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XVII International Conference on Hadron Spectroscopy and Structure

Hadron2017 - (other hadron conferences)
25-29 September, 2017
University of Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain
published March 20, 2018
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The Hadron 2017 Conference is the seventeenth of a series of biennial conferences started in 1985 at Maryland, USA. Its official name, XVII International Conference on Hadron Spectroscopy and Structure, includes for the first time the term structure to emphasize the importance that this issue has acquired in recent editions of the series.

The aim of the conference is to provide an overview of the present status and progress in hadron structure and dynamics, as well as a preview of the forthcoming investigations.

It will cover lectures on both experimental and theoretical aspects, including in particular the presentation of new results.

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Session 1: Spectroscopy of mesons
Session 2: Spectroscopy of baryons
Session 3: Hadron decays
Session 4: Exotic states and candidates
Session 5: Analysis tools
Session 6: QCD and hadron structure
Session 7: Hadrons in matter including hypernuclei
Heavy quarks and quarkonia production in high-energy experiments
PoS(Hadron2017)002 pdf S. Palestini
Experimental overview of spectroscopy from heavy hadron decays
PoS(Hadron2017)003 pdf I.A. Bediaga e Hickman and P. Magalhaes
Experimental Overview of Light Mesons
PoS(Hadron2017)006 pdf S. Dobbs
Overview of multiquark states
PoS(Hadron2017)007 pdf C. Fischer and G. Eichmann
Hadrons in nuclei
PoS(Hadron2017)009 pdf L. Tolos
Phenomenology of baryon resonances
PoS(Hadron2017)010 pdf M. Doring, J. Landay, M. Mai, R. Molina and D. Rönchen
Review of production of hadron resonances in $e^+e^-$ collisions
PoS(Hadron2017)011 pdf G. Pakhlova and V. Zhukova
Pole structure and compositeness
PoS(Hadron2017)012 pdf J.A. Oller
Traps in hadron spectroscopy: Thresholds, triangle singularities, \ldots)
PoS(Hadron2017)015 pdf F.K. Guo
Session 1: Spectroscopy of mesons
Are the Y ( 4260 ) and Y ( 4360 ) molecular states?
PoS(Hadron2017)023 pdf M. Bayar and B. Durkaya
An analysis of the lattice QCD spectra for $D^*_{s0}(2317)$ and $D^*_{s1}(2460)$
PoS(Hadron2017)024 pdf A.T. Martinez, E. Oset Baguena, S. Prelovsek and A. Ramos
Decay width and coupling constants of charm and bottom mesons.
PoS(Hadron2017)025 pdf P. Gupta and A. Upadhyay
The study of $B$ weak decay and the scalar $D\bar D$ bound state
PoS(Hadron2017)026 pdf L. Dai, E. Oset Baguena and J.J. Xie
Light hadron spectroscopy at BESIII
PoS(Hadron2017)027 pdf J. Zhang and  On behalf of the BESIII collaboration
$D\to 4\pi$, $D\to KK\pi\pi$ amplitude analyses and properties of $a_1(1260)$, $\pi(1300)$, $a_1(1640)$
PoS(Hadron2017)028 pdf N. Skidmore, P. D'argent, J. Benton, J.P. Dalseno, E.M. Gersabeck, S. Harnew, P. Naik, C. Prouve and J. Rademacker
Line-shape analysis of charmonium resonances
PoS(Hadron2017)030 pdf S. Coito
Bottom quark mass determination from bottomonium at N$^3$LO
PoS(Hadron2017)031 pdf P. Garcia Ortega and V. Mateu
Recent Results on Light-Meson Spectroscopy from COMPASS
PoS(Hadron2017)032 pdf S. Wallner and  on behalf of the COMPASS Collaboration
Diffractive production of $ \pi^-\pi^-\pi^+ $ and $\pi^-\pi^0\pi^0 $ systems at VES.
