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Frontiers of Fundamental Physics 14

15-18 July 2014
Aix Marseille University (AMU) Saint-Charles Campus, Marseille, France
published September 15, 2016
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The 14th annual international symposium “Frontiers of Fundamental Physics” (FFP14) was organized by the OCEVU Labex. It was held in Marseille, on the Saint-Charles Campus of Aix Marseille University (AMU) and had over 280 participants coming from all over the world.

FFP Symposium began in India in 1997 and it became itinerant in 2004, through Europe, Canada and Australia. It covers topics in fundamental physics with the objective to enable scholars working in related areas to meet on a single platform and exchange ideas. In addition to highlighting the progress in these areas, the symposium invites the top researchers to reflect on the educational aspects of our discipline. Moreover, the scientific concepts are also discussed through philosophical and epistemological viewpoints. Several eminent scientists, such as the laureates of prestigious awards (Nobel Prize, Fields Medal,…), have already participated in these meetings.

The FFP14 Symposium developed around seven main themes, namely:

The morning was devoted to the plenary session, with talks for a broad audience of physicists in its first half (9:00-10:30), and more specialized in its second half (11:00-12:30); this part was held in three amphitheaters. The parallel session of the Symposium took place during the afternoon (14:30-18:30) with seven thematic conferences and an additional conference on open topics named “Frontiers of Fundamental Physics”. These eight conferences were organized around the contributions of participants, in addition to the ones of invited speakers.

Altogether, there were some 250 contributions to the symposium (talks and posters). The plenary talks were webcasted live and recorded. The slides of the talks and the videos of the plenary talks are available from the Symposium web site: http://ffp14.cpt.univ-mrs.fr/

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FFP14 Symposium Synopsis
PoS(FFP14)001 pdf E. Kajfasz, T. Masson and R. Triay
Cosmological results from Planck and LSS
PoS(FFP14)002 pdf F. Bouchet
Status of the BSM scenarios
PoS(FFP14)003 pdf S. Pokorski
Origin of Cosmic Rays
PoS(FFP14)004 pdf V. Ptuskin
Loop Quantum Gravity
PoS(FFP14)005 pdf C. Rovelli
Discovering dark matter
PoS(FFP14)006 pdf S. Sarkar
Issues in Galaxy Formation 2014
PoS(FFP14)007 pdf J. Silk
Status of HEP after the LHC Run 1
PoS(FFP14)008 pdf P. Sphicas
Investigating inflation and super-high-energy physics with new CMB data
PoS(FFP14)009 pdf A.A. Starobinsky
Personal reflections on two success stories
PoS(FFP14)010 pdf G. Veneziano
Co-development of conceptual understanding and critical attitude: an essential condition for physics learning
PoS(FFP14)011 pdf L. Viennot
Distances to supernovae: an efficient probe of dark energy
PoS(FFP14)012 pdf P. Astier
Dark Energy and Modified Gravity
PoS(FFP14)013 pdf P. Brax
From DGT to dRGT: a review of ``massive gravity'' theories
PoS(FFP14)014 pdf C. Deffayet
LSS with angular cross-correlations: Combining Spectroscopic and Photometric Surveys
PoS(FFP14)015 pdf E. Gaztanaga
