PoS - Proceedings of Science

The XXVIII International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory

Lattice 2010 - (other lattice conferences)
June 14-19,2010
Villasimius, Sardinia Italy
published June 06, 2011

Lattice 2010, the XXVIII International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory, was held from June 14-19, 2010 at the ATAHOTEL Tanka Village Resort, Villasimius, Sardinia, Italy.

The scientific programme contained 21 plenary session talks and over 300 parallel session contributions (talks and posters). The conference topics included: algorithms and machines, applications beyond QCD, chiral symmetry, hadron spectroscopy, hadronic structure and interactions, nonzero temperature and density, standard-model parameters and renormalization, theoretical developments, vacuum structure and confinement, weak decays and matrix elements.

We would like to thank the members of International Advisory Committee for their help in planning the scientific programme. Thanks also go to all the speakers and delegates who helped to make the conference a big success. We acknowledge financial support from ICTP, INFN, the European Physical Journal, the European Community-Research Infrastructure Activity ``Hadron Physics 2", and the University of Rome ``Tor Vergata".

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Structure of hadrons and form factors
PoS(Lattice 2010)001 pdf C. Alexandrou
Exact Lattice Susy and AdS/CFT
PoS(Lattice 2010)002 pdf S. Catterall
Technicolor phenomenology
PoS(Lattice 2010)003 pdf S.R. Chivukula and E. Simmons
The conformal window on the lattice
PoS(Lattice 2010)004 pdf L. Del Debbio
Computational biology
PoS(Lattice 2010)005 file missing E. Domany
Graphene: from materials science to particle physics.
PoS(Lattice 2010)006 pdf attachments J. Drut
QCD at finite density
PoS(Lattice 2010)007 pdf S. Gupta
Nuclear physics on the lattice
PoS(Lattice 2010)008 pdf T. Hatsuda
Heavy flavors on the lattice
PoS(Lattice 2010)009 file missing J. Heitger
Towards four flavor dynamical simulations
PoS(Lattice 2010)010 pdf G. Herdoiza
Hadron spectrum on the lattice
PoS(Lattice 2010)011 pdf C. Hoelbling
Finite Temperature QCD on the Lattice - 2010
PoS(Lattice 2010)012 pdf K. Kanaya
Light flavors on the lattice
PoS(Lattice 2010)013 pdf J. Laiho
Lattice quantum gravity
PoS(Lattice 2010)014 pdf R. Loll, J. Ambjorn and J. Jurkiewicz
Topology, the Wilson Flow & the HMC Algorithm
PoS(Lattice 2010)015 pdf M. Luescher
Improving hadron creation operators on the lattice
PoS(Lattice 2010)016 pdf M.J. Peardon
String effects in the yang-mills theory
PoS(Lattice 2010)017 pdf M. Pepe
Phenomenology from the lattice
PoS(Lattice 2010)018 pdf C. Sachrajda
LHC results
PoS(Lattice 2010)019 file missing S. Tkaczyk
Strong coupling expansion monte carlo
PoS(Lattice 2010)020 pdf U. Wolff
Calculation of Helium nuclei in quenched lattice QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)021 pdf T. Yamazaki
apeNET+: a 3D toroidal network enabling petaFLOPS scale Lattice QCD simulations on commodity clusters
PoS(Lattice 2010)022 pdf R. Ammendola, A. Biagioni, O. Frezza, F. Lo Cicero, A. Lonardo, P.S. Paolucci, R. Petronzio, D. Rossetti, A. Salamon, G. Salina, F. Simula, N. Tantalo, L. Tosoratto and P. Vicini
Lattice SU(2) on GPU's
PoS(Lattice 2010)024 pdf N. Cardoso and P. Bicudo
QUDA Programming for Staggered Quarks
PoS(Lattice 2010)026 pdf S. Gottlieb, G. Shi, A. Torok and V. Kindratenko
GPU Performnace of Conjugate Gradient Solver with Staggered Fermions
PoS(Lattice 2010)028 pdf H.J. Kim
A worm-inspired algorithm for the simulation of Abelian gauge theories
PoS(Lattice 2010)029 pdf T. Korzec and U. Wolff
GPU-Based Conjugate Gradient Solver for Lattice QCD with Domain-Wall Fermions
PoS(Lattice 2010)030 pdf T.W. Chiu, T.H. Hsieh, Y.Y. Mao and K. Ogawa
Comparison of mass preconditioned HMC and DD-HMC algorithm for two-flavour QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)031 pdf M. Krstic Marinkovic and S. Schaefer
Implementation and performance optimization of Lattice QCD Tool Kit on the Cell/B.E.
PoS(Lattice 2010)032 file missing S. Motoki
Rational Domain-Decomposed HMC
PoS(Lattice 2010)033 pdf Y. Nakamura
Solving the Dirac equation on QPACE
PoS(Lattice 2010)034 pdf A. Nobile
Exact Calculation of Disconnected Loops
PoS(Lattice 2010)035 pdf A. O'Cais and C. Alexandrou
Domain decomposition method on GPU cluster for Lattice
PoS(Lattice 2010)036 pdf Y. Osaki
Multigrid solver for clover fermions
PoS(Lattice 2010)037 pdf J. Osborn
An FPGA-based Torus Communication Network
PoS(Lattice 2010)038 pdf M. Pivanti, F. Schifano and H. Simma
PoS(Lattice 2010)039 pdf L. Scorzato
BQCD -- Berlin quantum chromodynamics program
PoS(Lattice 2010)040 pdf H. Stuben and Y. Nakamura
A mass preconditioning for lattice Dirac operators
PoS(Lattice 2010)041 pdf N. Tantalo
Autocorrelations in Hybrid Monte Carlo Simulations
PoS(Lattice 2010)042 pdf F. Virotta and S. Schaefer
Improved automated lattice perturbation theory in background field gauge
PoS(Lattice 2010)043 pdf R. Horgan, C. Monahan, T. Hammant, A. Hart, E. Mueller, A. Gray, K. Sivalingam and G. von Hippel
Implementation of the Neuberger overlap operator in GPUs
PoS(Lattice 2010)044 pdf B. Walk
The three-dimensional XY model at finite chemical potential using complex Langevin dynamics
PoS(Lattice 2010)321 pdf G. Aarts and F. James
Double pass variants for multi-shift BiCGStab(l)
PoS(Lattice 2010)322 pdf S. Heybrock
Better HMC integrators for dynamical simulations
PoS(Lattice 2010)323 pdf M.A. Clark, B. Joo, A.D. Kennedy and P.J. Silva
Staggered fermions simulations on GPUs
PoS(Lattice 2010)324 pdf C. Bonati, G. Cossu, M. D'Elia and A. Di Giacomo
Improving many flavor QCD simulation using multiple GPU's
PoS(Lattice 2010)325 pdf K.I. Ishikawa
A web-based visualization tool for lattice QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)326 pdf M. Dipierro
Chiral symmetry of graphene and strong coupling lattice gauge theory
PoS(Lattice 2010)045 pdf Y. Araki and T. Hatsuda
Supersymmetry on the lattice and the status of the SYM simulations
PoS(Lattice 2010)046 pdf G. Bergner
Lattice String Field Theory
PoS(Lattice 2010)047 pdf F. Bursa and M. Kroyter
The sphaleron rate in the electroweak crossover
PoS(Lattice 2010)048 pdf M. D'Onofrio, K. Rummukainen and A. Tranberg
Center Symmetry Restoration with 2 Flavor Large N Yang-Mills in the Adjoint Representation.
