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VIIIth Conference Quark Confinement and the Hadron Spectrum

ConfinementVIII - (other confinement conferences)
September 1-6, 2008
Mainz. Germany
published September 12, 2012
QCHS 2008, the 8th International Conferencee on Quark Cofinement and the Hadron Spectrum was held from 1 - 6 September 2008 in Mainz at the Johannes-Gutenberg University. This conference was the eighth in a series whose aim it is to bring together people working in QCD and strong-interaction dynamics. This year 206 scientists from 24 countries met in Mainz, for the first time in Germany. The scientific program of the Confinement Conference consisted of 33 plenary talks and parallel sessions covering the following topics: - Vaccuum Structure and Confinement - Light Quarks - Heavy Quarks - Deconfinement - QCD and New Physics - Nuclear and Astroparticle Physics
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Plenary Talks
Parallel Session A (Vacuum structure and confinement)
Parallel Session B Light Quarks
Parallel Session C Heavy Quarks
Parallel Session D Deconfinement
Parallel Session E QCD and new physics
Parallel Session F Nuclear and astroparticle physics
Poster (Session A)
Poster (Session B)
Poster (Session C)
Poster (Session F)
Poster (Session D)
Plenary Talks
Quarkonium production
PoS(ConfinementVIII)001 pdf G. Bodwin
Effective field theory for heavy quarkonium at zero and finite temperature
PoS(ConfinementVIII)002 pdf A. Vairo
Lattice calculation of the QCD potentials
PoS(ConfinementVIII)003 file missing H. Wittig
The QCD static energy at short distances
PoS(ConfinementVIII)004 pdf J. Soto
Tribute to F. Yndurain: Scalar mesons from QCD
PoS(ConfinementVIII)005 pdf S. Narison
Effective field-theory applications in collider physics
PoS(ConfinementVIII)006 file missing C.W. Bauer
Recent results in soft-collinear effective theory
PoS(ConfinementVIII)007 pdf T. Feldmann
PoS(ConfinementVIII)008 file missing F. Petriello
Color superconductivity and dense quark matter
PoS(ConfinementVIII)010 pdf M. Mannarelli
Lattice calculations at non zero chemical potential
PoS(ConfinementVIII)011 pdf O. Philipsen
Recent results and perspectives in heavy-ion physics
PoS(ConfinementVIII)012 pdf R. Snellings
Recent results in unquenched QCD lattice calculations
PoS(ConfinementVIII)013 file missing A. Kronfeld
QCD with rooted staggered fermions
PoS(ConfinementVIII)014 pdf M. Golterman
The Banks-Casher relation with Wilson fermions in two-flavour QCD
PoS(ConfinementVIII)015 file missing L. Giusti
Comments on staggered fermions / Panel discussion
PoS(ConfinementVIII)016 pdf M. Creutz
(Non)restoration of linear chiral symmetry for highly excited states
PoS(ConfinementVIII)017 file missing A. Vainshtein
Width of the confining string
PoS(ConfinementVIII)018 pdf F.V. Gubarev
Confinement and Green functions in Landau-gauge QCD
PoS(ConfinementVIII)019 pdf R. Alkofer, C. Fischer, M. Huber, F.J. Llanes-Estrada and K. Schwenzer
Confinement in 4-dimemsional non-Abelian gauge theory
PoS(ConfinementVIII)020 pdf T.E. Tomboulis
Review and interpretation of new heavy states discovered at the B factories
PoS(ConfinementVIII)021 pdf M. Nielsen
Recent results and perspectives on low-energy experiments (MAMI-c and FAIR/GSI)
PoS(ConfinementVIII)022 file missing F. Maas
Recent results and perspectives on low-energy experiments (JLAB/CLAS and outlook)
PoS(ConfinementVIII)023 file missing F. Klein
Chiral low-energy constants from lattice QCD
PoS(ConfinementVIII)024 pdf S. Necco
Status of chiral perturbation theory
