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International Workshop on Effective Field Theories: from the pion to the upsilon

2-6 February 2009
Valencia, Spain
published October 05, 2009
The aim of the “International Workshop on Effective Field Theories: from the pion to the upsilon” (EFT09) is to discuss the status, new developments and aplications of Effective Field Theories (and related tools) in particle physics, with particular focus on hadronic and QCD related processes. A tentative list of topics includes: # Chiral Perturbation Theory # Heavy Quark Effective Theory # Soft Collinear Effective Theory # Large NC # Lattice QCD # Non-relativistic Effective Theory # Effective Theories Beyond the Standard Model # Kaon, B, D and tau decays # LFV processes # Effective Theories in jet physics There will be two different types of contributions: invited reviews and contributed talks.
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Monday Morning
When EFTs fail
PoS(EFT09)001 pdf J.F. Donoghue
Soft Collinear Effective Theory: An Overview
PoS(EFT09)002 pdf S. Fleming
Monday Morning (continue)
Model-independent analysis of U-spin breaking in non-leptonic B-decays
PoS(EFT09)003 pdf M. Jung and T. Mannel
Renormalization of B-meson distribution amplitudes
PoS(EFT09)004 pdf N. Offen and S. Descotes-genon
The $\Upsilon\rightarrow X \gamma$ photon spectrum in the soft-energy region
PoS(EFT09)005 pdf P. Ruiz-Femenía
Effective string theory constraints on the long distance behavior of the subleading potentials
PoS(EFT09)006 file missing G. Pérez-Nadal
OPE for B-meson distribution amplitude and dimension-5 HQET operators
PoS(EFT09)007 pdf K. Tanaka and H. Watanabe
Monday Afternoon
NNLO corrections to charmless hadronic B decays
PoS(EFT09)008 pdf G. Bell
Using SCET to calculate electroweak corrections in W-production at the LHC
PoS(EFT09)009 pdf J.y. Chiu, A. Fuhrer, A. Hoang, R. Kelley and A. Manohar
Probing the Structure of Jets: Factorized and Resummed Event Shape Distributions in SCET
PoS(EFT09)010 pdf C. Lee
The R-evolution of QCD matrix elements
PoS(EFT09)011 pdf I. Scimemi, A. Hoang, A. Jain and I.W. Stewart
Monday Afternoon (continue)
B to PP, PV decays analyzed in the soft collinear effective theory
PoS(EFT09)012 pdf C.D. Lu, W. Wang, Y.M. Wang and D.S. Yang
Problems with renormalization of effective field theories with spin one particles
PoS(EFT09)013 pdf J. Trnka, K. Kampf and J. Novotny
Chiral Effective Field Theory on the Light Front
PoS(EFT09)014 pdf J.F. Mathiot
Testing the predicted dynamically generated hidden charm X scalar state through the DDbar invariant mass spectrum
PoS(EFT09)015 pdf D. Gamermann, E. Oset Baguena and B.S. Zou
Tuesday Morning
NRQCD Review
PoS(EFT09)016 file missing A. Hoang
EFT´s in Heavy Quarkonium
PoS(EFT09)017 pdf A.M. Pineda Ruiz
Tuesday Morning (continue)
EFT for quarkonium at finite temperature
PoS(EFT09)018 file missing N. Brambilla
SCET Ingredients for a High Precision Analysis of Thrust & Inclusive B decays
PoS(EFT09)019 file missing I.W. Stewart
A Global Fit for Thrust at NNNLL: Precision Determination of alpha_s(M_z)
PoS(EFT09)020 file missing V. Mateu
Non-relativistic EFT for hydrogen atom at finite T
PoS(EFT09)021 pdf M.Á. Escobedo Espinosa
Tuesday Afternoon
Status of Strong ChPT
PoS(EFT09)022 pdf J. Bijnens
Resonance saturations of the chiral couplings at NLO
PoS(EFT09)023 pdf I. Rosell
Leading SU(3)-breaking corrections to the Baryon Magnetic Moments in Chiral Perturbation Theory
PoS(EFT09)024 pdf J. Martin Camalich, L. Alvarez-Ruso, L. Geng and M.J. Vicente Vacas
Tuesday Afternoon (continue)
EFTs in Nuclear Physics
PoS(EFT09)025 file missing U.G. Meißner
Nucleon-Nucleon effective field theory with dibaryon fields
PoS(EFT09)026 pdf J. Tarrus
Permutation group S_N and hadron spectroscopy
PoS(EFT09)027 pdf D. Pirjol and C. Schat
The nucleon recoil effect in antikaon-deuteron scattering at threshold
