PoS - Proceedings of Science

Technology and Instrumentation in Particle Physics 2014

2-6 June 2014
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
published July 03, 2015
TIPP 2014 is the third Technology and Instrumentation in Particle Physics conference in the new series of international conferences in the field of particle physics sponsored by IUPAP. The program focuses on all areas of detector development and instrumentation in particle physics, astroparticle physics and closely related fields like microelectronics and medical instrumentation.
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Plenary Session
Semiconductor Detectors
Gaseous Detectors
Photon Detectors
Novel Technologies
Experiments & Upgrades
Astroparticle Detectors
Neutrino Detectors
Dark Matter Detectors
Front-end Electronics
Trigger and Data Acquisition
Embedded Software
Technology Transfer
Health Applications
Biological Applications
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Plenary Session
Micro Pattern Gas Detector Technologies and Applications - the work of the RD51 Collaboration
PoS(TIPP2014)002 pdf S. Dalla Torre
Liquid noble gases for direct dark matter searches
PoS(TIPP2014)011 pdf T. Marrodán Undagoitia
Particle detection technology for space-borne astroparticle experiments
PoS(TIPP2014)013 pdf M. Pohl
State of the art in Microfabrication
PoS(TIPP2014)017 pdf J. Schmitz
Development of technological prototype of silicon-tungsten electromagnetic calorimeter for ILD.
PoS(TIPP2014)020 pdf V. Boudry
Timing performance of the CMS electromagnetic calorimeter and prospects for the future
PoS(TIPP2014)021 pdf A. Bornheim
Photodetector R&D for the Belle II upgraded forward Electromagnetic Calorimeter
PoS(TIPP2014)023 pdf G. Finocchiaro
Irradiation effect on the response of the scintillators in the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter
PoS(TIPP2014)024 pdf S. Fracchia
Performance of the AMS-02 Electromagnetic Calorimeter in Space
PoS(TIPP2014)025 pdf M. Incagli
Development of the upgraded LHCf calorimeter with Gd2SiO5 (GSO) scintillators.
PoS(TIPP2014)028 pdf Y. Makino
The CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter: lessons learned during LHC run 1, overview and future projections
PoS(TIPP2014)029 pdf A. Martelli
First years of running for the LHCb calorimeter system
PoS(TIPP2014)030 pdf P. Perret
Energy measurement with the SDHCAL prototype
PoS(TIPP2014)031 pdf A. Petrukhin
Upgrade of MEG Liquid Xenon Calorimeter
PoS(TIPP2014)033 pdf R. Sawada
Semiconductor Detectors
Total Ionization Damage Compensations in Double Silicon-on-Insulator Pixel Sensors
PoS(TIPP2014)039 pdf S. Honda
Impact of Low-Dose Electron Irradiation on the Charge Collection of n+p Silicon Strip Sensors
PoS(TIPP2014)040 pdf R. Klanner
Silicon Sensors for High-Luminosity Trackers – RD50 Status Report
PoS(TIPP2014)041 pdf S. Kuehn
Pixel sensors with different pitch layouts for ATLAS Phase-II upgrade
PoS(TIPP2014)043 pdf M. Milovanovic and P. Dervan
Monolithic pixel detectors fabricated with single and double SOI wafers
PoS(TIPP2014)044 pdf T. Miyoshi
The High-Voltage Monolithic Active Pixel Sensor for the Mu3e Experiment
PoS(TIPP2014)047 pdf S. Shrestha
Development of CMOS Pixel Sensor Featuring Pixel-Level Discrimination for the ALICE-ITS Upgrade
PoS(TIPP2014)048 pdf T. Wang
COMETH: a CMOS pixel sensor for a highly miniaturized high-flux radiation monitor
PoS(TIPP2014)050 pdf Y. Zhou, J. Baudot, C. Hu-Guo, Y. Hu, K. Jaaskelainen and M. Winter
Gaseous Detectors
Micromegas for sampling calorimetry
PoS(TIPP2014)054 pdf M. Chefdeville
A real x-y microbulk Micromegas with segmented mesh
PoS(TIPP2014)055 pdf T. Geralis
High granularity scanner for MPGD based photon detectors
PoS(TIPP2014)056 pdf G. Hamar and D. Varga
Study of Columnar Recombination in Xe+trymethilamine Mixtures using a Micromegas-TPC
PoS(TIPP2014)057 pdf D.C. Herrera Muã‘Oz
Construction of a large-size four plane micromegas detector
PoS(TIPP2014)058 pdf P. Iengo
An InGrid based Low Energy X-ray Detector for the CAST Experiment
PoS(TIPP2014)060 pdf C. Krieger, K. Desch, J. Kaminski, M. Lupberger and T. Vafeiadis
The Triple-GEM Project for the Phase 2 Upgrade of the CMS Muon System
PoS(TIPP2014)065 pdf M. Tytgat
Close Cathode Chamber: cost efficient and lightweight detector for tracking applications
PoS(TIPP2014)066 pdf D. Varga and G. Hamar
Photon Detectors
Systematic Study of a SiPMT array readout for fast time-of-flight detectors
PoS(TIPP2014)068 pdf M. Bonesini
TORCH - a Cherenkov based Time-of-Flight Detetor
PoS(TIPP2014)069 pdf E.N. Cowie, N.H. Brook, D. Cussans, M. Van Dijk, L. Castillo-Garcia, C. D'Ambrosio, R. Forty, T. Gys, D. Piedigrossi, R. Gao and N. Harnew
Characterization and X-Ray Damage of Silicon Photomultipliers
PoS(TIPP2014)070 pdf E. Garutti
Silicon Photomultipliers for the LHCb Upgrade Scintillating Fibre Tracker
PoS(TIPP2014)071 pdf Z. Xu and G. Haefeli
Development of Hybrid Avalanche Photo Detector and its Readout Electronics for the Belle II Aerogel RICH counter
PoS(TIPP2014)072 pdf S. Iwata
Development of a High-Sensitive and Low-Cost Imaging Gamma-Ray Camera γI (Gamma Eye)
PoS(TIPP2014)073 pdf M. Kagaya
Development of Superconducting Tunnel Junction Photon Detector on SOI Preamplifier Board to Search for Radiative decays of Cosmic Background Neutrino.
