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Corfu Summer Institute 2021 "School and Workshops on Elementary Particle Physics and Gravity"

CORFU2021 - (other corfu conferences)
29 August - 9 October, 2021
Corfu, Greece
published November 23, 2022
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This year the Corfu2021 activities consist of one school and seven workshops, bringing together world class scientists and young researchers to interact and forge new collaborations. In parallel to the main scientific programme, a rich programme of outreach activities is planned. This includes master classes for high school students, seminars for high school teachers, open talks for the general public, a CERN exhibition and interviews in the media (TV, radio and newspapers).

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Workshop on Connecting Insights in Fundamental Physics: Standard Model and Beyond
Workshop on Celestial Amplitudes and Flat Space Holography
Workshop on New Developments in Quantum Gravity and String Theory
Quantum Features in a de Sitter Universe
Humboldt Kolleg on Quantum Gravity and Fundamental Interactions
Workshop on Quantum Geometry, Field Theory and Gravity
School on Quantum Gravity Phenomenology in the Multi-Messenger Approach
Workshop on Quantum Gravity Phenomenology in the Multi-Messenger Approach
PoS(CORFU2021)362 pdf G. Zoupanos
Workshop on Connecting Insights in Fundamental Physics: Standard Model and Beyond
Unsung Heros of Science - Graham Garland Ross (1944-2021)
PoS(CORFU2021)360 pdf D. Ghilencea and S. Sarkar
Status of the Quantum Statistical Approach to the Parton Distributions
PoS(CORFU2021)003 pdf F. Buccella
Intermittency analysis in heavy ion collisions: a review of the current status and challenges.
PoS(CORFU2021)005 pdf N. Davis
Symmetries of spin amplitudes: applications for factorization and Monte Carlo solutions
PoS(CORFU2021)008 pdf Z. Was
Progress on Multiloop calculations
PoS(CORFU2021)010 pdf D. Canko, G. Bevilacqua, A. Kardos, C. Papadopoulos, A. Smirnov, N. Syrrakos and C. Wever
Unbiased proton intermittency analysis for the detection of the QCD critical endpoint in ion collisions
PoS(CORFU2021)013 pdf F.K. Diakonos, N. Antoniou, A.S. Kapoyannis, E. Stiliaris, N. Davis, V. Ozvenchuk, A. Rybicki, G. Doultsinos, N. Kalntis, A. Kanargias and C.N. Papanicolas
Dilatonic (Anti-)de Sitter Black Holes and Weak Gravity Conjecture
PoS(CORFU2021)018 pdf K. Benakli
New Physics Implications and prospects of LHCb flavour anomalies
PoS(CORFU2021)022 pdf F. Mahmoudi, T. Hurth, D. Martinez Santos and S. Neshatpour
A novel approach to 𝝉 → ℓ + invisible
PoS(CORFU2021)023 pdf D. Guadagnoli
Dimensional Regularization of Topological Terms in Dilaton Gravity
PoS(CORFU2021)025 pdf C. Coriano, M. Creti, S. Lionetti, M.M. Maglio and R. Tommasi
LHC phenomenology of unusual top partners in composite Higgs models
PoS(CORFU2021)027 pdf W.R. Porod
Relating the phase of CKM and PMNS matrices in 2HDM
