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XXVI International Workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering and Related Subjects

DIS2018 - (other dis conferences)
16-20 April 2018
Kobe, Japan
published November 23, 2018
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Welcome to DIS2018. This is the 26th in an annual series of International Workshops covering an eclectic mixture of material related to Quantum Chromodynamics and DIS as well as a general survey of the hottest current topics in high energy physics. Much of the program is devoted to the most recent results from experiments at BNL, CERN, DESY, FNAL, JLab, and KEK. Relevant theoretical advances are also covered in detail.

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WG1: Structure Functions and Parton Densities
WG2: Small-x and Diffraction
WG3: Higgs and BSM Physics in Hadron Collisions
WG4: Hadronic and Electroweak Observables
WG5: Physics with Heavy Flavours
WG6: Spin and 3D structure
WG7: Future of DIS
WG1-WG5 Joint Session
WG1-WG6 Joint Session
WG3-WG5 Joint Session
WG4-WG5 Joint Session
WG6-WG7 Joint Session
Plenary Session
WG1: Structure Functions and Parton Densities
Determination of the strong coupling constant $\alpha_s(M_Z)$ in next-to-next-to-leading order QCD using H1 jet cross section measurements
PoS(DIS2018)001 pdf R. Zlebcik
Impact of CMS measurements on Proton Structure and QCD parameters
PoS(DIS2018)002 file missing S.K. Pflitsch
Measurement of photon production cross sections with the ATLAS detector
PoS(DIS2018)003 file missing B. Lenzi
Studies of photon production in association with jets at the ATLAS detector
PoS(DIS2018)004 pdf M. Stockton and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Differential measurements of the Drell-Yan cross-sections
PoS(DIS2018)005 file missing U. Blumenschein
Jet Correlation Measurements at ATLAS and the determination of the strong coupling constant
PoS(DIS2018)006 file missing M. Wobisch
Gluon shadowing and LHC heavy-flavour data
PoS(DIS2018)007 file missing A. Kagan
Strange and non-strange distributions from the collider data
PoS(DIS2018)008 pdf S. Alekhin, J. Bluemlein, S. Kulagin, S.O. Moch and R. Petti
PDF Flavor Determination and the nCTEQ15 PDFs: W ± / Z vector boson production in heavy ion collisions
PoS(DIS2018)009 pdf  The nCTEQ Collaboration, E. Godat, D.B. Clark, T.J. Hobbs, T. Jezo, J. Kent, C. Keppel, K. Kovarik, A. Kusina, F. Lyonnet, J.G. Morfin, F. Olness, J.F. Owens, I. Schienbein and J.Y. Yu
Charged Kaon multiplicities of Semi-inclusive DIS off the deuteron target
PoS(DIS2018)010 pdf C.W. Kao, D.J. Yang and W.C. Chang
Determination of electroweak parameters using H1 inclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering data
PoS(DIS2018)011 pdf Z.P. Zhang and  on behalf of the H1 Collaboration
Hadronization in Semi-Inclusive DIS from CLAS at Jefferson Lab
PoS(DIS2018)012 file missing T. Mineeva
Determination and application of TMD parton densities using the Parton Branching method
PoS(DIS2018)013 pdf A. Bermudez Martinez, P.L.S. Connor, F. Hautmann, H. Jung, A.A. Lelek, V. Radescu and R. Zlebcik
Impact of CMS 5.02 TeV dijet measurements on gluon PDFs– a preliminary view
PoS(DIS2018)014 pdf K. Eskola, P. Paakkinen and H. Paukkunen
xFitter 2.0.0: Heavy quark matching scales: Unifying the FFNS and VFNS
PoS(DIS2018)015 pdf  on behalf of the xFitter Developers’ Team, V. Bertone, D. Britzger, S. Camarda, A. Cooper-Sarkar, A. Geiser, F. Giuli, A. Glazov, E. Godat, A. Kusina, A. Luszczak, F. Lyonnet, F. Olness, R. Placakyte, V. Radescu, I. Schienbein and O. Zenaiev
Impact of low-x resummation on QCD analysis of HERA data
PoS(DIS2018)016 file missing A. Glazov
W, Z and top production measurements at LHCb
PoS(DIS2018)017 file missing P. Robbe
K- over K+ multiplicity ratio for kaons produced in DIS with a large fraction of the virtual-photon energy
PoS(DIS2018)018 pdf A.S. Nunes and  on behalf of the COMPASS Collaboration
TeV-PeV neutrino-nucleon cross section measurement with 5 years of IceCube data
PoS(DIS2018)019 pdf Y. Xu and  on behalf of the IceCube Collaboration
QCD analysis of the ATLAS and CMS W and Z cross-section measurements and implications for the strange sea density
PoS(DIS2018)020 file missing K. Wichmann
MC tuning using the HHT PDF set with the low-x higer-twist term.
