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The 7th International Workshop on Chiral Dynamics

CD12 - (other cd conferences)
August 6 -10, 2012
Jefferson Lab, Newport News, Virginia, USA
published July 24, 2013
The 7th International Workshop Chiral Dynamics: Theory and Experiment (CD12) took place at Jefferson Lab, Newport News, Virginia, USA, from August 6 to 10, 2012. Following in the tradition of this triennial series of Conferences, it attracted theorists and experimentalists, who were brought together to highlight the recent progress in the field of low energy QCD, and to discuss and explore the direction for future development. The conference consisted of plenary talks and three working groups.

We would like to thank the working group organizers for their dedicated effort, namely:

Goldstone Bosons: Mario Antonelli, Liping Gan, Jorge Portoles and Urs Wenger; Hadron Structure: Alessandro Bacchetta, Bastian Kubis, Kostas Orginos and Karl Slifer and Few Body Physics: Andreas Nogga, Assumpta Parreno, Michele Viviani and Henry Weller. We would like to express our special thanks to our co-organizers, Patricia Solvignon, Harald Griesshammer, Rocco Schiavilla, Dinko Pocanic, Robert Edwards, and Alexandre Deur for their hard work and advice. Last but not least, we thank the International Advisory Committee for their very useful inputs to the CD12 program.

The organizers thank the excellent logistic and administrative support provided by the Jefferson Lab Conference Staff, Ruth Bizot, Cynthia Lockwood, Stephanie Vermeire, Marti Hightower and MeLaina Evans, and the Conference Secretary Mary Fox, which was instrumental for the success of the organization of CD12. We thank Joanna Griffin for the poster design.

CD12 was primarily sponsored by Jefferson Lab, along with generous supports from Old Dominion University and the European Physics Journal.

The CD12 homepage is located at http://www.jlab.org/conference/CD12

The upcoming Chiral Dynamics Workshop will take place in Pisa, Italy, in 2015. We thank Laura Marcucci and Michele Viviani for graciously taking the baton from us.
Jose Goity and Jianping Chen

