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36th International Cosmic Ray Conference

ICRC2019 - (other icrc conferences)
July 24th - August 1st, 2019
Madison, WI, U.S.A.

The 36th International Cosmic Ray Conference, or ICRC 2019, is a physics conference organized biennially by the Commission on Astroparticle Physics (C4) of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) since 1947, where physicists from the world present the results of their research in Astroparticle Physics.

The meeting covers cosmic-ray physics, neutrino physics, gamma-ray astronomy, dark matter, particle astrophysics, and detector techniques in these fields.

This collection of the proceedings, in the intention of the editors, will provide a detailed state-of-the-art account of the status of the Astroparticle Physics topics discussed at the conference. We thank all the participants and contributors who made this possible.

At the ICRC 2019 open ceremony a public lecture was delivered by Prof. Alan Watson, from the University of Leeds.

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Highlight Talks
Invited Talks
CRD - Cosmic Ray Direct
CRI - Cosmic Ray Indirect
DM - Dark Matter
GRD - Gamma Ray Direct
GRI - Gamma Ray Indirect
NU - Neutrino
SH - Solar & Heliospheric
List of Collaborations
PoS(ICRC2019)1177 file missing P. Desiati
Highlight Talks
The CALorimetric Electron Telescope (CALET) on the International Space Station
PoS(ICRC2019)001 pdf Y. Asaoka and on behalf of the CALET Collaboration
Latest Results from the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the International Space Station
PoS(ICRC2019)002 file missing B. Bertucci
Multi-Messenger Observations of GRBs: The GW connection
PoS(ICRC2019)003 pdf E. Bissaldi
Highlights from the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)004 pdf A. Castellina and on behalf of the Pierre Auger Collaboration
Probing High-Energy Hadronic Interactions with Extensive Air Showers
PoS(ICRC2019)005 pdf L. Cazon
Results from the Mediterranean neutrino detectors
PoS(ICRC2019)006 pdf R. Coniglione and on behalf of the KM3NeT and Antares collaborations
Non-Gamma-ray Applications of TeV Telescopes
PoS(ICRC2019)007 pdf M. Daniel
High-energy neutrinos from persistent and transient activities of compact objects
PoS(ICRC2019)008 file missing K. Fang
Parker Solar Probe: The Initial Solar Encounters
PoS(ICRC2019)009 file missing A. Posner
Major Changes in Understanding of GRBs: Discovery of Teraelectron Volt Gamma-Ray Emission
PoS(ICRC2019)010 pdf attachments R. Mirzoyan and on behalf of the MAGIC collaboration
Cosmogenic Evidence for Past SEP Events
PoS(ICRC2019)011 pdf F. Miyake
Combined Dark Matter searches towards dwarf spheroidal galaxies with Fermi-LAT, HAWC, HESS, MAGIC and VERITAS
PoS(ICRC2019)012 pdf L. Oakes, C. Armand, E. Charles, M.D. Mauro, C. Giuri, J.P. Harding, T. Miener, E. Moulin, D. Kerszberg, V. Poireau, E. Pueschel, J. Rico, L. Rinchiuso, D. Salazar-Gallegos, K. Tollefson, B. Zitzer and on behalf of the Fermi-LAT, HAWC, HESS, MAGIC and VERITAS Collaborations
Highlights from the Telescope Array experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)013 pdf S. Ogio and On behalf of the Telescope Array collaboration
Recent Results of Cosmic Ray Measurements from IceCube and IceTop
PoS(ICRC2019)014 pdf D. Soldin and on behalf of the IceCube Collaboration
Seeing >100 TeV Gamma Rays with Extensive Air Shower Arrays
PoS(ICRC2019)015 file missing K. Tollefson
Results from IceCube
PoS(ICRC2019)016 pdf D. Williams and on behalf of the IceCube Collaboration
Progresses of the Dark Matter Particle Explorer experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)017 pdf Q. Yuan and on behalf of the DAMPE Collaboration
Invited Talks
Cosmic Ray Detectors and Observational Breakthroughs in Atmospheric Electricity
PoS(ICRC2019)018 pdf R. Abbasi
Particle acceleration & where do high-energy cosmic ray come from?
PoS(ICRC2019)019 file missing K.M. Blundell
Gamma-ray Insights into Cosmic-ray transport
PoS(ICRC2019)020 file missing G. Giacinti
Cosmic Neutrinos and the Cosmic-Ray Accelerator TXS 0506+056
PoS(ICRC2019)021 pdf F. Halzen
Thermal WIMPs on the Brink
PoS(ICRC2019)022 file missing T. Linden
Exploring the Extreme Universe with Gamma-ray Observatories
PoS(ICRC2019)023 file missing R. Mukherjee
Physics and Astrophysics with Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Neutrinos
PoS(ICRC2019)024 file missing A.G. Vieregg
The Dynamical Role of Cosmic Rays in Galaxies
PoS(ICRC2019)025 file missing E. Zweibel
Multi-messenger Astrophysics with Gravitational Waves: Surprises So Far
PoS(ICRC2019)026 file missing I. Bartos
Solar and Heliospheric Physics
PoS(ICRC2019)027 pdf S. Dalla
Neutrinos at the 36 th International Cosmic Ray Conference 2019
PoS(ICRC2019)028 pdf A. Kappes
Gamma rays: direct observations
PoS(ICRC2019)029 pdf R. Rando
News from Cosmic Ray Air Showers (Cosmic Ray Indirect - CRI Rapporteur)
PoS(ICRC2019)030 pdf F. Schroeder
Summary of the 36 th ICRC Gamma-ray Indirect sessions
PoS(ICRC2019)031 pdf J. Sitarek
Cosmic Ray Direct Observations
PoS(ICRC2019)032 file missing R. Sparvoli
Indirect (and direct) dark matter searches at the ICRC 2019
PoS(ICRC2019)033 pdf C. Weniger
The Origins of the Highest Energy Particles in Nature - where we've got to and where we go next
PoS(ICRC2019)1188 pdf A. Watson
CRD - Cosmic Ray Direct
Measurements of Heavy Cosmic Ray Nuclei Fluxes with CALET
PoS(ICRC2019)034 pdf Y. Akaike and on behalf of the CALET Collaboration
Elemental Source Composition Measurements and the Origin of Galactic Cosmic Rays – ACE-CRIS Observations of UH Elements
PoS(ICRC2019)036 pdf W.R. Binns, M. Israel, M. Wiedenbeck, A.C. Cummings, R. Leske, R. Mewaldt, E.C. Stone, E. Christian, G.A. De Nolfo and T. von Rosenvinge
GAPS: Searching for Dark Matter using Antinuclei in Cosmic Rays
PoS(ICRC2019)037 pdf R. Bird and on behalf of the GAPS Collaboration
AMS-02 Antiprotons are Consistent with a Secondary Astrophysical Origin
PoS(ICRC2019)038 pdf M. Boudaud, Y. Genolini, L. Derome, J. Lavalle, D. Maurin, P. Salati and P.D. Serpico
Vela as the Source of Galactic Cosmic Rays above 100 TeV
PoS(ICRC2019)039 pdf M. Bouyahiaoui, M. Kachelrießb and D. Semikoz
Non-linear Diffusion of Cosmic Rays Escaping from Supernovae Remants in the Cold Partially Neutral Atomic and Molecular Phases
PoS(ICRC2019)040 pdf L. Brahimi, A. Marcowith" and V. Ptuskin"
Cosmic Rays and Magnetic Fields in the Core and Halo of the Starburst M82: Implications for Galactic Winds
PoS(ICRC2019)041 file missing B. Buckman
Simulating Cosmic Ray Driven Outflows from the Large Magellanic Cloud
PoS(ICRC2019)042 file missing C. Bustard
Outreach, Investigation, Muons, and the South Atlantic Anomaly
PoS(ICRC2019)043 pdf K. Cecire, S. Carrillo, J. Chorny, D. Gayoso, R. Gonzalez, M. Haacke, S. Olivares and J. Wegner
The on-orbit calibration of DArk Matter Particle Explorer
PoS(ICRC2019)044 file missing J. Chang
Interplanetary Magnetic Field Parameters Affecting Cosmic Ray Forbush Decrease
PoS(ICRC2019)045 pdf D.M.L. Chauhan, M.K. Richharia and B. Soni
Study of Hysteresis Effect between Cosmic Ray Intensity and Solar Indices
PoS(ICRC2019)046 pdf D.M.L. Chauhan and M.K. Richharia
Study of a Large Forbush Decrease of July 2017
PoS(ICRC2019)047 pdf D.M.L. Chauhan, V. Chaudhary and M.K. Richharia
On-orbit performance of the ISS-CREAM SCD
PoS(ICRC2019)048 pdf G. Choi and on behalf of the ISS-CREAM Collaboration
Properties of Primary Protons, Helium, Carbon and Oxygen Nuclei Measured with the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the ISS
PoS(ICRC2019)049 file missing V. Choutko
Cosmic-Ray Lithium Isotopes with the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer
PoS(ICRC2019)050 file missing V. Choutko
Precision Measurement of the Daily Proton and Helium Fluxes in Cosmic Rays with the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the International Space Station
PoS(ICRC2019)051 file missing V. Choutko
Checking the Reconstructed Energy of the DAMPE Experiment with Geomagnetic Cutoff CR-Nuclei
PoS(ICRC2019)052 file missing H. Dai
Performance Characteristics of the Ionospheric Neutron Content Analyzer (INCA)
PoS(ICRC2019)053 pdf J.G. Mitchell, A. Bruno,, S. Candey,, G.A. De Nolfo, J. Dumonthier,, I. Liceaga-Indart,, I. Rankin,, K. Rankin,, J.M. Ryan,, S. Stochaj, and G. Suarez
Fitting B/C cosmic-ray data in the AMS-02 era
PoS(ICRC2019)054 pdf L. Derome, D. Maurin, P. Salati, M. Boudaud, Y. Genolini and P. Kunzé
Precision Measurement of the Monthly Proton and Helium Fluxes in Cosmic Rays with the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the International Space Station
PoS(ICRC2019)055 file missing L. Derome
Precision Measurement of Cosmic Ray Deuterons with Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer
PoS(ICRC2019)056 file missing L. Derome
Cosmic ray detection and Identification at Antarctica in a ground level experiment with NTD
PoS(ICRC2019)057 pdf S. Dey, R. Bhattacharyya, C.f.A.P.S.S. Bose Institute, K.7.0. India, S.K. Ghosh, 1.f.A.P.S.S. Bose Institute, 2.D.o.P. Bose Institute, K.7.0. India, A. Maulik, C.f.A.P.S.S. Bose Institute, K.7.0. India, S. Raha, C.f.A.P.S.S. Bose Institute, K.7.0. India, D. Syam, C.f.A.P.S.S. Bose Institute and K.7.0. India
Helium spectrum in the Cosmic Rays measured by the DAMPE detector
PoS(ICRC2019)058 pdf M. Di Santo, V. Gallo, P.X. Ma, R. Qiao, Y.F. Wei and on behalf of the DAMPE Collaboration
On the Spectrum of Electrons Accelerated in Supernova Remnants
PoS(ICRC2019)059 file missing R. Diesing
Multi-messenger constraints to the local emission of cosmic-ray electrons
PoS(ICRC2019)060 pdf F. Donato, S. Manconi and M. DiMauro
Production cross sections of cosmic antiprotons in the light of new data from the NA61 and LHCb experiments
PoS(ICRC2019)061 pdf F. Donato, M. Korsmeier and M. DiMauro
Overall Status of the High Energy Cosmic Radiation Detection Facility Onboard the Future China's Space Station
PoS(ICRC2019)062 pdf Y. Dong, S. Zhang, G. Ambrosi and on behalf of the HERD collaboration
Charge Measurement of Cosmic Ray Nuclei with the PSD of DAMPE
PoS(ICRC2019)063 pdf T. Dong, Y. Zhang, P. Ma, P. Bernardini and on behalf of the DAMPE Collaboration
Neural Networks for Electron Identification with DAMPE
PoS(ICRC2019)064 pdf D. Droz, A. Tykhonov, X. Wu and on behalf of the DAMPE Collaboration
Core-collapse Supernovae as Cosmic Ray Sources
PoS(ICRC2019)065 pdf V. Dwarkadas, A. Marcowith, M. Renaud, V. Tatischeff and G. Giacinti
Novel Radiation Detector Based on a Metal
PoS(ICRC2019)066 file missing J. Felix
Study of the lateral distribution functions of electron and muon bundles using Trasgo detectors
PoS(ICRC2019)067 pdf P. Cabanelas, A. Álvarez Díez, Y. Fontenla and J.A. Garzon
Unveiling the Origin of Cosmic-ray Leptons in Light of the Recent HAWC TeV-halo Observations
PoS(ICRC2019)068 pdf O. Fornieri, D. Gaggero and D. Grasso
Characterization of plastic scintillator tiles equipped with SiPMs for the High Energy cosmic-Radiation Detection (HERD) experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)069 pdf F. Gargano, A.D. Benedittis, F. Palma, P.d. Luque, M.D. Santo, L.D. Venere, P. Fusco, F. Gargano, F. Giordano, F. Loparco, S. Loporchio, M.N. Mazziotta, M. Mongelli, D. Serini, G.T. Elipe and Z.M. Wang
The TRISTAN Antarctic Cosmic Ray detector.
PoS(ICRC2019)071 pdf D. García Castro, J.A. Garzon and on behalf of the TRISTAN Collaboration
MIDAS: A particle identification tool for the TRAGALDABAS Cosmic Ray telescope.
PoS(ICRC2019)072 pdf P. Cabanelas, Y. Fontenla, J.A. Garzon and on behalf of the Tragaldabas Collaboration
Cosmic ray transport from AMS-02 B/C data: benchmark models and interpretation
PoS(ICRC2019)073 pdf Y. Genolini, M. Boudaud, P.I. Batista, S. Caroff, L. Derome, J. Lavalle, A. Marcowith, D. Maurin, V. Poireau, V. Poulin, S. Rosier, P. Salati, P.D. Serpico and M. Vecchi
Numerical Simulations of Cosmic-Ray Acceleration at Core-Collapse Supernovae
PoS(ICRC2019)074 pdf G. Giacinti, V. Dwarkadas, A. Marcowith and A. Chiavassa
Cosmic-Ray Diffusion and Galactic Magnetic Field Models
PoS(ICRC2019)075 pdf G. Giacinti
Recurrent and non-recurrent galactic cosmic-ray flux short-term variations observed with LISA Pathfinder
PoS(ICRC2019)076 pdf S. Benella, C. Grimani, M. Fabi, N. Finetti and M. Villani
A Novel Analytical Model of the Magnetic Field Configuration in the Galactic Center Explaining the Diffuse Gamma-Ray Emission
PoS(ICRC2019)077 pdf M. Guenduez, J. Becker Tjus, K. Ferrière, R.J. Dettmar and D. Bomans
Hybrid Portable Low-cost and Modular Cosmic Ray Muon and Neutron Detector
PoS(ICRC2019)078 pdf X. He, C. Butler, M. Steele, S. Syed, J. Shirk, N. Qutob, E. Knutson, Y.C. Jao and T.C. Wei
Cosmic Ray Transport and the Parker Instability
PoS(ICRC2019)079 file missing E. Heintz
Study on the 3D anisotropic propagation of Galactic cosmic rays
PoS(ICRC2019)080 pdf H. Hu, W. Liu, S.J. Lin and Y.Q. Guo
Propagation of Cosmic Rays and their Secondaries in the Intracluster Medium
PoS(ICRC2019)081 pdf S. Hussain, R. Alves Batista and E.M. de Gouveia Dal Pino
Machine learning event reconstruction for the HEPD-01 detector
PoS(ICRC2019)082 file missing R. Iuppa
First use of CMOS Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors in space: the tracker of HEPD-02 based on the ALPIDE sensor
PoS(ICRC2019)083 file missing R. Iuppa
Penetration of Cosmic Rays into Dense Molecular Clouds
PoS(ICRC2019)084 file missing A. Ivlev
Three dimensional global test particle simulation of cosmic-ray acceleration and escape in supernova remnants
PoS(ICRC2019)085 pdf S.F. Kamijima and Y. Ohira
e/p Separation Study Using the ISS-CREAM Top and Bottom Counting Detectors
PoS(ICRC2019)086 pdf S. Kang, on behalf of the ISS-CREAM Collaboration, Y. Amare, D. Angelaszek, N. Anthony, G.H. Choi, M. Chung, M. Copley, L. Derome, L. Eraud, C. Falana, A. Gerrety, L. Hagenau, J.H. Han, H.G. Huh, Y.S. Hwang, H.J. Hyun, H.B. Jeon, J.A. Jeon, S. Jeong, H.J. Kim, K.C. Kim, M.H. Kim, H.Y. Lee, J. Lee, M.H. Lee, C. Lamb, J.F. Liang, L. Lu, J.P. Lundquist, L. Lutz, B. Mark, A. Mechaca-Rocha, T. Mernik, M. Nester, O. Ofoha, H. Park, I.H. Park, J.M. Park, N. Picot-Clemente, S. Rostsky, E.S. Seo, J.R. Smith, R. Takeishi, T. Tatoli, P. Walpole, R.P. Weinmann, J. Wu, Z. Yin, Y.S. Yoon and H.G. Zhang
ISS-CREAM Flight Operation
PoS(ICRC2019)087 pdf K.C. Kim, on behalf of the ISS-CREAM Collaboration, Y. Amare, N. Anthony, D. Angelaszek, G. H. Choi, M. Chung, M. Copley, L. Derome, L. Eraud, C. Falana, A. Gerrety, L. Hagenau, J. H. Han, H. G. Huh, Y. S. Hwang, H. J. Hyun, H. B. Jeon, J. A. Jeon, S. Jeong, S. C. Kang, H. J. Kim, M. H. Kim, H. Y. Lee, J. Lee, M. H. Lee, C. Lamb, J.F. Liang, L. Lu, J. P. Lundquist, L. Lutz, B. Mark, A. Mechaca-Rocha, T. Mernik, M. Nester, O. Ofoha, H. Park, I. H. Park, J. M. Park, N. Picot-Clemente, S. Rostsky, E. S. Seo, J. R. Smith, R. Takeishi, T. Tatoli, P. Walpole, R. P. Weinmann, J. Wu, Z. Yin, Y. S. Yoon and H. G. Zhang
On-orbit Performance of the ISS-CREAM Calorimeter
PoS(ICRC2019)088 pdf K.C. Kim, on behalf of the ISS-CREAM Collaboration, Y. Amare, D. Angelaszek, N. Anthony, G. H. Choi, M. Chung, M. Copley, L. Derome, L. Eraud, C. Falana, A. Gerrety, L. Hagenau, J. H. Han, H. G. Huh, Y. S. Hwang, H. J. Hyun, H. B. Jeon, J. A. Jeon, S. Jeong, S. C. Kang, H. J. Kim, M. H. Kim, H. Y. Lee, J. Lee, M. H. Lee, C. Lamb, J.F. Liang, L. Lu, J. P. Lundquist, L. Lutz, B. Mark, A. Mechaca-Rocha, T. Mernik, M. Nester, O. Ofoha, H. Park, I. H. Park, J. M. Park, N. Picot-Clemente, S. Rostsky, E. S. Seo, J. R. Smith, R. Takeishi, T. Tatoli, P. Walpole, R. P. Weinmann, J. Wu, Z. Yin, Y. S. Yoon and H. G. Zhang
Measurements of light nuclei in albedo particles with the PAMELA experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)089 file missing S. Koldobskiy
Observation of Complex Time Structures in the Cosmic-Ray Electron and Positron Fluxes by the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the ISS
PoS(ICRC2019)090 file missing A. Kounine
Towards Understanding the Origin of Cosmic-Ray Positrons
PoS(ICRC2019)091 pdf Z. Weng and On behalf of the AMS Collaboration
Towards Understanding the Origin of Cosmic-Ray Electrons
PoS(ICRC2019)092 file missing A. Kounine
Search for Binary Black Holes in 10 years of Fermi/LAT Data with Information Field Theory
PoS(ICRC2019)093 file missing M. Kreter
HNX/SuperTIGER Silicon Strip Detector Response to Nuclei in Lead Primary and Fragmented Test Beams
PoS(ICRC2019)094 pdf J.F. Krizmanic, Y. Akaike, D.L. Braun, R.G. Bose, J. Buckley, G. DeNolfo, J. Dumonthier, P. Dowkontt, Z. Hughes, I. Liceaga-Indart, J. Link, J. Mitchell, G. Mitchell, S. Nutter, G. Suarez, M. Olevitch, T. Tatoli, G.E. Simburger, W.R. Binns, T. Brandt, M. Israel, A. Labrador, M. Wiedenbeck, R. Mewaldt, B.F. Rauch, K. Sakai, M. Sasaki, E.C. Stone, N. Walsh and C.J. Waddington
Galactic Cosmic Ray Energy Spectra for Heavy Elements (Ne to Zn) from $\sim$0.8 to $\sim$10 GeV/nuc with the SuperTIGER Instrument
PoS(ICRC2019)095 pdf A. Labrador, W.R. Binns, R.G. Bose, T.J. Brandt, P.F. Dowkontt, T. Hams, M.H. Israel, J.T. Link, R.A. Mewaldt, J.W. Mitchell, R.P. Murphy, B.F. Rauch, K. Sakai, M. Sasaki, E.C. Stone, C.J. Waddington, N.E. Walsh, J.E. Ward and M.E. Wiedenbeck
Silicon Photomultiplier use in Particle Astrophysics and Heliophysics Missions
PoS(ICRC2019)096 pdf J. Link, Y. Akaike, W. R. Binns, R. G. Bose, T. J. Brandt, J. H. Buckley, S. O. Cannady, G. A De Nolfo, P. F Dowkontt, J. J. Du Monthier, Z. D. Hughes, I. Liceaga-Indart, M. H Israel, J. F Krizmanic, A. W. Labrador, R. A Mewaldt, J. G. Mitchell, J. W Mitchell, S. Nutter, B. F Rauch, K. Sakai, M. Sasaki, E. C Stone, G. Suarez, T. Tatoli, C. J. Waddington and M. E. Wiedenbeck
The spectra of electrons, positrons and anti-protons as fundamental tools to understand Cosmic Ray propagation in the Galaxy.
PoS(ICRC2019)097 file missing P. Lipari
First Look on Fractional Charged Particles in Space Based on DAMPE Orbit Data
PoS(ICRC2019)098 file missing C. Liu
Track Reconstruction for ISS-CREAM Resulting in Improved Energy and Charge Resolutions
PoS(ICRC2019)099 pdf J.P. Lundquist, on behalf of the ISS-CREAM Collaboration, Y. Amare, D. Angelaszek, N. Anthony, G. H. Choi, M. Chung, M. Copley, L. Derome, L. Eraud, C. Falana, A. Gerrety, L. Hagenau, J. H. Han, H. G. Huh, Y. S. Hwang, H. J. Hyun, H. B. Jeon, J. A. Jeon, S. Jeong, S. C. Kang, H. J. Kim, K. C. Kim, M. H. Kim, H. Y. Lee, J. Lee, M. H. Lee, C. Lamb, J.F. Liang, L. Lu, L. Lutz, B. Mark, A. Mechaca-Rocha, T. Mernik, M. Nester, O. Ofoha, H. Park, I. H. Park, J. M. Park, N. Picot-Clemente, S. Rostsky, E. S. Seo, J. R. Smith, R. Takeishi, T. Tatoli, P. Walpole, R. P. Weinmann, J. Wu, Z. Yin, Y. S. Yoon and H. G. Zhang
A Method of Alignment for Plastic Scintillator Detector of DAMPE
PoS(ICRC2019)100 pdf P. Ma and on behalf of the DAMPE Collaboration
Measurement of the energy spectra of carbon and oxygen nuclei in cosmic rays with CALET
PoS(ICRC2019)101 pdf P. Maestro and on behalf of the CALET Collaboration
Self-Similar Solution for Cosmic Ray Spectra in Bilateral Supernova Remnants
PoS(ICRC2019)102 file missing M. Malkov
Measurement of the Proton Spectrum with CALET on the ISS
PoS(ICRC2019)103 pdf P.S. Marrocchesi
Cosmic Ray Acceleration in Relativistic Jets: 3D MHD-test particle simulations and potential applications to Blazars
PoS(ICRC2019)104 file missing T.E. Medina Torrejón
Cosmic ray small-scale anisotropies in quasi-linear theory
PoS(ICRC2019)105 pdf P. Mertsch and M. Ahlers
Stochastic cosmic ray sources and the TeV break in the all-electron spectrum
PoS(ICRC2019)106 file missing P. Mertsch
Breaks in interstellar spectra of positrons and electrons derived from time-dependent AMS data
PoS(ICRC2019)107 file missing P. Mertsch
Cosmic Ray Electron and Positron Spectrum with the PAMELA Experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)108 pdf V. Mikhailov, M. Boezio and R. Munini
The Heavy Nuclei eXplorer
PoS(ICRC2019)109 file missing J.W. Mitchell
Payload simulation of the High Energy cosmic-Radiation Detection (HERD) with Geant4
PoS(ICRC2019)110 file missing N. Mori
GALPROP Code for Galactic Cosmic Ray Propagation and Associated Photon Emissions
PoS(ICRC2019)111 pdf I. Moskalenko, G. Johannesson and T. Porter
Analysis of CALET Data for Anisotropy in Electron+Positron Cosmic Rays
PoS(ICRC2019)112 pdf H. Motz and Y. Asaoka
Anisotropy Searches with DAMPE
PoS(ICRC2019)113 pdf M. Munoz Salinas, M. Stolpovskiy, S. Lei and E. Catanzani
Bare Neutron Counter and Neutron Monitor Response to Cosmic Rays During a 1995 Latitude Survey
PoS(ICRC2019)114 pdf W. Nuntiyakul, A. Sáiz, D. Ruffolo, P.S. Mangeard, P. Evenson, J.W. Bieber, J. Clem, R. Pyle, M. Duldig and J. Humble
Time profile of fluorescence in organic scintillator out to 10 microseconds
PoS(ICRC2019)115 pdf S. Nutter, T. Anderson, Y.H. Chen, S. Coutu, T. LaBree, J. Link, J.W. Mitchell, S.I. Mognet, K. Wallace and M. Yu
Acceleration and escape of first cosmic rays
PoS(ICRC2019)116 pdf Y. Ohira and K. Murase
Cosmic-Ray Helium Isotopes with the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer.
PoS(ICRC2019)117 file missing A. Oliva
Properties of Secondary Cosmic Rays Lithium, Beryllium and Boron Measured by the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the International Space Station
PoS(ICRC2019)118 file missing A. Oliva
Local Interstellar Cosmic Rays from Direct Measurements and from Multifrequency Observations of Interstellar Emissions
PoS(ICRC2019)119 pdf E. Orlando
A Novel Approach to Calorimetry in Space: from CaloCube to HERD
PoS(ICRC2019)120 file missing L. Pacini
Cosmic-ray Isotope Measurements with HELIX
PoS(ICRC2019)121 pdf N. Park, L. Beaufore, R. Mbarek, D. Muller, E. Schreyer, S. Wakely, T. Werner, I. Wisher, M. Tabata, M. Gebhard, B. Kunkler, J. Musser, K. Michaels, G. Visser, E. Ellingwood, D. Hanna, S. O’Brien, T. Rosin, S. Nutter, P. Allison, J. Beatty, K. McBride, Y. Chen, S. Coutu, I. Mognet, M. Yu, N. Green, G. Tarle and A. Tomasch
The Tracking System of HERD
PoS(ICRC2019)122 pdf C. Perrina, G. Ambrosi, P. Azzarello, F. Cadoux, E. Catanzani, Y. Favre, D. La Marra, G. Silvestre, J. Wang and X. Wu
Portable and small Ultraviolet radiation detector to obtain the energy and rate of particles at different heights
PoS(ICRC2019)123 pdf E. Ponce
REXUS-25 Rocket Flight of a CubeSat Cosmic-Ray Detector
PoS(ICRC2019)124 pdf B. Pont, J. Beurskens, J. Dalderup, P. Dolron, J. Gubbels, J. Hörandel, R. Jordans, H. Pourshaghaghi, D. Szálas-Motesiczky, T. van Vliet, M. Wijtvliet and J. Witteman
Cosmic Ray Physics in the MeV-to-GeV Region
PoS(ICRC2019)125 file missing T. Pöschl
Energy spectra of very high energy cosmic rays accelerated in supernova remnants
PoS(ICRC2019)126 file missing V. Ptuskin
Test beam results of the HERD prototype silicon microstrip detector
PoS(ICRC2019)127 file missing R. Qiao
Recent Progress on the GAPS Time of Flight System
PoS(ICRC2019)128 pdf S. Quinn
CALET Ultra Heavy Cosmic Ray Observations on the ISS
PoS(ICRC2019)130 pdf B.F. Rauch, W. Binns and C. Collaboration
SuperTIGER-2 2018 Flight Payload Recovery and Preliminary Instrument Assessment
PoS(ICRC2019)131 pdf B.F. Rauch, R.G. Bose, A.T. West, L. Lisalda, Q. Abarr, Y. Akaike, W. Binns, T. Brandt, D.L. Braun, P. Dowkontt, S.P. Fitzsimmons, T. Hams, M. Israel, A. Labrador, J. Link, R. Mewaldt, J.W. Mitchell, K. Sakai, F. San Sebastian, M. Sasaki, G.E. Simburger, E.C. Stone, C.J. Waddington, N. Walsh, M.E. Wiedenbeck and W.V. Zober
Analysis of the atmospheric effect on the TRAGALDABAS high resolution Cosmic Ray detector
PoS(ICRC2019)132 pdf I. Riádigos
Calibration of the Aerogel Tiles for the HELIX RICH
PoS(ICRC2019)133 pdf P. Allison, J. Beatty, L. Beaufore, Y. Chen, S. Coutu, E. Ellingwood, M. Gebharb, N. Green, D. Hanna, B. Kunkler, S.I. Mognet, R. Mbarek, K. McBride, K. Michaels, D. Muller, J. Musser, S. Nutter, S. O'Brien, N. Park, T. Rosin, E. Schreyer, G. Tarle, M. Tabata, A. Tomasch, G. Visser, S. Wakely, T. Werner, I. Wisher and M. Yu
Search for Cosmic-Ray Antideuterons with BESS-Polar II
PoS(ICRC2019)134 pdf K. Sakai
The High Energy Particle Detector onboard CSES-02 satellite
PoS(ICRC2019)135 pdf V. Scotti, G. Osteria and C.L. Collaboration
Front-end Electronics for the GAPS Tracker
PoS(ICRC2019)136 pdf V. Scotti, A. Boiano, L. Fabris, M. Manghisoni, G. Osteria, F. Perfetto, V. Re, E. Riceputi and G. Zampa
Cosmic Ray Energetics And Mass for the International Space Station (ISS-CREAM)
PoS(ICRC2019)137 pdf E.S. Seo, on behalf of the ISS-CREAM Collaboration, Y. Amare, D. Angelaszek, N. Anthony, G. H. Choi, M. Chung, M. Copley, L. Derome, L. Eraud, C. Falana, A. Gerrety, L. Hagenau, J. H. Han, H. G. Huh, Y. S. Hwang, H. J. Hyun, H. B. Jeon, J. A. Jeon, S. Jeong, S. C. Kang, H. J. Kim, K. C. Kim, M. H. Kim, H. Y. Lee, J. Lee, M. H. Lee, C. Lamb, J.F. Liang, L. Lu, J. P. Lundquist, L. Lutz, B. Mark, A. Mechaca-Rocha, T. Mernik, M. Nester, O. Ofoha, H. Park, I. H. Park, J. M. Park, N. Picot-Clemente, S. Rostsky, J. R. Smith, R. Takeishi, T. Tatoli, P. Walpole, R. P. Weinmann, J. Wu, Z. Yin, Y. S. Yoon and H. G. Zhang
ISS-CREAM Instrument Description
PoS(ICRC2019)138 file missing J.R. Smith
Production of Silica Aerogel Radiator Tiles for the HELIX RICH Detector
PoS(ICRC2019)139 pdf P. Allison, J. Beatty, L. Beaufore, Y. Chen, S. Coutu, E. Ellingwood, M. Gebhard, N. Green, D. Hanna, B. Kunkler, S.I. Mognet, R. Mbarek, K. McBride, K. Michaels, D. Muller, J. Musser, S. Nutter, S. O'Brien, N. Park, T. Rosin, E. Schreyer, G. Tarle, M. Tabata, A. Tomasch, G. Visser, S. Wakely, T. Werner, I. Wisher and M. Yu
Cosmic-Ray Elemental Spectra Measured with ISS-CREAM
PoS(ICRC2019)140 pdf R. Takeishi, on behalf of the ISS-CREAM Collaboration, Y. Amare, D. Angelaszek, N. Anthony, G. H. Choi, M. Chung, M. Copley, L. Derome, L. Eraud, C. Falana, A. Gerrety, L. Hagenau, J. H. Han, H. G. Huh, Y. S. Hwang, H. J. Hyun, H. B. Jeon, J. A. Jeon, S. Jeong, S. C. Kang, H. J. Kim, K. C. Kim, M. H. Kim, H. Y. Lee, J. Lee, M. H. Lee, C. Lamb, J.F. Liang, L. Lu, J. P. Lundquist, L. Lutz, B. Mark, A. Mechaca-Rocha, T. Mernik, M. Nester, O. Ofoha, H. Park, I. H. Park, J. M. Park, N. Picot-Clemente, S. Rostsky, E. S. Seo, J. R. Smith, T. Tatoli, P. Walpole, R. P. Weinmann, J. Wu, Z. Yin, Y. S. Yoon and H. G. Zhang
The OLVE-HERO calorimeter prototype beam tests at CERN SPS.