PoS(ConfinementVIII)025 pdf G. Ecker
Low-energy constants from resonance chiral theory
PoS(ConfinementVIII)026 pdf A. Pich
Topics in baryon chiral perturbation theory
PoS(ConfinementVIII)027 pdf U.G. Meißner
Few-body lattice calculations
PoS(ConfinementVIII)028 pdf P. Bedaque
Results from NA48/2 on pi-pi scattering lengths measurements in K+- to pi+ pi- e+- v and K+- to pi0 pi0 pi+- decays
PoS(ConfinementVIII)029 pdf B. BlochDevaux
Panel session I: Interface of QCD and nuclear physics
PoS(ConfinementVIII)030 pdf U. van Kolck
Panel session II: Interface of QCD and nuclear physics
PoS(ConfinementVIII)031 file missing W. Weise
Recent developments in AdS/QCD
PoS(ConfinementVIII)032 pdf J. Erlich
Panel session I: Interface of QCD and strings/black holes
PoS(ConfinementVIII)033 file missing M. Shifman
Panel session II: Interface of QCD and strings/black holes
PoS(ConfinementVIII)178 file missing J. Harvey and M. Shifman
A universal string prediction for heavy ion collisions
PoS(ConfinementVIII)183 file missing D. Mateos
Parallel Session A (Vacuum structure and confinement)
Critical discussion of Tomboulis' approach to the confinement problem
PoS(ConfinementVIII)034 pdf E. Seiler
Gauge invariant variables and spin-charge separation
PoS(ConfinementVIII)035 file missing A. Niemi
Correlations between Center Vortices and low-lying Dirac eigenmodes
PoS(ConfinementVIII)036 pdf R. Höllwieser, M. Faber, J. Greensite, U.M. Heller and S. Olejnik
Abelian monopoles and center vortices in Yang-Mills plasma
PoS(ConfinementVIII)037 pdf M.N. Chernodub, A. Nakamura and V.I. Zakharov
New axially symmetric non-self-dual caloron solutions of the SU(2) Yang-Mills-Higgs Theory
PoS(ConfinementVIII)038 pdf Y. Shnir and E.M. Ilgenfritz
Entanglement entropy in lattice gauge theories
PoS(ConfinementVIII)039 pdf P.V. Buividovich
Infrared behavior and infinite-volume limit of gluon and ghost propagators in Yang-Mills theories
PoS(ConfinementVIII)040 pdf T. Mendes
QCD in the infrared from the lattice point of view
PoS(ConfinementVIII)041 file missing M. Muller-Preussker
Coulomb gauge phenomenology
PoS(ConfinementVIII)042 file missing A. Szczepaniak
Aspects of confinement and dynamical chiral symmetry breaking from QCD correlation functions
PoS(ConfinementVIII)043 pdf C. Fischer, A. Maas and J.M. Pawlowski
Quark confinement from color confinement
PoS(ConfinementVIII)044 file missing J.M. Pawlowski
Comparison of filtering methods in SU(3) lattice gauge theory
PoS(ConfinementVIII)045 pdf F. Gruber
Magnetic monopole loops supported by a meron pair as the quark confiner
PoS(ConfinementVIII)046 pdf K.I. Kondo
Solution of the Gribov problem from gauge invariance
PoS(ConfinementVIII)047 pdf K. Langeld
Lattice Landau Gauge via Stereographic Projection
PoS(ConfinementVIII)048 pdf L. von Smekal, D.B. Mehta and A. Sternbeck
The strong coupling limit of lattice Landau gauge
PoS(ConfinementVIII)049 pdf A. Sternbeck and L. von Smekal
Higher-loop gluon and ghost propagators in Landau gauge from numerical stochastic perturbation theory
PoS(ConfinementVIII)050 pdf A. Schiller
The gluon propagator in Coulomb gauge from the lattice
PoS(ConfinementVIII)051 pdf G. Burgio, M. Quandt and H. Reinhardt
Faddeev equations: a view of baryon properties
PoS(ConfinementVIII)052 pdf D. Nicmorus, G. Eichmann, A. Krassnigg and R. Alkofer
The effect of fluctuations of the vortex core size on the static potentials evaluated by the thick center vortices model
PoS(ConfinementVIII)053 pdf S. Deldar and S. Rafibakhsh
