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The 40th International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory

LATTICE2023 - (other lattice conferences)
31 July - 4 August
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
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The International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory is an annual conference that attracts scientists from around the world. Originally started as a place for physicists to discuss their recent developments in lattice gauge theory, nowadays the conference is the largest of its type and has grown to include areas like algorithms and machine architectures, code development, chiral symmetry, physics beyond the standard model, and strongly interacting phenomena in low-dimensions.

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Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence
Hadronic and Nuclear Spectrum and Interactions
Particle Physics Beyond the Standard Model
Plenary session
Poster session
QCD at Non-zero Density
QCD at Non-zero Temperature
Quantum Computing and Quantum Information
Quark and Lepton Flavor Physics
Software Development and Machines
Standard Model Parameters
Structure of Hadrons and Nuclei
Tests of Fundamental Symmetries
Theoretical Developments
Vacuum Structure and Confinement
Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence
Equivariant transformer is all you need
PoS(LATTICE2023)001 pdf A. Tomiya and Y. Nagai
Hutch++ and XTrace to Improve Stochastic Trace Estimation
PoS(LATTICE2023)002 pdf A. Cotellucci and A. Patella
Extraction of lattice QCD spectral densities from an ensemble of trained machines
PoS(LATTICE2023)003 pdf A. De Santis, M. Buzzicotti and N. Tantalo
Bayesian interpretation of Backus-Gilbert methods
PoS(LATTICE2023)004 pdf A. Lupo, L. Del Debbio, M. Panero and N. Tantalo
Out-of-equilibrium simulations to fight topological freezing
PoS(LATTICE2023)005 pdf C. Bonanno, A. Nada and D. Vadacchino
A Neural Network Approach to Lattice Field Theory
PoS(LATTICE2023)006 file missing A. Sheng
Reducing the Sign Problem with simple Contour Deformation
PoS(LATTICE2023)007 pdf C. Gäntgen, E. Berkowitz, T. Luu, J. Ostmeyer and M. Rodekamp
Trivializing Flow in 2D O(3) sigma model
PoS(LATTICE2023)008 file missing C. Chamness, K. Orginos and D. Kovner
Riemannian manifold HMC with fermions
PoS(LATTICE2023)009 pdf C. Jung and N.H. Christ
Lattice real-time simulations with machine learned optimal kernels
PoS(LATTICE2023)010 file missing D. Alvestad
Practical applications of machine-learned flows on gauge fields
PoS(LATTICE2023)011 pdf R. Abbott, D. Boyda, D. Hackett, G. Kanwar, F. Romero-Lopez, P. Shanahan, J. Urban and M. Albergo
Unfreezing topology with nested sampling
PoS(LATTICE2023)012 file missing D. Hoying
Learning Trivializing Flows in a $\phi^4$ theory from coarser lattices
PoS(LATTICE2023)013 pdf attachments D. Albandea, L. Del Debbio, P. Hernandez, R. Kenway, J. Marsh Rossney and A. Ramos
Enhancing Expressivity in Machine Learning: Application of Normalizing Flows in lattice QCD Simulations
PoS(LATTICE2023)014 file missing D. Boyda
Sampling Nambu-Goto theory using Normalizing Flows
PoS(LATTICE2023)015 pdf M. Caselle, E. Cellini and A. Nada
Cluster-Algorithm-Amenable Models of Gauge Fields and Matter
PoS(LATTICE2023)016 pdf E. Huffman
Methods for Bayesian model averaging
PoS(LATTICE2023)017 file missing E.T. Neil
HISQy Business
PoS(LATTICE2023)018 file missing E. Weinberg
Scalar content of nucleon with the gradient flow using machine learning
PoS(LATTICE2023)019 file missing G. Pederiva
The dependence of observables on action parameters
PoS(LATTICE2023)020 pdf G. Catumba, A. Ramos and B. Zaldivar
A solution for infinite variance problem of fermionic observables
PoS(LATTICE2023)021 pdf H. Oh, A. Alexandru, P. Bedaque and A. Carosso
Fine grinding localized updates via gauge equivariant flows in the 2D Schwinger model
PoS(LATTICE2023)022 pdf J. Finkenrath
Tuning HMC parameters with gradients
PoS(LATTICE2023)023 pdf J.C. Osborn
Meron-Cluster Algorithms for Quantum Link Models
PoS(LATTICE2023)024 pdf J.P. Barros, T. Budde and M.K. Marinkovic
Simple Ways to improve Discrete Time Evolution
PoS(LATTICE2023)025 pdf J. Ostmeyer
Constructing approximate semi-analytic and machine-learned trivializing maps for lattice gauge theory
PoS(LATTICE2023)026 file missing J. Urban
Bayesian Inference for Contemporary Lattice Quantum Field Theory
PoS(LATTICE2023)027 pdf J. Frison
Sparse modeling approach to extract spectral functions with covariance of Euclidean-time correlators of lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)028 pdf J. Takahashi, H. Ohno and A. Tomiya
Application of the projective truncation and randomized singular value decomposition to a higher dimension
PoS(LATTICE2023)029 pdf K. Nakayama
Performance of two-level sampling for the glueball spectrum in pure gauge theory
PoS(LATTICE2023)030 pdf L. Barca, F. Knechtli, M.J. Peardon, S. Schaefer and J.A. Urrea-Niño
From Theory to Practice: Applying Neural Networks to Simulate Real Systems with Sign Problems
PoS(LATTICE2023)031 pdf M. Rodekamp, E. Berkowitz, M. Dincă, C. Gäntgen, S. Krieg and T. Luu
Efficient computations of correlators with local distillation
PoS(LATTICE2023)032 file missing N. Lang
Decimation map in 2D for accelerating HMC
PoS(LATTICE2023)033 pdf N. Matsumoto, R.C. Brower and T. Izubuchi
Density of States for Observables. A derivative method.
