PoS - Proceedings of Science

“Loops and Legs in Quantum Field Theory ” 11th DESY Workshop on Elementary Particle Physics

LL2012 - (other Loops and Legs conferences)
April 15-20, 2012
Wernigerode, Germany
published February 22, 2013
LL2012 is a biennial workshop comprising the most recent results and advanced techniques of perturbative quantum field theory (QFT) as well as their confrontation to experimental results.
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PoS(LL2012)001 file missing T. Riemann
Gamma-ray astronomy - a new window to our Universe
PoS(LL2012)002 file missing C. Stegmann
Z decay into hadrons and DIS sum rules at alpha_s^4
PoS(LL2012)003 file missing K. Chetyrkin
Recent higher-order results in perturbative QCD
PoS(LL2012)004 pdf A. Vogt, C.H. Kom, N.A. Lo Presti, G. Soar, A. Almasy, S. Moch, J.A.M. Vermaseren and K. Yeats
From motives to differential equations for loop integrals
PoS(LL2012)005 pdf S. Weinzierl, S. Müller-Stach and R. Zayadeh
Recent developments in higher order precision calculations at lower energies
PoS(LL2012)006 pdf A. Czarnecki
Monday Afternoon
Relations between gravity and gauge theory and implications for UV properties
PoS(LL2012)007 pdf Z. Bern
The infrared structure of gauge theory amplitudes and their high-energy limit
PoS(LL2012)008 pdf L. Magnea, V. Del Duca, C. Duhr, E. Gardi and C. White
Testing NRQCD factorization in charmonium production at NLO
PoS(LL2012)009 pdf B. Kniehl
Dimensional Reduction (and all that)
PoS(LL2012)011 pdf T. Jones
Higgs lineshape
PoS(LL2012)010 pdf G. Passarino
Analytic results for multi-loop scattering amplitudes
PoS(LL2012)012 pdf J. Henn
Tuesday Morning
Overview of LHC results
PoS(LL2012)013 pdf G. Dissertori
Higgs cross section - an update
PoS(LL2012)014 pdf V. Ravindran and J. Smith
NLO QCD corrections to offshell ttbar production at hadron colliders
PoS(LL2012)015 pdf A. Denner, S. Dittmaier, S. Pozzorini and S. Kallweit
ABM11 PDFs and the cross section benchmarks in the NNLO
PoS(LL2012)016 pdf S. Alekhin, J. Bluemlein and S. Moch
Diphoton production at hadron colliders in NNLO QCD
PoS(LL2012)017 pdf G. Ferrera
Precise Predictions of Z+n jets at Hadron Colliders
PoS(LL2012)018 pdf L. Dixon, F. Febres Cordero, Z. Bern, S. Hoeche, H. Ita, D.A. Kosower, D. Maitre and K. Ozeren
Tuesday Afternoon I
NLO parton shower for LHC physics - hard processes and beyond
PoS(LL2012)019 pdf S. Jadach
New developments in PJFry
PoS(LL2012)020 pdf V. Yundin, T. Riemann and J. Fleischer
Towards a more accurate prediction of W+b jets production with an automatized approach to one-loop calculations
PoS(LL2012)021 pdf L. Reina
Latest results for V-boson+jets production at the LHC with BlackHat
PoS(LL2012)022 file missing H. Ita
The GoSam package: an overview
PoS(LL2012)023 pdf F. Tramontano
Computational tools for scattering amplitudes at LO and NLO QCD
PoS(LL2012)024 pdf A. van Hameren
Tuesday Afternoon II
Infrared structure of pp to 2jets at NNLO the gluon channel
PoS(LL2012)025 pdf J.R. Pires
The three-loop form factor in N=4 super Yang-Mills
PoS(LL2012)026 pdf T. Huber
Hexagons, Heptagons and Octogons in N=4SYM
PoS(LL2012)027 pdf C. Duhr
On the integrand reduction of one and two-loop amplitudes
PoS(LL2012)028 pdf P. Mastrolia, E. Mirabella, G. Ossola, T. Peraro and H. van Deurzen
The structures of higher hypergeometric functions and the epsilon-expansion
PoS(LL2012)029 pdf V. Bytev, M. Kalmykov and B. Kniehl
Evaluating five-loop Konishi in N=4 SYM
PoS(LL2012)030 pdf V. Smirnov
Wednesday Morning
Potential of FORM 4.0
