PoS - Proceedings of Science

6th International Workshop on Chiral Dynamics

CD09 - (other cd conferences)
July 6-10 2009
Bern, Switzerland
published February 25, 2010
The Conference takes place every three years to discuss the status of theoretical and experimental studies of - Goldstone Boson Dynamics - Hadron Structure and Meson-Baryon Interactions - Few-Body Physics - Lattice QCD and Chiral Perturbation Theory
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Monday, July 6 2009, Plenary
Monday, Working group 1
Monday, Working group 2
Monday, Working group 3
Tuesday, July 7, 2009, Plenary
Tuesday, Working group 1
Tuesday, Working group 2
Tuesday, Working group 3
Wednesday, July 8, 2009, Plenary
Thursday, July 9, 2009, Plenary
Thursday, Working group 1
Thursday, Working group 2
Thursday, Working group 3
Friday, July 10, 2009, Plenary
session poster
Monday, July 6 2009, Plenary
Effective field theories - past and future
PoS(CD09)001 pdf S. Weinberg
pion pion scattering lengths measurement at NA48-CERN
PoS(CD09)002 pdf S. Giudici
Investigation of pi+ pi- and pK atoms at DIRAC
PoS(CD09)003 pdf V. Yazkov
Spontaneous chiral symmetry breaking on the lattice
PoS(CD09)004 pdf S. Hashimoto
Monday, Working group 1
Light quark masses
PoS(CD09)005 pdf H. Leutwyler
Results from ETMC in the light-quark sector
PoS(CD09)006 pdf G. Herdoiza, P. Dimopoulos, R. Frezzotti, K. Jansen, C. Michael and C. Urbach
MILC results for light pseudoscalars
PoS(CD09)007 pdf U.M. Heller and C. Bernard
Evidence for pi-K atoms with DIRAC
PoS(CD09)008 pdf A. Benelli
Updated results from PIBETA and overview of the PEN experiment
PoS(CD09)009 pdf D. Pocanic
Pion form factor from RBC and UKQCD
PoS(CD09)010 pdf A. Juttner, P.A. Boyle, C. Kelly, C. Maynard, J.M. Zanotti, J.M. Flynn, H. Pedroso de Lima and C. Sachrajda
Pion form factors from lattice QCD with exact chiral symmetry
PoS(CD09)011 pdf T. Kaneko
Experimental opportunities of ChPT at J-PARC
PoS(CD09)012 pdf I. Nakagawa
Monday, Working group 2
Analyticity constrained pion-nucleon analysis
PoS(CD09)013 pdf M. Sainio
Isospin-breaking corrections to the pion-nucleon scattering lengths
PoS(CD09)014 pdf M. Hoferichter, B. Kubis and U.G. Meißner
Pion-nucleon scattering around the delta resonance
PoS(CD09)015 pdf B. Long
A method to measure the Kbar-N scattering length in lattice QCD
PoS(CD09)016 pdf M. Lage, U.G. Meißner and A. Rusetsky
Two-flavour ChPT for hyperons
PoS(CD09)018 pdf B. Tiburzi
A Bayesian approach to chiral extrapolations
PoS(CD09)019 pdf M. Schindler and D. Phillips
Mesons and glueballs in chiral approach and AdS/QCD
PoS(CD09)020 pdf V. Lyubovitskij, T. Branz, A. Faessler and T. Gutsche
Recent QCD results on the strange hadron systems
PoS(CD09)021 pdf M. Oka
S = 1 pentaquarks in QCD sum rules
PoS(CD09)022 pdf P. Gubler, D. Jido, T. Kojo, T. Nishikawa and M. Oka
Monday, Working group 3
Few-nucleon scattering experiments
PoS(CD09)023 pdf J. Messchendorp
Chiral EFT for nuclear forces with Delta isobar degrees of freedom
PoS(CD09)024 pdf H. Krebs