PoS(DIS2018)021 file missing K. Wichmann
An analysis of fragmentation functions of charged hadrons including proton-(anti)proton data from the Tevatron and the LHC
PoS(DIS2018)022 file missing V. Bertone
Progress on CTEQ-TEA PDFs
PoS(DIS2018)023 file missing T.J. Hou
PDFS ENSE : ∗ Mapping the sensitivity of hadronic experiments to nucleon structure
PoS(DIS2018)024 pdf B.T. Wang, T.J. Hobbs, S. Doyle, J. Gao, T.J. Hou, P. Nadolsky and F. Olness
Progress on fast grid techniques for NNLO with APPLfast-NNLO
PoS(DIS2018)025 file missing C. Gwenlan
Universal fit of parton distributions and fragmentation functions
PoS(DIS2018)026 file missing N. Sato
Bayesian perspective on QCD global analysis
PoS(DIS2018)027 file missing N. Sato
ePump, the Error PDF Updating Method Package
PoS(DIS2018)028 file missing T.J. Hou
Ad Lucem: The photon in the MMHT PDFs
PoS(DIS2018)029 pdf R. Nathvani, R. Thorne, L. Harland-Lang and A. Martin
MMHT Updates, LHC jets and α S
PoS(DIS2018)030 pdf R. Thorne, L. Harland-Lang and A. Martin
Illuminating the photon content of the proton within a global PDF analysis
PoS(DIS2018)031 file missing N. Hartland
NNPDF3.1: Parton distributions from high-precision collider data
PoS(DIS2018)032 file missing N. Hartland
Measurements of Nucleon Structure via Proton-Induced Drell-Yan Process at FNAL SeaQuest
PoS(DIS2018)033 pdf K. Nagai and  on behalf of the SeaQuest Collaboration
Towards the ${\mathrm{N^3LO}}$ evolution of parton distributions
PoS(DIS2018)034 pdf T. Ueda
WG2: Small-x and Diffraction
Double parton scattering measurements at CMS Experiment
PoS(DIS2018)035 pdf G. Veres and  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
Minimum Bias and UE measurements at CMS
PoS(DIS2018)036 pdf G. Veres
Forward energy flow and jet measurements with CMS
PoS(DIS2018)037 file missing A. Geiser
Exclusive measurements with CMS
PoS(DIS2018)038 file missing M. Ruspa
QCD Monte-Carlo model tuning studies with CMS data at 13 TeV
PoS(DIS2018)039 file missing D. Dominguez Damiani
The CMS-TOTEM Precision Proton Spectrometer and first physics results
PoS(DIS2018)040 pdf E. Robutti and  on behalf of the CMS and TOTEM collaborations
Exclusive vector meson photoproduction at Run 2 LHC energies: Color dipole predictions
PoS(DIS2018)041 pdf V.P. Goncalves, M. Machado, B.D. Moreira, F.S. Navarra and G. Santos
Particle production at LHCb
PoS(DIS2018)042 file missing O. Steinkamp
Study of hard double parton scattering in four-jet events with the ATLAS detector
PoS(DIS2018)043 file missing M. Vetterli
Measurements of the underlying-event properties and hadron production with the ATLAS detector
PoS(DIS2018)044 file missing M. Campanelli
Status and Prospects of measurements of exclusive and diffractive processes with the ATLAS detector
PoS(DIS2018)045 pdf A. Foster and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Exclusive Photoproduction of $2\pi^+2\pi^-$ Final State at HERA
PoS(DIS2018)046 file missing S. Schmitt
Dipion photoproduction and the $Q^2$ evolution of the shape of gold nuclei
PoS(DIS2018)047 pdf S. Klein and  on behalf of the STAR collaboration
Multi particle production in proton-nucleus collisions
PoS(DIS2018)048 pdf Y. Mulian
Energy dependence of exclusive J/Psi photoproduction in p-Pb interactions at ALICE
PoS(DIS2018)049 pdf J.G. Contreras Nuno and  on behalf of the ALICE collaboration
Measurement of the Total Cross-Section and the rho-Parameter at 13 TeV by TOTEM
PoS(DIS2018)050 file missing E. Robutti
Results for Heavy Flavor and Quarkonium production in high multiplicity p+p and p+A collisions in the CGC framework
PoS(DIS2018)051 file missing K. Watanabe
Pgg TMD splitting function in kT factorization
PoS(DIS2018)052 pdf A. Kusina, M. Hentschinski, K. Kutak and M. Serino
Progress in higher order computations of prompt photon production in e + A DIS at small x
PoS(DIS2018)053 pdf R. Venugopalan and K. Roy
Subnuclear fluctuations in vector meson photoproduction: a window to saturation
PoS(DIS2018)054 pdf J.G. Contreras Nuno, J. Cepila, M. Krelina and J.D. Tapia Takaki