PoS(Hadron2017)033 pdf D. Riabchikov, I. Kachaev and  on behalf of the VES collaboration
First results from an extended freed-isobar analysis at COMPASS
PoS(Hadron2017)034 pdf F.M. Krinner and  on behalf of the COMPASS Collaboration
Tensor resonances in $\eta\pi$ using COMPASS data
PoS(Hadron2017)035 pdf A. Jackura and  on behalf of the JPAC and Compass collaborations
The glueball and meson spectrum, the meson weak decay constants and the strong effective coupling with the analytic (infrared) confinement
PoS(Hadron2017)036 pdf G. Ganbold
Energy scan results at Belle
PoS(Hadron2017)037 pdf J. Yin and  On behalf of the BELLE Collaboration
Low lying scalar production in $\bar B^0$, $B^-$ and $\bar B^0_s$ decays into $J/\psi$ and $K \bar K$ or $\pi \eta$
PoS(Hadron2017)038 pdf W. Liang, J.J. Xie and E. Oset Baguena
An Effective Theory approach to $\bar{B}_s$ mesons involving $SU(3)$ heavy meson symmetry and constituent quark-model states
PoS(Hadron2017)039 pdf P. Fernandez-Soler, M. Albaladejo, J. Nieves and P. G. Ortega
Hadronic transitions in bottomonium at Belle
PoS(Hadron2017)040 pdf E. Guido and  On behalf of the BELLE Collaboration
On the pair correlations of neutral $K, D, B$ and $B_s$ mesons with close momenta produced in inclusive multiparticle processes
PoS(Hadron2017)041 pdf V.V. Lyuboshitz and V.L. Lyuboshitz
Calculation of strange resonances from $K\pi$ scattering
PoS(Hadron2017)043 pdf A. Rodas, J.R. Peláez and J. Ruiz de Elvira
Chiral model for the $D^+ \to K^+ K^- K^+$ decay amplitude
PoS(Hadron2017)044 pdf M.R. Robilotta, R.T. Aoude, P.C. Magalh\~aes and A.C.d. Reis
Revisiting the axial anomaly for light mesons and baryons
PoS(Hadron2017)045 pdf F. Giacosa
The effects of explicit chiral symmetry breaking multiquark interactions on the spin 0 and 1 meson nonets: the ruling of the vector mesons.
PoS(Hadron2017)046 pdf J. Morais, B. Hiller and A.A. Osipov
Searching for Hybrid Mesons with GlueX
PoS(Hadron2017)047 pdf S. Dobbs and  on behalf of the GlueX collaboration
Heavy meson interquark potential from a modified Schwinger-Dyson strong coupling
PoS(Hadron2017)049 pdf P. Gonzalez
Coherent double neutral Pion Photoproduction off Deuterons
PoS(Hadron2017)051 pdf M.S. Günther
Session 2: Spectroscopy of baryons
Baryon spectroscopy in the unquenched quark model
PoS(Hadron2017)053 pdf R. Bijker, G. Guerrero-Navarro and E. Ortiz-Pacheco
Strangeness photoproduction at the BGO-OD experiment
PoS(Hadron2017)054 pdf
T. Jude, S. Alef, P. Bauer, D. Bayadilov, R. Beck, J. Bieling, A. Bella, S. Boese, A. Braghieri, K. Brinkmann, D. Burdeynyi, P. Cole, R. Di Salvo, D. Elsner, A. Fantini, O. Freyermuth, S. Friedrich, F. Frommberger, G. Gervino, F. Ghio, A. Gridnev, E. Gutz, D. Hammann, J. Hannappel, W. Hillert, R. Jahn, R. Joosten, F. Klein, K. Kohl, B. Krusche, A.M. Lapik, P. Levi Sandri, V.P. Lisin, I.V. Lopatin, G. Mandaglio, F. Messi, R. Messi, V. Metag, D. Moricciani, A.N. Mushkarenkov, M. Nanova, V.G. Nedorezov, D. Novinskiy, P. Pedroni, A.S. Polonski, B. Reitz, M. Romaniuk, G. Scheluchin, H. Schmieden, A. Stugelev, V. Sumachev, V. Tarakanov, V. Vegna, D. Walther, H. Zaunick and T. Zimmermann
Understanding the properties of $\Xi(1690)$ and $\Xi(2120)$
PoS(Hadron2017)056 pdf K. Khemchandani, A. Hosaka, H. Nagahiro, F.S. Navarra, M. Nielsen and A. Martínez Torres
$\eta$ and $\eta'$ photoproduction with $\eta$MAID
PoS(Hadron2017)058 pdf V. Kashevarov, L. Tiator and M. Ostrick
Spin observables in charged pion photo-production from polarized neutrons in solid HD at Jefferson Lab