Dressed Polyakov loops and center symmetry from Dirac spectra
PoS(ConfinementVIII)054 pdf F. Bruckmann, E. Bilgici, C. Gattringer and C. Hagen
Topological properties of the SU(3) random vortex world-surface model
PoS(ConfinementVIII)055 pdf M. Engelhardt
Centre vortices and the quark propagator
PoS(ConfinementVIII)056 pdf P. Bowman, A.O. Cais, K. Langfeld, D. Leinweber, L. von Smekal, A.G. Williams and A. Sternbeck
Infrared suppression of the Coulomb gauge gluon propagator in SU(3) Yang-Mills theory
PoS(ConfinementVIII)057 file missing Y. Nagai
First evidence for Casimir scaling in G(2) lattice gauge theory
PoS(ConfinementVIII)058 pdf L. Liptak and S. Olejnik
The adjoint potential in the pseudoparticle approach: string breaking and Casimir scaling
PoS(ConfinementVIII)059 pdf C. Szasz and M. Wagner
Recent results from the Hamiltonian approach to Yang-Mills theory in Coulomb gauge
PoS(ConfinementVIII)061 pdf H. Reinhardt, G. Burgio, D. Campagnari, D. Epple, M. Leder, M. Pak, M. Quandt and W. Schleifenbaum
Progress on Calorons
PoS(ConfinementVIII)062 pdf P. van Baal
Green's functions and topological configurations
PoS(ConfinementVIII)063 pdf A. Maas
Recent Advances in Numerical Approach to Coulomb Gauge QCD
PoS(ConfinementVIII)065 file missing H. Matevosyan
Coulomb gauge ghost propagator and the Coulomb form factor
PoS(ConfinementVIII)066 pdf M. Quandt, G. Burgio, S. Chimchinda and H. Reinhardt
Propagators in Yang-Mills theory for different gauges
PoS(ConfinementVIII)181 pdf A. Maas, A. Cucchieri and T. Mendes
Infrared suppression of the Coulomb gauge gluon propagator in SU(3) Yang-Mills theory
PoS(ConfinementVIII)189 pdf Y. Nakagawa
Parallel Session B Light Quarks
Generalized Parton Distrubutions and spatial structure of the nucleon
PoS(ConfinementVIII)067 file missing M. Vanderhaeghen
Recent developments in the physics of light quarks
PoS(ConfinementVIII)068 pdf H. Leutwyler
Results from the NA48/2 experiment: Test of chiral perturbation theory with kaon radiative decays
PoS(ConfinementVIII)069 pdf E. Marinova
Decay widths of resonances and pion scattering lengths in a globally invariant sigma model with vector and axial-vector mesons
PoS(ConfinementVIII)070 pdf D. Parganlija, F. Giacosa and D. Rischke
Chiral symmetry in excited baryons
PoS(ConfinementVIII)071 pdf A. Nefediev, E.J. Ribeiro and A. Szczepaniak
Pion form factor from local-duality QCD sum rule
PoS(ConfinementVIII)072 pdf D. Melikhov
Unravelling duality violations in hadronic tau decays
PoS(ConfinementVIII)073 pdf S. Peris, O. Cata and M. Golterman
Advance studies of non-perturbative QED
PoS(ConfinementVIII)074 file missing A. Kizilersu
Excited mesons in a Bethe-Salpeter approach
PoS(ConfinementVIII)075 pdf A. Krassnigg
Pion-cloud effects in the BSE description of mesons
PoS(ConfinementVIII)076 pdf R. Williams and C. Fischer
Meson and nucleon properties from Dyson-Schwinger QCD
PoS(ConfinementVIII)077 pdf G. Eichmann, R. Alkofer, A. Krassnigg and D. Nicmorus
Strange quark contribution to the nucleon form factor
PoS(ConfinementVIII)078 pdf S. Baunack
Beam spin asymmetry for DeltaVCS
PoS(ConfinementVIII)079 pdf B. Moreno
COMPASS results on the spin structure of the nucleon and diffractive mesonproduction
PoS(ConfinementVIII)080 pdf E.M. Kabuss
Timelike formfactors of pion, kaon, and proton at large momentum transfers
PoS(ConfinementVIII)081 pdf K. Seth
Results from the KLOE collaboration: study of eta/eta' meson
PoS(ConfinementVIII)082 pdf T. Capussela
Charmonium and exotic hadrons at PANDA
PoS(ConfinementVIII)083 file missing K. Peters