PoS(CORFU2021)028 pdf F.J. Botella Olcina
Linear electron-positron colliders as future Higgs factories
PoS(CORFU2021)029 pdf I. Bozović Jelisavčić
Constraining extended scalar sectors at current and future colliders
PoS(CORFU2021)031 pdf T. Robens
Searching for light dark matter with the PADME experiment
PoS(CORFU2021)040 pdf
I. Oceano, A.P. Caricato, M. Martino, S. Spagnolo, G. Chiodini, F. Bossi, R. De Sangro, C. Di Giulio, D. Domenici, G. Finocchiaro, L.G. Foggetta, M. Garattini, A. Ghigo, P. Gianotti, I. Sarra, T. Spadaro, E. Spiriti, C. Taruggi, E. Vilucchi, V. Kozhuharov, S.N. Ivanov, S. Ivanov, R. Simeonov, G. Georgiev, F. Ferrarotto, E. Leonardi, P. Valente, A. Variola, E. Long, G.C. Organtini, G. Piperno, M. Raggi, S. Fiore, V. Capirossi, F. Iazzi, F. Pinna and A. Frankenthal
A Simplified Twin Pati-Salam theory of flavour with a TeV scale vector leptoquark
PoS(CORFU2021)046 pdf S.F. King
Neutrino mixing, entanglement and the gauge paradigm in quantum field theory
PoS(CORFU2021)049 pdf M. Blasone, L. Smaldone and G. Vitiello
Mass hierarchies from residual modular symmetries
PoS(CORFU2021)050 pdf P. Novichkov, J. Penedo and S. Petcov
Explaining the Flavour Anomalies with Heavy Scalars
PoS(CORFU2021)052 pdf S. Trifinopoulos
Gravi/dark photons in D-brane and holographic models, and the hypercharge portal
PoS(CORFU2021)054 pdf P. Anastasopoulos, M. Bianchi, D. Consoli and E. Kiritsis
$\tau_{B_c}$ in the Standard Model
PoS(CORFU2021)055 pdf J. Aebischer
Overview of neutrino electromagnetic properties
PoS(CORFU2021)057 pdf A. Studenikin
On nonsupersymmetric Pati-Salam string models
PoS(CORFU2021)061 pdf I. Florakis, I. Rizos and K. Violaris-Gountonis
Time evolution of the lepton numbers of Majorana neutrinos in the Schrodinger picture versus Heisenberg picture
PoS(CORFU2021)063 pdf T. Morozumi, N. J. Benoit and Y. Kawamura
Gravitational waves from neutrino mass genesis
PoS(CORFU2021)064 pdf P. Di Bari
Chiral oscillations in three-flavor neutrino mixing
PoS(CORFU2021)065 pdf attachments M. Blasone, V.A.S.V. Bittencourt and A.E. Bernardini
Sensitivity to dark matter production at future e$^+$e$^-$ colliders
PoS(CORFU2021)068 pdf J. Kalinowski, W. Kotlarski, K. Mekala, P. Sopicki and A.F. Zarnecki
Non-Unitary Mixing matrices in Neutrino and Vector-like quark Models
PoS(CORFU2021)070 pdf P.M.F. Pereira
The Minimal SU(5) Unification Model
PoS(CORFU2021)075 pdf I. Dorsner
Supersymmetry searches in ATLAS and CMS
PoS(CORFU2021)076 pdf P. Matorras
Pole Inflation in Supergravity
PoS(CORFU2021)078 pdf C. Pallis
Geometrising the Micro-Cosmos on a Supermanifold
PoS(CORFU2021)080 pdf A. Pilaftsis, K. Finn, V. Gattus and S. Karamitsos
Phenomenology of the super-weak U(1) extension of the standard model
PoS(CORFU2021)081 pdf Z. Trocsanyi
Type IIB moduli stabilisation, inflation and waterfall fields
PoS(CORFU2021)089 pdf attachments I. Antoniadis, O. Lacombe and G. Leontaris
Why is Parity Restored?
