PoS - Proceedings of Science

35th International Conference of High Energy Physics

ICHEP 2010 - (other ichep conferences)
July 22-28, 2010
Paris, France
published March 23, 2011
The French particle physics community is particularly proud to have been selected to host the 35th ICHEP conference in 2010 in Paris. This conference is the focal point of all our field since more than fifty years and is the reference event where all important results in particle physics cosmology and astroparticles are presented and discussed. This alone suffices to make this event very important. But in 2010, a coincidence of exceptional events will make this conference even more attractive! What is then so special about ICHEP 2010 conference? It will be the first ICHEP conference where physics results obtained at the LHC will be presented! New results about the elusive Higgs boson, or signals of physics beyond the standard model might therefore be announced at this conference! Major discoveries in other domains such as gravitational waves, neutrino telescopes, neutrino oscillations, dark matter or in the flavour sector are also possible, just to name a few. In addition , 2010 will be an important date to shape up the future of our field. Several major projects will present the status of their Conceptual or Engineering Design Reports during the conference. The International Linear Collider (ILC) Global Design Effort team will present the report corresponding to the end of their Technical Design Phase 1. The Compact Linear Collider (CLIC) will also report on its Conceptual Design Report. Other major projects such as Super B factories will also be presented. These reports together with LHC physics results will form the basis for key political decisions needed to be taken in the years to come. In summary, there can be no doubt that Paris is the place to be in summer 2010 for anyone interested in High Energy Physics and we will make every effort to make your stay as interesting and enjoyable as possible.
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Plenary Session
Session 01 - Early Experience and Results from LHC
Session 02 - The Standard Model and Electroweak Symmetry Breaking
Session 03 - Perturbative QCD, Jets and Diffractive Physics
Session 04 - Hadronic Structure, Parton Distributions, soft QCD, Spectroscopy
Session 05 - Heavy Quarks Properties (experiment and theory)
Session 06 - CP violation, CKM and Rare Decays
Session 07 - Neutrinos
Session 08 - Heavy Ion Collisions and Soft Physics at Hadron Colliders
Session 09 - Progress in Lattice Techniques and New Results
Session 10 - Beyond the Standard Model (theory and experimental searches)
Session 11 - Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology
Session 12 - Beyond Quantum Field Theory Approaches (including String Theories)
Session 13 - Advances in Instrumentation and Computing for HEP
Session 14 - Future Machines and Projects
Plenary Session
ATLAS status and highlights
PoS(ICHEP 2010)540 pdf F. Gianotti
CMS status and highlights
PoS(ICHEP 2010)565 pdf G. Tonelli
ALICE status and highlights
PoS(ICHEP 2010)559 pdf J. Schukraft
LHCb status and highlights
PoS(ICHEP 2010)541 pdf A. Golutvin
Warped Views on the Large Hadron Collider (IUPAP C11 Young Scientist Prize)
PoS(ICHEP 2010)557 pdf J. Santiago
Recent results on structure functions
PoS(ICHEP 2010)538 pdf H. Gao
Exclusive hard Reactions and QCD
PoS(ICHEP 2010)548 pdf D. Mueller
Higgs searches at the Tevatron
PoS(ICHEP 2010)544 pdf B. Kilminster
The physics of top, W and Z from LHC, Tevatron and HERA.
PoS(ICHEP 2010)561 pdf E. Shabalina
A (critical) review of electroweak symmetry breaking
PoS(ICHEP 2010)536 pdf C. Csaki
ICFA Report
PoS(ICHEP 2010)564 pdf A. Suzuki
Experimental QCD results and impact on LHC physics
PoS(ICHEP 2010)558 pdf E. Sauvan
Perturbative QCD for the LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)556 pdf G. Salam
Progress in Lattice QCD
PoS(ICHEP 2010)545 pdf Y. Kuramashi
Review on low and high mass spectroscopy
PoS(ICHEP 2010)569 pdf C. Yuan
From many body wee partons dynamics to perfect fluid: a standard model for heavy ion collisions
PoS(ICHEP 2010)567 pdf R. Venugopalan
The Challenges of Flavor Physics
PoS(ICHEP 2010)543 pdf G. Isidori
Beyond the Standard Model searches through B physics at the Tevatron
PoS(ICHEP 2010)531 pdf G. Borissov
Rare B decays at B factories
PoS(ICHEP 2010)566 pdf K. Trabelsi
Rare lepton and K-meson decays
PoS(ICHEP 2010)528 pdf A. Baldini
CP Violation and the Determination of the CKM Matrix
PoS(ICHEP 2010)554 pdf F. Porter
Progress in Beyond the Standard Model theories
PoS(ICHEP 2010)568 pdf J. Wells
Neutrinos: theory review
PoS(ICHEP 2010)546 pdf E. Lisi
New results on solar neutrinos
PoS(ICHEP 2010)529 pdf A. Bellerive
Long-baseline accelerator neutrino experiments
PoS(ICHEP 2010)551 pdf T. Nakaya
Reactor neutrinos, double beta and beta decays experimental review
PoS(ICHEP 2010)553 pdf F. Piquemal
Dark Matter direct detection searches
PoS(ICHEP 2010)539 pdf J. Gascon
Looking at the Universe with PLANCK
PoS(ICHEP 2010)532 pdf F. Bouchet
The violent Universe
PoS(ICHEP 2010)552 pdf N. Omodei
String Theory: Basic Facts and Recent Developments
PoS(ICHEP 2010)560 pdf A. Sen
Beyond the Standard Model Searches
PoS(ICHEP 2010)573 pdf P. Murat
Detector R & D
PoS(ICHEP 2010)542 pdf J. Haba
Progress in computing
PoS(ICHEP 2010)530 pdf I. Bird
Summary Talk
PoS(ICHEP 2010)563 pdf M. Spiro
Session 01 - Early Experience and Results from LHC
Performance of the ATLAS Trigger with Proton Collisions at the LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)001 pdf J. Baines
Performance of the particle flow algorithm in CMS
PoS(ICHEP 2010)002 pdf F. Beaudette
First Physics Results from ALICE
PoS(ICHEP 2010)003 pdf I. Belikov
First Results from CMS on QCD, Quarkonia, and Heavy-Flavour Physics in proton-proton Collisions at \sqrt s = 7 TeV
PoS(ICHEP 2010)004 pdf S. Bolognesi
Performance of the Tracking System at the LHCb Experiment
PoS(ICHEP 2010)005 pdf S. Borghi
Optimisation of LHC beam conditions
PoS(ICHEP 2010)006 pdf H. Burkhardt
First Data from the TOTEM experiment at LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)007 pdf F. Cafagna
Performance of the CMS High-Level Trigger
PoS(ICHEP 2010)008 pdf E.F. Carrera Jarrin
W and Z boson production at CMS in pp collisions at √s=7 TeV
PoS(ICHEP 2010)009 pdf M. Cepeda
Determination of the Luminosity by the LHC Experiments
PoS(ICHEP 2010)010 pdf M. Ferro-Luzzi
Performance of Track and Vertex Reconstruction and b-Tagging Studies with ATLAS in pp Collisions at √s = 7 TeV
PoS(ICHEP 2010)011 pdf J.E. Fleckner
Commissioning and Performance of the CMS Calorimeter Systems with proton-proton Collisions at the LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)012 pdf P. Gras
First Results from ATLAS on QCD, Quarkonia, and Heavy-Flavour Physics in proton-proton collisions at \sqrt s=7 TeV.