Forward di-jets in p+A collisions in the ITMD framework
PoS(DIS2018)055 pdf M. Matas and C. Marquet
Electron-photon deep inelastic scattering at small x in holographic QCD
PoS(DIS2018)056 pdf A. Watanabe and H.n. Li
Recent PHENIX results probing gluon dynamics in proton-proton and highly asymmetric nuclear collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$ = 200 and 510 GeV
PoS(DIS2018)057 file missing J. Huang
Factorization of the soft gluon divergence from the dipole picture deep inelastic scattering cross sections at next-to-leading order
PoS(DIS2018)058 pdf B. Ducloué, H. Hänninen, T. Lappi and Y. Zhu
NNLO QCD predictions for dijet production in diffractive DIS
PoS(DIS2018)059 pdf R. Zlebcik, D. Britzger, J. Currie, T. Gehrmann, A. Huss and J. Niehues
Exploring gluon saturation with photons in high energy hadron-hadron collisions
PoS(DIS2018)060 pdf S. Benic, K. Fukushima, O. Garcia Montero and R. Venugopalan
Bose Enhancement in the dilute-dense limit
PoS(DIS2018)061 file missing D. Wertepny
$\gamma \to \rho^0$ impact factor in QCD: light-cone sum rule calculation
PoS(DIS2018)062 pdf K. Tanaka
WG3: Higgs and BSM Physics in Hadron Collisions
Double Higgs searches with Run 2 data at CMS
PoS(DIS2018)063 file missing G. Ortona
Measurements of Higgs differential cross-sections at CMS
PoS(DIS2018)064 file missing G. Ortona
Searches for ttH production at CMS
PoS(DIS2018)065 pdf A.K. Nayak and  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
Searches for additional scalars at CMS with Run 2 data
PoS(DIS2018)066 file missing J. Brandstetter
Search for heavy resonances in diboson final states at CMS
PoS(DIS2018)067 file missing A. Santocchia
Search for heavy BSM particles coupling to third generation quarks at CMS
PoS(DIS2018)068 file missing D.R. Berry
Search for rare and exotic Higgs boson decays with CMS
PoS(DIS2018)069 file missing C.M. Kuo
Searches for strong production of supersymmetry at CMS
PoS(DIS2018)070 pdf N.K. Rad and  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
Searches for supersymmetry in final states with photons at CMS
PoS(DIS2018)071 pdf M. Bartók
Measurement of cross sections and properties of the Higgs boson in decays to bosons using the ATLAS detector
PoS(DIS2018)072 file missing M. Trovatelli
Measurements and searches of Higgs boson decays to two fermions
PoS(DIS2018)073 pdf C. Schiavi and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Evidence for Higgs boson production in association with a ttbar pair
PoS(DIS2018)074 file missing A. Chomont
Searches for high-mass resonances
PoS(DIS2018)076 file missing F. De Almeida Dias
Searches for non-Standard Model decays of the Higgs boson
PoS(DIS2018)075 file missing X. Sun
Search for di-Higgs production
PoS(DIS2018)077 file missing Y. Fang
Inclusive searches for squarks and gluinos with the ATLAS detector
PoS(DIS2018)078 pdf M. LeBlanc and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Searches for direct pair production of third generation squarks with the ATLAS detector
PoS(DIS2018)079 pdf J. Mitrevski and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Searches for electroweak production of supersymmetric gauginos and sleptons with the ATLAS detector
PoS(DIS2018)080 pdf J.M. Lorenz and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Searches for supersymmetry in resonance production, R-parity violating signatures and events with long-lived particles with the ATLAS detector
PoS(DIS2018)081 pdf C. Sandoval and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Reconstruction techniques in supersymmetry searches in the ATLAS experiment
PoS(DIS2018)082 pdf E. Gramstad and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Measurements of the Higgs properties with Run2 data in the bosonic channels
PoS(DIS2018)083 pdf E. Gallo and  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
Standard Model Higgs boson decays into fermions
PoS(DIS2018)084 file missing Y. Wen
Dark Matter searches with the ATLAS Detector
PoS(DIS2018)085 pdf W.C. Kalderon and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Searches for additional Higgs bosons in the MSSM