PoS(LATTICE2023)034 file missing R. Larsen
Multiscale Normalizing Flows for Gauge Theories
PoS(LATTICE2023)035 pdf R. Abbott, M. S. Albergo, D. Boyda, D. Hackett, G. Kanwar, F. Romero-Lopez, P. Shanahan and J. Urban
MLMC: Machine Learning Monte Carlo for Lattice Gauge Theory
PoS(LATTICE2023)036 pdf S. Foreman, X.y. Jin and J.C. Osborn
Gauge-equivariant multigrid neural networks
PoS(LATTICE2023)037 pdf D. Knüttel, C. Lehner and T. Wettig
Fixed point actions from convolutional neural networks
PoS(LATTICE2023)038 pdf U. Wenger, K. Holland, A. Ipp and D.I. Müller
Multipolynomial Monte Carlo Trace Estimation
PoS(LATTICE2023)039 pdf P. Lashomb, R.B. Morgan, T. Whyte and W. Wilcox
Neural Network Gauge Field Transformation for 4D SU(3) gauge fields
PoS(LATTICE2023)040 file missing X.y. Jin
On the geometric convergence of HMC on Riemannian manifolds
PoS(LATTICE2023)041 file missing X. Yu
Fourier Acceleration of SU(3) Pure Gauge Theory at Weak Coupling
PoS(LATTICE2023)042 pdf Y. Huo and N.H. Christ
Signal-to-noise improvement through neural network contour deformations for 3D 𝑺𝑼(2) lattice gauge theory
PoS(LATTICE2023)043 pdf Y. Lin, W. Detmold, G. Kanwar, P. Shanahan and M. Wagman
Hadronic and Nuclear Spectrum and Interactions
Precision Determination of Baryon Masses including Isospin-breaking
PoS(LATTICE2023)044 pdf A. Segner, A. Risch and H. Wittig
Finite-volume scattering on the left-hand cut
PoS(LATTICE2023)045 file missing A. Baiao Raposo
To bind or not to bind, a question of various two-nucleon interpolators
PoS(LATTICE2023)046 file missing A. Walker-Loud
Investigations of nucleon-pion states
PoS(LATTICE2023)047 file missing A. Hackl
Progress in generating gauge ensembles with Stabilized Wilson Fermions
PoS(LATTICE2023)048 pdf A. Francis, F. Cuteri, P. Fritzsch, G. Pederiva, A. Rago, A. Shindler, A. Walker-Loud and S. Zafeiropoulos
Nucleon-Pion Spectroscopy from Sparsened Correlators
PoS(LATTICE2023)049 pdf A. Grebe and M. Wagman
The quenched glueball spectrum from smeared spectral densities
PoS(LATTICE2023)050 pdf A. Smecca, M. Panero, N. Tantalo and D. Vadacchino
Quark masses and low energy constants in the continuum from the tadpole improved clover ensembles
PoS(LATTICE2023)051 file missing B. Hu
Doubly charmed tetraquark: isospin channels and diquark-antidiquark interpolators
PoS(LATTICE2023)052 pdf E.O. Pacheco, S. Collins, L. Leskovec, M. Padmanath and S. Prelovsek
Timelike pion form factor from lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)053 file missing F. Ortega Gama
The two-pole nature of the $\Lambda(1405)$ from lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)054 file missing F. Romero-Lopez
Isospin-$\frac{1}{2}$ $D\pi$ scattering and the $D_0^*$ resonance
PoS(LATTICE2023)055 pdf H. Yan, C. Liu, L. Liu, Y. Meng and H. Xing
Exploring the anisotropic HISQ (aHISQ) action
PoS(LATTICE2023)056 pdf Y. Trimis, A. Bazavov and J.H. Weber
Optimized Distillation Profiles for Heavy-Light Spectroscopy
PoS(LATTICE2023)057 pdf J. Neuendorf, G. Egbring, J. Heitger, R. Höllwieser, F. Knechtli, T. Korzec and J.A. Urrea-Niño
Tcc tetraquark and the continuum limit with clover fermions
PoS(LATTICE2023)058 file missing J. Zhang and J. Green
Progress in meson-meson scattering at large $N_\text{c}$
PoS(LATTICE2023)059 pdf J. Baeza-Ballesteros, P. Hernandez and F. Romero-Lopez
QED corrections to meson masses
PoS(LATTICE2023)060 pdf J. Swaim
Charmonium spectroscopy with optimal distillation profiles
PoS(LATTICE2023)061 pdf J.A. Urrea Nino, J. Finkenrath, R. Höllwieser, F. Knechtli, T. Korzec and M.J. Peardon
Pion-N and Other Nucleon Excited States in Nucleon Two- and Three-point Functions
PoS(LATTICE2023)062 file missing K.F. Liu
Study on Lambda(1405) in the flavor SU(3) limit in the HAL QCD method
PoS(LATTICE2023)063 pdf K. Murakami and S. Aoki
Antistatic-antistatic-light-light potentials from lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)064 pdf L. Mueller, P. Bicudo, M. Marinkovic and M. Wagner
Search for isoscalar axialvector $bc\bar u\bar d$ tetraquark bound states