PoS(Lattice 2010)050 pdf S. Catterall and R. Galvez
Effects of a potential fourth fermion generation on the upper and lower Higgs boson mass bounds.
PoS(Lattice 2010)051 pdf P. Gerhold
Lattice Wess-Zumino Model Simulation with GPUs
PoS(Lattice 2010)052 pdf J. Giedt, C. Chen and E. Dzienkowski
Search for the IR fixed point in the Twisted Polyakov Loop scheme (II)
PoS(Lattice 2010)054 pdf E. Itou
Evidence for a First Order, Finite Temperature Phase Transition in 8 Flavor QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)055 pdf X.Y. Jin and R. Mawhinney
PoS(Lattice 2010)056 pdf T. Karavirta, A.M. Mykkanen, J. Rantaharju, K. Rummukainen and K. Tuominen
MCRG Minimal Walking Technicolor
PoS(Lattice 2010)057 pdf S. Catterall, L. Del Debbio, J. Giedt and L. Keegan
Improved Lattice Spectroscopy of Minimal Walking Technicolor
PoS(Lattice 2010)058 pdf E. Kerrane, L. Del Debbio, C. Pica, A. Patella, A. Rago, B. Lucini, F. Bursa, T. Pickup and D. Henty
Dimensional reduction and confinement from five dimensions
PoS(Lattice 2010)059 pdf F. Knechtli, N. Irges and A. Rago
Chiral symmetry breaking in fundamental and sextet fermion representations of SU(3) color
PoS(Lattice 2010)060 pdf J. Kuti, K. Holland, Z. Fodor, D. Nogradi and C. Schroeder
Chiral symmetry of QCD with 12 light flavors
PoS(Lattice 2010)062 pdf A. Deuzeman, M.P. Lombardo and E. Pallante
Orientifold Planar Equivalence: The Quenched Meson Spectrum
PoS(Lattice 2010)063 pdf B. Lucini, G. Moraitis, A. Patella and A. Rago
Non-perturbative improvement of SU(2) gauge theory with fundamental or adjoint representation fermions
PoS(Lattice 2010)064 pdf A.M. Mykkanen, J. Rantaharju, K. Rummukainen, T. Karavirta and K. Tuominen
Exploration of the phase structure of the $SU(N_c)$ lattice gauge theory with many Wilson fermions at strong coupling
PoS(Lattice 2010)065 pdf K.i. Nagai
Study of the scaling properties in SU(2) gauge theory with eight flavors
PoS(Lattice 2010)066 pdf H. Ohki
The bulk transition of many-flavour QCD and the search for an UVFP at strong coupling
PoS(Lattice 2010)067 pdf A. Deuzeman, M.P. Lombardo and E. Pallante
Confining vs. conformal scenario for SU(2) with adjoint fermions. Gluonic observables.
PoS(Lattice 2010)068 pdf A. Patella, L. Del Debbio, B. Lucini, C. Pica and A. Rago
Confining vs. conformal scenario for SU(2) with 2 adjoint fermions. Mesonic spectrum.
PoS(Lattice 2010)069 pdf C. Pica, L. Del Debbio, B. Lucini, A. Patella and A. Rago
Mass anomalous dimension and running of the coupling in SU(2) with six fundamental fermions
PoS(Lattice 2010)070 pdf T. Pickup, F. Bursa, L. Del Debbio, L. Keegan and C. Pica
New results with colour-sextet quarks
PoS(Lattice 2010)071 pdf D. Sinclair
Sextet QCD: slow running and the mass anomalous dimension
PoS(Lattice 2010)072 pdf B. Svetitsky, Y. Shamir and T. DeGrand
Index and overlap construction for staggered fermions
PoS(Lattice 2010)073 pdf D. Adams
Results for light pseudoscalar mesons
PoS(Lattice 2010)074 pdf C. Bernard
Exploring the chiral regime of Nf =2 QCD with mixed actions
PoS(Lattice 2010)075 pdf F. Bernardoni, N. Garron, P. Hernandez, S. Necco and C. Pena
Magnetic-Field-Induced insulator-conductor transition in quenched lattice gauge theory
PoS(Lattice 2010)076 pdf P. Buividovich, M.N. Chernodub, T. Kalaydzhyan, D. Kharzeev, E. Luschevskaya and M.I. Polikarpov
Overlap Valence Quarks on a Twisted Mass Sea
PoS(Lattice 2010)077 pdf K. Cichy, V. Drach, E. Garcia-Ramos, G. Herdoiza and K. Jansen
Minimal doubling and point splitting
PoS(Lattice 2010)078 pdf M. Creutz
Spectra of the Wilson Dirac operator for QCD with dynamical quarks
PoS(Lattice 2010)079 pdf P. Damgaard
Numerical properties of overlap staggered fermions
PoS(Lattice 2010)080 pdf P. de Forcrand, A. Kurkela and M. Panero
Let's go dynamic -- a quick tour through 2+1 lattice simulations to understand chiral symmetry breaking
PoS(Lattice 2010)081 pdf S. Descotes-genon
Absolute Measure of Local Chirality and the Chiral Polarization Scale of the QCD Vacuum
PoS(Lattice 2010)082 pdf A. Alexandru, T. Draper, I. Horvath and T. Streuer
Staggered chiral perturbation theory in the two-flavor case and SU(2) analysis of the MILC data