NN potentials from IR chiral EFT
PoS(CD09)025 pdf R. Higa
Chiral 3NF and neutron-deuteron scattering
PoS(CD09)026 pdf H. Witala
Nuclear lattice simulations
PoS(CD09)027 pdf D. Lee, E. Epelbaum, H. Krebs and U.G. Meißner
New approach to NN with perturbative pions
PoS(CD09)028 pdf S. Beane
Nuclear interactions and the space-like structure of the pion
PoS(CD09)029 pdf M.R. Robilotta
Pion reactions with few-nucleon systems
PoS(CD09)030 pdf V. Baru
Tuesday, July 7, 2009, Plenary
ChPT in the meson sector
PoS(CD09)031 pdf J. Bijnens
Kaons on the lattice
PoS(CD09)032 pdf C. Sachrajda
Kaon physics: Recent experimental results
PoS(CD09)033 pdf M. Antonelli
Experimental information on Vus
PoS(CD09)034 file missing A. Denig
Lifetime Measurement of the pi^0 Meson and the QCD Chiral Anomaly
PoS(CD09)035 pdf A. Bernstein
Tuesday, Working group 1
Dispersion sum rules for pion polarizabilities
PoS(CD09)036 pdf L. Fil'kov and V. Kashevarov
Pion polarizabilities: No conflict between dispersion theory and ChPT
PoS(CD09)037 pdf B. Pasquini, D. Drechsel and S. Scherer
Prospects for the Primakoff measurement of the pion polarizability at COMPASS
PoS(CD09)038 pdf J. Friedrich
Chiral expansions of the pi^0 decay amplitude
PoS(CD09)039 pdf B. Moussalam and K. Kampf
Precision Measurement of Electroproduction of pi^0 Near Threshold: A Test of Chiral QCD Dynamics
PoS(CD09)040 pdf J.R.M. Annand
Precise tests of chiral perturbation theory from Ke4 decays by the NA48/2 experiment
PoS(CD09)041 pdf B. BlochDevaux
The Standard model prediction for K_e2/K_mu2 and pi_e2/pi_mu2
PoS(CD09)042 pdf I. Rosell
Electromagnetic effects in $\eta\rightarrow 3 \pi$
PoS(CD09)043 pdf C. Ditsche, B. Kubis and U.G. Meißner
Study of the η→ 3po decay with the crystal ball at MAMI
PoS(CD09)044 file missing S. Prakhov
eta, eta' physics at KLOE
PoS(CD09)045 pdf M. Jacewicz
Studies of the eta meson decays with WASA
PoS(CD09)046 pdf A. Kupsc
A new dispersive analysis of $\eta\rightarrow 3 \pi$
PoS(CD09)047 pdf G. Colangelo, S. Lanz and E. Passemar
Search of new physics via eta rare decays
PoS(CD09)048 pdf L. Gan
Tuesday, Working group 2
Nucleon Spin Structure in the Resonance Region
PoS(CD09)049 pdf S. Phillips
Complex mass renormalization in EFT
PoS(CD09)050 pdf J. Gegelia
Different nature of rho and a1
PoS(CD09)051 pdf S. Leupold
Origin of resonances in chiral dynamics
PoS(CD09)052 pdf T. Hyodo, D. Jido and A. Hosaka
Baryonic resonances dynamically generated from the interactionof vector mesons with stable baryons of the decuplet
PoS(CD09)053 pdf E. Oset Baguena
Photoproduction of neutral pions
PoS(CD09)054 pdf A. Fuhrer
The unexpected role of D-waves in low-energy neutral pion photoproduction
PoS(CD09)055 pdf C. Fernandez Ramirez
A gauge invariant chiral unitary framework for kaon photo- and electroproduction on the proton
PoS(CD09)056 pdf P. Bruns
Threshold pion electroproduction at large momentum transfers
PoS(CD09)057 pdf V. Braun, D.Y. Ivanov, A. Lenz and A. Peters
Neutron spin sum rules and spin polarizabilities at low Q2