PoS(LATTICE2023)065 file missing P. Madanagopalan
The three-pion K-matrix at NLO in chiral perturbation theory
PoS(LATTICE2023)066 file missing M. Sjö
Breakdown of Lüscher Formalism near Left Hand Cuts
PoS(LATTICE2023)067 file missing M.H. Islam
Relativistic corrections to the static potential from generalized Wilson loops at finite flow time
PoS(LATTICE2023)068 pdf M. Eichberg and M. Wagner
Charmonium-like channels $1^{+-}$ and $1^{++}$ with isospin 1
PoS(LATTICE2023)069 file missing M. Sadl
Towards a high-precision description of the $\rho$ and $K^*$ resonances
PoS(LATTICE2023)070 file missing N.P. Lachini
Variational study of NN systems and the H dibaryon
PoS(LATTICE2023)071 file missing P. Shanahan
Testing formalism for $\gamma^\star \to3\pi$ and $K \to3\pi$
PoS(LATTICE2023)072 file missing R. Briceno
Hybrid static potentials from Laplacian eigenmodes
PoS(LATTICE2023)073 pdf R. Höllwieser, F. Knechtli, T. Korzec, M.J. Peardon and J.A. Urrea-Niño
Lattice QCD studies of the $\Delta$ baryon resonance and the $K_0^\ast(700)$ and $a_0(980)$ meson resonances: the role of exotic operators in determining the finite-volume spectrum
PoS(LATTICE2023)074 pdf S. Skinner, J. Bulava, D. Darvish, A.D. Hanlon, B. Hoerz, C. Morningstar, A. Nicholson, F. Romero-Lopez, P. Vranas and A. Walker-Loud
Analytic continuation of the finite-volume three-particle amplitudes
PoS(LATTICE2023)075 pdf S. Dawid
Spectroscopy of heavy-light mesons
PoS(LATTICE2023)076 file missing S. Ryan
Doubly charmed tetraquark $T_{cc}^+$ in (2+1)-flavor QCD near physical point
PoS(LATTICE2023)077 pdf Y. Lyu, S. Aoki, T. Doi, T. Hatsuda, Y. Ikeda and J. Meng
Resolving the left-hand-cut problem in lattice studies of the doubly-charmed tetraquark
PoS(LATTICE2023)078 file missing S.R. Sharpe
Nucleon-hyperon interaction from lattice QCD on physical point
PoS(LATTICE2023)079 file missing T. Doi
Investigation of two-particle contributions to nucleon matrix elements
PoS(LATTICE2023)080 pdf C. Alexandrou, G. Koutsou, Y. Li, M. Petschlies and F. Pittler
Three Relativistic Spinning Particles in a Box
PoS(LATTICE2023)081 file missing Z. Draper
Particle Physics Beyond the Standard Model
The conformal fixed point of the SU(3) gauge theory with 10 fundamental flavors
PoS(LATTICE2023)082 file missing A. Hasenfratz
Non-perturbative RG $\beta$-function of 8-flavor SU(3) gauge theory
PoS(LATTICE2023)083 file missing C. Peterson
Mesonic decay constant and mass ratios and the conformal window
PoS(LATTICE2023)084 pdf D. Nogradi and H.S. Chung
The deconfinement phase transition in $Sp(2N)$ gauge theories and the density of states method
PoS(LATTICE2023)085 pdf D. Mason, B. Lucini, M. Piai, E. Rinaldi and D. Vadacchino
Studying gauged Yukawa models and their supersymmetric limit on the lattice
PoS(LATTICE2023)086 file missing G. Bergner
Lattice investigation of the general Two Higgs Doublet Model with SU(2) gauge fields
PoS(LATTICE2023)087 pdf G. Catumba, A. Hiraguchi, G. W.-S Hou, K. Jansen, Y.J. Kao, C.J. David Lin, A. Ramos and M. Sarkar
Renormalization of the Yukawa and Quartic Couplings in $\mathcal{N} = 1$ Supersymmetric QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)088 pdf M. Costa, H. Herodotou and H. Panagopoulos
Chimera baryon spectrum in the Sp(4) completion of composite Higgs models
PoS(LATTICE2023)089 pdf H. Hsiao, E. Bennett, D.K. Hong, J.W. Lee, C.J.D. Lin, B. Lucini, M. Piai and D. Vadacchino
Dynamical dark energy from lattice quantum gravity
PoS(LATTICE2023)090 file missing J. Finkenrath and J. Laiho
Hidden Conformal Symmetry from Eight Flavors
PoS(LATTICE2023)091 pdf J. Ingoldby and  on behalf of the Lattice Strong Dynamics collaboration
The infinite volume based beta-function from the gradient flow with applications
PoS(LATTICE2023)092 file missing J. Kuti
SU(4) Stealth Dark Matter Baryons using LapH
PoS(LATTICE2023)093 file missing K. Cushman
2-flavour $SU(2)$ gauge theory with exponential clover Wilson fermions
PoS(LATTICE2023)094 pdf L. Bowes, V. Drach, P. Fritzsch, A. Rago and F. Romero-Lopez
Running Vacuum Energy on EDT Lattice