PoS(ICHEP 2010)013 pdf J. Kirk
First Results from ATLAS on W and Z Boson Production in proton-proton Collisions at \sqrt s=7 TeV
PoS(ICHEP 2010)014 pdf J. Kretzschmar
Commissioning and Performance of the ATLAS Inner Detector with proton-proton Collisions at the LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)015 pdf A. Limosani
Operation, calibration and performance of the CMS silicon tracker
PoS(ICHEP 2010)016 pdf S. Lowette
Material Studies with Photon Conversions and Energy Flow at the ATLAS Experiment
PoS(ICHEP 2010)018 pdf A. Morley
Particle ID in LHCb
PoS(ICHEP 2010)020 pdf A. Powell
Commissioning and Performance of the ATLAS Calorimeter Systems with proton-proton Collisions at the LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)021 pdf P. Pralavorio
Electron and Photon reconstruction and identification with the CMS detector in pp collisions at \sqrt s = 7 TeV
PoS(ICHEP 2010)022 pdf R. Salerno
Performance of Jet, Missing Transverse Energy and Tau Reconstruction with ATLAS in pp Collisions at \sqrt s = 7 TeV
PoS(ICHEP 2010)023 pdf A.G. Schwartzman
Electron and Photon Performance and Electron pT Spectrum Measurement with ATLAS in pp Collisions at \sqrt s = 7 TeV
PoS(ICHEP 2010)024 pdf S. Snyder
First Physics Results from LHCb
PoS(ICHEP 2010)025 pdf S. Stone
Early Physics with the LHCf detector at LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)026 pdf A. Tricomi
LHCb trigger system
PoS(ICHEP 2010)027 pdf E. Van Herwijnen
Performance of Jet and Missing Transverse Energy Reconstruction with CMS in pp Collisions at \sqrt s = 7 TeV
PoS(ICHEP 2010)028 pdf J. Weng
Performance of the ATLAS Muon Spectrometer and of Muon Identification at the LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)029 pdf M. Woudstra
First Results from the LHCb Vertex Locator
PoS(ICHEP 2010)030 pdf S. Borghi
Electron and Photon Trigger Commissioning and Performance on 7 TeV data
PoS(ICHEP 2010)031 pdf C. Broutin, P. Paganini and A. Zabi
A Study of the Production of Vector Bosons and Jets at 7 TeV
PoS(ICHEP 2010)032 pdf J. Damgov
Reconstruction of known particle decays in proton-proton collisions at energies of 900 GeV and 7 TeV with the ATLAS Inner Detector
PoS(ICHEP 2010)033 pdf R. Di Nardo
Performance of jet reconstruction and calibration in first ATLAS data at a centre-of-mass energy of 7 TeV
PoS(ICHEP 2010)034 pdf S. Eckweiler
Measurement of the Forward-Backward Asymmetry in Z/gamma*\rightarrow mumu events in CMS at 7 TeV
PoS(ICHEP 2010)035 pdf E. Yazgan
Inclusive b-jet production measurement on early CMS data
PoS(ICHEP 2010)036 pdf S.M. Honc
Minimum Bias Trigger in ATLAS
PoS(ICHEP 2010)037 pdf R. Kwee
The performance of the CMS ECAL Preshower detector at LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)038 pdf Z.K. Liu
Evidence for Z\rightarrow tau+ tau- Production in 7 TeV proton-proton Collisions
PoS(ICHEP 2010)039 pdf L. Lusito
Performance of Etmiss reconstruction in first ATLAS data at a centre-of-mass energy of 7 TeV
PoS(ICHEP 2010)041 pdf A. Olariu
Performance of the ATLAS tau trigger with 7 TeV collision data at the LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)042 pdf M.R. Robinson
Alignment and detection efficiency of CMS Preshower detector
PoS(ICHEP 2010)043 pdf Y.M. Tzeng
Single isolated hadron response measurements in proton-proton collisions at 7 TeV and determination of the jet energy scale uncertainty with the ATLAS detector
PoS(ICHEP 2010)044 pdf I. Vivarelli
Alignment of the ATLAS Inner Detector tracking system
PoS(ICHEP 2010)045 pdf J. Wang
Commissioning, Performance and Calibration of the Electromagnetic Calorimeter of CMS
PoS(ICHEP 2010)046 pdf Y. Yang
Measurement of Jet Cross Section and Fragmentation of Jets Using Tracks with the ATLAS Detector
PoS(ICHEP 2010)047 pdf S. Zenz
Session 02 - The Standard Model and Electroweak Symmetry Breaking
Higgs production at the Tevatron: theoretical predictions and uncertainties
PoS(ICHEP 2010)048 pdf J. Baglio
Studies of WW and WZ production at CDF
PoS(ICHEP 2010)049 pdf V. Cavaliere
Studies of polarized ep collisions and combined EW and QCD fits at HERA
PoS(ICHEP 2010)050 pdf V. Chekelian
Top quark study at CMS
PoS(ICHEP 2010)051 pdf T. Christiansen
Associated b Quark-Higgs Boson Production at the LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)052 pdf S. Dawson, C. Jackson and P. Jaiswal
Status of the global fit to electroweak precisions data, and constraints on the Higgs boson
PoS(ICHEP 2010)570 pdf M. Goebel
Precision measurement of the top quark mass and width with the DZero detector
PoS(ICHEP 2010)056 pdf A.J. Grohsjean
V+jet production at the LHC: Electroweak radiative corrections
PoS(ICHEP 2010)058 pdf T. Kasprzik
Top quark pair and single top production at Tevatron and LHC energies
PoS(ICHEP 2010)059 pdf N. Kidonakis
Measurement of the top quark mass and width with CDF detector
PoS(ICHEP 2010)060 pdf H. Lee
Standard Model high mass Higgs search at CDF
PoS(ICHEP 2010)061 pdf D. Lucchesi
W and Z boson production at CMS in pp collisions at \sqrt s = 7 TeV
PoS(ICHEP 2010)063 pdf J. Mans
Measurement of the top quark pairs production cross sections and differential distributions of top quarks at the Tevatron
PoS(ICHEP 2010)064 pdf F. Margaroli
ATLAS Higgs Sensitivity for 1/fb of data at the LHC running at 7 TeV
PoS(ICHEP 2010)065 pdf T. Masubuchi
Combination of Standard Model and beyond Standard model Higgs searches at DZero
PoS(ICHEP 2010)066 pdf M. Mulhearn
Standard Model low mass Higgs search at CDF
PoS(ICHEP 2010)067 pdf Y. Nagai
Higgs production at the Tevatron and LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)069 pdf G. Passarino
Beyond Standard Model Higgs bosons searches at the Tevatron
PoS(ICHEP 2010)070 pdf A. Patwa
Search for Standard Model Higgs boson in gamma gamma final state at the Tevatron
PoS(ICHEP 2010)071 pdf K. Peters
Di-boson production and limits on triple gauge boson couplings at the Tevatron
PoS(ICHEP 2010)072 pdf T. Phillips
Combination of Standard Model Higgs searches at CDF
PoS(ICHEP 2010)073 pdf K.J. Potamianos
Studies of single top quark production at the Tevatron
PoS(ICHEP 2010)074 pdf B. Quinn
Electroweak non-resonant corrections to top pair production close to threshold
PoS(ICHEP 2010)076 pdf M. Beneke, B. Jantzen and P. Ruiz-Femenía
Measurement of W and Z boson production in pp at \sqrt s = 7 TeV with the ATLAS detector
PoS(ICHEP 2010)077 pdf L. Serin
Studies of top quark properties at the DZero experiment
PoS(ICHEP 2010)078 pdf V.V. Sharyy
Study of multi-lepton events at HERA
PoS(ICHEP 2010)079 pdf D. South
Search for Standard Model Higgs boson in di-tau final state at the Tevatron
PoS(ICHEP 2010)080 pdf P. Totaro
Standard Model high mass Higgs search at DZero
PoS(ICHEP 2010)081 pdf B. Tuchming
Top-quark production at the Tevatron and LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)082 pdf P. Uwer
Precision Theory for Precision Measurements: Tests of the Standard Model via Parity-Violating Electron-Proton and Møller Scattering
PoS(ICHEP 2010)084 pdf S. Barkanova
Prospects for Higgs boson measurements at the LHC in the H \rightarrow \tau \tau decay mode
PoS(ICHEP 2010)085 pdf C. Boddy
On 2D and 3D solitons in SU(2) gluodynamics
PoS(ICHEP 2010)086 pdf A. Bogolubskaya and I.L.v. Bogolubsky
Electroweak physics at HERA
PoS(ICHEP 2010)087 pdf T. Trong Hieu
Is it possible to reach \Delta MW \leq 10 MeV at the LHC?