PoS(ICRC2019)141 pdf attachments L. Tkachev, V. Grebenyuk, A. Krasnoperov, D. Karmanov, A. Pan, D. Podorozhny, S. Porokhovoy, A. Rogov, A. Sadovsky, Y. Sagan, I. Satyshev and M. Slunecka
Extended Measurement of Cosmic-Ray Electron and Positron Spectrum from CALET on the ISS
PoS(ICRC2019)142 pdf S. Torii
TeV--PeV hadronic simulations with DAMPE
PoS(ICRC2019)143 pdf A. Tykhonov, D. Droz, C. Yue, M. Cui, X. Li and X. Wu
An All-sky Search for Cosmic-ray Proton Anisotropy with the Fermi Large Area Telescope
PoS(ICRC2019)144 pdf J. Vandenbroucke and M. Meehan
Is the B/C slope in AMS-02 data actually telling us something about the diffusion coefficient slope?
PoS(ICRC2019)145 pdf M. Vecchi, P.I. Batista, M. Vecchi, D. Maurin, L. Derome, M. Boudaud, Y. Génolini, J. Lavalle, V. Poulin, P. Salati and P.D. Serpico
Performance of the deuteron mass reconstruction with the AMS-02 RICH detector
PoS(ICRC2019)146 pdf M. Vecchi and E. F. Bueno
SuperTIGER Abundances of Galactic Cosmic-Rays for the Charge Interval Z=41-56
PoS(ICRC2019)147 pdf N. Walsh, W. Binns, M. Israel, R. Murphy, B.F. Rauch, J. Ward, T. Brandt, J. Link, J. Mitchell, T. Hams, K. Sakai, M. Sasaki, A. Labrador, R. Mewaldt, E.C. Stone, M. Wiedenbeck and C.J. Waddington
Measurement of the Cosmic-ray Proton + Helium Spectrum with DAMPE
PoS(ICRC2019)148 pdf Z. Wang, I. De Mitri, G. Marsella, G. Torralba Elipe and I. Valino
Hadronic cross section validation in the DAMPE experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)149 file missing Y. Wei
Anisotropy of Particle Fluxes in Primary Cosmic Rays Measured with the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the ISS
PoS(ICRC2019)150 pdf I. Gebauer, M. Graziani, J. Casaus, M. Molero, C. Mana, M.A. Velasco, M. Gervasi, P.G. Rancoita and G. La Vacca
Measurements of Antideuterons in Primary Cosmic Rays with the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the ISS
PoS(ICRC2019)151 file missing Z. Weng
The Design and Construction of the HELIX RICH Detector
PoS(ICRC2019)152 pdf I. Wisher
Studying cosmic ray propagation with GALPROP
PoS(ICRC2019)153 pdf H. Wu, E.S. Seo and V. Ptuskin
Monte Carlo Simulations of the ISS-CREAM Instrument
PoS(ICRC2019)154 pdf J. Wu
Using Z<=2 data to constrain cosmic ray propagation models
PoS(ICRC2019)155 pdf J. Wu and Y. Wang
Antiproton Flux and Properties of Elementary Particle Fluxes in Primary Cosmic Rays Measured with the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the ISS
PoS(ICRC2019)157 file missing W. Xu
Precision Measurements of the Positron Fraction and the Combined Electron and Positron Flux in Primary Cosmic Rays with the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the ISS
PoS(ICRC2019)158 file missing W. Xu
Development of desensitized nuclear emulsion films for exploring the composition of cosmic ray nuclei.
PoS(ICRC2019)159 file missing S. Yamamoto
Properties of Primary Cosmic Rays Neon, Magnesium and Silicon Measured with the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the ISS
PoS(ICRC2019)160 file missing Q. Yan
Precision Measurement of the Monthly Carbon and Oxygen Fluxes in Cosmic Rays with the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the International Space Station
PoS(ICRC2019)161 pdf F. Donnini
Particle acceleration by shock waves propagating in a non-uniform medium
PoS(ICRC2019)162 pdf S. Yokoyama and Y. Ohira
Measurement of cosmic ray proton spectrum with the Dark Matter Particle Explorer
PoS(ICRC2019)163 pdf C. Yue, A. De Benedittis, M.N. Mazziotta, S. Vitillo, Z.H. Xu and Y.H. Yu
Observation of time evolution of cosmic ray electron and positron flux with Dark Matter Particle Explorer
PoS(ICRC2019)164 pdf J. Zang, Y. Liu, Q. Yuan and C. Yue
Elemental analysis of Cosmic-Ray flux with DAMPE
PoS(ICRC2019)165 pdf attachments Y. Zhang, M. Cui, T. Dong, A. Surdo, L. Wu, Y. Zhang and C. Liu
The Status of DAMPE Satellite in Space
PoS(ICRC2019)166 file missing Y. Zhang
Ultra-heavy cosmic rays measurements with DAMPE
PoS(ICRC2019)167 file missing Y. Zhang
Towards Understanding the Origin of Cosmic-Ray Electrons
PoS(ICRC2019)1183 pdf W. Xu
The selection and energy validation of heavy ions based on DAMPE orbit data
PoS(ICRC2019)1185 file missing W. Libo
CRI - Cosmic Ray Indirect
The Origin of Terrestrial Gamma Ray Flashes Observed with the Telescope Array Detector
PoS(ICRC2019)168 pdf J. Belz
TALE FD Cosmic Rays Composition Measurement
PoS(ICRC2019)169 pdf T. AbuZayyad
High School Students’ Muon Underground Shielding Experiment (MUSE)
PoS(ICRC2019)170 pdf N. Unterman, M. Adams, T. Blackmore, E. Copeland, M. Senser, H. Seiden, A. Valsamis, B. Grey, J. Miller, M. Miller, A. Sears, P. Graham and E. Winkler
A first study on improving the spatial resolution of plastic scintillator based muon telescopes.
PoS(ICRC2019)171 file missing A. Almela
Cosmic Ray Spectrum and Composition from PeV to EeV from the IceCube Neutrino Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)172 pdf K. Andeen and M. Plum
Outreach Cosmic Ray Activities (OCRA): a program of Astroparticle Physics Outreach Events for High-School Students
PoS(ICRC2019)173 pdf C. Aramo and S. Hemmer
Parametrization of $X_\mathrm{max}$ distributions in the ultra-high energy regime
PoS(ICRC2019)174 pdf L. Arbeletche and V. de Souza
Preliminary results of the design and development of the data acquisition and processing system for the LAGO Collaboration
PoS(ICRC2019)175 pdf L.H. Arnaldi, D. Cazar, M. Audelo and I. Sidelnik
The spectrum of the light component of TeV cosmic rays measured with HAWC
PoS(ICRC2019)176 pdf J.C. Arteaga-Velázquez and J.D. Alvarez
Muon content in air showers between 10 PeV and 1 EeV determined from measurements with KASCADE-Grande
PoS(ICRC2019)177 pdf J.C. Arteaga-Velázquez, D. Rivera Rangel and K.G. Collaboration
Comparison of Light Pulses’ Number Induced by Cosmic Radiations at Aircraft Flight Altitude using Experimental Data versus MCNP6
PoS(ICRC2019)178 pdf S. Assad
IceAct, small Imaging Air Cherenkov Telescopes for IceCube
PoS(ICRC2019)179 pdf M. Schaufel, K. Andeen and J. Auffenberg
MITO, a new directional muon telescope design. First observations
PoS(ICRC2019)180 pdf S. Ayuso, J.I. García Tejedor, J.J. Blanco, R. Gómez Herrero, O. García Población, J. Medina, M. Prieto and A. López Comazzi
Performance optimization of air shower simulations with CORSIKA
PoS(ICRC2019)181 pdf D. Baack
Identification of cosmic rays deflected in the Galactic magnetic field from candidate sources
PoS(ICRC2019)182 file missing A. Bakalova
Influence of Galactic magnetic field on large scale anisotropies of ultra-high energy cosmic rays
PoS(ICRC2019)183 pdf A. Bakalova
Frequency-optimised radio air arrays for air-shower detection
PoS(ICRC2019)184 pdf A. Balagopal V., A. Haungs, T. Huege, M. Renschler, F.G. Schröder and A. Zilles
Measurement of the electrical properties of a thundercloud through muon imaging by the GRAPES-3 experiment.
PoS(ICRC2019)185 pdf B. Hariharan, S. Ahmad, A. Chandra, S.R. Dugad, S.K. Gupta, Y. Hayashi, P. Jagadeesan, A. Jain, S. Kawakami, H. Kojima, P.K. Mohanty, S.D. Morris, Y. Muraki, P.K. Nayak, A. Oshima, P.S. Rakshe, K. Ramesh, B.S. Rao, L.V. Reddy, S. Shibata, K. Tanaka and M. Zuberi
Dependence of hadronic interaction models in atmospheric electric field simulations for GRAPES-3.
PoS(ICRC2019)186 pdf B. Hariharan, S. Ahmad, M. Chakraborty, A. Chandra, S.R. Dugad, S.K. Gupta, Y. Hayashi, S.S.R. Inbanathan, P. Jagadeesan, A. Jain, P. Jain, V.B. Jhansi, S. Kawakami, H. Kojima, S. Mahapatra, P.K. Mohanty, S.D. Morris, Y. Muraki, P.K. Nayak, A. Oshima, D. Pattanaik, P.S. Rakshe, K. Ramesh, B.S. Rao, L.V. Reddy, S. Sharma, S. Shibata, K. Tanaka, F. Varsi and M. Zuberi
Measurement of the Integral Intensity of Near Horizontal Muons with HAWC
PoS(ICRC2019)187 pdf A. Barber, D. Kieda and R.W. Springer
Measurements of the very-forward energy in pp collisions at the LHC and constraints for cosmic ray air showers
PoS(ICRC2019)188 pdf S. Baur and R. Ulrich
First Results from NICHE and the NICHE-TALE Hybrid Detector
PoS(ICRC2019)189 pdf D. Bergman, J.F. Krizmanic, K. Nakai, Y. Omura and Y. Tsunesada
Combined Fit of the Spectrum and Composition from Telescope Array
PoS(ICRC2019)190 pdf D. Bergman
TA 10 Year Stereo Composition Measurement
PoS(ICRC2019)191 pdf D. Bergman and T. Stroman
Search for Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays from Space - the JEM-EUSO Program
PoS(ICRC2019)192 pdf M.E. Bertaina
An air-shower-like event registered with the TUS orbital detector
PoS(ICRC2019)193 pdf M.E. Bertaina
The EUSO@Turlab Project: Tests of Mini-EUSO Engineering Model
PoS(ICRC2019)194 pdf M.E. Bertaina
Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of EAS with Delayed Particles.
PoS(ICRC2019)195 pdf R. Beisembaev, D. Beznosko, E. Beisembaeva, O.D. Dalkarov, V. Mossunov, V. Ryabov, S. Shaulov, M. Vildanova, V. Zhukov, K. Baigarin and T. Sadykov
Gamma-Ray Bursts as Sources of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays across the Ankle
PoS(ICRC2019)196 pdf D. Biehl, D. Boncioli, A. Fedynitch, J. Heinze, A. Rudolph and W. Winter
EUSO-TA ground based fluorescence detector: analysis of the detected events
PoS(ICRC2019)197 pdf F. Bisconti, J.W. Belz, M.E. Bertaina, S. Blin-Bondil, F. Capel, M. Casolino, T. Ebisuzaki, J. Eser, P. Gorodetzky, J.N. Matthews, E. Parizot, L.W. Piotrowski, Z. Plebaniak, G. Prevôt, M. Putis, H. Sagawa, N. Sakaki, H. Shin, K. Shinozaki, P. Sokolsky, Y. Takizawa, Y. Tameda and G.B. Thomson
Mini-EUSO engineering model: tests in open-sky condition
PoS(ICRC2019)198 pdf F. Bisconti, D. Barghini, M. Battisti, A. Belov, M.E. Bertaina, S. Blin-Bondil, F. Cafagna, G. Cambiè, F. Capel, M. Casolino, A. Cellino, I. Churilo, G. Cotto, A. Djakonow, T. Ebisuzaki, F. Fausti, F. Fenu, C. Fornaro, A. Franceschi, C. Fuglesang, D. Gardiol, P. Gorodetzky, F. Kajino, P. Klimov, L. Marcelli, W. Marszał, M. Mignone, H. Miyamoto, A. Murashov, T. Napolitano, G. Osteria, M.I. Panasyuk, E. Parizot, A. Poroshin, P. Picozza, L.W. Piotrowski, Z. Plebaniak, G. Prevôt, M. Przybylak, E. Reali, M. Ricci, N. Sakaki, K. Shinozaki, G. Suino, J. Szabelski, Y. Takizawa, M. Traiche and S. Turriziani
Test benches for the upgrade of the Pierre Auger Observatory electronics
PoS(ICRC2019)199 pdf M. Bohacova
Microphysics of electron acceleration and heating at nonrelativistic perpendicular shocks of young supernova remnants
PoS(ICRC2019)200 pdf A. Bohdan, M. Pohl, J. Niemiec, T. Amano, M. Hoshino and Y. Matsumoto
A Cosmic Rays Tracking System for the Stability Monitoring of Historical Buildings
PoS(ICRC2019)201 pdf G. Bonomi, M. Caccia, A. Donzella, D. Pagano, V. Villa and A. Zenoni
The AMIGA underground muon detector of the Pierre Auger Observatory - performance and event reconstruction
PoS(ICRC2019)202 pdf A.M. Botti
The Aachen Muon Detector for testing the local production of Scintillating Surface Detectors for AugerPrime
PoS(ICRC2019)203 pdf T. Bretz, P. Ferreira, A. Garcia, T. Hebbeker, J. Kemp, C. Peters and J. Schumacher
Non-thermal emission from the reverse shock of the youngest galactic Supernova remnant G1.9+0.3
PoS(ICRC2019)204 file missing R. Brose
Towards an improved mass composition analysis with LOFAR
PoS(ICRC2019)205 pdf S. Buitink
Anisotropies of the Highest Energy Cosmic-ray Events Recorded by the Pierre Auger Observatory in 15 years of Operation
PoS(ICRC2019)206 pdf L. Caccianiga
Latest results for Proton-proton Cross Section Measurements with the TOTEM experiment at LHC.
PoS(ICRC2019)207 pdf F. Cafagna
The Shower Energy Scale with Air and Water Cherenkov Techniques in LHAASO experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)208 file missing Z. Cao
The Issue with Diffusive Shock Acceleration
PoS(ICRC2019)209 pdf D. Caprioli and C. Haggerty
The role of re-acceleration in the understanding of Cosmic-Ray direct and indirect data
PoS(ICRC2019)210 pdf M. Cardillo
Estimating the sensitivity of the expanded OVRO-LWA array to cosmic-ray primary composition
PoS(ICRC2019)211 pdf W.R. Carvalho, A. Romero-Wolf, K. Belov, L. D’Addario, M. Anderson, M. Eastwood, G. Hallinan, J. Kocz, J. Lamb, R. Monroe, A. Nelles and K. Plant
Mini-EUSO experiment to study UV emission of terrestrial and astrophysical origin onboard of the International Space Station
PoS(ICRC2019)212 pdf M. Casolino
Characterization of gases used in Resistive Plate Chambers detectors for Cosmic Ray experiments
PoS(ICRC2019)213 file missing D. Cazar Ramirez
Working Group Report on the Combined Analysis of Muon Density Measurements from Eight Air Shower Experiments
PoS(ICRC2019)214 pdf L. Cazon
Planning, Design, Construction, and Testing an Experimental System to Characterize Photomultipliers Type EMI 9954B Using Cosmic Ray
PoS(ICRC2019)215 pdf C.A. Cervantes Vera, J. Felix and L. Arceo
Non-linearity correction of PMT response on the observed particle densities in GRAPES-3
PoS(ICRC2019)216 pdf A. Chandra, S. Ahmad, M. Chakraborty, S.R. Dugad, S.K. Gupta, B. Hariharan, Y. Hayashi, S.S.R. Inbanathan, P. Jagadeesan, A. Jain, P. Jain, V.B. Jhansi, S. Kawakami, H. Kojima, S. Mahapatra, P.K. Mohanty, S.D. Morris, P.K. Nayak, A. Oshima, D. Pattanaik, P.S. Rakshe, K. Ramesh, B.S. Rao, L.V. Reddy, S. Shibata, F. Varsi and M. Zuberi
Status and First Result of LHAASO-WCDA
PoS(ICRC2019)217 pdf M. Chen
A study on the impact of LHAASO-WCDA PMT afterpulse
PoS(ICRC2019)218 pdf B. Chen, B. Gao, M. Chen, Z. Pang, M. Zha and Z. Yao
Detector Simulation of LHAASO-KM2A with Geant4
PoS(ICRC2019)219 pdf S. Chen
SAW filters based multi-bands coincidence trigger for impulsive radio from UHECRs under suburban environment
PoS(ICRC2019)220 file missing Y. Chen
Analysis of anisotropy of ultrahigh energy cosmic ray arrival direction and energy spectrum detected by Telescope array experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)221 pdf W. Cho
Long Term Performance of the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)222 pdf K. Choi
How the Knee and Ankle Features of the Cosmic Ray Spectrum Relate to the Dominance of the Heavy Nuclei Above 10^20 eV.
PoS(ICRC2019)223 file missing A. Codino
The Rule Governing the Abundances of the Cosmic Rays at the Sources Prior to Acceleration
PoS(ICRC2019)224 pdf attachments A. Codino
Measurement of the Cosmic Ray Flux near the Second Knee with the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)225 pdf A. Coleman
Probing the High Energy Spectrum of Neutral Pions in Ultra-high-energy Proton-Air Interactions
PoS(ICRC2019)226 pdf L. Cazon, R. Conceição, M. Martins and F. Riehn
Performance Analysis of Numerical Integration Methods for the Tracking of UHECRs
PoS(ICRC2019)227 file missing R. Costa Jr.
Acceleration of He nuclei at non-relativistic collisionless shocks
PoS(ICRC2019)228 file missing C. Cotter
WCDs system for the study of EAS in CHARM Obervatory
PoS(ICRC2019)229 file missing J. Cotzomi
Study on the rate variation of cosmic rays with lightning storms
PoS(ICRC2019)230 file missing J. Cotzomi
The Energy Scale of the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)231 pdf B. Dawson
Coherent transition radiation from the geomagnetic air shower current
PoS(ICRC2019)232 pdf K. de Vries and S. Prohira
The GRANDProto300 experiment: a pathfinder with rich astroparticle and radio-astronomy science case
PoS(ICRC2019)233 pdf V. Decoene
The energy spectrum of ultra-high energy cosmic rays measured at the Pierre Auger Observatory and at the Telescope Array
PoS(ICRC2019)234 pdf O. Deligny
Future Proton-Oxygen Beam Collisions at the LHC for Air Shower Physics
PoS(ICRC2019)235 pdf H. Dembinski, R. Ulrich and T. Pierog
Technical Foundations of CORSIKA 8: New Concepts for Scientific Computing
PoS(ICRC2019)236 pdf H. Dembinski, L. Nellen, M. Reininghaus and R. Ulrich
New constraints on galactic CRE transport from radio continuum observations
PoS(ICRC2019)237 pdf R.J. Dettmar, V. Heesen, A. Miskolczi and Y. Stein
A study of the uncertainty due to hadron models on UHECR: the impact on the secondary particles
PoS(ICRC2019)238 file missing M.M. Devi
Cosmic Ray Ensembles from Ultra-High Energy Photons Propagating in the Galactic and Intergalactic Space
PoS(ICRC2019)239 pdf N. Dhital, O. Sushchov, J. Pękala, K. Almeida Cheminant, D. Gora and P. Homola
EUSO-SPB1: Flight Data Classification and Air Shower Search Results
PoS(ICRC2019)240 pdf A. Díaz Damian
UCIRC2: A cloud monitor for EUSO-SPB2
PoS(ICRC2019)241 pdf R. Diesing
Effect of Cosmic Rays on Supernova Remnant Evolution
PoS(ICRC2019)242 file missing R. Diesing
On the origin of ultra-high energy cosmic ray anisotropy
PoS(ICRC2019)243 pdf N. Globus, C. Ding and G.R. Farrar
A Three-dimensional Reconstruction of Cosmic Ray Events in IceCube
PoS(ICRC2019)244 pdf E. Dvorak, X. Bai, J. Gonzalez and D. Soldin
Ultra-high-energy cosmic rays by Cygnus A or the bulk of non-local radio galaxies?
