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The 9th International workshop on Chiral Dynamics

CD2018 - (other cd conferences)
17-21 September 2018
Durham, NC, USA
published February 28, 2020
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The Ninth International Workshop on Chiral Dynamics (CD18) will be hosted by the Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory (TUNL) and will be held in Durham, NC from September 17th to 21st, 2018. This series of workshops, which started at MIT in 1994, brings together theorists and experimentalists every three years to discuss the status and challenges in the physics of low energy QCD, Goldstone Boson dynamics, meson-baryon interactions, few body physics, lattice QCD and ChPT.

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Main session
Session: Plenary Program
Session: Hadron Structure
Session: Goldstone-Boson Dynamics
Session: Few-Body Dynamics
Main session
Preface - The 9th International Workshop on Chiral Dynamics 2018
PoS(CD2018)116 pdf M.W. Ahmed, H. Gao, C. Howell and D. Lee
Session: Plenary Program
Compton Scattering from Light Nuclei at the High Intensity Gamma Ray Source and Electromagnetic Polarizabilities
PoS(CD2018)001 pdf M.W. Ahmed
Dispersive approach to the hadronic light-by-light contribution to the muon g-2
PoS(CD2018)002 file missing G. Colangelo
Spectrum, reaction and structure of light nuclei from lattice QCD
PoS(CD2018)003 file missing Z. Davoudi
Dispersive techniques for low-energy QCD: Pion-pion and pion-kaon scattering
PoS(CD2018)004 pdf J. Ruiz de Elvira
Experimental studies at lowQ2 of the spin structure of the nucleon at Jefferson Lab
PoS(CD2018)005 pdf A. Deur
High-precision nuclear forces : Where do we stand?
PoS(CD2018)006 pdf E. Epelbaum
Light Hadron Physics at BESIII Collaboration
PoS(CD2018)007 pdf S.s. Fang and  On behalf of the BESIII collaboration
The PrimEx Result of Neutral Pion Lifetime
PoS(CD2018)008 file missing L. Gan
Compton Scattering and Nucleon Polarisabilities: Theory Progress
PoS(CD2018)009 pdf H. Grieshammer, J. McGovern and D. Phillips
Roy–Steiner equations for pion–nucleon scattering and the pion–nucleon $σ$-term
PoS(CD2018)010 pdf M. Hoferichter, J. Ruiz de Elvira, B. Kubis and U.G. Meißner
Experimental Chiral Dyanmics at Mainz/MAMI
PoS(CD2018)011 file missing D. Hornidge
Recent results using lattice chiral effective field theory
PoS(CD2018)012 file missing B.N. Lu
Another Walk through the World of Chiral Dynamics
PoS(CD2018)013 pdf U.G. Meißner
Electromagnetic form factor program at MAMI and MESA
PoS(CD2018)014 file missing H. Merkel
Overview of the experimental achievements in nucleon and meson polarizabilites
PoS(CD2018)015 pdf R. Miskimen
Physics Opportunities at EIC
PoS(CD2018)016 file missing B. Muller
The role of chiral dynamics in the electroweak structure of light nuclei and implications for neutrino scattering
PoS(CD2018)017 file missing S. Pastore
From light-nuclei to infinite neutron matter within chiral dynamics
PoS(CD2018)018 file missing M. Piarulli
Hadronic Lorentz Violation in Chiral Perturbation Theory
PoS(CD2018)019 file missing M. Schindler
Lattice QCD determination of the nucleon axial charge
PoS(CD2018)020 pdf A. Walker-Loud, E. Berkowitz, A.S. Gambhir, D. Brantley, P. Vranas, C. Bouchard, M.A. Clark, N. Garron, C.C. Chang, B. Joo, T. Kurth, H. Monge-Camacho, A. Nicholson, K. Orginos, C. Monahan and E. Rinaldi
Session: Hadron Structure
Hadron electric polarizability from lattice QCD
PoS(CD2018)021 file missing A. Alexandru
Two-Photon exchange in elastic lepton-proton scattering
PoS(CD2018)022 pdf J. Bernauer
Compton Scattering and the Nucleon Polarizabilities
PoS(CD2018)023 pdf E. Downie and  on behalf of the A2 collaboration
The proton radius: are we still puzzled?