Cosmology with Galaxy Redshift Surveys
PoS(FFP14)016 pdf L. Guzzo
Weak gravitational lensing
PoS(FFP14)017 pdf A. Heavens
Cosmological tests of gravity
PoS(FFP14)018 pdf K. Koyama
Inflation after Planck & BICEP2
PoS(FFP14)019 pdf J. Martin
Primordial non-Gaussianity, present status and future prospects
PoS(FFP14)020 pdf S. Matarrese
Dynamics of the Cosmic Web
PoS(FFP14)021 pdf A. Nusser
The Signature of Low Redshift Large-Scale Structure in the Cosmic Microwave Background
PoS(FFP14)022 pdf D. Spergel
Cosmic inflation and primordial structure
PoS(FFP14)023 pdf D. Wands
Particle acceleration in astrophysical sources
PoS(FFP14)024 pdf E. Amato
UHECR: Progress and Problems
PoS(FFP14)025 pdf V. Berezinsky
Geometrical aspects of deformation quantization
PoS(FFP14)026 pdf P. Bieliavsky
Recent experimental results and theoretical developments in Heavy Ion physics
PoS(FFP14)027 pdf J.P. Blaizot
Geometric Unification
PoS(FFP14)028 pdf A. Chamseddine
IceCube and the Discovery of High-Energy Cosmic Neutrinos
PoS(FFP14)029 pdf M. Ahlers and F. Halzen
Physical predicions from lattice QCD
PoS(FFP14)030 pdf C. Hoelbling
The top-quark gateway to new physics
PoS(FFP14)031 pdf F. Maltoni
Review of Flavour Physics
PoS(FFP14)032 pdf F. Mescia
Relativistic outflows from compact objects and generation of Astroparticles
PoS(FFP14)033 pdf attachments G. Pelletier, M. Lemoine and I. Plotnikov
Neutrino pathways to cosmology
PoS(FFP14)034 pdf J.W.F. Valle
Last gasps of a black hole
PoS(FFP14)035 pdf E. Bianchi
There are no black holes: Pseudo-Complex General Relativity From Einstein to Zweistein
PoS(FFP14)036 pdf W. Greiner
Background independence of GR and in LQG
PoS(FFP14)037 pdf J. Lewandowski
A scenario for black hole evaporation on a quantum geometry
PoS(FFP14)038 pdf J. Pullin and R. Gambini
A Test Bed for High Energy Physiscs
PoS(FFP14)039 pdf B. Sidharth
It Ain't Necessarily So: Interpretations and Misinterpretations of Quantum Theory
PoS(FFP14)040 pdf J. Stachel
High precision gravitational self-force calculations and post-Newtonian implications
PoS(FFP14)041 pdf B. Whiting
Arrival direction distribution of cosmic rays from ~100 PeV to the highest energies detected at the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(FFP14)042 pdf I. Al Samarai
Particle Acceleration and Radiation in Pulsar Wind Nebulae
PoS(FFP14)043 pdf E. Amato
Future of neutrino based reactor experiments
PoS(FFP14)044 pdf E. Baussan
Neutrino Oscillations: Experimental Review
PoS(FFP14)045 pdf A. Cabrera
The new Gamma Ray Telescope Observatory: CTA
PoS(FFP14)046 pdf J. Carr
Mediterranean Neutrino Telescopes
PoS(FFP14)047 pdf P. Coyle
Gamma-ray bursts
PoS(FFP14)048 pdf F. Daigne
The Very High Energy $\gamma$-ray Extragalactic Sky
PoS(FFP14)049 pdf A. Djannati-Ataï
A new multiwavelength lepto-hadronic model of astrophysical jet emission
PoS(FFP14)050 pdf S. Drappeau, S. Markoff, S. Corbel, M.A. Nowak and J. Wilms
Dark Matter in the Milky Way
PoS(FFP14)051 pdf B. Famaey
Review of Dark Matter Direct Searches
PoS(FFP14)052 pdf J. Gascon
High Energy Phenomena at the Center of our Galaxy
PoS(FFP14)053 pdf A. Goldwurm
Fitting the Fermi-LAT GeV excess: on the importance of the propagation of electrons from dark matter
PoS(FFP14)054 pdf T. Lacroix