PoS(Lattice 2010)083 pdf A. Bazavov, C. Bernard, C. DeTar, X. Du, W. Freeman, S. Gottlieb, U.M. Heller, J.E. Hetrick, J. Laiho, L. Levkova, M.B. Oktay, R. Sugari, D. Toussaint and R.S. Van de Water
Progress in Electromagnetic Corrections to Staggered Chiral Perturbation Theory
PoS(Lattice 2010)084 pdf E. Freeland and C. Bernard
Topological charge in two flavors QCD with optimal domain-wall fermion
PoS(Lattice 2010)085 pdf T.H. Hsieh, T.W. Chiu and Y.Y. Mao
Axial and Electromagnetic observables of hyperons in 2-flavor chiral perturbation theory
PoS(Lattice 2010)086 pdf F.J. Jiang
An exploration of Brillouin improvement for Wilson fermions
PoS(Lattice 2010)087 pdf G. Koutsou and S. Durr
Low-energy constants from Dirac eigenvalue correlators at NNLO in the epsilon expansion
PoS(Lattice 2010)088 pdf C. Lehner, S. Hashimoto and T. Wettig
Analysis of the $N_f=2+1$ lattice QCD results on the lowest-lying baryon masses using covariant ChPT
PoS(Lattice 2010)089 pdf J. Martin Camalich, L. Geng and M.J. Vicente Vacas
$N_c =2$ lattice gauge theories with fundamental and adjoint Wilson fermions
PoS(Lattice 2010)090 pdf H. Matsufuru, Y. Kikukawa, K.i. Nagai and N. Yamada
The Aoki phase revisited
PoS(Lattice 2010)091 pdf A. Vaquero, V. Azcoiti, G. Di Carlo and E. Follana
Wilson Fermions, Random Matrix Theory and the Aoki Phase
PoS(Lattice 2010)092 pdf G. Akemann, P. Damgaard, K. Splittorff and J. Verbaarschot
Minimally doubled fermions and their renormalization
PoS(Lattice 2010)093 pdf J. Weber and S. Capitani
QCD Rotator with Light Quarks up to NNL Order
PoS(Lattice 2010)094 pdf M. Weingart
Meson and baryon masses with low mode averaging
PoS(Lattice 2010)096 pdf G. Bali, L. Castagnini and S. Collins
A novel method for evaluating correlation functions in Lattice hadron spectroscopy.
PoS(Lattice 2010)098 pdf J. Foley, C.H. Wong, J. Bulava, K.J. Juge, D. Lenkner, C. Morningstar and M.J. Peardon
Lattice QCD with optimal domain-wall fermions: light meson spectroscopy
PoS(Lattice 2010)099 pdf T.W. Chiu, T.H. Hsieh and Y.Y. Mao
New developments in multi-meson systems
PoS(Lattice 2010)100 pdf W. Detmold and B. Smigielski
Low lying baryon spectrum with Nf=2+1+1 dynamical twisted quarks.
PoS(Lattice 2010)101 pdf V. Drach, K. Jansen, M. Papinutto, J. Carbonell and C. Alexandrou
Sigma term and strangeness content of the nucleon
PoS(Lattice 2010)102 pdf S. Durr, Z. Fodor, J. Frison, T. Hemmert, C. Hoelbling, S.D. Katz, S. Krieg, T. Kurth, L. Lellouch, T. Lippert, A. Portelli, A. Ramos Martinez, A. Schafer and K. Szabo
Some results on excited hadrons in 2-flavor QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)103 pdf G. Engel, C.B. Lang, M. Limmer, D. Mohler and A. Schafer
Rho decay from twsited mass fermions
PoS(Lattice 2010)104 pdf X. Feng
Extracting resonance parameters from lattice data
PoS(Lattice 2010)105 pdf P. Giudice, D. McManus and M.J. Peardon
Study of the scalar charmed-strange meson D\ast s0(2317) with chiral fermions
PoS(Lattice 2010)106 pdf M. Gong, A. Li, A. Alexandru, Y. Chen, T. Draper and K.F. Liu
Bottom meson masses from a RHQ action on a fine 2+1 flavor DWF lattice
PoS(Lattice 2010)107 pdf H. Peng
Calculation of $\rho$ meson decay width from the PACS-CS configurations
PoS(Lattice 2010)108 pdf N. Ishizuka
Phase Shift with LapH Propagators
PoS(Lattice 2010)110 pdf K.J. Juge, J. Bulava, J. Foley, C. Morningstar, M.J. Peardon and C.H. Wong
Impact of center vortex removal on chiral symmetry breaking in SU(3) gauge field theory
PoS(Lattice 2010)112 pdf M.S. Mahbub, W. Kamleh, D. Leinweber, P.J. Moran and A.G. Williams
Meson spectra from overlap fermion on domain wall gauge configurations
PoS(Lattice 2010)114 pdf N. Mathur
D_s meson spectroscopy
PoS(Lattice 2010)116 pdf D. Mohler and R.M. Woloshyn
Chiral properties of light mesons in the $N_f=2+1$ overlap OCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)117 pdf J. Noaki, S. Aoki, T.W. Chiu, H. Fukaya, S. Hashimoto, T.H. Hsieh, T. Kaneko, H. Matsufuru, T. Onogi, E. Shintani and N. Yamada
Construction and Analysis of Two Baryon Correlation functions
PoS(Lattice 2010)118 pdf K. Orginos
Kaon and D meson masses with N_f = 2+1+1 twisted mass lattice QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)119 pdf M. Wagner
From strange to charmed baryons using Nf=2 twisted mass QCD.
