PoS - Proceedings of Science

Workshop on Integrable Theories, Solitons and Duality

1-6 July 2002
São Paulo, Brazil
published December 01, 2002
The workshop is devoted to the research work being developed in some areas of Physics and Mathematics relevant for the understanding of non-perturbative aspects of Physical Theories. Special attention is given to the role of solitons, infinite symmetries, integrability structures and the construction of exact methods. Among the topics covered are: Two dimensional integrable models, Skyrmions, Monopoles, higher dimensional integrable theories, Lattice models, Form factors, Bethe ansatz, Duality, Strings and solitons, Models with boundaries, and integrable models with non-commutative geometries.

Editorial Board
Ferreira Agostinho Luiz (chairman), Gomes Francisco Jose, Zimerman Hirsz Abraham

Session1: Two dimensional integrable models
Session2: Skyrmions, monopoles and higher dimensional integrable theories
Session3: Models with boundaries
Session4: Duality, strings and solitons
Session5: Lattice models, form factors and Bethe ansatz
Session6: Non-commutative geometries and integrable models
Session7: Miscellaneous
Session1: Two dimensional integrable models
A statistical approach of the decay of a soliton in a randomly perturbed Toda chain
PoS(unesp2002)001 pdf J. Garnier and F.K. Abdullaev
WDVV equations, Darboux-Egoroff metric and the dressing method
PoS(unesp2002)046 pdf H. Aratyn, J.F. Gomes, J.W. Van de Leur and A.H. Zimerman
Dynamical r-matrices and Poisson-Lie symmetries in the chiral WZNW model
PoS(unesp2002)012 pdf L. Feher
Dynamical R-matrices for the Calogero models
PoS(unesp2002)014 pdf M. Forger and A. Winterhalder
The Euler equations in the columnar and rotational approximation: a model equation for asymptotic short capillary-gravity waves
PoS(unesp2002)026 pdf M.A. Manna
Aspects of the homogeneous Sine-Gordon models
PoS(unesp2002)006 pdf P. Dorey and L.J. Miramontes
The supersymmetric dispersionless systems
PoS(unesp2002)030 pdf Z. Popowicz
Continuum limit of the N=(1|1) supersymmetric Toda lattice hierarchy
PoS(unesp2002)035 pdf V.G. Kadyshevsky and A.S. Sorin
Recursion operators of the N=2 supersymmetric unconstrained matrix GNLS hierarchies
PoS(unesp2002)044 pdf F. Delduc and A.S. Sorin
Axial Vector Duality in Affine NA Toda Models
PoS(unesp2002)045 pdf J.F. Gomes, G.m. Sotkov and A.H. Zimerman
Session2: Skyrmions, monopoles and higher dimensional integrable theories
Integrability in higher dimensions: a model with exact Hopfion solutions
PoS(unesp2002)003 pdf O. Babelon and L.A. Ferreira
Dynamics of vortices and knots in Faddeev's model
PoS(unesp2002)017 pdf J. Hietarinta, J. Jaykka and P. Salo
Bogomolny Yang-Mills-Higgs solutions in 2+1 anti-de-Sitter space
PoS(unesp2002)019 pdf T. Ioannidou
BPS Z_k strings, string tension and confinement in non-Abelian theories.
PoS(unesp2002)020 pdf M.A.C. Kneipp
First-order Bogomolny vortices on a sphere
PoS(unesp2002)043 pdf N.M. Romao
On the connections between Skyrme and Yang-Mills theories
PoS(unesp2002)033 pdf J. Sanchez Guillen and L.A. Ferreira
On the existence of minima in the Skyrme model
PoS(unesp2002)034 pdf B.J. Schroers
Skyrmions in Bose-Einstein condensates
PoS(unesp2002)009 pdf R. Battye, N. Cooper and P.M. Sutcliffe
Solitonic electron states and the modified non-linear Schrodinger equation in 2 and more dimensions
PoS(unesp2002)040 pdf W.J. Zakrzewski, L. Brizhik, A. Eremko and B. Piette
Session3: Models with boundaries
Boundary sine-Gordon model
PoS(unesp2002)004 pdf Z. Bajnok, L. Palla and G. Takacs
Quantum group symmetry of integrable models on the half-line
PoS(unesp2002)042 pdf G.W. Delius and A. George
Boundary scattering in the principal chiral model
PoS(unesp2002)024 pdf N.J. MacKay and B. Short
Session4: Duality, strings and solitons
D-branes in VSFT and their low energy limit
PoS(unesp2002)005 pdf L. Bonora, D. Mamone and M. Salizzoni
Monodromy, Duality and Integrability of two dimensional string effective action
PoS(unesp2002)041 pdf A. Das, J. Maharana and A. Melikyan
Ic-instanton exact solution
PoS(unesp2002)023 pdf E.E. Leite, L.A. Ferreira, L. Bonora and C.P. Constantinidis
Duality and Lorentzian Kac-Moody Algebra
PoS(unesp2002)008 pdf D. Olive
Session5: Lattice models, form factors and Bethe ansatz
Conductance from Non-perturbative Methods II
PoS(unesp2002)010 pdf O.A. Castro-Alvaredo and A. Fring
Staggering tranformations and the excitation spectrum of diverse lattice quantum models
PoS(unesp2002)011 pdf P.A. Faria da Veiga and M. O'Carroll
Integrable spin ladder systems
PoS(unesp2002)013 pdf A. Foerster and A.P. Tonel
Conductance from Non-perturbative Methods I
PoS(unesp2002)015 pdf O.A. Castro-Alvaredo and A. Fring
Exact results for BCS systems
PoS(unesp2002)016 pdf X.W. Guan, A. Foerster, J. Links and H.Q. Zhou
Renormalization Group for disordered Dirac Fermions
PoS(unesp2002)022 pdf A. LeClair
What is the continuum limit of the integrable Sp(2N) lattice models?
PoS(unesp2002)027 pdf M.J. Martins
Universal ratios and correlation functions
PoS(unesp2002)007 pdf G. Delfino and G. Mussardo
Free fermion branches in some quantum spin models
PoS(unesp2002)037 pdf Y. Stroganov and F.C. Alcaraz
Session6: Non-commutative geometries and integrable models
Topics in Nonlinear Sigma Models in D=3
PoS(unesp2002)018 pdf K. Furuta, T. Inami and M. Yamamoto
Soliton equations by the noncommutative zero curvature formulation
PoS(unesp2002)021 pdf T. Koikawa
Noncommutative Field Theories and Integrable Models in 2d
PoS(unesp2002)028 pdf M. Moriconi and I. Cabrera-Carnero
Noncommutative supersymmetric theories
PoS(unesp2002)032 pdf V.O. Rivelles
Extensions of Soliton equations to non-commutative (2 + 1) dimensions
PoS(unesp2002)038 pdf K. Toda
Session7: Miscellaneous
Time Evolution of confined quantum systems - a non-perturbative approach
PoS(unesp2002)025 pdf A.P.C. Malbouisson
Some remarks on a deformed quantum field theory
PoS(unesp2002)031 pdf M.A. Do Rego Monteiro, V.B. Bezerra and E.M.F. Curado
On the Octonionic M-superalgebra
PoS(unesp2002)039 pdf F. Toppan