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Corfu Summer Institute 2016 "School and Workshops on Elementary Particle Physics and Gravity"

CORFU2016 - (other corfu conferences)
31 August - 23 September, 2016
Corfu, Greece
published October 05, 2017
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The Corfu Summer Institute meetings consist of a series of high quality scientific events aiming in the training of young researchers as well as the exchange of knowledge and the collaboration among experienced scientists in the research area of Elementary Particle Physics and Gravity.

Summer School and Workshop on the Standard Model and Beyond
Recent Developments in Strings and Gravity
Workshop on Geometry and Physics, Ringberg Castle, 20-25 November 2016, invited contributions
PoS(CORFU2016)135 pdf G. Zoupanos
Summer School and Workshop on the Standard Model and Beyond
Neutrino physics from A to Z : Two lectures at Corfu
PoS(CORFU2016)007 pdf J.W.F. Valle
Stringy Origin of Discrete R-symmetries
PoS(CORFU2016)017 pdf P.H. Nilles
Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics
PoS(CORFU2016)020 pdf F. Knechtli
Precision tests of CPT symmetry and Quantum coherence with entangled neutral K
PoS(CORFU2016)025 pdf A. Di Domenico
Status, results and prospects from the MoEDAL experiment at LHC
PoS(CORFU2016)028 pdf V.A. Mitsou and  on behalf of the MoEDAL Collaboration
SUSY searches with the ATLAS detector
PoS(CORFU2016)133 pdf V.A. Mitsou
New Dimensions from Gauge-Higgs Unification
PoS(CORFU2016)026 pdf Y. Hosotani
Effective action with composite fields and Clairaut-type equations
PoS(CORFU2016)029 pdf P. Lavrov and B. Merzlikin
IDM and not only
PoS(CORFU2016)030 pdf A.J. Ilnicka, M. Krawczyk, T. Robens and D. Sokolowska
Self-Interacting Right-Handed Neutrinos as Warm Dark Matter and Small-Scale Cosmology “Crisis"
PoS(CORFU2016)031 pdf N. Mavromatos
Charged Higgs Beyond the MSSM at the LHC
PoS(CORFU2016)036 pdf K. Huitu
Strong CP problem, axions, and cosmological implications of CP violation
PoS(CORFU2016)037 pdf J. Kim
Non-perturbative Gauge-Higgs Unification, a quantum and bosonic mechanism of spontaneous gauge symmetry breaking
PoS(CORFU2016)039 pdf N. Irges
Reduction of couplings in the FUTs and the MSSM
PoS(CORFU2016)041 pdf M. Mondragon, S. Heinemeyer, N. Tracas and G. Zoupanos
Open Issues in Neutrino Reactions
PoS(CORFU2016)043 pdf E. Paschos
Latest Higgs Physics results from the ATLAS experiment
PoS(CORFU2016)046 pdf N. De Groot and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Non Leptonic Decays : a Long Story
PoS(CORFU2016)048 pdf F. Buccella
F(750), We Miss You as a Bound State of 6 Top and 6 Antitop Quarks, Multiple Point Principle
PoS(CORFU2016)050 pdf H.B. Nielsen, D.L. Bennett, C.R. Das, C.D. Froggatt and L.V. Laperashvili
The Phase Diagram of QCD Matter
PoS(CORFU2016)052 pdf N.G. Antoniou
Charged lepton flavour violation from low scale seesaw neutrinos
PoS(CORFU2016)055 pdf F. Scarcella, V. De Romeri, M.J. Herrero and X. Marcano
A Fermionic bi-Doublet Effective Field Theory for Dark Matter
PoS(CORFU2016)057 pdf D. Karamitros
Asymptotically Safe gravitational collapse: Kuroda-Papapetrou RG-improved model
PoS(CORFU2016)058 pdf A. Bonanno, B. Koch and A. Platania
First Results on Higgs to WW at $\sqrt{s}=13$ TeV with CMS detector
PoS(CORFU2016)060 pdf L. Russo
Non-minimally coupled gravity and vacuum stability
PoS(CORFU2016)064 pdf O. Czerwinska, Z. Lalak, M. Lewicki and P. Olszewski
Scale symmetry without the anomaly
PoS(CORFU2016)065 pdf P. Olszewski
One-loop neutrino mass in $SU(5)$
PoS(CORFU2016)067 pdf I. Dorsner
Recent Developments in Strings and Gravity