PoS(DIS2018)086 file missing A. Lopez Solis
The SHiP experiment at CERN
PoS(DIS2018)087 file missing M. Campanelli
Search for exotic particle at NA62
PoS(DIS2018)088 pdf R. Lollini and  on behalf of the NA62 Collaboration
NLO matching for t ̄ t b ̄ b production with massive b -quarks
PoS(DIS2018)089 pdf T. Jezo
Probing BSM physics with electron-proton colliders
PoS(DIS2018)090 pdf D. Curtin, K. Deshpande, O. Fischer and J.F. Zurita
WG4: Hadronic and Electroweak Observables
Differential jet cross sections at the CMS experiment
PoS(DIS2018)091 pdf A. Kaur and  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
Vector Boson production in association with jets at CMS
PoS(DIS2018)092 pdf A. Grebenyuk and  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
Jet properties and correlations in multi-jet topologies in CMS
PoS(DIS2018)093 pdf A. Bermudez Martinez and  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
Top modelling and tuning in CMS
PoS(DIS2018)094 file missing M. Seidel
Further studies of isolated photon production with a jet in deep inelastic scattering at HERA
PoS(DIS2018)095 file missing K. Wichmann
Measurement of the inclusive jet and dijet production with the ATLAS detector
PoS(DIS2018)096 pdf Z. Hubacek
Muon identification and performance in the ATLAS experiment
PoS(DIS2018)097 pdf S. Rettie and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Jet Substructure Measurements Sensitive to Soft QCD effects with the ATLAS Detector
PoS(DIS2018)098 file missing T. Farooque
Electroweak Precision Measurements with the ATLAS Detector
PoS(DIS2018)099 pdf Z.P. Zhang and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Measurement of the diboson production cross section at 8TeV and 13TeV and limits on anomalous triple gauge couplings with the ATLAS detector
PoS(DIS2018)100 file missing B. Zhou
Vector boson scattering, triple gauge-boson final states and limits on anomalous quartic gauge couplings with the ATLAS detector
PoS(DIS2018)101 pdf T. Nitta
Measurements of Vector boson fusion with the ATLAS detector
PoS(DIS2018)102 pdf P. Calfayan and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Measurements of the production of jets in association with a W or Z boson with the ATLAS detector
PoS(DIS2018)103 file missing N. Kondrashova
Identification of boosted hadronically decaying particles with jet substructure in ATLAS Run-2
PoS(DIS2018)104 pdf J. Veatch and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
ColoRea: Colour Rearrangement for Dipole Showers
PoS(DIS2018)105 pdf J. Bellm
NNLO predictions for jets and V+jet at the LHC
PoS(DIS2018)106 pdf C. James, G.D.R. Aude, G. Thomas, G. Nigel, A. Huss, J.R. Pires and W. Duncan
Study of $K^0_S$ pair production in single-tag two-photon collisions at Belle
PoS(DIS2018)107 pdf S. Uehara and  On behalf of the BELLE Collaboration
Multiboson production at CMS
PoS(DIS2018)108 file missing A.M. Levin
$\alpha_s$ status and perspectives (2018)
PoS(DIS2018)109 pdf D. d’Enterria
Threshold and jet radius joint resummation for single-inclusive jet production
PoS(DIS2018)110 file missing F. Ringer
Bottom quark mass effects on the ptZ spectrum and the W mass determination
PoS(DIS2018)111 pdf A. Vicini
Resummation of transverse observables in hadronic collisions
PoS(DIS2018)112 file missing P.F. Monni
Simulations of photo-nuclear dijets with PYTHIA 8 and their sensitivity to nuclear PDFs
PoS(DIS2018)113 pdf I. Helenius
Exploring improvements to the fitting of the strong coupling constant through means of jet substructure techniques
PoS(DIS2018)114 file missing V. Theeuwes
WW production at NNLO+PS
PoS(DIS2018)115 pdf E. Re
WG5: Physics with Heavy Flavours
Top quark pair and single top t-channel differential cross sections in CMS
PoS(DIS2018)117 pdf Y.J. Roh and  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
Heavy quark mass effects in associated production
PoS(DIS2018)116 pdf D. Napoletano
First measurements of top quark properties with Run-2 data in CMS
PoS(DIS2018)118 pdf K.F. Chen