PoS(TIPP2014)074 pdf
K. Kasahara, S.H. Kim, Y. Takeuchi, R. Senzaki, K. Nagata, T. Okudaira, M. Kanamaru, T. Ichimura, K. Moriuchi, K. Kiuchi, Y. Arai, M. Hazumi, H. Ikeda, S. Matsuura, T. Wada, S. Mima, H. Ishino, T. Yoshida, Y. Kato, E. Ramberg, M. Kozlovsky, P. Ruvinov and D. Segratskov
MPGD-based counters of single photons for Cherenkov imaging counters.
PoS(TIPP2014)075 pdf S. Levorato
Aerogel Cherenkov counters for experiments at VEPP-2000 e+e- collider with SND detector
PoS(TIPP2014)076 pdf K. Martin
Large Area Microchannel Plates for LAPPD™
PoS(TIPP2014)077 pdf C. Craven, D.C. Bennis, J.L. Bond, M.J. Minot, A. O'Mahony, J.M. Renaud, M.E. Stochaj, K. Byrum, J.W. Elam, A. Mane, R. Wagner, J.B. McPhate, O.H.W. Siegmund, A. Elagin, H.J. Frisch, R. Northrop and M. Wetstein
The POSSUMUS-Detector
PoS(TIPP2014)079 pdf A. Ruschke
Performance of the MCP-PMTs for the TOP counter in the Belle II experiment
PoS(TIPP2014)082 pdf T. Yonekura
Novel Technologies
Scintillating Fiber Detector for the Beam Loss Proton Measurements at J-PARC Linac
PoS(TIPP2014)083 pdf O.A. Konstantinova, H. Sako, T. Maruta and A. Miura
Beam profile measurements based on modern vertex detectors and beam-gas interactions
PoS(TIPP2014)084 pdf C. Barschel
Fiber based hydrophones for ultra-high energy neutrino detection
PoS(TIPP2014)085 pdf E.J. Buis
Impact of the radiation background on the CMS muon high-eta upgrade for the LHC high luminosity scenario
PoS(TIPP2014)086 pdf A.M. Castaneda Hernandez
Diamond Detectors for beam instrumentation
PoS(TIPP2014)088 pdf G. Erich
Development of Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors for phonon and photon detections
PoS(TIPP2014)090 pdf H. Ishino
Scintillating Fibre and Radiation Damage Studies for the LHCb Upgrade
PoS(TIPP2014)091 pdf M. Deckenhoff
Characterization of Ni/SnPb-TiW/Pt Flip Chip Interconnections in Silicon Pixel Detector Modules
PoS(TIPP2014)092 pdf A. Karadzhinova, A. Nolvi, J. Härkönen, P. Luukka, T. Mäenpää, E. Tuominen, E. Haeggstrom, J. Kalliopuska, S. Vahanen and I. Kassamakov
Performance study of the TOP counter with the 2 GeV/c positron beam at LEPS
PoS(TIPP2014)093 pdf K. Matsuoka
Radial transfer of tracking data with wireless links
PoS(TIPP2014)095 pdf D. Pelikan, N. Bingefors, R. Brenner, D. Dancila and L. Gustafsson
Interferometric Readout for a Monolithic Accelerometer, towards the fm/rtHz
PoS(TIPP2014)097 pdf J. Van Heijningen
Experiments & Upgrades
CMS Forward Calorimetry R&D for Phase II Upgrade
PoS(TIPP2014)100 pdf B. Bilki
Towards the integration of the MicroVertex Detector in the PANDA experiment.