PoS(Lattice 2010)120 pdf M. Papinutto, J. Carbonell, V. Drach and C. Alexandrou
Electromagnetic corrections to light hadron masses
PoS(Lattice 2010)121 pdf A. Portelli, S. Durr, Z. Fodor, J. Frison, C. Hoelbling, S.D. Katz, S. Krieg, T. Kurth, L. Lellouch, T. Lippert, K. Szabo and A. Ramos Martinez
Flavour Symmetry Breaking and tuning the strange quark mass for 2+1 quark Flavours
PoS(Lattice 2010)122 pdf V. Bornyakov, M. Gockeler, T. Hemmert, R. Horsley, W.G. Lockhart, Y. Nakamura, H. Perlt, D. Pleiter, P.E.L. Rakow, A. Schafer, G. Schierholz, A. Schiller, T. Streuer, H. Stuben, W. Bietenholz, F. Winter and J.M. Zanotti
Light hadrons from Nf=2+1+1 dynamical twisted mass fermions
PoS(Lattice 2010)123 pdf S. Reker, R. Baron, B. Blossier, P. Boucaud, J. Carbonell, A. Deuzeman, V. Drach, F. Farchioni, V. Gimenez, G. Herdoiza, K. Jansen, C. Michael, I. Montvay, E. Pallante, O. Pene, C. Urbach, M. Wagner and U. Wenger
Charmonium spectroscopy from Nf=2+1 dynamical anisotropic lattices
PoS(Lattice 2010)124 pdf S. Ryan
Highly excited and exotic meson spectroscopy from dynamical lattice QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)126 pdf C. Thomas
Electromagnetic splittings of charged and neutral mesons from improved staggered quarks
PoS(Lattice 2010)127 pdf A. Torok
Pseudoscalar Decay Constants from $N_f=2+1+1$ twisted mass lattice QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)128 pdf F. Farchioni, G. Herdoiza, K. Jansen, A. Nube, M. Petschlies and C. Urbach
Nucleon, Delta and Omega excited state spectra at three pion mass values
PoS(Lattice 2010)129 pdf S. Wallace
The spectrum of static-light baryons in twisted mass lattice QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)130 pdf C. Wiese
Hadron electric polarizability -- finite volume corrections
PoS(Lattice 2010)131 pdf A. Alexandru and F. Lee
Extracting Scattering Parameters using the Isospin Chemical Potential
PoS(Lattice 2010)132 pdf M. Buchoff
Update on disconnected contributions to hadronic structure.
PoS(Lattice 2010)134 pdf S. Collins, G. Bali, A. Nobile, A. Schafer, Y. Nakamura and J. Zanotti
Nucleon matrix elements with maximally twisted fermions
PoS(Lattice 2010)135 pdf S. Dinter, C. Alexandrou, M. Constantinou, V. Drach, K. Jansen and D.B. Renner
The study of the Three Nucleon Force in full QCD Lattice calculations
PoS(Lattice 2010)136 pdf T. Doi
Strangeness in the nucleon from a mixed action calculation
PoS(Lattice 2010)137 pdf M. Engelhardt
Improved method for computing nucleon strangeness
PoS(Lattice 2010)138 pdf W. Freeman and D. Toussaint
Rho decay widths from the lattice
PoS(Lattice 2010)139 pdf J. Frison, S. Durr, Z. Fodor, C. Hoelbling, S.D. Katz, S. Krieg, T. Kurth, L. Lellouch, T. Lippert, A. Portelli, A. Ramos Martinez and K. Szabo
Spatial diquark correlations in a hadron
PoS(Lattice 2010)140 pdf J. Green, M. Engelhardt, J. Negele and P. Varilly
Axial and pseudoscalar form-factors of the Delta baryon
PoS(Lattice 2010)141 pdf C. Alexandrou, E. Gregory, T. Korzec, G. Koutsou, J. Negele, T. Sato and A. Tsapalis
Static-light meson potentials
PoS(Lattice 2010)142 pdf M. Hetzenegger
The qbar - q potential from Bethe - Salpeter amplitudes on lattice
PoS(Lattice 2010)143 pdf Y. Ikeda
Flavor structure of the baryon-baryon interaction from lattice QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)144 pdf T. Inoue
An extention to the Luescher's finite volume method above inelastic thresholds (formalism)
PoS(Lattice 2010)145 pdf N. Ishii
Light meson form factors in $N_f=2+1$ QCD with dynamical overlap quarks
PoS(Lattice 2010)146 pdf T. Kaneko
Systematic errors in extracting nucleon properties from lattice QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)147 pdf B. Knippschild, H. Wittig, S. Capitani and M.D. Morte
Magnetic Moments of Negative-Parity Baryons from Lattice QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)148 pdf F. Lee and A. Alexandru
The chiral and angular momentum content of the $\rho$-meson
PoS(Lattice 2010)149 pdf M. Limmer, L.Y. Glozman and C.B. Lang
non-locality of the nucleon-nucleon potential from Lattice QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)150 pdf K. Murano
Transverse momentum distributions inside the nucleon from lattice QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)151 pdf B. Musch, P. Hagler, J. Negele and A. Schafer
Nucleon structure from RBC/UKQCD 2+1 flavor DWF dynamical ensembles at a nearly physical pion mass
PoS(Lattice 2010)152 pdf S. Ohta
Nucleon form factors and structure functions from Nf=2 clover fermions
PoS(Lattice 2010)153 pdf D. Pleiter, S. Collins, M. Goeckeler, P. Hagler, T. Hemmert, R. Horsley, Y. Nakamura, A. Nobile, H. Perlt, P.E.L. Rakow, A. Schafer, G. Schierholz, A. Sternbeck, H. Stuben, F. Winter and J.M. Zanotti
Parton Distribution Amplitudes
PoS(Lattice 2010)154 pdf T. Rae, R. Arthur, P.A. Boyle, D. Broemmel, M.A. Donnellan, J.M. Flynn, A. Juttner, H. Pedroso de Lima, C. Sachrajda and B. Samways
Leading order hadronic contribution to g-2 from twisted mass QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)155 pdf D.B. Renner