PoS(CD2018)024 pdf E. Downie and  on behalf of the MUSE Collaboration
The pressure distribution inside the proton
PoS(CD2018)025 file missing L. Elouadrhiri
BChPT x 1/Nc in SU(3): a more effective theory
PoS(CD2018)026 pdf J.L. Goity and I.P. Fernando
Nucleon Polarisabilities and Compton Scattering on 3He
PoS(CD2018)027 pdf H. Grieshammer, J. McGovern and D. Phillips
Forward virtual Compton scattering, Cottingham formula, and Nucleon Polarizabilities
PoS(CD2018)028 pdf M. Hoferichter
Pion Photoproduction on the Nucleon: An Experimental Overview
PoS(CD2018)029 file missing D. Hornidge
New Development in Lattice QCD: Pseudo-PDF
PoS(CD2018)030 file missing J. Karpie
Double Virtual Compton Scattering and SpinStructure of the Nucleon
PoS(CD2018)031 pdf H. Krebs
Measurements of Meson Polarizabilies
PoS(CD2018)032 pdf D. Lawrence
Nucleon sigma terms from lattice QCD
PoS(CD2018)033 file missing L. Lellouch
Chiral EFT input for the isovector subtraction function in the Cottingham formula
PoS(CD2018)034 file missing V. Lensky
Polarisabilities of the nucleon in baryon chiralperturbation theory and beyond
PoS(CD2018)035 pdf V. Lensky and V. Pascalutsa
TMD program at Jefferson Lab
PoS(CD2018)036 pdf T. Liu
Recent Results from the Q-weak Experiment
PoS(CD2018)037 file missing D. Mack
Compton Scattering and Hadron Polarizabilities
PoS(CD2018)038 pdf P. Martel and  on behalf of the A2 collaboration
Neutrino pion-production on a nucleon
PoS(CD2018)039 pdf F. Myhrer
Understanding SIDIS at low energies
PoS(CD2018)040 file missing N. Sato
Recent results on proton spin structure at low Q2 from JLab
PoS(CD2018)041 file missing K. Slifer
Recent results and prospects on Virtual Compton Scattering
PoS(CD2018)042 file missing N. Sparveris
Calculation of Pion Valence Distribution form Hadronic Lattice Cross Sections
PoS(CD2018)043 file missing R. Sufian
Experimental study of the 3He and neutron spin structure at low Q-squared using a polarized 3He target
PoS(CD2018)044 pdf N. Ton and  on behalf of the small angle GDH collaboration
On the Cottingham formula and the electromagnetic contribution to the proton-neutron mass splitting
PoS(CD2018)045 pdf A. Walker-Loud
Data Analysis and Preliminary Results of the Proton Charge Radius Experiment (PRad) at JLab
PoS(CD2018)046 file missing W. Xiong
Pion-nucleon scattering with explicit Delta resonance
PoS(CD2018)047 pdf D.L. Yao
Chiral dynamics in (anti)neutrino-induced pion production off the nucleon
PoS(CD2018)048 pdf D.L. Yao, L. Alvarez-Ruso, A.B. Blin and M.J. Vicente Vacas
Dispersive estimates of charge symmetry violation
PoS(CD2018)049 file missing R. Young
Recent progress on hadron structure from lattice QCD
PoS(CD2018)050 pdf J. Zhang
Session: Goldstone-Boson Dynamics
Pion-pion scattering with I=0 from Lattice QCD
PoS(CD2018)051 file missing A. Alexandru
Pion-pole contribution to hadronic light-by-light scattering