PoS(CD09)058 pdf V. Sulkosky
Compton scattering from the proton: An analysis using the delta expansion up to N3LO
PoS(CD09)059 pdf J. McGovern, H. Grieshammer, D. Phillips and D. Shukla
Nucleon Spin Polarisabilities from Polarised Deuteron Compton Scattering
PoS(CD09)060 pdf H. Grieshammer and D. Shukla
Tuesday, Working group 3
Recent few-body studies at TUNL: Experimental results and challenges
PoS(CD09)061 pdf T.B. Clegg
M1 properties of the few-nucleon systems
PoS(CD09)062 pdf R. Lazauskas
Subtractive renormalization of the chiral effective theory NN potentials up to next-to-next-to-leading order
PoS(CD09)064 pdf C. Yang, C. Elster and D. Phillips
Hadronic atoms
PoS(CD09)065 pdf V. Baru, E. Epelbaum and A. Rusetsky
Calculations of electromagnetic (and a few weak) reactions of light nuclei in chiral effective theory
PoS(CD09)066 pdf D. Phillips
Hadron-hadron interactions in lattice QCD
PoS(CD09)067 file missing A. Walker-Loud
Nuclear forces from lattice QCD
PoS(CD09)068 pdf T. Hatsuda
Unitarized chiral dynamics in three-body systems
PoS(CD09)069 pdf A. Martinez Torres, K. Khemchandani and E. Oset Baguena
Wednesday, July 8, 2009, Plenary
Pion physics on the lattice
PoS(CD09)070 pdf S. Aoki
Isospin symmetry breaking
PoS(CD09)071 pdf A. Rusetsky
Effective theories for magnetic systems
PoS(CD09)072 pdf U.J. Wiese
Effective theories of electroweak symmetry breaking
PoS(CD09)073 pdf G. Isidori
Thursday, July 9, 2009, Plenary
Baryons on the lattice
PoS(CD09)074 file missing R. Edwards
Baryon chiral perturbation theory
PoS(CD09)075 pdf S. Scherer
Nuclear forces on the lattice
PoS(CD09)076 pdf S. Beane
Effective field theory for nuclear forces
PoS(CD09)077 pdf E. Epelbaum
More effective theory of nuclear forces
PoS(CD09)078 pdf M. Birse
Thursday, Working group 1
Theory of the hadronic light-by-light contribution to muon g-2
PoS(CD09)079 pdf J. Prades
Hadronic light-by-light scattering in the muon g-2: a new short-distance constraint on pion exchange
PoS(CD09)080 pdf A. Nyffeler
Some aspects of isospin breaking in kaon decays
PoS(CD09)081 pdf H. Neufeld
Light quark results from a mixed lattice action
PoS(CD09)082 file missing J. Laiho
Strange quark mass from tau decays
PoS(CD09)083 file missing M. Jamin
Investigations on the properties of the f0(600) and f0(980) resonances in gamma gamma to pi pi Process
PoS(CD09)084 pdf H. Zheng
Chiral low-energy couplings from lattice computations in the epsilon regime
PoS(CD09)085 pdf S. Necco
Chiral low-energy constants from tau data
PoS(CD09)086 pdf M. González-Alonso, A. Pich and J. Prades
Determination of LECs and testing ChPT at order p6 (NNLO)
PoS(CD09)087 pdf I. Jemos and J. Bijnens
Lattice study of ChPT beyond QCD
PoS(CD09)088 pdf E. Neil
Relations between SU(2) and SU(3)-LECs in ChPT at two-loop level
PoS(CD09)089 pdf M.A. Ivanov
Thursday, Working group 2
Recent results on GPD/DVCS experiments at CLAS
PoS(CD09)090 pdf J. Ball
Moments of generalized parton distribution functions viewed from baryon ChPT
PoS(CD09)091 file missing T. Hemmert