PoS(LATTICE2023)095 file missing M. Dai
Naturalness vs Higgs masses: A comparative study within Higgs Triplet Models
PoS(LATTICE2023)096 file missing M. Chabab
Lattice studies of Sp(2N) gauge theories using GRID
PoS(LATTICE2023)097 pdf attachments N. Forzano, E. Bennett, P. Boyle, J.W. Lee, J. Lenz, B. Lucini, A. Lupo, M. Piai, D. Vadacchino, L. Del Debbio, D.K. Hong and C.J.D. Lin
Continuous beta function for SU(3) with Nf fundamental flavor
PoS(LATTICE2023)098 file missing O. Witzel
Higher-Order Calculations of Anomalous Dimensions at Infrared Fixed Points in Gauge Theories and Studies of Renormalization-Group Behavior of Some Scalar Field Theories
PoS(LATTICE2023)099 file missing R. Shrock
Symmetric mass generation in lattice gauge theory
PoS(LATTICE2023)100 file missing S. Catterall
Towards the super Yang-Mills spectrum at large $N_c$
PoS(LATTICE2023)101 pdf S. Martins, M. Della Morte, B. Jäger, J.T. Tsang and F.P.G. Ziegler
Exploring Composite Dark Matter with an SU(4) gauge theory with 1 fermion flavor
PoS(LATTICE2023)102 pdf V. Ayyar and  LSD Collaboration
Scattering of dark pions in an Sp(4)-gauge theory
PoS(LATTICE2023)103 pdf Y. Dengler, A. Maas and F. Zierler
Composite Higgs model from the lattice: Infrared fixed point and anomalous dimensions
PoS(LATTICE2023)104 file missing Y. Shamir
Plenary session
Muon g–2: Status of the Fermilab experiment and of the dispersive approach
PoS(LATTICE2023)105 file missing A. Keshavarzi
Hadron spectroscopy and few-body dynamics from Lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)106 pdf A. Hanlon
Hadronic contributions to the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon
PoS(LATTICE2023)107 file missing A. Gérardin
The QCD phase diagram at finite temperature and density - a lattice perspective
PoS(LATTICE2023)108 pdf A. Pasztor
Introducing the Lattice Virtual Academy (LaVA)
PoS(LATTICE2023)109 pdf C. Bonanno, M.P. Lombardo and M.J. Peardon
Quantum simulations of lattice field thoeries
PoS(LATTICE2023)110 pdf D. Grabowska
Speed of sound exceeding the conformal bound in dense 2-color QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)111 pdf E. Itou and K. Iida
The International Lattice Data Grid (ILDG 2.0)
PoS(LATTICE2023)112 pdf F. Di Renzo
Exascale computing panel
PoS(LATTICE2023)113 file missing F. Winter
Flow-based sampling for lattice field theories
PoS(LATTICE2023)114 file missing G. Kanwar
Transport and Connection to Heavy-ion Collisions via Heavy Flavor Probes
PoS(LATTICE2023)115 pdf H.T. Shu
Outreach, Education, and DEI in Lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)116 file missing H.W. Lin
Renormalons in Large-Momentum Effective Theory
PoS(LATTICE2023)117 pdf J. Zhang
Strongly coupled gauge theories towards physics beyond the Standard Model
PoS(LATTICE2023)118 pdf J.W. Lee
Electroweak transitions involving resonances
PoS(LATTICE2023)119 pdf L. Leskovec
Isospin-breaking corrections to weak decays: the current status and a new infrared improvement
PoS(LATTICE2023)120 pdf M. Di Carlo
Theory needs of neutrino experiments
PoS(LATTICE2023)121 file missing N. Rocco
Advances in algorithms for solvers and gauge generation
PoS(LATTICE2023)122 file missing P. Boyle
Representation and diversity within physics
PoS(LATTICE2023)123 file missing R. Ivie
Isovector Axial Charge and Form Factors of Nucleons from Lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)124 pdf R. Gupta and R. Gupta
Muon $g-2$: Lattice calculations of the hadronic vacuum polarization
PoS(LATTICE2023)125 pdf S. Kuberski
Quark flavor physics with lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)126 pdf S. Meinel
Qudit-based quantum computing with SRF cavities at Fermilab
PoS(LATTICE2023)127 pdf T. Roy, T. Kim, A. Romanenko and A. Grassellino
Overview of hadron structure from lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)128 pdf X. Gao
Lattice QCD calculation of the invisible decay J/ψ→γνν
PoS(LATTICE2023)129 pdf Y. Meng
Poster session
Fast Partitioning of Pauli Strings into Commuting Families for Expectation Value Measurements of Dense Operators