PoS(ICRC2019)245 pdf B. Eichmann
From the Observation of UHECR Radio Signal in [1-200] MHz to the Composition: CODALEMA and EXTASIS Status Report
PoS(ICRC2019)246 pdf A. Escudie, D. Charrier, R. Dallier, D. García-Fernández, A. Lecacheux, L. Martin and B. Revenu
Results of the EUSO-SPB1 flight
PoS(ICRC2019)247 pdf J. Eser
Developments in Modeling the Galactic Magnetic Field
PoS(ICRC2019)248 pdf G.R. Farrar and M. Unger
A New View on Auger Data and Cosmogenic Neutrinos in Light of Different Nuclear Disintegration and Air-shower Models
PoS(ICRC2019)249 pdf A. Fedynitch, J. Heinze, D. Boncioli and W. Winter
Lateral Distribution of EAS Muons Measured at the Primary Cosmic Ray Energy Around 100TeV
PoS(ICRC2019)250 file missing Y. Feng
Results from the First Missions of the JEM-EUSO Program
PoS(ICRC2019)251 pdf F. Fenu
Simulations for the JEM-EUSO program with ESAF
PoS(ICRC2019)252 pdf F. Fenu, K. Shinozaki, H. Miyamoto, A. Liberatore, N. Sakaki, S. Sharakin, M. Zotov and G. Chiritoi
Space Debris Detection and Tracking with the Techniques of Cosmic Ray Physics
PoS(ICRC2019)253 pdf H. Miyamoto, M. Battisti, A.S. Belov, F. Bisconti, R. Bonino, S. Blin-Bondil, M.E. Bertaina, F. Cafagna, G. Cambiè, F. Capel, M. Casolino, A. Cellino, I. Churilo, G. Cotto, A. Djakonow, T. Ebisuzaki, F. Fenu, F. Fausti, C. Fornaro, A. Franceschi, C. Fugelsang, D. Gardiol, P. Gorodetzky, F. Kajino, P. Klimov, L. Marcelli, W. Marszal, M. Mignone, A. Murashov, T. Napolitano, G. Osteria, M. Panasyuk, E. Parizot, A. Poroshin, P. Picozza, L. Piotrowski, Z. Plebaniak, G. Prévôt, M. Przybylak, E. Reali, M. Ricci, N. Sakaki, K. Shinozaki, G. Suino, J. Szabelski, Y. Takizawa, M. Traiche and S. Turriziani
The Galactic Magnetic Field in the Light of Starburst-generated Ultrahigh-energy Cosmic Rays
PoS(ICRC2019)254 pdf J. Fernández Soriano, L.A. Anchordoqui and D. Torres
Evidence for UHECR Origin in Starburst Galaxies
PoS(ICRC2019)255 pdf J. Fernández Soriano and L.A. Anchordoqui
Legacy from Fly’s Eye: Making sense of the Highest Energy Cosmic Ray Ever Observed
PoS(ICRC2019)256 pdf attachments T. Fitoussi, G. Medina-Tanco and J.C. D’Olivo
Point Spread Function Evolution of Bursting Sources of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Ray
PoS(ICRC2019)257 file missing T. Fitoussi
Phenomenological Uncertainties Imposed by our Local Magnetized Neighborhood on the Interpretation of the UHECR Directional Data
PoS(ICRC2019)258 pdf attachments T. Fitoussi, G. Medina-Tanco and J.C. D'Olivo
Observing ultra-high energy cosmic rays with prototypes of Fluorescence detector Array of Single-pixel Telescopes (FAST) in both hemispheres
PoS(ICRC2019)259 pdf T. Fujii
Towards a Telescope Array 10 Year FD Monocular Energy Spectrum
PoS(ICRC2019)260 pdf G. Furlich and D. R. Bergman
Telescope Array FD Weather Classification using Machine Learning
PoS(ICRC2019)261 pdf G. Furlich
Observation of Air Showers with the IceAct Telescopes in Coincidence with IceCube and IceTop
PoS(ICRC2019)262 file missing E. Ganster
The Large-scale Anisotropy of Cosmic Rays Observed with the Partial LHAASO-KM2A Array
PoS(ICRC2019)263 pdf W. Gao, W. Li, S. Cui, S. Chen, Z. Li, P. Zhang and C. Zhu
The photonmultiplier tube used as single particle detector in WCDA dry running
PoS(ICRC2019)264 file missing B. Gao
Social Impact of Outreach at the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)265 pdf B. García
DAQ platform based on SoC-FPGA for high resolution time stamping in cosmic ray detection
PoS(ICRC2019)266 pdf L.G. Garcia Ordóñez, I.R. Morales Argueta, M.L. Crespo, S. Carrato, A. Cicuttin, H.D.L.T. Perez, D. Barrientos, S. Levorato, B. Valinoti, W. Florian, K. Mannatunga, M. Ballina and M. Cruz
Fluorescence light detection with the FAMOUS telescope
PoS(ICRC2019)267 pdf A.L. García Vegas, T. Bretz, P. Ferreira, T. Hebbeker, J. Kemp, T. Pan, C. Peters, M. Schaufel and J. Schumacher
Electric field emitted by a particle track in two semi-infinite media
PoS(ICRC2019)268 pdf D. García-Fernández, R. Dallier, A. Escudie, L. Martin and B. Revenu
Status of the Davies Cotton and Schwarzschild-Coude Medium Sized Telescopes for the Cherenkov Telescope Array
PoS(ICRC2019)269 pdf J.F. Glicenstein
Air-Shower Reconstruction at the Pierre Auger Observatory based on Deep Learning
PoS(ICRC2019)270 pdf J. Glombitza
A Muon-based Observable to Detect Photons at Ultra-high Energies
PoS(ICRC2019)271 pdf N.M. Gonzalez, F.A. Sánchez, M. Roth and A. Etchegoyen
Cosmic Ray Extremely Distributed Observatory: Status and Perspectives of a Global Cosmic Ray Detection Framework
PoS(ICRC2019)272 pdf D. Gora, K. Almeida Cheminant, N. Dhital, P. Homola, A. R. Duffy, O. Sushchov, D. Beznosko, J. Zamora-Saa, D. E. Alvarez Castillo, N. Dhital$, P. Kovacs, M. Marek, A. Mozgova, V. Nazari, M. Niedzwiecki, W. Noga,, K. Smelcerz, K. Smolek, J. Stasielak, D. Ostrogorski, K. Rzecki and K.W. Wozniak
Radio-detected Cosmic ray and Cosmic ray-like Events Observed by ANITA
PoS(ICRC2019)273 file missing P. Gorham
Measurements of Inclined Air Showers with the Auger Engineering Radio Array at the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)274 pdf M. Gottowik
Prototype-module of a muon tracker to investigate the density distribution of the Popocatepetl volcano lava dome
PoS(ICRC2019)275 pdf V. Grabsky
The significance of the Water Cherenkov Detector Array (WCDA) to multi-TeV gamma rays sources
PoS(ICRC2019)277 pdf Y. Guo, X. Chang, H. Hu and Z. Yao
Constraints on ultrahigh-energy cosmic ray mass composition using cosmogenic neutrinos
PoS(ICRC2019)278 pdf N. Gupta
Hybrid Simulations of the Resonant and Non-Resonant Cosmic Ray Streaming Instability
PoS(ICRC2019)279 pdf C. Haggerty, D. Caprioli and E. Zweibel
Telescope Array 10 Year Composition
PoS(ICRC2019)280 pdf W. Hanlon
Interpreting Auger and Telescope Array Composition Observations
PoS(ICRC2019)281 file missing W. Hanlon
The large-scale anisotropy of cosmic rays observation with LHAASO-WCDA
PoS(ICRC2019)282 file missing W. HanRong
Real-Time Measurements with Atmospheric Instruments at the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)283 pdf V.M. Harvey
German-Russian Astroparticle Data Life Cycle Initiative
PoS(ICRC2019)284 pdf A. Haungs, I. Bychkov, J. Dubenskaya, O. Fedorov, A. Heiss, D. Kang, Y. Kazarina, E.E. Korosteleva, D. Kostunin, A. Kryukov, A. Mikhailov, M.D. Nguyen, F. Polgart, S. Polyakov, E. Postnikov, A. Shigarov, D. Shipilov, A. Streit, V. Tokareva, D. Wochele, J. Wochele and D. Zhurov
Silicon Photomultipliers for Orbital Ultra High Energy Cosmic Ray Observation
PoS(ICRC2019)285 pdf W. Painter, A. Haungs, T. Huber, M. Karus, A. Menshikov, M. Oehler, M. Renschler and J.e. Collaboration
Finalized design of LHAASO electromagnetic particle detector
PoS(ICRC2019)286 pdf C. Hou, X. Sheng, J. Liu, H. Lv, J. Zhao, X. Zhang, Z. Zhang, C. Zhu and W. Gao
Development of a Solar-wind Hybrid Power System for Radio Antenna Array Experiments for Ultra-high Energy Cosmic Rays and Neutrinos in Antarctica Environment
PoS(ICRC2019)287 file missing S.Y. Hsu
Primary Cosmic-ray Spectra and Composition in the Energy Range of 50 TeV-10^16 eV with the New Tibet Hybrid Experiment (YAC-II + Tibet-III + MD)
PoS(ICRC2019)288 pdf J. Huang
Effects of Thunderstorms Electric Field on Intensities of Positrons, Electrons and Photons at Daocheng
PoS(ICRC2019)289 pdf B. Zhao, D. Huang, X. Zhou, K. Axi and X. Ma
Waveform Classifier for RF Detection of Cosmic Ray
PoS(ICRC2019)290 file missing J.J. Huang
The SENSE project: Developments, characteristics and application of low light-level photo sensors
PoS(ICRC2019)291 pdf T. Huber, T. Berghöfer, D. Della Volpe, A. Haungs, K. Henjes-Kunst, K. Link, R. Mirzoyan, T. Montaruli, A. Nagai and D. Strom
Temporal Series Analyses of Cosmic-Ray-induced-neutron Spectra Measured in High-altitude During the Last Two Decades
PoS(ICRC2019)292 pdf G. Hubert, S. Vernetto and A. Zanini
Four Years of Measurements of the Energy Spectrum of Cosmic-Ray-induced-neutrons on the Concordia Antarctic Station Taking into Account Environmental and Systematic Effects
PoS(ICRC2019)293 pdf G. Hubert and P. Ricaud
Symmetrizing the signal distribution of radio emission from inclined air showers
PoS(ICRC2019)294 pdf T. Huege, F. Schlüter and L. Brenk
Universality and template synthesis of cosmic ray air shower radio emission
PoS(ICRC2019)295 pdf D. Butler, T. Huege, R. Engel and O. Scholten
The complex EAS installation of the Tien Shan mountain cosmic ray station
PoS(ICRC2019)296 pdf B. Iskakov
PoS(ICRC2019)297 pdf B. Iskakov
Energy Spectrum Measured by the Telescope Array
PoS(ICRC2019)298 pdf D. Ivanov
Digital Processing of Cherenkov Light Signals from Extensive Air Showers of Cosmic Rays
PoS(ICRC2019)299 pdf A. Ivanov, S. Matarkin and L. Timofeev
Application of Multiple Linsley method for EAS energy determination in Large Area Air Shower project
PoS(ICRC2019)300 file missing A. Iyono
Energy generation rate densities of ultrahigh-energy cosmic-ray nuclei
PoS(ICRC2019)301 pdf Y. Jiang, B.T. Zhang and K. Murase
Classifying the Cosmic-Ray Proton and Light Components on the LHAASO-KM2A Experiment with the Graph Neural Network
PoS(ICRC2019)302 file missing C. Jin
Design of a high-speed data acquisition system for the study of Extensive Air Shower
PoS(ICRC2019)303 file missing C.S. José Rubén
Study Cosmic Ray Mass Composition using Deep Learning in Telescope Array Surface Array Detector
PoS(ICRC2019)304 pdf O. Kalashev and M. Kuznetsov
Project Apeiro - High-altitude balloon payload for measuring cosmic ray flux
PoS(ICRC2019)305 pdf S. Deshpande, L. Kapoor, S. Kamat, D. Pal and S. Bheesette
Latest Results from the KASCADE-Grande Data Analysis
PoS(ICRC2019)306 pdf D. Kang
Study on Measurement Method of Radio Wave Generated by Charged Particles Using Accelerator Beam
PoS(ICRC2019)307 pdf Y. Katayose
A Set of CR Detectors Installed at Syowa Station, in the Antarctic, for Space Weather Study
PoS(ICRC2019)308 pdf C. Kato, K. Munakata, S. Uchida, S. Kaimi, A. Kadokura, R. Kataoka and P. Evenson
The Scintillator Upgrade of IceTop: Performance of the Prototype Array
PoS(ICRC2019)309 pdf M. Kauer, T. Huber, D. Tosi and C. Wendt
Updated Results on the UHECR Hotspot Observed by the Telescope Array Experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)310 pdf K. Kawata, A. di Matteo, T. Fujii, D. Ikeda, D. Ivanov, C. C. H. Jui, E. Kido, J.P. Lundquist, J. N. Matthews, S. Nagataki, T. Nonaka, S. Ogio, T. Okuda, G. Rubtsov, H. Sagawa, T.K. Sako, N. Sakurai, M. Takeda, R. Takeishi, A. Taketa, G. B. Thomson, P. Tinyakov, I. Tkachev, S. Troitsky and T. Telescope Array Collaboration
Air Shower Measurement with a SiPM Based Scintillator Detector
PoS(ICRC2019)311 pdf J. Kemp, T. Bretz, T. Hebbeker, L. Middendorf, C. Peters and J. Schumacher
Status and prospects of the TAx4 experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)312 pdf E. Kido
Implications of the cosmic ray spectrum from the second knee to the ankle region observed by the TA and TALE experiment for the cosmic ray proton sources
PoS(ICRC2019)313 pdf E. Kido
The Cosmic Ray Energy Spectrum above 2 PeV measured by the TALE Fluorescence Telescopes
PoS(ICRC2019)314 pdf J. Kim
Propagation of Ultra-high-energy Cosmic Rays in the Magnetized Cosmic Web
PoS(ICRC2019)315 pdf J. Kim, D. Ryu, S. Roh, J. Ha and H. Kang
Measurement of cosmic ray muon flux on the ground with emulsion detectors
PoS(ICRC2019)316 file missing N. Kitagawa
Mass composition of cosmic ray estimation by relative content of muons in air showers with energy more than 5 EeV
PoS(ICRC2019)317 file missing S. Knurenko
Low Energy Cosmic Ray Spectrum from 250 TeV to 10 PeV using IceTop
PoS(ICRC2019)318 pdf R. Koirala and T. Gaisser
Seven years of Tunka-Rex operation
PoS(ICRC2019)319 pdf D. Kostunin, P.A. Bezyazeekov, N. Budnev, O. Fedorov, O.A. Gress, O. Grishin, A. Haungs, T. Huege, Y. Kazarina, M. Kleifges, E.E. Korosteleva, L.A. Kuzmichev, V. Lenok, N. Lubsandorzhiev, S. Malakhov, T. Marshalkina, R. Monkhoev, E. Osipova, A. Pakhorukov, L. Pankov, V.V. Prosin, F.G. Schröder, D. Shipilov and A. Zagorodnikov
Quest for detection of a cosmological signal from neutral hydrogen with a digital radio array developed for air-shower measurements
PoS(ICRC2019)320 pdf D. Kostunin, P.A. Bezyazeekov, N. Budnev, O. Grishin, O. Fedorov, Y. Kazarina, L.A. Kuzmichev, S. Malakhov, T. Marshalkina, V. Oreshko, M. Pshirkov, G. Rubtsov, A. Sokolov, A. Zagorodnikov and D. Zhurov
Cherenkov Light from Horizontal Air Shower
PoS(ICRC2019)321 pdf K. Krolik, A. Djakonow, Z. Plebaniak, M. Przybylak, J. Szabelski and L. Wiencke
Development of a Water Cerenkov Detector Prototype with Wavelength Shifters and Silicon Photomultiplier Readout.
PoS(ICRC2019)322 pdf A. Kryemadhi, B. Weindorf, A. Kendall, T. Luu and H. Hawbecker
Search of the paired events in cosmic rays with energy above 5 EeV in Yakutsk EAS array data
PoS(ICRC2019)323 pdf S. Knurenko and L. Ksenofontov
Cosmic Radiation and the Earths atmospheric processes
PoS(ICRC2019)324 file missing R. Kumar
UV Laser System Test of Mini-EUSO
PoS(ICRC2019)325 pdf V. Kungel, M.E. Bertaina, F. Bisconti, M. Casolino, J. Eser and L. Wiencke
Telescope Array Search for EeV Photons
PoS(ICRC2019)326 pdf M. Kuznetsov, O. Kalashev and G. Rubtsov
Testing Lorentz Invariance Violation at the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)327 pdf R.G. Lang
Testing Lorentz Invariance Violation with Ultra-high Energy Photons
PoS(ICRC2019)328 pdf R.G. Lang, H. Martínez-Huerta and V. de Souza
BGO Track Reconstruction with DAMPE
PoS(ICRC2019)329 pdf S. Lei and W. Jiang
The ExtraGalactic Cosmic-Ray Propagator (EGCRProp)
PoS(ICRC2019)330 pdf M.A. Leigui de Oliveira and R. Costa Jr.
Modeling the Aperture of Radio Instruments for Air-Shower Detection
PoS(ICRC2019)331 pdf V. Lenok
Simulation and Reconstruction Study of a Future Surface Scintillator Array at the IceCube Neutrino Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)332 pdf A. Leszczyńska and M. Plum
Comparison of measured and simulated data with LHAASO-WCDA run data
PoS(ICRC2019)333 pdf H. Li
Measurement of Muonic and Electromagnetic Components in Cosmic Ray Air Showers Using the First Phase of LHAASO-KM2A
PoS(ICRC2019)334 file missing C. Li
Simulation and real data analysis of the LHAASO-WCDA dynamic range extension system
PoS(ICRC2019)335 pdf X. Li, C. Liu, Z. Zeng, X. Chang, M. Zha, Z. Yao, H. Wu, H. He, Z. Cao and H. Hu
Chemistry of Ion Injection in SNR Shocks: Hybrid Simulations in the Light of He/C/O Data from AMS-02
PoS(ICRC2019)337 pdf A. Hanusch, T. Liseykina and M. Malkov
Electron Injection into Fermi Acceleration in Quasiparallel Collisionless Shocks: Combining Hybrid Simulations with Test Particle Acceleration
PoS(ICRC2019)338 pdf A. Hanusch, T. Liseykina and M. Malkov
Spot-like Proton Acceleration in SNR Shocks: Implications for the Energy Spectra
PoS(ICRC2019)339 pdf T. Liseykina, A. Hanusch, M. Malkov and F. Aharonian
The study on the LHAASO-WCDA time calibration
PoS(ICRC2019)340 pdf J. Liu, B. Gao, M. Zha, Z. Yao and X. Wang
The Status of the New Stations of Taiwan Astroparticle Radiowave Observatory for Geo-synchrotron Emissions(TAROGE)
PoS(ICRC2019)341 file missing T. Liu
Undiscovered Pulsar as the Explanation of the High-energy Cosmic Ray All-electron Flux
PoS(ICRC2019)342 pdf R. Lopez-Coto, D. Parsons, J. Hinton and G. Giacinti
Supergalactic Structure of Energy-Angle Correlations
PoS(ICRC2019)343 pdf J.P. Lundquist
Offline calibration and monitoring of electromagnetic particle detectors in LHAASO
PoS(ICRC2019)344 pdf H. Lv, Y. Nan, X. Sheng, X. Zhang, S. Chen, Z. Li and Z. Wang
EAS Thermal Neutron Detector Array to Add into LHAASO
PoS(ICRC2019)345 pdf X. Ma, J. He, Y. Zhang, Y. Feng, Y. Guo, H. Hu, C. Liu, S.W. Cui, B.B. Li, S. Liu, C. Shi, Y. Liu, V. Alekseenko, K. Levochkin, V. Rulev, O.B. Shchegolev, Y. Stenkin, V. Stepanov, Y.V. Yanin, C. Dong, R. Zhou, T.L. Chen, D. Luobu, Q. Gao and M.Y. Liu
Pointing and Spot Size Measurements of LHAASO-WFCTA Using Stars
PoS(ICRC2019)346 pdf L. Ma, Z. Shoushan and Y. Zhiyong
Time structure analysis of extensive air showers using the Telescope Array Data
PoS(ICRC2019)347 pdf R. Mayta Palacios, Y. Tsunesada and S. Ogio
Espresso Acceleration of Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic Rays up to the Hillas Limit in Relativistic MHD Jets
PoS(ICRC2019)348 pdf R. Mbarek and D. Caprioli
The results and future prospects of the LHCf experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)349 pdf H. Menjo, O. Adriani, E. Berti, L. Bonechi, M. Bongi, G. Castellini, R. D'Alessandro, M. Haguenauer, Y. Itow, K. Kasahara, Y. Matsubara, Y. Muraki, K. Ohashi, P. Papini, S. Ricciarini, T. Sako, N. Sakurai, K. Sato, Y. Shimizu, T. Tamura, A. Tiberio, S. Torii, A. Tricomi, B. Turner, M. Ueno and K. Yoshida
Cosmic-Ray Transport between the Knee and the Ankle with CRPropa
PoS(ICRC2019)350 pdf L. Merten, J. Tjus, C. Bustard and E. Zweibel
Using IACTs to Measure the Profiles of Muons in TeV Air Showers
PoS(ICRC2019)351 pdf A. Mitchell, H. Dembinski and R. Parsons
Reconstructing air showers with LOFAR using event specific GDAS atmospheres
PoS(ICRC2019)352 pdf P. Mitra
Reconstruction of Vertical Events Recorded by the Surface Detector of the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)353 pdf D. Mockler
Observation of cosmic ray anisotropy with GRAPES-3 Experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)354 pdf P. Mohanty, S. Ahmad, M. Chakraborty, A. Chandra, S.R. Dugad, S.K. Gupta, B. Hariharan, Y. Hayashi, P. Jagadeesan, A. Jain, P. Jain, V.B. Jhansi, S. Kawakami, H. Kojima, S. Mahapatra, S.D. Morris, P.K. Nayak, A. Oshima, D. Pattanaik, P.S. Rakshe, K. Ramesh, B.S. Rao, L.V. Reddy, S. Shibata, F. Warsi and M. Zuberi
The Results of 5 Years Study of Cosmic Rays Above 10 PeV with Differential Cherenkov Detectors
PoS(ICRC2019)355 file missing V. Mokhnachevskaya
Fluctuations of the Xmax in Air Showers within 10 PeV-1 EeV Primary Energy Range
PoS(ICRC2019)356 file missing V. Mokhnachevskaya
Differential Cherenkov detectors: experimental technique and results
PoS(ICRC2019)357 pdf V. Mokhnachevskaya
Performance of the Water Cherenkov detector LAGO-Chiapas, Mexico
PoS(ICRC2019)358 pdf O.G. Morales Olivares, H. de León Hidalgo, K.S. Caballero Mora, R. Arceo Reyes, E. Moreno Barbosa, A. Zepeda Domíngez, C. Álvarez Ochoa, F. Hueyotl Zahuantitla, L.R. Pérez Sánchez and E. Santos for the LAGO Collaboration
The lateral distribution function of cosmic-ray induced air showers studied with the HAWC observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)359 pdf J.A. Morales-Soto, J.C. Arteaga-Velázquez and J.d.D. Álvarez-Romero
Development of Cosmic Ray Muon Imaging with Nuclear Emulsions
PoS(ICRC2019)360 file missing K. Morishima
Effects of charm particles in Extensive Air Showers
PoS(ICRC2019)361 pdf M.A. Muller and V.P. Gonçalves
The energy scale of cosmic rays detected with LOFAR
PoS(ICRC2019)362 pdf K. Mulrey, A. Bonardi, S. Buitink, A. Corstanje, H. Falcke, B.M. Hare, J. Hörandel, T. Huege, G. Krampah, P. Mitra, A. Nelles, H. Pandya, J.P. Rachen, L. Rossetto, O. Scholten, S. ter Veen, T.N.G. Trinh and T. Winchen
Extension of the LOFAR Radboud Air Shower Array
PoS(ICRC2019)363 pdf K. Mulrey, A. Bonardi, S. Buitink, A. Corstanje, H. Falcke, B.M. Hare, J. Hörandel, T. Huege, G. Krampah, P. Mitra, A. Nelles, H. Pandya, J.P. Rachen, L. Rossetto, O. Scholten, S. ter Veen, T.N.G. Trinh, D. Veberic and T. Winchen
Constraints on UHECR sources and their environments, from fitting UHECR spectrum and composition, and neutrinos and gammas.
PoS(ICRC2019)364 pdf M.S. Muzio, M. Unger and G.R. Farrar
The anisotropy of cosmic rays observed by the Tibet air shower array and muon detector array.
PoS(ICRC2019)365 pdf Y. Nakamura
Cosmic-ray detection with and novel reconstruction algorithms for the ARIANNA experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)366 pdf A. Nelles
Recognition and classification of the cosmic-ray events in images captured by CMOS/CCD cameras
PoS(ICRC2019)367 pdf M. Niedźwiecki, K. Rzecki, M. Marek, P. Homola, K. Smelcerz, D.A. Castillo, K. Smolek, B. Hnatyk, J. Zamora-Saa, A. Mozgova, V. Nazari, D. Gora, K. Kopanski, T. Wibig, A.R. Duffy, J. Stasielak, Z. Zimborás and M. Kasztelan
Electron Acceleration at Rippled Low Mach Number Shocks in Merging Galaxy Clusters
PoS(ICRC2019)368 pdf J. Niemiec, O. Kobzar, T. Amano, M. Hoshino, S. Matsukiyo, Y. Matsumoto and M. Pohl
Probing the Anomalous Flux of Very-high-energy Gamma rays from the Sun with HAWC
PoS(ICRC2019)369 pdf M. Nisa
New Electronics for the Surface Detectors of the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)370 pdf D.F. Nitz
First results from PolarquEEEst
PoS(ICRC2019)371 pdf C. Pellegrino, F. Noferini, M. Abbrescia, C. Avanzini, L. Baldini, R. Baldini Ferroli, L.G. Batignani, M. Battaglieri, S. Boi, E. Bossini, F. Carnesecchi, D. Cavazza, C. Cicalò, L. Cifarelli, F. Coccetti, E. Coccia, A. Corvaglia, D. De Gruttola, S. De Pasquale, L. Fabbri, D. Falchieri, L. Galante, P. Galeotti, M. Garbini, G. Gemme, I. Gnesi, S. Grazzi, D. Hatzifotiadou, P. La Rocca, Z. Liu, G. Mandaglio, G. Maron, M.N. Mazziotta, S. Meneghini, A. Mulliri, R. Nania, F. Nozzoli, F. Palmonari, M. Panareo, M.P. Panetta, R. Paoletti, L. Perasso, O. Pinazza, C. Pinto, G. Piragino, S. Pisano, F. Riggi, G.C. Righini, C. Ripoli, M. Rizzi, G. Sartorelli, E. Scapparone, M. Schioppa, A. Scribano, M. Selvi, G. Serri, S. Squarcia, M. Taiuti, G. Terreni, R. Travaglini, A. Trifirò, M. Trimarchi, M.C. Vistoli, L. Votano, M.C.S. Williams, A. Zichichi and R. Zuyeuski
Long distance network link for TAx4 expansion
PoS(ICRC2019)372 pdf T. Nonaka, R. Cady, R. Fujiwara, E. Kido, J. Matthews, S. Ogio, T. Okuda, H. Sagawaa, N. Sakaki, S. Thomas and K. Yada
Measurement of the spectrum of cosmic rays above $10^{16.5}$ eV with Cherenkov-dominated events at the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)374 pdf V. Novotny
Telescope Array Low energy Extension(TALE) Hybrid
PoS(ICRC2019)375 pdf S. Ogio
A simulation study for the effect of diffractive collisions on the air shower developments
PoS(ICRC2019)376 pdf K. Ohashi, H. Menjo, Y. Itow, T. Sako and K. Kasahara
Improvement of cosmic-ray muography for Earth sciences and civil engineering
PoS(ICRC2019)377 pdf L. Olah, H. Tanaka, G. Hamar and D. Varga
POEMMA: Probe Of Extreme Multi-Messenger Astrophysics
PoS(ICRC2019)378 pdf A.V. Olinto, J. Adams, R. Aloisio, L. Anchordoqui, D. Bergman, M. Bertaina,, P. Bertone, F. Bisconti, M. Bustamante, M. Casolino, A. Cummings, M. Christl, I. DeMitri, R. Diesing, J. Eser, F. Fenu, C. Guepin, E. Hays, E. Judd, J. Krizmanic, E. Kuznetsov, A. Liberatore, S. Mackovjak, J. McEnery, J.W. Mitchell, A. Neronov, F. Oikonomou, A. Otte, E. Parizot, T. Paul, J. Perkins, G. Prevôt, P. Reardon, M. Reno, M. Ricci, F. Sarazin, K. Shinozaki, J. Soriano, F. Stecker, Y. Takizawa, R. Ulrich, M. Unger, T. Venters, L.R. Wiencke and R.D. Young
NICHE detector and operations
PoS(ICRC2019)379 pdf Y. Omura, K. Nakai, Y. Tsunesada, D. R Bergman and J. F Krizmanic
Production and Quality Control of the Scintillator Surface Detector for the AugerPrime Upgrade of the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)380 pdf J. Pękala
Calibration and first measurements of MuTe: a hybrid Muon Telescope for geological structures
PoS(ICRC2019)381 pdf J. Peña Rodríguez, A. Vásquez-Ramírez, J. Sanabria-Gómez, L. Nunez, D. Sierra-Porta and H. Asorey
Cosmic ray transport in starburst galaxies and possible observables
PoS(ICRC2019)382 pdf E. Peretti, G. Morlino, P. Blasi and F. Aharonian
Results of Gamma Ray and Neutrino Search by Yakutsk Array Complex Data
PoS(ICRC2019)383 pdf I. Petrov and S. Knurenko
Second Knee in Cosmic Ray Spectrum at Energy $\sim$10$^{17}$ eV by Yakutsk Data
PoS(ICRC2019)384 pdf S. Knurenko and I. Petrov
Results of Ultra-high Energy Cosmic Ray Study by Radio Technique at Yakutsk Array
PoS(ICRC2019)385 pdf I. Petrov and S. Knurenko
Particle Acceleration in Global Particle-In-Cell Simulations of Relativistic Jets
PoS(ICRC2019)386 file missing J. Pierce
Collective Hadronization and Air Showers: Can LHC Data Solve the Muon Puzzle ?
PoS(ICRC2019)387 pdf T. Pierog, S. Baur, H. Dembinski, R. Ulrich and K. Werner
Results and status of the EUSO-TA detector
PoS(ICRC2019)388 pdf L. Piotrowski
The Extreme Energy Events experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)389 pdf C. Cicalo
Particle Identification in Smartphone Camera Images Using the Distributed Electronic Cosmic-ray Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)390 pdf J. Vandenbroucke, M. Meehan, J. Peacock, J. Bourbeau, F. Campos, C. Schneider, M. Winter, A. Pizzuto, R. Morgan, B. Gallay and A.L. Simons
Upgrading the OVRO-LWA for improved cosmic ray detection capabilities
PoS(ICRC2019)391 pdf K. Plant, G. Hallinan, A. Romero-Wolf, R. Monroe, J. Kocz, A. Nelles, M. Anderson, M. Eastwood, L. D'Addario, D. Woody, J. Lamb, W. Carvalho and K. Belov
Interpretation of UHECR composition based on CONEX simulations with revised inelastic cross sections.
PoS(ICRC2019)392 pdf Z. Plebaniak and T. Wibig
Calibration of the EUSO-TA detector with stars
PoS(ICRC2019)393 pdf Z. Plebaniak
Cosmic ray composition study using machine learning at the IceCube Neutrino Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)394 pdf M. Plum
A Large Radio Detector at the Pierre Auger Observatory - Measuring the Properties of Cosmic Rays up to the Highest Energies
PoS(ICRC2019)395 pdf B. Pont
A parametrized catalog of radio galaxies as UHECR sources
PoS(ICRC2019)396 pdf J.P. Rachen
Origin of UHECR: The Cosmological Manifesto
PoS(ICRC2019)397 pdf J.P. Rachen
Limits on ultra-high energy photons with the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)398 pdf J. Rautenberg
First results of the CORSIKA 8 air shower simulation framework
PoS(ICRC2019)399 pdf D. Melo, M. Reininghaus, F. Riehn and R. Ulrich
Detection and Resolution of Terrestrial Gamma Flashes at Telescope Array
PoS(ICRC2019)400 pdf J. Remington, R. Abbasi, J. Belz, P. Krehbiel, R. Le Von, W. Rison, D. Rodeheffer and M. Stanley
First measurements with prototype radio antennas for the IceTop detector array
PoS(ICRC2019)401 pdf M. Renschler
Observation of electron rings with imaging air Cherenkov telescopes
PoS(ICRC2019)402 pdf H. Retnakaran, M. Tluczykont and D. Horns
Computation of the electric field from air showers with SELFAS3
PoS(ICRC2019)403 file missing B. Revenu
Measurement of the fluctuations in the number of muons in inclined air showers with the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)404 pdf F. Riehn
Radio detection of cosmic-ray air showers with the OVRO-LWA: status and future plans.
PoS(ICRC2019)405 pdf A. Romero-Wolf, R. Monroe, G. Hallinan, W. Carvalho, K. Plant, K. Belov, A. Nelles, M. Eastwood, M. Anderson, L. D'Addario, J. Kocz and D. Woody
Calibration and operation of an autonomous Water Cherenkov Detector using Red Pitaya in Quito
PoS(ICRC2019)406 pdf C. Rosero
Characterization and Performance Results of High Channel Density, Low Power Waveform Digitizer for Experimental Physics Applications
PoS(ICRC2019)407 file missing B. Rotter
Large-scale anisotropies above 0.03 EeV measured by the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)408 pdf E. Roulet and on behalf of the Pierre Auger Collaboration
An early look at Semnan University Radio Array experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)409 file missing M. Sabouhi
The TUS space photodetector relative calibration in flight
PoS(ICRC2019)410 pdf Y. Sagan, M. Lavrova, A. Grinuyk, A. Tkachenko and L. Tkachev
The muon component of extensive air showers above 10$^{17.5}$ eV measured with the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)411 pdf F.A. Sánchez
Modeling the LAGO's detectors response to secondary particles at ground level from the Antarctic to Mexico
PoS(ICRC2019)412 pdf C. Sarmiento-cano, M. Suárez-Durán, A. Vásquez-Ramírez, A. Jaimes-Motta, R. Calderón-Ardila and J. Peña-Rodríguez
The energy spectrum of forward photons measured by the RHICf experiment in $\sqrt{s}$ = 510 GeV proton-proton collisions
PoS(ICRC2019)413 pdf K. Sato, Y. Itow, H. Menjo, M. Ueno, K. Ohashi, T. Sako, Y. Goto, I. Nakagawa, R. Saidl, J. Park, M. Kim, B. Hong, K. Tanida, S. Torii, K. Kasahara, N. Sakurai, O. Adriani, R. D'Alessandro, L. Bonechi, E. Berti and A. Tricomi
Searching for UHE photons in the EeV range: a two-variable approach exploiting air-shower universality.
PoS(ICRC2019)414 pdf P. Savina, C. Bleve and L. Perrone
Follow-up searches for ultra-high energy neutrinos from transient astrophysical sources with the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)415 pdf M. Schimp
Influence of atmospheric electric fields on radio emission from air showers
PoS(ICRC2019)416 pdf O. Scholten, G. Trinh and U. Ebert
Differences between High Energy Hadronic Interaction Models for Air Shower Measurements in the 100 GeV-100 TeV Range
PoS(ICRC2019)417 pdf H. Schoorlemmer, Á. Pastor and R.D. Parsons
Science Case of a Scintillator and Radio Surface Array at IceCube
PoS(ICRC2019)418 pdf F. Schroeder
Cosmic@Web - Astroparticle learning platform for students
PoS(ICRC2019)419 pdf S. Garrappa, F. Bradascio, M. Goldack, C. Schwerdt, J. Stachurska, R. Stein and M. Walter
The Data Processor of the EUSO-SPB2 Telescopes
PoS(ICRC2019)420 pdf V. Scotti, G. Osteria and F. Perfetto
Kansas Teachers Track Weather Using Cosmic Rays.
PoS(ICRC2019)421 file missing M. Shaffer
Reconstruction of the arrival direction for TUS events: LTA-algorithm
PoS(ICRC2019)422 file missing S. Sharakin
K-EUSO performance simulation
PoS(ICRC2019)423 file missing S. Sharakin
On measuring the cosmic-ray production rate in supernova remnant shocks by polarized Balmer line emission
PoS(ICRC2019)424 pdf J. Shimoda
Study of the angular spectra of gamma and hadron families in the HADRON experiment.
PoS(ICRC2019)425 pdf attachments S. Shinbulatov, N.O. Saduev;, O.A. Kalikulov, Y.S. Mukhamejanov, S. Utey, N.O. Yerezhep, D. Beznosko, J.K. Jhanceitova, L.I. Vildanova, V.V. Zhukov, K.V. Cherdyntceva, V.G. Denisova, E. Kanevskay, N.M. Nesterova, V.S. Puchkov, S.E. Pyatovsky, V.A. Ryabov, A.L. Schepetov, M.D. Smirnova, S.B. Shaulov, A.I. Zhumabayev, R.A. Nam, V.V. Piskal and A.V. Stepanov
Trigger developments for the fluorescence detector of EUSO-TA and EUSO-SPB2
PoS(ICRC2019)426 pdf M. Battisti, M.E. Bertaina, F. Fenu, H. Miyamoto, K. Shinozaki, A. Belov, F. Bisconti, M. Mignone and F. Capel
Estimation of the exposure for the air shower detection mode of EUSO-SPB1
PoS(ICRC2019)427 pdf K. Shinozaki, M. Bertaina, F. Bisconti, F. Fenu, S. Ferrarese, S. Monte, A. Anzalone, A. Bruno, S. Briz, A. Diaz, J. Eser, L.R. Wiencke, A. Olinto and M. Vrabel
A communication solution for portable detectors of the Cosmic Ray Extremely Distributed Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)428 pdf K. Smelcerz, K. Kopanski, W. Noga, M. Sułek, N. Dhital, K. Almeida-Cheminant, D. Gora, P. Homola, O. Suschov, D. Beznosko, J. Zamora-Saa, A.R. Duffy, M. Kasztelan, P. Kovacs, V. Nazari, M. Niedźwiecki, K. Rzecki, K. Smolek, J. Stasielak and Z. Zimborás
The effect of improved high-energy muon cross-sections
PoS(ICRC2019)429 pdf J. Soedingrekso, A. Sandrock and W. Rhode
Cosmic ray mass composition analysis method to be used in the LHAASO-ENDA experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)431 pdf X. Ma, O.B. Shchegolev and Y. Stenkin
The Astrophysics Program of the NOvA Neutrino Experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)432 file missing M. Strait
Cosmic Ray Mass Composition around 10^18 eV with Horizontal Cherenkov EAS Light Balloon Measurements.