PoS(ICHEP 2010)091 pdf W. Krasny, D. Friedrich, F. Fayette, W. Placzek and A.K. Siodmok
Session 03 - Perturbative QCD, Jets and Diffractive Physics
Soft QCD results from the D0 experiment
PoS(ICHEP 2010)093 pdf G.A. Alves
High-energy amplitudes in the next-to-leading order
PoS(ICHEP 2010)094 pdf I. Balitsky
Underlying Event Studies and Forward Physics at CMS
PoS(ICHEP 2010)095 pdf P. Bartalini
Characteristics and Estimates of Double Parton Scattering at the Large Hadron Collider
PoS(ICHEP 2010)097 pdf E. Berger
Two-Loop Corrections to Top-Antitop Production at Hadron Colliders
PoS(ICHEP 2010)098 pdf R. Bonciani, A. Ferroglia, T. Gehrmann, A. von Manteuffel and C. Studerus
Exclusive Processes at HERA
PoS(ICHEP 2010)099 pdf A. Buniatyan
W/Z+Jets Results from CDF
PoS(ICHEP 2010)100 pdf S. Camarda
First Measurement of Inclusive Jet Production Cross Sections in Proton Proton Collisions at a Centre-of-Mass Energy of 7 TeV with the ATLAS Detector
PoS(ICHEP 2010)101 pdf T. Carli
Exclusive diffractive Higgs and jet production at the LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)102 pdf C. Royon
Jet results from the Tevatron
PoS(ICHEP 2010)103 pdf C. Royon
Probing the theoretical description of central exclusive production
PoS(ICHEP 2010)104 pdf T.D. Coughlin and J. Forshaw
NLO QCD corrections to pp\rightarrow t anti-t b anti-b
PoS(ICHEP 2010)105 pdf A. Bredenstein, A. Denner, S. Dittmaier and S. Pozzorini
Status of Higher Order QCD calculations
PoS(ICHEP 2010)106 pdf A. Gehrmann-De Ridder
Jet physics at HERA
PoS(ICHEP 2010)107 pdf C. Glasman
Jet correlations in forward production processes
PoS(ICHEP 2010)108 pdf F. Hautmann
NNLL resummation for QCD cross sections
PoS(ICHEP 2010)110 pdf N. Kidonakis
Monte Carlo modelling of NLO DGLAP QCD Evolution in the fully unintegrated form
PoS(ICHEP 2010)113 pdf A. Kusina, S. Jadach, M. Skrzypek and M. Slawinska
Isolated Photons at CMS
PoS(ICHEP 2010)114 pdf R.S. Lu
Soft QCD Results from CDF
PoS(ICHEP 2010)115 pdf C. Mesropian
Inclusive Diffraction and Related Topics at HERA
PoS(ICHEP 2010)116 pdf P.R. Newman
Minimum Bias and Underlying Event studies with a Monte Carlo tune for pp events with the ATLAS detector
PoS(ICHEP 2010)117 pdf E. Nurse
Multi-jet merging with NLO matrix elements
PoS(ICHEP 2010)119 pdf F. Siegert, S. Hoeche, F. Krauss and M. Schönherr
Higgs boson production at LHC to NNLO accuracy and finite top quark mass effects
PoS(ICHEP 2010)120 pdf M. Steinhauser
Exclusive electroproduction of \rho T meson with twist three accuracy
PoS(ICHEP 2010)121 pdf L. Szymanowski
Direct Photon Results from Tevatron
PoS(ICHEP 2010)124 pdf C. Vellidis
Studies of QCD jet production with the CMS detector in pp Collisions at \sqrt s = 7 TeV
PoS(ICHEP 2010)125 pdf M. Voutilainen
First complete NLL BFKL calculation of Mueller Navelet jets at LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)126 pdf D. Colferai, F. Schwennsen, L. Szymanowski and S. Wallon
HERWIRI1.031: New Approach to Parton Shower MC's in Precision QCD Theory
PoS(ICHEP 2010)127 pdf B.F.L. Ward and S.A. Yost
A study of the b-quark fragmentation function with the DELPHI detector at LEP I and an averaged distribution obtained at the Z pole
PoS(ICHEP 2010)128 pdf E. Ben-Haim
Analytic NLO Photon Impact Factor for Deep Inelastic Scattering
PoS(ICHEP 2010)129 pdf G.A. Chirilli
Dijet physics with the CMS detector at LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)130 pdf C. Dragoiu
Study of the underlying event with the CMS detector at the LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)131 pdf A. Lucaroni
Jet Transverse Structure and Momentum Distribution in pp Collisions at 7 TeV
PoS(ICHEP 2010)132 pdf N. Lychkovskaya
Early QCD Analyses with Photons at CMS
PoS(ICHEP 2010)133 pdf P. Musella
Study of hadronic event shapes with the CMS detector at LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)134 pdf M.A. Weber
Differential Reduction Techniques for the Evaluation of Feynman Diagrams
PoS(ICHEP 2010)135 pdf S.A. Yost, V. Bytev, M. Kalmykov, B. Kniehl and B.F.L. Ward
Hard diffractive scattering from soft color screening effects
PoS(ICHEP 2010)572 pdf R. Pasechnik
Session 04 - Hadronic Structure, Parton Distributions, soft QCD, Spectroscopy
Tetraquark interpretation of e+ e-\rightarrow Upsilon pi+ pi- Belle data and e+ e-\rightarrow b bbar Babar data
PoS(ICHEP 2010)136 pdf A. Ali
Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering off deuteron and twist three contributions
PoS(ICHEP 2010)137 pdf I. Anikin
Recent Developments in Hadron Spectroscopy
PoS(ICHEP 2010)138 pdf T. Barnes
Charm Fragmentation and Excited Charm Meson Production
PoS(ICHEP 2010)139 pdf O. Behnke
Charmed Hadron Physics at Babar
PoS(ICHEP 2010)140 pdf J.F. Benitez
Particle Production Studies at LHCb
PoS(ICHEP 2010)141 pdf C. Blanks
Combination and QCD Analysis of the HERA F2^cc Results
PoS(ICHEP 2010)142 pdf M. Corradi
Medium Modification of Vector Mesons
PoS(ICHEP 2010)143 pdf C. Djalali
Recent Results on Two-photon Physics at BABAR
PoS(ICHEP 2010)144 pdf V.P. Druzhinin
Search for the \xi (2220) and Study of the X(3872) at BABAR
PoS(ICHEP 2010)146 pdf A. Gabareen Mokhtar
Hadron physics at KLOE: results and prospects
PoS(ICHEP 2010)147 pdf P. Gauzzi
Extraction of Compton Form Factors from DVCS data
PoS(ICHEP 2010)148 pdf M. Guidal
Parity violating single spin asymmetry in W production from longitudinally polarized p+p collisions at 500 GeV
PoS(ICHEP 2010)149 pdf J. Haggerty
TMD parton distributions and splitting functions
PoS(ICHEP 2010)150 pdf F. Hautmann
Dynamical Parton Distributions and Weak Gauge and Higgs Boson Production at Hadron Colliders at NNLO of QCD
PoS(ICHEP 2010)151 pdf P. Jimenez-Delgado and E. Reya
Charm and Beauty Production from Semileptonic Decays at HERA
PoS(ICHEP 2010)152 pdf M. Juengst
D* (+jets) in Deep Inelastic Scattering and Photoproduction
PoS(ICHEP 2010)153 pdf A.W. Jung
Rare and Radiative Kaon Decays from the NA48 Experiment
PoS(ICHEP 2010)154 pdf V. Kekelidze
Deeply Virtual Exclusive Reactions with CLAS
PoS(ICHEP 2010)155 pdf V. Kubarovsky
DVCS, TMDs and Spin Physics at COMPASS
PoS(ICHEP 2010)156 pdf F. Kunne
Hard exclusive processes in the backward region
PoS(ICHEP 2010)157 pdf J.P. Lansberg, B. Pire and L. Szymanowski
Study of a0(980)-f0(980) mixing at BESIII and study of charged kappa at BESII
PoS(ICHEP 2010)158 pdf B. Liu
Study of light scalar mesons from heavy quark decays
PoS(ICHEP 2010)159 pdf C.D. Lu and W. Wang
Non-linear QCD dynamics and exclusive production in ep collisions
PoS(ICHEP 2010)160 pdf M. Machado, V.P. Goncalves and A. Meneses
PDF Sensitivities using Electroweak Processes
PoS(ICHEP 2010)161 pdf R. McNulty
Particle Production in Two-Photon Collisions at Belle
PoS(ICHEP 2010)162 pdf H. Nakazawa
First Results on Hadron Spectroscopy at COMPASS
PoS(ICHEP 2010)163 pdf F. Nerling
Two-photon exchange and elastic scattering of positrons/electrons on the proton
PoS(ICHEP 2010)164 pdf
D. Nikolenko, J. Arrington, M. Barkov, V.F. Dmitriev, V.V. Gauzshteyn, R.A. Golovin, A.V. Gramolin, R.J. Holt, V.V. Kaminsky, B.A. Lazarenko, S.I. Mishnev, N.Y. Muchnoi, V.V. Neufeld, A.V. Osipov, I.A. Rachek, R.S. Sadykov, Y.V. Shestakov, V.N. Stibunov, D.K. Toporkov, H. de Vries, S.A. Zevakov and V.N. Zhilich
Hadronic Molecules
PoS(ICHEP 2010)165 pdf P. Garcia Ortega
Consistency of neutrino DIS and the present parton distribution functions.