The glueball spectrum from constituent gluon model
PoS(ConfinementVIII)084 pdf V. Mathieu
Analytic confinement: the glueball and meson masses, and the weak decay constants
PoS(ConfinementVIII)085 pdf G. Ganbold
Scalar-pseudoscalar meson spectrum in SU(3) PNJL model
PoS(ConfinementVIII)086 pdf P. Costa, M. Ruivo, C.A. de Sousa, H. Hansen and W.M. Alberico
Temperature effects in the Nambu--Jona-Lasinio model with six and eight quark interaction
PoS(ConfinementVIII)087 pdf J. Moreira
Thermodynamics of the pion gas using the O(N) model in 1/N expansion
PoS(ConfinementVIII)088 pdf T. Brauner
The chiral partner of the nucleon within the mirror assignment
PoS(ConfinementVIII)089 pdf S. Gallas
Quark distributions in nucleons and nuclei
PoS(ConfinementVIII)090 pdf W. Bentz
Contribution of vector mesons to F2 structure function
PoS(ConfinementVIII)091 pdf F. Zamani
Fermion Boson Vertex: Confinement and Dynamical Mass Generation
PoS(ConfinementVIII)092 file missing A. Bashir
Parallel Session C Heavy Quarks
New charmonium-like states
PoS(ConfinementVIII)093 file missing V. Balagura
Hybrid charmonia
PoS(ConfinementVIII)094 pdf A. Nefediev and Y. Kalshnikova
New bottomonium spectroscopy and transitions
PoS(ConfinementVIII)095 pdf C. West
Charmonium content of the X(3872)
PoS(ConfinementVIII)096 pdf Y. Kalshnikova
Double charmonium production at B factories within light cone formalism
PoS(ConfinementVIII)097 pdf V. Braguta
Improved predictions for J/psi and Upsilon production
PoS(ConfinementVIII)098 pdf P. Artoisenet
Decay Properties of $Q\bar Q$ Mesons in Potential Models and Effective Field Theories
PoS(ConfinementVIII)099 pdf A.K. Rai, J.N. Pandya, B. Patel, A. Majethiya and P.C. Vinodkumar
Short-distance part of the interaction of D mesons and nucleons
PoS(ConfinementVIII)100 pdf G. Krein
Estimate of Radiative decay of the heavy-light systems
PoS(ConfinementVIII)101 pdf T. Matsuki, T. Morii and K. Seo
The chiral transitions in heavy-light mesons
PoS(ConfinementVIII)102 pdf M. Trusov
Mass spectra of heavy baryons
PoS(ConfinementVIII)103 pdf D. Ebert, R.N. Faustov and V. Galkin
Large Nc QCD and quark model for charm and bottom baryons
PoS(ConfinementVIII)104 pdf F. Buisseret
Determination of the relativistic corrections to the static inter-quark potential from lattice QCD
PoS(ConfinementVIII)105 pdf M. Koma, Y. Koma and H. Wittig
How reliable are bound-state parameters obtained from QCD sum rules?
PoS(ConfinementVIII)106 pdf D. Melikhov
Strangeness and charm at FAIR
PoS(ConfinementVIII)107 pdf L. Tolos, D. Cabrera, D. Gamermann, T. Mizutani, R. Molina, E. Oset Baguena and A. Ramos
Charmonium correlators and spectral functions at finite temperature
PoS(ConfinementVIII)108 pdf H. Ding
Heavy flavor operator matrix elements at O(a_s^3)
PoS(ConfinementVIII)185 pdf S. Klein, I. Bierenbaum and J. Bluemlein
Parallel Session D Deconfinement
Evidence of deconfinement and search for the QCD critical point
PoS(ConfinementVIII)109 pdf P. Seyboth
Latest results on high-pt data and baryon production from NA49
PoS(ConfinementVIII)110 pdf C. Blume
Particle Production and Deconfinement Threshold
PoS(ConfinementVIII)111 pdf J. Rafelski
Bulk Viscosity driven clusterization of quark-gluon plasma
PoS(ConfinementVIII)112 pdf G. Torrieri
Uniform description of soft observables in heavy-ion collisions at \sqrt _{NN}=200 GeV
PoS(ConfinementVIII)113 file missing M. Chojnacki
Understanding the space-time properties of the deconfined phase in ultrarelativistic heavy-ion collisions
PoS(ConfinementVIII)114 pdf A. Kisiel