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Overview of JLab Physics Programs
PoS(CD12)001 pdf R. McKeown
Chiral Perturbation Theory and mesons
PoS(CD12)002 pdf J. Bijnens
A walk through the World of Chiral Dynamics
PoS(CD12)012 pdf U.G. Meißner
Kaon decays at NA48: recent results and perspectives
PoS(CD12)003 pdf A. Bizzeti
Studies of nuclei at TUNL/HIGS: from hadron structure to exploding stars
PoS(CD12)004 pdf M. Ahmed
Recent results from BESIII
PoS(CD12)005 pdf S.s. Fang
Analyticity and unitarity constraints on form factors
PoS(CD12)006 pdf I. Caprini
Eta to three pions and quark masses
PoS(CD12)007 pdf S. Lanz
Non-leptonic and rare Kaon decays in Lattice QCD
PoS(CD12)009 pdf C. Sachrajda
Recent results and perspectives for KLOE/KLOE-2
PoS(CD12)011 pdf F. Bossi
Recent results in chiral effective field theory for the NN system
PoS(CD12)013 pdf D. Phillips
Three-nucleon forces at low energy
PoS(CD12)014 pdf H. Krebs
From Chiral EFT interactions to nuclear structure and reactions
PoS(CD12)015 pdf R. Roth, J. Langhammer, A. Calci and S. Binder
Precision Muon Capture at PSI
PoS(CD12)016 pdf P. Kammel
Baryons in Lattice QCD
PoS(CD12)017 pdf A. Walker-Loud
Baryon ChPT and connection to Lattice QCD
PoS(CD12)018 pdf J. Martin Camalich
Recent results of single-spin asymmetry experiments at Jefferson Lab
PoS(CD12)021 pdf X. Jiang
Transverse momentum-dependent parton distribution functions in lattice QCD
PoS(CD12)022 pdf M. Engelhardt, B. Musch, P. Haegler, J. Negele and A. Schafer
An Overview of Longitudinal Spin Structure Measurements at Jefferson Lab
PoS(CD12)023 pdf V. Sulkosky
PoS(CD12)024 pdf A. Bernstein
Baryon-baryon interactions from lattice QCD
PoS(CD12)025 pdf N. Ishii
Nuclear electromagnetic charge and current operators in Chiral EFT
PoS(CD12)027 pdf L. Girlanda, L. Marcucci, S. Pastore, M. Piarulli, R. Schiavilla and M. Viviani
Unitarity and analyticity constraints on pi-K form factors
PoS(CD12)028 pdf G. Abbas, B. Ananthanarayan, I. Caprini and I.S. Imsong
Three-field potential for soft-wall AdS/QCD
PoS(CD12)029 pdf S. Bartz and J. Kapusta
Electromagnetic contributions to pseudoscalar masses
PoS(CD12)030 pdf C. Bernard, S. Basak, A. Bazavov, C. DeTar, E. Freeland, W. Freeman, J. Foley, S. Gottlieb, U.M. Heller, J.E. Hetrick, J. Laiho, L. Levkova, M.B. Oktay, J.C. Osborn, R. Sugar, A. Torok, D. Toussaint and R. Van de Water
Electroweak symmetry breaking through strongly-coupled dynamics: an EFT
PoS(CD12)032 pdf O. Cata
A first calculation of the η' → π^{0}γγ and η → ηγγ decays
PoS(CD12)035 pdf R. Escribano
η and η' physics at BESIII
PoS(CD12)036 pdf S.s. Fang
The Lambda parameter and strange quark mass in two-flavour QCD
PoS(CD12)037 pdf P. Fritzsch
Two-pion excited state contribution to the axial vector and pseudo-scalar correlators
PoS(CD12)038 pdf O. Bar and M. Golterman
Anomalous processes and leading logarithms
PoS(CD12)039 pdf K. Kampf
Measuring the charged pion polarizability in the γγ → π^{+} π^{-} reaction
PoS(CD12)040 pdf D. Lawrence, R. Miskimen, E.S. Smith and A. Muskarenkov
Recent progress in staggered chiral perturbation theory
PoS(CD12)041 pdf W. Lee, B. Yoon, H.J. Kim and J. Bailey
Hadronic light-by-light scattering in the muon g-2: impact of proposed measurements of the π^{0} → γγ decay width and the γ^{*}γ → π^{0} transition form factor with the KLOE-2 experiment
PoS(CD12)045 pdf A. Nyffeler
Present status of light flavoured scalar resonances
PoS(CD12)047 pdf J.R. Peláez Sagredo
A scrutiny of hard pion chiral perturbation theory
PoS(CD12)049 pdf M. Procura
Studies of light meson decays at KLOE
PoS(CD12)050 pdf C. Redmer
Determination of Chiral Perturbation Theory low energy constants from a precise description of pion-pion scattering threshold parameters
PoS(CD12)051 pdf G. Rios, J. Nebreda and J.R. Peláez Sagredo
One-loop calculation of the oblique S and T parameters within strongly-coupled scenarios with a light Higgs-like boson
PoS(CD12)052 pdf I. Rosell
Zeros of the $W_{L}Z_{L} \to W_{L}Z_{L}$ amplitude: with or without light Higgs
PoS(CD12)053 pdf A. Filipuzzi, J. Portoles and P. Ruiz-Femenía
Dispersive analysis of ω/\varphi → 3π decays and the ω/\varphi → π^{0}γ^{*} transition form factor
PoS(CD12)054 pdf S. Schneider
Determination of SU(2) ChPT LECs from 2+1 flavor staggered lattice simulations
PoS(CD12)055 pdf E.E. Scholz
Corrections to the Banks-Casher relation with Wilson quarks
PoS(CD12)056 pdf A. Shindler
A Dispersive Treatment of Kl4 Decays
PoS(CD12)058 pdf P. Stoffer, G. Colangelo and E. Passemar
Topological Charge Membranes and Chiral Dynamics
PoS(CD12)060 pdf H. Thacker
An anomalous hydrodynamics for chiral superfluid
PoS(CD12)116 pdf S. Lin
The Upper Energy Limit of Heavy Baryon Chiral Perturbation Theory in pion photoproduction
