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Light Cone 2019 - QCD on the light cone: from hadrons to heavy ions

LC2019 - (other lc conferences)
16-20 September 2019
Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France
published May 26, 2020
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Light Cone 2019 is the latest in the series of conferences that, beginning in 1991, have played an important role in promoting research towards a rigorous description of hadrons and nuclei based on quantisation methods in the front form.

As with earlier conferences in the series, the aim of this meeting will be to create a scientific program that will stimulate developments at the forefront of nuclear, hadron and particle physics research. In particular, Light Cone 2019 will focus on the following physics topics and approaches:
Physics Topics

    Hadronic structure
    Small-x physics and heavy ions
    QCD at finite temperature
    Few- and many-body physics
    Chiral symmetry


    Field theories in the front form
    Lattice field theory
    Effective field theories
    Phenomenological models
    Present and future facilities

Editorial Board

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Overview of small-$x$ physics and TMDs
PoS(LC2019)001 pdf T. Altinoluk
Towards resonance properties in the Dyson-Schwinger approach
PoS(LC2019)003 pdf G. Eichmann
Early stages of heavy-ion collisions
PoS(LC2019)005 pdf F. Gelis
On the light-front wave functions of quarkonia
PoS(LC2019)007 pdf P. Maris, S. Jia, M. Li, Y. Li, S. Tang and J. Vary
Light front quantum mechanics and quantum field theory
PoS(LC2019)009 pdf W. Polyzou
An overview of light-front holography
PoS(LC2019)011 pdf R. Sandapen
Nucleon-to-meson transition distribution amplitudes in impact parameter space
PoS(LC2019)012 pdf B. Pire, K. Semenov-Tian-Shansky and L. Szymanowski
Overview of low-$x$ experiments
PoS(LC2019)020 pdf R. Zlebcik
Epstein-Glaser’s Causal Light-Front Field Theory
PoS(LC2019)021 pdf O.A. Acevedo Sánchez, B.M. Pimentel and D.E. Soto
Holographic light-front QCD in B meson phenomenology
PoS(LC2019)022 pdf M. Ahmady
Dissociative production of vector mesons as a new tool to study gluon saturation at electron-ion colliders
PoS(LC2019)025 pdf D. Bendova, J. Cepila and J.G. Contreras
Going off the light-cone - a model study of quasi-GPDs
PoS(LC2019)027 pdf S. Bhattacharya, C. Cocuzza and A. Metz
Quark mass function from a OGE-type interaction in Minkowski space
PoS(LC2019)028 pdf E.P. Biernat, F. Gross, M.T. Peña and A. Stadler
Color Confinement and Supersymmetric Properties of Hadron Physics from Light-Front Holography
PoS(LC2019)030 pdf S.J. Brodsky
Double parton distributions of the pion in the NJL model
PoS(LC2019)031 pdf W. Broniowski and E.R. Arriola
Timelike Compton Scattering with CLAS12 at Jefferson Lab
PoS(LC2019)033 pdf P. Chatagnon
Sub-eikonal corrections and low-$x$ helicity evolution
PoS(LC2019)034 pdf G.A. Chirilli
Conformal invariance of TMD rapidity evolution
PoS(LC2019)093 pdf G.A. Chirilli
3D imaging of the pion off-shell electromagnetic form factors
PoS(LC2019)035 pdf H.M. Choi, T. Frederico, C.R. Ji and J.P.B.C. de Melo
The QCD energy-momentum tensor for massive hadrons of arbitrary spin
PoS(LC2019)036 pdf S. Cotogno, C. Lorcé and P. Lowdon
Pion observables with the Minkowski Space Pion Model
PoS(LC2019)037 pdf J.P. de Melo, R. Moita and T. Frederico
Study of twist-2 distribution amplitudes and the decay constants of pseudoscalar and vector heavy mesons in light-front quark model
PoS(LC2019)038 pdf N. Dhiman, H. Dahiya, C.R. Ji and H.M. Choi
The dipole picture and the non-relativistic expansion
PoS(LC2019)039 pdf M.A. Escobedo Espinosa and T. Lappi
Exclusive production of heavy quarkonia as a probe of the low x and low scale gluon PDF
PoS(LC2019)040 pdf C. Flett, S. Jones, A. Martin, M.G. Ryskin and T. Teubner
Gauge boson mass as regulator of front-form dynamics
PoS(LC2019)042 pdf S.D. Glazek
$\pi\pi$ scattering in a renormalized Hamiltonian matrix
PoS(LC2019)043 pdf M. Gomez Rocha and E. Ruiz Arriola
Bound states and Perturbation theory
PoS(LC2019)046 pdf P. Hoyer
High energy scattering in QCD: from low to high Bjorken $x$