Revisiting the escape speed impact on dark matter direct detection
PoS(FFP14)055 pdf S. Magni and J. Lavalle
Cosmic Ray propagation in the interstellar medium
PoS(FFP14)056 pdf A. Marcowith
Multi-Messenger analysis with the ANTARES High Energy Neutrino Telescope
PoS(FFP14)057 pdf A. Mathieu
Cosmological N-body+hydro simulations of spiral galaxies and dark matter detection
PoS(FFP14)058 pdf P. Mollitor
Magnetic field generated by the Weibel instability
PoS(FFP14)059 pdf C.M. Ryu
The extragalactic sky in the Fermi era
PoS(FFP14)060 pdf D. Sanchez
Very high energy gamma-emission of Perseus Cluster
PoS(FFP14)062 pdf V.G. Sinitsyna and V.Y. Sinitsyna
SHALON observations of Active Galactic Nuclei at red shift from z=0.0179 to z=1.375
PoS(FFP14)063 pdf V.G. Sinitsyna, V.Y. Sinitsyna, A.Y. Alaverdyan, M.S. Andreeva, K.A. Balygin, S.S. Borisov, I.A. Ivanon, A.M. Kirichenko, A.I. Klimov, I.P. Kozhukhova, N.I. Moseiko, S.I. Nikolsky, A.I. Palamarchuk, V.Y. Sinitsyna and I.G. Volokh
Long-term studies of the Cygnus Region and its objects
PoS(FFP14)064 pdf V.G. Sinitsyna and V.Y. Sinitsyna
EBL measurements through the TeV gamma-ray spectra of Low- and High-red shifted AGN
PoS(FFP14)065 pdf V.Y. Sinitsyna and V.G. Sinitsyna
Measurement of leptons related quantities in AMS
PoS(FFP14)066 pdf L. Tao
Bright Gamma-ray Pulsars in the Fermi Era : Results and prospects with ground-based telescopes
PoS(FFP14)067 pdf T. Tavernier
High Energy and Very High Energy Gamma-rays from Galactic Particle Accelerators
PoS(FFP14)068 pdf Y. Uchiyama
Indirect dark matter detection: recent results and perspectives
PoS(FFP14)069 pdf P. Ullio
Massive Gravity with Two Stückelberg Fields
PoS(FFP14)070 pdf L. Alberte and A. Khmelnitsky
Probing the matter power spectrum with the galaxy clustering ratio
PoS(FFP14)071 pdf J. Bel
Clusters for Cosmology
PoS(FFP14)072 pdf A. Blanchard
Magnetic field generation during inflation
PoS(FFP14)073 pdf C. Caprini
Inflationary perturbations in Eddington-inspired Born-Infeld gravity
PoS(FFP14)074 pdf I. Cho
Measuring the growth of galaxy clusters
PoS(FFP14)075 pdf A. Diaferio
Gravitational waves attenuation in a non-perturbative spinorial vacuum
PoS(FFP14)076 pdf V. Dzhunushaliev
Friedmann equation and the emergence of cosmic space
PoS(FFP14)077 pdf C.Y. Ee
The linear velocity field of SDSS DR7 galaxies: constraints on flow amplitudes and the growth rate
PoS(FFP14)078 pdf M. Feix
Constraints on chiral gravity through the CMB polarization
PoS(FFP14)079 pdf A. Ferté
Dark Energy and Dark Matter in Stars Physic
PoS(FFP14)080 pdf P. Fiziev
Some remarks on new numerical estimations of the Rees-Sciama effect
PoS(FFP14)081 pdf M.J. Fullana i Alfonso, J.V. Arnau i Córdoba, R.J. Thacker, H.M.P. Couchman and D.P. Sáez Milán
Symmetries in Large Scale Structure
PoS(FFP14)082 pdf L. Hui
The baryon fraction in clusters and scaling relations in LCDM from X-ray and Planck data
PoS(FFP14)083 pdf S. Ilic, M. Douspis and A. Blanchard
Scalar field dark matter and pulsar timing observations
PoS(FFP14)084 pdf A. Khmelnitsky and V.A. Rubakov
Tests on the Expansion of the Universe
PoS(FFP14)085 pdf M.i. Lopez-Corredoira
Matter-Bounce Spin-Cosmology and consistency with BICEP2 data
PoS(FFP14)086 pdf A. Marciano
Impact of cosmic variance on the local measurement of $H_0$