PoS(LATTICE2023)130 pdf N. Butt, A. Lytle, B. Reggio and P. Draper
The $\Lambda(1405)$ from Lattice QCD: Determining the Finite-volume Spectra
PoS(LATTICE2023)131 pdf B. Cid-Mora, J. Bulava, A.D. Hanlon, B. Hörz, D. Mohler, C. Morningstar, J. Moscoso, A. Nicholson, F. Romero-Lopez, S. Skinner and A. Walker-Loud
AdS/CFT Correspondence for Scalar Field Theory in Lattice AdS$_2$, AdS$_3$
PoS(LATTICE2023)132 file missing C.J.D. Lin
Calculation Of Observables At Finite Temperature using Normalizing Flows
PoS(LATTICE2023)133 file missing C. Kirwan
Normalizing Flows for Lattice Gauge Theories: Towards Finite Temperature Simulations
PoS(LATTICE2023)134 pdf C. Kirwan and S.M. Ryan
Constrained curve fitting with Bayesian neural networks
PoS(LATTICE2023)135 file missing C. Peterson
Streamlined data analysis in Python
PoS(LATTICE2023)136 pdf D.A. Clarke, L. Altenkort, J. Goswami and H. Sandmeyer
Use of Inverse Methods for Reconstructing the Hadronic Tensor from Euclidean Correlators
PoS(LATTICE2023)137 file missing D. Stewart
Domain decomposition for the propagator factorization in distillation
PoS(LATTICE2023)138 file missing E.R. Alcalde
Lattice QCD Calculation of Pion Distribution Amplitude Using Domain-Wall Fermions at Physical Pion Mass
PoS(LATTICE2023)139 file missing E. Baker
New configuration set of HAL QCD collaboration
PoS(LATTICE2023)140 pdf E. Itou and  for HAL QCD Collaboration
Glueballs in $N_f=1$ QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)141 file missing G. Bergner, M. Teper and U. Wenger
Beyond Generalized Eigenvalues
PoS(LATTICE2023)142 file missing G. Fleming
Sequential Bayesian fitting method for Pion mass spectrum with HYP-smeared staggered quarks.
PoS(LATTICE2023)143 file missing J. Green and J. Pak
Flow-based sampling of $\mathrm{CP}^{N-1}$ models: how important is equivariance?
PoS(LATTICE2023)144 file missing J.H. Weber and J.M. Rossney
Sphaleron Rate from Lattice Gauge Theory
PoS(LATTICE2023)145 file missing J. Laiho and J.H. Weber
Three-particle scattering in the (1+1)-dimensional O(3) non-linear sigma model
PoS(LATTICE2023)146 file missing J. Baeza-Ballesteros
Mass effects on the QCD $\beta$-function
PoS(LATTICE2023)147 pdf M. Costa, D. Gavriel, H. Panagopoulos and G. Spanoudes
Towards a non-perturbative determination of $b_g$ at small couplings
PoS(LATTICE2023)148 file missing M.D. Brida
Tensor Renormalization Group Methods for Real-Time Evolution
PoS(LATTICE2023)149 pdf M. Hite and Y. Meurice
Highly anisotropic lattices for Yang-Mills theory
PoS(LATTICE2023)150 pdf P. Hotzy, K. Boguslavski, D.I. Müller and D. Sexty
The four-gluon vertex in Landau gauge
PoS(LATTICE2023)151 pdf M. Colaço, O. Oliveira and P.J. Silva
Investigation of optimal smearing for mesons
PoS(LATTICE2023)152 pdf attachments R. Di Palma, G. Gagliardi and F. Sanfilippo
Variance reduction via deflation with local coherence
PoS(LATTICE2023)153 file missing R. Gruber, T. Harris and M. Marinkovic
Study of the phase diagram of 1+1d Z(N) multi-flavor gauge theory at finite density using Tensor Networks and Quantum Simulations
PoS(LATTICE2023)154 file missing S. Valgushev
Progress report on testing robustness of the Newton method in data analysis on 2-point correlation function using a MILC HISQ ensemble
PoS(LATTICE2023)155 pdf S. Jwa, T. Bhattacharya, B.J. Choi, R. Gupta, Y.C. Jang, S. Kim, S. Lee, W. Lee, J. Leem, J. Pak and S. Park
LDIC Survey 2023: Feeling Welcome in the Community
PoS(LATTICE2023)156 pdf C. Aubin, B. Chakraborty, W. Detmold, S. Martins, N. Mathur, T. Mendes, F. Stokes and  on behalf of the Lattice Diversity and Inclusion Committee
Machine learning estimator for the trace of inverse Dirac operator
PoS(LATTICE2023)157 file missing T. Sumimoto
The distribution amplitude of the $\eta_c$ meson
PoS(LATTICE2023)158 pdf M.T. San José Pérez, B. Blossier, M. Mangin-Brinet and J.M. Morgado Chávez
Provenance model for Lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)159 pdf T. Auge, G. Bali, M. Klettke, B. Ludäscher, W. Söldner, S. Weishäupl and T. Wettig
