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LIGHT CONE 2008 Relativistic Nuclear and Particle Physics

LC2008 - (other lc conferences)
July 7-11, 2008
Mulhouse, France
published March 09, 2009
This Workshop is part of a series of regular meetings held each year to discuss the main goals of research and challenges in Light Cone Dynamics: rigorous evaluation of masses and wave functions of hadrons and nuclei, hadronic and nuclear phenomenology based on fundamental quark and gluon dynamics, experimental tests at new facilities
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Session Light-Front Field Theory
Session Hadronic Structure
Session Relativistic Nuclear Physics
Session Perturbative QCD and Factorization
Hadron Structure and Dynamics
Session AdS/CFT
Session Dyson-Schwinger Formalism
Session Lattice QCD
Session Light-Front Field Theory
Finite field theories and causality
PoS(LC2008)001 pdf A. Aste
Exploring a nonperturbative method for calculation of the anomalous magnetic moment of the electron
PoS(LC2008)002 pdf S. Chabyshova
Wick rotation in the light-front
PoS(LC2008)003 pdf J.P. De Melo
Renormalization group and bound states
PoS(LC2008)004 pdf S. Glazek
Light-cone gauge singularities in the photon propagator and residual gauge transformations
PoS(LC2008)005 pdf B. Mutet, P. Grange and E. Werner
Supersymmetric theories at finite temperature
PoS(LC2008)006 pdf J. Hiller
Polyakov D1 brane action on the light-front
PoS(LC2008)007 pdf D. Kulshreshtha
Vector Schwinger model with a photon mass term on the light-front
PoS(LC2008)008 pdf U. Kulshreshtha
Two-dimensional massive fermions and the Federbush model: space-like vs. light-front picture
PoS(LC2008)056 pdf L. Martinovic
Mandelstam-Leibbrandt prescription within path integral formulation
PoS(LC2008)009 pdf J. Przeszowski
Thermodynamic properties of QED in 1+1 dimensions within light-front dynamics
PoS(LC2008)010 pdf S. Strauss
The Witten index revisited
PoS(LC2008)055 pdf P. van Baal
Quantum calisthenics: developing a sound quantum intuition (or the bucket-brigade approach to solving the schrodinger equation)
PoS(LC2008)012 pdf attachments M. Weinstein
Nonperturbative causal light-cone field theory
PoS(LC2008)013 pdf E. Werner
Session Hadronic Structure
Generalized parton distributions of the pion in light front dynamics
PoS(LC2008)015 pdf B. Bakker and C.R. Ji
Perturbative QCD analysis of exclusive $e^+ e^- \to J/\Psi + \eta_c$
PoS(LC2008)016 pdf H.M. Choi and C.R. Ji
Distribution amplitude for the photon-pion transition
PoS(LC2008)017 pdf A. Courtoy and S. Noguera
Form factors in relativistic quantum mechanics: constraints from space-time translations
PoS(LC2008)018 pdf B. Desplanques
Light cone constituent quark model
PoS(LC2008)020 pdf B. Galow
$p \bar p \to \Lambda_c \bar \Lambda_c$ within the generalized parton picture - first results
PoS(LC2008)021 pdf A. Goritschnig
New approach to the parton distribution functions: self-organizing map
PoS(LC2008)022 pdf H. Honkanen
Recent progress of light-front quark-model phenomenology
PoS(LC2008)023 pdf C.R. Ji, H.M. Choi and M. DeWitt
Non-perturbative calculation of the anomalous magnetic moment in the Yukawa model
PoS(LC2008)024 pdf J.F. Mathiot, V.A. Karmanov and A. Smirnov
Model independent results for nucleon structure
PoS(LC2008)025 pdf G. Miller
The structure of the nucleon from generalized parton distributions
PoS(LC2008)014 pdf B. Pasquini and S. Boffi
Hadron electromagnetic form factors in the space- and timelike regions and higher Fock states
PoS(LC2008)026 pdf G. Salme
Session Relativistic Nuclear Physics
Next-to-leading order light-front three-body dynamics
PoS(LC2008)036 pdf T. Frederico
Three-body forces in Bethe-Salpeter and light-front equations
PoS(LC2008)037 pdf V.A. Karmanov
A Poincare invariant treatment of the three-nucleon problem
PoS(LC2008)039 pdf W. Polyzou, C. Elster, T. Lin, W. Glöckle, J. Golak, H. Kamada, B.D. Keister, R. Skibinski, M. Tucker, S. Veerasamy and H. Witala
Relativistic asymptotics of the deuteron and pion form factors
PoS(LC2008)054 pdf N. Tsirova
Recent progress in Hamiltonian light-front QCD
PoS(LC2008)040 pdf J. Vary
Similarity transformation technique in equal-time quantized theories
PoS(LC2008)041 pdf A. Weber
Session Perturbative QCD and Factorization
Rapidity divergences and valid definitions of parton densities
PoS(LC2008)028 pdf J. Collins
Transverse momentum of partons: from low to high pT
PoS(LC2008)031 pdf M. Diehl
The Boer-Mulders asymmetry : models and universality
PoS(LC2008)032 pdf B. Hannafious and M. Burkardt
Transverse momentum of partons and single spin asymmetries
PoS(LC2008)033 pdf D.S. Hwang
Time-reversal-odd phenomena in QCD
PoS(LC2008)034 pdf P. Mulders
Inclusive gluon production in A+A collisions at NLO:Factorization and the glasma
PoS(LC2008)029 pdf R. Venugopalan
Recent development in proton spin physics
PoS(LC2008)030 pdf F. Yuan
Hadron Structure and Dynamics
Baryon light-cone wave functions in chiral quark-soliton models
PoS(LC2008)042 pdf C. Lorcé
Pion cloud and sea quark flavor asymmetry in the impact parameter representation
PoS(LC2008)043 pdf C. Weiss and M. Strikman
Session AdS/CFT
The AdS/CFT correspondence and light-front QCD
PoS(LC2008)044 pdf S.J. Brodsky and G.F. de Téramond
Solution of the 5D Einstein equations in a dilaton background model
PoS(LC2008)046 pdf W. de Paula
Mesons from generalizations of AdS/CFT
PoS(LC2008)045 pdf J. Erdmenger
Session Dyson-Schwinger Formalism
Infrared behavior in QCD within the Dyson-Schwinger formalism
PoS(LC2008)048 pdf C. Fischer
Structure of the fermion propagator in QED3
PoS(LC2008)049 pdf Y. Hoshino
Infrared finite effective charge of QCD
PoS(LC2008)050 pdf J. Papavassiliou, A.C. Aguilar and D. Binosi
Form factors and Dyson-Schwinger equations
PoS(LC2008)047 pdf C. Roberts
Session Lattice QCD
Lattice QCD close to the light cone with applications to meson structure functions
PoS(LC2008)052 pdf D. Gruenewald
Transverse-momentum distribution of quarks in the nucleon from lattice QCD
PoS(LC2008)053 pdf B. Musch, P. Hagler, A. Schafer, D.B. Renner and J. Negele
Hadronic structure from lattice QCD
PoS(LC2008)051 pdf J. Zanotti