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Loops and Legs in Quantum Field Theory

LL2016 - (other Loops and Legs conferences)
24-29 April 2016
Leipzig, Germany
published October 06, 2016
LL2016 is a biennial workshop comprising the most recent results and advanced techniques of perturbative quantum field theory (QFT) as well as their confrontation to experimental results.
Plenary 1
Plenary 2
Parallel A1
Parallel B1
Parallel A2
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Plenary 3
Parallel A3
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Plenary 4
Plenary 1
NLO Standard model effective field theory for Higgs and EW precision data
PoS(LL2016)003 pdf G. Passarino
Integrand reduction beyond one-loop calculations
PoS(LL2016)004 pdf G. Ossola
Algorithms to solve coupled differential systems in terms of power series
PoS(LL2016)005 pdf C. Schneider, J. Ablinger, A. Behring, J. Bluemlein and A. De Freitas
Non-planar integrands for two-loop QCD amplitudes
PoS(LL2016)006 pdf S. Badger, G. Mogull and T. Peraro
Adaptive Integrand Decomposition
PoS(LL2016)007 pdf P. Mastrolia, T. Peraro, A. Primo and W. Torres
Multijet merging for vector boson plus jets production including electroweak corrections
PoS(LL2016)008 pdf S. Kallweit, J. Lindert, P. Maierhöfer, S. Pozzorini and M. Schonherr
Plenary 2
Four-loop corrections to the MSbar-OS quark mass relation and the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon
PoS(LL2016)009 pdf M. Steinhauser, A. Kurz, T. Liu, P. Marquard, A. Smirnov and V. Smirnov
Multiloop Renormalization Group: new results
PoS(LL2016)010 pdf K. Chetyrkin, P. Baikov and J. Kühn
Computation of Heavy Quarkonium Spectrum in Perturbative QCD
PoS(LL2016)011 pdf Y. Sumino
Higher-order corrections in non-minimal supersymmetric models
PoS(LL2016)012 pdf D. Stöckinger, A. Peter, D. Philip, K. Jan, W. Kotlarski, P. Jae-hyeon, S. Tom and V. Alexander
Precision calculations for extended Higgs sectors with and without supersymmetry
PoS(LL2016)013 pdf W. Hollik
SUSY Higgs-mass predictions: full model vs. effective field theory approach
PoS(LL2016)082 pdf P. Drechsel, S. Heinemeyer and G.R. Weiglein
Parallel A1
Divector Boson Production with Jets at the LHC. Updates from the BlackHat LIbrary
PoS(LL2016)015 pdf F. Febres Cordero and H. Ita
N(N)LO event files: applications and prospects
PoS(LL2016)016 pdf G. Heinrich, M. Johnson and D. Maitre
Electroweak corrections to gauge-boson pair production processes at the LHC including leptonic W/Z decays
PoS(LL2016)018 pdf B. Biedermann, M. Billoni, A. Denner, S. Dittmaier, L. Hofer, B. Jager and L. Salfelder
New simpler methods of matching NLO corrections with parton shower Monte Carlo
PoS(LL2016)020 pdf S. Jadach, W. Płaczek, S. Sapeta, A.K. Siodmok and M. Skrzypek
Jet cross sections with CoLoRFul NNLO
PoS(LL2016)021 pdf A. Kardos, G. Somogyi and Z. Trocsanyi
Towards a numerical unitarity approach for two-loop amplitudes in QCD
PoS(LL2016)080 pdf H. Ita
Parallel B1
Evaluating multi-loop Feynman integrals using differential equations: automatizing the transformation to a canonical basis
PoS(LL2016)028 pdf C. Meyer
Integration-by-parts reductions from unitarity cuts and algebraic geometry
PoS(LL2016)029 pdf K. Larsen and Y. Zhang
Fuchsia and master integrals for splitting functions from differential equations in QCD
PoS(LL2016)030 pdf O. Gituliar and V. Magerya
Progress in off-shell amplitudes
PoS(LL2016)031 pdf A. van Hameren
Differential equations and dispersion relations for the sunrise amplitudes
PoS(LL2016)032 pdf L. Tancredi and E. Remiddi
The sunrise integral and elliptic polylogarithms
PoS(LL2016)033 pdf C. Bogner, L. Adams and S. Weinzierl
Numerical integration of massive two-loop Mellin-Barnes integrals in Minkowskian regions
PoS(LL2016)034 pdf I. Dubovyk, J. Gluza, T. Riemann and J. Usovitsch
From elliptic iterated integrals to elliptic multiple zeta values
PoS(LL2016)081 pdf J. Broedel
Parallel A2
Analytic Results for Higgs Production in Gluon Fusion at NNNLO
PoS(LL2016)022 pdf A. Hasselhuhn
NLO corrections to Higgs boson pair production in gluon fusion
PoS(LL2016)023 pdf M. Kerner
Top quark mass effects in Higgs boson pair production up to NNLO
PoS(LL2016)024 pdf J. Hoff
Two-Loop integrals for precision Higgs boson phenomenology
PoS(LL2016)025 pdf F. Moriello, R. Bonciani, V. Del Duca, H. Frellesvig, J.M. Henn and V. Smirnov
Pseudo-scalar Higgs form factor at 3 loops and QCD N3LO threshold corrections to its production at the LHC
PoS(LL2016)026 pdf T. Ahmed, T. Gehrman, P. Mathews, N. Rana and V. Ravindran
The Higgs boson at high pT: Finite top-mass improved results