PoS(ICHEP 2010)166 pdf H. Paukkunen and C. Salgado
Spin structure of the proton and Transverse Momentum Dependent distributions
PoS(ICHEP 2010)167 pdf A. Prokudin
Combination and QCD Analysis of the HERA Inclusive Cross Sections
PoS(ICHEP 2010)168 pdf V.A.M. Radescu
DVCS and TMDs Studies at HERMES
PoS(ICHEP 2010)169 pdf K. Rith
D+, D0 and \Lambda +c production in deep inelastic scattering at HERA
PoS(ICHEP 2010)170 pdf P. Roloff
Recent STAR results and future prospects of W^-(+) boson production in polarized p+p collisions at RHIC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)172 pdf B. Surrow
The nucleon's transversity and the photon's distribution amplitude probed in lepton pair photoproduction
PoS(ICHEP 2010)173 pdf L. Szymanowski
Axial Anomaly and Transition Formfactors
PoS(ICHEP 2010)174 pdf O. Teryaev
Charm and Beauty Production from Secondary Vertexing at HERA
PoS(ICHEP 2010)175 pdf P. Thompson
Charged Particle Distributions in Deep Inelastic Scattering and Photoproduction
PoS(ICHEP 2010)176 pdf D. Traynor
Studies of Upsilon Decays at Belle
PoS(ICHEP 2010)177 pdf M. Verzetti
On chiral-odd Generalized Parton Distributions
PoS(ICHEP 2010)178 pdf M. El Beiyad, B. Pire, M. Segond, L. Szymanowski and S. Wallon
Charm baryon spectroscopy at CDF
PoS(ICHEP 2010)180 pdf F. Wick
New Observations on Light Hadron Spectroscopy at BESIII
PoS(ICHEP 2010)181 pdf Y. Huang
Exotic J/psi Phi Structures and Search for the Z(4430)+ State at CDF
PoS(ICHEP 2010)182 pdf K. Yi and  CDF Collaboration
Light Mesons and Strange Particle Production at HERA
PoS(ICHEP 2010)183 pdf L. Zawiejski
Hadroproduction in FLUKA and Geant4: agreement with data?
PoS(ICHEP 2010)184 pdf A. Bolshakova
Coherent pi zero photoproduction on the deuteron
PoS(ICHEP 2010)185 pdf M.A. El-Zohry Aly
Hadroproduction on nuclei: inclusive cross-sections and parametrizations
PoS(ICHEP 2010)186 pdf M. Gostkin
Renormalization of the baryon axial vector current in large-$N_c$
PoS(ICHEP 2010)187 pdf M.A. Hernandez-Ruiz
Results from ISTRA+ experiment
PoS(ICHEP 2010)190 pdf O. Yushchenko
Session 05 - Heavy Quarks Properties (experiment and theory)
Open charm via D mesons using the ALICE detector at CERN-LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)191 pdf A. Grelli
Quarkonium production at the Tevatron and the LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)192 pdf P. Artoisenet
Charm mixing in the Standard Model
PoS(ICHEP 2010)193 pdf M. Bobrowski and A. Lenz
Study of Jpsi production at central rapidity with the ALICE experiment at LHC.
PoS(ICHEP 2010)194 pdf G. Bruno
Measurement of the inclusive b production cross section in pp collisions at \sqrt s = 7 TeV
PoS(ICHEP 2010)195 pdf L.M. Caminada
New measurement of b-hadron lifetimes at CDF
PoS(ICHEP 2010)198 pdf J.P. Fernãndez
Observation of B_s\rightarrow D_s^*- pi+, B_s\rightarrow D_s^(*)- rho+ and B_s\rightarrow D_s^(*)+ D_s^(*)- and Estimate of Delta Gamma_CP at Belle
PoS(ICHEP 2010)197 pdf S. Esen
Recent Quarkonium Results from BaBar
PoS(ICHEP 2010)199 pdf B. Fulsom
Recent results of charmonium transitions at BESIII
PoS(ICHEP 2010)200 pdf L. Gang
The b-quark mass and the heavy-strange decay constant from lattice HQET
PoS(ICHEP 2010)201 pdf N. Garron
New results on bottom baryons with the CDF II detector
PoS(ICHEP 2010)203 pdf I. Gorelov and C. Calancha
Observation and study of LambdaC decays of neutral B mesons
PoS(ICHEP 2010)204 pdf T. Hartmann
Perspectives for quarkonium production at the LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)206 pdf J.P. Lansberg
Measurement of J/ψ, Upsilon and b-hadron production in proton-proton collisions at \sqrt s = 7 TeV with the CMS experiment
PoS(ICHEP 2010)207 pdf N. Leonardo
Are scalar mesons visible in B+- -\rightarrow pi+ pi- pi+- decays?
PoS(ICHEP 2010)208 pdf L. Lesniak
Decay constants of heavy mesons from QCD sum rules
PoS(ICHEP 2010)210 pdf D. Melikhov
New suppressed decays of B0_s mesons
PoS(ICHEP 2010)211 pdf O. Norniella
Studies of D_s decays at Babar
PoS(ICHEP 2010)212 pdf M. Pappagallo
Prompt J/ψ and b → J/ψ X production in pp collisions at \sqrt s = 7 TeV
PoS(ICHEP 2010)213 pdf G. Passaleva
Recent results of charmonium radiative decay from BESIII
PoS(ICHEP 2010)214 pdf R.G. Ping
Measurement of the Branching Fractions of the Decays B\rightarrow Dbar^(*) D^(*) K
PoS(ICHEP 2010)215 pdf V. Poireau
Search for the decays B+\rightarrow D+ K(*)0
PoS(ICHEP 2010)216 pdf X. Prudent
Three-loop heavy quark potential
PoS(ICHEP 2010)217 pdf M. Steinhauser, A. Smirnov and V. Smirnov
Measurement of \psi (3770) parameters with KEDR detector at VEPP-4M.
PoS(ICHEP 2010)218 pdf K. Todyshev
Search for B0s \rightarrow J/\psi f0(980) and B0s \rightarrow hh decays at Belle
PoS(ICHEP 2010)219 pdf J. Wicht
Double quarkonium production at the LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)220 pdf P. Ko, J. Lee and C. Yu
Heavy Flavor Electron in ALICE at the LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)221 pdf R. Bailhache
Measurement of Gamma_{ee}(J/Psi)*Br(J/Psi\rightarrow ee) and Gamma_{ee}(J/Psi)*Br(J/Psi\rightarrow mu mu)
PoS(ICHEP 2010)222 pdf E. Baldin
New Experiments with Antiprotons
PoS(ICHEP 2010)223 pdf D. Kaplan
Heavy quark pair production in proton-proton collisions including subdominant terms.
