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Loops and Legs in Quantum Field Theory

LL2022 - (other Loops and Legs conferences)
25-30 April, 2022
Ettal, Germany
published October 20, 2022
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LL2022 is a biennial workshop comprising the most recent results and advanced techniques of perturbative quantum field theory (QFT) as well as their confrontation to experimental results.

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Plenary 1
Production and decay of a heavy boson in association with top quarks
PoS(LL2022)001 pdf M. Worek
Status of double virtual NNLO QCD corrections for high multiplicity processes
PoS(LL2022)002 pdf V. Sotnikov
Differential N3LO QCD corrections to charged current production at the LHC
PoS(LL2022)004 pdf X. Chen, T. Gehrmann, N. Glover, A. Huss, T.Z. Yang and H.X. Zhu
Three-loop planar integrals for four-point one-mass processes
PoS(LL2022)005 pdf N. Syrrakos and D. Canko
Massive form factors at $\mathcal{O}(\alpha_s^3)$
PoS(LL2022)006 pdf K. Schönwald
Plenary 2
Real corrections to Higgs boson pair production at NNLO in the large top quark mass limit
PoS(LL2022)007 pdf J. Davies
Mixed QCD-EW corrections to the Drell-Yan process
PoS(LL2022)008 pdf L. Buonocore
Beyond dimension six in SM Effective Field Theory: a case study in Higgs pair production at NLO QCD
PoS(LL2022)009 pdf G. Heinrich, J. Lang and L. Scyboz
Gamma5 in dimensional regularization - a no-compromise approach using the BMHV scheme
PoS(LL2022)011 pdf H. Bélusca-Maïto, A. Ilakovac, M. Mađor-Božinović, P. Kühler and D. Stöckinger
Gravity in binary systems at the fifth and sixth post-Newtonian order
PoS(LL2022)012 pdf J. Blümlein, A. Maier, P. Marquard and G. Schäfer
Plenary 3
Taming a resurgent ultra-violet renormalon
PoS(LL2022)013 pdf M. Borinsky and D. Broadhurst
Tackling the infamous $g^6$ term of the QCD pressure
PoS(LL2022)014 pdf Y. Schröder and P. Navarrete
The diagrammatic coaction
PoS(LL2022)015 pdf E. Gardi, S. Abreu, R. Britto, C. Duhr and J. Matthew
Inclusive tau hadronic decay rate in a renormalon-free gluon condensate scheme
PoS(LL2022)016 pdf A. Hoang, D. Boito, M. Jamin, C. Regner and M. Benitez-Rathgeb
Higher QCD corrections for inclusive semileptonic B decays
PoS(LL2022)017 pdf M. Fael
Parallel 1
Tensor decomposition for multiloop, multileg helicity amplitudes
PoS(LL2022)020 pdf L. Tancredi
Progress in two-loop Master Integrals computation
PoS(LL2022)021 pdf C. Papadopoulos, A. Kardos, A. Smirnov, N. Syrrakos and C. Wever
Three-Loop Four-Point Scattering Amplitudes in Massless Gauge Theories
PoS(LL2022)022 pdf A. Chakraborty and G. Gambuti
Loop integral evaluation and asymptotic expansion with pySecDec
PoS(LL2022)025 pdf V. Magerya
Parallel 2
Automated Calculation of Beam Functions at NNLO
PoS(LL2022)026 pdf G. Bell, K. Brune, G. Das and M. Wald
Zero-jettiness beam functions at N$^3$LO
PoS(LL2022)027 pdf A. Behring
Leading Order Triple Collinear Splitting Functions Revisited
PoS(LL2022)028 pdf O. Braun-White
ZH Production in Gluon Fusion at NLO
PoS(LL2022)029 pdf S. Jones
Two-loop helicity amplitudes for W/Z boson pair production in gluon fusion with exact top mass dependence
PoS(LL2022)030 pdf C. Brønnum-Hansen and C.Y. Wang
Yang–Mills All-Plus: Two Loops for the Price of One
PoS(LL2022)031 pdf D.A. Kosower and S. Pögel
Parallel 3
Mixed QCD-electroweak corrections to Higgs plus jet production at the LHC
PoS(LL2022)032 pdf M. Bonetti
NNLO Photon Production with Realistic Photon Isolation
PoS(LL2022)034 pdf R. Schuermann, X. Chen, T. Gehrmann, N. Glover, M. Höfer and A. Huss
Non-factorisable contributions to $t$-channel single-top production at the LHC and FCC
PoS(LL2022)035 pdf C. Brønnum-Hansen, J. Quarroz, C. Signorile-Signorile and C.Y. Wang
Parallel 4
Constructing Compact Ansätze for Scattering Amplitudes
PoS(LL2022)038 pdf G. De Laurentis and B. Page
Epsilon Factorized Differential Equations for Elliptic Feynman Integrals
PoS(LL2022)039 pdf H. Frellesvig
Beyond a single elliptic curve
PoS(LL2022)040 pdf H. Müller and S. Weinzierl
Computer Algebra,and Hypergeometric Structures for Feynman Integrals