Charmonium-Nucleon interaction from lattice QCD with a relativistic heavy quark action
PoS(Lattice 2010)156 pdf S. Sasaki
Lattice QCD study of baryon-baryon interactions in the (S,I)=(-2,0) system using the coupled-channel formalism
PoS(Lattice 2010)157 pdf K. Sasaki
Nucleon and N^* (1535) Distribution Amplitudes
PoS(Lattice 2010)158 pdf R. Schiel, V. Braun, S. Collins, M. Gockeler, C. Hagen, R. Horsley, Y. Nakamura, D. Pleiter, P.E.L. Rakow, A. Schäfer, G. Schierholz, H. Stuben and J. Zanotti
Two-photon decay of $´pi^0$ from two-flavor lattice QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)159 pdf E. Shintani
Nucleon strange quark content in 2+1 flavor QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)160 pdf K. Takeda, S. Aoki, S. Hashimoto, T. Kaneko, T. Onogi and N. Yamada
Nucleon magnetic moments and electric polarizabilities
PoS(Lattice 2010)161 pdf B. Tiburzi, W. Detmold and A. Walker-Loud
Forces between static-light mesons
PoS(Lattice 2010)162 pdf M. Wagner
Baryon axial coupling constants and quark momentum fractions with Nf=2+1 dynamical fermions
PoS(Lattice 2010)163 pdf F. Winter, M. Goeckeler, P. Haegler, R. Horsley, Y. Nakamura, P.E.L. Rakow, A. Schafer, G. Schierholz, H. Stuben and J.M. Zanotti
Wilson fermions at fine lattice spacings: scale setting, pion form factors and (g-2)
PoS(Lattice 2010)164 pdf H. Wittig, B. Brandt, S. Capitani, M. Della Morte, D. Djukanovic, G. von Hippel, B. Jaeger, A. Juttner and B. Knippschild
Hyperon Form Factors from N_f=2+1 QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)165 pdf J. Zanotti, M. Goeckeler, P. Haegler, R. Horsley, Y. Nakamura, D. Pleiter, P.E.L. Rakow, A. Schafer, G. Schierholz, H. Stuben and F. Winter
Simulations with dynamical HISQ quarks
PoS(Lattice 2010)320 pdf A. Bazavov, C. Bernard, C. DeTar, W. Freeman, S. Gottlieb, U.M. Heller, J.E. Hetrick, J. Laiho, L. Levkova, M.B. Oktay, J. Osborn, R. Sugar, D. Toussaint and R. Van de Water
Shape of the proton in a uniform magnetic field
PoS(Lattice 2010)328 pdf D.S. Roberts, P. Bowman, W. Kamleh and D. Leinweber
Polarised correlators at finite temperature
PoS(Lattice 2010)166 pdf C. Allton, G. Aarts, S. Hands, J. Foley and S. Kim
A study of the complex action problem in a simple model for dynamical compactification in superstring theory using the factorization method.
PoS(Lattice 2010)167 pdf K. Anagnostopoulos, T. Azuma and J. Nishimura
PoS(Lattice 2010)168 pdf D. Banerjee, R.V. Gavai and S. Gupta
Taste symmetry and QCD thermodynamics with improved staggered fermions
PoS(Lattice 2010)169 pdf A. Bazavov and P. Petreczky
Finite temperature phase transition with two flavors of improved Wilson fermions
PoS(Lattice 2010)170 pdf V. Bornyakov
The QCD equation of state with dynamical quarks
PoS(Lattice 2010)171 pdf S. Borsanyi, G. Endrodi, Z. Fodor, S.D. Katz and K. Szabo
Towards the N_{f}=2 deconfinement transition temperature with O(a) improved Wilson fermions
PoS(Lattice 2010)172 pdf B. Brandt
The critical line of QCD with four degenerate quarks
PoS(Lattice 2010)173 pdf L. Cosmai, P. Cea, M. D'Elia and A. Papa
Finite temperature QCD at fixed Q with overlap fermions
PoS(Lattice 2010)174 pdf G. Cossu, S. Aoki, S. Hashimoto, H. Matsufuru, T. Kaneko, J. Noaki and E. Shintani
Thermodynamic quark susceptibilties in the PNJL model
PoS(Lattice 2010)175 pdf M. Cristoforetti
Coherent center domains in local Polyakov loops
PoS(Lattice 2010)176 pdf J. Danzer
Continuum Thermodynamics of the SU(N) Gauge Theory
PoS(Lattice 2010)177 pdf S. Datta
The QCD Phase Transition in a Strong Magnetic Background
PoS(Lattice 2010)179 pdf F. Sanfilippo, M. D'Elia and S. Mukherjee
Charmonium correlation and spectral functions at finite temperature
PoS(Lattice 2010)180 pdf H. Ding, A. Francis, O. Kaczmarek, F. Karsch, H. Satz and W. Soeldner
Scaling behavior of chiral phase transition in two-flavor QCD with improved Wilson quarks at finite density
PoS(Lattice 2010)181 pdf S. Ejiri
A new approach for studying large numbers of fermions in the unitary regime
PoS(Lattice 2010)182 pdf M. Endres, D.B. Kaplan, J.W. Lee and A. Nicholson
Study of finite temperature QCD with 2+1 flavors via Taylor expansion and imaginary chemical potential
PoS(Lattice 2010)183 pdf R. Falcone
Thermodynamics of $SU(N)$ gauge theories in $2+1$ dimensions in the $T<T_c$ regime.
PoS(Lattice 2010)184 pdf M. Caselle, L. Castagnini, A. Feo, F. Gliozzi and M. Panero
The finite temperature QCD transition
PoS(Lattice 2010)185 pdf Z. Fodor
Renormalized Polyakov loop in the Fixed Scale Approach
PoS(Lattice 2010)186 pdf R.V. Gavai
The imbalanced Fermi gas at unitarity
PoS(Lattice 2010)187 pdf O. Goulko and M. Wingate
Critical behavior of the compact 3D U(1) gauge theory at finite temperature
PoS(Lattice 2010)188 pdf O. Borisenko, R. Fiore, M. Gravina and A. Papa
Hadron properties at finite temperature and density with two-flavors of Wilson fermion
PoS(Lattice 2010)189 pdf H. Iida, Y. Maezawa and K. Yazaki
The Chiral Magnetic Effect and symmetry breaking in SU(3) quenched theory.