Rare top quark production in CMS: ttW, ttZ, ttgamma, tZ, tgamma, and tttt production
PoS(DIS2018)119 pdf S.Y. Choi
Investigating the dominant regions of the phase space associated with $c\bar{c}$ production relevant for the prompt atmospheric neutrino flux
PoS(DIS2018)120 pdf V.P. Goncalves, R. Maciula, R. Pasechnik and A. Szczurek
Heavy flavour spectroscopy and exotic states at LHCb
PoS(DIS2018)121 file missing L. Zhang
Top quark pair-production cross-section measurements with the ATLAS detector
PoS(DIS2018)122 pdf P. Bartos and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Measurements of ttbar+X using the ATLAS detector
PoS(DIS2018)123 file missing H. Ahmed
Top quark pair property measurements using the ATLAS detector at the LHC
PoS(DIS2018)124 pdf S. Kluth and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Measurements of the top quark mass using the ATLAS detector at the LHC
PoS(DIS2018)125 file missing M. Pinamonti
Single Top quark production cross section using the ATLAS detector at the LHC
PoS(DIS2018)126 file missing O. Estrada Pastor
Heavy quark spectroscopy and exotic states in ATLAS
PoS(DIS2018)127 file missing K. Toms
Quarkonium production in pp and p-Pb collisions with ALICE at the LHC
PoS(DIS2018)128 file missing M. Gagliardi
Open heavy flavour production in pp and p-Pb collisions with ALICE
PoS(DIS2018)129 file missing M.J. Kweon
Global description of bottomonium suppression in proton-nucleus and nucleus-nucleus collisions at LHC energies
PoS(DIS2018)130 pdf E. Gonzalez Ferreiro
Exotic and conventional bottomonium studies at BELLE II
PoS(DIS2018)131 file missing U. Tamponi
Study of the exotic charmonium-like states from lattice QCD
PoS(DIS2018)132 file missing L. Liu
Large transverse momentum top production at NLO+NLL accuracy
PoS(DIS2018)133 pdf M. Cacciari
Study of Charmed Baryons at Belle
PoS(DIS2018)134 pdf M. Sumihama and  On behalf of the BELLE Collaboration
Study of Quarkonia and Quarkonium-like States at Belle
PoS(DIS2018)135 pdf S. Jia
Study of radiative decays of the $\Upsilon(1S)$ and of three-body decays of the $J/\psi$
PoS(DIS2018)136 file missing P. Robbe
State of the art POWHEG generators for Top Mass Measurements at the LHC
PoS(DIS2018)137 pdf T. Jezo and S. Ferrario Ravasio
Theoretical analysis of the double parton scattering in quarkonium production in proton-proton collision at LHC
PoS(DIS2018)138 pdf N. Yamanaka, J.P. Lansberg, H.S. Shao and Y.J. Zhang
Precision calculations for top-quark pair production at the LHC
PoS(DIS2018)139 pdf I. Tsinikos
WG6: Spin and 3D structure
Production of transversely polarized $\Lambda$ hyperon from unpolarized quark fragmentation in the diquark model
PoS(DIS2018)140 pdf Y. Yang, W. Mao, Z. Lu and I. Schmidt
Probing the transverse single spin asymmetry in the inelastic $J/\Psi$ photoproduction at hadronic colliders
PoS(DIS2018)141 pdf V.P. Goncalves
Generalized distribution amplitudes and gravitational form factors for pion
PoS(DIS2018)142 pdf Q.T. Song
Longitudinal-transverse double-spin asymmetry with a $\cos\phi_S$ modulation in SIDIS
PoS(DIS2018)143 pdf W. Mao, X. Wang and Z. Lu
Recent STAR Measurements to Constrain the Polarized Gluon Distribution Function of the Proton
PoS(DIS2018)144 pdf A. Quintero and  on behalf of the STAR collaboration
Inclusive Jet Measurements in Longitudinally Polarized Proton-Proton Collisions at STAR
PoS(DIS2018)145 pdf Z. Chang and  on behalf of the STAR collaboration
Recent Transverse Spin Measurements in pp Collisions with STAR
PoS(DIS2018)146 file missing C. Gagliardi
Transverse Spin Transfer of Lambda and Anti-Lambda in Polarized Proton-Proton Collisions at 200 GeV at STAR
PoS(DIS2018)147 file missing Q. Xu
Nucleon spin structure from lattice QCD
PoS(DIS2018)148 pdf C. Alexandrou, M. Constantinou, K. Hadjiyiannakou, K. Jansen, C. Kallidonis, G. Koutsou and A. Vaquero
Accessing generalized TMDs through double Drell-Yan and double $\eta_c$ production processes
PoS(DIS2018)149 pdf S. Bhattacharya, A. Metz, V. Kumar Ojha, J.Y. Tsai and J. Zhou
Accessing quark helicity in $e^+e^-$ and SIDIS via dihadron correlations.