PoS(TIPP2014)101 pdf D. Calvo
CERN-GIF++: a new irradiation facility to test large-area particle detectors for the high-luminosity LHC program
PoS(TIPP2014)102 pdf M.R. Jaekel, M. Capeans, I. Efthymiopoulos, A. Fabich, R. Guida, G. Maire, M. Moll, D. Pfeiffer, F. Ravotti and H. Reithler
Diamond particle detectors systems in high energy physics
PoS(TIPP2014)103 pdf K.K. Gan
Track reconstruction in CMS high luminosity environment
PoS(TIPP2014)104 pdf C. Goetzmann
Status of the CUORE and CUORE-0 experiments at Gran Sasso
PoS(TIPP2014)107 pdf J. Ouellet
Production of Scintillating Fiber Modules for high resolution tracking devices
PoS(TIPP2014)108 pdf T. Kirn
Upgrade of the GERDA experiment
PoS(TIPP2014)109 pdf K.T. Knoepfle
Development of a Muon Polarimeter for the T-violation Search Experiment at J-PARC
PoS(TIPP2014)110 pdf A. Kobayashi, T. Kawamoto, J. Imazato, K. Yoshihara, S. Shimizu, Y. Igarashi, H. Yamazaki and M.D. Hasinoff
The DIRC Detectors at the PANDA Experiment
PoS(TIPP2014)112 pdf A. Lehmann
The LHCb Upgrade Scintillating Fibre Tracker
PoS(TIPP2014)113 pdf B.D. Leverington
Neutron-insensitive gamma-ray detector with aerogel for rare neutral-kaon decay experiment
PoS(TIPP2014)115 pdf Y. Maeda
Ultra-transparent DEPFET pixel detectors for future electron-positron experiments
PoS(TIPP2014)116 pdf C. Marinas
Proposal of upgrade of the ATLAS muon trigger in the Barrel - End Cap transition region with RPCs
PoS(TIPP2014)117 pdf L. Massa
An EUDET/AIDA Pixel Beam Telescope for Detector Development
PoS(TIPP2014)122 pdf I. Rubinskiy and H. Perrey
Aerogel RICH counter for the Belle II forward PID
PoS(TIPP2014)123 pdf L. Santelj
The upgrade of the ALICE Inner Tracking System - Status of the R&D on monolithic silicon pixel sensors
PoS(TIPP2014)125 pdf J.W. Van Hoorne
Measurement of nm Electron Beam Sizes using Laser Interference by Shintake Monitor
PoS(TIPP2014)127 pdf J. Yan
Astroparticle Detectors
Development of Kinetic Inductance Detectors for a 3 mm camera
PoS(TIPP2014)129 pdf A. Cruciani, E.S. Battistelli, D. Buzi, A. Coppolecchia, A. D'Addabbo, P. De Bernardis, M. De Petris, R. Gualtieri, L. Lamagna, S. Masi, A. Paiella, F. Piacentini, A. Schillaci, P. Bolli, G. Castellano, N. D’Amico, T. Pisanu and A. Possenti
Axion helioscopes update: the status of CAST & IAXO
PoS(TIPP2014)130 pdf T. Dafni and F.J. Iguaz Gutierrez
HARPO - TPC for High Energy Astrophysics and Polarimetry from the MeV to the TeV
PoS(TIPP2014)133 pdf P. Gros
POLARBEAR-2 receiver system on the Simons Array telescopes for CMB polarization measurements
PoS(TIPP2014)134 pdf Y. Hori
Neutron Background Detection for a Hard X-ray Balloon-borne Polarimeter
PoS(TIPP2014)135 pdf M. Kole, M. Chauvin, Y. Fukazawa, K. Fukuda, S. Ishizu, M. Jackson, T. Kamae, N. Kawaguchi, T. Kawano, M. Kiss, V. Mikhalev, E. Moretti, M. Pearce, S. Rydström, H. Takahashi and T. Yanagida
The EUSO-Balloon Instrument
PoS(TIPP2014)137 pdf V. Scotti and G. Osteria
Development and Evaluation of Event-Driven SOI Pixel Detector for X-ray Astronomy
PoS(TIPP2014)138 pdf attachments A. Takeda, T. Tsuru, T. Tanaka, H. Matsumura, Y. Arai, K. Mori, Y. Nishioka, R. Takenaka, T. Kohmura, S. Nakashima, S. Kawahito, K. Kagawa, K. Yasutomi, H. Kamehama and S. Shrestha
Silicon Photomultiplier Camera for Schwarzschild-Couder Cherenkov Telescopes
PoS(TIPP2014)140 pdf J. Vandenbroucke
Radio Detection of Cosmic Rays at the Auger Engineering Radio Array
PoS(TIPP2014)141 pdf K. Weidenhaupt
The FlashCam Camera for the Medium-Sized Telescopes of CTA
PoS(TIPP2014)142 pdf
Q. Weitzel, C. Bauer, F. Eisenkolb, D. Florin, C. Foehr, A. Gadola, F. Garrecht, G. Hermann, I. Jung, O. Kalekin, C. Kalkuhl, J. Kasperek, T. Kihm, J. Koziol, R. Lahmann, A. Manalaysay, A. Marszalek, G. Puehlhofer, P. Rajda, O. Reimer, W. Romaszkan, M. Rupinski, T. Schanz, T. Schwab, S. Steiner, U. Straumann, C. Tenzer, A. Vollhardt, K. Winiarski and K. Zietara
Neutrino Detectors
CENNS: A new method for measuring Coherent Elastic Neutrino Nucleus Scattering