PoS(CORFU2021)094 pdf J.M. Frere
Nanometer Size Dirty Dark Matter Pearls, 𝒆−-signal, IMP or SIDM, not WIMP
PoS(CORFU2021)095 pdf H.B. Nielsen and C.D. Froggatt
Sub-GeV Dark Matter and X-rays
PoS(CORFU2021)096 pdf M. Cirelli, N. Fornengo, B. Kavanagh and E. Pinetti
Search for Dark Matter in association with an energetic photon in $pp$ collisions at $\sqrt(s) = 13 TeV$ with the ATLAS detector
PoS(CORFU2021)098 pdf F. Piazza and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Running Vacuum and the ΛCDM tensions
PoS(CORFU2021)106 pdf J. Sola Peracaula
Phenomenology of Supersymmetric Trinification resulting from the Dimensional Reduction of a $\mathcal{N}=1$, $10D$, $E_8$ Theory
PoS(CORFU2021)109 pdf G. Manolakos, G. Patellis and G. Zoupanos
Very Special Relativity Axial Anomaly
PoS(CORFU2021)113 pdf J. Alfaro
Gauge Field Theory Vacuum and Cosmological Inflation
PoS(CORFU2021)123 pdf G. Savvidis
The neutrino problem in string models
PoS(CORFU2021)126 pdf C. Kokorelis
Workshop on Celestial Amplitudes and Flat Space Holography
Schwarzian transformations at null infinity
PoS(CORFU2021)133 pdf K. Nguyen
Workshop on New Developments in Quantum Gravity and String Theory
Uses of Killing-Yano Tensors
PoS(CORFU2021)149 pdf U. Lindstrom and Ö. Sarıoğlu
Wavefunction of the universe: Diffeomeorphism invariance and field redefinitions
PoS(CORFU2021)159 pdf H. Partouche, N. Toumbas and B. de Vaulchier
Formation of primordial black holes after inflation in supergravity
PoS(CORFU2021)161 pdf S. Ketov and R. Ishikawa
New results in AdS/CFT in low dimensions from massive Type IIA
PoS(CORFU2021)162 pdf Y. Lozano, N. Petri and A. Ramirez
Type IIB S-folds: flat deformations, holography and stability
PoS(CORFU2021)163 pdf A. Guarino and C. Sterckx
Supersymmetry breaking, brane dynamics and the swampland
PoS(CORFU2021)164 pdf I. Basile
Confining strings, axions and glueballs in the planar limit
PoS(CORFU2021)168 pdf A. Athenodorou
Large Field Distances from EFT strings
PoS(CORFU2021)169 pdf S. Lanza, F. Marchesano, L. Martucci and I. Valenzuela
Bubbles of nothing and AdS instabilities
PoS(CORFU2021)170 pdf N. Petri
Extracting Bigravity from String Theory
PoS(CORFU2021)179 pdf P. Mazloumi, D. Lüst, C. Markou and S. Stieberger
Obstacles for dS in Supersymmetric Theories
PoS(CORFU2021)187 pdf M. Emelin
Dirac sigma models from gauging the nonlinear sigma models and its BV action
PoS(CORFU2021)188 pdf G. Simunic
$L_\infty$-algebra and braided field theory
PoS(CORFU2021)197 pdf M. Dimitrijević Ćirić, N. Konjik, V. Radovanović, R. Szabo and M. Toman
De Sitter, gravitino mass and the swampland
PoS(CORFU2021)200 pdf N. Cribiori
Properties of Non-relativistic Neveu-Schwarz Gravity
PoS(CORFU2021)201 pdf E. Bergshoeff
DLCQ, Non-Lorentzian Supergravity, and T-Duality
PoS(CORFU2021)202 pdf J. Lahnsteiner
IR Constraints on Gyromagnetic Ratios
PoS(CORFU2021)203 pdf R. Marotta and M. Verma
Quantum Features in a de Sitter Universe
Reconstructing dS$_3$ with Wilson Lines
PoS(CORFU2021)353 pdf C. Zukowski
Five questions about higher-spin holography in de Sitter space
PoS(CORFU2021)355 pdf Y. Neiman
The de Sitter group and its presence at the late-time boundary
PoS(CORFU2021)356 pdf G. Sengor
Wavefunctionals/S-matrix techniques in de Sitter
PoS(CORFU2021)358 pdf P. Benincasa
Geodesics, complexity and holography in (A)dS_2
PoS(CORFU2021)359 pdf D. Galante