PoS(LL2016)027 pdf T. Neumann and C. Williams
Parallel B2
Cutkosky Rules from Outer Space
PoS(LL2016)035 pdf D. Kreimer
A planar four-loop form factor in QCD
PoS(LL2016)036 pdf V. Smirnov, J.M. Henn, A. Smirnov and M. Steinhauser
Applications of the loop-tree duality
PoS(LL2016)037 pdf G. Rodrigo, F. Driencourt-Mangin, G.F.R. Sborlini and R.J. Hernández-Pinto
Renormalization group functions of $\phi^4$ theory in the MS-scheme to six loops
PoS(LL2016)038 pdf attachments M. Kompaniets and E. Panzer
On a four loop form factor in N=4
PoS(LL2016)039 pdf R. Boels, B. Kniehl and G. Yang
On the evaluation and reduction of generalized polylogarithms
PoS(LL2016)040 pdf H. Frellesvig, D. Tommasini and C. Wever
Plenary 3
PDFs, $\alpha_s$, and quark masses from the global fits
PoS(LL2016)042 pdf S. Alekhin, J. Bluemlein, S.O. Moch and R. Placakyte
Differential distributions for top-quark pair production at NNLO
PoS(LL2016)046 pdf D. Heymes
NLO QCD corrections to off-shell ttj production at the LHC
PoS(LL2016)017 pdf M. Worek
Parallel A3
$\alpha_s$ from the total cross section of electron-positron annihilation into hadrons
PoS(LL2016)047 pdf K. Chetyrkin and J. Kühn
Light quark mass effects in Higgs boson production in gluon fusion
PoS(LL2016)048 pdf A. Penin
Electroweak corrections to top pair production near threshold
PoS(LL2016)049 pdf A. Maier
The pentabox master integrals with the simplified differential equations approach
PoS(LL2016)050 pdf C. Papadopoulos, D. Tommasini and C. Wever
Two-loop five-point integrals in massless QCD
PoS(LL2016)051 pdf N.A. Lo Presti, T. Gehrmann and J. Henn
Leading and next-to-leading large-$n_f$ terms in the cusp anomalous dimension and quark-antiquark potential
PoS(LL2016)053 pdf A.G. Grozin
Gluon form factor decompositions from the worldline formalism
PoS(LL2016)052 pdf attachments N. Ahmadiniaz and C. Schubert
Parallel B3
Charm hadroproduction in the atmosphere, QCD and neutrino astronomy
PoS(LL2016)060 pdf S.O. Moch, M. Benzke, M.V. Garzelli, B. Kniehl, G. Kramer and G. Sigl
Precision Measurement of $\sin^2 \theta_w$ at MESA
PoS(LL2016)061 pdf H. Spiesberger, R. Bucoveanu and M. Gorchtein
HERWIRI2.1: Electroweak Corrections for Hadron Scattering
PoS(LL2016)062 pdf S.A. Yost and B.F.L. Ward
Beta-functions in higher dimensional field theories
PoS(LL2016)063 pdf J. Gracey
Conformal transformations of leading twist operators in QCD: nonsinglet operators
PoS(LL2016)064 pdf A. Manashov
Calculation of 3-loop operator matrix elements with two masses
PoS(LL2016)065 pdf A. De Freitas, J. Ablinger, A. Behring, J. Bluemlein, G. Falcioni, A. Hasselhuhn, A. von Manteuffel, M. Round, C. Schneider and F. Wissbrock
Summing logarithms and factorization for massive quark initiated jets and the Pythia top quark mass
PoS(LL2016)066 pdf M. Butenschoen, B. Dehnadi, A. Hoang, V. Mateu, M. Preisser and I.W. Stewart
Parallel A4
Completely local fully differential subtractions at NNLO
PoS(LL2016)054 pdf G. Somogyi, A. Kardos and Z. Trocsanyi
NNLO dijet production in DIS with the antenna subtraction method
PoS(LL2016)055 pdf J. Niehues, J. Currie and T. Gehrmann
Z+jet production at NNLO
PoS(LL2016)056 pdf A. Gehrmann, T. Gehrmann, N. Glover, A. Huss and T. Morgan
Long-distance singularities in multi-leg scattering amplitudes
PoS(LL2016)058 pdf E. Gardi, Ø. Almelid and C. Duhr
Parallel B4
Binomial Sums in the package HarmonicSums
PoS(LL2016)067 pdf J. Ablinger
FormCalc 9 and Extensions
PoS(LL2016)068 pdf T. Hahn, S. Passehr and C. Schappacher
Automation of 2-loop amplitude calculations
PoS(LL2016)069 pdf S. Jones
First Forcer results on deep-inelastic scattering and related quantities
PoS(LL2016)071 pdf B. Ruijl, T. Ueda, J.A.M. Vermaseren, J. Davies and A. Vogt
Forcer: a FORM program for 4-loop massless propagators
PoS(LL2016)070 pdf T. Ueda, B. Ruijl and J.A.M. Vermaseren
MATRIX: A fully-differential NNLO(+NNLL) process library
PoS(LL2016)072 pdf M. Wiesemann, M. Grazzini, S. Kallweit and D. Rathlev
Plenary 4
Form, diagrams and topologies
PoS(LL2016)073 pdf F. Herzog, B. Ruijl, T. Ueda, J.A.M. Vermaseren and A. Vogt
Five-loop massive tadpoles
PoS(LL2016)074 pdf Y. Schröder and T. Luthe
30 years, 750 integrals, and 1 desert
PoS(LL2016)075 pdf I. Dubovyk, A. Freitas, J. Gluza, T. Riemann and J. Usovitsch
Relations and representations of QCD amplitudes
PoS(LL2016)077 pdf L. de la Cruz, A. Kniss and S. Weinzierl
Threshold logarithms at next-to-leading power
PoS(LL2016)078 pdf L. Magnea, D. Bonocore, E. Laenen, L. Vernazza and C. White
Perturbative quantum field theory informs algebraic geometry
PoS(LL2016)079 pdf D. Broadhurst and A. Mellit