PoS(LL2022)041 pdf J. Blümlein, M. Saragnese and C. Schneider
Feynman Integral Relations from GKZ Hypergeometric Systems
PoS(LL2022)042 pdf H.J. Munch
IBP reduction via Gröbner bases in a rational double-shift algebra
PoS(LL2022)043 pdf M. Barakat, R. Brüser, T. Huber and J. Piclum
Parallel 5
High-energy limit of 2->2 scattering amplitudes at NNLL
PoS(LL2022)044 pdf C. Milloy, G. Falcioni, E. Gardi, N. Maher and L. Vernazza
Azimuthally-correlated contributions to QCD transverse-momentum resummation at $\mathcal{O}(\alpha_{\rm S}^2)$
PoS(LL2022)045 pdf P.K. Dhani
DIS coefficient functions at four loops in QCD and beyond
PoS(LL2022)047 pdf S.O. Moch, B. Ruijl, T. Ueda, J.A.M. Vermaseren and A. Vogt
The 3-loop anomalous dimensions from off-shell operator matrix elements
PoS(LL2022)048 pdf J. Blümlein, P. Marquard, C. Schneider and K. Schönwald
Renormalisation of singlet operators to four loops
PoS(LL2022)049 pdf G. Falcioni
Parallel 6
The gradient flow formulation of the electroweak Hamiltonian
PoS(LL2022)050 pdf F. Lange
Scattering amplitudes and conservative dynamics at the fourth post-Minkowskian order
PoS(LL2022)051 pdf M. Ruf, Z. Bern, J. Parra-Martinez, R. Roiban, C.H. Shen, M. Solon and M. Zeng
Summing Feynman diagrams in the worldline formalism
PoS(LL2022)052 pdf N. Ahmadiniaz, J. Edwards, C. Lopez-Arcos, M.A. Lopez-Lopez, C.M. Mata, J. Nicasio and C. Schubert
Two- and three-loop QCD corrections to the width difference in the $B_s - \bar{B}_s$ system.
PoS(LL2022)054 pdf V. Shtabovenko
Negative energy effects in processes involving bound particles: finite nuclear size effects
PoS(LL2022)055 pdf A. Czarnecki
Parallel 7
Towards the automation of the Local Analytic Sector Subtraction
PoS(LL2022)056 pdf S. Uccirati, G. Bertolotti, L. Magnea, G. Pelliccioli, A. Ratti, C. Signorile-Signorile and P. Torrielli
Threshold resummation of quark-gluon partonic channels at next-to-leading power
PoS(LL2022)057 pdf L. Vernazza
Recent progress in intersection theory for Feynman integrals decomposition.
PoS(LL2022)058 pdf V. Chestnov
Effective transverse momentum in multijet production at hadron colliders
PoS(LL2022)059 pdf C. Savoini
Identified hadrons in antenna subtraction at NNLO
PoS(LL2022)060 pdf G. Stagnitto and T. Gehrmann
Automating antenna subtraction in color space
PoS(LL2022)061 pdf M. Marcoli
Parallel 8
Renormalization of twist-two operators in QCD and its application to singlet splitting functions
PoS(LL2022)063 pdf T. Yang, T. Gehrmann and A. von Manteuffel
Triple (and quadruple) soft-gluon radiation in QCD hard scattering
PoS(LL2022)064 pdf D. Colferai, S. Catani and A. Torrini
Analytic representations of two-loop scattering amplitudes with internal masses
PoS(LL2022)067 pdf E. Chaubey
Parallel 9
Endpoint factorization and next-to-leading power resummation of gluon thrust
PoS(LL2022)068 pdf M. Beneke, M. Garny, S. Jaskiewicz, J. Strohm, R. Szafron, L. Vernazza and J. Wang
Mixed QCD-Electroweak corrections to the Drell-Yan process in the high invariant mass region
PoS(LL2022)069 pdf C. Signorile-Signorile
Two-loop mixed QCD-EW corrections to neutral current Drell-Yan
PoS(LL2022)070 pdf S. Devoto
Kira and the block-triangular form
PoS(LL2022)071 pdf J. Usovitsch
UV and IR rational terms in two-loop amplitudes: first insights
PoS(LL2022)072 pdf H. Zhang
Towards two-loop automation in OpenLoops
PoS(LL2022)073 pdf M. Zoller, S. Pozzorini and N. Schaer
Parallel 10
Vector and axial-vector coefficient functions for DVCS at NNLO
PoS(LL2022)074 pdf V. Braun, A. Manashov, S.O. Moch and J. Schoenleber
Strongly-ordered infrared limits for subtraction counterterms from factorisation
PoS(LL2022)075 pdf L. Magnea, C. Milloy, C. Signorile-Signorile, P. Torrielli and S. Uccirati
Off-forward anomalous dimensions in the leading-$n_f$ limit
PoS(LL2022)076 pdf S. Van Thurenhout and S.O. Moch
Automated choice of the best renormalization scheme
PoS(LL2022)077 pdf S. Heinemeyer and F. von der Pahlen
External-leg corrections as an origin of large logarithms
PoS(LL2022)078 pdf H. Bahl, J. Braathen and G.R. Weiglein
Electroweak renormalization based on gauge-invariant vacuum expectation values
PoS(LL2022)079 pdf S. Dittmaier and H. Rzehak