Humboldt Kolleg on Quantum Gravity and Fundamental Interactions
Blackhole Information
PoS(CORFU2021)205 pdf J.E. Kim
Extracting Bigravity from string amplitudes
PoS(CORFU2021)207 pdf C. Markou, D. Lüst, P. Mazloumi and S. Stieberger
Entanglement Islands, AdS-Massive Gravity and Holography
PoS(CORFU2021)208 pdf attachments I. Lavdas
Quantum gravity on finite spacetimes and dynamical mass
PoS(CORFU2021)210 pdf S. Majid and J.N. Argota-Quiroz
The $L_\infty$-structure of noncommutative gravity
PoS(CORFU2021)218 pdf R. Szabo
Disk amplitudes of closed strings in the pure spinor formalism
PoS(CORFU2021)223 pdf A. Bischof and M. Haack
Classical space-time geometry and the weak gravity regime in the IKKT matrix model
PoS(CORFU2021)232 pdf H. Steinacker
Workshop on Quantum Geometry, Field Theory and Gravity
To the memory of our friend John Andrew Madore
PoS(CORFU2021)361 pdf H. Grosse and M. Buric
Aspects of higher dimensional quantum Hall effect: Bosonization, entanglement entropy
PoS(CORFU2021)237 pdf D. Karabali
Entanglement Entropy and Matter-gravity Couplings for Fuzzy Geometry
PoS(CORFU2021)238 pdf P. Nair
Quantum matrix geometry in the lowest Landau level and higher Landau levels
PoS(CORFU2021)239 pdf K. Hasebe
Carbon pseudospheres and the BTZ black hole
PoS(CORFU2021)240 pdf A. Iorio
The continuum limit of the modular discretization of AdS$_2$
PoS(CORFU2021)243 pdf E.G. Floratos, M. Axenides and S. Nicolis
Fuzzy field theories in the string modes formalism
PoS(CORFU2021)244 pdf J. Tekel and H. Steinacker
New Results in $SU(N)$ Gauge Matrix Models - Chiral Anomaly and Light Hadron Masses
PoS(CORFU2021)245 pdf S. Vaidya, N. Acharyya and M. Pandey
Integrable models from non-commutative geometry, with applications to 3d dualities
PoS(CORFU2021)253 pdf E. Skvortsov and A. Sharapov
Numerical sign problem and the tempered Lefschetz thimble method
PoS(CORFU2021)254 pdf M. Fukuma, N. Matsumoto and Y. Namekawa
Signature change of the emergent space-time in the IKKT matrix model
PoS(CORFU2021)255 pdf J. Nishimura
Target space entanglement in the matrix model for bubbling geometry
PoS(CORFU2021)256 pdf A. Tsuchiya and K. Yamashiro
Recent progress on Membrane Theory
PoS(CORFU2021)258 pdf J. Hoppe
IIB matrix model, bosonic master field, and emergent spacetime
PoS(CORFU2021)259 pdf F.R. Klinkhamer
Large-N limit as a second quantization
PoS(CORFU2021)260 pdf M. Hanada
Emergence of classical spacetimes in canonical tensor model
PoS(CORFU2021)264 pdf N. Sasakura
Twisted R-Poisson Sigma Models
PoS(CORFU2021)271 pdf A. Chatzistavrakidis
Fuzzy de Sitter and anti-de Sitter spaces
PoS(CORFU2021)274 pdf B. Brkic, M. Buric and D. Latas
Unfolding, higher spins, metaplectic groups and resolution of classical singularities
PoS(CORFU2021)276 pdf C. Iazeolla and P. Sundell
Getting hot without accelerating: vacuum thermal effects from conformal quantum mechanics
PoS(CORFU2021)278 pdf M. Arzano
Quantum Principal bundle and Non Commutative differential calculus
PoS(CORFU2021)280 pdf R. Fioresi, E. Latini, P. Aschieri and T. Weber
Metric algebroid in Double Field Theory
PoS(CORFU2021)281 pdf S. Watamura
Integrability of the modular vector field and quantization
PoS(CORFU2021)284 pdf F. Bonechi
Matrix-Formulated Noncommutative Gauge Theories of Gravity
PoS(CORFU2021)285 pdf G. Manolakos, P. Manousselis, D. Roumelioti, S. Stefas and G. Zoupanos
Gauge Theories on kappa-Minkowski spaces: Results and prospects.