PoS(Hadron2017)061 pdf T. Kageya, D. Ho, P. Peng, F. Klein, A.M. Sandorfi, R. Schumacher and  On behalf of the CLAS Collaboration
Overview about recent results from the A2 real photon facility at MAMI
PoS(Hadron2017)062 pdf A. Thomas and  on behalf of the A2 collaboration
Doubly-polarised pion photoproduction and the GDH sum rule on the nucleon at MAMI
PoS(Hadron2017)063 pdf F. Cividini, S. Costanza and  on behalf of the A2 collaboration
Study of non-strange dibaryon resonances via coherent double neutral-pion photoproduction on the deuteron
PoS(Hadron2017)065 pdf T. Ishikawa, H. Fujimura, R. Hashimoto, Q. He, S. Kaida, M. Miyabe, N. Muramatsu, H. Shimizu, K. Suzuki, Y. Tschikawa, H. Yamazaki, S.i. Masumoto, H. Kanda, K. Maeda, K. Ozawa and  On behalf of the FOREST collaboration
Photoproduction of $\pi^{-}\Delta^{++}$ and $\pi^{+}\Delta^{0}$ on the proton for the comparison of $\bar{u}u$ and $\bar{d}d$ productions
PoS(Hadron2017)066 pdf H. Kohri and  on behalf of the LEPS collaboration
Spectroscopy of doubly-heavy baryons at LHCb
PoS(Hadron2017)067 pdf M. Traill and  on behalf of the LHCb collaboration
Mass spectra of triply beauty $\Omega_{bbb}$ baryon
PoS(Hadron2017)068 pdf Z. Shah and A.K. Rai
The Bonn-Gatchina analysis of the data from the $Kp$ collision reactions
PoS(Hadron2017)069 pdf A. Sarantsev and M. M.A.
Structure of hadron resonance with nearby CDD zero
PoS(Hadron2017)070 pdf Y. Kamiya and T. Hyodo
Regge-like relation and universal description of heavy-light systems
PoS(Hadron2017)071 pdf T. Matsuki, K. Chen, Y. Dong, X. Liu and Q.F. L\"u
Baryon states with open and hidden charm in the extended local hidden gauge approach
PoS(Hadron2017)076 pdf W. Liang, T. Uchino, C.W. Xiao and E. Oset Baguena
Session 3: Hadron decays
Light meson decays at BESIII
PoS(Hadron2017)078 pdf A. Kupsc and  On behalf of the BESIII collaboration
Radiative decays of light-quark mesons to a pion revisited in the covariant oscillator quark model
PoS(Hadron2017)080 pdf K. Yamada and T. Maeda
Search for the $B$-meson decay to four baryons $B \to p \bar{p} p \bar{p}$ at BaBar
PoS(Hadron2017)083 pdf L. Zani and  on behalf of the BABAR collaboration
The $B_c \to J/\psi DK$ weak decay testing the molecular nature of $D^{*}_{s0}(2317)^+$
PoS(Hadron2017)084 pdf M. Bayar, Z.F. Sun, P. Fernandez-Soler and E. Oset Baguena
Charm rescattering contribution to charmless three-body $B$ decays
PoS(Hadron2017)085 pdf P. Magalhães, I. Bediaga and T. Frederico
$f_0(980)$ production in $D^+_s \to \pi^+ \pi^+ \pi^-$ and $D^+_s \to \pi^+ K^+ K^-$ decays
PoS(Hadron2017)088 pdf J. Morais Dias, F. Navarra., M. Nielsen. and E. Oset Baguena
Scalar form factors of semi-leptonic $D\to\pi/ \bar{K}$ transitions with coupled-channel effects
PoS(Hadron2017)089 pdf D.L. Yao, M. Albaladejo, P. Fernandez-Soler, F.K. Guo and J. Nieves
Insisting on the role of experimental data: the pseudoscalar-pole piece to the $(g_\mu -2)$ and the $|V_{ub}|$ from $B \to \pi \ell \nu_{\ell}$ and $B \to \eta^{(')} \ell \nu_{\ell}$ differential branching ratio
PoS(Hadron2017)090 pdf P. Masjuan, P. Sanchez-Puertas and S. Gonzàlez Solís
$\Lambda_c$ physics at BESIII
PoS(Hadron2017)092 pdf Y. Pan and  On behalf of the BESIII collaboration
$\Lambda_b \to \pi^- (D_s^-) \Lambda^*_c$ and $\Lambda_b \to \bar \nu_l l \Lambda^*_c$ decays in the molecular picture of $\Lambda_c(2595)$ and $\Lambda_c(2625)$
PoS(Hadron2017)094 pdf W. Liang, M. Bayar, E. Oset and Z.S. Xie
Calculation of the ratios and absolute rates of the $\Xi^-_b\to \pi^-(D^{-}_s) \Xi^0_c$(2790)($\Xi^0_c$(2815)) and $\Xi^-_b\to \bar{\nu}_l l \Xi^0_c$(2790)($\Xi^0_c$(2815)) decays