PoS(ICRC2019)433 file missing J. Szabelski
Analysis of Data from Surface Detector Stations of the AugerPrime Upgrade
PoS(ICRC2019)434 pdf A. Taboada
The status and performance of Cosmic Ray Air Fluorescence Fresnel lens Telescope (CRAFFT) for the next generation UHECR observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)435 pdf Y. Tameda
The Effects of the Galactic Magnetic Field on UHECR From Local Sources
PoS(ICRC2019)436 pdf A.M. Taylor and M. Hillas
Studying the Temporal Variation of the Cosmic-Ray Sun Shadow Using IceCube Data
PoS(ICRC2019)437 pdf F. Tenholt, J. Becker Tjus, P. Desiati and on behalf of the IceCube Collaboration
Yakutsk array cherenkov telescope further development
PoS(ICRC2019)438 file missing L. Timofeev
Full-sky searches for anisotropies in UHECR arrival directions with the Pierre Auger Observatory and the Telescope Array
PoS(ICRC2019)439 pdf A. di Matteo, T. Bister, J. Biteau, L. Caccianiga, O. Deligny, T. Fujii, D. Harari, D. Ivanov, K. Kawata, J.P. Lundquist, R. Menezes de Almeida, D. Mockler, T. Nonaka, H. Sagawa, P. Tinyakov, I. Tkachev and S. Troitsky
Estimating the Depth of Shower Maximum using the Surface Detectors of the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)440 pdf C.J. Todero Peixoto
Geometry calibration for fluorescence detectors of Telescope Array using a standard light source mounted on UAV
PoS(ICRC2019)441 pdf T. Tomida
Measurement of atmospheric transparency in Telescope Array using Central Laser Facility
PoS(ICRC2019)442 file missing T. Uehama, T. Tomida, K. Yamazaki and S. Udo
Particle-in-Cell Simulations of Relativistic Weibel-Mediated Shocks Propagating into Inhomogeneous Media
PoS(ICRC2019)444 pdf S. Tomita and Y. Ohira
IceTop as veto for IceCube: results
PoS(ICRC2019)445 pdf D. Tosi and H. Pandya
New Results from the Cosmic-Ray Program of the \\NA61/SHINE facility at the CERN SPS
PoS(ICRC2019)446 pdf M. Unger
Targeting Earth: CRPropa learns to aim
PoS(ICRC2019)447 pdf J. Jasche, A. van Vliet and J.P. Rachen
Reconstruction of the composition of ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays using deep neural networks
PoS(ICRC2019)448 file missing E. Varela
Energy spectrum and composition measurements of cosmic rays from GRAPES-3 experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)449 pdf F. Varsi, S. Ahmad, M. Chakraborty, A. Chandra, S.R. Dugad, S.K. Gupta, B. Hariharan, Y. Hayashi, S.S.R. Inbanathan, P. Jagadeesan, A. Jain, P. Jain, V.B. Jhansi, S. Kawakami, H. Kojima, S. Mahapatra, P.K. Mohanty, S.D. Morris, Y. Muraki, P.K. Nayak, A. Oshima, D. Pattanaik, P.S. Rakshe, K. Ramesh, B.S. Rao, L.V. Reddy, S. Sharma, S. Shibata, K. Tanaka and M. Zuberi
Measurement of the energy spectrum of ultra-high energy cosmic rays using the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)450 pdf V. Verzi
Low Surface Brightness Optical Emission as a Probe of Cosmic Ray Reservoirs
PoS(ICRC2019)451 pdf T. Vestrand and L. Parker
Testing Hadronic Interactions Using Hybrid Observables
PoS(ICRC2019)452 pdf J. Vicha, A. Yushkov, D. Nosek, P. Travnicek and E. Santos
Invisible Energy from KASCADE Data
PoS(ICRC2019)453 pdf J. Vicha, P. Travnicek, D. Nosek, V. Novotny and J. Ebr
A Method for Cloud Mapping in the Field of View of the Infra-Red Camera During the EUSO-SPB1 Flight
PoS(ICRC2019)454 pdf A. Bruno, A. Anzalone and C.F. Vigorito
WRF (Weather Research and Forecasting) model and radiative methods for cloud top height retrieval along the EUSO-SPB1 trajectory
PoS(ICRC2019)455 pdf S. Monte, C.F. Vigorito, M.E. Bertaina, S. Ferrarese, K. Shinozaki and S. Briz
Machine Learning Approach for Air Shower Recognition in EUSO-SPB Data
PoS(ICRC2019)456 pdf M. Vrábel, J. Genci, P. Bobik and F. Bisconti
A size and age dependence study of shower front curvature with GRAPES-3 array.
PoS(ICRC2019)457 pdf B.J. Vuta, S. Ahmad, A. Chandra, S.K. Dugad, S.K. Gupta, B. Hariharan, Y. Hayashi, P. Jagadeesan, A. Jain, S. Kawakami, H. Kojima, P.K. Mohanty, S.D. Morris, P.K. Nayak, A. Oshima, B.S. Rao, L.V. Reddy, S. Shibata and M. Zuberi
The Optical Performance of LHAASO Wide Field Cherenkov Telescope
PoS(ICRC2019)458 file missing C. Wang
Optical parameters measurement for LHAASO-MD
PoS(ICRC2019)459 file missing H. Wang
Leak test for liners of muon detectors of LHAASO
PoS(ICRC2019)460 pdf L. Wang
Particle Reacceleration at Non-relativistic Shocks
PoS(ICRC2019)461 file missing Q. Wang
Status, Calibration, and Cosmic Ray Detection of ARIANNA-HCR Station
PoS(ICRC2019)462 pdf S.H. Wang
The Energy Calibration Using the Moon Shadow of LHAASO-WCDA Detector
PoS(ICRC2019)463 pdf Y. Wang and M.Z.Z.C. Xin Zhang
Performance monitoring of electromagnetic particle detectors in LHAASO
PoS(ICRC2019)464 file missing Z. Wang
Seasonal Variation of Atmospheric Neutrinos in IceCube
PoS(ICRC2019)465 pdf T.I.C.F.c.l. see PoS(ICRC2019) 1177), P. Heix, S. Tilav, C. Wiebusch and M. Zöcklein
The Extreme Universe Space Observatory on a Super-Pressure Balloon II Mission
PoS(ICRC2019)466 pdf L. Wiencke
Study of the phenomenology of the hadronic interactions in the reconstruction of extensive air showers
PoS(ICRC2019)467 pdf R. Wiklich Sobrinho and M.A.L. de Oliveira
Modification of the Energy Spectrum of UHECR by the Galactic Magnetic Field for Anisotropic Arrival Directions
PoS(ICRC2019)468 pdf T. Winchen and B. Eichmann
Search for magnetically-induced signatures in the arrival directions of ultra-high energy cosmic rays measured by the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)469 pdf M. Wirtz
Contracting Alignment Patterns in the arrival directions of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays induced in the Galactic Magnetic Field
PoS(ICRC2019)470 pdf M. Wirtz and M. Erdmann
The expectation of LHAASO sensitivity on the cosmic-ray electron
PoS(ICRC2019)471 pdf S. Wu, S. Chen, H. He, S. Lin and Y. Nan
Study on the muon lateral distribution based on the first stage of LHAASO-KM2A
PoS(ICRC2019)472 pdf G. Xin, Y. Zhang, Y.L. Feng, S. Zhao, Y.Y. Guo, G. Xiao, C. Li, X. Zuo, L.Y. Wang and N. Cheng
MICROSCOPE: A small radio-antenna based observatory for the accurate study of the microscopic structure of Extended Air Showers
PoS(ICRC2019)473 file missing J. Xuna
Cloud monitoring system by Visible-light Fisheye CCD for the Telescope Array
PoS(ICRC2019)474 pdf K. Yamazaki
The performance of LED calibration system for Cherenkov telescope of LHAASO
PoS(ICRC2019)475 pdf M. Yang
Search for diffuse γ -ray emission from galactic plane with YangBaJing Hybrid Array
PoS(ICRC2019)476 pdf Y. Yao, J. He, Y. Guo, Y. Zhang, C. Liu, T. Chen and H. Hu
Optimization of liquid scintillator composition for fast light output
PoS(ICRC2019)477 file missing A. Yeltokov
The MVA for pure proton and mixed H&He samples selection in hybrid measurement of cosmic ray showers with LHAASO experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)478 pdf L. Yin
PoS(ICRC2019)479 file missing Q.Q. Yin
The Cosmic Ray Spectrum of Light Component above 10TeV Measured by LHAASO Experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)480 pdf Z. You, Z. Cao, L. Ma, S. Zhang, L. Yin, M. Yang and Y. Zhang
Characterization of the photomultiplier tube for the LHAASO electromagnetic particle detectors
PoS(ICRC2019)481 pdf Y. Yu, H. Lv, D. Liu, X. Sheng and C. Feng
Mass Composition of Cosmic Rays with Energies above 10$^{17.2}$ eV from the Hybrid Data of the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)482 pdf A. Yushkov
Modeling the Saturation of the Bell Instability Using Hybrid Simulations
PoS(ICRC2019)483 pdf G. Zacharegkas, D. Caprioli and C. Haggerty
A charge calibration method for the LHAASO-WCDA dynamic range expansion system
PoS(ICRC2019)484 pdf Z. Zeng
Image analyses of EAS produced onto a mirror telescope
PoS(ICRC2019)485 file missing A. Zenon
Intensities of diffuse EAS incoming on Chacaltaya Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)486 file missing A. Zenon
Hadronic interactions and EAS muon multiplicity investigated with the new Tibet hybrid experimental muon data
PoS(ICRC2019)487 pdf L. Zhai
Large-scale Cosmic Ray Anisotropy with Tibet air shower array
PoS(ICRC2019)488 pdf Y. Zhang
Properties and Performance of SiPM based Cherenkov Telescope for LHAASO
PoS(ICRC2019)489 pdf S. Zhang, M. Yang, Z. Cao, Y. Zhang, L. Ma, L. Yin, Z. You, M. Ge, L. Zhang, R. Lu, R. Zhou, C. Yang, T. Montaruli, D.D. Volpe, M. Heller and L. Collaboration
Batch Measurement of Attenuation Length of Wavelength-shifting Fibers for LHAASO Electromagnetic Detectors
PoS(ICRC2019)490 pdf X. Zhang, C. Hou and X. Sheng
Test of hadronic interaction models in the forward region from 10 TeV to 1 PeV with the new Tibet EAS core data
PoS(ICRC2019)491 pdf Y. Zhang
Study of the sharp "knee" phenomenon of cosmic ray spectrum by using newly upgraded Tibet ASγ experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)492 pdf Y. Zhang, J. Huang, D. Chen, L.M. Zhai, X. Chen, Y.H. Lin, J.H. Fang and Y. Nakamura
The Anisotropy of CRs Observed by YBJ-HA Experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)493 pdf Y. Guo, S. Zhao, Y. Zhang, Y. Feng, Y. Yao, J. He, Y. Guo, C. Liu and H. Hu
Anisotropy in the mass composition from the Telescope Array Surface Detector data
PoS(ICRC2019)494 pdf Y. Zhezher, G. Rubtsov, P. Sokolsky and S. Troitsky
The effect of near-earth thunderstorm electric field on the intensity of the shower events detected by ARGO-YBJ
PoS(ICRC2019)495 pdf attachments K. Axi, X. Zhou, B. Zhao, D. Huang and H. Jia
The effect study of thunderstorm electric field on the lateral distribution of positrons and electrons at YBJ
PoS(ICRC2019)496 pdf K. Axi, X. Zhou, B. Zhao and D. Huang
Extinction Coefficient from Atmospheric Aerosols over LHAASO
PoS(ICRC2019)497 pdf X. Li, Q.H. Chen, H. Liu, Y. He, H.Y. Jia, F. Zhu, N. Xie and W. Long
The Performance of the Laser Systems in the Calibration System of LHAASO-WFCTA
PoS(ICRC2019)498 pdf N. Xie, H. Liu, Y. Hu, W. Long, H. Jia, F. Zhu and Q. Chen
Calibration of Photomultiplier Tube in WFCTA prototype of LHAASO
PoS(ICRC2019)499 file missing F. Zhu
Cosmic rays and nonthermal radiation from accreting flows in clusters of galaxies
PoS(ICRC2019)500 file missing V.N. Zarikashvili
Investigating the properties of ultra-high energy cosmic ray sources
PoS(ICRC2019)501 file missing V.N. Zarikashvili
Simulation of atmospheric pressure effects on particle densities measured by GRAPES-3
PoS(ICRC2019)502 pdf M. Zuberi, S. Ahmad, M. Chakraborty, A. Chandra, S.R. Dugad, S.K. Gupta, B. Hariharan, Y. Hayashi, P. Jagadeesan, A. Jain, P. Jain, V.B. Jhansi, S. Kawakami, H. Kojima, S. Mahapatra, P.K. Mohanty, S.D. Morris, Y. Muraki, P.K. Nayak, A. Oshima, D. Pattanaik, P.S. Rakshe, K. Ramesh, B.S. Rao, L.V. Reddy, S. Sharma, S. Shibata, K. Tanaka and F. Varsi
Performance and calibration of LHAASO-MD unit detector
PoS(ICRC2019)503 file missing X. Zuo
The anisotropy of cosmic rays observed by the Tibet air shower array and muon detector array
PoS(ICRC2019)1180 file missing Y. Nakamura
Estimation of solar disk gamma-ray emission based on Geant4
PoS(ICRC2019)1182 pdf Z. Li, S. Chen, Y. Nan, H. He and C. Li
Anomalously behavior of CR barometric effect deep underground: possible influence of EAS muons
PoS(ICRC2019)1186 pdf L. Dorman and V. Yanke
DM - Dark Matter
ALP-photon Mixing in Pulsar Magnetospheres
PoS(ICRC2019)504 pdf A. Archer and J. Buckley
Search for Dark Matter Signals Toward the Irregular Dwarf Galaxy WLM with H.E.S.S.
PoS(ICRC2019)505 pdf C. Armand, V. Poireau, E. Moulin and L. Rinchiuso
Dark Matter Searches with the IceCube Upgrade
PoS(ICRC2019)506 pdf S. Baur
Recent Results from the Dark Matter Search of DAMIC-100 at SNOLAB
PoS(ICRC2019)507 file missing D. Baxter
Searching for ultra-faint galaxies in three years of data from the Dark Energy Survey
PoS(ICRC2019)508 file missing K. Bechtol
Perspective on dark matter annihilation limits from the LHAASO gamma-ray observation of dwarf Spheroidal galaxies
PoS(ICRC2019)509 pdf X. Bi, S.J. Lin and P.F. Yin
Two-zone Diffusion of Electrons and Positrons from Geminga Explains the Positron Anomaly
PoS(ICRC2019)510 file missing X. Bi
Constraints on Decaying Dark Matter from the Isotropic Gamma-Ray Background
PoS(ICRC2019)511 file missing C. Blanco
Voyager Probing Dark Matter
PoS(ICRC2019)512 pdf M. Boudaud
Galactic magnetic fields in the context of dark matter. Influence on the rotation curves of spiral galaxies.
PoS(ICRC2019)513 pdf L. Bratek and J. Jalocha
Potential Dark Matter Signals at Neutrino Telescopes
PoS(ICRC2019)514 pdf M. Chianese
Differentiable probabilistic programming for strong gravitational lensing
PoS(ICRC2019)515 pdf M. Chianese
Setting Upper Limits on the Local Burst Rate Density of Primordial Black Holes Using HAWC
PoS(ICRC2019)516 pdf K. Engel, A. Peisker, P. Harding, J. Wood, I. Martinez-Castellanos, A. Albert and K. Tollefson
Search for dark photons as candidates for Dark Matter with FUNK
PoS(ICRC2019)517 pdf A. Andrianavalomahefa, K. Daumiller, R. Engel, B. Döbrich, J. Jaeckel, M. Kowalski, A. Lindner, H.J. Mathes, J. Redondo, M. Roth, T. Schwetz, C.M. Schäfer, R. Ulrich and D. Veberic
Unidentified Fermi Objects in the view of H.E.S.S. - Possible Dark Matter Clumps
PoS(ICRC2019)518 pdf D. Glawion, D. Malyshev, E. Moulin, L. Oakes, L. Rinchiuso, A. Viana and H.E.S.S. Collaboration
Sensitivity of the ANTARES neutrino telescope for secluded dark matter searches
PoS(ICRC2019)519 pdf S.R. Gozzini, C. Lagunas, F. Sala and J.d.D. Zornoza Gómez
Constraints on cross section and lifetime of dark matter with HAWC Observations of dwarf Irregular galaxies
PoS(ICRC2019)520 pdf S. Hernández Cadena, V. Gammaldi, J. Serna Franco, R. Alfaro Molina, E. Karukes and P. Salucci
Status of the Galactic Center Gamma-Ray and Cosmic-Ray Antiproton Excesses
PoS(ICRC2019)521 file missing D. Hooper
Combined Search for Neutrinos from Dark Matter Annihilation in the Galactic Centre using ANTARES and IceCube
PoS(ICRC2019)522 pdf N. Iovine, J.A. Aguilar Sanchez, S. Baur, S.R. Gozzini and J.d.D. Zornoza Gómez
The BSUIN project
PoS(ICRC2019)523 pdf K. Jędrzejczak, Z. Debicki, M. Kasztelan, W. Marszal, J. Orzechowski, M. Przybylak, P. Tokarski, P. Jalas, V. Isoherranen, J. Joutsenvaara, E.r. Niinikoski, R. Heikkila, H. Ahola, P. Aro, T. Vuorela, J. Kisiel, K. Karpa, K. Szkilniarz, M. Laaksoharju, M. Ohlsson, W. Pytel, D. Horner, H. Mischo, R. Giese, K. Jaksch, V. Mockus, T. Valys, V. Gostilo, V. Shekov, A. Stepanov and V.K.A. Paat
Recent results from the DM-Ice17 and COSINE-100 experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)524 file missing J. Jo
Study for Moving Nuclearites and Interstellar Meteoroids using High Sensitivity CMOS Camera
PoS(ICRC2019)525 pdf F. Kajino, I. Ide, R. Ide, Y. Tameda, K. Shinozaki, M.E. Bertaina, A. Cellino, M. Casolino, T. Ebisuzaki, Y. Takizawa, L. Piotrowski, H. Sagawa and J.N. Matthews
Search for dark matter induced neutrinos from the galactic center and halo with the ORCA detector
PoS(ICRC2019)526 file missing M. Kunhikannan Kannichankandy
Search for Dark Matter Annihilation to Neutrinos from the Sun
PoS(ICRC2019)527 pdf A. Kheirandish, C. Arguelles, J. Lazar and Q. Liu
Dark Matter Searches with HAWC
PoS(ICRC2019)528 pdf J. Lundeen and J.P. Harding
A Search For Dark Matter Signals in the Galactic Halo with HAWC
PoS(ICRC2019)529 pdf J. Lundeen
Spectral modulation of Galactic pulsars in the realm of photon-ALPs mixing.
PoS(ICRC2019)530 file missing J. Majumdar
Search for dark matter signatures in the cosmic-ray electron and positron spectrum measured by the Fermi Large Area Telescope
PoS(ICRC2019)531 pdf M.N. Mazziotta, A. Cuoco, P. De La Torre Luque, F. Loparco and D. Serini
Status of the DAMIC-M dark matter search experiment.
PoS(ICRC2019)532 file missing P. Mitra
Interpretation of the CALET Electron+Positron Spectrum concerning Dark Matter Signatures
PoS(ICRC2019)533 pdf H. Motz, Y. Asaoka and S. Bhattacharyya
Search for dark matter with the H.E.S.S. Inner Galaxy Survey
PoS(ICRC2019)534 file missing E. Moulin
Event reconstruction performance with the GAPS experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)535 pdf R. Munini, M. Boezio, P. von Doetinchem, N. Marcelli, A. Stoessl and E. Vannuccini
Dark Matter Searches from the Sun with the KM3NeT-ORCA detector
PoS(ICRC2019)536 pdf S. Navas, D. López-Coto, J.D. Zornoza and on behalf of the KM3NeT Collaboration
Reverse Direct Detection: Cosmic Ray Scattering With Light Dark Matter
PoS(ICRC2019)537 file missing K.C.Y. Ng
Searching for Dark Matter decay signals in the Galactic halo with the MAGIC telescopes
PoS(ICRC2019)538 pdf D. Ninci, T. Inada, J. Rico, D. Kerszberg, M. Doro, S. Lombardi, C. Maggio, M. Hütten and M.V. Acosta
Combined Dark Matter Searches Towards Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies with Fermi-LAT, HAWC, HESS, MAGIC and VERITAS
PoS(ICRC2019)539 file missing L. Oakes
Limits on the flux of heavy stable macro particles from the Pi of the Sky project
PoS(ICRC2019)540 file missing L. Piotrowski
Search for dark matter annihilation in the center of the Earth with 8 years of IceCube data
PoS(ICRC2019)541 pdf G. Renzi
Dark Matter Search with H.E.S.S. Towards Ultra-faint Dwarf Nearby DES Satellites of the Milky Way
PoS(ICRC2019)542 pdf L. Rinchiuso, E. Moulin, C. Armand and V. Poireau
Hunting for Heavy Dark Matter in the Galactic Center with Ground-based Cherenkov Telescopes
PoS(ICRC2019)543 pdf L. Rinchiuso, N.L. Rodd, E. Moulin and T. Slatyer
Constraints on dark matter scattering with long-lived mediators using gamma-rays from the Sun
PoS(ICRC2019)544 pdf D. Serini, F. Loparco and M.N. Mazziotta
Search for nuclearites by the satellite-based TUS air fluorescence detector
PoS(ICRC2019)545 pdf K. Shinozaki, A. Montanaro, M.E. Bertaina, F. Fenu, S. Ferrarese,, P. Klimov, S. Sharakin, M. Zotov, A. Cellino, A. Castellina, A. Anzalone, R. Caruso and F. Isgró
New Venues in Formation and Detection of Primordial Black Hole Dark Matter
PoS(ICRC2019)546 pdf V. Takhistov
Search for nuclearites with the ANTARES neutrino telescope
PoS(ICRC2019)547 file missing Y. Tayalati
The search for dark matter with metastable mediators with the IceCube observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)548 pdf C. Tönnis
Improved Theoretical Predictions for Indirect Dark Matter Detection with Next-generation Gamma-ray Telescopes
PoS(ICRC2019)549 file missing M. Vollmann
Status of cosmic-ray antinuclei searches
PoS(ICRC2019)550 pdf P. von Doetinchem
Searching for Dark Matter Decay Signature within the Virgo Cluster with HAWC
PoS(ICRC2019)551 file missing T. Yapici
Searches for dark matter with the ANTARES and KM3NeT neutrino telescopes
PoS(ICRC2019)552 pdf S.R. Gozzini and J.d.D. Zornoza Gómez
GRD - Gamma Ray Direct
Search for Gamma-ray Counterparts of Newly Discovered Radio Astrophysical Sources
PoS(ICRC2019)553 pdf J. Bazo Alba and S. Best
Study of the Variable Broadband Emission of Markarian 501 during the Most Extreme Swift X-ray Activity
PoS(ICRC2019)554 pdf J. Becerra Gonzalez, D. Paneque, C. Wendel, F. Tavecchio, K. Noda, K. Ishio and J. Sitarek
High-energy emission from GRBs: 10 years with Fermi-LAT
PoS(ICRC2019)555 pdf E. Bissaldi
Bridging the Thermal and Non-Thermal Emission of Gamma-Ray Sources
PoS(ICRC2019)556 file missing E. Bottacini
CALET Upper Limits on GeV-energy Gamma-Ray Burst Emission
PoS(ICRC2019)557 pdf N.W. Cannady
Developing Silicon Pixel Detectors for Gamma-ray and Cosmic-ray Astrophysics
PoS(ICRC2019)558 file missing R. Caputo
Radiative Signatures of Relativistic Reconnection in Blazar Jets
PoS(ICRC2019)559 file missing I. Christie
Shell like Supernova Remnants Observed with Fermi-LAT
PoS(ICRC2019)560 pdf F. de Palma, C. Clark and L. Di Venere
Identifying the location and mechanism behind blazar emissions via first principle integrated radiative transfer
PoS(ICRC2019)561 file missing L. Dong
A new approach to study the 511 keV emission from positron annihilation in the Milky Way galaxy
PoS(ICRC2019)562 file missing M. Errando
Redshift of the Blazar KUV 00311-1938: Modeling the EBL Absorption
PoS(ICRC2019)563 pdf M. Fernandez Alonso
Gamma-ray Spectral and Morphological study of HESS J1912+101 observed by MAGIC and Fermi-LAT
PoS(ICRC2019)564 pdf D. Green, T. Nagayoshi and F. dePalma
Subsystem Development for the All-Sky Medium Energy Gamma-ray Observatory (AMEGO) prototype
PoS(ICRC2019)565 pdf S. Griffin
Characterizing Gamma-ray Variability in the Crab Nebula
PoS(ICRC2019)566 file missing E.A. Hays
Boresight Alignment with DAMPE
PoS(ICRC2019)567 pdf W. Jiang, X. Li, K. Duan, J. Zang and S. Lei
Cosmic Rays in the Orion-Eridanus Superbubble
PoS(ICRC2019)568 pdf T. Joubaud, I. Grenier and J.M. Casandjian
Simulating an X-ray Polarimeter Gas Pixel Detector
PoS(ICRC2019)569 pdf attachments A. Jung
Fermi-LAT Observations of Gamma-Ray Emission Towards the Outer Halo of M31
PoS(ICRC2019)570 pdf C. Karwin, S. Murgia, S. Campbell and I. Moskalenko
Gamma-ray burst observations with the CALET Gamma-ray Burst Monitor
PoS(ICRC2019)571 pdf Y. Kawakubo
POLAR-2: The First Large Scale Gamma-ray Polarimeter
PoS(ICRC2019)572 pdf M. Kole
Search for High-redshift Blazars with Fermi/LAT
PoS(ICRC2019)573 pdf M. Kreter, M. Kadler, F. Krauss, S. Buson, R. Ojha, J. Wilms and M. Böttcher
A Continuous jet Leptonic model for Blazars SED
PoS(ICRC2019)574 file missing N. Kumar
Recent Gamma-ray Results from DAMPE
PoS(ICRC2019)576 pdf X. Li, K. Duan, W. Jiang, Z. Shen and M. Munoz Salinas
High Energy Persistent Pulsars Monitoring with POLAR
PoS(ICRC2019)577 file missing H. Li
The GECAM Mission and its Science Operations
PoS(ICRC2019)578 file missing X. Ma
All-Sky-ASTROGAM: a MeV Companion for Multimessenger Astrophysics
PoS(ICRC2019)579 pdf M. Mallamaci, A. De Angelis, V. Tatischeff, R. Rando, M. Tavani, U. Oberlack, R. Walter, G. Ambrosi, A. Argan, P. von Balmoos, D. Bastieri, E. Bernardini, S. Brandt, A. Bulgarelli, A. Bykov, V. Fioretti, I.A. Grenier, L. Hanlon, D. Hartmann, M. Hernanz, G. Kanbach, I. Kuvvetli, P. Laurent, M. Mariotti, M.N. Mazziotta, J. Mc Enery, S. Mereghetti, A. Morselli, K. Nakazawa, M. Pearce, E. Prandini, J. Rico, R. Curado da Silva, X. Wu, A. Zdziarski and A. Zoglauer
Detection of a gamma-ray halo around Geminga with the Fermi-LAT and implications for the positron flux
PoS(ICRC2019)580 pdf S. Manconi, M. Di Mauro and F. Donato
Probing the gamma-ray source populations with photon count statistics and anisotropies
PoS(ICRC2019)581 pdf S. Manconi, F. Donato, N. Fornengo, M. Korsmeier and M. Regis
Efficient particle acceleration from HESS J1640-465 and the PeVatron candidate HESS J1641-463
PoS(ICRC2019)582 pdf A. Mares, M.H. Grondin and M. Lemoine-Goumard
All-Sky Medium Energy Gamma-ray Observatory (AMEGO)
PoS(ICRC2019)583 pdf A. Moiseev
Modular Position-sensitive High-resolution Calorimeter for Use in Space Gamma-ray Instruments Based on Virtual Frisch-grid CdZnTe Detectors
PoS(ICRC2019)584 pdf E.A. Hays, A. Bolotnikov, C. Kierans, A. Moiseev and D. Thompson
New Mission Concept: Investigation of the Galactic Center with GalacticCenterExplorer (GalCenEx)
PoS(ICRC2019)585 pdf A. Moiseev
High-Energy Gamma-ray Observations Using the CALorimetric Electron Telescope (CALET) on the ISS
PoS(ICRC2019)586 pdf M. Mori, Y. Asaoka and C. Collaboration
Gamma-ray Pulsars with DAMPE
PoS(ICRC2019)587 pdf M. Munoz Salinas, X. Wu, F. Gargano, K.K. Duan and Z.Q. Shen
The Surprising Gamma Ray emission from the Sun
