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25th International Symposium on Spin Physics

SPIN2023 - (other spin conferences)
24-29 September 2023
Durham, NC, USA

The 25th iteration of the International Spin Symposium (SPIN 2023) was organized by Duke University and was held September 24-29 2023 at the Durham Convention Center. The Symposium is one of the pre-eminent venues bringing together theorists and experimentalists in the field of spin physics. It is held every two years, alternating between the U.S., Europe and Asia.

The conference series has been held jointly since 2000, combining the High Energy Spin Symposia and the Nuclear Polarization Conferences.
The most recent symposia were held in Charlotteville, VA (2008), J├╝lich, Germany (2010) Dubna, Russia (2012), Beijing, China (2014), Urbana Champaign, IL (2016), Ferrara, Italy (2018) and Matsue, Japan (2021).

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Simon Schneider (Simon.schneider@duke.edu)

All Duke University. 

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