PoS(DIS2018)150 pdf H. Matevosyan
Dihadron correlations in polarized quark hadronization.
PoS(DIS2018)151 file missing H. Matevosyan
The complete twist-4 contributions to the SIDIS process $e^- N\to e^- q(jet) X$ at high energies
PoS(DIS2018)152 file missing Z.t. Liang
Transverse Single Spin Asymmetries of charged hadron from p+p and p+Au collisions in PHENIX
PoS(DIS2018)153 pdf J. Bok and  On behalf of the PHENIX collaboration
Study of fragmentation function at Belle
PoS(DIS2018)154 pdf R. Seidl and  On behalf of the BELLE Collaboration
Next-to-Leading Order QCD Corrections to Inclusive Heavy-Flavor Production in Polarized Deep-Inelastic Scattering
PoS(DIS2018)155 pdf F. Hekhorn and M. Stratmann
Longitudinal Double Spin Asymmetry in Jets in $\surd$s = 510 polarized p+p
PoS(DIS2018)156 file missing M. Patel
Overview of GPD program from Jefferson Lab
PoS(DIS2018)157 file missing C. Hyde
Transversity in inclusive DIS and novel TMD sum rules
PoS(DIS2018)158 pdf A. Accardi and A. Signori
Probing the gluon TMDs with quarkonia
PoS(DIS2018)159 pdf J.P. Lansberg, C. Pisano, F. Scarpa and M. Schlegel
Semi-inclusive Kaon production at low scales
PoS(DIS2018)160 pdf J.V. Guerrero
Small-x Contributions of the Quark and Gluon Helicity to the Proton Spin
PoS(DIS2018)161 file missing M. Sievert
Measurement of longitudinal and transverse target polarization dependent azimuthal asymmetries in muon-p SIDIS processes at COMPASS
PoS(DIS2018)162 file missing B. Parsamyan
Nucleon Tomography
PoS(DIS2018)163 file missing M. Burkardt
Suppression of gluon polarization in angular asymmetries
PoS(DIS2018)164 file missing Y. Zhou
Phenomenology with the PARTONS software of Generalized Parton Distribution models built from Light-Front Wave-functions
PoS(DIS2018)165 pdf N. Chouika
Measurement of transverse-spin-dependent azimuthal asymmetries in Drell-Yan process at COMPASS
PoS(DIS2018)166 file missing M. Chiosso
Orbital angular momentum distributions at small-x
PoS(DIS2018)256 pdf Y. Hatta
WG7: Future of DIS
Measuring the CKM matrix element ${\mathrm{V_{td}}}$ and ${\mathrm{V_{ts}}}$ at the electron proton colliders
PoS(DIS2018)167 pdf H. Sun
Di-jets the Path to the (un)polarized Partonic Photon Structure at an EIC
PoS(DIS2018)168 pdf X. Chu and E.C. Aschenauer
Overview of EIC physics goals
PoS(DIS2018)169 file missing J. Qiu
A Plan for Electron Ion Collider in China
PoS(DIS2018)170 pdf X. Chen
Coherent vector meson production at an electron ion collider
PoS(DIS2018)171 pdf M.R. Lomnitz
Status of the BELLE II experiment and early physics program
PoS(DIS2018)172 file missing T. Higuchi
A space-time analysis of semi-inclusive deep inelastic scattering on nuclei
PoS(DIS2018)173 file missing J.A. Lopez
QCD Jets in DIS
PoS(DIS2018)174 file missing F. Ringer
Geometry tagging for heavy ions at JLEIC
PoS(DIS2018)175 pdf V. Morozov, A. Accardi, A. Sy, G.H. Wei, M.D. Baker, R. Dupre, M. Ehrhart, C. Fogler, C.E. Hyde, P. Nadel-Turonski, J. Stukes, T. Toll and L. Zheng
Status of JLEIC and its interaction region design
PoS(DIS2018)176 file missing V. Morozov
Future of 3D Imaging at Jefferson Lab
PoS(DIS2018)177 file missing S. Bueltmann
Medium-energy Nuclear Physics at RHIC with sPHENIX and an sPHENIX Forward Upgrade
PoS(DIS2018)178 pdf I. Nakagawa and  on behalf of the sPHENIX Collaboration
TOPSiDE: Concept of an EIC Detector
PoS(DIS2018)179 pdf J. Repond and  on behalf of the TOPSiDE concept group
Future of Nuclear parton densities
PoS(DIS2018)180 pdf N. Armesto Perez
Nuclear medium studies using DIS experiments with CLAS/CLAS12 at JLab, present and future
PoS(DIS2018)181 file missing H. Hakobyan
Physics at the Compact Linear Collider (CLIC)
PoS(DIS2018)182 file missing P. Sopicki
Energy frontier DIS at CERN: the LHeC and the FCC-eh, PERLE