Lattice calculation of the QCD equation of state with asqtad fermions
PoS(ConfinementVIII)115 file missing L. Levkova
Screening properties of quark--anti-quark correlators in deconfined medium
PoS(ConfinementVIII)116 pdf S. Mukherjee
Real and imaginary-time Q anti-Q correlators in a thermal medium
PoS(ConfinementVIII)117 pdf A. Beraudo
Heavy Quarkonia beyond Deconfinement and Real Time Lattice Simulations
PoS(ConfinementVIII)118 pdf M. Tassler
Jet quenching in the gluon plasma from Landau damping of soft modes
PoS(ConfinementVIII)119 pdf D. Antonov and H.J. Pirner
The interaction of D mesons and nucleons at finite density
PoS(ConfinementVIII)120 pdf G. Krein
Heavy quarks as a key probe to the QGP properties
PoS(ConfinementVIII)121 pdf A. Mischke
Elliptic flow measurement in ALICE
PoS(ConfinementVIII)122 pdf N. Van Der Kolk
Searching for the onset of deconfinement at FAIR: The CBM experiment
PoS(ConfinementVIII)123 pdf V. Friese
thermal ground state for pure SU(2) Yang-Mills thermodynamics
PoS(ConfinementVIII)124 pdf F. Giacosa
Nonperturbative contributions to the QCD pressure
PoS(ConfinementVIII)125 pdf K. Lichtenegger and D. Zwanziger
Magnetic Yang-Mills Theory of the Gluon Plasma
PoS(ConfinementVIII)126 pdf M. Baker
Magnetic monopoles in high temperature QCD
PoS(ConfinementVIII)127 pdf A. D'Alessandro and M. D'Elia
Quark-mass effects on the Equation of State
PoS(ConfinementVIII)188 file missing Y. Schröder
Parallel Session E QCD and new physics
Soft wall model of AdS/QCD: The case of light scalar mesons
PoS(ConfinementVIII)128 pdf F. De Fazio
Chiral condensate in External Fields from Gauge/Gravity Duality
PoS(ConfinementVIII)129 file missing A. Zayakin
Jet Energy Loss and Mach Cones in pQCD vs. AdS/CFT
PoS(ConfinementVIII)130 pdf attachments B. Betz, J. Noronha, G. Miklos and G. Torrieri
QGP thermodynamics and Meson spectroscopy with AdS/CFT
PoS(ConfinementVIII)131 pdf J. Erdmenger, M. Kaminski and F. Rust
Spontaneous CP violation in the NJL model at $\theta = \pi$
PoS(ConfinementVIII)134 pdf J. Boomsma and D. Boer
Meson spectrum and tetraquarks through AdS/QCD potential
PoS(ConfinementVIII)135 pdf F. Giannuzzi
Dynamical simulation of lattice 4d N=1 SYM
PoS(ConfinementVIII)136 pdf K. Demmouche
Parallel Session F Nuclear and astroparticle physics
Exploring the quarkyonic phase at high baryon density
PoS(ConfinementVIII)137 file missing D. Rischke
Astrophysical Implications of the QCD phase transition
PoS(ConfinementVIII)138 pdf J. Schaffner-Bielich
The crystallography of three flavor quark matter
PoS(ConfinementVIII)139 file missing R. Sharma
Hydrodynamics of the CFL superfluid
PoS(ConfinementVIII)140 pdf C. Manuel
The rigidity of three flavor quark matter
PoS(ConfinementVIII)141 pdf M. Manarelli and R. Sharma
Single-flavor CSL phase in compact stars
PoS(ConfinementVIII)142 file missing D. Blaschke
Nuclear Lattice simulations with Chiral Effective Field Theory
PoS(ConfinementVIII)143 pdf D. Lee
Hadronic Interactions from Lattice QCD
PoS(ConfinementVIII)144 pdf A. Walker-Loud
Strongly Coupled Fermions in Nature and the Laboratory
PoS(ConfinementVIII)145 pdf J. Carlson, A. Gezerlis and S. Reddy
Pairing, Clustering, and the Phase Diagram of Nucleonic Matter
PoS(ConfinementVIII)146 file missing J.W. Clark
Universality in QCD and Halo Nuclei
PoS(ConfinementVIII)147 pdf H.W. Hammer
Testing the Field Correlator Method with astrophysical constraints"
PoS(ConfinementVIII)149 pdf F. Burgio
Quark deconfinement in compact stars and the fate of massive stars
PoS(ConfinementVIII)150 file missing A. Drago