PoS(ICRC2019)588 file missing K.C.Y. Ng
A Consistent Model of the Interstellar Gamma-Ray Emission to Interpret Fermi LAT Observations of Diffuse Emissions
PoS(ICRC2019)589 pdf E. Orlando
Cosmic Rays and the Interstellar Medium with the All-Sky Medium Energy Gamma-ray Observatory (AMEGO)
PoS(ICRC2019)590 pdf E. Orlando, I. Grenier", V. Tatischeff", A. Bykov", A. Strong", L. Tibaldo" and A. Team
Systematic search for gamma-ray periodicity in Fermi-LAT blazars
PoS(ICRC2019)591 file missing P. Peñil
Particle acceleration at, and gamma-ray emission from supernova remnants in chemically enriched media
PoS(ICRC2019)592 pdf M. Pohl, M. Bhatt, A. Fedynitch, I. Sushch, R. Brose, S. Das and D. Meyer
UV Transient Luminous Events observed with a terrestrial pinhole
PoS(ICRC2019)593 pdf E. Ponce
High-Energy Gamma Rays from the Milky Way: Time-Dependent Modelling of Cosmic Ray Propagation and Non-Thermal Emissions with the GALPROP Code
PoS(ICRC2019)594 pdf T. Porter, G. Johannesson and I. Moskalenko
Energy-dependent morphology of the pulsar wind nebula HESS J1825-137 seen by the Fermi-LAT
PoS(ICRC2019)595 pdf G. Principe, A. Mitchell, J. Hinton, D. Parson, S. Caroff, J. Hahn and S. Funk
Gamma-ray Imaging Performance of Nuclear Emulsion Telescope in GRAINE-2018 Balloon Experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)596 pdf H. Rokujo
Constraining GRBs Pseudo-redshifts Using Different Empirical Correlations
PoS(ICRC2019)597 pdf J.R. Sacahui Reyes, M.A. Morales and M.M. Gonzalez
POSyTIVE - a GRB population study for the Cherenkov Telescope Array
PoS(ICRC2019)598 pdf M.G. Bernardini, E. Bissaldi, Z. Bosnjak, A. Carosi, P. D'Avanzo, T. Di Girolamo, S. Inoue, T. Gasparetto,, G. Ghirlanda, F. Longo, A. Melandri, L. Nava,, P. O'Brien, I. Sadeh, F. Schüssler,, T. Stolarczyk,, S. Vergani, and C.F. Vigorito
Search for a gamma-ray line feature with DAMPE
PoS(ICRC2019)601 pdf Z. Shen, Y.F. Liang, K.K. Duan, X. Li and Y.Z. Fan
Results form the long-term Fermi-LAT observations of the white dwarf binary pulsar AR Scorpii
PoS(ICRC2019)602 pdf K.K. Singh, Q. Kaplan, P. Meintjes, F.A. Ramamonjisoa, H.J.v. Heerden and I.P.v.D. Westhuizen
Intrinsic GeV-TeV gamma-ray emission from EHSP blazars
PoS(ICRC2019)603 pdf K.K. Singh, P. Meintjes, N. Bhatt and B. vanSoelen
BurstCube: Mission Concept, Performance, and Status
PoS(ICRC2019)604 pdf J.R. Smith
Overview of the POLAR mission
PoS(ICRC2019)605 pdf J. Sun
Very-high-energy GRB events in novel Fermi-LAT photon data and their emission mechanism
PoS(ICRC2019)606 pdf M. Takahashi
GRAINE project and first results on 2018 balloon-borne experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)607 pdf S. Takahashi
The Micro Astrophysical MeV Background Observatory (MAMBO)
PoS(ICRC2019)608 pdf T. Vestrand
? Carinae: particle acceleration and multi-messenger aspects
PoS(ICRC2019)609 pdf R. Walter and M. Balbo
Localization of Gamma-Ray Bursts Using the polarimeter POLAR
PoS(ICRC2019)611 file missing B. Wu
Neutrino Astrophysics and AMEGO
PoS(ICRC2019)612 file missing H. Zhang
Probing the Acceleration of Ultra-high-energy Cosmic Rays in Blazar Jets Through Multi-Wavelength Polarimetry and Neutrino Observations
PoS(ICRC2019)613 file missing H. Zhang
study of the localization ability with SVOW/GRM instrument
PoS(ICRC2019)614 file missing J. Zhang
Multi messengers to gamma-ray XRB
PoS(ICRC2019)615 file missing S. Zhang
GRI - Gamma Ray Indirect
Search for very high energy (E > 100 GeV) Emission from Geminga supernova by VERITAS
PoS(ICRC2019)616 pdf A. Abeysekara
Calibration and operation of SiPM-based cameras for gamma-ray astronomy in presence of high night-sky light
PoS(ICRC2019)617 pdf C.M. Alispach, I. Al Samarai, M. Balbo, A.M. Barbano, V. Beshley, A. Biland, J. Blazek, J. Błocki, J. Borkowski, T. Bulik, F.R. Cadoux, L. Chytka, V. Coco, N. De Angelis, D. Della Volpe, Y. Favre, T. Gieras, M. Grudzińska, P. Hamal, M. Heller, M. Hrabovsky, J. Jurysek, J. Kasperek, K. Koncewicz, A. Kotarba, É. Lyard, E. Mach, D. Mandat, S. Michal, J. Michałowski, R. Moderski, T. Montaruli, A. Nagai, D. Neise, J. Niemiec, T.R. Njoh Ekoume, M. Ostrowski, M. Palatka, P. Paśko, M. Pech, B. Pilszyk, H. Przybilski, P. Rajda, Y. Renier, P. Rozwadowski, P. Schovanek, K. Seweryn, V. Sliusar, D. Smakulska, D. Sobczyńska, Ł. Stawarz, J. Świerblewski, P. Świerk, P. Travnicek, I. Troyano Pujadas, R. Walter, M. Wiecek, A. Zagdański and K. Ziȩtara
Cherenkov Telescope Array potential in the search for Galactic PeVatrons
PoS(ICRC2019)618 pdf E.O. Angüner, F. Cassol, H. Costantini, C. Trichard and G. Verna
Exploring the nature of 2HWC J2006+341 with HAWC Fermi LAT data
PoS(ICRC2019)619 pdf M. Araya and on behalf of the HAWC Collaboration
Studying the Extreme Behaviour of 1ES 2344+51.4
PoS(ICRC2019)620 pdf A. Arbet-Engels, M. Manganaro, D. Dorner, M. Cerruti, V.F. Ramazani, V. Sliusar, A.V. Filippenko, T. Hovatta, V.M. Larionov, J.A. Acosta-Pulido, C.M. Raiteri and W. Zheng
Performance optimization of the air shower simulation code for the Cherenkov Telescope Array
PoS(ICRC2019)621 file missing L. Arrabito
Monitoring radio galaxies at TeV energies with HAWC
PoS(ICRC2019)622 pdf D. Avila, R. Alfaro, N. Fraija and M.M. González
Studying Cosmic-ray Interactions in Giant Molecular Clouds with the HAWC Gamma-Ray Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)623 pdf H. Ayala
Unravelling the complex behavior of Mrk421 with simultaneous X-ray and VHE observations during an extreme flaring activity in April 2013
PoS(ICRC2019)624 pdf A. Babic, T. Hassan, D. Paneque, M. Balokovic, J. Finke and M. Petropoulou
A Condition Monitoring Concept Studied at the MST Prototype for the Cherenkov Telescope Array
PoS(ICRC2019)626 pdf V. Barbosa Martins, G. Spengler, M. Garczarczyk, U. Schwanke and on behalf of the MST-STR project of the CTA consortium
Cherenkov Telescope Array Science: A multi-wavelength and multi-messenger perspective
PoS(ICRC2019)627 pdf U. Barres de Almeida
Studies of the performance of an array of Cherenkov telescopes by means of multi-objective evolutionary optimisation
PoS(ICRC2019)628 pdf B.F. Souto and U. Barres de Almeida
Study of persistent VHE Gamma-ray Emission Detected with the MAGIC Telescopes from PKS 1510-089, during Low Flux States Detected by Fermi-LAT
PoS(ICRC2019)629 pdf J. Becerra Gonzalez, J. Sitarek, C. Nigro, E. Lindfors, F. Tavecchio and V.F. Ramazani
FACT - Probing the Periodicity of Mrk 421 and Mrk 501
PoS(ICRC2019)630 pdf M. Beck, A. Arbet-Engels, D. Baack, M. Balbo, A. Biland, M. Blank, T. Bretz, K. Bruegge, M. Bulinski, J. Buss, M. Doerr, D. Dorner, D. Elsaesser, D. Hildebrand, R. Iotov, M. Klinger, K. Mannheim, S. Mueller, D. Neise, A. Neronov, M. Noethe, A. Paravac, W. Rhode, B. Schleicher, K. Sedlaczek, A. Shukla, V. Sliusar, L. Tani, F. Theissen, R. Walter and E. von Willert
High Altitude Sites for Astroparticle Observatories in Peru
PoS(ICRC2019)631 pdf J. Bellido, A. Romero-Wolf, R. Perca Gonzales, J. Vega Ramirez, S. Garcia Roca, M. Zamalloa, J. Samanes, L. Otiniano, W. Guevara Day, F. Schüssler and S. Kunwar
Highlights from the VERITAS AGN Observation Program
PoS(ICRC2019)632 pdf W. Benbow
Following up Transient sources at Very High Energies with MAGIC
PoS(ICRC2019)633 pdf A. Berti, E. Bernardini, W. Bhattacharyya, J. Cortina, S. Covino, D. Dorner, E.d.S. Espiñeira, A. Fattorini, L. Foffano, S. Fukami, M. Garczarczyk, J. Hoang, S. Inoue, F. Longo, M. Manganaro, D. Miceli, E. Moretti, K. Noda, M. Peresano, M. Ribó, K. Satalecka, A. Stamerra, Y. Suda and M. Will
Searching for GRBs at VHE with MAGIC: the status before CTA
PoS(ICRC2019)634 pdf A. Berti, L.A. Antonelli, Z. Bosnjak, J. Cortina, S. Covino, V. D'Elia, E.d.S. Espiñeira, S. Fukami, S. Inoue, F. Longo, D. Miceli, E. Moretti, L. Nava, K. Noda, S. Nozaki, M. Peresano, Y. Suda and M. Will
MAGIC observation and broadband characterization of the remarkably bright flares of 1ES 1959+650 in 2016
PoS(ICRC2019)635 pdf W. Bhattacharyya, M. Takahashi, M. Hayashida and on behalf of the Fermi-LAT and MAGIC collaborations
HAWC’s Eye - Implementing hybrid detection at the HAWC Gamma-Ray Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)636 pdf J. Audehm, J. Serna, R. Alfaro, T. Bretz, M.M. González, A. Iriarte, J. Martínez-Castro, Y. Pérez, M. Schaufel, I. Torres and on behalf of the HAWC Collaboration
M@TE - A TeV-monitoring project
PoS(ICRC2019)637 file missing T. Bretz
Towards a Luminosity Function of TeV Gamma-ray Blazars
PoS(ICRC2019)638 pdf A. Brill
Electron Spectrum of the Dragonfly Pulsar Wind Nebula from X-ray to TeV
PoS(ICRC2019)639 pdf C. Brisbois and V. Joshi
First Galactic Survey of Energy-Dependent Diffusion by HAWC
PoS(ICRC2019)640 pdf C. Brisbois and H. Zhou
Towards Open and Reproducible Multi-Instrument Analysis in Gamma-Ray Astronomy
PoS(ICRC2019)641 pdf K. Bruegge, C. Nigro, C. Deil, R. Zanin, T. Hassan, J. King, J.E. Ruiz, L. Saha, R. Terrier, M. Nöthe, R. Bird, T.T.Y. Lin, J. Aleksic, C. Boisson, J.L. Contreras, A. Donath, L. Jouvin, J. Rico, K. Kosack, B. Khelifi, A. Sinha and N. Kelley-Hoskins
The use of machine learning techniques for gamma/hadron separation with HAWC
PoS(ICRC2019)642 file missing T. Capistrán Rojas
A Fiber Optic Based High Voltage System for Stellar Intensity Interferometry Observations
PoS(ICRC2019)643 pdf R. Cardon, N. Matthews, A.U. Abeysekara and D. Kieda
A survey of active galaxies with the HAWC gamma-ray observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)644 pdf A. Carramiñana Alonso, D. Rosa González, S. Coutiño de Leon and A.L. Longinotti
MAGIC studies of the Crab Pulsar and Nebula spectra for energies above 20 GeV
PoS(ICRC2019)645 pdf G. Ceribella, G. D'Amico, F. Dazzi, Y. Iwamura, M. Lopez, J. R. Garcia, T. Saito, T. Schweizer and J. Sitarek
Gamma-rays and neutrinos from TXS 0506+056: interpretation of the 2018/2019 MAGIC and MWL monitoring campaign
PoS(ICRC2019)646 pdf M. Cerruti, E. Bernardini, W. Bhattacharyya, V. Fallah Ramazanı, L. Foffano, S. Inoue, E. Prandini, C. Righi, K. Satalecka, N. Sahakyan and F. Tavecchio
A Northern Sky Survey for 100TeV Gamma-ray Sources Using the Tibet Air Shower Array and Muon Detector Array.
PoS(ICRC2019)647 pdf X. Chen
On the spectrum of gamma-rays ranging from multi TeV to sub PeV emitted from the MGRO J1908+06 observed by the Tibet-AS+MD array
PoS(ICRC2019)648 pdf C. Ding
Night Sky Brightness at Yangbajing Cosmic Ray Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)649 file missing T. Chen
Performance of a wide field-of-view atmospheric Cherenkov telescope prototype based on a refractive lens
PoS(ICRC2019)650 file missing T. Chen
VHE detection and monitoring of the radio galaxy 3C 264
PoS(ICRC2019)651 file missing J. Christiansen
A 3-Dimensional Likelihood analysis method for detecting extended sources in VERITAS
PoS(ICRC2019)652 pdf A. Chromey
Status of the Large Size Telescopes of the Cherenkov Telescope Array
PoS(ICRC2019)653 pdf J. Cortina and C.l. Project
Spectral analysis of the blazars Markarian 421 and Markarian 501 with the HAWC Gamma-Ray Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)654 pdf S. Coutiño de Leon, A.C. Alonso, D. Rosa-Gonzalez and A.L. Longinotti
Exploration of the Potential of the Radio-Detection Technique for the Detection of High-Energy Gamma Rays
PoS(ICRC2019)655 pdf R. Dallier, L. Bondonneau, D. Charrier, A. Coffre, S. Corbel, L. Denis, C. Dumez-Viou, A. Escudie, D. García-Fernàndez, J. Girard, J.M. Grießmeier, L. Koopmans, A. Loh, L. Martin, M. Pandey-Pommier, B. Revenu and P. Zarka
The H.E.S.S. experiment : current status and future prospects
PoS(ICRC2019)656 pdf M. De Naurois
Resolving the kpc jet of Centaurus A in TeV gamma-rays
PoS(ICRC2019)657 pdf M. De Naurois
New stringent LIV limits from astrophysical gamma-ray sources
PoS(ICRC2019)658 pdf H. Martínez-Huerta, V. de Souza and R.G. Lang
Monte Carlo Studies of Combined MAGIC and LST1 Observations
PoS(ICRC2019)659 pdf F. Di Pierro
STACEX: RPC-based detector for a multi-messenger observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)660 pdf G. Di Sciascio, P. Camarri, R. Santonico, M. Cardillo, F. Marchese, G. Piano, M. Tavani, C. Bigongiari, A. Bulgarelli, V. Fioretti and S. Casanova
Time Dependent Modeling of Electron Acceleration and Cooling During Blazar Flares
PoS(ICRC2019)662 pdf A. Dmytriiev, H. Sol and A. Zech
Assessment of the GCT Prototype’s Optical System Implementation and Other Key Performances for the Cherenkov Telescope Array
PoS(ICRC2019)663 pdf A. Dmytriiev, L. Dangeon, G. Fasola, H. Sol, A. Zech, J. Gironnet, O. Le Blanc, J.P. Amans, G. Buchholtz, J.L. Dournaux, F. de Frondat, D. Horville, J.M. Huet, I. Jégouzo, P. Laporte and on behalf of the GCT collaboration and the CTA consortium
The Cherenkov Telescope Array Performance in Divergent Mode
PoS(ICRC2019)664 pdf A. Donini, T. Gasparetto, J. Bregeon, F.D. Pierro, F. Longo, G. Maier, A. Moralejo and T. Vuillaume
FACT - Highlights from more than Seven Years of Unbiased Monitoring at TeV Energies
PoS(ICRC2019)665 pdf D. Dorner, A. Arbet-Engels, D. Baack, M. Balbo, M. Beck, A. Biland, M. Blank, T. Bretz, K. Bruegge, M. Bulinski, J. Buss, M. Doerr, D. Elsaesser, D. Hildebrand, R. Iotov, M. Klinger, K. Mannheim, D. Neise, S.A. Mueller, A. Neronov, M. Noethe, A. Paravac, W. Rhode, B. Schleicher, K. Sedlaczek, A. Shukla, V. Sliusar, L. Tani, F. Theissen, R. Walter and E. von Willert
Toward a Public MAGIC Gamma-Ray Telescope Legacy Data Portal
PoS(ICRC2019)666 pdf M. Doro, C. Nigro, E. Prandini, A. Tramacere, M. Delfino, J. Delgado, E. do Souto, L. Jouvin and J. Rico
Characterization of atmospheric properties at the future sites of the Cherenkov Telescope Array
PoS(ICRC2019)667 pdf J. Ebr, D. Mandat, M. Pech, L. Chytka, J. Jurysek, M. Prouza, P. Janeček, P. Trávníček, J. Blažek, T. Bulik, M. Cieslar, M. Suchenk, V. Rizi, E. Pietropaolo, M. Iarlori, C. Aramo, L. Valore, F. Di Pierro, P. Vallania, D. Depaoli, M. Will, M. Gaug, L. Font, M. Mašek, J. Eliášek, M. Jelinek and S. Karpov
Observations of the FSRQ 3C 279 during the flaring state of 2017 and 2018 with H.E.S.S.
PoS(ICRC2019)668 pdf G. Emery, M. Cerruti, A. Dmytriiev, F. Jankowsky, H. Prokoph, C. Romoli and M. Zacharias
Observations of blazar PKS 2023-07 in flaring state with HESS and Fermi-LAT in 2016-2017 and constraints on an intrinsic cut-off
PoS(ICRC2019)669 pdf G. Emery, F. Jankowsky, J.P. Lenain, J.P. Marais, T. Mbonani, M. Meyer, C. Romoli, B. van Soelen, A. Wierzcholska and M. Zacharias
Possible origin of the Geminga slow-diffusion halo
PoS(ICRC2019)670 pdf K. Fang, X.J. Bi and P.F. Yin
Analysis Methods for Neutrino Follow-up Observations with MAGIC
PoS(ICRC2019)671 pdf A. Fattorini
Prototype Schwarzschild-Couder Telescope for the Cherenkov Telescope Array: Commissioning Status of the Optical System
PoS(ICRC2019)672 pdf Q. Feng, C. Adams, G. Ambrosi, M. Ambrosio, C. Aramo, W. Benbow, B. Bertucci, E. Bissaldi, M. Bitossi, A. Boiano, C. Bonavolontà, R. Bose, A. Brill, M. Caprai, S. Fegan, Q. Feng, E. Fiandrini, A. Gent, N. Giglietto, F. Giordano, R. Halliday, O. Hervet, G. Hughes, M. Ionica, W. Jin, P. Kaaret, D. Kieda, B.T. Kim, F. Licciulli, S. Loporchio, V. Masone, T. Meures, R. Mukherjee, A. Okumura, N. Otte, R. Paoletti, A. Petrashyk, J. Powell, K. Powell, D. Ribeiro, J. Rousselle, A. Rugliancich, M. Santander, R. Shang, B. Stevenson, L. Stiaccini, L. Tosti, V. Vagelli, M. Valentino, J. Vandenbroucke, V. Vassiliev, P. Wilcox, J.H. Buckley, C.E. Covault, L. Di Venere, T.B. Humensky, B.A.W. Mode, F.R. Pantaleo, L.P. Taylor and D.A. Williams
The Cherenkov Telescope Array sensitivity to the transient sky
PoS(ICRC2019)673 pdf V. Fioretti, D. Ribeiro, T.B. Humensky, A. Bulgarelli, G. Maier, A. Moralejo and C. Nigro
A Survey of TeV Emission from Galactic Supernova Remnants with HAWC
PoS(ICRC2019)674 pdf H. Fleischhack
Modeling the non-thermal emission of the gamma Cygni supernova remnant up to the highest energies
PoS(ICRC2019)675 pdf H. Fleischhack
Extreme High-energy Peaked BL Lac Objects and their TeV Gamma-ray Emission: Are They a Homogeneous Population?
PoS(ICRC2019)676 pdf L. Foffano, E. Prandini, A. Franceschini and S. Paiano
Testing Blazar Emission Models on the Extreme Blazar PGC 2402248, Newly Discovered at Very-high-energies with the MAGIC Telescopes
PoS(ICRC2019)677 pdf L. Foffano, J.B. Gonzalez, M. Cerruti, V.F. Ramazani, E. Prandini, F. Tavecchio, K. Asano and F. D'Ammando
Muon Hunter 2.0: efficient crowdsourcing of labels for IACT image analysis
PoS(ICRC2019)678 pdf M. Laraia, D. Wright, H. Dickinson, A. Simenstad, K. Flanagan, S. Serjeant and L. Fortson
Search for very-high-energy photons from Gamma-ray bursts with HAWC
PoS(ICRC2019)679 pdf N. Fraija and M.M. Gonzalez
Deep MAGIC observations of the Galactic Center region
PoS(ICRC2019)680 pdf C. Fruck, I. Vovk, M. Strzys, Y. Iwamura and S. Ventura
Search for very-high-energy emission with HAWC from GW170817 event
PoS(ICRC2019)681 pdf A. Galván, N. Fraija and M.M. González
A 3-year HAWC/Swift monitoring of gamma-ray/X-ray flux and correlations in the BL Lac Mrk 421
PoS(ICRC2019)682 pdf J.A. Garcia-Gonzalez, M.M. González and N. Fraija
Analytical model of Cherenkov photons distribution induced by extensive air showers
PoS(ICRC2019)683 file missing F. Gaté
Using Muon Rings for the Optical Throughput Calibration of the Cherenkov Telescope Array
PoS(ICRC2019)684 pdf M. Gaug, S. Fegan, A. Mitchell, M.C. Maccarone, T. Mineo and A. Okumura
Constraining the Properties of the Interstellar Turbulence around Geminga using HAWC Measurements
PoS(ICRC2019)685 pdf G. Giacinti and R. Lopez-Coto
On the TeV gamma-ray and X-ray correlations exhibited in blazars
PoS(ICRC2019)686 pdf M. Osorio, R. Sacahui, M.M. González, N. Fraija and J.A. García-González
Overview of Results from the HAWC Gamma Ray Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)687 file missing J.A. Goodman
Search for Ultra-high Energy Photons: Observing the Preshower Effect with Gamma-ray Telescopes
PoS(ICRC2019)688 pdf D. Gora, K.A. Cheminant, D.E. Alvarez Castillo, N. Dhital, P. Homola, P. Jagoda, K. Kopanski, M. Kasztelan, P. Kovacs, M. Marek, V. Nazaria, M. Niedzwiecki, K. Smelcerz, K. Smolek, J. Stasielak, O. Sushchov, K. Rzecki, T. Wibig and J. Zamora-Saa
Variability Study of Extreme Blazars with VERITAS
PoS(ICRC2019)689 pdf O. Gueta
The GRB Observation by LHAASO-WCDA
PoS(ICRC2019)690 file missing W. HanRong
Constraints on the Diffuse Gamma-Ray Background with HAWC
PoS(ICRC2019)691 pdf J.P. Harding
Proving the outstanding capabilities of Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes in high time resolution optical astronomy
PoS(ICRC2019)692 pdf T. Hassan and M. Daniel
Status and First Results of the LHAASO Experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)693 pdf H. He
The SST-1M project for the Cherenkov Telescope Array
PoS(ICRC2019)694 pdf M. Heller, I. Al Samarai, C.M. Alispach, M. Balbo, A.M. Barbano, V. Beshley, A. Biland, J. Blazek, J. Błocki, J. Borkowski, T. Bulik, F.R. Cadoux, L. Chytka, V. Coco, N. De Angelis, D. Della Volpe, Y. Favre, T. Gieras, M. Grudzińska, P. Hamal, M. Hrabovsky, J. Jurysek, J. Kasperek, K. Koncewicz, A. Kotarba, É. Lyard, E. Mach, D. Mandat, S. Michal, J. Michalowski, R. Moderski, T. Montaruli, A. Nagai, D. Neise, J. Niemiec, T.R. Njoh Ekoume, M. Ostrowski, M. Palatka, P. Pasko, M. Pech, B. Pilszyk, H. Przybilski, P. Rajda, Y. Renier, P. Rozwadowski, P. Schovanek, K. Seweryn, V. Sliusar, D. Smakulska, D. Sobczyńska, Ł. Stawarz, J. Świerblewski, P. Świerk, P. Travnicek, I. Troyano Pujadas, R. Walter, M. Wiecek, A. Zagdański and K. Zietara
Search for pulsed gamma-ray emission in the 100 TeV region from several pulsars with the Tibet AS+ MD array
PoS(ICRC2019)695 pdf K. Hibino
Multiwavelength observation of MAXI J1820+070 with MAGIC, VERITAS and H.E.S.S.
PoS(ICRC2019)696 pdf J. Hoang, E. Molina, M. Lopez, M. Ribó, O. Blanch, J. Cortina, G. Maier, N. Park, M. De Naurois, E. de Oña Wilhelmi, J.P. Ernenwein, D. Malyshev, A. Mitchell, S. Ohm and R. Zanin
Searching for optical and VHE counterparts of fast radio bursts with MAGIC
PoS(ICRC2019)697 pdf J. Hoang, M. Will, S. Inoue, J.A. Barrio, J. Cortina, M. Lopez, B. Marcote and L.A. Tejedor
VERITAS Observations of Fast Radio Bursts
PoS(ICRC2019)698 pdf J. Holder and R.S. Lynch
Testing the Limits of Particle Acceleration in Cygnus OB2 with HAWC
PoS(ICRC2019)699 pdf B. Hona, H. Fleischhack and P. Huentemeyer
Studies of the time structure of extended air showers for direction reconstruction with the HAWC Outrigger array
PoS(ICRC2019)700 pdf D. Huang
Systematic effects of EBL models on the intrinsic TeV spectra of the two blazars detected by HAWC
PoS(ICRC2019)701 file missing F. Hueyotl Zahuantitla
Disentangling HAWC's sources in complex regions of the galactic plane using dendrograms
PoS(ICRC2019)702 file missing F. Hueyotl Zahuantitla
MAGIC observations of the nearby short GRB 160821B: implications for afterglow physics and gravitational wave follow-up
PoS(ICRC2019)703 pdf S. Inoue, L. Nava, K. Noda, P. Colin, S. Fukami, A. Carosi, A. Berti, M. Palatiello and F. Longo
Modeling of Broadband Spectra and Radial Profiles of Emission of Pulsar Wind Nebulae
PoS(ICRC2019)704 pdf W. Ishizaki
GammaLearn: A Deep Learning Framework for IACT Data
PoS(ICRC2019)705 pdf M. Jacquemont, T. Vuillaume, A. Benoit, G. Maurin, P. Lambert, G. Lamanna and A. Brill
A complementary view of the galactic plane in TeV gamma rays by HAWC and H.E.S.S.
PoS(ICRC2019)706 pdf A. Jardin-Blicq, V. Marandon and F. Brun
Air shower reconstruction using HAWC and the Outrigger array
PoS(ICRC2019)707 pdf V. Joshi and H. Schoorlemmer
Monte Carlo study of single SST-1M prototype for Cherenkov Telescope Array
PoS(ICRC2019)708 pdf J. Jurysek, I. Al Samarai, C.M. Alispach, M. Balbo, A.M. Barbano, V. Beshley, A. Biland, J. Blazek, J. Błocki, J. Borkowski, T. Bulik, F.R. Cadoux, L. Chytka, V. Coco, N. De Angelis, D. Della Volpe, Y. Favre, T. Gieras, M. Grudzińska, P. Hamal, M. Heller, M. Hrabovsky, J. Kasperek, K. Koncewicz, A. Kotarba, E. Lyard, E. Mach, D. Mandat, S. Michal, J. Michalowski, R. Moderski, T. Montaruli, A. Nagai, D. Neise, J. Niemiec, T.R. Njoh Ekoume, M. Ostrowski, M. Palatka, P. Pasko, M. Pech, B. Pilszyk, H. Przybilski, P. Rajda, Y. Renier, P. Rozwadowski, P. Schovanek, K. Seweryn, V. Sliusar, D. Smakulska, D. Sobczyńska, Ł. Stawarz, J. Świerblewski, P. Świerk, P. Travnicek, I. Troyano Pujadas, R. Walter, M. Wiecek, A. Zagdański and K. Zietara
Broadband emission of blazar S5 0716+714 during impressive outbursts
PoS(ICRC2019)709 pdf Y. Kajiwara, M. Manganaro, E. Lindfors, B. Rani, S.G. Jorstad, V.M. Larionov and A. Marscher
Extended Gamma-Ray Emission beyond 10 TeV from Geminga with the Tibet AS+MD Array
PoS(ICRC2019)710 pdf Y. Katayose
Expected Performance of the Prototype Experiment for the ALPACA Experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)711 pdf S. Kato and A. Collaboration
100 TeV Gamma-Ray Observation of the Crab Nebula with the Tibet Air Shower Array
PoS(ICRC2019)712 pdf K. Kawata and T. ASgamma Collaboration
Characterizing the VHE Emission of LS I +61 303 using VERITAS Observations
PoS(ICRC2019)713 pdf D. Kieda
Augmentation of VERITAS Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes for Stellar Intensity Interferometry
PoS(ICRC2019)714 pdf D. Kieda, S. LeBohec and R. Cardon
Highlights from the Observations of the Milky Way with H.E.S.S.