PoS(ICHEP 2010)224 pdf M. Luszczak
Flavor Changing Neutral Currents Transition of the Sigma_Q to Nucleon in Full QCD and Heavy Quark Effective Theory
PoS(ICHEP 2010)225 pdf M. Zeyrek
Session 06 - CP violation, CKM and Rare Decays
Measuring b\rightarrow sgamma, b\rightarrow dgamma and |Vtd/Vts| at BaBar
PoS(ICHEP 2010)226 pdf D. Bard
D0-D0bar Mixing and CP Asymmetry Measurements at BABAR
PoS(ICHEP 2010)227 pdf M. Bellis
Towards a global fit to extract the B\rightarrow X_s gamma rate and |Vub|
PoS(ICHEP 2010)229 pdf F. Bernlochner
Improved Measurement of the Electroweak Penguin Process B -\rightarrow X_s l^+ l^-
PoS(ICHEP 2010)231 pdf C.C. Chiang
Prospects for CP violation measurements with charmless hadronic B meson decays at LHCb gamma measurements
PoS(ICHEP 2010)232 pdf I. De Bediaga Hickman
Measurement of the decay B\rightarrow D^* l^+ nu and determination of |V_{cb}| at Belle
PoS(ICHEP 2010)233 pdf W. Dungel
New Results in Radiative Electroweak Penguin Decays at Babar
PoS(ICHEP 2010)234 pdf K. Flood
Studies of Charmless Hadronic B-meson Decays at BABAR
PoS(ICHEP 2010)235 pdf A. Gaz
New measurement of the B0_s mixing phase at CDF
PoS(ICHEP 2010)236 pdf G. Giurgiu and  CDF Collaboration
Measurement of the decay B^0\rightarrow pi^- l^+ nu in untagged events and determination of |V_ub| at Belle
PoS(ICHEP 2010)238 pdf H. Ha
Studies of charmed hadronic B decays with early LHCb data and prospects for gamma measurements
PoS(ICHEP 2010)239 pdf S. Haines
Quark and Lepton Evolution Invariants in the Standard Model
PoS(ICHEP 2010)240 pdf P. Harrison, W. Scott and R. Krishnan
Search for lepton flavour violating tau decay and lepton-number violation B decay at Belle
PoS(ICHEP 2010)241 pdf K. Hayasaka
Evidence for an anomalous like-sign dimuon charge asymmetry
PoS(ICHEP 2010)243 pdf B. Hoeneisen
A brief (p)review on a possible fourth generation world to come
PoS(ICHEP 2010)244 pdf G.W.S. Hou
Symmetries in the angular distribution of exclusive semileptonic B decays
PoS(ICHEP 2010)245 pdf T. Hurth
Hadronic b\rightarrow c decays at Belle
PoS(ICHEP 2010)246 pdf N.J. Joshi
Extracting CP violation and strong phase in D decays by using quantum correlations in psi(3770)\rightarrow D0 D0bar\rightarrow (V_1V_2)(V_3V_4) and psi(3770)\rightarrow D0 D0bar\rightarrow (V_1V_2)(K pi)
PoS(ICHEP 2010)247 pdf X.W. Kang
CP violation and mixing in charm decays at Belle
PoS(ICHEP 2010)248 pdf B.R. Ko
J/psi\rightarrow mumu from 7 TeV pp collisions in ATLAS: performance with the first data
PoS(ICHEP 2010)249 pdf A. Korn
Dalitz-plot analysis of B0\rightarrow anti-D0 pi+ pi-
PoS(ICHEP 2010)250 pdf T. Latham
Measurements of |Vus| and Second Class Currents and Searches for Violation of Lepton Universality and CPT in Tau Decays at BABAR
PoS(ICHEP 2010)251 pdf A. Lusiani
Status of flavor constraints on beyond the Standard Model scenarios
PoS(ICHEP 2010)252 pdf F. Mahmoudi
Search for New Physics with Rare Heavy Flavour Decays at LHCb
PoS(ICHEP 2010)253 pdf G. Mancinelli
Measurements of the CKM angle gamma at BABAR
PoS(ICHEP 2010)254 pdf F. Martinez Vidal
Precision measurements of Direct CP violation and D0-D0bar mixing at CDF
PoS(ICHEP 2010)255 pdf M.E. Mattson
Power suppressed effects in Bbar\rightarrow Xs gamma at O(alpha_s)
PoS(ICHEP 2010)256 pdf S. Nandi
J/psi\rightarrow mumu from 7 TeV pp collisions in ATLAS: physics with the first data
PoS(ICHEP 2010)257 pdf A. Nelson
The dimuon CP asymmetry, D0 - D \bar 0 mixing & General Minimal Flavor Violation
PoS(ICHEP 2010)259 pdf G. Perez
Search for non-standard model physics in rare decays at CDF
PoS(ICHEP 2010)261 pdf M. Rescigno and  CDF Collaboration
Observation of Radiative B^0 -\rightarrow phi K^0 gamma Decays and Measurements of time-dependent CP violation
PoS(ICHEP 2010)262 pdf H. Sahoo
Analysis of the MEG experiment to search for mu+\rightarrow e+ gamma decays
PoS(ICHEP 2010)263 pdf R. Sawada
Tau lifetime and CP violation in tau decay at Belle
PoS(ICHEP 2010)264 pdf M. Shapkin
Measurements of the Partial Branching Fraction for B \rightarrow X l \nu and the Determination of |Vub|
PoS(ICHEP 2010)265 pdf M. Sigamani
Search for D and B leptonic decays at Belle
PoS(ICHEP 2010)266 pdf M. Staric
S-waves and the measurement of beta_s in Bs decays
PoS(ICHEP 2010)267 pdf S. Stone
B\rightarrow tau nu & B\rightarrow D(*)tau nu decays at Belle
PoS(ICHEP 2010)268 pdf J. Stypula
CKMfitter Summer 2010 collection: The CKM Matrix Status and sensitivity to New Physics
PoS(ICHEP 2010)269 pdf S. T'Jampens
Unitarity Triangle Analysis within and beyond the SM
PoS(ICHEP 2010)270 pdf C. Tarantino, A. Bevan, M. Bona, M. Ciuchini, D. Derkach, E. Franco, V. Lubicz, G. Martinelli, F. Parodi, M. Pierini, C. Schiavi, L. Silvestrini, V. Sordini, A. Stocchi and V. Vagnoni
Measurements of Charmless B Decays at Belle
PoS(ICHEP 2010)273 pdf M.Z. Wang
The new KL\rightarrow pi0nunu Experiment (KOTO) at J-PARC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)274 pdf H. Watanabe
Quantum-correlated D-decays at CLEO-c
PoS(ICHEP 2010)275 pdf G. Wilkinson
Measurement of BR(K\rightarrow e nu)/BR(K\rightarrow mu nu) at NA62
PoS(ICHEP 2010)276 pdf A. Winhart
Measurements of Semileptonic Light Quark B-meson Decays and the Determination of the CKM element |Vub| at BABAR
PoS(ICHEP 2010)277 pdf H.W. Wulsin
A New Idea for an Experimental Search for $\mu$-$e$ Conversion
PoS(ICHEP 2010)279 pdf M. Aoki
Precision Kaon Physics with KLOE
PoS(ICHEP 2010)280 pdf F. Archilli
Rare B Decay potential of SuperB
PoS(ICHEP 2010)285 pdf A. Perez
Electroweak penguins in isospin-violating Bs decays
PoS(ICHEP 2010)286 pdf D. Scherer, L. Hofer and L. Vernazza
Measurement of the KL yield at the KL beam line newly built at J-PARC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)287 pdf K. Shiomi (for the KOTO collaboration)
Determining the photon polarization of the radiative B\rightarrow K1(1270) gamma decay
PoS(ICHEP 2010)288 pdf A. Tayduganov
Final Results on the Rare Decay KL\rightarrow pi0 nu anti-nu from the KEK E391a Experiment
PoS(ICHEP 2010)289 pdf H. Watanabe
CP measurements in K+- \rightarrow pi l- l+ and KS\rightarrow pi pi e e decays at NA48
PoS(ICHEP 2010)290 pdf A. Winhart
Session 07 - Neutrinos
Radiative generation of neutrino masses and its experimental signals
PoS(ICHEP 2010)291 pdf K. Babu
Update to the Bodek-Yang Unified Model for Electron- and Neutrino- Nucleon Scattering Cross Sections
PoS(ICHEP 2010)292 pdf A. Bodek and U.k. Yang
Hadron production measurements for neutrino experiments by the NA61/SHINE experiment at CERN
PoS(ICHEP 2010)293 pdf A. Bravar
Physics and Astrophysics Opportunities with Supernova Neutrinos
PoS(ICHEP 2010)294 pdf B. Dasgupta
Leptogenesis constraints from flavour symmetry induced Lepton Mixing
PoS(ICHEP 2010)295 pdf I. de Medeiros Varzielas
New neutrino interactions at large colliders
PoS(ICHEP 2010)296 pdf F. del Aguila, J.A. Aguilar-Saavedra and J. de Blas
Experiment GEMMA: Search for the Neutrino Magnetic Moment
PoS(ICHEP 2010)297 pdf V. Egorov
Latest results from the MINOS experiment
PoS(ICHEP 2010)298 pdf J. Evans
