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The XIXth International Workshop on High Energy Physics and Quantum Field Theory

QFTHEP2010 - (other qfthep conferences)
8-15 September 2010
Golitsyno, Moscow, Russia
published May 06, 2011
The Workshop continues a series of workshops started by the Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics (SINP MSU) in 1985 and conceived with the purpose of presenting topics of current interest and providing a stimulating environment for scientific discussion on new developments in theoretical and experimental high energy physics and physical programs for future colliders. Traditionally the list of workshop attendees includes a great number of active young scientists from Russia and other countries. The Workshop QFTHEP'2010 will take place on 8-15 September 2010 in Golitsyno (near Moscow). The main topics to be covered are: Recent Standard Model and beoynd results at the Tevatron and B-factories. First experimental results from the LHC. Future physics at the LHC and Linear Colliders. Extensions of the Standard Model and their phenomenology at the LHC, Linear Colliders, and super B-factories. Higher order corrections and resummations for collider processes. Automatic calculations of diagrams in the higher orders and Monte Carlo simulations. Particle interactions in space-time with extra dimensions. Strings, quantum groups and selected topics in QFT. LHC/LC and astroparticle /cosmology connections. Properties of color media in relativistic nucleas-nucleus collisions. In honoring and celebrating the 100th anniversary of Academician Sergey Nikolaevich Vernov the QFTHEP Organizing Committee dedicates this Workshop to the memory of this outstanding Russian scientist.
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Parallel: Collider Physics
Parallel: Topics in Quantum Mechanics and Field Theory
Parallel: QCD
Parallel: Bound states and meson decays
Parallel: Higgs Sector beyond the SM
Parallel: Gravity Theory
Physics prospects for 2010-2011 in ATLAS experiment
PoS(QFTHEP2010)009 pdf V. Maleev
ATLAS EW results
PoS(QFTHEP2010)004 pdf G. Salamanna
ATLAS status, operation and performance
PoS(QFTHEP2010)017 pdf L. Smirnova
ATLAS results on QCD and quarkonia production
PoS(QFTHEP2010)018 pdf K. Toms
LHCb: first results
PoS(QFTHEP2010)005 pdf attachments V. Egorychev
Physics with the CMS forward CASTOR calorimeter
PoS(QFTHEP2010)006 pdf I. Katkov
The highest energy cosmic rays: observations and search for new physics
PoS(QFTHEP2010)008 pdf G. Rubtsov
Theoretical aspects of electroweak symmetry breaking in SUSY models
PoS(QFTHEP2010)015 pdf R. Nevzorov
Models with large extra dimensions
PoS(QFTHEP2010)016 pdf I. Volobuev
The problem of anomalous dilepton yield in relativistic heavy-ion collisions
PoS(QFTHEP2010)053 pdf A. Andrianov, V. Andrianov, D. Espriu and X. Planells Noguera
New extended Crewther-type relation and the consequences of multiloop perturbative results
PoS(QFTHEP2010)014 pdf A. Kataev and S. Mikhailov
The causality concept in quantum field theory and in quantum mechanics
PoS(QFTHEP2010)020 pdf D. Slavnov
Parallel: Collider Physics
Forward-backward and CP-violating asymmetries in rare semileptonic and radiative leptonic B-decays
PoS(QFTHEP2010)024 pdf N. Nikitin
Rare electroweak penquin decays from Belle
PoS(QFTHEP2010)025 pdf H.J. Hyun
Invisible Higgs in weak bosons associative production with heavy quarks at LHC
PoS(QFTHEP2010)026 pdf S. Demidov, E.E. Boos and D. Gorbunov
Specific Dark Matter signatures from hidden U(1)
PoS(QFTHEP2010)027 pdf Y. Mambrini
Factorization effect and near-threshold boson production at linear colliders.