2023 update of $\varepsilon_K$ with lattice QCD inputs
PoS(LATTICE2023)160 pdf W. Lee, S. Jwa, J. Kim, S. Kim, S. Lee, J. Leem, J. Pak and S. Park
"My Journey as a Physicist" Podcast
PoS(LATTICE2023)161 file missing W. Good
Staggered nucleon axial charge and form factors
PoS(LATTICE2023)162 file missing Y. Lin
Bootstrap methods for digitized scalar field theory
PoS(LATTICE2023)163 pdf Z. Ozzello and Y. Meurice
QCD at Non-zero Density
QCD equation of state in the presence of magnetic fields at low density
PoS(LATTICE2023)164 pdf A.D. Marques Valois, S. Borsanyi, B. Brandt, G. Endrodi, J. N. Guenther and R. Kara
Analysis on phases in the Gross-Neveu Model on the lattice with shape-based clustering method
PoS(LATTICE2023)165 file missing C. Nonaka
Staggered rooting and unphysical phases at finite baryon density
PoS(LATTICE2023)166 pdf S. Borsanyi, Z. Fodor, M. Giordano, J. Guenther, S.D. Katz, A. Pasztor and C.H. Wong
Universal scaling and the asymptotic behaviour of Fourier coefficients of the baryon-number density in QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)167 pdf C. Schmidt, D.A. Clarke, P. Dimopoulos, F. Di Renzo, J. Goswami, S. Singh, V. V. Skokov and K. Zambello
Searching for the QCD critical point using Lee-Yang edge singularities
PoS(LATTICE2023)168 pdf D.A. Clarke, P. Dimopoulos, F. DiRenzo, J. Goswami, C. Schmidt, S. Singh and K. Zambello
Detecting Lee-Yang/Fisher singularities by multi-point Padè
PoS(LATTICE2023)169 pdf F. Di Renzo, D.A. Clarke, P. Dimopoulos, J. Goswami, C. Schmidt, S. Singh and K. Zambello
Monte Carlo study of Schwinger model without the sign problem
PoS(LATTICE2023)170 file missing H. Ohata
Applying the Worldvolume Hybrid Monte Carlo method to dynamical fermion systems
PoS(LATTICE2023)171 file missing M. Fukuma
The magnetized Gross-Neveu model at finite chemical potential
PoS(LATTICE2023)172 pdf M. Mandl and J. Lenz
A New Way to Compute the Pseudoscalar Screening Mass at Finite Chemical Potential
PoS(LATTICE2023)173 pdf P. Hegde and R. Thakkar
Chemical potential dependence of the endpoint of first-order phase transition in heavy-quark region of finite-temperature lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)174 pdf S. Ejiri, K. Kanaya and M. Kitazawa
QCD at large isospin density: 6144 pions in a box
PoS(LATTICE2023)175 file missing W. Detmold
The phase diagram at finite baryon and isospin densities at strong coupling
PoS(LATTICE2023)176 pdf W. Unger
Complex control variates
PoS(LATTICE2023)177 file missing Y. Yamauchi
Applying the Worldvolume Hybrid Monte Carlo method to the finite-density complex $\phi^4$ model and the Hubbard model
PoS(LATTICE2023)178 pdf Y. Namekawa and M. Fukuma
QCD at Non-zero Temperature
Thermal QCD phase transition with dynamical chiral fermions
PoS(LATTICE2023)179 pdf A. Kotov, Z. Fodor and K.K. Szabo
The thermal photon emissivity at the QCD chiral crossover from imaginary momentum correlators
PoS(LATTICE2023)180 pdf A. Krasniqi, M. Cè, T. Harris, R. Hudspith, H. Meyer and C. Török
Moment of inertia and supervortical temperature of gluon plasma
PoS(LATTICE2023)181 pdf V. Braguta, M.N. Chernodub, I.E. Kudrov, A. Roenko and D.A. Sychev
Study of Chiral Symmetry and $U(1)_A$ using Spatial Correlators for $N_f$ = 2 + 1 QCD at finite temperature with Domain Wall Fermions
PoS(LATTICE2023)182 pdf attachments D. Ward, S. Aoki, Y. Aoki, H. Fukaya, S. Hashimoto, I. Kanamori, T. Kaneko, J. Goswami and Y. Zhang
Anomalous transport phenomena on the lattice
PoS(LATTICE2023)183 file missing E. Garnacho Velasco
Chiral susceptibility and axial U(1) anomaly near the (pseudo-)critical temperature
PoS(LATTICE2023)184 pdf  JLQCD Collaboration:, S. Aoki, Y. Aoki, H. Fukaya, S. Hashimoto, I. Kanamori, T. Kaneko, K. Suzuki, D. Ward and Y. Nakamura
Axial U(1) symmetry near the pseudocritical temperature in $N_f=2+1$ lattice QCD with chiral fermions
PoS(LATTICE2023)185 pdf  JLQCD Collaboration:, S. Aoki, Y. Aoki, H. Fukaya, S. Hashimoto, I. Kanamori, T. Kaneko, Y. Nakamura, C. Rohrhofer, K. Suzukih and D. Ward