Delta electromagnetic form factors and quark transverse charge densities from lattice QCD
PoS(CD09)092 pdf C. Alexandrou, T. Korzec, G. Koutsou, M. Vanderhaeghen, J. Negele and A. Tsapalis
Baryon structure in chiral effective field theory on the light front
PoS(CD09)093 pdf N. Tsirova
Nucleon electromagnetic form factor ratio at low Q2: The JLab experimental program
PoS(CD09)094 pdf G. Ron
An exemplary case of chiral EFT for resonances: Delta (1232)
PoS(CD09)095 pdf V. Pascalutsa
Hadron masses and decay constants from lattice QCD at realistic quark masses
PoS(CD09)096 file missing G. Schierholz
Electromagnetic structure of the low-lying baryons in covariant chiral perturbation theory
PoS(CD09)097 pdf J. Martin Camalich, L. Alvarez-Ruso, L. Geng and M.J. Vicente Vacas
Parity-violating electron scattering and strangeness form factors of the nucleon
PoS(CD09)098 pdf L. Capozza
SU(3)-breaking corrections to the hyperon vector coupling f1(0) in covariant baryon chiral perturbation theory
PoS(CD09)099 pdf L. Geng
Thursday, Working group 3
Parity violation from few nucleon systems
PoS(CD09)100 file missing M. Gericke
Study of the GDH sum rule of 3He at HIGS
PoS(CD09)101 pdf H. Gao
Study of the GDH sum rule of 3He at JLab
PoS(CD09)102 file missing K. Slifer
Lattice QCD simulations of baryon-baryon interactions
PoS(CD09)103 file missing A. Parreno
Few-body systems and the pionless effective field theory
PoS(CD09)104 pdf L. Platter
Universal correlations in pion-less EFT with the resonating group model: three and four nucleons
PoS(CD09)105 pdf J. Kirscher
Differential cross section for neutron-proton bremsstrahlung at 200 MeV
PoS(CD09)106 file missing J. Matthews
New results on photodisintegration of 4He
PoS(CD09)107 pdf T. Shima
Electromagnetic currents from chiral EFT
PoS(CD09)108 pdf S. Koelling
Friday, July 10, 2009, Plenary
Single-nucleon experiments
PoS(CD09)109 pdf A. Deur
Nucleon form factors
PoS(CD09)110 pdf R. Alarcon
Few-body reactions at low energies
PoS(CD09)111 pdf H. Weller
Experimental results from MAMI
PoS(CD09)112 pdf H. Merkel
Closing talk: Chiral dynamics 2009
PoS(CD09)113 pdf B.R. Holstein
session poster
Dispersive $K \pi$ vector form factor and fits to $\tau\rightarrow K \pi \nu_tau$ and $K_{e3}$ data
PoS(CD09)114 file missing D. Boito
Consistency checks between OPE condensates and low-energy couplings
PoS(CD09)115 pdf O. Cata
Chiral dynamics predictions for $\eta\prime\rightarrow \eta \pi \pi$
PoS(CD09)117 pdf P. Masjuan
The electroweak model based on the nonlinearly realized gauge group
PoS(CD09)118 pdf A. Quadri, R. Ferrari and D. Bettinelli
RGE in resonance chiral theory: the pi pi vector form factor
PoS(CD09)119 pdf J.J. Sanz-Cillero
Cusps in $\eta\prime\rightarrow \eta \pi \pi$ decays
PoS(CD09)120 pdf S. Schneider and B. Kubis
Weiberg sum rules and NLO in 1/N_C
PoS(CD09)121 pdf J. Trnka and J.J. Sanz-Cillero
Construction of the eta\rightarrow 3pi (and K\rightarrow 3 pi) amplitudes using a dispersive approach
PoS(CD09)122 pdf M. Zdrahal, K. Kampf, M. Knecht and J. Novotny