PoS(Lattice 2010)190 pdf T. Kalaydzhyan
Continuum extrapolation of finite temperature meson correlation functions in quenched lattice QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)191 pdf F. Karsch and A. Francis
Spectral properties of quarks above Tc -- thermal mass, dispersion relation, and self-energy --
PoS(Lattice 2010)192 pdf M. Kitazawa
Curvature of the QCD phase transition line in a finite volume
PoS(Lattice 2010)193 pdf B. Klein
Lattice study of transport coefficients in second order dissipative hydrodynamics
PoS(Lattice 2010)194 pdf Y. Kohno, M. Asakawa, M. Kitazawa and C. Nonaka
Poisson statistics in the high temperature QCD Dirac spectrum
PoS(Lattice 2010)195 pdf T. Kovacs
Effective Polyakov-loop theory for pure Yang-Mills from strong coupling expansion
PoS(Lattice 2010)196 pdf J. Langelage, S. Lottini and O. Philipsen
Lattice calculation for unitary fermions in a finite box
PoS(Lattice 2010)197 pdf J.W. Lee, M. Endres, D.B. Kaplan and A. Nicholson
Rho Meson in Unquenched Lattice QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)199 pdf M. Loan
Transport coefficients of causal dissipative relativistic hydrodynamics in quenched lattice simulations
PoS(Lattice 2010)201 pdf Y. Maezawa
Chiral and deconfinement transitions in strong coupling lattice QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)202 pdf K. Miura
QCD at finite chemical potential in a small hyperspherical box
PoS(Lattice 2010)204 pdf S. Hands, T. Hollowood and J.C. Myers
Effective Potential and Phase Diagram in the Strong-Coupling Lattice QCD with Next-to-Next-to-Leading Order and Polyakov Loop Effects
PoS(Lattice 2010)205 pdf T.Z. Nakano
Lattice Study of Trapped Fermions at Unitarity
PoS(Lattice 2010)206 pdf A. Nicholson, M. Endres, D.B. Kaplan and J.W. Lee
Charmonium spectral functions in quark-gluon plasma from lattice QCD with large spatial volume
PoS(Lattice 2010)207 pdf C. Nonaka
Another mean field treatment in the strong coupling limit of lattice QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)208 pdf A. Ohnishi, K. Miura and T.Z. Nakano
An application of the variational analysis to calculate the meson spectral functions
PoS(Lattice 2010)209 pdf H. Ohno, S. Aoki, K. Kanaya, H. Saito, S. Ejiri, Y. Maezawa and T. Umeda
QCD at finite chemical potential in the nilpotency expansion
PoS(Lattice 2010)210 pdf S. Caracciolo and F. Palumbo
Constraints on the QCD phase diagram at imaginary mu
PoS(Lattice 2010)211 pdf O. Philipsen and P. de Forcrand
Deconfinement transition in QCD near the heavy quark limit
PoS(Lattice 2010)212 pdf H. Saito, S. Aoki, K. Kanaya, H. Ohnishi, S. Ejiri, T. Hatsuda, Y. Maezawa and T. Umeda
Comparison between LQCD and PNJL model at finite chemical potentials
PoS(Lattice 2010)213 pdf Y. Sakai
On the universal O(N) scaling behavior of (2+1)-flavor QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)214 pdf C. Schmidt and S. Mukherjee
Chiral Aspects of Improved Staggered Fermions with 2+1-Flavors from the hotQCD Collaboration
PoS(Lattice 2010)215 pdf W. Soeldner
How the Quark Number fluctuates in QCD at small chemical potential
PoS(Lattice 2010)216 pdf K. Splittorff, M.P. Lombardo and J. Verbaarschot
EOS in 2+1 flavor QCD with improved Wilson quarks by the fixed scale approach
PoS(Lattice 2010)218 pdf T. Umeda
Exact results for two-color QCD at low and high density
PoS(Lattice 2010)219 pdf T. Wettig, T. Kanazawa and N. Yamamoto
Thermal transition temperature from twisted mass QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)220 pdf L. Zeidlewicz
Hunting the static energy renormalon
PoS(Lattice 2010)221 pdf C. Bauer and G. Bali
Matching the lattice coupling to the continuum for the tree level Symanzik improved gauge action
PoS(Lattice 2010)222 pdf M. Brambilla and F. Di Renzo
The b Quark Mass from Lattice Nonrelativistic QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)223 pdf C. Monahan
Renormalization constants for one-derivative fermion operators in twisted mass QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)224 pdf C. Alexandrou, M. Constantinou, T. Korzec, H. Panagopoulos and F. Stylianou
Perturbative vs non-perturbative renormalization: the case of the quark mass
PoS(Lattice 2010)225 pdf F. Di Renzo, M. Brambilla and L. Scorzato
Ghost-gluon coupling power corrections and $\Lambda_{\overline{MS}}$ from twisted-mass lattice QCD at $N_f=2$.
PoS(Lattice 2010)227 pdf M. Gravina
Renormalisation of composite operators in lattice QCD: perturbative versus nonperturbative
PoS(Lattice 2010)228 pdf M. Goeckeler, R. Horsley, Y. Nakamura, H. Perlt, D. Pleiter, P.E.L. Rakow, A. Schafer, G. Schierholz, A. Schiller, H. Stuben and J. Zanotti
Systemtic Uncertainties in $B_K$ calculated using staggered fermions
PoS(Lattice 2010)229 pdf Y.C. Jang
One loop matching factors for staggered four-fermion operators with improved glue
PoS(Lattice 2010)230 pdf J. Kim
Heavy-light current-current correlators
PoS(Lattice 2010)231 pdf J. Koponen
scaling study of the non-perturbative renormalized quenched quark mass
PoS(Lattice 2010)232 pdf T. Kurth, S. Durr, Z. Fodor, C. Hoelbling, S.D. Katz, S. Krieg, L. Lellouch, T. Lippert, K. Szabo and G. Vulvert
Scale r0 and the static potential from the CLS lattices
PoS(Lattice 2010)233 pdf B. Leder and F. Knechtli
Current Status of Improved Fermilab Fermions
PoS(Lattice 2010)234 pdf M.B. Oktay
Renormalization constants for Wilson fermion lattice QCD with four dynamical flavours
PoS(Lattice 2010)235 pdf D. Palao, P. Dimopoulos, R. Frezzotti, G. Herdoiza, K. Jansen, V. Lubicz and G. Rossi
Non-perturbative running of the coupling from four-flavour lattice QCD with staggered quarks
PoS(Lattice 2010)236 pdf attachments P. Pérez Rubio and S. Sint
Egalitarian Improvement to Democracy in Non-Perturbative Renormalization of Quark Operators
PoS(Lattice 2010)237 pdf K. Petrov
Charm current-current correlators in Twisted Mass lattice QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)238 pdf M. Petschlies
Quark masses with Nf = 2 twisted mass lattice QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)239 pdf F. Sanfilippo, B. Blossier, P. Dimopoulos, R. Frezzotti, V. Lubicz, M. Petschlies, G. Rossi, S. Simula and C. Tarantino
O(\aplha_L^2) perturbative Green's functions of the fermion propagator, and of local and extended fermion bilinear operators, with Symanzik improved gluons and SLiNC fermions.