PoS(TIPP2014)147 pdf E. Ramberg
LUCIFER: Neutrinoless Double Beta decay search with scintillating bolometers
PoS(TIPP2014)152 pdf G. Piperno
Performance evaluation of new photodetectors for Hyper-Kamiokande
PoS(TIPP2014)153 pdf Y. Suda
R&D of water-based liquid scintillator as a reactor anti-neutrino detector
PoS(TIPP2014)154 pdf A. Suzuki and T. Hara
Development of Superconducting Tunnel Junction Detectors as a far-infrared single photon detector for neutrino decay search
PoS(TIPP2014)155 pdf Y. Takeuchi
Calibrating photon detection efficiency in IceCube
PoS(TIPP2014)157 pdf D. Tosi and C. Wendt
Dark Matter Detectors
A small dual-phase xenon TPC with APD and PMT readout for the study of liquid xenon scintillation
PoS(TIPP2014)160 pdf B. Beskers
First Measurements of SuperCDMS SNOLAB 100 mm Diameter Germanium Dark Matter Detectors with Interleaved Charge and Phonon Channels
PoS(TIPP2014)161 pdf H. Chagani
Characterization of a Spherical Proportional Counter in argon-based mixtures
PoS(TIPP2014)162 pdf F.J. Iguaz Gutierrez, A. Rodriguez, J.F. Castel and I.G. Irastorza
Direct Dark Matter Detection with the XENON and DARWIN experiments
PoS(TIPP2014)164 pdf A. Kish
Columbia Univeristy R&D program for large mass DarkMatter detector with LXe TPC
PoS(TIPP2014)165 pdf M. Messina
Detection of Proportional Scintillation in Liquid Xenon
PoS(TIPP2014)166 pdf J. Naganoma
Front-end Electronics
128 channel waveform sampling digitizer/readout in the TOP counter for the Belle II upgrade
PoS(TIPP2014)171 pdf M. Andrew
SPACIROC3: A Front-End Readout ASIC for JEM-EUSO cosmic ray observatory
PoS(TIPP2014)172 pdf S. Blin
Vertex-Detector R&D for CLIC
PoS(TIPP2014)174 pdf D. Dannheim
CLARO-CMOS: a fast, low power and radiation-hard front-end ASIC for single-photon counting in 0.35 micron CMOS technology
PoS(TIPP2014)177 pdf C. Gotti
10 Gb/s Radiation-Hard VCSEL Array Driver
PoS(TIPP2014)178 pdf K.K. Gan
Frontend Electronics for high-precision single photo-electron timing
PoS(TIPP2014)180 pdf M. Cardinali and M. Hoek
Recent Status of Front-end Electronics for DEPFET pixel detectors for Belle-II
PoS(TIPP2014)181 pdf T. Kishishita, T. Hemperek, H. Krueger, M. Lemarenko, F. Luetticke, L. Germic, C. Marinas, N. Wermes and I. Peric
The TDCPix ASIC: Tracking for the NA62 GigaTracker
PoS(TIPP2014)183 pdf M. Noy, G. Aglieri Rinella, S. Bonacini, J. Kaplon, A. Kluge, M. Morel, L. Perktold and K. Poltorak
A fast, low-power, multichannel 6-bit ADC ASIC with data serialization
PoS(TIPP2014)184 pdf K.P. Swientek, M. Firlej, T. Fiutowski, J. Moron and M. Idzik
Trigger and Data Acquisition
The LHCb trigger system: performance and outlook
PoS(TIPP2014)186 pdf S. Stracka
A specialized processor for track reconstruction at the LHC crossing rate
PoS(TIPP2014)187 pdf D. Tonelli
Design and development of the Power Supply Board within the Digital Optical Module in KM3NeT
PoS(TIPP2014)188 pdf A. Belias
Towards a Level-1 tracking trigger for the ATLAS experiment
PoS(TIPP2014)189 pdf A. Cerri
Boosting Event Building Performance using Infiniband FDR for the CMS Upgrade
PoS(TIPP2014)190 pdf
T. Bawej, J. Branson, U. Behrens, O. Chaze, S. Cittolin, G.L. Darlea, C. Deldicque, M. Dobson, A. Dupont, S. Erhan, A.K. Forrest, D. Gigi, F. Glege, G. Gomez-Ceballos, R. Gomez-Reino, J. Hegeman, A.G. Holzner, L. Masetti, F. Meijers, E. Meschi, R. Mommsen, S. Morovic, C. Nunez-Barranco-Fernandez, V. O'Dell, L. Orsini, C. Paus, A. Petrucci, M. Pieri, A. Racz, H. Sakulin, C. Schwick, B. Stieger, K. Sumorok, J. Veverka and P. Zejdl
Many-core studies on pattern-recognition in the LHCb experiment
PoS(TIPP2014)192 pdf S. Gallorini
A scalable gigabit data acquisition system for calorimeters for linear collider
PoS(TIPP2014)193 pdf F. Gastaldi, R. Cornat, F. Magniette and V. Boudry
The Phase-1 Upgrade of the ATLAS First Level Calorimeter Trigger
PoS(TIPP2014)194 pdf I.R. Hristova
Development of a Data Acquisition System for the Belle II Silicon Vertex Detector
PoS(TIPP2014)198 pdf