PoS(QFTHEP2010)038 pdf V. Kuksa
Forward Calorimeters for the Future Eletron-Positron Linear Collider Detectors
PoS(QFTHEP2010)030 pdf O. Novgorodova
Elliptic flow studies in heavy–ion collisions using the CMS detector at the LHC
PoS(QFTHEP2010)032 pdf attachments V. Korotkikh
Neutral mesons' mixings and rare decays in a framework of the MSSM
PoS(QFTHEP2010)034 pdf attachments M. Dubinin and A. Sukachev
Status of the OPERA experiment
PoS(QFTHEP2010)081 pdf A. Russo
The EvtGen-based model for the Monte-Carlo generation of the rare radiative leptonic B-decays
PoS(QFTHEP2010)035 pdf A. Popov
Simple and robust method for measuring of properties of Dark Matter particles at ILC for various models of DM
PoS(QFTHEP2010)028 pdf I. Ginzburg
Correlations in the associative production of B_c and D mesons at LHC
PoS(QFTHEP2010)083 pdf A. Berezhnoy and A.K. Likhoded
Parallel: Topics in Quantum Mechanics and Field Theory
Cluster properties in noncommutative quantum field theory
PoS(QFTHEP2010)041 pdf Y. Yu. Vernov and M. Mnatsakanova
One rigorous negative result in quantum field theory
PoS(QFTHEP2010)042 pdf M. Mnatsakanova and Y. Yu. Vernov
Quantum theory, canonical commutation relations
PoS(QFTHEP2010)047 pdf S. Salynsky
Soliton-antisoliton production in particle collisions.
PoS(QFTHEP2010)048 pdf S. Demidov and D. Levkov
Markovian processes for compatible events and field equations with many points correlations.
PoS(QFTHEP2010)085 pdf A. Biryukov
Parallel: QCD
Strong coupling constant at NNLO from DIS data
PoS(QFTHEP2010)050 pdf A.V. Kotikov
A five-dimensional effective model for excited light mesons
PoS(QFTHEP2010)051 pdf S. Afonin
Parity violation in QCD motivated models at extreme conditions
PoS(QFTHEP2010)054 pdf V. Andrianov, A. Andrianov and D. Espriu
Summation of threshold singularities in quantum chromodynamics
PoS(QFTHEP2010)055 pdf O. Solovtsova
The gauge model of quark-meson interactions and the Higgs status of scalar mesons.
PoS(QFTHEP2010)057 pdf V. Beylin
Parallel: Bound states and meson decays
OPE, heavy-quark mass, and heavy-meson decay constants from QCD sum rules
PoS(QFTHEP2010)058 pdf D. Melikhov
How accurate is the local-duality model for the pion elastic form factor?
PoS(QFTHEP2010)059 pdf I. Balakireva
Pion form factor in time like region in a framework of relativistic composite quark model
PoS(QFTHEP2010)060 pdf A. Krutov, M. Nefedov and V.E. Troitsky
PoS(QFTHEP2010)064 pdf M.Y.e. Kudinov
Parallel: Higgs Sector beyond the SM
The evolution of phase states of Universe to the present inert phase
PoS(QFTHEP2010)067 pdf I. Ginzburg
Nonstandard Higgs decays in the E6SSM
PoS(QFTHEP2010)069 pdf R. Nevzorov, J. Hall, S.F. King, S. Pakvasa and M. Sher
Electroweak phase transition beyond the SM
PoS(QFTHEP2010)070 pdf M. Dubinin and M. Dolgopolov
Parallel: Gravity Theory
Black holes in N>4 gravity
PoS(QFTHEP2010)071 pdf S. Alexeyev
Gravitational models with nonlocal scalar fields
PoS(QFTHEP2010)072 pdf S.Y. Vernov
Shock waves in the Friedmann-Robertson-Walker spacetime
PoS(QFTHEP2010)073 pdf E. Pozdeeva and I. Arefeva
Some exact solutions in vielbein gravity
PoS(QFTHEP2010)084 pdf E. Rakhmetov
Stable cosmological solutions and superpotential method in two-field models
PoS(QFTHEP2010)075 pdf N. Bulatov and S.Y. Vernov
Internal structure of Maxwell-Gauss-Bonne black hole
PoS(QFTHEP2010)079 pdf K. Rannu
Extension of Haag's theorem in case of noncommutative quantum field theory in a space with arbitrary dimenshion
PoS(QFTHEP2010)080 pdf K. Antipin, Y. Yu. Vernov and M. Mnatsakanova