PoS(Hadron2017)095 pdf R. Pereira Pires Pavao, W. Liang, J. Nieves and E. Oset Baguena
Charmonium decays at BESIII
PoS(Hadron2017)096 pdf B. Zheng and  On behalf of the BESIII collaboration
Electric dipole transitions in potential nonrelativistic QCD
PoS(Hadron2017)097 pdf J. Segovia and S. Steinbeisser
Role of the $h_1(1800)$ and $f_1(1285)$ states in the $J/\psi$ decays
PoS(Hadron2017)098 pdf J.J. Xie, M. Albaladej and E. Oset
Production and mixing of scalar mesons in $η_ c and χ_ c 1$ decays
PoS(Hadron2017)099 pdf V. Rodrigues Debastiani, W.H. Liang, J.J. Xie, E. Oset Baguena and M. Bayar
Heavy Quark Spin Symmetry Violating Hadronic Transitions of Higher Charmonia
PoS(Hadron2017)100 pdf M.N. Anwar, Y. Lu and B.S. Zou
Session 4: Exotic states and candidates
Heavy-quark spin-symmetry partners of hadronic molecules
PoS(Hadron2017)104 pdf V. Baru, E. Epelbaum, A. Filin, C. Hanhart and A. Nefediev
Hidden charm pentaquarks and tetraquark states
PoS(Hadron2017)106 pdf J.B. Xiang, E.L. Cui, H.X. Chen, W. Chen, X. Liu and S.L. Zhu
New results from $Y(4260)$ decays at BESIII
PoS(Hadron2017)108 pdf K. Li and  On behalf of the BESIII collaboration
$Y(4260)$ and $\Phi(2170)$ as exotic vector mesons
PoS(Hadron2017)109 pdf S. Takeuchi and M. Takizawa
Study of the $DK K$ and $DK \bar{K}$ systems
PoS(Hadron2017)111 pdf V. Rodrigues Debastiani, J.M. Dias and E. Oset Baguena
Analysis of $X(4140)$ like states and their radial excitations in QCD
PoS(Hadron2017)112 pdf A. Türkan and H. Dag
The nature of the $X(3915)/X(3930)$ resonances from a coupled-channels approach
PoS(Hadron2017)113 pdf P. Garcia Ortega and J. Segovia
Effects of $Z_b$ states in $\Upsilon(3S, 4S)$ dipion transitions
PoS(Hadron2017)117 pdf Y.H. Chen, M. Cleven, J.T. Daub, F.K. Guo, C. Hanhart, B. Kubis, U.G. Meissner and B.S. Zou
Masses of $T_{4c}$ tetra quark state in a relativistic formalism
PoS(Hadron2017)118 pdf P.C. Vinodkumar, T. Bhavsar and M. Shah
Hidden charm pentaquarks in $\Lambda_b \to J/\psi K^- p$ decay
PoS(Hadron2017)121 pdf L. Roca Zamora, E. Oset and J. Nieves
Shedding light on Hexaquarks
PoS(Hadron2017)122 pdf M. Bashkanov and D.P. Watts
Status of the Dibaryon Resonance $d^*(2380)$
PoS(Hadron2017)123 pdf T. Skorodko, M. Bashkanov, H. Clement and  on behalf of the WASA-at-COSY Collaboration
Search for the H-dibaryon near $\Lambda\Lambda$ and $\Xi^-p$ thresholds at J-PARC
PoS(Hadron2017)124 pdf J.K. Ahn and  On behalf of the J-PARC E42 collaboration
Muoproduction of exotic charmonia at COMPASS
PoS(Hadron2017)125 pdf A. Guskov and  on behalf of the COMPASS Collaboration
Exotic charmonium and light-by-light scattering in heavy ion collisions
PoS(Hadron2017)126 pdf V.P. Goncalves, B.D. Moreira, R. Molina and F. Silveira Navarra
Threshold scan at PANDA
PoS(Hadron2017)127 pdf E. Prencipe and  on behalf of the PANDA Collaboration
Plans for exotic bottomonium-like states at Belle II
PoS(Hadron2017)128 pdf U. Tamponi
Session 5: Analysis tools
New views on the $f_1(1420)$ resonance
PoS(Hadron2017)132 pdf E. Oset Baguena, F. Aceti, V.R. Debastiani and W.H. Liang
Triangle Singularities in the $\Lambda_b \to J/\Psi K^-p$ Reaction
PoS(Hadron2017)133 pdf M. Bayar, F. Aceti, F.K. Guo and E. Oset Baguena
Fitting and selecting Scattering Data
PoS(Hadron2017)134 pdf E. Ruiz Arriola, J.E. Amaro and R. Navarro Pérez
Model selection for pion photoproduction
PoS(Hadron2017)135 pdf R. Molina Peralta, J. Landay, B. Hu, M. Doring and C. Fernández-Ramírez
From Experimental Data to Pole Parameters in a Model Independent Way