PoS(FFP14)087 pdf G. Marozzi, I. Ben-Dayan, R. Durrer and D.J. Schwarz
High energy sources during the re-ionization epoch of the universe
PoS(FFP14)088 pdf I.F. Mirabel
Sequestering the Standard Model Vacuum Energy
PoS(FFP14)089 pdf A. Padilla
Looking for the first star-forming galaxies in the univers
PoS(FFP14)090 pdf R. Pello
Dark Energy phenomenology: the effective field theory approach
PoS(FFP14)091 pdf F. Piazza
The effects of assembly bias on galaxy clustering predictions
PoS(FFP14)092 pdf A. Pujol and E. Gaztanaga
Probing primordial statistical anisotropy with WMAP and Planck data
PoS(FFP14)093 pdf S. Ramazanov
Galactic foregrounds for the CMB
PoS(FFP14)095 pdf S. Sarkar
Particle like solutions in modified gravity: the Higgs monopoles
PoS(FFP14)096 pdf attachments S. Schlögel
Inflation Physics from the CMB and LSS
PoS(FFP14)097 pdf L. Senatore
Probing non-standard gravity with the growth index of cosmological perturbations
PoS(FFP14)098 pdf H. Steigerwald
The strained state cosmology
PoS(FFP14)099 pdf A. Tartaglia
Infrared physics in inflation and primordial perturbations
PoS(FFP14)100 pdf Y. Urakawa
Healthy theories beyond Horndeski
PoS(FFP14)102 pdf F. Vernizzi
Cosmology with Mimetic Matter
PoS(FFP14)103 pdf A. Vikman
Chameleon Cosmology Near and Far
PoS(FFP14)104 pdf A. Weltman
ESSnuSB Neutrino Oscillation Project
PoS(FFP14)105 pdf E. Baussan
Precision Electroweak Measurements at Future High Energy Colliders
PoS(FFP14)106 pdf A. Blondel
Exotic hadrons in Experiment and on the Lattice
PoS(FFP14)107 pdf J. Bulava
Searches for heavy resonances at the LHC
PoS(FFP14)108 pdf S. Crepe-Renaudin
Observables and anomalies in $B\rightarrow K^{(*)} \ell^+ \ell^- $ decays
PoS(FFP14)109 pdf S. Cunliffe
``CP violation effects in multibody B decays'' on behalf of the LHCb Collaboration
PoS(FFP14)110 pdf J.P. Dalseno
Leptogenesis and low energy neutrino data
PoS(FFP14)111 pdf P. Di Bari
The exact Foldy-Wouthuysen transformation for a Dirac Theory with the complete set of CPT/LORENTZ Violating terms
PoS(FFP14)112 pdf B. Goncalves, M.M. Dias and B.J. Ribeiro
Measurement of EW production of $Z+2j$ at the LHC
PoS(FFP14)113 pdf K. Joshi
Off-shell Higgs signal and total width determination at the LHC
PoS(FFP14)114 pdf N. Kauer
Searches for BSM Higgs bosons at LHC
PoS(FFP14)115 pdf W. Mader
Gauged and ungauged unparticles signal at the LHC and ILC
PoS(FFP14)116 pdf N. Mebarki and I. Aliane
Constraints on Higgs physics from EW precision measurements
PoS(FFP14)117 pdf S. Mishima
Top production at the LHC
PoS(FFP14)118 pdf J. Nadal
Search for ttH in Run 1 at the LHC
PoS(FFP14)119 pdf C. Neu
Global status of neutrino oscillations
PoS(FFP14)120 pdf A. Palazzo
Lattice gauge theories beyond QCD
PoS(FFP14)121 pdf A. Patella
Constraints on BSM physics through the Higgs couplings
PoS(FFP14)122 pdf J. Quevillon
SUSY after LHC run 1
PoS(FFP14)123 pdf H. Rzehak
Review of neutrinoless double beta decay search
PoS(FFP14)124 pdf X. Sarazin
ALICE results in p--Pb collisions at the LHC
PoS(FFP14)125 pdf D. Stocco
Recent progress in Lattice QCD thermodynamics
PoS(FFP14)126 pdf K. Szabo
Recent advances in neutrino astrophysics
PoS(FFP14)127 pdf C. Volpe
Top quark mass measurements at hadron colliders
PoS(FFP14)128 pdf G. Watts
The Top-Quark Charge Asymmetry -- Testing Strong Interactions and More