K. Nakamura, T. Bergauer, G. Casarosa, K. Hara, T. Higuchi, C. Irmler, A. Ishikawa, R. Itoh, T. Konno, Z.A. Liu, M. Nakao, Z.M. Natkaniec, W. Ostrowicz, E. Paoloni, T. Saito, M. Schnell, S.Y. Suzuki, R. Thalmeier, T. Tsuboyama, S. Yamada, H. Yamamoto, H. Yin and J. Zhao
First prototype of a silicon tracker using an 'artificial retina' for fast track finding
PoS(TIPP2014)199 pdf N. Neri
The CERN NA62 experiment: Trigger and Data Acquisition
PoS(TIPP2014)200 pdf J. Pinzino
Development and test of a versatile DAQ system based on the ATCA standard
PoS(TIPP2014)202 pdf M. Bianco, P. Lösel, S. Martoiu, O. Sidiropoulou and A. Zibell
The Data Acquisition System for the KOTO detector
PoS(TIPP2014)203 pdf S. Su, M. Tecchio, J. Xu, M. Campbell, J. Ameel, J. Micallef, N.L. Whallon, C. Carruth, M. Hutcheson, Y. Sugiyama, A. Sharma and T. Cai
Tracking at High Level Trigger in CMS
PoS(TIPP2014)204 pdf M. Tosi
Evolution of the ReadOut System of the ATLAS experiment
PoS(TIPP2014)205 pdf W. Vandelli, A. Borga, G. Crone, B. Green, A. Kugel, M. Joos, J.G. Panduro-Vasquez, J. Schumacher, P. Teixeira-Dias, L. Tremblet, J.C. Vermeulen, P. Werner and F.J. Wickens
A Muon Trigger with high pT-resolution for Phase-II of the LHC Upgrade, based on the ATLAS Muon Drift Tube Chambers
PoS(TIPP2014)423 pdf S. Nowak
Embedded Software
Firmware development and testing of the ATLAS IBL Read-Out Driver card
PoS(TIPP2014)207 pdf S.P. Chen, M. Bindi, D. Falchieri, A. Gabrielli, S. Hauck, S.C. Hsu, M. Kretz, A. Kugel, R. Travaglini and M. Wensing
GPU for online processing in low-level trigger
PoS(TIPP2014)208 pdf M. Fiorini
The Fast TracKer Processing Unit future evolution
PoS(TIPP2014)209 pdf C. Gentsos, F. Crescioli, P. Giannetti, D. Magalotti and S. Nikolaidis
The Serial Link Processor for the Fast TracKer (FTK) processor at ATLAS
PoS(TIPP2014)210 pdf P. Luciano
Correction for pile-up effect based on pixel-by-pixel calibration for tomography with Medipix3RX detector
PoS(TIPP2014)212 pdf J. Rinkel
Associative Memory computing power and its simulation.
PoS(TIPP2014)215 pdf G. Volpi
Firmware development and testing of the ATLAS IBL Back-Of-Crate card
PoS(TIPP2014)216 pdf M. Wensing, T. Flick, P. Maettig, A. Kugel, D. Falchieri, R. Travaglini, A. Gabrielli, T. Heim, K.J. Potamianos, J. Grosse-Knetter, M. Bindi and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Commissioning of the CUORE cryostat: the first experimental setup for bolometric detectors at the 1 tonne scale
PoS(TIPP2014)217 pdf N. Chott
Microchannel evaporative CO2 cooling for the LHCb VELO Upgrade
PoS(TIPP2014)218 pdf P. Rodriguez Perez
Cooling for the LHCb Upgrade Scintillating Fibre Tracker
PoS(TIPP2014)220 pdf P. Gorbounov
Design, construction and commissioning of a 15 kW CO2 evaporative cooling system for particle physics detectors: lessons learnt and perspectives for further development
PoS(TIPP2014)223 pdf P. Tropea, J. Daguin, A. D'Auria, J. Godlewski, M. Ostrega, S. Pavis, P. Petagna, H. Postema, L. Zwalinski, J. Noite and B. Verlaat
CO2 cooling system for Insertable B Layer detector into the ATLAS experiment
PoS(TIPP2014)224 pdf L. Zwalinski, S. Berry, T. Blaszczyk, C. Bortolin, F. Corbaz, G. Glonti, O. Crespo-Lopez, J. Godlewski, M. Lippert, S. Nichilo, M. Ostrega, M. van Overbeek, P. Petagna, E. Roeland, B. Verlaat, S. Vogt and M. Zimny
InGrid: Pixelated Micromegas detectors for a pixel TPC
PoS(TIPP2014)225 pdf M. Lupberger, Y. Bilevych, K. Desch, T. Fischer, T. Fritzsch, J. Kaminski, K. Kohl, M. Rogowski, J. Tomtschak and H. van der Graaf
Phase camera development for gravitational wave detectors
PoS(TIPP2014)228 pdf K. Agatsuma, D. Rabeling, M. van Beuzekom and J. Van den brand
Laboratory tests for Diode-Laser based Calibration Systems for Fast Time-of-Flight Systems
PoS(TIPP2014)230 pdf M. Bonesini
Technology Transfer
Development of a Small Form Factor (6cm x 6cm) Picosecond Photodetector as a Path Towards the Commercialization of 20cm x 20cm Large Area Pico-second Photodetector Devices with Incom Inc.
