PoS - Proceedings of Science

XI International Workshop on Advanced Computing and Analysis Techniques in Physics Research

ACAT - (other acat conferences)
April 23-27, 2007
Nikhef, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
published July 27, 2009
  1. Computing Technology for Physics Research
  2. Data Analysis - Algorithms and Tools
  3. Methodology of Computations in Theoretical Physics
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Plenary speakers
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Plenary speakers
Exploration of the Terascale: the challenges.
PoS(ACAT)001 file missing J. Engelen
Providing HPC resources for Philips Research and partners
PoS(ACAT)002 file missing R. van Driel
To waht extent can we rely on the results of scientific computations?
PoS(ACAT)003 file missing L. Hatton
Recent Progress in Machine Learning
PoS(ACAT)004 file missing J. Schmidhuber
Automatic calculations for multi-leg processes.
PoS(ACAT)005 pdf S. Weinzierl
The Grid: Interaction and Scaling
PoS(ACAT)006 file missing J. Templon
Computing Challenges in Oil and Gas Field Simulation
PoS(ACAT)007 pdf J. Vink
Theoretical Foundations for Computational Physics: Numerical, Symbolic, and Algebraic Computing Grand Challenges: An NSF View
PoS(ACAT)008 file missing L. Mullin
Summary session 1
PoS(ACAT)009 file missing F. Carminati
Summary of session 2: Data Analysis: Algorithms and Tools
PoS(ACAT)089 pdf T. Speer
Summary Session 3
PoS(ACAT)090 file missing S. Moch
Session 1
The Ganga job management system.
PoS(ACAT)012 file missing J. Moscicki
A High Availability Solution for GRID Services
PoS(ACAT)013 pdf A.L. Garcia
LCG/gLite BDII performance measurements
PoS(ACAT)014 pdf L. Shamardin
Grid infrastructure analysis with a simple flow model
PoS(ACAT)015 pdf A. Kryukov
The ALICE Grid. The beat of a different drum
PoS(ACAT)016 file missing F. Carminati
EVO: the Next Generation Grid-enable Collaboration
PoS(ACAT)017 file missing M. Domaracky
INFN Tier-1 experiences with Castor-2 in CMS computing challenges
PoS(ACAT)018 pdf D. Bonacorsi
Experience with Fabric Storage Area Network and HSM Software at the Tier1 INFN CNAF.
PoS(ACAT)019 pdf P.P. Ricci
CRAB: status and perspective
PoS(ACAT)020 pdf F. Farina
Remote Online Farms
PoS(ACAT)021 pdf S. Klous
PROOF: the Parallel ROOT Facility. Scheduling and Load-balancing
PoS(ACAT)022 pdf J. Iwaszkiewicz
The Object Model to Construct the Mixed Open Inventor/ ROOT 3D scenes
PoS(ACAT)023 pdf V. Fine
Rapid Application Design with the ROOT GUI Classes.
PoS(ACAT)024 file missing I. Antcheva
HEP CG: The High Energy Physics Community Grid Project Inside D-Grid
PoS(ACAT)025 pdf T. Harenberg
The Run Control and Monitoring System of the CMS Experiment.
PoS(ACAT)026 pdf A. Petrucci
Online Monitoring for the CDF Run II Experiment and the remote operation facilities
PoS(ACAT)027 pdf F. Scuri
D0 Global Monitoring and Outlook for LHC/CMS remote monitoring
PoS(ACAT)028 file missing P. Bhat
The ATLAS Computing Model
PoS(ACAT)029 file missing R.W. Jones
LCG MCDB Knowledge Base of Monte Carlo Simulated Events
PoS(ACAT)030 pdf S. Belov
Database Architecture for the Calibrartion of Atlas Monitored Drift Tube Chambers
PoS(ACAT)031 pdf E. Vilucchi
Session 2
CHIPS muon capture in Geant4
PoS(ACAT)032 file missing M. Kosov
Optimization of tau identification in ATLAS experiment using multivariate tools
PoS(ACAT)033 pdf M. Wolter
Reconstruction tools for the study of short-lived resonances in ALICE pp collisions at the LHC startup
PoS(ACAT)034 pdf F. Riggi
A neural network approach to high energy cosmic rays mass identification at the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(ACAT)035 pdf S. Riggi
Efficient algorithms of multidimensional y-ray spectra compression using address randomizing transforms
PoS(ACAT)036 pdf V. Matousek
A Neural Solution for the Level 2 Trigger in Gamma Ray Astronomy
PoS(ACAT)037 pdf S. Khatchadourian
Particle Identification at BESIII
PoS(ACAT)038 pdf K. He
Online Electron/Jet Neural High-level Trigger Over Independent Calorimetry Information
PoS(ACAT)039 pdf R. Coura Torres
TMVA, the Toolkit for Multivariate Data Analysis with ROOT
PoS(ACAT)040 pdf H. Voss, A. Höcker, J. Stelzer and F. Tegenfeldt
StatPatternRecognotion: A C++ Package for Multivariate Classification
PoS(ACAT)041 file missing A. Buckley
New Developments of ROOT Mathematical Software Libraries
PoS(ACAT)042 pdf L. Moneta
BESIII Simulation Software
PoS(ACAT)043 pdf Z. Deng
Matching between charged tracks and electromagnetic calorimeter (EMCAL) clusters in ALICE.