PoS(ICRC2019)715 pdf N. Komin and H.E.S.S. Collaboration
Search for Point-Like Sources in the Large Magellanic Cloud
PoS(ICRC2019)716 pdf N. Komin, M. Haupt and H.E.S.S. Collaboration
ctapipe: A Low-level Data Processing Framework for CTA
PoS(ICRC2019)717 pdf K. Kosack and M. Peresano
Influence of cosmic ray escape on gamma-ray emission from supernova remnants
PoS(ICRC2019)718 file missing L. Ksenofontov
Constraining the evaporation rate of Primordial black holes using archival data from VERITAS
PoS(ICRC2019)719 pdf S. Kumar
Optimization Studies of a Water Cherenkov Detector for Gamma-ray Astronomy
PoS(ICRC2019)720 pdf S. Kunwar, H. Schoorlemmer and J. Hinton
The Sub-TeV transient Gamma-Ray sky: challenges and opportunities
PoS(ICRC2019)721 pdf G. La Mura, P. Assis, A. Blanco, R. Conceição, P. Fonte, L. Lopes, M. Pimenta, B. Tomé, C. Espírito Santo, L. Mendes, M. Ferreira, P. Abreu, P. Brogueira, L.F. Mendes, F. Barão, U. Barres de Almeida, R. Shellard, U. Giaccari, O. Lippmann, B. D’Ettorre Piazzoli, M. Doro, E. Prandini, C. Perennes, G. Matthiae, M. Tavani, R. Santonico, A. De Angelis, R.L. Coto, A. Chiavassa, J. Vicha, P. Travnicek and G. Di Sciascio
Investigating Mildly Relativistic Magnetized Perpendicular Shocks with Kinetic Simulations
PoS(ICRC2019)722 file missing A. Ligorini
The Spectrum of the Crab Nebula and Highest Energy Photons Measured by HAWC
PoS(ICRC2019)723 pdf J. Linnemann, P. Harding, J. Lundeen, S. Marinelli and H. Martínez-Huerta
Gamma Ray Astronomy above 100 TeV
PoS(ICRC2019)724 file missing P. Lipari
The measurement of the energy spectrum of Mrk421 by LHAASO-WCDA: MC study
PoS(ICRC2019)725 pdf J. Liu
Detection of GRBs at High Altitudes with a Prototype Water Cherenkov Detector Using Single-particle Technology
PoS(ICRC2019)726 file missing M. Liu
Detection of the Geminga pulsar with MAGIC
PoS(ICRC2019)728 pdf M. López Moya
The hybrid installation TAIGA: design, status and preliminary results
PoS(ICRC2019)729 pdf attachments N. Lubsandorzhiev, I. Astapov, P. Bezyazeekov, A. Borodin, M. Brueckner, N. Budnev, V. Chernykh, A. Chiavassa, A. Dyachok, O. Fedorov, A. Gafarov, A. Garmash, V. Grebenyuk, O. Gress, T. Gress, A. Grinyuk, O. Grishin, D. Horns, A. Igoshin, A. Ivanova, N. Kalmykov, Y. Kazarina, V. Kindin, P. Kirilenko, S. Kiryuhin, R. Kokoulin, K. Kompaniets, E. Korosteleva, V.V. Kozhin, E. Kravchenko, A. Kryukov, L. Kuzmichev, A. Lagutin, Y. Lemeshev, V. Lenok, B. Lubsandorzhiev, R. Mirgazov, R. Mirzoyan, R. Monkhoev, E. Osipova, A. Pakhorukov, A. Pan, M.I. Panasyuk, L. Pankov, A. Petrukhin, V. Poleschuk, M. Popesku, E. Popova, A. Porelli, E. Postnikov, V. Prosin, V. Ptuskin, A. Pushnin, R. Raikin, G. Rubtsov, E. Ryabov, Y. Sagan, V. Samoliga, A. Silaev, A. Silaev(junior), A. Sidorenkov, A. Skurikhin, V. Slunecka, A. Sokolov, Y. Suvorkin, L. Sveshnikova, V. Tabolenko, B. Tarashchansky, L. Tkachev, M. Tluczykont, A. Tonaev, N. Ushakov, P. Volchugov, D. Voronin, R. Wischnewski, A. Zagorodnikov, D. Zhurov and I. Yashin
The TAIGA-IACT camera: construction, calibration, performance
PoS(ICRC2019)730 file missing N. Lubsandorzhiev
GAMAS - A Generic And Multipurpose Archive System
PoS(ICRC2019)731 pdf E. Lyard, R. Walter, V. Sliusar, D. Neise, A. Biland and P. Fernández
Long-term gamma-ray observations of the binary HESS J0632+057 with H.E.S.S., MAGIC and VERITAS
PoS(ICRC2019)732 pdf G. Maier, O. Blanch, D. Hadasch, N. Komin, M. Lundy, A. López-Oramas, D. Malyshev, J. Moepi, S. Ohm, G. Pühlhofer, R. Prado, S. Schlenstedt, D.F. Torres and B. Zitzer
Performance of the Cherenkov Telescope Array
PoS(ICRC2019)733 pdf G. Maier
First HAWC Spectra of Galactic Gamma-ray Sources Above 100 TeV and the Implications for Cosmic-ray Acceleration
PoS(ICRC2019)734 pdf K. Malone
Study of axion-like particles signals at Imaging Air Cherenkov Telescopes
PoS(ICRC2019)735 pdf R. Malta and M. Leigui
Latest news from the HAWC outrigger array
PoS(ICRC2019)736 pdf V. Marandon, A. Jardin-Blicq and H. Schoorlemmer
Search for very-high energy gamma-ray counterparts of gravitational waves with HAWC
PoS(ICRC2019)737 pdf I. Martinez
Constraints on Lorentz invariance violation using HAWC observations above 100 TeV
PoS(ICRC2019)738 pdf H. Martínez-Huerta, S. Marinelli, J. Linnemann and J. Lundeen
Testing cosmology and fundamental physics with the Cherenkov Telescope Array
PoS(ICRC2019)739 pdf H. Martínez-Huerta, J. Biteau, J. Lefaucheur, M. Meyer, S. Pita and I. Vovk
Astrophysical measurements with the VERITAS Stellar Intensity Interferometer
PoS(ICRC2019)740 pdf N. Matthews
The Cherenkov Telescope Array
PoS(ICRC2019)741 pdf D. Mazin
Upgrading the Prototype Schwarzschild-Couder Telescope Camera to a Wide-Field, High-Resolution Instrument
PoS(ICRC2019)742 pdf T. Meures
Following up GW alerts with MAGIC: the third LIGO/Virgo observation run
PoS(ICRC2019)743 pdf D. Miceli, L.A. Antonelli, J. Becerra Gonzalez, A. Berti, Z. Bosnjak, S. Covino, B. De Lotto, F. Del Puppo, S. Inoue, F. Longo, E. Moretti, L. Nava, B. Patricelli and A. Stamerra
Muon calibration of the ASTRI-Horn telescope: preliminary results
PoS(ICRC2019)744 pdf T. Mineo, M.C. Maccarone, A. Compagnino, M. Capalbi, O. Catalano, G. Contino, D. Impiombato, P. Sangiorgi, S. Garozzo, D. Marano and V. Conforti
First Observation of ~TeV Gamma-Rays from a GRB; Extreme Detection of GRB 190114C with the MAGIC Telescopes
PoS(ICRC2019)745 file missing R. Mirzoyan
Observation of gamma rays from Crab Nebula over 1-100 TeV energy with GRAPES-3.
PoS(ICRC2019)746 file missing R. Moharana
Towards a 3D likelihood analysis in very-high-energy gamma-ray astronomy: the case of H.E.S.S.
PoS(ICRC2019)747 pdf L. Mohrmann, K. Nakashima, A. Specovius, D. Tiziani, S. Funk, C. van Eldik and S. Ohm
Fluorescence Emission from Extensive Air Showers through the Eyes of Cherenkov Telescopes
PoS(ICRC2019)748 file missing D. Morcuende
H.E.S.S. and Fermi-LAT Observations of PSR B1259-63/LS 2883
PoS(ICRC2019)749 pdf T. Murach, P. Bordas, C. Mariaud, C. Romoli and H. Prokoph
Gamma Ray Diffuse Emission from the GalacticPlane with HAWC Data
PoS(ICRC2019)750 pdf A. Nayerhoda, F. Salesa Greusa, S. Casanova, D. Gaggeroc, D. Grasso and A. Marinelli
HAWC Constraints on the EBL
PoS(ICRC2019)751 file missing M. Newbold
CTLearn: Deep Learning for Gamma-ray Astronomy
PoS(ICRC2019)752 pdf D. Nieto Castaño, A. Brill, Q. Feng, T.B. Humensky, B. Kim, T. Miener, R. Mukherjee and J. Sevilla
Studying Deep Convolutional Neural Networks With Hexagonal Lattices for Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescope Event Reconstruction
PoS(ICRC2019)753 pdf D. Nieto Castaño, A. Brill, Q. Feng, M. Jacquemont, B. Kim, T. Miener and T. Vuillaume
Maximum likelihood spectral fitting and its application to EBL constraints
PoS(ICRC2019)754 pdf S. O Brien
VERITAS Observations of 1ES 1218+304 during the 2019 VHE High State
PoS(ICRC2019)755 pdf S. O Brien
Constraining the magnetic field in the EM170817 ejecta with H.E.S.S. observations
PoS(ICRC2019)756 pdf S. Ohm
Performance of the INFN Camera calibration device of the first Large Size Telescope in the Cherenkov Telescope Array
PoS(ICRC2019)757 pdf M. Palatiello, M. Iori, F. Cassol, D. Cauz and F. Ferrarotto
The ASTRI program in the context of the Cherenkov Telescope Array Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)758 file missing G. Pareschi
The Crab Nebula Spectrum at $\sim$100 TeV Measured With MAGIC Under Very Large Zenith Angles
PoS(ICRC2019)759 pdf M. Peresano, R. Mirzoyan, I. Vovk, P. Temnikov, D. Zaric, N. Godinović, J. van Scherpenberg and J. Besenrieder
First hybrid detections with the HAWC Observatory and two compact air-Cherenkov Telescope
PoS(ICRC2019)760 file missing Y. Peréz
Gamma-Ray Burst observation at Very High Energy with H.E.S.S.
PoS(ICRC2019)761 pdf Q. Piel, C. Arcaro, H. Ashkar, E. Bissaldi, M. Böttcher, K. Egberts, A. Carosi, C. Hoischen, M. Holler, P. O’Brien, R. Parsons, H. Prokoph, G. Pühlhofer, G. Rowell, E. Ruiz-Velasco, M. Seglar-Arroyo, S. Wagner and F. Schüssler
Muon tagging on the BEE of CHEC-S - a compact high-energy camera for the Cherenkov Telescope Array
PoS(ICRC2019)762 pdf R. Pillera, G. Giavitto and H. Prokoph
Revisit of non-linear Landau damping for electrostatic instability driven by blazar-induced pair beams
PoS(ICRC2019)763 pdf M. Pohl
TAIGA-HiSCORE - Results from the upgraded 0.5km2 wide-angle Cherenkov timing array
PoS(ICRC2019)764 file missing A. Porelli
Cosmic-ray propagation in light of recent HAWC observations of Pulsar Wind Nebula
PoS(ICRC2019)765 pdf T. Porter, G. Johannesson and I. Moskalenko
Monte Carlo simulation of the hybrid gamma-ray detection approach in the TAIGA experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)766 file missing E. Postnikov
Combined VERITAS and NuSTAR observations of the gamma-ray binary HESS J0632+057
PoS(ICRC2019)767 pdf R.R. Prado, C. Hailey, S. Mandel and K. Mori
MAGIC eyes to the extreme: testing the blazar emission models on EHBLs
PoS(ICRC2019)768 pdf E. Prandini, C. Arcaro, K. Asano, G. Bonnoli, M. Cerruti, F. D'Ammando, V.F. Ramazani, L. Foffano and F. Tavecchio
Prototype operations of atmospheric calibration devices for the Cherenkov Telescope Array
PoS(ICRC2019)769 pdf M. Prouza, J. Ebr, D. Mandat, M. Pech, L. Chytka, J. Jurysek, P. Janeček, P. Trávníček, J. Blažek, M. Gaug, M. Mašek, J. Eliášek and S. Karpov
Measurement of the Extragalactic Background Light with VERITAS
PoS(ICRC2019)770 pdf E. Pueschel
Prospective annual detection rate of high energy gamma ray bursts with LHAASO-WCDA
PoS(ICRC2019)771 pdf B. Qiao, M. Kang, Y. Yao, Y. Guo, H. Hu and Z. Yao
Discovery of the TeV Emission from the Jet Interaction Regions of SS 433 with HAWC
PoS(ICRC2019)772 pdf C.D. Rho, C.D. Rho", H. Zhou" and S. BenZvi
Highlights of Galactic Physics with VERITAS
PoS(ICRC2019)773 pdf G. Richards
Sub-parsec and parsec VHE emission from the core of LLAGNs
PoS(ICRC2019)774 pdf J.C. Rodriguez-Ramirez, E.M. de Gouveia Dal Pino and R. Alves Batista
Deep learning detection of transients
PoS(ICRC2019)775 pdf I. Sadeh
TAIGA observatory: IACT fabrication and tests
PoS(ICRC2019)776 pdf attachments Y. Sagan, I. Astapov, P. Bezyazeekov, A. Borodin, M. Brueckner, N. Budnev, A. Chiavassa, A. Dyachok, O. Fedorov, A. Gafarov, A. Garmash, V. Grebenyuk, O. Gress, T. Gress, A. Grinyuk, O. Grishin, D. Horns, A. Ivanova, N. Kalmykov, Y. Kazarina, V. Kindin, P. Kirilenko, S. Kiryuhin, R. Kokoulin, K. Kompaniets, E. Korosteleva, V.V. Kozhin, E. Kravchenko, M. Kunnas, L. Kuzmichev, Y. Lemeshev, V. Lenok, N. Lubsandorzhiev, B. Lubsandorzhiev, R. Mirgazov, R. Mirzoyan, R. Monkhoev, R. Nachtigall, E. Osipova, A. Pakhorukov, A. Pan, M.I. Panasyuk, L. Pankov, A. Petrukhin, V. Poleschuk, E. Popescu, E. Popova, A. Porelli, E. Postnikov, V. Prosin, V. Ptuskin, A. Pushnin, E. Rjabov, G. Rubtsov, B. Sabirov, V. Samoliga, A. Sidorenkov, A. Silaev, A. Silaev(junior), V. Slunecka, A. Skurikhin, A. Sokolov, Y. Suvorkin, L. Sveshnikova, V. Tabolenko, A. Tanaev, B. Tarashansky, L. Tkachev, M. Tluczykont, R. Wishnevski, I. Yashin, A. Zagorodnikov and D. Zhurov
Hawking Radiations from Accelerating and Rotating Black Holes
PoS(ICRC2019)777 pdf K. Saifullah
Observation of Gamma-ray Emission Above 10 TeV from the Super Nova Remnant G106.3+2.7 with the Tibet Air Shower Array and the Muon Detector Array
PoS(ICRC2019)778 pdf T. Sako
ALPACA air shower array to explore 100TeV gamma-ray sky in Bolivia
PoS(ICRC2019)779 pdf T. Sako, C. Calle, K. Hibino, N. Hotta, Y. Katayose, C. Kato, S. Kato, K. Kawata, W. Kihara, Y. Ko, H. Kojima, R. Mayta, P. Miranda, H. Mitsui, K. Munakata, H. Nakada, Y. Nakamura, M. Nishizawa, S. Ogio, M. Ohnishi, T. Ohura, A. Oshima, M. Raljevich, H. Rivera, T. Saito, T.K. Sako, Y. Sengoku, S. Shibata, A. Shiomi, M. Subieta, N. Tajima, W. Takano, M. Takita, Y. Tameda, K. Tanaka, R. Ticona, H. Tsuchiya, Y. Tsunesada, S. Udo, K. Yagisawa and Y. Yokoe
The calibration of the first Large-Sized Telescope of the Cherenkov Telescope Array
PoS(ICRC2019)780 pdf S. Sakurai, D. Depaoli and R. Lopez-Coto
Spectral and Morphological Studies of the Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Source 2HWC J1825-134
PoS(ICRC2019)781 pdf F. Salesa Greus and S. Casanova
Recent results from the VERITAS multi-messenger program
PoS(ICRC2019)782 pdf M. Santander
MAGIC and MWL monitoring of the blazar TXS 0506+056 in the 2018/2019 season
PoS(ICRC2019)783 pdf K. Satalecka, E. Bernardini, W. Bhattacharyya, M. Cerruti, V. Fallah Ramazani, L. Foffano, S. Inoue, E. Prandini, C. Righi, N. Sahakyan and F. Tavecchio
Neutrino Target of Opportunity program of the Cherenkov Telescope Array
PoS(ICRC2019)784 pdf K. Satalecka, A. Brown, A. Rosales de león, O. Sergijenko, C. Fai Tung, R. Reimann, T. Glauch and I. Taboada
A next-generation ground-based wide field-of-view gamma-ray observatory in the southern hemisphere
PoS(ICRC2019)785 pdf H. Schoorlemmer
Science with the Southern Gamma-ray Survey Observatory (SGSO)
PoS(ICRC2019)786 pdf F. Schüssler
H.E.S.S. searches for TeV gamma-rays associated to high-energy neutrinos
PoS(ICRC2019)787 pdf F. Schüssler, H. Ashkar, M. Backes, K. Egberts, F. Brun, M. Füssling, C. Hoischen, J.P. Lenain, I. Lypova, S. Ohm, D. Parsons, C. Romoli, M. Seglar-Arroyo, M. Zacharias and A. Zech
The Transient program of the Cherenkov Telescope Array
PoS(ICRC2019)788 pdf F. Schüssler
Searches for counterparts of gravitational waves at very high energies with H.E.S.S.
PoS(ICRC2019)789 pdf M. Seglar-Arroyo, H. Ashkar, S. Bonnefoy, F. Brun, K. Egberts, M. Füßling, C. Hoischen, T. Murach, S. Ohm, G. Pühlhofer, G. Rowell, F. Schüssler and A. Taylor
The gravitational wave follow-up program of the Cherenkov Telescope Array
PoS(ICRC2019)790 pdf M. Seglar-Arroyo, E. Bissaldi, A. Bulgarelli, A. Carosi, G. Cella, T. Di Girolamo, T. Gasparetto, G. Ghirlanda, B. Humensky, S. Inoue, F. Longo, L. Nava, B. Patricelli, M. Razzano, D. Ribeiro, F. Schüssler, A. Stamerra, G. Stratta and S. Vergani
Calibration and monitoring of the ASTRI-Horn telescope by using the night-sky background measured by the photon-statistics ("variance") method
PoS(ICRC2019)791 pdf A. Segreto, O. Catalano, M.C. Maccarone, T. Mineo, A. La Barbera and F. the CTA ASTRI Project
LATTES: proposal for a wide field-of-view VHE gamma-ray observatory in South America
PoS(ICRC2019)792 file missing R. Shellard
Performance of Air Shower Array with Surface Water Cherenkov Detectors
PoS(ICRC2019)793 pdf A. Shiomi
Usage of the estimation of the height of the first interaction
PoS(ICRC2019)794 pdf J. Sitarek, D. Sobczynska, K. Adamczyk, M. Szanecki and K. Bernlöhr
V-shaped Cherenkov images of magnetically-separated gamma-rays
PoS(ICRC2019)795 pdf J. Sitarek, D. Sobczynska, K. Adamczyk and M. Szanecki
FACT - Multi-wavelength analysis of more than 30 flares of Mrk 421
PoS(ICRC2019)796 pdf V. Sliusar, A. Arbet-Engels, D. Baack, M. Balbo, A. Biland, M. Blank, T. Bretz, K. Bruegge, M. Bulinski, J. Buss, M. Doerr, D. Dorner, D. Elsaesser, D. Hildebrand, K. Mannheim, S. Mueller, D. Neise, M. Noethe, A. Paravac, W. Rhode, B. Schleicher, K. Sedlaczek, A. Shukla, R. Walter and E. von Willert
A Systematic Search for TeV Halos associated with known pulsars
PoS(ICRC2019)797 pdf A. Smith
Prospects for the Use of Photosensor Timing Information with Machine Learning Techniques in Background Rejection.
PoS(ICRC2019)798 pdf S.T. Spencer, T. Armstrong, J.J. Watson and G. Cotter
H.E.S.S. Observations of Pulsars at Very High Energies
PoS(ICRC2019)799 pdf M. Spir-Jacob, A. Djannati-Ataï, L. Mohrmann, G. Giavitto, B. Khelifi, B. Rudak, C. Venter and R. Zanin
The Cherenkov transparency coefficient for the atmospheric monitoring and array calibration at the Cherenkov Telescope Array South
PoS(ICRC2019)800 pdf S. Stefanik and D. Nosek
The population of TeV gamma-ray sources in the Milky Way: the hidden part of the iceberg
PoS(ICRC2019)801 file missing C. Steppa
The MAGIC Sum-Trigger-II System
PoS(ICRC2019)802 pdf D. Strom
Novel Signals from Neutron Star Mergers at 511 keV
PoS(ICRC2019)803 pdf V. Takhistov
Search for Primordial Black Hole evaporations with H.E.S.S.
PoS(ICRC2019)804 pdf T. Tavernier, J.F. Glicenstein and F. Brun
Status and performance results from NectarCam -- a camera for CTA medium sized telescopes
PoS(ICRC2019)805 pdf T. Tavernier, J.F. Glicenstein and F. Brun
Extragalactic Observations with HESSII: New Frontiers
PoS(ICRC2019)806 file missing A.M. Taylor
Camera Design and Performance of the Prototype Schwarzschild-Couder Telescope for the Cherenkov Telescope Array
PoS(ICRC2019)807 pdf L. Taylor
Carpet results on astrophysical gamma rays above 100 TeV
PoS(ICRC2019)808 pdf attachments S. Troitsky, D. Dzhappuev and Y. Zhezher
Study of Middle-aged Pulsar Wind Nebulae Showing Large Offsets Between their Pulsar and their VHE Gamma-ray Emission
PoS(ICRC2019)809 pdf M. Tsirou, Z. Meliani and Y. Gallant
Development and operations of INFN optical modules for the SCT Telescope camera proposed for the Cherenkov Telescope Array Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)810 pdf L. Tosti
Applying Monte Carlo methods to model multi-wavelength emission of RMHD jet simulations.
PoS(ICRC2019)811 pdf I. van der Westhuizen, B. van Soelen, M. Böttcher and P. Meintjes
Searching for Variability of the Crab Nebula Flux at TeV Energies using MAGIC Very Large Zenith Angle Observations
PoS(ICRC2019)812 pdf J. van Scherpenberg, R. Mirzoyan, I. Vovk, M. Peresano, D. Zaric, P. Temnikov, N. Godinović and J. Besenrieder
Orbital parameters for the gamma-ray binaries LMC P3 and 1FGL J1018.6-5856
PoS(ICRC2019)813 file missing B. van Soelen
Raman LIDARs for the atmospheric calibration along the line-of-sight of the Cherenkov Telescope Array
PoS(ICRC2019)814 pdf G. Vasileiadis
Prototype 9.7m Schwarzschild-Couder telescope for the Cherenkov Telescope Array: Project Overview
PoS(ICRC2019)815 file missing V. Vassiliev
Shedding (Gamma) Light on the Cosmic Ray Population in the Galactic Center Region
PoS(ICRC2019)816 pdf S. Ventura, D. Grasso and A. Marinelli
The Cherenkov Telescope Array view of the Galactic Center region
PoS(ICRC2019)817 pdf A. Viana, S. Ventura, D. Gaggero, D. Grasso, D. Malyshev, K. Kosack, S. Funk, A. D'Ai, R. Blackwell, A. Burtovoi, M. Chernyakova, M.D. Filipovic, M. Fiori, G. Rowell, A. Rugliancich, O. Sergijenko, L. Zampieri, R. Alves Batista, P. Caraveo, E.M. de Gouveia Dal Pino, E. de Oña Wilhelmi, I. Minaya, J.C. Rodríguez-Ramírez, P. Da Vela, G. De Cesare and F.t. CTA Consortium
hipeCTA: a High-Performance Computing library for data analysis in the Cherenkov Telescope Array
PoS(ICRC2019)818 file missing T. Vuillaume
Addressing CNNs limitations for Cherenkov Telescope Gamma/Hadron Separation
PoS(ICRC2019)819 file missing R. Walter
Gamma Hadron separation using traditional single parameter method and multivariate algorithms with LHAASO-WCDA experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)820 pdf X. Wang
Commissioning and Performance of CHEC-S – a compact high-energy camera for the Cherenkov Telescope Array
PoS(ICRC2019)821 pdf J.J. Watson and J. Zorn
Investigating the unusually hard gamma-ray spectrum of the extreme blazar 1ES 0229+200 with HAWC
PoS(ICRC2019)822 pdf T. Weisgarber
Novel Back-coated Glass Mirrors for the MAGIC Telescopes
PoS(ICRC2019)823 pdf M. Will, R. Mirzoyan, J. van Scherpenberg and M. Garczarczyk
X-ray and TeV gamma-ray emission from the 50-year period binary system PSR J2032+4127/MT91 213
PoS(ICRC2019)824 pdf T. Williamson
TAIGA Observatory: Hybrid Detection of EAS and Gamma Rays by an Imaging Telescope and Timing Array
PoS(ICRC2019)825 file missing R. Wischnewski
Analysis tools for LHAASO Astronomy
PoS(ICRC2019)826 file missing L. Yang
MAGIC observations of Dragonfly Nebula at TeV Energies using the Very Large Zenith Angle Technique
PoS(ICRC2019)827 pdf D. Zaric, R. Mirzoyan, I. Vovk, P. Temnikov, M. Peresano, N. Godinović, J. van Scherpenberg and J. Besenrieder
Novel Very Large Zenith Angle Observation Technique Performed by the MAGIC Telescopes
PoS(ICRC2019)828 pdf I. Vovk, M. Will, R. Mirzoyan, J. Besenrieder, M. Peresano, P. Temnikov, J. van Scherpenberg and D. Zaric
Pointing System for the Large Size Telescopes Prototype of the Cherenkov Telescope Array
PoS(ICRC2019)829 pdf D. Zaric, S. Cikota, A. Fiasson, N. Godinović, K. Noda, R. Wagner, M. Will and Q. Piel
A Real-Time Monitoring the TeV Blazars with LHAASO-WCDA Detector
PoS(ICRC2019)830 pdf M. Zha, G. Xiang, Y. Xing, J. Zhou and X. Wang
On-site test system for LHAASO-KM2A muon detector
PoS(ICRC2019)831 pdf S. Zhao, Y. Zhang, G. Xiao, H. Dai, G. Xin, X. Zuo, Z. Li, C. Li, L. Wang, H. Wang and N. Cheng
Probing Particle Diffusion around Two Nearby Pulsars with TeV Gamma-Ray Observations from HAWC
PoS(ICRC2019)832 pdf H. Zhou
Performance of the TAIGA-IACT telescope pointing system
PoS(ICRC2019)833 file missing D. Zhurov
Sensitivity Improvements of Very-High-Energy Gamma-Ray Detection with the Upgraded H.E.S.S. I Cameras using Full Waveform Processing
PoS(ICRC2019)834 pdf J. Zorn
Probing orbital parameters of gamma-ray binaries with TeV light curves
PoS(ICRC2019)1178 file missing I. Sushch
The impact of the circumstellar magnetic field of progenitor stars on the resulting gamma-ray spectrum from supernova remnants
PoS(ICRC2019)1179 pdf I. Sushch, R. Brose and M. Pohl
Study the sensitivity of detection the high energy emission of γ-ray bursts with lhaaso-wcda experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)1184 file missing H. Hu
NU - Neutrino
Station hardware for the Radio Neutrino Observatory (RNO)
PoS(ICRC2019)835 file missing P.S. Allison
Correlation of high energy neutrinos and gamma rays on the direction of Fermi Bubbles
PoS(ICRC2019)836 pdf P. Alvarez Hurtado, N. Fraija, A. Galván and A. Marinelli
Study of the PeV-neutrino and the gamma-ray emission coming from the Galactic center
PoS(ICRC2019)837 file missing P. Alvarez Hurtado
New Template-Based Analysis Techniques for the Five-Station ARA Array
PoS(ICRC2019)838 file missing S. Archambault
Searches for Connections Between Dark Matter and Neutrinos with the IceCube High-Energy Starting Event Sample
PoS(ICRC2019)839 pdf C. Arguelles and H. Dujmovic
ANTARES search for point sources of neutrinos with 11 yr of data: a likelihood stacking analysis
PoS(ICRC2019)840 pdf J. Aublin
AMON: TeV Gamma and Neutrino Coincidence Alerts from HAWC and IceCube subthreshold data
PoS(ICRC2019)841 pdf H. Ayala
Search for Correlations of High-energy Neutrinos and Ultra-high Energy Cosmic Rays
PoS(ICRC2019)842 pdf A.M. Barbano
Measurement of the radio-frequency ice dielectric permittivity and implications for neutrino reconstruction
PoS(ICRC2019)843 pdf U.A. Latif, T. Jordan, A. Schultz and on behalf of the ARA Collaboration
The Control Unit of KM3NeT detectors
PoS(ICRC2019)844 pdf C. Bozza, T. Chiarusi and R. Bruijn
Search for High-energy Neutrinos from AGN Cores
PoS(ICRC2019)845 pdf F. Bradascio
An Improved Muon Track Reconstruction for IceCube
PoS(ICRC2019)846 pdf F. Bradascio and T. Gluesenkamp
Design and Performance of a UV-calibration Device for the SpiceCore Hole
PoS(ICRC2019)847 pdf J. Brostean-Kaiser
Readout and trigger system of the KM3NeT detectors
PoS(ICRC2019)848 pdf R. Bruijn and T. Chiarusi
Fundamental Physics with High-Energy Astrophysical Neutrinos Today and in the Future
PoS(ICRC2019)849 pdf M. Bustamante, C. Arguelles, A. Kheirandish, S. Palomares-Ruiz, J. Salvado and A. Vincent
Flavor Probes the Production of High-energy Astrophysical Neutrinos
PoS(ICRC2019)850 file missing M. Bustamante
All Sky Time-Integrated Point Source Searches using 10 years of IceCube Data.