PoS(TIPP2014)233 pdf K. Byrum and J. Xie
Making the Invisib l e Visible through Timepix Technology : putting science on the market
PoS(TIPP2014)235 pdf H.R. Poolman
Health Applications
Triroc: 64-channel SiPM read-out ASIC for PET/PET-ToF application
PoS(TIPP2014)239 pdf S. Ahmad
Performance of FlexToT Time Based PET Readout ASIC for Depth of Interaction Measurements
PoS(TIPP2014)241 pdf J. Trenado, J.M. Cela Ruiz, A. Comerma, D. Gascon, R. Graciani Diaz, L. Freixas, J. Marín, G. Martínez, R. Masachs, J.M. Perez, P. Rato, D. Sanchez, A. Sanuy and I. Sarasola
Development of Real time ^{90}Sr counter applying Cherenkov light detection
PoS(TIPP2014)242 pdf H. Ito
Upstream Dosimetry using a Monolithic Active Pixel Sensor (MAPS)
PoS(TIPP2014)244 pdf R.F. Page
Prospects for spectral CT with Medipix detectors
PoS(TIPP2014)246 pdf E.J. Schioppa, J. Visser and E. Koffeman
Biological Applications
Tests of pulse shape discrimination with EJ299-33 plastic scintillator for use in portable spectroscopy
PoS(TIPP2014)251 pdf A. Comrie, A. Buffler, F.D. Smit and H.J. Wortche
The brain as a trigger system
PoS(TIPP2014)252 pdf M.M. Del Viva and G. Punzi
AGIPD, the electronics for a high speed X-ray imager at the Eu-XFEL
PoS(TIPP2014)253 pdf
P. Goettlicher, A. Allahgholi, J. Becker, L. Bianco, A. Delfs, R. Dinapoli, E. Fretwurst, H. Graafsma, D. Greiffenberg, M. Gronewald, H. Hirsemann, S. Jack, R. Klanner, K. Alexander, H. Krueger, A. Marras, D. Mezza, A. Mozzanica, B. Schmitt, J. Schwandt, I. Sheviakov, X. Shi, Q. Xia, J. Zhang and M. Zimmer
Poster Session 1
The CALICE Digital Hadron Calorimeter: Calibration and Response to Pions and Positrons
PoS(TIPP2014)254 pdf B. Bilki
Radiation hardness and stability of optical coupling materials for BelleII electromagnetic calorimeter
PoS(TIPP2014)255 pdf A. Cemmi
Calibration and monitoring of the Tile Calorimeter during LHC Run-I
PoS(TIPP2014)256 pdf S. Darmora
An Array of Spherically Dimpled Scintillating Cells for an Integrated Readout Layer
PoS(TIPP2014)257 pdf A. Dyshkant
Upgraded readout and trigger electronics for the ATLAS liquid argon calorimeters for future LHC running
PoS(TIPP2014)260 pdf T. Yamanaka
Prototype tests for a highly granular scintillator-based hadron calorimeter
PoS(TIPP2014)261 pdf S. Laurien
Energy Reconstruction in the CALICE Analog Calorimeter Systems in Analog and Digital Mode
PoS(TIPP2014)266 pdf attachments C. Neubuser and K. Krueger
CMS Hadron Forward Calorimeter Phase I Upgrade Status
PoS(TIPP2014)267 pdf B. Bilki and Y. Onel
The CMS electromagnetic calorimeter barrel upgrade for High-Luminosity LHC
PoS(TIPP2014)268 pdf M. Planer
Evolution studies of the CMS endcap calorimeter response and implications for the High-Luminosity LHC upgrade
PoS(TIPP2014)269 pdf M. Planer
A study of silicon sensor for the ILD ECAL
PoS(TIPP2014)273 pdf T. Tomita, K. Kawagoe, T. Yoshioka, T. Suehara, Y. Sudo, H. Ueno, Y. Miyazaki, H. Hirai, H. Sumida and S. Takada
Poster Session 2
Development of Radiation Damage Model using TCAD tools for Irradiated Silicon Sensors
PoS(TIPP2014)276 pdf R. Dalal
Characterization of the PANDA MVD Trapezoidal Silicon Strip Sensors and Their First Operation in a Proton Beam
PoS(TIPP2014)277 pdf D. Deermann, T. Stockmanns and J. Ritman
Simulations of Inter-Strip Capacitance and Resistance for the Design of the CMS Tracker Upgrade
PoS(TIPP2014)279 pdf T. Eichhorn, A. Bhardwaj, R. Dalal, R. Eber, K. Lalwani, A. Messineo, T. Peltola, M. Printz and K. Ranjan
Radiation-hard Active Pixel Sensors for HL-LHC Detector Upgrades based on HV/HR-CMOS Technology
PoS(TIPP2014)280 pdf S. Feigl and I. Peric
Performance and perspectives of the diamond based Beam Condition Monitor for beam loss monitoring at CMS
PoS(TIPP2014)281 pdf M. Guthoff, W. De Boer, A. Dabrowski, F. Kassel and D.P. Stickland
Recent Achievements of the ATLAS Upgrade Planar Pixel Sensors R&D Project
PoS(TIPP2014)282 pdf S. Altenheiner
Segmented scintillators with SiPM readout for measuring antiproton annihilations
PoS(TIPP2014)286 pdf A. Soter, K. Todoroki, T. Kobayashi, D. Barna, D. Horváth and M. Hori
Poster Session 3
Strip readout MRPC for the TOF System of the MPD/NICA Experiment.
PoS(TIPP2014)289 pdf V. Babkin
Development of a novel Micro Pattern Gaseous Detector for cosmic ray muon tomography.