PoS(FFP14)129 pdf S. Westhoff
(Getting ready for) precision physics at hadron colliders
PoS(FFP14)130 pdf M. Zaro
Deformation quantization of Noncommutative Principal Bundles
PoS(FFP14)131 pdf P. Aschieri
Causality and Noncommutative Geometry
PoS(FFP14)132 pdf F. Besnard
On Drinfel'd twists and their use in non-commutative geometry
PoS(FFP14)133 pdf P. Bieliavsky
Noncommutative version of Borcherds' approach to quantum field theory
PoS(FFP14)134 pdf C. Brouder, N.V. Dang and A. Frabetti
Renormalization in Tensorial Group Field Theories
PoS(FFP14)135 pdf S. Carrozza
Noncommutative Geometry and Physics
PoS(FFP14)136 pdf A. Chamseddine
Vector bundles on the noncommutative torus from deformation quantization
PoS(FFP14)137 pdf F. D'Andrea
Causal structure for noncommutative geometry
PoS(FFP14)138 pdf M. Eckstein and N. Franco
Spectral triples and Toeplitz operators
PoS(FFP14)140 pdf K. Falk
Every Symplectic Manifold Is A Coadjoint Orbit
PoS(FFP14)141 pdf P. Iglesias-Zemmour
Hyperbolic PDEs with non-commutative time
PoS(FFP14)142 pdf G. Lechner
Noncommutative Geometry, the Spectral Action and Fundamental Symmetries
PoS(FFP14)143 pdf F. Lizzi
Designing the sound of a cut-off drum
PoS(FFP14)144 pdf P. Martinetti
Higher Symmetries of Laplace and Dirac operators - towards supersymmetries
PoS(FFP14)145 pdf J.P. Michel
Influence of quantum matter fluctuations on the expansion parameter of timelike geodesics
PoS(FFP14)146 pdf N. Pinamonti
Perturbative algebraic QFT as a universal framework for constructing physically motivated models in quantum field theory
PoS(FFP14)147 pdf K. Rejzner
Model building in almost-commutative geometry
PoS(FFP14)148 pdf C. Stephan
On the K-theoretic classification of topological phases of matter
PoS(FFP14)149 pdf G.C. Thiang
Inner perturbations in noncommutative geometry
PoS(FFP14)150 pdf W. van Suijlekom
Construction of a quantum field theory in four dimensions
PoS(FFP14)151 pdf R. Wulkenhaar and H. Grosse
Gravitational Scattering via Twistor Theory
PoS(FFP14)152 pdf T. Adamo
Quantum Reduced Loop Gravity
PoS(FFP14)153 pdf E. Alesci and F. Cianfrani
First order gravity on the light front
PoS(FFP14)154 pdf S. Alexandrov
How many quanta are there in a quantum spacetime?
PoS(FFP14)155 pdf S. Ari Wahyoedi
Application of the Curvature operator: Matrix Elements and properties of the new Hamiltonian Constraint operator in LQG
PoS(FFP14)156 pdf M. Assanioussi
On background-independent renormalization in spin foam models
PoS(FFP14)157 pdf B. Bahr
Analytical continuation of black hole entropy in Loop Quantum Gravity: Lessons from black hole thermodynamics
PoS(FFP14)158 pdf J. Ben Achour and K. Noui
Coherent State Operators in Cosmology and Gravity
PoS(FFP14)159 pdf A. Dapor
A brief overview of loop quantum cosmology
PoS(FFP14)161 pdf J. Grain
Curved polyhedra
PoS(FFP14)162 pdf H. Haggard
Matter Bounce Scenario in F(T) gravity
PoS(FFP14)163 pdf J. Haro and J. Amoros
Quantum formalism for systems with temporally varying discretization
PoS(FFP14)164 pdf P. Hoehn
Exact formulation of the quantum scalar constraint in LQG
PoS(FFP14)165 pdf J. Lewandowski
LQC on curved FLRW space time
PoS(FFP14)166 pdf L. Linsefors
Do interacting ultraviolet fixed point exist, and if so, what can we do with them?
