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Fifth International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Physics

24 – 28, April 2006
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
published April 11, 2007
In recent years, new and intriguing mathematical techniques have found wide application in Theoretical Physics. Topics like Number Theory, Zeta Regularization, Riemann Surfaces, Cohomology, Fibre Bundles, Non-Commutative Geometry, etc., previously restricted to Pure Mathematics, now are being applied in Physics. On the other hand, the rising of Superstring Theory and K- and M-Theories motivated the employement of greater mathematical rigour in problems of Theoretical Physics. Particularly in Brazil, the number of researchers involved in problems like Topological Casimir Effect, Field Theory in Curved Spaces, Topological Defects, M-Theory, etc. is growing steadly over the last ten years. This conference aims to present the latest advances in Mathematical Methods to researchers, post-doctors, and graduate students acting in the areas of Physics of Particles and Fields, Mathematical Physics and Applied Mathematics. It happens since 1999, previously in the form of Schools, within a period of approximately two years, and is already established as a relevant event in Mathematical Physics in Brazil. About 50 participants attended the first, second and third editions, coming from several geographic regions of Brazil and from foreign countries. The last edition was attended by about 100 people. The main goal of the Fifth International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Physics (IC2006) is to promote updating of knowledge and interaction between mathematicians and theoretical physicists, through plenary sessions (1 hour) and seminars (30 minutes). Particular emphasis will be given to the following topics: Diferential Methods and Algebraic Geometry, Non-Commutative Geometry, Topological Field Theory, String Theory, Quantum Gravity and Cosmology. IC2006 will also include discussion sessions, between the participants, encouraging open discussion on the themes of the conference.

Editorial Board
Bytsenko A. Andrey (chairman), Dias Alves Sebastiao, Helayël-Neto José Abdalla, Xavier Guimarães Maria Emília