Status of the EXO double beta decay search
PoS(ICHEP 2010)300 pdf C. Hall
The Double Chooz reactor neutrino experiment
PoS(ICHEP 2010)301 pdf M. Ishitsuka
Current Status of RENO Experiment
PoS(ICHEP 2010)302 pdf S.B. Kim
Status of the Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Oscillation Experiment
PoS(ICHEP 2010)305 pdf C.J. Lin
A brief review of Leptogenesis
PoS(ICHEP 2010)306 pdf M. Losada
Search for neutrinoless double beta decay with NEMO-3
PoS(ICHEP 2010)307 pdf C. Marquet
Self interactions of Supernova neutrinos
PoS(ICHEP 2010)308 pdf A. Marrone, G. Fogli, E. Lisi and I. Tamborra
The OPERA experiment on the CNGS observed its first nu_tau candidate
PoS(ICHEP 2010)309 pdf P. Migliozzi
New Observations from the MiniBooNE Experiment
PoS(ICHEP 2010)310 pdf G.B. Mills
New mechanism for neutrino mass generation and triply charged Higgs bosons at the LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)311 pdf S. Nandi
CUORICINO and CUORE: present and future of 130-Te neutrinoless double beta decay searches
PoS(ICHEP 2010)312 pdf A. Nucciotti
Recent results on atomospheric neutrino oscillation from Super-Kamiokande
PoS(ICHEP 2010)313 pdf Y. Obayashi
The ArgoNeuT Experiment
PoS(ICHEP 2010)315 pdf J. Spitz
The NEXT experiment: a high-pressure xenon gas (HPGXe) TPC for the search of neutrinoless double-beta decay.
PoS(ICHEP 2010)316 pdf A. Tomas
Solar neutrino and terrestrial antineutrino fluxes measured with Borexino at LNGS
PoS(ICHEP 2010)317 pdf S. Zavatarelli
Hadroproduction measurements for simulations of new neutrino beams
PoS(ICHEP 2010)319 pdf M. Bonesini
Monitoring nuclear reactors with anti-neutrino detectors: the ANGRA project
PoS(ICHEP 2010)320 pdf P. Chimenti and A. Barbosa
Measurements of Atmospheric Neutrinos using the MINOS Detector
PoS(ICHEP 2010)321 pdf L. Corwin
New results for muon neutrino to electron neutrino oscillations in the MINOS experiment
PoS(ICHEP 2010)322 pdf J. Evans and L. Whitehead
Status of MICE, the international Muon Ionisation Cooling Experiment
PoS(ICHEP 2010)323 pdf Y.I. Karadzhov
Search for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay with the COBRA Experiment
PoS(ICHEP 2010)324 pdf T. Koettig
Optimization of neutrino fluxes for european Super-Beams
PoS(ICHEP 2010)325 pdf A. Longhin
MiniBooNE Neutrino Cross Section Measurements
PoS(ICHEP 2010)326 pdf G.B. Mills
Status of India-based Neutrino Observatory Project
PoS(ICHEP 2010)327 pdf N. Mondal
Search for Muon Neutrino Disappearance in a Short-Baseline Accelerator Neutrino Beam
PoS(ICHEP 2010)328 pdf Y. Nakajima
Testing New TeV-scale Seesaw Mediators at the LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)329 pdf I. Picek
Solar neutrino results from Super-Kamiokande
PoS(ICHEP 2010)330 pdf H. Sekiya
Low Energy Anti-Neutrino Detection with Super-Kamiokande
PoS(ICHEP 2010)331 pdf M. Smy
The NOvA Experiment - Present and Future
PoS(ICHEP 2010)332 pdf A. Sousa
Magical properties of 2540 km baseline Superbeam Experiment
PoS(ICHEP 2010)333 pdf S. Uma Sankar
Is there any "LSND anomaly"?
PoS(ICHEP 2010)334 pdf A. Zhemchugov
Session 08 - Heavy Ion Collisions and Soft Physics at Hadron Colliders
The Color Glass Condensate at NLO: Phenomenology at HERA, RHIC and the LHC.
PoS(ICHEP 2010)335 pdf J. Albacete
Heavy flavour and Quarkonium measurements with ALICE at the LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)338 pdf J. Castillo Castellanos
Jet-medium interactions in heavy ion collisions
PoS(ICHEP 2010)339 pdf O. Evdokimov
Possible splitting of deconfinement and chiral transitions in strong magnetic fields in QCD
PoS(ICHEP 2010)340 pdf E. Souza Fraga, A.J. Mizher and M.N. Chernodub
Identified particle production in inelastic pp events with the ATLAS detector
PoS(ICHEP 2010)341 pdf L. Gladilin
Heavy quarkonium production at STAR
PoS(ICHEP 2010)342 pdf D. Kikola
Measurements of Two-Particle Correlations in pp collisions
PoS(ICHEP 2010)344 pdf S. Lacaprara
Charged particle multiplicities in inelastic pp events with the ATLAS detector
PoS(ICHEP 2010)346 pdf A. Lister
Identified particle spectra measured by the ALICE experiment in pp collisions at 0.9 and 7 TeV at LHC.
PoS(ICHEP 2010)347 pdf M. Lopez Noriega
Azimuthal correlations of forward di-pions in d+Au collisions suppressed by saturation
PoS(ICHEP 2010)348 pdf C. Marquet and J. Albacete
The present status of the EPS nuclear PDFs
PoS(ICHEP 2010)349 pdf H. Paukkunen, C. Salgado and K. Eskola
Refining Geometrical Scaling
PoS(ICHEP 2010)350 pdf R. Peschanski
Jets and Jet-like Correlations in Heavy Ion and p+p Collisions at PHENIX
PoS(ICHEP 2010)351 pdf C. Pinkenburg
Inclusive Photoproduction of rho, K* and phi Mesons at HERA
PoS(ICHEP 2010)353 pdf A. Rostovtsev
QCD Factorization at Forward Rapidities
PoS(ICHEP 2010)354 pdf M. Sumbera
Measurements of Hadron Production at CMS
PoS(ICHEP 2010)355 pdf K. Ulmer
Magnetic knots of deconfined CP-odd matter in heavy-ion collisions
PoS(ICHEP 2010)356 pdf M. Chernodub
e+e- pair production in peripheral collisions of ultrarelativistic heavy ions
PoS(ICHEP 2010)357 pdf R. Lee and A.I. Milstein
Charged particle multiplicities at \sqrt s = 0.9, 2.36 and 7.0 TeV with the CMS detector at LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)358 pdf R. Rougny
NA61/SHINE ion program
PoS(ICHEP 2010)359 pdf P. Staszel
Direct Photon and Heavy Quark Jet Production at the LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)360 pdf T. Stavreva
Session 09 - Progress in Lattice Techniques and New Results
Nucleon Structure using twisted mass fermions
PoS(ICHEP 2010)361 pdf C. Alexandrou, M. Constantinou, T. Korzec, J. Carbonell, P.A. Harraud, M. Papinutto, K. Jansen and P. Guichon
Recent progress on nuclear potentials from lattice QCD
PoS(ICHEP 2010)362 pdf S. Aoki
Recent results from heavy flavour physics on the lattice
PoS(ICHEP 2010)364 pdf M.D. Morte
Heavy flavour phenomenology from lattice QCD
PoS(ICHEP 2010)366 pdf E. Gamiz
Effects of a potential fourth fermion generation on the upper and lower Higgs boson mass bounds
PoS(ICHEP 2010)367 pdf P. Gerhold, K. Jansen and J. Kallarackal
Lattice studies of hadron physics with disconnected quark loops
PoS(ICHEP 2010)368 pdf T. Kaneko
The excited hadron spectrum in lattice QCD using a new variance reduction method
PoS(ICHEP 2010)369 pdf C. Morningstar
The QCD phase diagram at low baryon density from lattice simulations
PoS(ICHEP 2010)370 pdf O. Philipsen
Leading order hadronic contribution to g-2 from lattice QCD
PoS(ICHEP 2010)371 pdf D.B. Renner
Alpha_s from Lattice QCD: progresses and perspectives for a realistic full-QCD determination of the running Strong coupling
PoS(ICHEP 2010)372 pdf J. Rodriguez-Quintero
Light quarks on the lattice: methods and results for pion physics
PoS(ICHEP 2010)373 pdf S. Schaefer
Continuum limit results from 2+1 flavor Domain Wall QCD
PoS(ICHEP 2010)374 pdf E.E. Scholz
Accessing the properties of the elementary Higgs beyond perturbation theory
PoS(ICHEP 2010)375 pdf A. Maas
Decay constants and sigma terms from the lattice.
