the Pierre Auger Observatory can and cannot tell about Quantum Gravity Phenomenology: spectrum, composition and origin of the highest energy Cosmic Rays
PoS(QG-Ph)017 pdf A. Grillo
Observables of Quantum Gravity at the LHC
PoS(QG-Ph)018 pdf S. Hossenfelder
Black Hole Information in a Detector (Atom) - Field
PoS(QG-Ph)019 pdf B.L. Hu
Einstein-æther gravity: a status report
PoS(QG-Ph)020 pdf T. Jacobson
Quasi-normal mode analysis in BEC acoustic black holes
PoS(QG-Ph)021 pdf G. Jannes
Searching for Quantum Gravity with Neutrino Telescopes
PoS(QG-Ph)022 pdf J. Kelley
Scalar field on kappa-Minkowski space, star product, and the issue of Lorentz invariance
PoS(QG-Ph)023 pdf J. Kowalski-Glikman
Fixed points of quantum gravity
PoS(QG-Ph)024 pdf D. Litim
Quantum Gravity and Emergent Locality
PoS(QG-Ph)025 file missing F. Markopoulou
How precisely should we test Lorentz invariance?
PoS(QG-Ph)026 pdf D. Mattingly
LIV from String Theory
PoS(QG-Ph)027 pdf N. Mavromatos
QG phenomenology constraints potentialities of next space gamma-ray experiments
PoS(QG-Ph)028 pdf A. Morselli
Inflation in Quantum Loop Cosmology
PoS(QG-Ph)029 pdf W. Nelson
Group field theory as the microscopic quantum description of the spacetime fluid
PoS(QG-Ph)030 pdf D. Oriti
Constructing QFT's wherein Lorentz Invariance is broken by dissipative effects in the UV
PoS(QG-Ph)031 pdf R. Parentani
Space-time regions as "subsystems"
PoS(QG-Ph)032 pdf F. Piazza and F. Costa
LIV limits from GRBs
PoS(QG-Ph)033 file missing T. Piran
Backreaction from weakly and strongly non-conformal fields in de Sitter spacetime
PoS(QG-Ph)034 pdf G. Pérez-Nadal, A. Roura and E. Verdaguer
Lessons from (2+1)-dimensional quantum gravity
PoS(QG-Ph)035 pdf B.J. Schroers
Quantum back-reaction problems
PoS(QG-Ph)036 pdf R. Schuetzhold
Physics and Astrophysics with Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Radiation
PoS(QG-Ph)037 pdf G. Sigl
The seeds of cosmic structure as a door to Quantum Gravity Phenomena
PoS(QG-Ph)038 pdf D. Sudarsky
Dumb holes
PoS(QG-Ph)039 pdf W.G. Unruh
Quantum corrections in the Myers-Pospelov model: a progress report
PoS(QG-Ph)040 pdf attachments L. Urrutia
"Superluminal" scalar fields and cosmology
PoS(QG-Ph)041 file missing A. Vikman
Analogue spacetimes: toy models for "quantum gravity''
PoS(QG-Ph)042 pdf M. Visser
Fermi-point scenario for emergent gravity
PoS(QG-Ph)043 pdf G. Volovik
On the phenomenon of emergent spacetimes:An instruction guide for experimental cosmology
PoS(QG-Ph)044 pdf S. Weinfurtner and M. Visser