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5th International School on Field Theory and Gravitation

April 20-24, 2009
Cuiabá city, Brazil
published December 14, 2009
Following the philosophy that the International School on Field Theory and Gravitation must be held each three years in different Brazilian Universities and, if possible, in different brazilian states, the next meeting will take place at Physics Institute of Universidade Federal do Mato Grosso, UFMT, Cuiabá city on April, 20-24/2009 very close to the beautiful Pantanal and Chapada dos Guimarães area. The goal of the meeting is to promote a greater integration among many physicists from the local university, UFMT, Co-organizing institutions in Brasil and foreign countries such as Canada, USA, Italy, China, England, Swiss, Spain, Brazil and others; to stimulate the organization of scientific events in our physics Institute and thus contributing to local research activities; to exhibit different fields of physics and to stimulate new lines of theoretical research and technological developments in the Universidade Federal do Mato Grosso, UFMT. Finally, we make efforts to promote the development of advanced studies, taking it to the present core of research in a strong process of affirmation of new lines of theoretical studies in our Physics Institute. To this, we invite colleagues, collaborators, researchers, students, and friends to attend this fifth edition of International School on Field Theory and gravitation-2009.
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Hawking radiation and W-infinity algebra
PoS(ISFTG)003 pdf L. Bonora, M. Cvitan, S. Pallua and I. Smolic
Recent progress in String Field Theory
PoS(ISFTG)004 pdf L. Bonora
Modelling Inhomogeneity in the Universe
PoS(ISFTG)005 pdf C. Hellaby
ADS/CFT and Cosmological Singularities
PoS(ISFTG)006 pdf S.R. Das
Luminosity distance vs. proper distance: Effects of nonlinear electrodynamics in cosmology
PoS(ISFTG)009 pdf H.J. Mosquera Cuesta, J.M. Salim and M. Novello
Gravity from a Particle Physicists’ perspective
PoS(ISFTG)011 pdf R. Percacci
Astroparticle physics: new results from the Pierre Auger Observatory and future plans
PoS(ISFTG)012 pdf M.A. Leigui de Oliveira
Quantum fluctuations around low-dimensional topological solitons
PoS(ISFTG)013 pdf J.M. Guilarte, A.A. Izquierdo, W.G. Fuertes, M.d.l.T. Mayado and M.J. Senosiain
String-like singularities taken seriously
PoS(ISFTG)014 pdf S. Krasnikov
New approximation methods in General Relativity: geodesic deviations and deformations of embeddings
PoS(ISFTG)015 pdf R. Kerner
Introduction to Loop Quantum Gravity
PoS(ISFTG)016 pdf S. Mercuri
Recent Attempts to Measure the General Relativistic Lense-Thirring Effect with Natural and Artifical Bodies in the Solar System
PoS(ISFTG)017 pdf L. Iorio
Long-range models of modified gravity and their agreement with Solar System data
PoS(ISFTG)018 pdf L. Iorio
The Gyromagnetic Factor of Elementary Particles and Non-Minimal Coupling
PoS(ISFTG)019 pdf J. Morais, A.J. Accioly, J.A. Helayel-Neto and R. Turcati
Electromagnetic Aspects of Neutral Elementary Particles in Relativistic Quantum Mechanics
PoS(ISFTG)020 pdf J.A. Helayel-Neto, J. Morais and R. Turcati
An abelian model U(1) x U(1)
PoS(ISFTG)021 pdf R. Doria and M.J.d.O. Neves
Feynman rules for an intrinsic gauge model SU(N) x SU(N)
PoS(ISFTG)022 pdf R. Doria and M.J.d.O. Neves
Systemic Gauge Theory
PoS(ISFTG)023 pdf A.P. Lima and R. Doria
MaVaN's in the generalized Chaplygin gas scenario
PoS(ISFTG)024 pdf A. Bernardini and O. Bertolami
Torsion Influence in Braneworld Scenarios
PoS(ISFTG)026 pdf R. da Rocha and J.H. da Silva
Thirring Model with Jump Defect
PoS(ISFTG)031 pdf A. Roa Aguirre, J.F. Gomes, L.H. Ymai and A.H. Zimerman
The structure of charged d-dimensional stars: comparing different equations of state
PoS(ISFTG)033 pdf J. Arbanil and V.T. Zanchin
Weyl-Guilfoyle fluids and quasiblack holes with pressure
PoS(ISFTG)035 pdf J.P.S. Lemos and V.T. Zanchin
Hawking radiation and conformal anomalies in two-dimensional AdS spacetimes
PoS(ISFTG)037 pdf D. Drehmer and V.T. Zanchin
New results on quasinormal modes of anti-de Sitter black holes
PoS(ISFTG)038 pdf J. Morgan, A.S. Miranda and V.T. Zanchin
On the Consistency Conditions to Braneworlds in Scalar-Tensor Gravity for Arbitrary Dimensions
PoS(ISFTG)041 pdf J.H. da Silva
Some comments on the integrability of the noncommutative generalized massive Thirring model
PoS(ISFTG)042 pdf H. Blas and H.L. Carrion
Nonvanishing boundary conditions and dark solitons in the NLS model
PoS(ISFTG)043 pdf H. Blas, L.F. dos Santos and M.J.B.F. da Silva
Space-time Torsion and Neutrino Oscillation
PoS(ISFTG)045 pdf D.D. Oliveira, A.A. Sousa and R.B. Pereira
Hamilton-Jacobi formalism on the Null-Plane: Applications.
PoS(ISFTG)046 pdf C.E. Valcarcel, M. Bertin, B.M. Pimentel and G. Zambrano
New developments on structure formation in Chaplygin gas cosmological models
PoS(ISFTG)047 pdf S.S. e Costa and M.E. de Oliveira
Absence of Klein's paradox for massive spinless bosons coupled by a nonminimal vector interaction
PoS(ISFTG)054 pdf L.B. Castro
Measurements of Neutrinos at the Angra Reactor
PoS(ISFTG)056 pdf P. Chimenti, M.A. Leigui de Oliveira and R. da Maceno Lima
Symmetry approach and the generalized Korteweg-de Vries equation with variable coefficients
PoS(ISFTG)058 pdf W.L. Souza and E.d.M. Silva
Accretion mechanisms onto primordial black holes
PoS(ISFTG)059 pdf D. Guariento and J.E. Horvath
Vaccum polarization effects on quasinormal modes in electrically charged black hole spacetimes
PoS(ISFTG)060 pdf J. de Oliveira and O.P. Fernandez Piedra
On singular lagrangian underlying the Schrodinger equation
PoS(ISFTG)067 pdf A. Deriglazov
Scalar fields, density perturbations and the Chaplygin gas
PoS(ISFTG)069 pdf S.S. e Costa
Renormalizable noncommutative U(1) gauge theory without IR/UV mixing
PoS(ISFTG)071 pdf O. Ventura, L.C. Vilar, V.E.R. Lemes and D.G. Tedesco
Energy conditions for electromagnetic field in presence of cosmological constant
PoS(ISFTG)072 pdf O. Goldoni and M.d.F.A. da Silva
Geometrical invariants, conserved currents and new symmetries in a covariant phase-space dynamics
PoS(ISFTG)075 pdf L. Cabral
Podolsky´s electromagnetic theory on the null plane
PoS(ISFTG)077 pdf G. Zambrano, M. Bertin and B.M. Pimentel
Isoscalar Giant Monopole Resonace in 60Ni
PoS(ISFTG)082 pdf M. Roos and P. Rieck