PoS(CD12)117 pdf L. Gan
Photoproduction and decay of light mesons in CLAS
PoS(CD12)061 pdf M. Amaryan
1/Nc - Chiral Perturbation Theory in the One-Baryon Sector
PoS(CD12)062 pdf A. Calle Cordon and J.L. Goity
Tests of Symmetries with Eta Decays at WASA-at-COSY
PoS(CD12)063 pdf D. Coderre
Roy-Steiner equations for pion-nucleon scattering
PoS(CD12)064 pdf C. Ditsche, M. Hoferichter, B. Kubis and U.G. Meißner
The upper energy limit of Heavy Baryon Chiral Perturbation Theory in pion photoproduction
PoS(CD12)065 pdf C. Fernandez Ramirez
Pion-pion scattering lengths determination from kaon decays
PoS(CD12)066 pdf S. Gevorkyan
Hadron Structure and Meson Baryon Interactions
PoS(CD12)067 pdf H. Grieshammer, J. McGovern and D. Phillips
Dispersive analysis of the scalar form factor of the nucleon
PoS(CD12)069 pdf M. Hoferichter, C. Ditsche, B. Kubis and U.G. Meißner
Asymmetries for neutral Pion photoproduction in the threshold region
PoS(CD12)070 pdf D. Hornidge
Experimental perspective on next generation EDM searches
PoS(CD12)071 pdf W. Korsch
Model-Independent Form Factor Relations at Large Nc
PoS(CD12)072 pdf V. Krejcirik
Precision measurements of neutral Pion electroproduction near threshold: A test of Chiral QCD Dynamics
PoS(CD12)073 pdf R. Lindgren, K. Chirapatimol and L.C. Smith
Strangeness in the baryon ground states
PoS(CD12)074 pdf M.F.M. Lutz
Hadron structure in AdS/QCD
PoS(CD12)075 pdf V. Lyubovitskij, T. Gutsche, I. Schmidt and A. Vega
Time-reversal violation and electric dipole moments
PoS(CD12)077 pdf E. Mereghetti
Spin-Polarizabilities of the Proton in Polarized Compton Scattering at MAMI
PoS(CD12)078 pdf R. Miskimen
MEM Analysis of the QCD Sum Rule and its Application to nucleon spectrum
PoS(CD12)079 pdf K. Ohtani, P. Gubler and M. Oka
Thermal modication of bottomonium spectral functions from QCD sum rules
PoS(CD12)080 pdf M. Oka, K. Suzuki, K. Morita and P. Gubler
Pion-mass dispersion relations in the baryon sector
PoS(CD12)081 pdf V. Pascalutsa, M. Vanderhaeghen, J. Hall and T. Ledwig
Transversity parton distribution function and chiral dynamics
PoS(CD12)082 pdf A. Prokudin
Lattice QCD Methods for Hadronic Polarizabilities
PoS(CD12)084 pdf B. Tiburzi
Determination of CP and CPT violation parameters in the neutral kaon system using the Bell-Steinberger relation and WA data
PoS(CD12)086 pdf M. Antonelli
Polarized proton scattering from polarized 3He
PoS(CD12)088 pdf T. Daniels
A new approach to chiral two-nucleon dynamics
PoS(CD12)089 pdf A. Gasparyan, M.F.M. Lutz and E. Epelbaum
NN scattering problem in EFT reformulated
PoS(CD12)090 pdf J. Gegelia and E. Epelbaum
Hyperon-nucleon Interaction in Chiral EFT
PoS(CD12)092 pdf attachments J. Haidenbauer
Charge symmetry breaking in pion-deuteron scattering
PoS(CD12)093 pdf M. Hoferichter, V. Baru, C. Hanhart, B. Kubis, A. Nogga and D. Phillips
Photodisintegration of light nuclei
PoS(CD12)095 pdf Y. Ilieva and N. Zachariou
Chiral effective field theory for EM currents and form factors
PoS(CD12)096 pdf S. Koelling
Chiral effective field theory on the lattice: Ab initio calculations of nuclei
PoS(CD12)097 pdf D. Lee
Renormalization and Power Counting of Chiral Nuclear Forces
PoS(CD12)098 pdf B. Long
Theoretical studies of muon capture on light nuclei
PoS(CD12)099 pdf L. Marcucci
Evolution of Efimov states in 2n halo nuclei - A general study
PoS(CD12)100 pdf I. Mazumdar
Compton Scattering with Tagged Photons at MAX-lab
PoS(CD12)102 pdf L. Myers
Radiative corrections to anti-neutrino proton scattering at low energies
PoS(CD12)103 pdf F. Myhrer, U. Raha and K. Kubodera
Nucleon-Nucleon Chiral Two Pion Exchange potential vs Coarse grained interactions
PoS(CD12)104 pdf R. Navarro-Perez, E. Ruiz Arriola and J.E. Amaro
GFMC calculations of electromagnetic moments and M1 transitions in A ≤ 9 nuclei
PoS(CD12)105 pdf S. Pastore
Nuclear Symmetries and the Similarity Renormalization Group
PoS(CD12)106 pdf E. Ruiz Arriola, S. Szpigel and V.S. Timóteo
Hadronic parity violation in effective field theory
PoS(CD12)107 pdf M. Schindler
Parity violation in radiative neutron capture on deuteron
PoS(CD12)108 pdf Y.H. Song, R. Lazauskas and V. Gudkov
Chiral Extrapolation of the Nulceon-Nulceon S-wave scattering lengths
PoS(CD12)109 pdf J. Tarrus
Two-nucleon scattering in effective field theory: searching for the power counting
PoS(CD12)110 pdf M.P. Valderrama
The Compton@HIGS Program
PoS(CD12)112 pdf H. Weller, M. Ahmed, G. Feldman, J. Mueller, L. Myers, M. Sikora and W. Zimmerman
Direct observation of a new 2+ state in C12
PoS(CD12)113 pdf W. Zimmerman, M. Ahmed, M. Gai, S.S. Henshaw, J. Mueller, S. Stave and H. Weller
Chiral Perturbation Theory with a scalar field
PoS(CD12)118 pdf J. Tarrus
Neutron-rich He isotopes based on hyperspherical harmonics
PoS(CD12)119 pdf S. Bacca