PoS(CD2018)052 pdf B.L. Hoid, M. Hoferichter, B. Kubis, S. Leupold and S. Schneider
KLOE-2 results and perspectives on hadron physics
PoS(CD2018)053 pdf M. Berlowski and  on behalf of the KLOE-2 Collaboration
ChPT for the muon g-2 and lattice fits of masses and decay constants
PoS(CD2018)054 file missing J. Bijnens
Testing the strength of the UA(1) anomaly at the chiral phase transition in two-flavour QCD
PoS(CD2018)055 pdf B. Brandt, M. Cè, A. Francis, T. Harris, H.B. Meyer, O. Philipsen and H. Wittig
The Isoscalar sector from the lattice QCD
PoS(CD2018)056 file missing R. Briceno
Nucleon-pion scattering and the Delta(1232) resonance from lattice QCD
PoS(CD2018)057 file missing J. Bulava
Search for $K^+\to \pi^+\nu\bar{\nu}$ at CERN
PoS(CD2018)058 pdf M. Corvino and  on behalf of the NA62 Collaboration
The exact N/D method and the 1S0 NN partial wave
PoS(CD2018)059 file missing D. Rodríguez Entem
Low-energy limit of the O(4) quark-meson model
PoS(CD2018)060 pdf J. Eser, F. Divotgey and M. Mitter
Baryon $\sigma$ terms in SU(3) BChPT x 1/Nc
PoS(CD2018)061 pdf I.P. Fernando and J.L. Goity
Meson-baryon scattering in covariant baryon chiral
PoS(CD2018)062 file missing L.S. Geng
Isospin-breaking corrections to the muon magnetic anomaly in Lattice QCD
PoS(CD2018)063 pdf D. Giusti, V. Lubicz, G. Martinelli, F. Sanfilippo and S. Simula
eta' to eta+pi+pi decays in unitarized resonance chiral theory
PoS(CD2018)064 file missing S. Gonzàlez Solís
Determination of the physical \pi/eta and D/pi scattering amplitudes using the lattice energy levels
PoS(CD2018)065 file missing Z. Guo
Pseudoscalar-Meson Contributions to $g−2$ via Schwinger’s Sum Rule
PoS(CD2018)066 pdf F. Hagelstein and V. Pascalutsa
Radiative corrections in Dalitz decays of $\pi^0$, η and η′ mesons
PoS(CD2018)067 pdf T. Husek
Dispersion Relations for Mesonic 3-Body Decays
PoS(CD2018)068 pdf T. Isken
Modern amplitude method studies of effective field theories
PoS(CD2018)069 pdf K. Kampf
The muong−2: a brief overview of hadronic crosssection data
PoS(CD2018)070 pdf A. Keshavarzi
Meson-meson scattering lengths at maximum isospin from lattice QCD
PoS(CD2018)071 pdf C. Helmes, C. Jost, B. Knippschild, B. Kostrzewa, L. Liu, F. Pittler, C. Urbach and M. Werner
Complete One-Loop Renormalization of the Higgs-Electroweak Chiral Lagrangian
PoS(CD2018)072 pdf C. Krause, G. Buchalla, O. Cata, A. Celis and M. Knecht
Experimental input for the HLbL contribution to themuon(g−2)
PoS(CD2018)073 pdf A. Kupsc
On the convergence of chiral expansions for charmed meson masses in the up, down and strange quark masses
PoS(CD2018)075 pdf M.F.M. Lutz, X.Y. Guo and Y. Heo
Quark mass dependence of $\gamma^{*}\pi\to\pi\pi$
PoS(CD2018)076 pdf M. Niehus, M. Hoferichter and B. Kubis
Pseudoscalar flavor singlet mesons from lattice QCD
PoS(CD2018)077 pdf K. Ottnad
PoS(CD2018)078 file missing M. Pavon-Valderrama
Dispersive study of $\pi\pi \rightarrow K \bar K$ scattering data up to 1.47 GeV.