PoS(LC2019)047 pdf J. Jalilian-Marian
Angular and energy dependence of $A_y$, $A_{yy}$ and $A_{xx}$ analyzing powers in dp elastic scattering and dp breakup reaction investigation
PoS(LC2019)048 pdf
M. Janek, M. Janek, V.P. Ladygin, A.V. Averyanov, E.V. Chernykh, Y.V. Gurchin, A.Y. Isupov, D.O. Krivenkov, P.K. Kurilkin, N.B. Ladygina, A.N. Livanov, S.M. Piyadin, S.G. Reznikov, Y.T. Skhomenko, A.A. Terekhin, A.V. Tishevsky, D. Enache, J.T. Karachuk, O. Mezhenska and T. Uesaka
Beam spin asymmetry benchmark in the spinless meson electroproduction off the scalar target
PoS(LC2019)049 pdf C.R. Ji, H.M. Choi, A. Lundeen and B.L.G. Bakker
Structure and EM form factors of purely relativistic systems
PoS(LC2019)050 pdf V. Karmanov, J. Carbonell and H. Sazdjian
Probing linearly polarized gluon distribution in electron-proton collision at EIC
PoS(LC2019)051 pdf R. Kishore and A. Mukherjee
Complex poles, spectral function and reflection positivity violation of Yang-Mills theory
PoS(LC2019)053 pdf K.I. Kondo, Y. Hayashi, R. Matsudo, Y. Suda and M. Watanabe
Boson Stars and QCD Boson Stars
PoS(LC2019)054 pdf U. Kulshreshtha, S. Kumar", D.S. Kulshreshtha" and J. Kunz"
Role of Light-Front Coordinates in String Theory
PoS(LC2019)055 pdf D. Kulshreshtha and U. Kulshreshtha"
A Non-perturbative Model of Mean Field Valence Quarks
PoS(LC2019)056 pdf C. Leon and M. Sargsian
Frame dependence of transition form factors in light-front dynamics
PoS(LC2019)057 pdf M. Li
Parton distributions from light-front holographic QCD
PoS(LC2019)058 pdf T. Liu
Gravitational form factor constraints and their universality
PoS(LC2019)059 pdf P. Lowdon, S. Cotogno and C. Lorcé
Constraints on the Intrinsic Charm Content of the Proton from Recent ATLAS Data
PoS(LC2019)060 pdf G. Lykasov, S.J. Brodsky, V.A. Bednyakov, A.V. Lipatov, J. Smiesko and S. Tokar
Toward precision jet event shape for future Electron-Ion Collider
PoS(LC2019)061 pdf D. Kang and T. Maji
Light-front quantization is the same as instant-time quantization
PoS(LC2019)062 pdf P. Mannheim
Impact parameter dependence of collinearly improved Balitsky-Kovchegov evolution
PoS(LC2019)064 pdf M. Matas, D. Bendova, J. Cepila and J.G. Contreras
Basic properties of GPDs and modelling of the latter
PoS(LC2019)065 pdf C. Mezrag, N. Chouika, H. Moutarde and J. Rodriguez-Quintero
Basis light-front quantization approach to nucleon
PoS(LC2019)067 pdf C. Mondal, S. Xu, J. Lan, X. Zhao, Y. Li, D. Chakrabarti and J. Vary
Prompt Photon Production as a probe of Gluon Sivers Function
PoS(LC2019)071 pdf S. Padval, R.M. Godbole, A. Kaushik and A. Misra
QCD at finite temperature and density from the Curci-Ferrari model
PoS(LC2019)074 pdf U. Reinosa
A proton imaging via double parton scattering
PoS(LC2019)075 pdf M. Rinaldi
Lensing function relation in hadrons
PoS(LC2019)076 pdf S. Rodini, B. Pasquini and A. Bacchetta
The homogeneous Bethe-Salpeter equation for fermion-scalar systems in Minkowski space
PoS(LC2019)077 pdf G. Salmè, T. Frederico, J.H. Alvarenga Nogueira and E. Pace
Tetraquark properties at large $N_c$
PoS(LC2019)078 pdf W. Lucha, D. Melikhov and H. Sazdjian
Form factors and structure functions of heavy mesons and baryons
PoS(LC2019)079 pdf K. Serafin
The massive gluon and the massless pion
PoS(LC2019)080 pdf J. Serreau
Ward-Takahashi Identity in QED$_4$ at One-loop Level on the Light-Front
PoS(LC2019)082 pdf A.T. Suzuki and C.R. Ji
Quantum Tunneling Time in the Light Front
PoS(LC2019)091 pdf J.H. Sales, A.T. Suzuki and D.N. Possidonio
Chiral symmetry restoration and the thermal $f_0(500)$ state
PoS(LC2019)086 pdf A. Vioque-Rodríguez and Á. Gómez Nicola
Exclusive diffractive processes including saturation effects at next-to-leading order
PoS(LC2019)092 pdf S. Wallon, R. Boussarie, A. Grabovsky and L. Szymanowski
Studies of three-body bound states with zero-range interaction in Minkowski space
PoS(LC2019)088 pdf E. Ydrefors, J.H. Alvarenga Nogueira, V. Karmanov and T. Frederico
Positronium: an illustration of nonperturbative renormalization in a basis light-front approach
PoS(LC2019)090 pdf X. Zhao, K. Fu, H. Zhao and J. Vary
Glueballs as gravitons in holographic approaches
PoS(LC2019)094 pdf M. Rinaldi