PoS(CORFU2021)286 pdf J.C. Wallet and K. Hersent
Noncommutative spaces and superspaces from Snyder and Yang type models
PoS(CORFU2021)290 pdf J. Lukierski
The Nicolai map for supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory and application to the supermembrane
PoS(CORFU2021)291 pdf O. Lechtenfeld
Chaos in Matrix Gauge Theories with Massive Deformations
PoS(CORFU2021)294 pdf K. Baskan, S. Kurkcuoglu, O. Oktay and C. Tasci
Microscopic black holes as probes for quantum gravity
PoS(CORFU2021)300 pdf S. Kovacik
Heisenberg Parabolic Subgroup of SO*(8) and Invariant Differential Operators
PoS(CORFU2021)303 pdf V. Dobrev
Twisted geometry for submanifolds of $\mathbb{R}^n$
PoS(CORFU2021)305 pdf G. Fiore and T. Weber
Lie trusses and heaps of Lie affebras
PoS(CORFU2021)307 pdf T. Brzezinski
School on Quantum Gravity Phenomenology in the Multi-Messenger Approach
Quantum field theory and the structure of the SM
PoS(CORFU2021)314 pdf J.I. Illana and A. Jimenez Cano
Statistics for Data Analysis
PoS(CORFU2021)315 pdf T. Dorigo and I. Telali
Quantum Gravity in 30 Questions
PoS(CORFU2021)316 pdf R. Loll, G. Fabiano, D. Frattulillo and F. Wagner
Lectures on classical and quantum cosmology
PoS(CORFU2021)317 pdf G. Calcagni, M.G. Di Luca and T. Fodran
Astrophysical sources and acceleration mechanisms
PoS(CORFU2021)318 pdf M. Adamo, S. Pietroni and M. Spurio
Gamma rays: propagation and detection
PoS(CORFU2021)319 pdf E. Prandini, K. Dialektopoulos and J. Strišković
Ultra-high-energy cosmic rays: propagation and detection
PoS(CORFU2021)320 pdf D. Boncioli, S. Rossoni and C. Trimarelli
Neutrino physics
PoS(CORFU2021)321 pdf M. Tortola, P. Martínez-Miravé and K. Müürsepp
Doubly special relativity and relative locality
PoS(CORFU2021)322 pdf J. Kowalski-Glikman and A. Bevilacqua
Workshop on Quantum Gravity Phenomenology in the Multi-Messenger Approach
Physics of the universe transparency in a deformed kinematics
PoS(CORFU2021)323 pdf J.M. Carmona, J.L. Cortes, L. Pereira, J.J. Relancio, M.A. Reyes and A. Vincueria
Effects of new physics in neutrino propagation
PoS(CORFU2021)329 pdf M.A. Reyes Hung, J.M. Carmona, J.L. Cortés and J.J. Relancio
Cosmological radiation density and neutrino NSI with electrons
PoS(CORFU2021)332 pdf P. Martínez Miravé
Finite Planck-scale-modified relativistic framework in Finsler geometry
PoS(CORFU2021)334 pdf I. Lobo, C. Pfeifer, P.H. Morais, R.A. Batista and V.B. Bezerra
Testing curvature-induced in-vacuo dispersion with gamma-ray-bursts
PoS(CORFU2021)336 pdf G. Rosati
The basis of Lorentzian Quintessential Inflation
PoS(CORFU2021)338 pdf attachments D. Benisty
Constraining Lorentz Invariance Violation using the muon content of extensive air showers measured at Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(CORFU2021)343 pdf C. Trimarelli and  on behalf of the Pierre Auger Collaboration
Cosmological parameters from different Baryon Acoustic Oscillations dataset
PoS(CORFU2021)345 pdf D. Staicova