PoS(FFP14)167 pdf D. Litim
Spinorial Path Integral for Loop Gravity: Coherent states and Spinfoam symmetries
PoS(FFP14)168 pdf E. Livine
Loop quantum effects on a viscous dark energy cosmological model
PoS(FFP14)170 pdf N. Mebarki and S. Benchick
A first-principles approach to physics based on locality and operationalism
PoS(FFP14)171 pdf R. Oeckl
A quantum field theory for the atoms of space
PoS(FFP14)172 pdf D. Oriti
Black hole entropy and entanglement of Planckian degrees of freedom
PoS(FFP14)173 pdf A. Perez
Black holes in Asymptotically Safe Gravity
PoS(FFP14)174 pdf F. Saueressig, N. Alkofer, G. D'Odorico and F. Vidotto
The role of BRST charge as a generator of gauge transformations in quantization of gauge theories and Gravity
PoS(FFP14)175 pdf T. Shestakova
Observers diffeomorphism-invariant description of a general relativistic system
PoS(FFP14)176 pdf J. Swiezewski
Group field theories generating polyhedral complexes
PoS(FFP14)177 pdf J. Thürigen
On the cosmological constant: its identification as renormalization group invariant scale corresponding to a gravitational condensate
PoS(FFP14)178 pdf R. Toriumi and H. Hamber
Loop gravity from a spinorial action
PoS(FFP14)179 pdf W. Wieland
The Matter Bounce Scenario in Loop Quantum Cosmology
PoS(FFP14)180 pdf E. Wilson-Ewing
Plebanski sectors of the Lorentzian 4-simplex amplitude
PoS(FFP14)181 pdf A. Zipfel
Continuous wavelet transform in quantum field theory
PoS(FFP14)182 pdf M. Altaisky
From Quantum Cellular Automata to Quantum Field Theory
PoS(FFP14)183 pdf A. Bisio
The cosmological constant and quantum vacuum
PoS(FFP14)184 pdf A. Blanchard
Field and Matter or Pure Field Physics?
PoS(FFP14)185 pdf I. Bulyzhenkov
From Kerr-Newman Black Hole to Spinning Particle: Where is There Hidden the Dirac Equation?
PoS(FFP14)186 pdf A. Burinskii
The Archimedes project: a feasibility study forweighing the vacuum energy
PoS(FFP14)187 pdf E. Calloni, S. Caprara, M. De Laurentis, G. Esposito, M. Grilli, E. Majorana, G.P. Pepe, S. Petrarca, P. Puppo, F. Ricci, L. Rosa, C. Rovelli, P. Ruggi, N.L. Saini, C. Stornaiolo and F. Tafuri
Energy-Momentum Tensor in Electromagnetic Theory and Gravitation from Relativistic Quantum Equations
PoS(FFP14)188 pdf V. Dvoeglazov
Charge Quantization from a Number Operator
PoS(FFP14)190 pdf C. Furey
The Cosmological Constant in Distorted Quantum Cosmology
PoS(FFP14)191 pdf R. Garattini
A fluid of diffusing particles and its cosmological behaviour
PoS(FFP14)193 pdf Z. Haba
Higgs fields, Yang-Mills Quantized theories and the Cohomological origine of the mass
PoS(FFP14)195 pdf J. Kouneiher
Dynamics of histories
PoS(FFP14)196 pdf M. Lachieze-Rey
Fuzzy Topology, Quantization and Gauge Fields
PoS(FFP14)197 pdf S.N. Mayburov
A No Go Theorem for Gallileon like ``Odd P-Forms''
PoS(FFP14)198 pdf V. Sivanesan
Solar wind test of the de Broglie-Proca's massive photon with Cluster multi-spacecraft data
PoS(FFP14)199 pdf A. Spallicci
Informational features of Fermionic systems
PoS(FFP14)202 pdf A. Tosini
A new theory of light and matter
PoS(FFP14)203 pdf J. Williamson
Weyl's gauge argument
PoS(FFP14)204 pdf A. Afriat
Kurt Gödel's theory of gravitation
PoS(FFP14)205 pdf E. Audureau
Categorical Operator Algebraic Foundations of Relational Quantum Theory
PoS(FFP14)206 pdf P. Bertozzini
Quantum Indeterminacy, Gauge Symmetries and Symplectic Reduction
PoS(FFP14)207 pdf G. Catren
Kurt Gödel philosopher: from logic to epistemology
PoS(FFP14)209 pdf G. Crocco
Symmetry, Physical Theories and Theory Change
PoS(FFP14)210 pdf A. de Queiroz, M. Lachieze-Rey and S. Simon
A novel approach to characterising quantum theory based on limited information and complementarity
PoS(FFP14)211 pdf P. Hoehn
Roots and prespective of Bergmann-Einstein scalar tensor theory: the unpublished paper
PoS(FFP14)213 pdf J. Kouneiher
Lemaitre’s Big Bang
PoS(FFP14)214 pdf J.P. Luminet
The Twilight of the Scientific Age
PoS(FFP14)215 pdf M.i. Lopez-Corredoira
Constructive Identities for Physics
PoS(FFP14)216 pdf A. Rodin
Quantization, spatiotemporalization and pure variation
PoS(FFP14)217 pdf J. Rosanvallon
Do Quanta Need a New Logic?
