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XV International Workshop on Hadron Physics

13-17 September 2021
Online, hosted by Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica, São José dos Campos, Brazil
published August 30, 2022
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The XV Hadron Physics online workshop took place during September 13 to 17, 2021. The event was hosted by Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica (ITA), which is part of Departamento de Ciência e Tecnologia Aeroespacial (DCTA) in the city of São José dos Campos, São Paulo State.

The series Hadron Physics, in activity since 1988, has the format of an advanced summer school format, consisting of thematic lectures and plenary talks, on frontier topics in the physics of strong interactions, as well as poster presentation. It is characterized by the active participation of  graduate students and postdocs, as well as young researchers newly hired in educational institutions. It also promotes collaboration between groups in Latin America and groups of excellence distributed around the world.

All the lectures and seminars were recorded, as well as the posters, which can be accessed through the webpage: https://indico.in2p3.fr/event/19502/

The topics of the workshop covered:

Field theoretical approaches to QCD

Hadronic and quark matter - applications in astrophysics

Hadronic structure - reactions, production, and decays

Lattice QCD - methods and results

Relativistic heavy-ion reactions - new data, analyses, and models

Strong and electroweak interactions in the standard model


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Section Lectures
Section Seminars
Section Flash Talks
Section Posters
Section Lectures
Neutron stars: The journey from birth to death.
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)002 pdf J.R. Stone
Section Seminars
Exotic heavy hadrons with a three-body nature
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)004 pdf A.T. Martinez, B. Bertotto Malabarba, X.L. Ren, K. Khemchandani and L.S. Geng
Light meson-quark couplings and radii: ratios from one loop calculation
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)007 pdf F.L. Braghin
Exotic hadrons in heavy ion collisions
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)012 pdf L.M. Abreu
Chiral symmetry breaking in Curci-Ferrari model
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)013 pdf M. Peláez
Final State Interactions in 3-body decay: challenges and future
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)016 pdf P.C. Magalhães
Photon induced processes from semi-central to ultraperipheral heavy-ion collisions
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)020 pdf W. Schaefer
Section Flash Talks
Exclusive heavy vector meson photoproduction with momentum transfer squared dependence in UPCs
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)021 pdf C.H. de Souza
Electrically charged strange stars with an interacting quark matter equation of state
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)024 pdf L. Lazzari and V.P. Goncalves
Cosmological implications of the QCD phase transition in the Early Universe
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)026 pdf V.S. Aderaldo and V.P. Goncalves
Section Posters
A comparative analysis for the form factors and coupling constant of the $D_s DK^*$ meson vertex
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)027 pdf A.C. da Cunha Júnior, B. Osório Rodrigues, M.E. Bracco and C. Zanetti
Kaon, Nucleon and $\Delta^*$ Resonances with Hidden Charm
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)029 pdf B. Malabarba, A.M. Torres, K. Khemchandani, X.L. Ren and L.S. Geng
Relativistic Mean Field Model constrained by Astrophysical Measurements
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)033 pdf B.A.d.M. Soares, C.H. Lenzi and M. Dutra
QCD phase diagram constructed with effective models
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)035 pdf C. Biesdorf, L. Lopes and D. Menezes
Production of charmed mesons, baryons and tetraquarks in heavy-ion collisions at the LHC
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)037 pdf C.E. Fontoura, G. Krein, A. Valcarce and J. Vijande
Renormalization group improved QCD thermodynamics
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)040 pdf M.B. Pinto, J.L. Kneur and T.E. Restrepo
Neutrino process for nuclei involved in r-process nucleosynthesis: cross section to nuclei with A<30
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)042 pdf M. dos Santos, S.B. Duarte and A.R. Samana
Exclusive vector meson production in electron – ion collisions at the future colliders
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)041 pdf C.R. Sena, V.P. Goncalves and D.E. Martins
System size dependence of the K∗/K ratio at LHC energies
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)043 pdf C. Le Roux, F. Silveira Navarra and L. Melo Abreu
The tension between radius and deformability in quark stars
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)044 pdf M.B. Albino, F.S. Navarra and R. Fariello
Thermodynamics of the three flavor PNJL0 model
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)046 pdf O.A. Mattos, T. Frederico and O. Lourenço
Spin in two-dimensional fermion motion with circular symmetry
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)048 pdf P. Alberto and A. Castro
The Green function of the NJL--SU(2) model lagrangian with the AMM effect
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)050 pdf R.P. Cardoso and S.S. Avancini
Approaching small- and large-box regimes in field theory
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)051 pdf E. Cavalcanti
Production of QED bound states in photon induced processes
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)052 pdf R. Francener, B.D. Moreira and V.P. Goncalves
Absorptive corrections in leading neutron production
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)053 pdf F. Carvalho, V.P. Goncalves, F. Silveira Navarra and D. Spiering
A Simple Approach to the Charmonium Spectrum
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)056 pdf R. Terra and F.S. Navarra
Low-$Q^2$ parametrizations of the $\gamma^\ast N \to N^\ast$ transition amplitudes
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)059 pdf G. Ramalho
Study of prompt photon production at the CERN LHC energies
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)061 pdf G.S. dos Santos, G. Gil da Silveira and M.V.T. Machado
Unsupervised machine learning correlations in EoS of neutron stars
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)062 pdf R. Lobato, E. Chimanski and C. Bertulani
Multiplicity moments at the LHC: how bad is the negative binomial distribution ?
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)063 pdf G. Germano and F. Silveira Navarra
Deconfinement phase transition in a thermodynamically consistent quark matter model
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)065 pdf I. Marzola, S.B. Duarte and O. Lourenço
Self-consistent Modelling of Nuclear Processes in Solar Flares using FLUKA
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)066 pdf S. Szpigel, A. MacKinnon, C.G.G. de Castro, P.J.A. Simões and D.S. Tusnski
Magnetic transitions in ultraperipheral collisions
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)067 pdf I. Danhoni and F. Navarra
Relativistic Landau levels via Feynman-Gell-Mann formulation
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)073 pdf V. Mendrot and A.S. de Castro
Improvements in the treatment of peripheral heavy ion collisions
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)072 pdf V.H. Silva, B.D. Moreira and V.P.B. Gonçalves.
Nucleon Electromagnetic and Axial Form Factors with a Light-front Constituent Quark Model
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)074 pdf W.R.B. de Araújo, E.F. Suisso, J.P. Melo, K. Tsushima and T. Frederico
Asymptotic solutions to the full next-to-leading order Balitsky-Kovchegov equation
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)075 pdf Y. Bandeira, V.P. Gonçalves and J.T. de Santana Amaral
Isolated photon production in the color dipole picture
PoS(XVHadronPhysics)076 pdf Y.N. Lima, V.P. Goncalves, R. Pasechnik and M. Sumbera