PoS(Hadron2017)136 pdf A. Svarc
Determining dominant partial waves in photoproduction
PoS(Hadron2017)138 pdf Y. Wunderlich, F. Afzal, A. Thiel and R. Beck
Dispersive Analysis Tools for π π and π K scattering
PoS(Hadron2017)139 pdf J.R. Peláez Sagredo and A. Rodas
Three-body scattering in isobar ansatz
PoS(Hadron2017)140 pdf M. Mai, B. Hu, M. Doring, A. Pilloni and A. Szczepaniak
Dispersive analysis of pion-nucleon scattering and the pion-nucleon sigma term
PoS(Hadron2017)141 pdf J. Ruiz de Elvira, M. Hoferichter, B. Kubis and U.G. Mei{\ss}ner
The $a_1(1420)$ peak as the special decay mode of the $a_1(1260)$
PoS(Hadron2017)143 pdf L. Dai, E. Oset Baguena and F. Aceti
Exotic candidates with heavy quark(s)
PoS(Hadron2017)144 pdf Q. Wang
Coupled-channel $\Lambda_c N - \Sigma_c N$ interaction from lattice QCD
PoS(Hadron2017)146 pdf T. Miyamoto and  On behalf of the HAL QCD Collaboration
Study of Initial- and Final-state effects through polarisation Observables
PoS(Hadron2017)147 pdf N. Zachariou, D.P. Watts, Y. Ilieva and  On behalf of the CLAS Collaboration
Session 6: QCD and hadron structure
Results from the OLYMPUS Experiment on the Contribution of Hard Two-Photon Exchange to Elastic Electron-Proton Scattering
PoS(Hadron2017)149 pdf B. Henderson and  on behalf of the OLYMPUS Collaboration
Effective-particle approach to bound states of quarks and gluons in QCD
PoS(Hadron2017)150 pdf M. Gomez Rocha and K. Serafin
Hadrons in Born approximation
PoS(Hadron2017)151 pdf P. Hoyer
The pion wavefunction with dynamical spin effects
PoS(Hadron2017)153 pdf M. Ahmady, F. Chishtie and R. Sandapen
The scalar and electromagnetic form factors of the nucleon in dispersively improved Chiral EFT
PoS(Hadron2017)155 pdf J.M. Alarcón Soriano
BChPT $\times$ $1/N_c$: masses and currents
PoS(Hadron2017)156 pdf J.L. Goity and I.P. Fernando
Charge Symmetry Breaking in the Reaction $dd\to \,^4{\rm He} \, \pi^0$ with WASA-at-COSY
PoS(Hadron2017)157 pdf M. Zurek and  on behalf of the WASA-at-COSY Collaboration
Hadron form factors at BESIII
PoS(Hadron2017)158 pdf P. Larin and  On behalf of the BESIII collaboration
$D$-meson and charmed-baryon measurement in $pp$ and $p$-Pb collisions with ALICE at the LHC
PoS(Hadron2017)160 pdf E. Meninno and  on behalf of the ALICE collaboration
Magnetized QCD phase diagram: critical end points for the strange quark phase transition driven by external magnetic fields
PoS(Hadron2017)161 pdf P. Costa, M. Ferreira and C. Providência
Baryon-(anti-)baryon interaction cross-section measurement with femtoscopy technique in HIC
PoS(Hadron2017)162 pdf A. Kisiel
Strongly Interacting Matter Phase Diagram in the presence of Magnetic Fields in an Extended Effective Lagrangian Approach with Explicit Chiral Simmetry Breaking Interactions
PoS(Hadron2017)163 pdf J. Moreira, J. Morais, B. Hiller, A.A. Osipov and A.H. Blin
Recent measurements of exclusive hadronic cross sections at BABAR and the implication for the muon $g-2$ calculation
PoS(Hadron2017)165 pdf F. Anulli and  on behalf of the BABAR collaboration
KLOE-2 results on hadron physics
PoS(Hadron2017)166 pdf P. Gauzzi and  on behalf of the KLOE-2 Collaboration
CMS recent results in heavy flavour production and properties
PoS(Hadron2017)167 pdf A. Pompili and  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering at 11GeV in Jefferson Lab Hall A
PoS(Hadron2017)170 pdf F. Georges and  on behalf of the Jefferson Lab Hall A Collaboration
Investigation of the proton structure at PANDA-FAIR
PoS(Hadron2017)171 pdf A. Dbeyssi, I. Zimmermann, D. Khaneft and  on behalf of the PANDA Collaboration