PoS(ICRC2019)851 pdf T. Carver
A Catalog of Astrophysical Neutrino Candidates for IceCube
PoS(ICRC2019)852 pdf C. Chen and C. Cardot
Atmospheric neutrino flux calculation at JUNO
PoS(ICRC2019)853 file missing J. Cheng
Light diffusion in birefringent polycrystals and the IceCube ice anisotropy
PoS(ICRC2019)854 pdf D. Chirkin and M. Rongen
A multi-PMT Optical Module for the IceCube Upgrade
PoS(ICRC2019)855 pdf L. Classen, C. Dorn, A. Kappes, T. Karg, M. Kossatz, A. Kretzschmann, H.W. Ortjohann, J. Reubelt, K.H. Sulanke and R. Weigel
Search for neutrino counterparts of cataloged GW events from run O2 and offline follow-up of new GW alerts from run O3 with ANTARES
PoS(ICRC2019)856 pdf M. Colomer Molla
Offline perfomance studies and first real-time results on CCSN neutrinos searches with the KM3NeT neutrino detectors
PoS(ICRC2019)857 pdf M. Colomer Molla
Recent Results from the Askaryan Radio Array
PoS(ICRC2019)858 pdf A. Connolly
IceCube Search for High-Energy Neutrinos Produced in the Precursor Stages of Gamma-ray Bursts
PoS(ICRC2019)859 pdf P. Coppin and N. van Eijndhoven
Investigation of Ultra-Luminous Infrared Galaxies as Obscured High-Energy Neutrino Source Candidates
PoS(ICRC2019)860 pdf P. Correa, K. de Vries and N. van Eijndhoven
Sensitivity to Atypical Tau Initiated Air Showers for a High-Altitude Optical Cherenkov Detector
PoS(ICRC2019)861 pdf A. Cummings, R. Aloisio, M.E. Bertaina, F. Bisconti, F. Fenu and F. Salamida
A More Complete Phenomenology of Tau Lepton Induced Air Showers
PoS(ICRC2019)862 pdf A. Cummings, R. Aloisio, M.E. Bertaina, F. Bisconti, F. Fenu and F. Salamida
Neutrinos from Primordial Black Hole Bursts
PoS(ICRC2019)863 pdf P. Dave and I. Taboada
Cosmogenic Photon and Neutrino Fluxes in the Auger Era
PoS(ICRC2019)864 file missing R. de Almeida
Probing neutrino emission at GeV energies from compact binary mergers with IceCube
PoS(ICRC2019)865 pdf G. De Wasseige, I. Bartos, K. de Vries and E. O'Sullivan
Study of the Potential of KM3NeT to Search for GeV Neutrinos from Astrophysical Transient Events
PoS(ICRC2019)866 file missing G. De Wasseige
Searches for Ultra-High-Energy Neutrinos with ANITA
PoS(ICRC2019)867 pdf C. Deaconu
KM3NeT Time Calibration
PoS(ICRC2019)868 pdf R. Coniglione, A. Creusot,, I. Di Palma, D. Guderian,, J. Hofestaedt,, G. Riccobene,, A. Sánchez-Losa, and F.t. KM3NeT Collaboration
Shower Reconstruction Performances in KM3NeT/ORCA
PoS(ICRC2019)869 file missing A. Domi
Search for Sterile Neutrinos with KM3NeT/ORCA
PoS(ICRC2019)870 pdf A. Domi, J. Coelho and on behalf of the KM3NeT Collaboration
Ten years of multi-wavelength follow-up observations of ANTARES neutrino alerts
PoS(ICRC2019)871 pdf D. Dornic, M. Ageron, V. Bertin, J. Brunner, A. Coleiro, F. Schüssler, D. Turpin and B. Vallage
Real-time follow-up of multi-messenger alerts with the ANTARES neutrino telescope
PoS(ICRC2019)872 pdf D. Dornic, A. Coleiro, M. Colomer-Molla, A. Kouchner and T. Pradier
The Baikal-GVD neutrino telescope: cascade events results
PoS(ICRC2019)873 pdf R. Dvornicky and Z.A.M. Dzhilkibaev
Data Quality Monitoring system in the Baikal-GVD experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)874 pdf R. Dvornicky
The optical noise monitoring systems of the Lake Baikal environment for the Baikal-GVD telescope
PoS(ICRC2019)875 pdf R. Dvornicky
The Baikal-GVD neutrino telescope: muon track events reconstruction
PoS(ICRC2019)876 file missing L. Fajt
The inter-cluster time synchronization systems within the Baikal-GVD detector
PoS(ICRC2019)877 pdf K. Golubkov and L. Fajt
The Baikal-GVD detector calibrations
PoS(ICRC2019)878 pdf L. Fajt, Z.A.M. Dzhilkibaev and M.D. Shelepov
Quest for new physics using astrophysical neutrino flavour in IceCube
PoS(ICRC2019)879 pdf K. Farrag, C. Arguelles, T. Katori and S. Mandalia
Precision new physics tests with neutrinos at Glashow resonance
PoS(ICRC2019)880 file missing K. Farrag
Calibration of atmospheric neutrino flux calculations using cosmic muon flux and charge ratio measurements
PoS(ICRC2019)881 pdf J.P. Yáñez and A. Fedynitch
Constraints on light meson production in air-showers with atmospheric neutrinos below 1 TeV interacting in IceCube's DeepCore
PoS(ICRC2019)882 pdf A. Fedynitch and J.P. Yáñez
Results of the KM3NeT in-situ calibration for the ARCA and ORCA detection units
PoS(ICRC2019)883 file missing P. Fermani
The Pros and Cons of Beyond Standard Model Interpretations of ANITA Events
PoS(ICRC2019)884 pdf L.A. Anchordoqui, I. Antoniadis, V. Barger, F. Cornet, C. Garcia Canal, M. Gutiérrez, J.I. Illana, J.G. Learned, D. Marfatia, M. Masip, S. Pakvasa, S. Palomares-Ruiz, J. Fernández Soriano and T.J. Weiler
Search for a neutrino counterpart to the HAWC gamma-ray sky map with the ANTARES telescope
PoS(ICRC2019)885 file missing G. Ferrara
SIDR Experiment: New Results and New Equipment
PoS(ICRC2019)886 pdf G. Bashindzhagyan, E. Fischbach, V. Barnes, G. Garipov, G. Hovsepyan, N. Korotkova, L. Poghosyan and N. Sinev
Synergy Between Art and Science: Collaboration at the South Pole.
PoS(ICRC2019)887 pdf D. Fortescue and G. De Wasseige
Subluminal Magnetic Monopole Search with NOvA
PoS(ICRC2019)888 pdf M. Frank, A. Antoshkin, C. Dukes, R. Ehrlich and E. Song
Eleven Year Search for Supernovae with the IceCube Neutrino Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)889 pdf A. Fritz, R. Cross and S. Griswold
STRAW: STRings for Absorption length in Water
PoS(ICRC2019)890 pdf C. Fruck and I.C. Rea
Study of the high-energy neutrino diffuse flux with the ANTARES neutrino telescope
PoS(ICRC2019)891 pdf L.A. Fusco and F. Versari
Search for neutrinos from Local Superbubbles with the ANTARES neutrino telescope
PoS(ICRC2019)892 pdf L.A. Fusco
Precision of analytical approximations in calculations of atmospheric leptons
PoS(ICRC2019)893 pdf T. Gaisser, D. Soldin, A. Fedynitch and A. Crossman
Seasonal Variation of Atmospheric Muons in IceCube
PoS(ICRC2019)894 pdf T. Gaisser, S. Tilav, D. Soldin and P. Desiati
High-energy Neutrino Event Simulation at NLO in Genie for KM3NeT and Other Observatories
PoS(ICRC2019)895 pdf A. Garcia and A. Heijboer
NuRadioMC - Simulation Code for the Next Generation of Radio Neutrino Detectors
PoS(ICRC2019)896 pdf D. García-Fernández, C. Glaser, A. Nelles, J. Alvarez-Muñiz, S.W. Barwick, D.Z. Besson, S. Buitink, B.A. Clark, A. Connolly, C. Deaconu, K. de Vries, J.C. Hanson, B. Hokanson-Fasig, S.A. Kleinfelder, R. Lahmann, U.A. Latif, C. Persichilli, Y. Pan, C. Pfender, I. Plaisier, D. Seckel, J. Torres, S. Toscano, N. van Eijndhoven, A.G. Vieregg, C. Welling, T. Wichen and S.A. Wissel
New results on angular reconstruction of deep pulser radio signals
PoS(ICRC2019)897 pdf G. Gaswint
The Automatic Installation And Configuration ProcedurE for the Data Acquisition System of KM3NeT.
PoS(ICRC2019)898 pdf E. Giorgio, T. Chiarusi and R. Bruijn
Neutrino direction and energy resolution of Askaryan detectors
PoS(ICRC2019)899 pdf C. Glaser
NuRadioReco: A new reconstruction framework for radio neutrino detectors
PoS(ICRC2019)900 pdf C. Glaser, A. Nelles, I. Plaisier, C. Welling, S.W. Barwick, D. García-Fernández, G. Gaswint, R. Lahmann and C. Persichilli
Low Energy Neutrinos from Stopped Muons in the Earth
PoS(ICRC2019)901 pdf W.L. Guo
The Supernova Early Warning System (SNEWS) in the era of Multi-Messenger Astronomy
PoS(ICRC2019)902 file missing A. Habig
Search for Astronomical Neutrino from Blazar TXS0506+056 in Super-Kamiokande
PoS(ICRC2019)903 pdf K. Hagiwara
Machine Learning for KM3NeT/ORCA
PoS(ICRC2019)904 pdf S. Hallmann, M. Moser, S. Reck and T. Eberl
Search for Neutrino Emission from the Fermi Bubbles at Low Galactic Latitudes with the ANTARES Telescope
PoS(ICRC2019)905 file missing S. Hallmann
Autonomous Drone Systems for UHE Neutrino Detector Polarization Calibration at the South Pole
PoS(ICRC2019)906 file missing J. Hanson
Development of Super-Kamiokande detector simulation based on Geant4
PoS(ICRC2019)907 pdf M. Harada
The POCAM as self-calibrating light source for the IceCube Upgrade
PoS(ICRC2019)908 pdf C. Fruck, F. Henningsen and C. Spannfellner
Muon Energy Reconstruction for Neutrino Detectors with Edepillim
PoS(ICRC2019)909 pdf G. Hill and S. Robertson
Atmospheric Neutrinos Detected with the First KM3NeT Detection Units of ARCA and ORCA
PoS(ICRC2019)910 pdf J. Hofestädt, R. Coniglione, A. Sinopoulou, E. Tzamariudaki and D. Zaborov
Super-ORCA: Measuring the leptonic CP-phase with Atmospheric Neutrinos and Beam Neutrinos
PoS(ICRC2019)911 pdf J. Hofestädt, M. Bruchner and T. Eberl
Model-independent Measurement of the Atmospheric Muon Neutrino Energy Spectrum up to 2.5 PeV
PoS(ICRC2019)912 pdf J. Soedingrekso, T. Hoinka and M. Börner
Design Studies for the Radio Neutrino Observatory (RNO)
PoS(ICRC2019)913 pdf B. Hokanson-Fasig
On te Reduction of the Error in the Calculation of Low Energy (<1GeV) Atmospheric Neutrino Flux
PoS(ICRC2019)914 pdf M. Honda
Searches for steady neutrino emission from 3FHL blazars using eight years of IceCube data from the Northern hemisphere
PoS(ICRC2019)916 pdf M. Huber
Towards Interferometric Triggering on Air Showers Induced by Tau Neutrino Interactions
PoS(ICRC2019)917 pdf K. Hughes, J. Alvarez-Muniz, A. Cummings, W.C. Jr., C. Deaconu, G. Hallinan, A. Ludwig, E. Oberla, A. Rodriguez, C. Paciaroni, A. Romero-Wolf, H. Schoorlemmer, D. Southall, B. Strutt, M. Vasquez, A.G. Vieregg, S. Wissel and E. Zas
A Search for IceCube Neutrinos from the First 33 Detected Gravitational Wave Events
PoS(ICRC2019)918 pdf R. Hussain, J. Vandenbroucke and J. Wood
ANTARES and IceCube combined search for neutrino point-like and extended sources in the Southern Sky
PoS(ICRC2019)919 pdf G. Illuminati
Searches for point-like sources of cosmic neutrinos with 11 years of ANTARES data
PoS(ICRC2019)920 pdf G. Illuminati, J. Aublin and S. Navas
Calibration LEDs in the IceCube Upgrade DEgg modules
PoS(ICRC2019)923 pdf A. Ishihara and A. Kiriki
Status and prospects of the Hyper-Kamiokande project
PoS(ICRC2019)924 pdf Y. Itow
An analytical derivation of the survival probability of muon penetrating through matters
PoS(ICRC2019)925 file missing A. Iyono
The SPICEcore Hole Camera System
PoS(ICRC2019)926 pdf M. Jeong
Comparison of the measured atmospheric muon flux with Monte Carlo simulations for the first KM3NeT detection units
PoS(ICRC2019)927 pdf P. Kalaczyński and R. Coniglione
The camera system for the IceCube Upgrade
PoS(ICRC2019)928 pdf W. Kang, C. Tönnis and C. Rott
Search for Neutrino Emission in IceCube's Archival Data from the Direction of IceCube Alert Events
PoS(ICRC2019)929 pdf M. Karl
Multi-messenger Gravitational-Wave + High-Energy Neutrino Searches with LIGO, Virgo and IceCube
PoS(ICRC2019)930 pdf A. Keivani, D. Veske, S. Countryman, I. Bartos, K.R. Corely, Z. Marka and S. Marka
Sensitivity to Non-Standard Interactions (NSI) with KM3NeT-ORCA
PoS(ICRC2019)931 pdf N.R. Khan Chowdhury, T. Thakore, J.A.B. Coelho, J.D.D. Zornoza and S. Navas
IceCube Search for Galactic Neutrino Sources based on HAWC Observations of the Galactic Plane
PoS(ICRC2019)932 pdf A. Kheirandish and J. Wood
Arrival direction reconstruction of ultra-high-energy neutrinos with ARA
PoS(ICRC2019)933 pdf M. Kim, S. Archambault, K. Mase, S. Yoshida and A. Ishihara
Sensitivity for astrophysical neutrino searches with KM3NeT-ORCA
PoS(ICRC2019)934 pdf G. De Wasseige, A. Kouchner, M. Colomer Molla, D. Dornic and S. Hallmann
Calorimetric Neutrino Expectations from Bright Blazar Flares
PoS(ICRC2019)935 pdf M. Kreter, M. Kadler, F. Krauss, S. Buson, R. Ojha, K. Mannheim, J. Wilms and M. Böttcher
nuSpaceSim: A Comprehensive Neutrino Simulation Package for Space-based & Suborbital Experiments
PoS(ICRC2019)936 pdf J.F. Krizmanic, Y. Akaike, D. Bergman, J. Eser, S. Patel, A. Romero-Wolf, M. Hall-Reno, F. Sarazin, T. Venters, L.A. Anchordoqui, S. Mackovjak, A. Olinto, L. Wiencke, S. Wissel and A. Reustle
Application of Deep Neural Networks to Event Type Classification in IceCube
PoS(ICRC2019)937 pdf M. Kronmueller and T. Glauch
Development of Portable Calibration Pulser System for Radio-based Ultra-high Energy Cosmic Ray and Neutrino Detectors
PoS(ICRC2019)938 file missing C. Kuo
Investigations of ice and emitter properties from radio signals recorded with ARIANNA
PoS(ICRC2019)939 pdf R. Lahmann
Prospects of Earth-skimming neutrino detection with HAWC
PoS(ICRC2019)940 pdf H. Leon Vargas
Exciting Prospects for Detecting Late-Time Neutrinos from Core-Collapse Supernovae
PoS(ICRC2019)941 file missing S. Li
Supernova Neutrinos with the JUNO Experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)942 file missing H. Li
Dependence of the atmospheric muon rate on the sea water depth with first KM3NeT data
PoS(ICRC2019)943 pdf M. Lincetto, S. Biagi, R. Coniglione, J. Hofestädt, V. Kulikovskiy, K. Melis and D. Samtleben
Searching for High-Energy Neutrino Emission from TeV Pulsar Wind Nebulae
PoS(ICRC2019)944 pdf Q. Liu and A. Kheirandish
A novel method of rejecting muon backgrounds for the detection of the highest energy neutrinos
PoS(ICRC2019)945 pdf L. Lu
Development of new liquid scintillators for neutrino experiments of next generation
PoS(ICRC2019)946 pdf S. Lubsandorzhiev
Imitators of Cherenkov and scintillation light pulses based on fast LEDs
PoS(ICRC2019)947 pdf S. Lubsandorzhiev
Development of medium and small size photomultipliers for experiments in neytrino physics
PoS(ICRC2019)948 pdf S. Lubsandorzhiev
Neutrinos from Tidal Disruption Events
PoS(ICRC2019)949 pdf C. Lunardini
A Method for an Untriggered, Time-Dependent, Source-Stacking Search for Neutrino Flares
PoS(ICRC2019)950 pdf W. Luszczak, J. Braun and A. Karle
Capturing Cosmic Ray Research and Researchers with Art
PoS(ICRC2019)951 pdf J. Madsen, F. Abdu'Allah, M.D. Hosale and M. Ladoni
MAGIC as a high-energy $\nu_\tau$ detector: performance study to follow-up IceCube transient events
PoS(ICRC2019)953 pdf M. Mallamaci, D. Gora and E. Bernardini
Neutrino source searches and a realtime neutrino alert stream in the southern sky with IceCube starting tracks
PoS(ICRC2019)954 pdf S. Mancina and M. Silva
Sensitivity of KM3NeT-ARCA detector to Glashow Resonance observation
PoS(ICRC2019)955 pdf J. Manczak
KM3NeT/ARCA Expectations for the Low Latitude Bubbles
PoS(ICRC2019)956 pdf A. Marinelli, R. Coniglione and A. Sharma
SuperK-Gd: The Gd future of Super-Kamiokande.
PoS(ICRC2019)957 pdf L. Marti-Magro
The Giant Radio Array for Neutrino Detection
PoS(ICRC2019)958 pdf O. Martineau
Exploring the assumption of hadron-hadron collisions for high energy neutrino production
PoS(ICRC2019)959 pdf C. Mascaretti and F. Vissani
Search for Astrophysical Tau Neutrinos with an Improved Double Pulse Method
PoS(ICRC2019)960 pdf M. Meier and J. Soedingrekso
Atmospheric muons from electromagnetic cascades
PoS(ICRC2019)961 pdf S. Meighen-Berger and M. Li
Correlation of flaring blazars with IceCube track events.
PoS(ICRC2019)962 file missing R. Moharana
A DECam Search for Explosive Optical Transients Associated with IceCube Neutrinos
PoS(ICRC2019)963 file missing R. Morgan
Angular distribution of prompt neutrinos in Extensive Air Showers
PoS(ICRC2019)964 pdf M.A. Muller and V.P. Gonçalves
Multi-Messenger Connections among High-Energy Cosmic Particles
PoS(ICRC2019)965 pdf K. Murase
Electronics Development for the New Photo-Detectors (PDOM and D-Egg) for IceCube-Upgrade
PoS(ICRC2019)966 pdf R. Nagai and A. Ishihara
High-elevation synoptic radio array for detection of upward moving air-showers, deployed in the Antarctic mountains
PoS(ICRC2019)967 pdf J. Nam, P. Chen, Y.C. Chen, S.Y. Hsu, J.J. Huang, M.H.A. Huang, C.Y. Kuo, C.H. Leung, T.C. Liu, B.K. Shin, Y.S. Shiao, M.Z. Wang, S.H. Wang, Y.H. Wang, D. J. Besson, C. Hornhuber and A. Novikov
A wind-turbine for autonomous stations for radio detection of neutrinos
PoS(ICRC2019)968 pdf A. Nelles
Radio Phased Arrays: A low-threshold detector in the Askaryan Radio Array (ARA)
PoS(ICRC2019)969 file missing E. Oberla
Observation of Optical Transients and Search for PeV-EeV Tau Neutrinos with Ashra-1
PoS(ICRC2019)970 pdf S. Ogawa
High-energy neutrinos from individual blazar flares
PoS(ICRC2019)971 pdf F. Oikonomou, K. Murase, P. Padovani, E. Resconi and P. Meszaros
ANTARES search for high-energy neutrinos from TeV-emitting blazars, Markarian 421 and 501, in coincidence with HAWC gamma-ray flares
PoS(ICRC2019)972 pdf M. Organokov and T. Pradier
Searching for Time-Dependent Neutrino Emission from Blazars
PoS(ICRC2019)973 pdf E. O'Sullivan and C. Finley
Supernova Neutrinos in Hyper-Kamiokande
PoS(ICRC2019)974 pdf E. O'Sullivan
Using SNOwGLoBES to Calculate Supernova Neutrino Detection Rates in IceCube
PoS(ICRC2019)975 pdf F. Malmenbeck and E. O'Sullivan
Trinity: An Air-Shower Imaging System for the Detection of Ultrahigh Energy Neutrinos
PoS(ICRC2019)976 pdf A.N. Otte, A.M. Brown, A.D. Falcone, M. Mariotti and I. Taboada
Development of a Cherenkov Telescope for the Detection of Ultra-High Energy Neutrinos with EUSO-SPB2 and POEMMA
PoS(ICRC2019)977 pdf A.N. Otte, E. Gazda, E. Judd, J.F. Krizmanic, E. Kutzenzov, O.R. Matamala, P.J. Reardon and L. Wiencke
Bounds on diffuse and point source fluxes of ultra-high energy neutrinos with the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)979 pdf F. Pedreira
Performance of the ARIANNA pilot array, and implications for the next generation of UHE neutrino detectors
PoS(ICRC2019)980 pdf C. Persichilli
A search for counterparts to ANITA neutrino candidates with IceCube
PoS(ICRC2019)981 pdf T. Montaruli, J. Vandenbroucke, A. Pizzuto and A.M. Barbano
Searches for neutrinos from fast radio bursts with IceCube
PoS(ICRC2019)982 pdf J. Vandenbroucke, A. Kheirandish and A. Pizzuto
Enabling a New Detection Channel for BSM Physics with in-situ Measurements of Luminescence
PoS(ICRC2019)983 pdf A. Pollmann
Searches for "subthreshold" sources of Gravitational Waves and High Energy Neutrinos using Advanced LIGO/Virgo, IceCube and ANTARES data
PoS(ICRC2019)984 pdf T. Pradier, M. Colomer, B. Baret and A. Collaboration
Mass ordering discrimination from supernova neutrino burst
PoS(ICRC2019)985 file missing V. Prestes Luzio
Coherent radar reflections from an electron-beam induced particle cascade
PoS(ICRC2019)986 pdf S. Prohira, K.D. Vries, D. Besson, A. Connolly, S. Wissel, D. Saltzberg, T. Meures, P. Allison, X. Zuo, J. Ralston, Z. Riesen, J. Nam, U.A. Latif, J. Torres, A. Nozdrina, J. Beatty, S. Toscano, N.V. Eijndhoven and C. Sbrocco
Revisiting constraints on sterile neutrino mixing parameters using IceCube atmospheric neutrino data
PoS(ICRC2019)987 pdf S. Razzaque and L.S. Miranda
Constraining the environment of neutrino-emitting regions in jets of FSRQs
PoS(ICRC2019)988 pdf A. Reimer, M. Boettcher, S. Buson and D. Miceli
A new calculation of Earth-skimming very- and ultra-high energy tau neutrinos
PoS(ICRC2019)989 pdf M.H. Reno, T. Venters, J.F. Krizmanic, L.A. Anchordoqui, C. Guépin and A.V. Olinto
Measurement of the multi-TeV neutrino cross section with IceCube using Earth absorption
PoS(ICRC2019)990 pdf S. Robertson
Neutrinos and UHECR nuclei from blazars: from a single-source model to a population study
PoS(ICRC2019)991 pdf X. Rodrigues, A. Fedynitch, S. Gao, A. Palladino, D. Boncioli and W. Winter
Evolving Antennas for Ultra-High Energy Neutrino Detection
PoS(ICRC2019)992 pdf J.A. Rolla and on behalf of the GENETIS collaboration
Concept and Analysis for a 1 – 100 PeV Tau Neutrino Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)993 pdf A. Romero-Wolf, W. Carvalho, J. Alvarez-Muniz, J. Bazo, J. Bellido, A. Cummings, A. Gago, H. Schoorlemmer, S. Wissel and E. Zas
Results of Inter-Channel Timing Jitter Measurements Using Low-Power System on Chip Waveform Digitizer for Experimental Physics Applications
PoS(ICRC2019)994 file missing B. Rotter
Constraining anomalous EeV ANITA detections with PeV neutrinos
PoS(ICRC2019)995 pdf I. Safa, A. Pizzuto, C. Arguelles, F. Halzen, R. Hussain, A. Kheirandish and J. Vandenbroucke
A New Approach to Sift out Neutrino Sources from Astronomical Catalogs
PoS(ICRC2019)996 file missing I. Safa
Time-dependent search of neutrino emission from bright gamma-ray flaring blazars using ten years of data of the ANTARES telescope
PoS(ICRC2019)997 file missing A. Sanchez Losa
Time-Dependent Sensitivity and Discovery Potential of KM3NeT-ARCA detector
PoS(ICRC2019)998 pdf A. Sharma, A. Marinelli and on behalf of the KM3NeT Collaboration
Unfolding the True Atmospheric Neutrino Event Ratein the 1Gev - 1Tev Range Using IceCube/DeepCore
PoS(ICRC2019)999 pdf J. Sandroos
The Sun shadow observation with the ANTARES neutrino telescope
PoS(ICRC2019)1001 pdf T. Chiarusi, L.A. Fusco, A. Romanov, M. Sanguineti, F. Versari and on behalf of the ANTARES Collaboration
Searching for neutrino emission from hard X-ray sources with IceCube
PoS(ICRC2019)1002 pdf M. Santander and on behalf of the IceCube Collaboration
Galactic Bulge Monitor with Ashra-1 and NTA detectors
PoS(ICRC2019)1003 pdf M. Sasaki and on behalf of the Ashra-I/NTA Collaboration
Characterization of the Astrophysical Diffuse Neutrino Flux with IceCube High-Energy Starting Events
PoS(ICRC2019)1004 pdf A. Schneider and on behalf of the IceCube Collaboration
Tackling limited simulation and small signals
PoS(ICRC2019)1005 pdf C. Arguelles, A. Schneider and T. Yuan
Correlation of IceCube neutrinos with the 2MASS Redshift Survey
PoS(ICRC2019)1006 pdf S. Sclafani, N. Kurahashi Neilson and on behalf of the IceCube Collaboration
High-energy astrophysical neutrinos from interactions in the Local Bubble
PoS(ICRC2019)1007 pdf M. Bouyahiaoui, M. Kachelriess and D. Semikoz
Adoption of continuous wavelet and recurrence plots to comparative studies of neutron monitor data sets from the period 1975 – 1992
PoS(ICRC2019)1008 pdf T. Seredyn, A. Wysokinski and Z. Kobyliński
Characterizing the High-Energy Activity of Blazars Possibly Correlated with Observed Astrophysical Neutrinos
PoS(ICRC2019)1009 pdf A. Sharma, A. Marinelli, J.R. Sacahui Reyes and M. Osorio
Measurement of the Diffuse Muon Neutrino Flux using Starting Track Events in IceCube
PoS(ICRC2019)1010 pdf M. Silva, S. Mancina and on behalf of the IceCube Collaboration
Neutrino telescope in Lake Baikal: Present and Future
PoS(ICRC2019)1011 pdf F. Simkovic, A.D. Avrorin, A.V. Avrorin, V.M. Aynutdinov, R. Bannash, I.A. Belolaptikov, V.B. Brudanin, N.M. Budnev, G.V. Domogatsky, A.A. Doroshenko, R. Dvornický, A.N. Dyachok, Z.A.M. Dzhilkibaev, L. Fajt, S.V. Fialkovsky, A.R. Gafarov, K.V. Golubkov, N.S. Gorshkov, T.I. Gress, R. Ivanov, K.G. Kebkal, O.G. Kebkal, E.V. Khramov, M.M. Kolbin, K.V. Konischev, A.V. Korobchenko, A.P. Koshechkin, A.V. Kozhin, M.V. Kruglov, M.K. Kryukov, V.F. Kulepov, M.B. Milenin, R.A. Mirgazov, V. Nazari, A.I. Panfilov, D.P. Petukhov, E.N. Pliskovsky, M.I. Rozanov, E.V. Rjabov, V.D. Rushay, G.B. Safronov, B.A. Shaybonov, M.D. Shelepov, A.V. Skurikhin, A.G. Solovjev, M.N. Sorokovikov, I. Štekl, O.V. Suvorova, E.O. Sushenok, V.A. Tabolenko, B.A. Tarashansky and S.A. Yakovlev
A positioning system for Baikal-GVD
PoS(ICRC2019)1012 pdf F. Simkovic, A.D. Avrorin, A.V. Avrorin, V.M. Aynutdinov, R. Bannash, I.A. Belolaptikov, V.B. Brudanin, N.M. Budnev, G.V. Domogatsky, A.A. Doroshenko, R. Dvornický, A.N. Dyachok, Z.A.M. Dzhilkibaev, L. Fajt, S.V. Fialkovsky, A.R. Gafarov, K.V. Golubkov, N.S. Gorshkov, T.I. Gress, R. Ivanov, K.G. Kebkal, O.G. Kebkal, E.V. Khramov, M.M. Kolbin, K.V. Konischev, A.V. Korobchenko, A.P. Koshechkin, A.V. Kozhin, M.V. Kruglov, M.K. Kryukov, V.F. Kulepov, M.B. Milenin, R.A. Mirgazov, V. Nazari, A.I. Panfilov, D.P. Petukhov, E.N. Pliskovsky, M.I. Rozanov, E.V. Rjabov, V.D. Rushay, G.B. Safronov, B.A. Shaybonov, M.D. Shelepov, A.V. Skurikhin, A.G. Solovjev, M.N. Sorokovikov, I. Štekl, O.V. Suvorova, E.O. Sushenok, V.A. Tabolenko, B.A. Tarashansky and S.A. Yakovlev
The Baikal-GVD neutrino telescope: First results of multi-messenger study
PoS(ICRC2019)1013 pdf F. Simkovic, A.D. Avrorin, A.V. Avrorin, V.M. Aynutdinov, R. Bannash, I.A. Belolaptikov, V.B. Brudanin, N.M. Budnev, G.V. Domogatsky, A.A. Doroshenko, R. Dvornický, A.N. Dyachok, Z.A.M. Dzhilkibaev, L. Fajt, S.V. Fialkovsky, A.R. Gafarov, K.V. Golubkov, N.S. Gorshkov, T.I. Gress, R. Ivanov, K.G. Kebkal, O.G. Kebkal, E.V. Khramov, M.M. Kolbin, K.V. Konischev, A.V. Korobchenko, A.P. Koshechkin, A.V. Kozhin, M.V. Kruglov, M.K. Kryukov, V.F. Kulepov, M.B. Milenin, R.A. Mirgazov, V. Nazari, A.I. Panfilov, D.P. Petukhov, E.N. Pliskovsky, M.I. Rozanov, E.V. Rjabov, V.D. Rushay, G.B. Safronov, B.A. Shaybonov, M.D. Shelepov, A.V. Skurikhin, A.G. Solovjev, M.N. Sorokovikov, I. Štekl, O.V. Suvorova, E.O. Sushenok, V.A. Tabolenko, B.A. Tarashansky and S.A. Yakovlev
Overview of recent results of the ANTARES neutrino telescope
PoS(ICRC2019)1014 file missing M. Spurio
First Double Cascade Tau Neutrino Candidates in IceCube and a New Measurement of the Flavor Composition
PoS(ICRC2019)1015 pdf J. Stachurska and on behalf of the IceCube Collaboration
Search for Neutrinos from Populations of Optical Transients
PoS(ICRC2019)1016 pdf R. Stein and on behalf of the IceCube Collaboration
Measurement of the diffuse astrophysical muon-neutrino spectrum with ten years of IceCube data
PoS(ICRC2019)1017 pdf J. Stettner and on behalf of the IceCube Collaboration
Measurement of the Atmospheric Neutrino Oscillation Parameters with NOvA