PoS(TIPP2014)290 pdf M. Biglietti
Muon Scattering Tomography using Drift Chamber Detectors
PoS(TIPP2014)291 pdf J. Burns, C. Steer, S. Quillin and M. Stapleton
A Cylindrical GEM Detector with Analog Readout for the BESIII Experiment
PoS(TIPP2014)292 pdf I. Garzia and G. Cibinetto
The MINOS micromegas-TPC vertex tracker for in-beam spectroscopy of very exotic nuclei
PoS(TIPP2014)293 pdf A. Delbart
Lowering the background level and the energy threshold of Micromegas x-ray detectors for axion searches
PoS(TIPP2014)295 pdf F.J. Iguaz Gutierrez, F. Aznar, J.F. Castel, T. Dafni, J.A. Garcia, J.G. Garza, I.G. Irastorza, I. Ortega, A. Rodriguez, A. Tomas, S. Aune, E. Ferrer Ribas, J. Galan, I. Giomataris, D. Jourde, T. Papaevangelou, M. Davenport, T. Vafeiadis and S.C. Yildiz
Development of a GEM-based TPC for H-dibaryon Search at J-PARC
PoS(TIPP2014)300 pdf H. Sako, S. Hwang, K. Imai, Y. Ichikawa, S. Sato and H. Sugimura
Construction and test of high precision drift-tube (sMDT) chambers for the ATLAS muon spectrometer
PoS(TIPP2014)302 pdf S. Nowak, O. Kortner, H. Kroha, P. Schwegler and F. Sforza
Poster Session 4
Simulation studies of a novel, charge sharing, multi-anode MCP detector
PoS(TIPP2014)306 pdf T. Conneely, J.S. Milnes and J.S. Lapington
A Pixelated Positron Timing Counter with Fast Plastic Scintillator Readout by SiPMs for the MEG-II Experiment
PoS(TIPP2014)313 pdf M. Nishimura
Gain stabilisation of SiPMs
PoS(TIPP2014)315 pdf I. Polak
LUCID upgrade - Atlas luminosity monitor for the LHC RUNs 2&3
PoS(TIPP2014)317 pdf F. Lasagni manghi
A Prototype of LaBr3:Ce in situ Gamma-Ray Spectrometer for Marine Environmental Monitoring
PoS(TIPP2014)320 pdf M. Zeng
Poster Session 5
Detector Module Design, Construction and Performance for the LHCb SciFi Tracker
PoS(TIPP2014)323 pdf R.J. Ekelhof
Development of Multipurpose Aerogel Cherenkov Counter
PoS(TIPP2014)325 pdf H. Ito
Recent Progress in the Development of Large Area Silica Aerogel for Use as RICH Radiator in the Belle II Experiment
PoS(TIPP2014)327 pdf M. Tabata
Progress in Developing a Spiral Fiber Tracker for the J-PARC E36 Experiment
PoS(TIPP2014)328 pdf M. Tabata
Poster Session 6
The ATLAS New Small Wheel Upgrade Project
PoS(TIPP2014)331 pdf K. Ntekas
The Atlas SCT operation and performance
PoS(TIPP2014)334 pdf C. Alpigiani and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
A Monolithic Active Pixel Sensor for the Upgrade of the ALICE ITS
PoS(TIPP2014)337 pdf A. Collu
New developements of the PANDA Disc DIRC detector
PoS(TIPP2014)338 pdf E. Etzelmueller
Tracker alignment validation in CMS using electrons
PoS(TIPP2014)340 pdf C. Goetzmann and E. Conte
Attempt at laser spectroscopy of pionic helium atoms at PSI
PoS(TIPP2014)342 pdf M. Hori, A. Soter, H. Aghai-Khozani, D. Barna, A. Dax, R.S. Hayano, Y. Murakami, K. Todoroki and H. Yamada
Irradiation tests and expected performance of readout electronics of the ATLAS hadronic endcap calorimeter for the HL-LHC
PoS(TIPP2014)344 pdf A. Cheplakov
Upgraded Fast Beam Conditions Monitor for CMS online luminosity measurement
PoS(TIPP2014)346 pdf
J.L. Leonard, A. Bell, M. Hempel, H. Henschel, O. Karacheban, W. Lange, W. Lohmann, O. Novgorodova, M. Penno, R. Walsh, A. Dabrowski, M. Guthoff, R. Loos, V. Ryjov, P. Burtowy, A. Lokhovitskiy, N. Odell, D. Przyborowski, D.P. Stickland and A. Zagozdzinska
Operation and performance of the CMS tracker
PoS(TIPP2014)347 pdf M. Malberti
Luminosity measurement at CMS
PoS(TIPP2014)348 pdf J.L. Leonard
Carbon Sputtering Technology for MPGD detectors
PoS(TIPP2014)351 pdf A. Ochi
Design of CMS Beam Halo Monitor system
PoS(TIPP2014)352 pdf S. Orfanelli, A. Dabrowski, D.P. Stickland, F.L. Fabbri, A. Montanari, R. Loos, N. Tosi, A. Finkel and R. Rusack
EUDAQ and EUTelescope: Software Frameworks for Test Beam Data Acquisition and Analysis
PoS(TIPP2014)353 pdf H. Perrey
A New High-Intensity Proton Irradiation Facility at the CERN PS East Area
PoS(TIPP2014)354 pdf F. Ravotti, B. Gkotse, M. Glaser, P. Lima, E. Matli and M. Moll
Poster Session 7
Performance of the EUSO-BALLOON Front-End Electronics
PoS(TIPP2014)362 pdf H. Miyamoto, S. Bacholle, P. Barrillon, C. Blaksley, S. Blin, S. Dagoret-Campagne, P. Gorodetzky, A. Jung, C. Moretto, G. Prévôt and J.A. Rabanal Reina