Recent NA48 results on QCD and ChiPT
PoS(Hadron2017)172 pdf R. Piandani and  on behalf of the NA48/2 Collaboration
Photon and $\pi^0$ electroproduction in Jlab Hall A (6 GeV experiements)
PoS(Hadron2017)173 pdf M. Mazouz and  on behalf of the Jefferson Lab Hall A Collaboration
Partonic quasi-distributions of the pion in chiral quark models
PoS(Hadron2017)174 pdf W. Broniowski and R.A. Enrique
Isospin breaking in Heavy-Meson Decay Constants
PoS(Hadron2017)175 pdf D. Melikhov, W. Lucha and S. Simula
Hyperon production in annihilation reactions
PoS(Hadron2017)176 pdf T. Johansson,  On behalf of the BESIII collaboration and  on behalf of the PANDA Collaboration
Quarkonium production to explore hadron 3D structure
PoS(Hadron2017)179 pdf M.G. Echevarria
Recent results from NA62
PoS(Hadron2017)181 pdf S.M. Trilov and  on behalf of the NA62 Collaboration
Global analysis on determination of fracture functions considering sea quark asymmetries in the nucleon
PoS(Hadron2017)182 pdf S. Shoeibi Mohsenabadi, F. Taghavi-Shahri and K. Javidan
Scalar and tensor meson contributions to the $τ → π π π ν_{τ}$ axial-vector form-factor
PoS(Hadron2017)185 pdf J.J. Sanz-Cillero and O. Shekhovtsova
Recent results from the SND experiment at VEPP-2000 collider
PoS(Hadron2017)188 pdf
A.S. Kupich, A.S. Kupich, M.N. Achasov, A.Y. Barnyakov, K.I. Beloborodov, A.V. Berdyugin, A.G. Bogdanchikov, A.A. Botov, T.V. Dimova, V.P. Druzhinin, V.B. Golubev, L.V. Kardapoltsev, A.G. Kharlamov, A.A. Korol, S.V. Koshuba, D.P. Kovrizhin, K.A. Martin, A.E. Obrazovsky, E.V. Pakhtusova, S.I. Serednyakov, D.A. Shtol, Z.K. Silagadze, I.K. Surin, Y.V. Usov, A.V. Vasiljev and  on behalf of the SND collaboration
Top quark mass calibration for Monte-Carlo event generators
PoS(Hadron2017)189 pdf V. Mateu Barreda, M. Butenschoen, B. Dehnadi, A. Hoang, M. Preisser and I.W. Stewart
Session 7: Hadrons in matter including hypernuclei
Properties of open and hidden charm meson in light quark matter
PoS(Hadron2017)193 pdf M. Cleven, V. Magas and A. Ramos
Masses and spectral functions for anti-D mesons in nuclear matter and partial restoration of chiral symmetry
PoS(Hadron2017)194 pdf D. Suenaga
Studies of mesic atoms and nuclei
PoS(Hadron2017)195 pdf A. Gal, E. Friedman, A. Cieply, J. Hrtankova and J. Mares
Theoretical analysis on the $K^{-} {}^{3} \text{He} \to \Lambda p n$ reaction in the J-PARC E15 experiment
PoS(Hadron2017)199 pdf T. Sekihara, E. Oset Baguena and A. Ramos
Eta-mesic nuclei
PoS(Hadron2017)203 pdf J. Mares, A. Cieply, M. Schäfer, N. Barnea, B. Bazak, E. Friedman and A. Ga
Recent advances on chiral partners and patterns and the thermal f 0 ( 500 ) in chiral restoration
PoS(Hadron2017)204 pdf Á. Gómez Nicola, J. Ruiz de Elvira, S. Ferreres-Solé and A. Vioque-Rodríguez
High-precision measurement of the hypertriton mass
PoS(Hadron2017)207 pdf P. Achenbach, S. Bleser, J. Pochodzalla and M. Steinen
$\phi$ meson in nuclear matter and nuclei
PoS(Hadron2017)209 pdf J. Cobos Martinez, K. Tsushima, G. Krein and A. Thomas
Light-Meson Spectroscopy in Strong Magentic Field
PoS(Hadron2017)210 pdf M. Andreichikov, B. Kerbikov and Y. Simonov
Mesonic string of diquark-quark configuration at finite temperature
PoS(Hadron2017)211 pdf A. Bakry, X. Chen, M. Deliyergiyev, A. Galal, S. Xu and P.M. Zhang
The $\rho B^*\bar B^*$ System within the Fixed Center Approximation to The Faddeev Equations
PoS(Hadron2017)212 pdf M. Bayar, P. Fernandez-Soler, Z.F. Sun and E. Oset
Study of baryonic resonances in the reaction $pp\to pp\pi^{+}\pi{-}$ at 3.5 GeV with HADES