PoS(ACAT)044 file missing A. Pulvirenti
A two-dimensional Kolmogorov-Smirnov test
PoS(ACAT)045 pdf R. Lopes
Electron bremstrahlung recovery in ATLAS tracking using Dynamic Noise Adjustment
PoS(ACAT)046 pdf V. Kartvelishvili
FEDRA: Framework for Emulsion Data Reconstruction and Analysis In the OPERA experiment
PoS(ACAT)047 file missing V. Tioukov
An inference method of luminosity spectrum in a future high luminosity e+e- linear collider
PoS(ACAT)048 pdf A. Shibata
Alignment of the ATLAS Inner Detector
PoS(ACAT)049 pdf R. Haertel
CEDAR: HepData, JetWeb and Rivet
PoS(ACAT)050 pdf A. Buckley
Application of Gene Expression Programming to Event Selection in High Energy Physics
PoS(ACAT)051 pdf L. Teodorescu
GARCON - Genetic Algorithm for Rectangular Cuts OptimizatioN.
PoS(ACAT)052 pdf A. Drozdetskiy
Unfolding Problem: A Machine Learning Approach.
PoS(ACAT)053 file missing N. Gagunashvili
The Muon Trigger in ATLAS
PoS(ACAT)054 pdf G. Siragusa
Self-organized mapping of calorimetry information for high efficient online electron/jet identification in ATLAS
PoS(ACAT)055 pdf J. Seixas
The Global Tracking Trigger of the ZEUS experiment
PoS(ACAT)056 file missing V. Roberfroid
Energy loss correction for a crystal calorimeter
PoS(ACAT)057 pdf M. He
A Fast Vertex Fitter for ATLAS Level 2 Trigger
PoS(ACAT)058 pdf D. Emeliyanov
Upper limit for Poisson variable incorporating systematic uncertainty by Bayesian approach
PoS(ACAT)059 pdf Y. Zhu
Pearson's Test Modifications for Comparison of Unweighted and Weighted Histograms and Two Weighted Histograms
PoS(ACAT)060 pdf N. Gagunashvili
Statistical bias of fit parameters
PoS(ACAT)061 file missing S. Redin
The Transform between the space of observed values and the space of possible values of the parameter
PoS(ACAT)062 pdf S. Bityukov
Multivariate Methods in HEP.
PoS(ACAT)063 file missing P. Bhat
Interactive visualization of multidimensional coincidence spectra
PoS(ACAT)064 pdf M. Morhac
Separation of Higgs boson signal from Drell-Yan background with self-organizing maps
PoS(ACAT)065 pdf A. Heikkinen
ATLAS B-physics analysis packages
PoS(ACAT)066 file missing J. Catmore
Cosmic ray triggering using muon signal detected by the Hadronic Calorimeter of ATLAS
PoS(ACAT)067 pdf B. Carneiro Ferreira
ATLAS Inner Detector commissioning with cosmic rays
PoS(ACAT)068 pdf M.J. Costa
A ROOT Tool for 3D Event Visualization in ATLAS Calorimeters
PoS(ACAT)069 pdf L. Manhaes de Andrade
Session 3
The use of Mellin-Barnes Integrals for the Calculation of Two-loop massive Operator Matrix Elements
PoS(ACAT)070 pdf I. Bierenbaum
PHOTOS Monte Carlo for precision simulations of QED in decays
PoS(ACAT)071 pdf Z. Was
Structure of analytical QCD predictions for the Gottfried sums rule
PoS(ACAT)072 pdf A. Kataev
Error-free algorithms to solve special and general discrete systems of linear equations
PoS(ACAT)073 pdf M. Morhac
Extensions in FormCalc 5.3
PoS(ACAT)074 pdf T. Hahn
MadGraph/MadEvent V4: from models to events
PoS(ACAT)075 pdf R. Frederix
The Pluto++ Event Generator.
PoS(ACAT)076 pdf I. Froehlich
SANC: precision calculations for the SM processes
PoS(ACAT)077 pdf D. Bardin
A uniform algebraically-based approach to computational physics and efficient programming
PoS(ACAT)078 file missing J. Raynolds
Three loop DIS and transversity operator anomalous dimensions in the RI' scheme
PoS(ACAT)079 pdf J. Gracey
Geometrized Feynman diagrams and their epsilon expansion
PoS(ACAT)080 file missing A. Davydychev
AMBRE - a Mathematica package for the automatic derivation of Mellin-Barnes Representations for Feynman Integrals
PoS(ACAT)081 pdf T. Riemann
The summation package Sigma evaluates Feynman integrals
PoS(ACAT)082 pdf C. Schneider
From Feynman Integrals to Nested Sums
PoS(ACAT)083 pdf S.O. Moch
Structural Relations between Harmonic Sums up to w=6
PoS(ACAT)084 file missing J. Bluemlein
Reduction of Feynman integrals to master integrals
PoS(ACAT)085 pdf A. Smirnov
Computing of Charged Current DIS at three loops
PoS(ACAT)086 pdf M. Rogal
Precise Numerical Results of IR-vertex and box integration with Extrapolation Method
PoS(ACAT)087 pdf F. Yuasa
Current status of FORM parallelization.
PoS(ACAT)088 file missing M. Tentyukov