PoS(ICHEP 2010)376 pdf A. Ramos Martinez, S. Durr, Z. Fodor, J. Frison, C. Hoelbling, S.D. Katz, S. Krieg, T. Kurth, L. Lellouch, T. Lippert, A. Portelli and K. Szabo
Moving NRQCD
PoS(ICHEP 2010)377 pdf G. von Hippel
Session 10 - Beyond the Standard Model (theory and experimental searches)
Effective operators in top physics
PoS(ICHEP 2010)378 pdf J.A. Aguilar-Saavedra
Recent Progress in SUSY GUTs
PoS(ICHEP 2010)379 pdf K. Babu
Z' discovery potential at the LHC in the minimal B-L model
PoS(ICHEP 2010)381 pdf L. Basso, A. Belyaev, S. Moretti, G.M. Pruna and C.H. Shepherd-Themistocleous
Search for Color Sextet Mesons in Early LHC Experiments
PoS(ICHEP 2010)382 pdf E. Berger
Signature based Searches for new physics involving photons at the Tevatron
PoS(ICHEP 2010)383 pdf R.E. Blair
The Search for New Physics at HERA
PoS(ICHEP 2010)384 pdf G. Brandt
Non-universal, Non-anomalous U(1)' in a Model with Anomaly-Mediated SUSY Breaking
PoS(ICHEP 2010)386 pdf M.C. Chen
Early Searches with Jets with the ATLAS Detector at the LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)387 pdf G. Choudalakis
Early LHC data preparations for beyond-the-standard-model searches at CMS
PoS(ICHEP 2010)388 pdf D. Dobur
Search for Leptoquarks and Technicolor at the Tevatron
PoS(ICHEP 2010)391 pdf G. Grenier
Hidden fine tuning in the quark sector of little higgs models
PoS(ICHEP 2010)392 pdf B. Grinstein, R. Kelley and P. Uttayarat
Di-photon, and Di-lepton Searches at the Tevatron
PoS(ICHEP 2010)394 pdf C. Hays
Impact of squark generation mixing on the search for squarks and gluinos at LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)395 pdf K. Hidaka
Exploring Dirac neutralinos and EW adjoint scalars of N=1/N=2 hybrid SUSY at colliders
PoS(ICHEP 2010)396 pdf J. Kalinowski
Model independent analysis of the forward-backward asymmetry of top quark production at the Tevatron
PoS(ICHEP 2010)397 pdf P. Ko
Search for new Physics in the dijet mass spectrum and dijet ratio in pp Collisions at \sqrt s = 7 TeV
PoS(ICHEP 2010)398 pdf K. Kousouris
Vanishing Dimensions and Planar Events at the LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)399 pdf G. Landsberg
Supermodels: Early new physics at the LHC?
PoS(ICHEP 2010)401 pdf Z. Ligeti
Search for massive t' quark decaying to W + q at the Tevatron
PoS(ICHEP 2010)402 pdf A. Lister
Can the Supersymmetric Flavour Problem decouple in case of a Non Standard Supersymmetric Spectrum?
PoS(ICHEP 2010)403 pdf P. Lodone
The global electroweak fit and constraints on new physics
PoS(ICHEP 2010)404 pdf D. Ludwig
Searches for Gauge Mediated Supersymmetry at the Tevatron
PoS(ICHEP 2010)405 pdf P. Lutz
Search for Same Sign Charge Dilepton Events and WZ resonances at the Tevatron
PoS(ICHEP 2010)406 pdf A. Lyon
Geometrical Origin of CP Violation and CKM and MNS Matrices in SU(5) x T’
PoS(ICHEP 2010)407 pdf K.T. Mahanthappa and M.C. Chen
Search for Nucleon Decays in Super-Kamiokande
PoS(ICHEP 2010)408 pdf M. Miura
Searches for Exotic Long-lived Particles using Early Data from the ATLAS Detector at the LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)410 pdf P.F. Salvatore
Searches for b’ and W’ at the Tevatron
PoS(ICHEP 2010)411 pdf L. Scodellaro
Spin determination of single-produced resonances at the LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)413 pdf N.V. Tran
Z' Signature from Muon Pair Production at LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)416 pdf J. Borges Filho
Trigger Issues for New Physics Searches in the CMS Experiment
PoS(ICHEP 2010)417 pdf M. Chiorboli
Search for scalar bottom quarks and third-generation leptoquarks in pp collisions at \sqrt s = 1.96 TeV
PoS(ICHEP 2010)418 pdf C. Deterre
Limits on the anomalous HZgamma vertex arising from the process e+e- to tau+ tau- gamma
PoS(ICHEP 2010)419 pdf A. Gutierrez-Rodriguez
Inclusive Searches for Supersymmetry with Leptons with the ATLAS Detector
PoS(ICHEP 2010)420 pdf S. Horner
Phenomenologies of exotic particles in the lepton sector
PoS(ICHEP 2010)421 pdf S. Law
Inclusive Searches for Supersymmetry with Jets and Missing Transverse Energy with the ATLAS Detector
PoS(ICHEP 2010)423 pdf M. Vranjes Milosavljevic
Session 11 - Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology
Antiparticle Detection in Space for Dark Matter Search: the PAMELA Experiment
PoS(ICHEP 2010)424 pdf O. Adriani
Gravitational wave detectors: First astrophysical results and path to next generation
PoS(ICHEP 2010)425 pdf F. Cavalier
The CAST experiment: status and perspectives
PoS(ICHEP 2010)428 pdf E. Ferrer Ribas
Detecting Astrophysical Neutrinos with the IceCube Observatory
PoS(ICHEP 2010)429 pdf C. Finley
Indirect Dark Matter searches with H.E.S.S.