Fluctuations of conserved charges in strong magnetic fields in (2+1)-flavor QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)186 file missing J. Goswami and J. Gu
Characterizing Strongly Interacting Matter at Finite Temperature: (2+1)-Flavor QCD with Möbius Domain Wall fermions
PoS(LATTICE2023)187 pdf J. Goswami, Y. Aoki, H. Fukaya, S. Hashimoto, I. Kanamori, T. Kaneko, Y. Nakamura, Y. Zhang and  on behalf of JLQCD Collaboration
Electromagnetic effects on topological observables in QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)188 pdf B. Brandt, G. Endrodi, J.J. Hernández, G. Marko and L. Pannullo
Sphaleron rate as an inverse problem: a novel lattice approach
PoS(LATTICE2023)189 pdf M. Naviglio, C. Bonanno, F. D'Angelo, M. D'Elia and L. Maio
Critical point in heavy-quark region of QCD on fine lattices
PoS(LATTICE2023)190 pdf M. Kitazawa, R. Ashikawa, S. Ejiri, K. Kanaya and H. Sugawara
Partial deconfinement in QCD at $N=3$ and $N=\infty$
PoS(LATTICE2023)191 pdf M. Hanada, H. Ohata, H. Watanabe and H. Shimada
Progresses on high-temperature QCD: Equation of State and energy-momentum tensor
PoS(LATTICE2023)192 pdf M. Bresciani, M. Dalla Brida, L. Giusti and M. Pepe
Determination of the CP restoration temperature at $\theta=\pi$ in 4D SU(2) Yang-Mills theory through simulations at imaginary $\theta$
PoS(LATTICE2023)193 pdf M. Hirasawa, K. Hatakeyama, M. Honda, A. Matsumoto, J. Nishimura and A. Yosprakob
Advancing real-time Yang-Mills: towards real-time observables from first principles
PoS(LATTICE2023)194 pdf P. Hotzy, K. Boguslavski and D.I. Müller
Complex potential at finite temperature in 2+1 flavor QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)195 file missing P. Petreczky
Baryonic screening masses in high temperature QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)196 pdf P. Rescigno, L. Giusti, T. Harris, D. Laudicina and M. Pepe
Chiral transition via Strong Coupling expansion
PoS(LATTICE2023)197 pdf P. Pattanaik, W. Unger and J. Kim
Finite volume effects near the chiral crossover
PoS(LATTICE2023)198 pdf R. Kara, S. Borsanyi, Z. Fodor, P. Parotto, A. Pasztor, J. Guenther and C.H. Wong
Reconstructed (charm) baryon methods at finite temperature on anisotropic lattices
PoS(LATTICE2023)199 pdf R. Bignell, G. Aarts, C. Allton, M.N. Anwar, T. J. Burns, B. Jaeger, J.I. Skullerud and  for the FASTSUM collaboration
Charm Fluctuations and Deconfinement
PoS(LATTICE2023)200 pdf S. Sharma
High temperature $U(1)_A$ breaking in the chiral limit
PoS(LATTICE2023)201 pdf T.G. Kovacs
Microscopic Encoding of Macroscopic Universality in QCD Chiral Phase Transition
PoS(LATTICE2023)202 pdf W.P. Huang, H.T. Ding, S. Mukherjee and P. Petreczky
Exploring the QCD phase diagram with three flavors of Möbius domain wall fermions
PoS(LATTICE2023)203 pdf attachments Y. Zhang, Y. Aoki, S. Hashimoto, I. Kanamori, T. Kaneko and Y. Nakamura
Local Polyakov-loop fluctuation and center domains in quark-gluon plasma with many colors
PoS(LATTICE2023)204 pdf Y. Nakajima and H. Suganuma
Quantum Computing and Quantum Information
Three ways of calculating mass spectra for the 2-flavor Schwinger model in the Hamiltonian formalism
PoS(LATTICE2023)205 pdf A. Matsumoto, E. Itou and Y. Tanizaki
Finite-group Laplacian and the physical Hilbert space of finite-group gauge theories
PoS(LATTICE2023)206 file missing A. Mariani
Entanglement entropy from non-equilibrium lattice simulations
PoS(LATTICE2023)207 pdf A. Bulgarelli and M. Panero
Fuzzy Qubitization of Gauge Theories
PoS(LATTICE2023)208 file missing A. Carosso
Chiral fermion on quantum computers
PoS(LATTICE2023)209 pdf A. Yamamoto, T. Hayata and K. Nakayama
State preparation in quantum simulations of lattice gauge theories
PoS(LATTICE2023)211 file missing C. Kane
Exploring lattice supersymmetry with variational quantum deflation
PoS(LATTICE2023)212 file missing D. Schaich and C. Culver
Digital Quantum Simulation for Spectroscopy of Schwinger Model
PoS(LATTICE2023)213 pdf D. Ghim and M. Honda
How many quantum gates do gauge theories require?