PoS(DIS2018)183 pdf G. Arduini, O. Bruening, M. Klein,  on behalf of the LHeC/FCC-eh Study Group and  on behalf of the PERLE Collaboration
Electroweak physics at FCC-eh and LHeC
PoS(DIS2018)184 file missing M. Klein
The future DIS program in Jefferson Lab's Halls A and C
PoS(DIS2018)185 file missing A. Puckett
TOP Production at the electron proton colliders
PoS(DIS2018)186 pdf H. Sun and  on behalf of the LHeC/FCC-eh Study Group
PDFs and alpha_s Measurements
PoS(DIS2018)187 file missing C. Gwenlan
Heavy flavor production and large-x nuclear gluons at EIC
PoS(DIS2018)188 file missing Y. Furletova
Next-generation neutron structure measurements with spectator tagging at EIC
PoS(DIS2018)189 file missing C. Hyde
BSM physics at the LHeC and the FCC-eh
PoS(DIS2018)190 pdf J.F. Zurita, G. Azuelos, M. D’Onofrio and O. Fischer
Higgs physics at the LHeC and the FCC-eh
PoS(DIS2018)191 file missing U. Klein
Small-x physics and diffraction at the LHeC and the FCC-eh
PoS(DIS2018)192 file missing P.R. Newman
VHEeP: A very high energy electron--proton collider
PoS(DIS2018)193 file missing A.C. Caldwell
A Fixed-Target Program at the LHC (AFTER@LHC): where do we stand ?
PoS(DIS2018)194 file missing J.P. Lansberg
Polarized positron beam perspectives for DIS studies
PoS(DIS2018)195 file missing E. Voutier
eRHIC - an electron - Ion collider at BNL
PoS(DIS2018)196 file missing E.C. Aschenauer
Polarisation measurements for hadron beams in colliders.
PoS(DIS2018)197 file missing E.C. Aschenauer
A Summary of the EIC Detector R&D Program
PoS(DIS2018)198 file missing Y. Ilieva
Pion and Kaon Structure Functions at EIC
PoS(DIS2018)199 file missing R. Ent
COMPASS facility beyond 2020
PoS(DIS2018)200 pdf B. Badelek and  on behalf of the COMPASS Collaboration
Particle Physics with DIS - on the European Particle Physics Strategy Update
PoS(DIS2018)201 pdf A. Levy, C. Schwanenberger, N. Armesto Perez, A.C. Caldwell, D. d’Enterria, Y. Furletova, M. Klein, J. Qiu, B. Surrow and B.W. Xiao
Contributions, comments, and questions from audience
PoS(DIS2018)202 file missing A. Levy
The case for EIC
PoS(DIS2018)203 file missing B. Surrow
The case for LHeC
PoS(DIS2018)204 file missing M. Klein
The case for VHEep
PoS(DIS2018)205 file missing A.C. Caldwell
The case for FCC
PoS(DIS2018)206 file missing D. d’Enterria
QCD theory addressed in the above facilities
PoS(DIS2018)207 file missing J. Qiu
Heavy Ion Theory addressed in the above facilities
PoS(DIS2018)208 pdf N. Armesto Perez
New QCD phenomenon in Spin and Saturation Physics at EIC
PoS(DIS2018)209 file missing A. Deshpande
WG1-WG5 Joint Session
Vector Boson production with heavy flavor quarks from CMS experiment at LHC
PoS(DIS2018)210 pdf B. Bilin and  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
Heavy-flavour hadron production at LHCb
PoS(DIS2018)211 file missing P. Robbe
Combination and QCD analysis of beauty and charm production cross section measurements in deep inelastic ep scattering at HERA
PoS(DIS2018)212 file missing A. Geiser
Massive charged-current DIS at NNLO and impact on strange-quark distributions
PoS(DIS2018)213 file missing J. Gao
PDF constraints from top-quark pair differential measurements
PoS(DIS2018)214 file missing J.E. Garcia Navarro
WG1-WG6 Joint Session
Recent STAR Results on the Measurement of the Unpolarized and Polarized Light Quark Flavor Structure of W-Boson Production at RHIC at BNL
PoS(DIS2018)215 file missing B. Surrow
W Measurement at PHENIX
PoS(DIS2018)216 pdf C. Kim and  On behalf of the PHENIX collaboration
First extraction of transversity from electron-proton and proton-proton data
PoS(DIS2018)217 pdf M. Radici
Recent Spin Structure Function Measurements from CLAS at Jefferson Laboratory
PoS(DIS2018)218 pdf R. Fersch and  On behalf of the CLAS Collaboration
Extraction of Transverse Momentum Distributions from semi-inclusive DIS and Drell-Yan data.