PoS(CD2018)079 pdf J.R. Peláez Sagredo and A. Rodas
The rho radiative decay width from lattice QCD
PoS(CD2018)080 pdf M. Petschlies, C. Alexandrou, L. Leskovec, S. Meinel, G. Rendon, J. Negele, A. Pochinsky, S. Paul, S. Syritsyn and  on behalf of the LHCP- Cyprus Group
Towards a complete dispersive analysis of $\pi K$ scattering
PoS(CD2018)081 pdf A. Rodas and J.R. Peláez
Coarse graining hadronic scattering
PoS(CD2018)082 pdf E. Ruiz Arriola and R.d.E. Jacobo
The radiative corrections to double-Dalitz decays revisited
PoS(CD2018)083 pdf P. Sanchez-Puertas
Two-pion contributions to the muon g – 2
PoS(CD2018)084 pdf P. Stoffer, G. Colangelo and M. Hoferichter
Axial U(1) symmetry, topology, and Dirac spectra at high temperature in Nf=2 lattice QCD
PoS(CD2018)085 pdf K. Suzuki, S. Aoki, Y. Aoki, G. Cossu, H. Fukaya, S. Hashimoto and  on behalf of the JLQCD Collaboration
The JLab Eta Factory (JEF) Program in Hall-D at Jefferson Lab
PoS(CD2018)086 pdf S. Taylor and  on behalf of the GlueX collaboration
ππ scattering and γγ→ππ in SU(2)χPT augmented by a light scalar
PoS(CD2018)087 pdf A. Thapaliya and D.R. Phillips
Chiral perturbation theory at NNNLO - The pion mass, pion decay constant and Lagrangian
PoS(CD2018)088 file missing N. Hermansson-Truedsson
Session: Few-Body Dynamics
The deuteron-radius puzzle: Rigorous study of nuclear two-photon exchange calculations
PoS(CD2018)089 file missing N.N. Dinur
Chiral forces and uncertainty quantification in few- and many-nucleon calculations
PoS(CD2018)090 file missing A. Ekstrom
Low-Energy Theorems in Two-Nucleon Scattering
PoS(CD2018)091 pdf A. Filin, V. Baru and E. Epelbaum
PoS(CD2018)092 file missing B. Franke
Trinucleon Electric Dipole Moments in Chiral EFT
PoS(CD2018)093 pdf A. Gnech and M. Viviani
The H-dibaryon from Lattice QCD
PoS(CD2018)094 file missing A. Hanlon
Dark matter-nucleus scattering in chiral effective field theory
PoS(CD2018)095 pdf M. Hoferichter, P. Klos, J.F. Menendez and A. Schwenk
Low-Energy QCD: Few-Nucleon Research at TUNL
PoS(CD2018)096 pdf C. Howell
PoS(CD2018)097 file missing I. Korover
Electroweak Current Operators in Chiral Effective Field Theory
PoS(CD2018)098 pdf H. Krebs
NN interaction and the spectrum of light and medium-mass nuclei using Lattice Effective Field Theory
PoS(CD2018)099 pdf N. Li, S. Elhatisari, E. Epelbaum, D. Lee, B.N. Lu and U.G. Meißner
Properties of nuclei up to A=16 using local chiral interactions
PoS(CD2018)100 pdf D. Lonardoni
PoS(CD2018)101 file missing T. Mehen
PoS(CD2018)102 file missing J. Melendez
Nuclear EFT calculations of neutrinoless double beta decay
PoS(CD2018)103 file missing E. Mereghetti
Deuteron Compton Scattering Above Pion Threshold
PoS(CD2018)104 pdf L. Myers and  on behalf of the Compton@MAX-lab Collaboration
PoS(CD2018)105 file missing R.N. Perez
Partial wave analysis of NN scattering data in chiral EFT
PoS(CD2018)106 pdf P. Reinert
Results of Few-Nucleon Scattering from Tohoku University and Future Plan
PoS(CD2018)107 pdf K. Sekiguchi
Recent Results From the Compton at HIGS Collaboration
PoS(CD2018)108 pdf M. Sikora and  on behalf of the Compton@HIγS Collaboration
Neutron-deuteron scattering (chiral potentials & regulator dependence)
PoS(CD2018)109 pdf R. Skibinski, J. Golak, V. Soloviov, K. Topolnicki, V. Urbanevych, Y. Volkotrub and H. Witała
Local chiral potentials: issues & applications
PoS(CD2018)110 pdf I. Tews
Combining the large-$N_{C}$ and low-momentum expansions to describe parity violation in few-nucleon systems
PoS(CD2018)111 pdf J. Vanasse
Sensitivity studies of few-nucleon observables to 3N forces
PoS(CD2018)112 file missing M. Viviani
Recent nd breakup measurements and their implications for inertial confinement fusion
PoS(CD2018)113 file missing S. Voinov
Scalar, Axial, and Tensor Matrix Elements in Light Nuclei
PoS(CD2018)114 file missing M. Wagman
Calm-nucleon operators for improving lattice QCD calculations of two-nucleon observables
PoS(CD2018)115 file missing A. Walker-Loud