Poster Session 8
High-Resolution and Low Resource Time To Digital Converters for the KM3NeT Neutrino Telescope
PoS(TIPP2014)364 pdf D. Calvo and D. Real
Nanobeacon and Laser Beacon: KM3NeT Time Calibration Devices
PoS(TIPP2014)365 pdf D. Real and D. Calvo
Kinetic Inductance Detectors as light detectors for neutrino and dark matter searches
PoS(TIPP2014)366 pdf A. Cruciani, E.S. Battistelli, F. Bellini, C. Bucci, M. Calvo, L. Cardani, G. Castellano, I. Colantoni, C. Cosmelli, A. Coppolecchia, A. D'Addabbo, P. De Bernardis, S. Di Domizio, S. Masi, D. Pinci, C. Tomei and M. Vignati
The Central Logic Board for the optical module of the KM3NeT detector
PoS(TIPP2014)372 pdf P. Musico
Digital Optical Module Read-Out Electronics System of the KM3NeT Neutrino Telescope
PoS(TIPP2014)373 pdf D. Real
Poster Session 9
Background optimization for a new spherical gas detector for very light WIMP detection
PoS(TIPP2014)375 pdf A. Dastgheibi fard
Poster Session 10
ROB performance in a high luminosity scenario
PoS(TIPP2014)379 pdf C. Fernández Bedoya, J.M. Cela Ruiz, Á. Navarro Tobar, I. Redondo Fernandez and C. Willmott Zappacosta
Front-End Electronics for the LHCb Upgrade Scintillating Fibre Tracker
PoS(TIPP2014)380 pdf H. Chanal, A. Comerma and N. Pillet
Test for the mitigation of the Single Event Upset for ASIC in 130 nm technology
PoS(TIPP2014)382 pdf I. Balossino, D. Calvo, P. De Remigis, S. Mattiazzo, G. Mazza and R. Wheadon
Poster Session 11
Development of a Silicon PIN Diode X-Ray Detector
PoS(TIPP2014)392 pdf J. Abramovitch, C. Liu, T. Liu, J. Ye and X. Zhao
Kmax-based Event Mode Data Acquisition System for the University of Kentucky Accelerator Laboratory
PoS(TIPP2014)394 pdf B. Crider
The NA62 LAV front-end electronics and the L0 trigger generating firmware
PoS(TIPP2014)397 pdf F. Gonnella, A. Antonelli, G. Corradi, V. Kozhuharov, S. Martellotti, M. Moulson, M. Raggi and T. Spadaro
Topology in the future ATLAS Level-1 Trigger
PoS(TIPP2014)399 pdf C. Kahra
A prototype for the data acquisition of the CBM Micro Vertex Detector
PoS(TIPP2014)404 pdf B. Milanovic, S. Amar-Youcef, M. Deveaux, I. Froehlich, M. Koziel, Q. Li, J. Michel, C. Muentz, B. Neumann, T. Tischler, M. Wiebusch and J. Stroth
Preparing Electrons and Photons High Level Trigger Reconstruction in CMS for Run II data taking
PoS(TIPP2014)407 pdf S. Regnard
GPU for triggering in High Energy Physics Experiments
PoS(TIPP2014)408 pdf S. Amerio, M. Belgiovine, R. Di Sipio, A. Gabrielli, A. Gianelle, D. Lucchesi, M. Negrini, L. Rinaldi, F. Semeria, A. Sidoti and M. Villa
Prometeo: A portable test-bench for the upgraded front-end electronics of the ATLAS Tile calorimeter
PoS(TIPP2014)409 pdf D. Bullock, F. Carrió Argos, M. Govender, I. Hofsajer, B. Garcia Mellado, P. Moreno, R.G. Reed, X. Ruan, C.J. Sandrock, C. Solans Sanchez, R. Suter, G. Usai and A. Valero
Initial Upgrade of the ATLAS Level 1 Calorimeter Trigger
PoS(TIPP2014)410 pdf D.B. Ta
Electronics and Calibration system for the CMS Beam Halo Monitor
PoS(TIPP2014)411 pdf N. Tosi, A. Dabrowski, F.L. Fabbri, A. Finkel, S. Orfanelli, R. Loos, A. Montanari, R. Rusack and D.P. Stickland
A New Data Concentrator for the CMS Muon Barrel Track Finder - Phase I Upgrade
PoS(TIPP2014)412 pdf A. Triossi, M. Bellato, R. Isocrate, F. Montecassiano and S. Ventura
The CMS calorimeter trigger upgrade for the LHC Run II
PoS(TIPP2014)414 pdf A. Zabi
Poster Session 12
Data Acquisition System with data reduction in real-time mode
PoS(TIPP2014)416 pdf E.A. Puryga, K. Martin, S.V. Ivanenko, A. Ivanova, A. Kotelnikov, P.V. Zubarev, A.N. Kvashnin and A.D. Khilchenko
Poster Session 14
Deformation Monitoring of a Tracking Particle Detector using Fiber Bragg Grating sensors
PoS(TIPP2014)418 pdf M. DellaPietra, A. Iadicicco and S. Campopiano
Scanning facility to irradiate mechanical structures for the LHC upgrade programme
PoS(TIPP2014)419 pdf R. French, P. Dervan, P. Hodgson, H. Marin-Reyes, K. Parker, J. Wilson and M. Baca
Poster Session 16
The GAP Project - GPU for Realtime Applications in High Level Trigger and Medical Imaging
PoS(TIPP2014)422 pdf M. Fiorini