PoS(Hadron2017)213 pdf A. Belounnas, B. Ramstein and  on behalf of the HADES collaboration
Exploring Timelike Region for the Meson-Photon Transitions in the Light-Front Quark Model
PoS(Hadron2017)216 pdf H.M. Choi, H.Y. Ryu and C.R. Ji
Free Energy of a Large-N Pion Gas and Chiral Symmetry Restoration
PoS(Hadron2017)217 pdf S. Cortes, Á. Gómez Nicola and J. Morales
AdS/QCD Modified Soft Wall Model and Light Meson Spectra
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Dalitz decays of $\pi^0$, $\eta$ and $\eta’$ mesons
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GEM based TPC for the high intensity beam at J-PARC
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Extraction of chiral order parameters from $\eta \to 3\pi$ and $\pi\pi$ scattering
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The hadronization into the octet of pseudoscalar mesons in terms of $SU(N)$ gauge invariant Lagrangian
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Instantaneous Bethe–Salpeter look at the lightest pseudoscalar mesons
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Possible effect of mixed phase and deconfinement upon spin correlations in the $\Lambda \bar{\Lambda}$ pairs generated in relativistic heavy-ion collisions
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On the coherent inelastic binary and multiparticle processes in ultrarelativistic hadron-nucleus, photon-nucleus and nucleus-nucleus collisions
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The process of Coulomb dissociation of weakly bound relativistic hypernuclei within the two-cluster model
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Pionic transitions of excited charmed mesons in the covariant oscillator quark model
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Production rates of hyperons and charmed baryons from $e^+e^-$ annihilation near $\sqrt{s} = 10.52$ GeV
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Thermodynamic characterizations of Exotic and Missing States
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Constraints from the 1 / N c Expansion on Properties of Exotic Tetraquark Mesons
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Formulating electroweak pion decays in functional methods
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Measurement of the proton scalar polarizabilities at MAMI
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Does $X(3872)$ count?
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A study of the excited radial vector meson $\rho$
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Spectroscopy of the All-Charm Tetraquark
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Role of a triangle singularity in the $\pi N(1535)$ contribution to $\gamma p \rightarrow p \pi^0 \eta$
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Mass Spectra of Di-baronic Systems in Charm sector
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Shannon entropy and hadron decays
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Thermal Properties of the Tetraquark $X(3872)$ in Diquark-antidiquark Approach
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Hidden-charm meson-baryon molecules with a short-range attraction from five quark states
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$SO(N)$ models and Higgs extensions
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Study of the process e^+e^- -> K^+K^-pi^0 with the CMD-3 detector
PoS(Hadron2017)252 pdf A.L. Erofeev and  on behalf of the CMD-3 detector Collaboration