Cooling of isolated neutron stars as a probe of superdense matter physics
PoS(ConfinementVIII)151 pdf A. Kaminker, A. Potekhin and D. Yakovlev
Pycnonuclear reactions and the physics of neutron star interiors
PoS(ConfinementVIII)152 pdf D. Yakovlev and K. Levenfish
Probing the composition of sub-millisecond rotating compact stars by r-modes instability
PoS(ConfinementVIII)153 pdf G. Pagliara and A. Drago
Nuclear matter description based on quark structure and pion exchange
PoS(ConfinementVIII)186 pdf J.C. Caillon
Chiral dynamics of few-nucleon systems: recent developments
PoS(ConfinementVIII)187 pdf E. Epelbaum
Poster (Session A)
Electric-magnetic asymmetry of the dimension-2 condensate and the phases of Yang-Mills theory
PoS(ConfinementVIII)154 pdf M.N. Chernodub and E.M. Ilgenfritz
Momentum dependence of the topological susceptibility and its derivative at zero momentum with overlap fermions
PoS(ConfinementVIII)155 pdf Y. Koma
Infrared suppression of the gluon propagator in Coulomb gauge QCD
PoS(ConfinementVIII)159 file missing Y. Nagai
A generating functional for equal-time correlation functions
PoS(ConfinementVIII)161 pdf A. Weber
Quark Schwinger-Dyson equation in temporal Euclidean space
PoS(ConfinementVIII)162 file missing V. Sauli
How instantons could survive the phase transition
PoS(ConfinementVIII)179 pdf F. Bruckmann
Recent Advances in Numerical Approach to Coulomb Gauge QCD
PoS(ConfinementVIII)132 file missing H. Matevosyan
Landau gauge gluon and ghost propagators in 4D $SU(3)$ gluodynamics on large lattices: recent results
PoS(ConfinementVIII)173 file missing I.L.v. Bogolubsky
Infrared Behavior of Three-Point Functions in Landau Gauge Yang-Mills Theory
PoS(ConfinementVIII)174 pdf M. Huber, R. Alkofer and K. Schwenzer
Dyons in Supersymmetric Restricted Quantum Chromodynamics(SRCD)
PoS(ConfinementVIII)176 pdf J.S. Rana
A mechanism for confinement in Landau gauge QCD
PoS(ConfinementVIII)177 pdf K. Schwenzer
Slavnov-Taylor Identities in Coulomb Gauge Yang-Mills Theory
PoS(ConfinementVIII)170 pdf P. Watson and H. Reinhardt
Thick- Center- Vortex- Model and the Coulombic Potential
PoS(ConfinementVIII)182 pdf D. Neudecker
AdS/QCD at the correlator level
PoS(ConfinementVIII)184 pdf H. Forkel
Poster (Session B)
Radiative Phi decays with derivative interactions
PoS(ConfinementVIII)163 pdf F. Giacosa and G. Pagliara
Full Salpeter Equation with Confining Interactions: Analytic Stability Proof
PoS(ConfinementVIII)164 pdf W. Lucha
Low-energy poles at $K\pi$ amplitude
PoS(ConfinementVIII)165 pdf P. Magalhães
Extracting hadron parameters by dispersive sum rules
PoS(ConfinementVIII)180 pdf W. Lucha, D. Melikhov and S. Simula
Poster (Session C)
Diquark masses from AdS/QCD potential
PoS(ConfinementVIII)166 file missing F. Giannuzzi
Matrix elements of heavy-light mesons from a fine lattice
PoS(ConfinementVIII)167 pdf A. Ali Khan
The heavy quark-antiquark potential from lattice and perturbative QCD
PoS(ConfinementVIII)168 pdf A. Laschka, N. Kaiser and W. Weise
Poster (Session F)
Equation of state for nuclear matter in relativistic mean-field theory and Maxwellian phase transition to strange quark matter
PoS(ConfinementVIII)171 pdf G. Alaverdyan
The role of difference between proton and neutron structure functions and related harmonic oscillator parameter to shells mean square radius in the EMC effect of Al, Si and Cu nuclei
PoS(ConfinementVIII)172 pdf F. Zolfagharpour
Poster (Session D)
The flux-tube phase transition and bound states at high temperatures
PoS(ConfinementVIII)175 file missing G. Kozlov