PoS(ICHEP 2010)430 pdf J.F. Glicenstein
A search for weakly interacting dark matter with the LUX experiment
PoS(ICHEP 2010)431 pdf C. Hall
Recent Results From VERITAS
PoS(ICHEP 2010)432 pdf D. Hanna
Inflation, Gravitino and Reheating in Modified Modular invariant Supergravity
PoS(ICHEP 2010)433 pdf M.J. Hayashi
Recent Results from the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope
PoS(ICHEP 2010)434 pdf R. Johnson
Recent Results from the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(ICHEP 2010)435 pdf K.H. Kampert
Electroweak symmetry breaking and cold dark matter from strongly interacting hidden sector
PoS(ICHEP 2010)436 pdf P. Ko
Results from the Final Runs of the CDMSII Experiment
PoS(ICHEP 2010)437 pdf M. Kos
WIMPless Dark Matter: Models and Signatures
PoS(ICHEP 2010)438 pdf J. Kumar
Dark Matter Searches with Germanium Detectors with sub-keV Sensitivities
PoS(ICHEP 2010)439 pdf S.T. Lin
Astroparticle Physics with ARGO-YBJ Experiment
PoS(ICHEP 2010)440 pdf G. Marsella
Cosmology with Wide Field Astronomy
PoS(ICHEP 2010)441 pdf M. Moniez
Dark Energy density in Split SUSY models inspired by degenerate vacua
PoS(ICHEP 2010)442 pdf R. Nevzorov, C. Froggatt and H.B. Nielsen
GeV to Multi-TeV Cosmic Rays: AMS-02 Status and Future Prospects
PoS(ICHEP 2010)443 pdf M. Pohl
Results from the High Resolution Fly's Eye Experiment
PoS(ICHEP 2010)444 pdf P. Sokolsky
The ANTARES neutrino telescope
PoS(ICHEP 2010)445 pdf M. Spurio
The CHASE laboratory search for chameleon dark energy
PoS(ICHEP 2010)446 pdf J.H. Steffen
Electroweak stars: Electroweak Matter Destruction as an Exotic Stellar Engine
PoS(ICHEP 2010)447 pdf D. Stojkovic
Results from the Telescope Array Experiment
PoS(ICHEP 2010)448 pdf G. Thomson
Hadron production at fixed target energies and extensive air showers
PoS(ICHEP 2010)449 pdf M. Unger
Recent Results from Milagro and Prospects for HAWC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)450 pdf S. Westerhoff and J. Pretz
Dark matter signature from the sky and at colliders
PoS(ICHEP 2010)451 pdf S.H. Zhu
Status of XMASS experiment
PoS(ICHEP 2010)452 pdf K. Abe
Very Short Gamma Ray Bursts Study and Primordial Black Holes
PoS(ICHEP 2010)453 pdf D. Cline
Cosmological constraint on the mass of Higgs boson in the Standard model
PoS(ICHEP 2010)454 pdf V. Kiselev
Dark Matter Detection with the DEAP/CLEAN Detectors
PoS(ICHEP 2010)455 pdf M. Kos
Determinations of flavor ratios and flavor transitions of astrophysical neutrinos
PoS(ICHEP 2010)456 pdf G.L. Lin
Inert Model and evolution of the Universe
PoS(ICHEP 2010)457 pdf D. Sokolowska
Measurement of the charge ratio of atmospheric muons with the CMS detector
PoS(ICHEP 2010)458 pdf L. Sonnenschein
Status of the TUS space experiment preparation
PoS(ICHEP 2010)459 pdf L. Tkachev
Search for novel origins of cosmic-ray antiprotons and antimatter with BESS-Polar flight over Antarctica.
PoS(ICHEP 2010)460 pdf K. Yoshimura
Session 12 - Beyond Quantum Field Theory Approaches (including String Theories)
Inflation and Loop Quantum Cosmology
PoS(ICHEP 2010)461 pdf A. Barrau
Superstring Cosmology
PoS(ICHEP 2010)463 pdf J. Estes
Towards a novel description of flavor dynamics in holographic QCD
PoS(ICHEP 2010)467 pdf V. Niarchos
Monodromies and the structure of gauge and gravity amplitudes
PoS(ICHEP 2010)474 pdf P. Vanhove
Virtual Compton Scattering off a Spinless Target in the AdS/QCD correspondence
PoS(ICHEP 2010)476 pdf S. Wallon, C. Marquet and C. Roiesnel
Planck Scale Cosmology and Asymptotic Safety in Resummed Quantum Gravity
PoS(ICHEP 2010)477 pdf B.F.L. Ward
PoS(ICHEP 2010)478 pdf F.T. Brandt
Search for Trapped Antihydrogen: First Candidate Events
PoS(ICHEP 2010)479 pdf R. Hydomako
Session 13 - Advances in Instrumentation and Computing for HEP
Online track reconstruction at hadron colliders
PoS(ICHEP 2010)481 pdf S. Amerio
The KLOE-2 experiment at DAFNE upgraded in luminosity.
PoS(ICHEP 2010)482 pdf F. Archilli
T2K near detector tracker
PoS(ICHEP 2010)484 pdf F.d.M. Blaszczyk
Operation of the CMS detector with first collisions at 7 TeV at the LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)485 pdf G. Cerminara
The ATLAS High Level Trigger Configuration and Steering Software; Experience with 7 TeV Collisions.
PoS(ICHEP 2010)487 pdf S. George
Performance of the MEG detector to search for mu+ -\rightarrow e+ gamma decays at PSI
PoS(ICHEP 2010)489 pdf T. Iwamoto
Micro Pattern Gaseous Detectors in High Energy Physics
PoS(ICHEP 2010)490 pdf J. Kaminski
Experience with CMS Offline and Computing from Commissioning to Collisions
PoS(ICHEP 2010)491 pdf M. Klute
Detectors for leptonic CP violation at the Neutrino Factory
PoS(ICHEP 2010)492 pdf A. Laing
CALICE results and future plans
PoS(ICHEP 2010)493 pdf I. Laktineh
ATLAS Upgrade for the sLHC: meeting the challenges of a five-fold increase in collision rate
PoS(ICHEP 2010)494 pdf A. Loginov
Operation of the ATLAS detector with first collisions at 7 TeV at the LHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)495 pdf P. Onyisi
ATLAS Computing: From Commissioning to 7TeV Data
PoS(ICHEP 2010)497 pdf G.A. Stewart
Processing, Calibration and Reprocessing of ATLAS Data from LHC Collisions at 7 TeV
PoS(ICHEP 2010)500 pdf M. Boehler
The MICE PID instrumentation system
PoS(ICHEP 2010)501 pdf M. Bonesini
Performance of CMOS sensors for a digital electromagnetic calorimeter
PoS(ICHEP 2010)502 pdf P. Dauncey
The alignment of the CMS Silicon Tracker
PoS(ICHEP 2010)504 pdf J. Draeger
An Optical Transition Radiation Monitor for the T2K Proton Beam
PoS(ICHEP 2010)505 pdf M. Hartz
Aerogel RICH for Belle II
PoS(ICHEP 2010)506 pdf S. Korpar
ATLAS Tracker Upgrade: Silicon Strip Detectors and Modules for the sLHC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)507 pdf M. Minano
New capabilities of coordinate detectors on the basis of straws
PoS(ICHEP 2010)508 pdf V. Peshekhonov
Instrumentation of the very forward region at future linear colliders – design and R & D by the FCAL Collaboration
PoS(ICHEP 2010)509 pdf I. Sadeh
TMVA - Toolkit for Multivariate Data Analysis in ROOT
PoS(ICHEP 2010)510 pdf J. Therhaag
ATLAS Data Quality Monitoring: Experience with First Collision Data
PoS(ICHEP 2010)511 pdf P. Waller
Deployment and Operations of the CMS Prompt Skimming System
PoS(ICHEP 2010)512 pdf S. Xie
Session 14 - Future Machines and Projects
Governance of the International Linear Collider Project
PoS(ICHEP 2010)516 pdf B. Foster, B.C. Barish, J.P. Delahaye, U. Dosselli, E. Elsen, M. Harrison, J.J. Mnich, J.M. Paterson, F. Richard, S. Stapnes, A. Suzuki, G. Wormser and S. Yamada
The SuperB Project
PoS(ICHEP 2010)517 pdf M. Giorgi
The Research and Development Program towards an Energy-Frontier Muon Collider
PoS(ICHEP 2010)518 pdf G. Hanson
The SuperKEKB accelerator status
PoS(ICHEP 2010)519 pdf M. Iwasaki
The LHeC Conceptual Design
PoS(ICHEP 2010)520 pdf M. Klein
Status of KM3NeT
PoS(ICHEP 2010)571 pdf P. Kooijman
The International Design Study for the Neutrino Factory
PoS(ICHEP 2010)521 pdf K.R. Long
The heavy ion collider project NICA/MPD at JINR (Dubna)
PoS(ICHEP 2010)523 pdf G. Trubnikov
Search for Muon to Electron Conversion at J-PARC
PoS(ICHEP 2010)526 pdf Y. Kuno
Measurement of emittance and emittance reduction in MICE
PoS(ICHEP 2010)527 pdf V. Verguilov and A. Blondel