PoS(FFP14)218 pdf J. Stachel
Describing many-particle QM as well as QFT in terms of ``single particle'' QM with one extra dimension
PoS(FFP14)219 pdf R. Sverdlov
Realistic interpretation of Grassmann variables outside the integral sign
PoS(FFP14)220 pdf R. Sverdlov
Category and Physics
PoS(FFP14)221 pdf J.J. Szczeciniarz
Atomism and Relationalism as guiding principles for Quantum Gravity
PoS(FFP14)222 pdf F. Vidotto
Decoherence and the measurement problem
PoS(FFP14)223 pdf H. Zwirn
Dynamics of pedagogical innovations: roots and developments. Cases of study in Physics and Mathematic
PoS(FFP14)224 pdf C. Barbachoux
Reimagining the teaching of physics in university
PoS(FFP14)225 pdf F. Bouquet
No magic wand for teaching physics
PoS(FFP14)226 pdf D. Buskulic, R. Taillet and G. Maurin
History and Philosophy of Science Can Improve Problem-Solving
PoS(FFP14)227 pdf R. Coelho
LHCb outreach activities (on behalf of the LHCb Collaboration)
PoS(FFP14)228 pdf B. Couturier
Schema or not schema? that could be the question of teacher
PoS(FFP14)229 pdf D. Givry
Designing and evaluating new approaches to instruction
PoS(FFP14)230 pdf P. Heron
Teaching modern physics in secondary school
PoS(FFP14)231 pdf M. Michelini, L. Santi and A. Stefanel
Conceptual Labs for operative Exploration
PoS(FFP14)232 pdf M. Michelini, L. Santi and A. Stefanel
IDIFO Teachers Formation on Modern Physics
PoS(FFP14)233 pdf M. Michelini
Less teaching yields better learning
PoS(FFP14)234 pdf E. Milgrom
Collaborating with Historians of Sciences for a deep and complex rewriting of Physics courses.
PoS(FFP14)235 pdf O. Morizot, S. Ferri, S. Bodea, G. Hagel and P. Abgrall
Learning physics : from the nature and origins of difficulties to an evolution of teaching
PoS(FFP14)236 pdf V. Munier
Soon 20 years of 'La Main a La Pate', an international model for inquiry-based science education in elementary school
PoS(FFP14)237 pdf D. Rouan
Introduction of interactive learning into French university physics classrooms
PoS(FFP14)238 pdf A. Rudolph
Design and build physics lab course for general physics program in college
PoS(FFP14)239 pdf C.M. Ryu
Upper secondary students face optic diffraction using simple experiments and on-line measurements
PoS(FFP14)240 pdf A. Stefanel, M. Michelini and L. Santi
Conceptions of secondary students on phenomenology of superconduction
PoS(FFP14)241 pdf A. Stefanel
Frontiers of popular physics demonstrations
PoS(FFP14)242 pdf G. Trap
From a subtractive to multiplicative approach, two concept-driven interactive pathways on the selective absorption of light
PoS(FFP14)243 pdf L. Viennot
Experimentation of a new pedagogical method in 1st year's teachings of physics
PoS(FFP14)244 pdf J.M. Virey
Horizons in Physics Education: a network to improve the attraction of physics
PoS(FFP14)245 pdf N. Witkowski