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Plenary talks
Invited Contributions
Plenary talks
Quantum Symmetries of Graphs and Higher Coxeter-Dynkin Systems
PoS(IC2006)001 pdf R. Coquereaux
Ward-Takahashi Relations: Longitudinal and Transverse
PoS(IC2006)003 pdf F. Khanna
String propagation in non-compact backgrounds
PoS(IC2006)004 pdf C. Núñez
A Vector Supersymmetry Killing the Infrared Singularity of Gauge Theories in Noncommutative space
PoS(IC2006)005 pdf O. Piguet
Remarks on the BTZ Instanton with Conical Singularity
PoS(IC2006)006 pdf F. Williams
A Survey of Recent Results for Quantum Field Theory in de Sitter Space
PoS(IC2006)007 pdf J.P. Gazeau
On Zeta Regularization and Some of its Uses in Cosmology
PoS(IC2006)008 pdf attachments E. Elizalde
The Mass of the Graviton and the Cosmological Constant Puzzle
PoS(IC2006)009 pdf M. Novello
Gravitational Droplets and Open-Closed String Duality
PoS(IC2006)011 pdf L. Bonora
Invited Contributions
Expository remarks on topological field theories, branes, complexes and categories
PoS(IC2006)054 pdf A.A. Bytsenko
Gauge Symmetries in Fokker-Planck Dynamics
PoS(IC2006)012 pdf A.E. Santana
Solitons Bifurcations in Presence of Surface Tension
PoS(IC2006)015 pdf A. Fonseca
Action principle for so-called non-Lagrangian systems
PoS(IC2006)016 pdf D. Gitman
Magnetohydrodynamic Spectral Theory of Laboratory and Astrophysical Plasmas
PoS(IC2006)017 pdf J.P. Goedbloed
Boson-Boson Bound States in Higher-Derivative Electromagnetism Augmented by a Chern-Simons Term
PoS(IC2006)018 pdf A.J. Accioly
Generalized Abel-Plana Formula as a Renormalization Tool in Quantum Field Theory with Boundaries
PoS(IC2006)019 pdf A. Saharian
Vacuum Polarization Effects in Higher Dimensional Global Monopole Spacetime
PoS(IC2006)020 pdf E.R. Bezerra de Mello
Free Parameters in Quantum Theories: an Analysis with the Variational Approximation
PoS(IC2006)021 pdf F. Braghin
Lorentz Invariance Violation and Neutrino Physics
PoS(IC2006)022 pdf J. Gamboa
Application of zeta-function techniques to the compactified Gross-Neveu model
PoS(IC2006)023 pdf J.M.C. Malbouisson
Bosonization within Thermofield Dynamics Approach
PoS(IC2006)025 pdf R.L.P. Gurgel do Amaral
Infrared behavior of the gluon and ghost propagators in Yang-Mills theories
PoS(IC2006)026 pdf S.P. Sorella
Algebraic QFT and the area law for entropy of localized quantum matter
PoS(IC2006)027 pdf B. Schroer
String-Localized Quantum Fields and Modular Localization
PoS(IC2006)028 pdf J. Mund
Spectral Methods in Gravitation and Cosmology
PoS(IC2006)029 pdf H.P. Oliveira
Local Conformal Symmetry and its Fate at Quantum Level
PoS(IC2006)030 pdf I.L. Shapiro
Duality in Noncommutative Maxwell-Chern-Simons Theory
PoS(IC2006)031 pdf V.O. Rivelles
Change of the Bulk's Signature with Change of the Brane-World's Topology
PoS(IC2006)032 pdf E.M. Monte
New Results in Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics
PoS(IC2006)033 pdf attachments F. Toppan
Particle Physics from D-Branes at Gepner Points
PoS(IC2006)034 pdf G. Aldazabal
AdS/CFT Correspondence and Strong Interactions
PoS(IC2006)035 pdf H.B. Filho
Thermal D-branes States from Superstrings in Light-Cone Gauge
PoS(IC2006)036 pdf I.V. Vancea
On the Quantization of Massive Superparticles
PoS(IC2006)069 pdf J. Stephany
Higher N-Point Amplitudes in Open Superstring Theory
PoS(IC2006)038 pdf R. Medina
Non-Minimally Coupled Cosmology as Geodesic Motion
PoS(IC2006)039 pdf A. Saa
On the Geometrical Conditions to Determine the Flat Behavior of the Rotational Curves in Galaxies
PoS(IC2006)042 pdf A.L. Naves de Oliveira
Morse Theory Framework for the Seiberg-Witten Equations
PoS(IC2006)043 pdf C.M. Doria
Thermofield Dynamics and Path-Integral Formalism
PoS(IC2006)044 pdf C.A. Siqueira
Supersymmetric Superfluid in a Lorentz-Violating Background
PoS(IC2006)046 pdf attachments C. Nunes Ferreira
Paley-Wiener-Schwartz Theorem and Microlocal Analysis of Singularities in Theory of Tempered Ultrahyperfunctions
PoS(IC2006)047 pdf D.H.T. Franco
Issues on 3D Noncommutative Electromagnetic Duality
PoS(IC2006)048 pdf D.C. Rodrigues
Non-Equiprobable States and Generalized Entropies in the Framework of BG Statistics
PoS(IC2006)049 pdf F.M. Mendes
Symmetries in Non Commutative Configuration Space
PoS(IC2006)052 pdf F.J. Vanhecke
Stochastic Quantization of Topological Field Theory: Generalized Langevin Equation with Memory Kernel
PoS(IC2006)053 pdf G.S. Menezes
Bose-Einstein Condensates in a Lorentz Breaking Background
PoS(IC2006)055 pdf H. Belich Júnior
Vacuum Polarization in the Presence of Magnetic Flux at Finite Temperature in the Cosmic String Background
PoS(IC2006)056 pdf J.P. Spinelly da Silva
Approximate Solution of the Evolution Operator of the Neutrino System
PoS(IC2006)057 pdf J.S.d.S. Oliveira
Vortices Solutions in Chern-Simons-Maxwell-Higgs System
PoS(IC2006)058 pdf J.H. da Silva
On the Integrability and Chaos of an N=2 Maxwell-Chern-Simons-Higgs Mechanical
PoS(IC2006)059 pdf L.P.G. de Assis
Lorentz Symetry Breaking in Gravity and Dimensional Reduction
PoS(IC2006)060 pdf M.B. Cantcheff
On the Generalized Rainich Algebra in Scalar-Tensor Gravities
PoS(IC2006)061 pdf M.L. Costa
SUSY QM from Three Domain Walls in a Scalar Potential
PoS(IC2006)062 pdf attachments R.d.L. Rodrigues
An Attempt of Construction for the Grassmann Numbers
PoS(IC2006)064 pdf R. Bentin
Physical Effects of Extra Dimension and Concomitant Map between Photons and Gravitons in RS Brane-World Scenario
PoS(IC2006)065 pdf R. da Rocha
Born-Infeld Magnetostatic Field from Electrical Point-like Charge at Rest in an Inertial Frame
PoS(IC2006)066 pdf S.d.O. Vellozo