Exact results in four-dimensional Gauge Theories from Matrix models
PoS(CORFU2016)072 pdf J. Russo
On scattering amplitudes in higher spin theories
PoS(CORFU2016)073 pdf A. Tseytlin
An Object Model of String Field Theory and Derivation of Veneziano Amplitude
PoS(CORFU2016)134 pdf H.B. Nielsen and M. Ninomiya
Illuminating Light Bending
PoS(CORFU2016)077 pdf E. Bjerrum-Bohr, J.F. Donoghue, B. Holstein, L. Planté and P. Vanhove
Infinite derivative gravity: non-singular cosmology & blackhole solutions
PoS(CORFU2016)078 pdf A. Mazumdar
Asymptotic symmetry algebras of conformal gravity in four dimensions
PoS(CORFU2016)085 pdf I. Lovrekovic
Holographic Wilson loops in spacetimes with spatial anisotropy
PoS(CORFU2016)086 pdf attachments D. Ageev, I.Y. Aref'eva and A. Golubtsova
Gauging as constraining: the universal generalised geometry action in two dimensions
PoS(CORFU2016)087 pdf attachments A. Chatzistavrakidis, A. Deser, L. Jonke and T. Strobl
Supersymmetric flux backgrounds and generalised special holonomy
PoS(CORFU2016)088 pdf A. Coimbra and C. Strickland-Constable
Aspects of Skyrmion Black Hole Hair
PoS(CORFU2016)089 pdf A. Gussmann
Constrained superfields and applications
PoS(CORFU2016)090 pdf F. Farakos
A holographic dual to Fisher information and its relation with bulk entanglement
PoS(CORFU2016)092 pdf D. Sarkar, S. Banerjee and J. Erdmenger
On the substructure of the cosmological constant
PoS(CORFU2016)094 pdf G. Dvali, C. Gomez and S. Zell
Workshop on Geometry and Physics, Ringberg Castle, 20-25 November 2016, invited contributions
Calogero, spherically reduced and PT-deformed
PoS(CORFU2016)095 pdf F. Correa and O. Lechtenfeld
Supersymmetric String Vacua with Torsion and Geometric Flows
PoS(CORFU2016)096 pdf D. Phong, S. Picard and X. Zhang
Robinson-Trautman spacetimes and gauge/gravity duality
PoS(CORFU2016)097 pdf K. Skenderis and B. Withers
The Robinson–Trautman spacetime and its holographic fluid
PoS(CORFU2016)076 pdf L. Ciambelli, A.C. Petkou, M. Petropoulos and K. Siampos
Towards the 1-loop effective action of type IIB orientifolds
PoS(CORFU2016)099 pdf M. Haack and J.U. Kang
$N=3$ four dimensional field theories
PoS(CORFU2016)101 pdf I. Garcia-Etxebarria and D. Regalado
On Mirror Symmetry for Calabi-Yau Fourfolds with Three-Form Cohomology
PoS(CORFU2016)102 pdf S. Greiner
Challenges for Moduli Stabilization and String Cosmology near the Conifold
PoS(CORFU2016)104 pdf F. Wolf, R. Blumenhagen and D. Herschmann
Elliptic Classical String Solutions in $AdS_3$ and Elliptic Minimal Surfaces in $AdS_4$
PoS(CORFU2016)111 pdf G. Pastras
Backreaction in Axion Monodromy, 4-forms and the Swampland
PoS(CORFU2016)112 pdf I. Valenzuela
$SL(2)\times\mathbb{R}^+$ Exceptional Field Theory: An Action for F-Theory
PoS(CORFU2016)113 pdf F. Rudolph
NS5 Duals in Supergravity and Double Field Theory
PoS(CORFU2016)114 pdf V. Vall Camell
Moduli stabilization, de Sitter vacua and supersymmetry breaking
PoS(CORFU2016)118 pdf attachments I. Antoniadis
Non-geometric heterotic backgrounds and 6D SCFTs
PoS(CORFU2016)123 pdf C. Mayrhofer, A. Font, I. Garcia-Etxebarria, D. Lüst and S. Massai
Half-maximal consistent truncations using exceptional field theory
PoS(CORFU2016)125 pdf E. Malek
Asymmetric CFTs and GSUGRA II
PoS(CORFU2016)127 pdf R. Blumenhagen, M. Fuchs and E. Plauschinn
Double Field Theory on Group Manifolds in a Nutshell
PoS(CORFU2016)128 pdf R. Blumenhagen, P. du Bosque, F. Hassler and D. Lüst
Weak Gravity Conjecture and Black Holes in $N = 2$ Supergravity
PoS(CORFU2016)130 pdf G. Shiu, W. Cottrell and P. Soler
Non-commutative geometry from large N gauge theories
PoS(CORFU2016)131 pdf J. Iliopoulos