PoS(DIS2018)219 pdf F. Delcarro, A. Bacchetta, M. Radici, C. Pisano and A. Signori
WG3-WG5 Joint Session
Search for new physics in CP violation with beauty and charm decays at LHCb
PoS(DIS2018)220 pdf C. Dean and  on behalf of the LHCb collaboration
B-flavour anomalies in $b \to sll$ and $b \to cl\nu$ transitions at LHCb
PoS(DIS2018)221 file missing O. Steinkamp
Production and decay of HF in ATLAS
PoS(DIS2018)222 pdf A.F. Campoverde Quezada and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Study of electroweak-penguin B decays and other rare B decays at Belle
PoS(DIS2018)223 file missing L. Santelj
WG4-WG5 Joint Session
Measurement of eta_c(1S), eta_c(2S) and non-resonant eta' pi+ pi- production via two-photon collisions
PoS(DIS2018)225 pdf Q. Xu and  On behalf of the BELLE Collaboration
Recent QCD-related studies with the BaBar detector
PoS(DIS2018)226 pdf L. Zani and  on behalf of the BABAR collaboration
K+ to pi+ nu nu first NA62 results
PoS(DIS2018)227 pdf P. Massarotti and  on behalf of the NA62 Collaboration
Study of tau neutrino production property with measuring open-Charms at 400 GeV proton beam dump
PoS(DIS2018)228 pdf O. Sato and  on behalf of the DsTau Collaboration
WG6-WG7 Joint Session
The STAR Cold QCD Physics Program after 2020
PoS(DIS2018)229 file missing E.C. Aschenauer
Measuring gluon Sivers function at a future Electron-Ion Collider
PoS(DIS2018)230 file missing L. Zheng
Study of Chiral Odd Generalized Parton Distributions at Jefferson Lab
PoS(DIS2018)231 pdf A. Kim
The TMD Program at JLab
PoS(DIS2018)232 pdf H. Gao, T. Liu and Z. Zhao
Plenary Session
New results on parton densities of nucleons and nuclei
PoS(DIS2018)233 pdf S. Schmitt
New results on spin and 3D structure measurements
PoS(DIS2018)234 pdf H. Gao, T. Liu and Z. Zhao
Studies on lepton-hadron interactions for precision neutrino physics
PoS(DIS2018)235 file missing Y. Hayato
Progress in QCD studies for high-sensitivity EW, Higgs and BSM measurements
PoS(DIS2018)236 file missing J. Kretzschmar
Collider studies on jet and heavy flavour properties
PoS(DIS2018)237 pdf V. Candelise
Multi-leg Hadronic Final State: calculation and simulation
PoS(DIS2018)238 pdf R. Frederix
Recent results on forward physics
PoS(DIS2018)239 file missing J. Nystrand
Experimental studies on fragmentation and exotic hadrons
PoS(DIS2018)240 pdf K. Miyabayashi
Proton shape fluctuation and its relation to DIS
PoS(DIS2018)241 pdf H. Mäntysaari
Lattice QCD and Hadron Structure
PoS(DIS2018)242 file missing Y. Aoki
High-energy DIS studies with nucleons
PoS(DIS2018)243 file missing U. Klein
High-energy DIS studies with nuclei
PoS(DIS2018)244 file missing T. Ullrich
Theoretical perspective for the future experiments on parton densities
PoS(DIS2018)245 pdf S. Kumano
An ep/eA Experiment at the LHC
PoS(DIS2018)246 file missing M. Klein
Status of the EIC project
PoS(DIS2018)247 file missing B. Surrow
WG1 summary
PoS(DIS2018)248 file missing V. Bertone
WG2 summary
PoS(DIS2018)249 file missing A. Moraes
WG3 summary
PoS(DIS2018)250 file missing L. Carpenter
WG4 summary
PoS(DIS2018)251 file missing E. Re
WG5 summary
PoS(DIS2018)252 file missing M.A. Owen
WG6 summary
PoS(DIS2018)253 file missing Y. Hatta
Summary of Working Group 7: Future of DIS
PoS(DIS2018)254 pdf C. Schwanenberger, Y. Furletova and B.W. Xiao
Concluding talk
PoS(DIS2018)255 file missing K. Tokushuku