PoS(Lattice 2010)240 pdf A. Skouroupathis and H. Panagopoulos
Running of the Schroedinger functional coupling with four massless flavours
PoS(Lattice 2010)241 pdf R. Sommer, F. Tekin and U. Wolff
Non-perturbative renormalization of quark mass in Nf=2+1 QCD with the Schroedinger functional scheme
PoS(Lattice 2010)242 pdf Y. Taniguchi
Direct lattice calculation of m_d - m_u
PoS(Lattice 2010)243 pdf A. Walker-Loud
Towards step-scaling with off-shell renormalisation
PoS(Lattice 2010)244 pdf R. Arthur and P.A. Boyle
Simulation of supersymmetric models on the lattice without a sign problem
PoS(Lattice 2010)245 pdf D. Baumgartner and U. Wenger
Dynamical W mass?
PoS(Lattice 2010)246 pdf B.A. Berg
Large-N beta function in Yang-Mills by localization on fixed points
PoS(Lattice 2010)247 pdf M. Bochicchio
Topological gravity on a lattice
PoS(Lattice 2010)248 pdf S. Catterall
A Ginsparg Wilson renormalisation group approach to lattice CP symmetry
PoS(Lattice 2010)249 pdf N.D. Cundy
Glueball masses with exponentially improved statistical precision
PoS(Lattice 2010)250 pdf M.D. Morte
Quantum entanglement and KPZ relations
PoS(Lattice 2010)251 pdf F. Gliozzi
Transfer Matrix for Partially Quenched QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)252 pdf M. Golterman and C. Bernard
Supersymmetry non-renormalization theorem from a computer and the AdS/CFT correspondence
PoS(Lattice 2010)253 pdf attachments M. Honda, G. Ishiki, S.W. Kim, J. Nishimura and A. Tsuchiya
Witten index from lattice simulation
PoS(Lattice 2010)254 pdf I. Kanamori
A study of N=2 Landau-Ginzburg model by lattice simulation based on a Nicolai map
PoS(Lattice 2010)255 pdf H. Kawai and Y. Kikukawa
Species doublers as supermultiplet partners in lattice supersymmetry
PoS(Lattice 2010)256 pdf A. D'Adda, A. Feo, I. Kanamori, N. Kawamoto and J. Saito
Worm algorithm for the O(2N) Gross-Neveu model
PoS(Lattice 2010)257 pdf V. Maillart and U. Wenger
Definition of Instantons in Noncommutative Gauge Theory in Higher Dimensions
PoS(Lattice 2010)258 pdf H. Markum and A. Ali Khan
Fisher's zeros as boundary of RG flows in complex coupling space
PoS(Lattice 2010)259 pdf Y. Meurice
Classification and Generalization of Minimal-doubling actions
PoS(Lattice 2010)260 pdf T. Misumi, M. Creutz and T. Kimura
From loops to surfaces
PoS(Lattice 2010)261 pdf H. Neuberger and R. Narayanan
Second Order Phase Transition in Anisotropic Lattice Gauge Theories with Extra Dimensions
PoS(Lattice 2010)262 pdf S. Nicolis
Near-Integrability of Yang-Mills Theories
PoS(Lattice 2010)263 pdf P. Orland
Very high order lattice perturbation theory for Wilson loops
PoS(Lattice 2010)264 pdf H. Perlt
Testing universality and automatic O(a) improvement in massless lattice QCD with Wilson quarks
PoS(Lattice 2010)265 pdf S. Sint and B. Leder
5-dimensional SU(2) lattice gauge theory with Z_2 orbifolding and its phase structure
PoS(Lattice 2010)266 pdf H. So
Reflection positivity of the free overlap fermions.
PoS(Lattice 2010)267 pdf K. Usui and Y. Kikukawa
Colour fields generated by static sources of different SU(3) representations.
PoS(Lattice 2010)268 pdf P. Bicudo, M. Cardoso and N. Cardoso
Gluon Mass in Landau Gauge QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)269 pdf P. Bicudo and O. Oliveira
Non abelian Bianchi identities, monopoles and gauge invariance
PoS(Lattice 2010)270 pdf C. Bonati, M. D'Elia, A. Di Giacomo, L. Lepori and F. Pucci
Toward a well defined monopole creation operato
PoS(Lattice 2010)271 pdf C. Bonati, G. Cossu, M. D'Elia and A. Di Giacomo
Propagators in lattice Coulomb gauge and confinement mechanisms
PoS(Lattice 2010)272 pdf G. Burgio, M. Quandt, M. Schröck and H. Reinhardt
New results on the effective string corrections to the interquark potential.