PoS(LL2012)031 pdf J.A.M. Vermaseren
Simultaneous decoupling of bottom and charm quarks
PoS(LL2012)032 pdf A.G. Grozin
Three-Loop Contributions to the Gluonic Massive Operator Matrix Elements at General Values of N
PoS(LL2012)033 pdf J. Bluemlein
Factorization violation in the collinear limit
PoS(LL2012)035 pdf S. Catani, D. De Florian and G. Rodrigo
Thursday Morning I
Numerical calculation of massive multi-loop integrals
PoS(LL2012)037 pdf G. Heinrich and S. Borowka
Numerical evaluation of one-loop QCD amplitudes
PoS(LL2012)038 pdf S. Badger, B. Biedermann, P. Uwer and V. Yundin
Numerical evaluation of NLO multiparton processes
PoS(LL2012)039 pdf C. Reuschle, S. Becker, D. Goetz, C. Schwan and S. Weinzierl
Higgs production in bottom quark annihilation
PoS(LL2012)040 pdf R. Harlander
Towards H+jet production at NNLO
PoS(LL2012)041 pdf T. Gehrmann
Precision calculations for Higgs-boson production at hadron colliders
PoS(LL2012)042 pdf N. Zerf
Thursday Morning II
Threeloop beta function in the Standard Model
PoS(LL2012)043 pdf M. Steinhauser
Towards fully automatized MSSM calculations
PoS(LL2012)044 pdf S. Heinemeyer
Spin identification of the RS resonance in di-photon production to NLO at the LHC
PoS(LL2012)045 pdf M.C. Kumar, P. Mathews, A.A. Pankov, N. Paver, V. Ravindran and A.V. Tsytrinov
FeynArts and FormCalc in the era of the LHC
PoS(LL2012)046 pdf T. Hahn
GRACE and loop integrals
PoS(LL2012)047 pdf J. Fujimoto and T. Kaneko
MadGolem automating NLO calculations for New Physics
PoS(LL2012)048 pdf D. Lopez-Val, D. Goncalves-Netto, T. Plehn, K. Mawatari and I.T. Wigmore
Thursday Afternoon I
Decomposing Feynman rules
PoS(LL2012)049 pdf D. Kreimer and F. Brown
Modern summation technologies and the calculation of 3-loop diagrams
PoS(LL2012)050 pdf J. Ablinger, J. Bluemlein, M. Round and C. Schneider
Efficient contraction of 1-loop N-point tensor integrals.
PoS(LL2012)051 pdf J. Fleischer, J. Gluza, T. Riemann and R. Sevillano
Loop calculations for lattice matching
PoS(LL2012)052 pdf J. Gracey
Symbolic integration and multiple polylogarithms
PoS(LL2012)053 pdf C. Bogner and F. Brown
Recursive relations for multiparton splitting functions
PoS(LL2012)054 pdf P. Draggiotis
Scattering amplitudes at next-to-leading order with Open Loops
PoS(LL2012)055 pdf F. Cascioli, P. Maierhöfer and S. Pozzorini
Thursday Afternoon II
Matching NLO QCD to Monte Carlo showers and POWHEG
PoS(LL2012)056 pdf S. Alioli
ttbar + X hadroproduction with PowHel
PoS(LL2012)057 pdf Z. Trocsanyi, M.V. Garzelli and A. Kardos
Combining fixed-order helicity amplitudes with resummation using SCET
PoS(LL2012)058 pdf I.W. Stewart, F. Tackmann and W.J. Waalewijn
Top quark pairs at two loops
PoS(LL2012)059 pdf A. von Manteuffel and C. Studerus
The singular behavior of one-loop massive QCD amplitudes with one external soft gluon
PoS(LL2012)060 pdf I. Bierenbaum
Double real radiation corrections to top-antitop production at the LHC
PoS(LL2012)061 pdf G. Abelof and A. Gehrmann-De Ridder
Precision top physics at hadron colliders
PoS(LL2012)062 file missing A. Mitov
Friday Morning
Automated computation meets hot QCD
PoS(LL2012)063 pdf Y. Schröder
SCET applications for the LHC
PoS(LL2012)064 file missing M. Neubert
Forward branching phase space generators for NLO Monte Carlo's
PoS(LL2012)065 file missing W. Giele
Maximal unitarity at two loops
PoS(LL2012)066 pdf H. Johansson, D.A. Kosower and K. Larsen
Threshold production of unstable top
PoS(LL2012)067 pdf A. Penin
Feynman integrals inside Dirichlet's critical strip
PoS(LL2012)068 file missing D. Broadhurst