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RDP online PhD school and workshop "Aspects of Symmetry"

8-12 November 2021
published May 16, 2022
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The International Collaboration "Regional Doctoral Program in Theoretical and Experimental Particle Physics" (RDP) has organized an annual PhD school and Workshop "Aspects of Symmetry" on November 8-12, 2021. This continues the series of events, which are organized in Georgia/Armenia every year since 2013, see here and here for more information.

In the previous years, most of the students participating in the PhD school represented the countries from the region (Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, etc.). The lecture courses on different topics were delivered by well-known experts in these fields from leading Universities worldwide.

This year (like in the previous year), the event was held fully online, due to the present situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. The PhD school was held on November 8-9. Three lecture courses (1.5 hrs each, including discussion), focused mainly on the search of physics beyond the Standard Model at the precision frontier:

The scientific workshop was held on November 10-12. The topics addressed encompassed  different fields and included, in particular,

  1. Symmetries and interactions in QCD
  2. Symmetries and searches for BSM physics: theory and experiment
  3. Symmetries in integrable systems and their applications in field theory and gravity

For more information on the event, please visit our website.

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Session 2
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Session 8
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Session 10
Session 11
Event weighting vs. Event Counting
PoS(Regio2021)002 pdf J. Pretz
Strong CP Problem
PoS(Regio2021)003 pdf A. Wirzba
Session 1
Charmonium production in pp collisions at the LHC
PoS(Regio2021)004 pdf T. Zakareishvili
The KM3NeT project and Tier2 computing at Tbilisi State University
PoS(Regio2021)006 pdf G. Papalashvili, R. Shanidze and  on behalf of the KM3NeT Collaboration
Higher order QCD corrections for neutral B-meson oscillations
PoS(Regio2021)007 pdf S. Tumasyan
Session 2
Symmetries at Null Boundaries: 3-dimensional Einstein gravity
PoS(Regio2021)008 pdf V. Taghiloo, H. Adami, M.M. Sheikh-Jabbari and H. Yavartanoo
Supersymmetric extensions of oscillator- and Coulomb-like systems
PoS(Regio2021)010 pdf E. Khastyan
Maxwell fish eye and Luneburg profiles for polarized light
PoS(Regio2021)011 pdf M. Davtyan
Session 3
Precision tests of fundamental symmetries with $\eta$ and $\eta$' decays
PoS(Regio2021)013 pdf B. Kubis
Session 4
Symmetries of the entropy balance condition for the universe
PoS(Regio2021)017 pdf M. Gogberashvili
Session 5
Constraining the Nucleon EDM due to BSM on the Lattice
PoS(Regio2021)018 pdf T. Luu
Axions in Baryon Chiral Perturbation Theory
PoS(Regio2021)019 pdf T. Vonk
On the Wilson loops in 2D tight-binding models
PoS(Regio2021)021 pdf T. Supatashvili, M. Eliashvili and G. Tsitsishvili
Session 7
Electric Dipole Moment Measurements at Storage Rings
PoS(Regio2021)026 pdf J. Pretz
Session 8
LIGO signals from mirror world
PoS(Regio2021)029 pdf R. Beradze and M. Gogberashvili
A two-potential formalism for the pion vector form factor
PoS(Regio2021)030 pdf G. Chanturia
Topology and symmetry in carbon nanoribbons
PoS(Regio2021)031 pdf L. Razmadze
Klein-Gordon field dynamics on near horizon extremal Myers-Perry black hole
PoS(Regio2021)032 pdf H. Demirchian
Study of Prompt Gamma emission in $^{12}C (p, p' \gamma) C^{12}$ nuclear reactions close to a Bragg Peak
PoS(Regio2021)033 pdf M. Abuladze, R. Hetzel, J. Kasper, R. Shanidze and A. Stahl
Session 9
Null Surface Thermodynamics
PoS(Regio2021)034 pdf S. Sheikh-Jabbari, H. Adami, V. Taghiloo and H. Yavartanoo
Supersymmetric Cubic Interactions For Lower Spins From "Higher Spin" Approach
PoS(Regio2021)035 pdf I.L. Buchbinder, V. Krykhtin, M. Tsulaia and D. Weissman
Session 10
Elliptic, hyperbolic, complex gamma functions and QFT in various dimensions
PoS(Regio2021)037 pdf G. Sarkissian and V. Spiridonov
Transfer matrix formulation of stationary scattering in 2D and 3D: A concise review of recent developments
PoS(Regio2021)038 pdf F. Loran and A. Mostafazadeh
RG flows between $W_3$ minimal models
PoS(Regio2021)039 pdf H. Poghosyan and R. Poghossian
Session 11
Paving a path from the refined Chern-Simons to the topological strings
PoS(Regio2021)042 pdf M. Avetisyan
Commutator of higher spin gauge transformation
PoS(Regio2021)043 pdf M. Karapetyan