PoS(Lattice 2010)273 pdf M. Caselle, M. Billo, M. Zago and V. Verduci
Critical properties of the two-dimensional Z(5) vector model
PoS(Lattice 2010)274 pdf O. Borisenko, G. Cortese, R. Fiore, M. Gravina and A. Papa
Exploring center symmetry with electrically charged quarks
PoS(Lattice 2010)275 pdf S.O. Edwards, A. Sternbeck and L. von Smekal
Lattice Index Theorem and Fractional Topological Charge
PoS(Lattice 2010)276 pdf R. Höllwieser, M. Faber and U.M. Heller
Lattice QCD analysis for the instantaneous interquark potential in the generalized Landau gauge
PoS(Lattice 2010)277 pdf T. Iritani and H. Suganuma
Momentum dependence of the topological susceptibility with overlap fermions
PoS(Lattice 2010)278 pdf Y. Koma
Properties of gauge orbits
PoS(Lattice 2010)279 pdf A. Maas
Further investigation of massive Landau-gauge propagators in the infrared limit
PoS(Lattice 2010)280 pdf T. Mendes and A. Cucchieri
Quantum entanglement in SU(3) lattice Yang-Mills theory at zero and finite temperatures
PoS(Lattice 2010)281 pdf Y. Nakagawa
The QCD vacuum wave functional and confinement in Coulomb gauge
PoS(Lattice 2010)282 pdf J. Greensite and S. Olejnik
Hamiltonian Flow in Coulomb Gauge Yang-Mills theory
PoS(Lattice 2010)283 pdf H. Reinhardt
The glueball spectrum at large N
PoS(Lattice 2010)284 pdf E. Rinaldi
Probing the Yang-Mills vacuum with adjoint zero-modes
PoS(Lattice 2010)285 pdf A. Gonzalez-Arroyo, M.G. Perez and A. Sastre
Gauge-independent ``Abelian" dominance and magnetic monopole dominance in SU(3) Yang-Mills theory
PoS(Lattice 2010)286 pdf A. Shibata
Unquenching the Landau Gauge Lattice Propagators and the Gribov Problem
PoS(Lattice 2010)287 pdf P.J. Silva and O. Oliveira
The deconfinement transition in 2+1 dimensional SU(3) from twisted boundary conditions and self-duality
PoS(Lattice 2010)288 pdf N. Strodthoff, S.O. Edwards and L. von Smekal
Lattice QCD Study for Gluon Propagator and Gluon Spectral Function
PoS(Lattice 2010)289 pdf H. Suganuma, T. Iritani, A. Yamamoto and H. Iida
Can Lorentz-breaking fermionic condensates form in large N strongly-coupled LGT?
PoS(Lattice 2010)290 pdf T.E. Tomboulis
NSPT study of the three-loop lattice gluon propagator in Landau gauge
PoS(Lattice 2010)291 pdf C. Torrero, E.M. Ilgenfritz, H. Perlt, A. Schiller and F. Di Renzo
Universal Aspects of Deconfinement: Interfaces, Flux Tubes and Self-Duality in 2+1 Dimensions
PoS(Lattice 2010)292 pdf L. von Smekal, S.O. Edwards and N. Strodthoff
Confinement, Casimir scaling and phase transitions in G2 gauge theories (NB: POSTER & SEMINAR double page limits)
PoS(Lattice 2010)293 pdf B. Wellegehausen
Relevant momentum components of gluons for confinement and chiral symmetry breaking
PoS(Lattice 2010)294 pdf A. Yamamoto and H. Suganuma
Study of the QGP physics in center vortices
PoS(Lattice 2010)327 file missing T. Saito
Glimpse of $B_K$ on the ultrafine ($a=0.045$ fm) lattices
PoS(Lattice 2010)296 pdf T. Bae
Matrix elements of the electromagnetic and chromo-magnetic operators between kaon and pion states.
PoS(Lattice 2010)297 pdf I. Baum, G. Martinelli, V. Lubicz and S. Simula
A Progress Report on B^0 Mixing
PoS(Lattice 2010)299 pdf C. Bouchard, A.X. El-Khadra, E.D. Freeland, E. Gamiz and A.S. Kronfeld
Computing the long-distance contribution to second order weak amplitudes
PoS(Lattice 2010)300 pdf N.H. Christ
Form factors of the D\rightarrow pion and D\rightarrow K semileptonic decays
PoS(Lattice 2010)301 pdf S. Di Vita
$K^0-\bar{K}^0$ mixing beyond the SM from $N_f=2$ tmQCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)302 pdf P. Dimopoulos
The B*Bpi coupling
PoS(Lattice 2010)303 pdf M. Donnellan, J. Bulava and R. Sommer
Improved Semileptonic Form Factor Calculations in Lattice QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)304 pdf R. Evans
Masses and Decay Constants from Relativistic Highly Improved Staggered Quarks in Full Lattice QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)305 pdf E. Follana
Semileptonic decays of K and D mesons in 2+1 flavor QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)306 pdf
E. Gamiz, J. Bailey, A. Bazavov, C. Bernard, C. Bouchard, C. DeTar, A.X. El-Khadra, E. Freeland, S. Gottlieb, U.M. Heller, J. Hetrick, A. Kronfeld, J. Laiho, L. Levkova, P.B. Mackenzie, M.B. Oktay, J.N. Simone, R. Sugar, D. Toussaint and R. Van de Water
Preliminary study of the non-perturbative renormalization of K\rightarrow pi (pi) operators, with Nf=2+1 Domain Wall fermions
PoS(Lattice 2010)307 pdf N. Garron
HQET parameters at the 1/m order with nf=2 flavors of dynamical quarks
PoS(Lattice 2010)308 pdf B. Blossier and B. Blossier
The continuum limit of 2+1 flavor DWF ensembles
PoS(Lattice 2010)309 pdf C. Kelly and P.A. Boyle
SU(3) Analysis of $B_K$ using staggered fermions
PoS(Lattice 2010)310 pdf J. Kim
$B \to D^*l\nu$ at zero recoil: an update
PoS(Lattice 2010)311 pdf A. Kronfeld
K\rightarrow pi pi matrix elements from 2+1 flavor lattice QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)312 pdf J. Laiho
Delta I = 3/2, K \to \pi \pi Matrix Elements with Nearly Physical Pion Masses (-)
PoS(Lattice 2010)313 pdf M. Lightman
Preliminary results of $\Delta I=1/2$ and $3/2$, $K$ to $\pi\pi$ Decay Amplitudes from Lattice QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)314 pdf Q. Liu
D to K semi-leptonic form factors from HISQ light and charm quarks
PoS(Lattice 2010)315 pdf H. Na, C.T.H. Davies, E. Follana, G.P. Lepage and J. Shigemitsu
SU(2) ChPT analysis of the scalar and vector form factors of the kaon semileptonic decay obtained from twisted-mass fermions with Nf = 2
PoS(Lattice 2010)316 pdf L. Orifici, V. Lubicz, F. Mescia, S. Simula and C. Tarantino
D and B Leptonic Decay Constants from Lattice QCD
PoS(Lattice 2010)317 pdf J.N. Simone
B-physics with dynamical domain-wall light quarks and relativistic b-quarks
PoS(Lattice 2010)318 pdf O. Witzel and R. Van de Water
SU(2) analysis of $B_K$ with staggered fermions
PoS(Lattice 2010)319 pdf B. Yoon