PoS(ICRC2019)1018 file missing M. Strait
Neutrino oscillation research with KM3NeT/ORCA
PoS(ICRC2019)1019 pdf S. Hallmann, B. Strandberg and on behalf of the KM3NeT Collaboration
Hybrid detection of high-energy cosmic neutrinos with the next generation neutrino detectors at the South Pole
PoS(ICRC2019)1020 pdf S. Toscano, P. Coppin, K. de Vries, N. van Eijndhoven and J.A. Aguilar
The Next Generation of IceCube Real-time Neutrino Alerts
PoS(ICRC2019)1021 pdf E. Blaufuss, T. Kintscher, L. Lu and C.F. Tung
Characterisation of Two PMT Models for the IceCube Upgrade mDOM
PoS(ICRC2019)1022 pdf D. van Eijk, J. Schneider, M. Unland and on behalf of the IceCube Collaboration
Observing GeV Neutrino Transients in the Multi-Messenger Era
PoS(ICRC2019)1023 pdf V. Van Elewyck, S.E.M. Ahmed Maouloud, G. De Wasseige, M. Ahlers and M. Bustamante
Probing the Earth Core Composition with Neutrino Oscillation Tomography
PoS(ICRC2019)1024 pdf J. Coelho, S. Bourret, E. Kaminski and V. Van Elewyck
Current constraints from cosmogenic neutrinos on the fraction of protons in UHECRs
PoS(ICRC2019)1025 pdf A. van Vliet, R. Alves Batista and J. Hörandel
IceCube as a Multi-messenger Follow-up Observatory for Astrophysical Transients
PoS(ICRC2019)1026 file missing J. Vandenbroucke, A. Pizzuto, K. Meagher and on behalf of the IceCube Collaboration
Observing The Next Galactic Supernova with the NOvA Detectors
PoS(ICRC2019)1027 file missing J. Vasel
Supernova Neutrinos search with the LVD experiment: the 2019 update
PoS(ICRC2019)1028 pdf C.F. Vigorito, G. Bruno, W. Fulgione, A. Molinario and on behalf of the LVD Collaboration
Design and Status of JUNO and Its Potential in Astroparticle Physics
PoS(ICRC2019)1029 file missing W. Wang
An Acoustic Calibration System for the IceCube Upgrade
PoS(ICRC2019)1030 pdf D. Heinen, S. Shefali, R. Turcotte, L.S. Weinstock, C. Wiebusch, S. Zierke and on behalf of the IceCube Collaboration
The IceCube Upgrade - Design and Science Goals
PoS(ICRC2019)1031 pdf A. Ishihara and on behalf of the IceCube Collaboration
Multi-messenger interpretation of the neutrinos from TXS 0506+056
PoS(ICRC2019)1032 pdf W. Winter, S. Gao, X. Rodrigues, A. Fedynitch, A. Palladino and M. Pohl
Concept Study for the Beamforming Elevated Array for Cosmic Neutrinos (BEACON)
PoS(ICRC2019)1033 pdf S. Wissel, J. Alvarez-Muniz, C. Burch, A. Cummings, W. Carvalho, C. Deaconu, G. Hallinan, K. Hughes, A. Ludwig, E. Oberla, C. Paciaroni, A. Rodriguez, A. Romero-Wolf, H. Schoorlemmer, D. Southall, B. Strutt, M. Vasquez, A.G. Vieregg and E. Zas
Comprehensive estimate of the sensitivity of ANITA to tau neutrinos
PoS(ICRC2019)1034 pdf S. Wissel, C. Burch, W. Carvalho, J. Crowley, J. Alvarez-Muniz, A. Cummings, A. Kauther, A. Romero-Wolf, H. Schoorlemmer, E. Zas and on behalf of the ANITA Collaboration
SkyLLH - A generalized Python-based tool for log-likelihood analyses in multi-messenger astronomy
PoS(ICRC2019)1035 pdf M. Wolf and on behalf of the IceCube Collaboration
Astrophysical Tau Neutrino Identification with IceCube Waveforms
PoS(ICRC2019)1036 pdf D. Xu, L. Wille and on behalf of the IceCube Collaboration
Solar neutrino physics at Hyper-Kamiokande
PoS(ICRC2019)1037 pdf T. Yano and On behalf of the Hyper-Kamiokande Proto-collaboration
Flaring Rate Distribution of Gamma-Ray Blazars and Implications for High-Energy Neutrino Emission
PoS(ICRC2019)1038 pdf K. Yoshida, M. Petropoulou, M. Urry, P. Coppi, C. Bailyn, G. Vasilopoulos, K. Murase and F. Oikonomou
A generic unified model for the IceCube neutrinos and the ultra-high energy cosmic rays in the photomeson production scenario
PoS(ICRC2019)1039 pdf S. Yoshida and K. Murase
Measurement of the high-energy all-flavor neutrino-nucleon cross section with IceCube
PoS(ICRC2019)1040 pdf T. Yuan and on behalf of the IceCube Collaboration
A Multi-Messenger Picture of Galaxy Mergers: Neutrinos and Electromagnetic Emissions
PoS(ICRC2019)1041 pdf C. Yuan, K. Murase and P. Meszaros
Seasonal Variation of the Underground Cosmic Muon Flux Measured at Daya Bay
PoS(ICRC2019)1042 file missing L. Zhan
New Detection Signatures for IceCube at High Energies
PoS(ICRC2019)1043 file missing B. Zhou
Atmospheric neutrino backgrounds and the DSNB in Super-Kamiokande
PoS(ICRC2019)1044 file missing B. Zhou
SH - Solar & Heliospheric
QuarkNet Coordination of a Cosmic Ray Experiment Outreach Project During a Total Solar Eclipse
PoS(ICRC2019)1045 pdf M. Adams, N. Unterman, C. Carr, J. Rosenberg, A. Valsamis, T. Dallal, M. Matten, J. Miller, E. Schur and A. Sears
High School Students’ Cosmic Ray Measurements during a Solar Eclipse
PoS(ICRC2019)1046 pdf M. Adams, A. Valsamis, C. Carr, J. Rosenberg, N. Unterman, T. Dallal, M. Matten, J. Miller, E. Schur and A. Sears
Study of cosmic ray ratio of free paths normal and parallel to IMF with muon data
PoS(ICRC2019)1047 pdf H.S. Ahluwalia and R. Modzelewska
Holistic study of space weather and space climate: 1700- 2018
PoS(ICRC2019)1048 pdf H.S. Ahluwalia
Proton flux variations in the inner radiation belt in solar cycle 24
PoS(ICRC2019)1049 pdf S. Aleksandrin, A. Galper, S. Koldashov, V. Malakhov, V. Mikhailov and T. Zharaspayev
Study of the Forbush Decrease Events of January and May 2005 observed with High Cutoff Rigidity Muon Detector at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
PoS(ICRC2019)1050 file missing M.M. Almutayri
Preliminary Results from A Mini Neutron Monitor in Central Saudi Arabia
PoS(ICRC2019)1051 pdf M.M. Almutayri
Multi-channel time over threshold module for the SciCRT detector at Sierra Negra, Mexico
PoS(ICRC2019)1052 file missing M.A. Anzorena Méndez
The heliospheric modulation of electrons and positrons over a complete solar cycle
PoS(ICRC2019)1053 pdf O.M. Aslam, D. Bisschoff and M. Potgieter
The solar modulation of protons and anti-protons
PoS(ICRC2019)1054 pdf O.M. Aslam, D. Bisschoff and M. Potgieter
Neutron Monitor Time-delay Measurements to Track Cosmic Ray Spectral Variation Due to Solar Modulation at High and Low Cutoff Rigidity
PoS(ICRC2019)1055 pdf C. Banglieng
Obtaining a History of the Flux of Cosmic Rays using In Situ Cosmogenic $^{14}C$ Trapped in Polar Ice
PoS(ICRC2019)1056 pdf S. BenZvi, V.V. Petrenko, B. Hmiel, M. Dyonisius, A.M. Smith, B. Yang and Q. Hua
A new set of self-consistent very local interstellar spectra for electrons, positrons, protons and light nuclei
PoS(ICRC2019)1057 file missing D. Bisschoff
Testing anti-particle local interstellar spectra through solar modulation studies
PoS(ICRC2019)1058 file missing D. Bisschoff
ORCA (Antarctic Cosmic Ray Observatory): 2018 Latitudinal Survey
PoS(ICRC2019)1059 pdf J.J. Blanco, O. García-Población, I. García-Tejedor, C. Steigies, J. Medina, M. Prieto, A. López-Comazzi, S. Ayuso, R. Gómez-Herrero, J.A. Garzon, D. García-Castro, P. Cabanelas, A. Gomis-Moreno, V. Villasante-Marcos, B. Heber, A. Morozova, G. Kornakov, T. Kurtukian, A. Blanco, L. Lopes, J.P. Saravia, H. Krüger, D.T. Strauss, V. Yanke and on behalf of the ORCA team
A New Neutron Monitor at the Juan Carlos I Spanish Antarctic Station (Livingston Island-Antarctic Peninsula)
PoS(ICRC2019)1060 pdf J.J. Blanco, O. García Población, J.I. García Tejedor, J. Medina, M. Prieto, A. López-Comazzi, S. Ayuso, R. Gómez-Herrero and C. Steigies
Solar Energetic Particle Observations with the PAMELA Experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)1061 pdf A. Bruno, E.R. Christian, G.A. de Nolfo, I.G. Richardson and J.M. Ryan
Spectral Analysis of the September 2017 Solar Energetic Particle Events Based on Multi-Spacecraft Data
PoS(ICRC2019)1062 file missing A. Bruno
Space Weather Observations during September 2017 with CALET on the International Space Station
PoS(ICRC2019)1063 pdf A. Bruno and on behalf of the CALET Collaboration
HXI Collimator on-board Chinese ASO-S mission
PoS(ICRC2019)1064 file missing D. Chen
Energetic Particle Acceleration in the Heliosphere from the IMAP mission
PoS(ICRC2019)1065 file missing E. Christian
The Influence of Coronal Mass Ejection Characteristics on the Spread of Solar Energetic Particles
PoS(ICRC2019)1066 pdf C. Cohen, G. Mason and R. Mewaldt
Estimating the effects of coronal magnetic fields on high energy cosmic rays
PoS(ICRC2019)1067 file missing P. Colín
Numerical Modeling of Galactic Cosmic Ray Proton and Helium Observed by AMS-02 During the Solar Maximum of Solar Cycle 24
PoS(ICRC2019)1068 file missing C. Corti
Time dependence of the p/He ratio in cosmic rays according to the force-field approximation
PoS(ICRC2019)1069 pdf C. Corti, V. Bindi, C. Consolandi, C. Freeman, A. Kuhlman, C. Light, M. Palermo and S. Wang
Test of validity of the Force-Field Approximation with AMS-02 and PAMELA Monthly Fluxes
PoS(ICRC2019)1070 pdf C. Corti, V. Bindi, C. Consolandi, C. Freeman, A. Kuhlman, C. Light, M. Palermo and S. Wang
Voyager 2 Observations of the Anisotropy of Anomalous Cosmic Rays in the Heliosheath
PoS(ICRC2019)1071 pdf A.C. Cummings, E.C. Stone, B.C. Heikkila, N. Lal and J. Richardson
Relativistic solar proton propagation in the interplanetary medium
PoS(ICRC2019)1072 file missing S. Dalla
Long Duration Gamma-ray Flares and High Energy Solar Energetic Particles: Is there a Connection?
PoS(ICRC2019)1073 pdf G.A. De Nolfo, A. Bruno, J.M. Ryan, S. Dalla, J. Giacalone, I.G. Richardson and E.R. Christian
SOlar Neutron TRACking (SONTRAC) Concept
PoS(ICRC2019)1074 pdf G.A. De Nolfo, A. Bruno, J. Dumonthier, I. Liceaga-Indart, J. Legere, R. Messner, J.G. Mitchell, J.M. Ryan, G. Suarez and T. Tatoli
First search for GeV neutrinos from bright gamma-ray solar flares using the IceCube Neutrino Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)1075 pdf G. De Wasseige
Experimental Biases on the Heliospheric Contribution to the Observed TeV Cosmic Ray Anisotropy
PoS(ICRC2019)1076 pdf J.C. Díaz Vélez and P. Desiati
Statistical study of solar energetic electron spectra with STEREO/SEPT
PoS(ICRC2019)1077 file missing N. Dresing
Analysis of the performance of the SciCRT as a solar neutron telescope and current status of the experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)1078 file missing R. García Gínez
Indicators of Space Weather Events in Cosmic Rays Flux During the Solar Cycle 24
PoS(ICRC2019)1079 pdf A. Gil, R. Modzelewska, S. Moskwa, A. Siluszyk, M. Siluszyk and A. Wawrzynczak
Differential Rotation of the Sun as a Source of Galactic Cosmic Rays Quasi-biennial Oscillations
PoS(ICRC2019)1080 pdf A. Gil and M. Alania
Anisotropic Cosmic-ray Enhancement (ACRE): Case Studies of 07-Jun-2015 and 26-Aug-2018
PoS(ICRC2019)1081 pdf A. Gil, G. Kovaltsov, V. Mikhailov, A. Mishev, S. Poluianov and I. Usoskin
Statistical stability for the data registered by the Solar Neutron Telescope at Sierra Negra.
PoS(ICRC2019)1082 file missing X. Gonzalez
Mechanical and Thermal Design for Spectrometer of Hard X-ray Imager Onboard ASO-S Mission
PoS(ICRC2019)1083 file missing Y. Hu
Galactic Cosmic-Ray Anisotropy During Forbush Decreases: Evidence for Diffusive Barriers and Large-Scale Flow
PoS(ICRC2019)1084 pdf G. Ihongo, D. Ruffolo, A. Saiz, U. Tortermpun and A.C.L. Chian
Features of the Cosmic Ray Anisotropy in the Minima for # 23 - 25 Solar Cycles
PoS(ICRC2019)1085 pdf M. Siluszyk, K. Iskra, W. Wozniak, R. Modzelewska and M. Alania
The measurement of ion-induced cloud nucleation irradiated with a 180-MeV Nitrogen ion and proton beams at HIMAC accelerator facility
PoS(ICRC2019)1086 pdf Y. Itow, A. Suzuki, T. Sako, T. Nakayama, K. Masuda, F. Miyake, Y. Matsumi, K. Miura and K. Kusano
Effects of the atmospheric electric field on the HAWC scaler rate
PoS(ICRC2019)1087 pdf A.R. Jara Jimenez, A. Lara, A.B. Kollamparambil Paul and J. Ryan
Time Structure of Ground Level Enhancement Events of Solar Energetic Particle
PoS(ICRC2019)1088 file missing H. Jia
Temperatures of Large Solar X-ray Events and Associated CME Speeds
PoS(ICRC2019)1089 pdf S. Kahler and A. Ling
Variations of Heavy Ion Abundances Relative to Proton Abundances in Large Solar Energetic (E > 10 MeV) Particle Events.
PoS(ICRC2019)1090 pdf J. Round, R. Loper, O. Nava and S. Kahler
Ratios of SEP/Suprathermal Intensities and Associated CME Speeds
PoS(ICRC2019)1091 pdf S. Kahler and A. Ling
Neural network forecast of the solar activity and cosmic ray intensity during cycle 25
PoS(ICRC2019)1092 pdf Z. Kobyliński, A. Wysokinski and T. Seredyn
A neutron monitor as an integral spectrometer for GLE analysis: Effective rigidity and reassessment of integral fluxes
PoS(ICRC2019)1093 pdf S. Koldobskiy, A. Mishev, G. Kovaltsov and I. Usoskin
Validation of the neutron monitor yield functions using data from AMS-02 and PAMELA experiments, 2006--2017
PoS(ICRC2019)1094 pdf S. Koldobskiy, V. Bindi, C. Corti, G. Kovaltsov and I. Usoskin
Atmospheric pressure dependance of HAWC scaler system
PoS(ICRC2019)1095 pdf A.B. Kollamparambil Paul, A. Lara and J. Ryan
Acceleration of Anomalous Cosmic Rays: Solar Cycle Variations
PoS(ICRC2019)1096 pdf J. Kota
Cosmic-ray Intensity Enhancements along Heliospheric Current Sheets
PoS(ICRC2019)1097 pdf J. Kota and K. Munakata
How do Cosmic Rays enter and leave the Heliosphere?
PoS(ICRC2019)1098 pdf J. Kota
Providing Long-term Measurements of 5 - 50 MeV/nucleon Proton and Helium Intensities – A new Data Product for SOHO/EPHIN
PoS(ICRC2019)1099 file missing P. Kühl
Solar modulation of cosmic rays in a semi-analytical framework
PoS(ICRC2019)1100 pdf M. Kuhlen and P. Mertsch
PoS(ICRC2019)1101 file missing R. Kumar
Mean High-Energy Ionic Charge States during the September 2017 Solar Energetic Particle Events Observed by ACE and STEREO
PoS(ICRC2019)1102 pdf A. Labrador, L. Sollitt, C. Cohen, E. Christian, A.C. Cummings, R. Leske, G. Mason, R. Mewaldt, E.C. Stone, T. von Rosenvinge and M. Wiedenbeck
Modulation of cosmic ray protons and helium nuclei observed by PAMELA experiment during 2006-2014
PoS(ICRC2019)1103 file missing I. Lagoida
Galactic Cosmic Ray Sun Shadow during the declining phase of cycle 24 observed by HAWC
PoS(ICRC2019)1104 pdf A. Lara
27-Day Modulation of Cosmic Ray Intensities During the Last Two Solar Minima
PoS(ICRC2019)1105 pdf R. Leske, A.C. Cummings, R.A. Mewaldt, E.C. Stone, T.T. von Rosenvinge and M.E. Wiedenbeck
Influence of atmospheric electric field over NM on CR intensity: Observations on Mt. Hermon and comparison with theory
PoS(ICRC2019)1106 pdf L. Dorman, L. Pustilnik and E. Petrov
Neutron Monitor Comparison by Spectral Analysis in relation to Cosmic Ray Intensity in the period 2013-2018
PoS(ICRC2019)1108 pdf A. López Comazzi
Chaotic Effects on Cosmic Ray Anisotropy in a Heliosphere-inspired Model
PoS(ICRC2019)1109 pdf V. Lopez-Barquero and P. Desiati
PoS(ICRC2019)1110 pdf attachments A. Lukovnikova
A Numerically Study of Cosmic Proton Modulation using AMS02 Observations
PoS(ICRC2019)1111 file missing X. Luo
A Numerical Study of the Effect of Corotation Interaction Regions (CIRs) on Cosmic Ray Transport
PoS(ICRC2019)1112 file missing X. Luo
Correlation analysis between the Aerosol Optical Depth and Cosmic Rays
PoS(ICRC2019)1113 pdf A. Maghrabi
Temperature Effects on Cosmic Ray muons Observed by Multiwire Detector at High Cutoff Rigidity Station
PoS(ICRC2019)1114 pdf A. Maghrabi, A. Aldosari, M. Almutairi, M. Altilasi, A. Alshehri, R. Alfadhel, B. Almshari, J. Alrashied, E. Almutairi and B. Alrashide
Preliminary Results from CARPET charge particles detector located in high cut off rigidity
PoS(ICRC2019)1115 pdf A. Maghrabi
Ground and flight performances of the balloon-borne magnetic spectrometer AESOP-Lite
PoS(ICRC2019)1116 pdf P.S. Mangeard, J. Clem, P. Evenson, R. Johnson, B. Lucas, S. Mechbal and J. Roth
Time dependence of the proton and helium fluxes measured by PAMELA during solar minimum (2006 - 2009)
PoS(ICRC2019)1117 pdf N. Marcelli, M. Boezio, A. Lenni, M. Martucci, W. Menn, R. Munini, R. Sparvoli, O.P.M. Aslam, D. Bisschoff and M. Potgieter
Space-Weather capabilities and preliminary results of the High Energy Particle Detector (HEPD) on-board the CSES-01 satellite
PoS(ICRC2019)1118 pdf M. Martucci
Measurement of the low energy (20-300 MeV) electron and positron spectra with the AESOP-Lite balloon mission
PoS(ICRC2019)1119 pdf S. Mechbal, J. Clem, P. Evenson, R. Johnson, B. Lucas, P.S. Mangeard and J. Roth
The Large Energetic Storm Particle Event of September 18, 2017 Observed by STEREO-A
PoS(ICRC2019)1120 pdf R. Mewaldt, C. Cohen, G. Li, J. Hu, D. Lario and E. Christian
Solar Gamma-Ray Science with the EPI-HI/HET Telescope on Parker Solar Probe
PoS(ICRC2019)1121 file missing R. Mewaldt
Energy spectra of trapped electrons and positrons with E > 50 MeV measured by the PAMELA magnetic spectrometer
PoS(ICRC2019)1122 pdf V. Mikhailov and A. Bruno
Usage of the global NM network for assessment of the radiation exposure at flight altitudes
PoS(ICRC2019)1123 pdf A. Mishev and I. Usoskin
Spectra of extreme GLEs derived using neutron monitor network records
PoS(ICRC2019)1124 pdf A. Mishev and I. Usoskin
Neutron monitor yield function at several altitudes above sea level: new improved computation
PoS(ICRC2019)1125 pdf A. Mishev, G. Kovaltsov and I. Usoskin
Solar Modulation of Galactic Cosmic-Ray Electrons Measured with CALET
PoS(ICRC2019)1126 pdf S. Miyake, Y. Migita, Y. Asaoka, Y. Akaike, S. Torii, T. Terasawa, R. Kataoka and K. Sakai
Quasi-periodic changes of three dimensional solar anisotropy of galactic cosmic rays for 1965-2014
PoS(ICRC2019)1127 pdf R. Modzelewska and M. Alania
Study of the 27-day variations of GCR in 2007-2008 based on PAMELA and ARINA observations
PoS(ICRC2019)1128 pdf R. Modzelewska, G. Bazilevskaya, M. Boezio, S.V. Koldashov, M.B. Krainev, A. Mayorov, M.A. Mayorova, R. Munini, I.K. Troitskaya, R.F. Yulbarisov and O.b. of PAMELA collaboration
Long-term variation of galactic cosmic ray intensity observed with the Nagoya multidirectional muon detector
PoS(ICRC2019)1129 pdf K. Munakata
Isotope solar modulation with the PAMELA experiment
PoS(ICRC2019)1130 pdf R. Munini, D. Bisschoff, M. Boezio, A. Lenni, W. Menn, N. Marcelli, M. Potgieter and O. Aslam
Elves reconstruction and characterization at the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)1131 pdf R. Mussa
Can we estimate the variation of the z-component of the interplanetary magnetic field from the sun shadow?
PoS(ICRC2019)1132 pdf Y. Nakamura
Study of the solar magnetic field influence on the cosmic ray Sun shadow
PoS(ICRC2019)1133 pdf Y. Nan
Effects of scattering parameters on charge-sign-dependent cosmic ray modulation
PoS(ICRC2019)1134 pdf M.D. Ngobeni
Correlation Study between Telescope Array Lightning Location System and ground Surface particle Detector
PoS(ICRC2019)1135 pdf T. Okuda
Solar Energetic Particles measured by the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the International Space Station during solar cycle 24.
PoS(ICRC2019)1136 file missing A. Oliva
Water Cherenkov detector optimization for space weather studies in Antarctic.
PoS(ICRC2019)1137 pdf L. Otiniano, V. Valera, J. Vega, C. Castromonte and J. Peña
Simulation using MCNPX of $\Delta$14C peak in AD 775, AD 993/4 and BC 660
PoS(ICRC2019)1138 file missing J. Park
Spectra of solar energetic particle and galactic cosmic rays over a million years reconstructed using aluminium-26 data from lunar rocks
PoS(ICRC2019)1139 pdf S. Poluianov, G. Kovaltsov and I. Usoskin
Features of 2017-2018 Solar Proton Events Determined by On-board Measurements at Russian Spacecraft in Geostationary and Polar Orbits
PoS(ICRC2019)1141 pdf G. Protopopov, V. Anashin, E. Bondarev, N. Balykina, V.I. Denisova, A.V. Tsurgaev and A. Repin
PoS(ICRC2019)1142 pdf M.K. Richharia
PoS(ICRC2019)1143 pdf M.K. Richharia
Modeling the 2017 September 10 Long Duration Gamma Ray Flare
PoS(ICRC2019)1144 pdf J. Ryan, G.A. De Nolfo and D. Gary
Detecting Single and Multiple Atmospheric Secondaries in an 18NM64
PoS(ICRC2019)1145 pdf A. Sáiz, W. Mitthumsiri, D. Ruffolo, P. Evenson and T. Nutaro
Modeling of the Anisotropy of Galactic Cosmic Rays in an MHD-simulated Heliosphere
PoS(ICRC2019)1146 pdf T. Sako
Analysis of Data from the Low-Energy Modes of the Surface Detector of the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(ICRC2019)1147 pdf M. Schimassek
Evolution of geomagnetic cutoffs at the South Pole and neutron monitor rates
PoS(ICRC2019)1148 pdf L.R. Rosen and S. Seunarine
Re-examination of the First Five Ground-Level Events
PoS(ICRC2019)1149 pdf M.A. Shea and D. Smart
Solar Neutrons Observed During September 4th and 10th, 2017 by SEDA-FIB
PoS(ICRC2019)1150 pdf K. Kamiya, K. Koga, H. Matsumoto, S. Masuda, Y. Muraki, H. Tajima and S. Shibata
Correlation between Cosmic Ray Intensity Variations Observed by the Large Acceptance GRAPES-3 Muon Telescope and Interplanetary Magnetic Field.
PoS(ICRC2019)1151 pdf H. Kojima, S. Shibata, A. Oshima, S. Kawakami, Y. Hayashi, I. Morishita, T. Nakamura, T. Nonaka, S. Ogio, H. Takamaru, K. Tanaka, N. Ito, T. Matsuyama, K. Yamazaki, M. Tokumaru, S.K. Gupta, S. R. Dugad, B. Hariharan, P. Jagadeesan, A. Jain, V.B. Jhansi, P. K. Mohanty, S. D. Morris, P. K. Nayak, P. S. Rakshe, K. Ramesh, B.S. Rao, L.V. Reddy, M. Zuberi, S. Ahmad, A. Chandra and P. Subramanian
Experimental investigation of Delay Time Problem in Galactic Cosmic Rays Stream in Solar Cycles: from 19 to 24
PoS(ICRC2019)1152 pdf M. Siluszyk
The cone of acceptance and the magnetic rigidity cut-off of cosmic ray particles for different models of the International Geomagnetic Reference Field from 1965-2015 in the Deblin airport, Poland
PoS(ICRC2019)1153 pdf M. Siluszyk
Vertical Geomagnetic Cutoff Rigidities for Epoch 2015
PoS(ICRC2019)1154 pdf D. Smart and M.A. Shea
Status and performance of the High Energy Particle Detector (HEPD) on-board the CSES-01 satellite
PoS(ICRC2019)1155 pdf A. Sotgiu
Voyager 2 in the Very Local Interstellar Medium
PoS(ICRC2019)1156 file missing E.C. Stone
The updated and upgraded SANAE neutron monitor
PoS(ICRC2019)1157 file missing D.T. Strauss
A physics-first approach to simulating solar energetic particle transport
PoS(ICRC2019)1158 file missing D.T. Strauss
Digitizing historical cosmic ray observations
PoS(ICRC2019)1159 file missing D.T. Strauss
Design of a Prototype Readout Electronics for a Low-energy Ion Spectrometer in Near-earth Space
PoS(ICRC2019)1160 pdf Z. Sun, Z. Cao, G. Yuan, S. Wang, Y. Li, K. Liu, S. Liu and Q. An
New results in solar modulation modeling in light of recent cosmic-ray data from space
PoS(ICRC2019)1161 pdf N. Tomassetti, B. Bertucci, E. Fiandrini and B. Khiali
Time lag in cosmic-ray modulation and global properties of the Solar Cycle
PoS(ICRC2019)1162 pdf N. Tomassetti, B. Bertucci, E. Fiandrini and B. Khiali
Gamma-ray observations at the coastal area of Japan Sea in winter seasons
PoS(ICRC2019)1163 pdf H. Tsuchiya, T. Enoto, Y. Wada, Y. Furuta, K. Nakazawa, T. Yuasa, D. Umemoto and K. Makishima
Cosmic-ray variability on the multi-millennial time scale: A new multi-proxy reconstruction
PoS(ICRC2019)1164 pdf I. Usoskin, C.J. Wu, N. Krivova, S.K. Solanki, G. Kovaltsov, M. Baroni and E. Bard
Multi-NM spectral slope analysis of long-term cosmic-ray variations at Earth
PoS(ICRC2019)1165 pdf I. Usoskin, P. Väisänen and K. Mursula
PoS(ICRC2019)1166 file missing J.F. Valdes-Galicia
Ionization Effect in Atmosphere During Several Halloween GLE events of October-November 2003
PoS(ICRC2019)1167 pdf P.I.Y. Velinov and A. Mishev
Solar Energetic particles at pileup collisions of the multiple-shock
PoS(ICRC2019)1168 pdf X. Wang, Y. Yan and M. Ding
Design of an FPGA based TDC readout electronics for prototype Mars ion and neutral Particle analyzer
PoS(ICRC2019)1169 pdf L. Wang, Z. Cao, C. Feng, H. Chen, Y. Li, Y. Zhang, S. Liu and Q. An
Data-consistent model of the Forbush decrease. Application of the Approximate Bayesian Computation to estimate model parameters
PoS(ICRC2019)1170 file missing A. Wawrzynczak
Occurrence of 3He-rich Solar Energetic Particles near Earth and Closer to the Sun
PoS(ICRC2019)1171 pdf M.E. Wiedenbeck, G.M. Mason, C.M.S. Cohen, D.J. McComas and E.R. Christian
Penetrating Particle Analyzer (PAN)
PoS(ICRC2019)1172 file missing X. Wu
Solar Neutron and Gamma-ray Detector for a 3U CubeSat
PoS(ICRC2019)1173 pdf K. Yamaoka
Different cosmic-ray events associated with solar eruptions from AR12673 during September, 2017
PoS(ICRC2019)1174 file missing X.X. Yu
Instrument Progress of Solar Hard X-ray Imager onboard ASO-S Mission
PoS(ICRC2019)1175 file missing Z. Zhang
A fast and efficient technique to simulate the effects of geomagnetic storms recorded by GRAPES-3 in real-time
PoS(ICRC2019)1176 pdf M. Zuberi, S. Ahmad, A. Chandra, S.R. Dugad, S.K. Gupta, B. Hariharan, Y. Hayashi, P. Jagadeesan, A. Jain, V.B. Jhansi, S. Kawakami, H. Kojima, P.K. Mohanty, S.D. Morris, P.K. Nayak, A. Oshima, P.S. Rakshe, K. Ramesh, B.S. Rao, L.V. Reddy and S. Shibata
Can we estimate the variation of the z-component of the interplanetary magnetic field from the sun shadow
PoS(ICRC2019)1181 file missing Y. Nakamura
Global changes of CR geomagnetic cutoff rigidities and two- parametric representation of long-term variation spectra
PoS(ICRC2019)1187 pdf L. Dorman, P.G. Kobelev and V.G. Yanke
Theoretical Modeling of Galactic Cosmic Rays Flux in Solar Cycles: 20 -23 including Delay Time
PoS(ICRC2019)1189 pdf M. Siluszyk

When the link to the pdf file is not available, the contribution in question has not yet been accepted for publication.