PoS(EFT09)028 pdf V. Baru, E. Epelbaum and A. Rusetsky
Wednesday Morning
On the history of pion-pion scattering
PoS(EFT09)029 pdf J. Gasser
Chiral expansions of pi0 decays
PoS(EFT09)030 pdf K. Kampf
Scalar radius of the pion and $\gamma \gamma\rightarrow \pi \pi$
PoS(EFT09)031 pdf L. Roca Zamora
Wednesday Morning (continue)
Determination of Low Energy Constants and Testing ChPT at NNLO
PoS(EFT09)032 pdf I. Jemos and J. Bijnens
Predictions of chiral perturbation theory for Compton scattering off protons
PoS(EFT09)033 pdf V. Lensky and V. Pascalutsa
EFTs in Flavour Physics
PoS(EFT09)034 pdf G. Isidori
Minimal Flavour Violation in the Lepton Sector
PoS(EFT09)035 pdf L. Mercolli
Wednesday Afternoon
Lattice QCD
PoS(EFT09)036 file missing J. Flynn
Non perturbative HQET on the lattice
PoS(EFT09)037 file missing N. Garron
Exploring the chiral epsilon regime with lattice Wilson fermions
PoS(EFT09)038 pdf S. Necco
Testing chiral perturbation theory from twisted mass lattice QCD dynamical simulations
PoS(EFT09)039 pdf G. Herdoiza, P. Dimopoulos, R. Frezzotti, K. Jansen, C. Michael and C. Urbach
Wednesday Afternoon (continue)
Vector meson interactions in a unitary approach and dynamically generated resonances
PoS(EFT09)040 pdf L. Geng
Three-body Hadron Resonances
PoS(EFT09)041 pdf A. Martinez Torres
Pi-pi scattering lengths at O(p^6) revisited
PoS(EFT09)042 pdf attachments J.J. Sanz-Cillero and Z.H. Guo
Chiral Extrapolations of light resonances from dispersion relations and Chiral Perturbation Theory
PoS(EFT09)043 pdf G. Rios, Á. Gómez Nicola, C. Hanhart and J.R. Peláez Sagredo
Thursday Morning
PoS(EFT09)044 pdf E. Jenkins
Excited baryons in Large N QCD
PoS(EFT09)045 pdf N. Scoccola and J.L. Goity
Old nuclear symmetries and large N as long distance symmetries in the two nucleon system
PoS(EFT09)046 pdf E. Ruiz Arriola and A.C. Cordon
Thursday Morning (continue)
Strong QCD in the continuum
PoS(EFT09)047 pdf M. Pennington
Unitarity constraints on chiral perturbative amplitudes
PoS(EFT09)048 pdf H. Zheng
Effective Field Theories for the X(3872)
PoS(EFT09)065 pdf E. Braaten
Thursday Afternoon
Chiral Perturbation Theory in the Nuclear Medium Including Both Short and Long Range Interactions
PoS(EFT09)049 pdf J.A. Oller
Present Status of the Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment
PoS(EFT09)050 pdf E. De Rafael
Duality violations in tau decay
PoS(EFT09)051 pdf S. Peris
Once subtracted Roy-like dispersion relations and a precise analysis of pion-pion scattering data
PoS(EFT09)052 pdf R. García-Martin, R. Kaminski, J.R. Peláez Sagredo and F. Yndurain
Thursday Afternoon (continue)
Precise dispersive data analysis of the f_0(600) pole
PoS(EFT09)053 pdf J.R. Peláez Sagredo, R. García-Martin and R. Kaminski
Quark mass dependence of the pion vector form factor
PoS(EFT09)054 pdf F.J. Llanes-Estrada, F.K. Guo, C. Hanhart and U.G. Meißner
On modeling the scalar meson dynamics with RChT
PoS(EFT09)055 pdf S. Ivashyn and A. Korchin
Hadronization in three meson channels at tau decays and e+e- cross-section
PoS(EFT09)056 pdf P. Roig Garcés
Chiral corrections to vector meson decay constants
PoS(EFT09)057 pdf O. Cata and V. Mateu
Friday Morning
Lattice in Nuclear Physics
PoS(EFT09)058 file missing M. Savage
Interaction of vector mesons with baryons and the generation of baryonic resonances
PoS(EFT09)059 pdf E. Oset Baguena
Lattice QCD simulations of baryonic interactions
PoS(EFT09)060 file missing A. Parreño
Friday Morning (continue)
Status of Weak ChPT
PoS(EFT09)061 pdf G. D'Ambrosio
Electromagnetic effects in Kl3 decays
PoS(EFT09)062 pdf H. Neufeld
Dispersive construction of two-loop $P\rightarrow 3\pi (P=K,\eta)$ amplitudes
PoS(EFT09)063 pdf M. Zdrahal, K. Kampf, M. Knecht and J. Novotny
K pi vector form factor from a dispersive representation and fits to tau decay data
PoS(EFT09)064 pdf D. Boito, R. Escribano and M. Jamin