PoS(LATTICE2023)214 file missing E. Murairi
Improved Fermion Hamiltonians for quantum simulation
PoS(LATTICE2023)215 pdf E. Gustafson and R. Van de Water
Mixed State Variational Quantum Eigensolver for the Estimation of Expectation Values at Finite Temperature
PoS(LATTICE2023)216 pdf G. Clemente
Simulations of the Hyperbolic Ising Model
PoS(LATTICE2023)217 file missing G.C. Toga
Simulating Z2 lattice gauge theory on a quantum computer
PoS(LATTICE2023)218 file missing H. Lamm
Testing importance sampling on a quantum annealer for strong coupling $SU(3)$ gauge theory
PoS(LATTICE2023)219 pdf J. Kim, T. Luu and W. Unger
Quantum Simulation of Finite Temperature Schwinger Model via Quantum Imaginary Time Evolution
PoS(LATTICE2023)220 pdf J. Pedersen, E. Itou, R.Y. Sun and S. Yunoki
Error mitigation strategies for simple quantum systems
PoS(LATTICE2023)221 pdf K. Zambello, M. D'Elia and R. Pariente
Real-time dynamics of the Schwinger model via variational quantum algorithms
PoS(LATTICE2023)222 pdf L. Nagano, A. Bapat and C. W Bauer
Symmetry Breaking and Clock Model Interpolation in 2D Classical O(2) Spin Systems
PoS(LATTICE2023)223 pdf L. Hostetler, R. Sakai, J. Zhang, A. Bazavov and Y. Meurice
Thermodynamics of non-Abelian $D_4$ lattice gauge theory via Quantum Metropolis Sampling
PoS(LATTICE2023)224 pdf E. Ballini, G. Clemente, M. D'Elia, L. Maio and K. Zambello
Canonical Momenta in Digitized SU(2) Lattice Gauge Theory
PoS(LATTICE2023)225 file missing M. Garofalo
Relations between Quantum Error Correction and Gauge Theory
PoS(LATTICE2023)226 file missing M. Honda
Qubitization strategies for bosonic field theories
PoS(LATTICE2023)227 file missing M. Cervia
Simulating Field Theories with Quantum Computers
PoS(LATTICE2023)228 pdf M. Asaduzzaman, S. Catterall, Y. Meurice and G.C. Toga
Simulating the Femto-universe on a Quantum Computer
PoS(LATTICE2023)229 file missing N. Butt
Quantum computations of the 𝑶(3) model using qumodes
PoS(LATTICE2023)230 pdf R. Jha, F. Ringer, G. Siopsis and S. Thompson
Testing the $\mathrm{SU}(2)$ lattice Hamiltonian built from $S_3$ partitionings
PoS(LATTICE2023)231 pdf M. Garofalo, T. Hartung, T. Jakobs, K. Jansen, J. Ostmeyer, D. Rolfes, S. Romiti and C. Urbach
Measurement-based quantum simulation of Abelian lattice gauge theories
PoS(LATTICE2023)232 pdf H. Sukeno and T. Okuda
Gauge redundancy as approximate error correction codes for quantum simulations
PoS(LATTICE2023)233 file missing W. Liu
Variational ansatz inspired by quantum imaginary time evolution and its application to the Schwinger model
PoS(LATTICE2023)234 file missing X. Wang
Scalar QED with Rydberg atoms
PoS(LATTICE2023)235 pdf Y. Meurice, J. Corona, S. Cantu, F. Liu, S. Wang, K. Heitritter, S. Mrenna, J. Zhang and S.W. Tsai
Quark and Lepton Flavor Physics
Chebyshev and Backus-Gilbert reconstruction for inclusive semileptonic $B_{(s)}$-meson decays from Lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)236 pdf A. Barone, S. Hashimoto, A. Jüttner, T. Kaneko and R. Kellermann
$m_b$ and $f_{B^{(*)}}$ in 2 + 1 flavour QCD from a combination of continuum limit static and relativistic results
PoS(LATTICE2023)237 pdf A. Conigli, J. Frison, P. Fritzsch, A. Gérardin, J. Heitger, G. Herdoiza, S. Kuberski, C. Pena, H. Simma and R. Sommer
Rare K decays off and on the lattice
PoS(LATTICE2023)238 pdf S. Schacht and A. Soni
Extrapolating semileptonic form factors using Bayesian-inference fits regulated by unitarity and analyticity
PoS(LATTICE2023)239 pdf J. Flynn, A. Juettner and J.T. Tsang
B-meson semileptonic decays from highly improved staggered quarks
PoS(LATTICE2023)240 pdf A. Lytle, C. DeTar, E. Gámiz, S. Gottlieb, W. Jay, A.X. El-Khadra, A. Kronfeld, J. Laiho, J.N. Simone and A. Vaquero
Finite-volume collinear divergences in radiative corrections to meson leptonic decays
PoS(LATTICE2023)241 file missing A. Portelli
Inclusive hadronic decay rate of the $\tau$ lepton from lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)242 file missing A. Evangelista
Hadronic susceptibilities for b to c transitions from two point correlation functions
PoS(LATTICE2023)243 pdf A. Melis, F. Sanfilippo and S. Simula
Comparing phenomenological estimates of dilepton decays of pseudoscalar mesons with lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)244 pdf B.L. Hoid, M. Hoferichter and J. Ruiz de Elvira
Current progress on the semileptonic form factors for $\bar{B} \to D^\ast \ell \bar{\nu}$ decay using the Oktay-Kronfeld action
PoS(LATTICE2023)245 pdf T. Bhattacharya, B.J. Choi, R. Gupta, Y.C. Jang, S. Jwa, S. Kim, S. Lee, W. Lee, J. Leem, J. Pak and S. Park
Form factors for the charm-baryon semileptonic decay $\Xi_c \to \Xi \ell \nu$ from domain-wall lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)246 file missing C. Cogburn
Investigation of the hadronic light-by-light contribution to the muon $g{-}2$ using staggered fermions
PoS(LATTICE2023)247 pdf C. Zimmermann and A. Gérardin
Status of RBC/UKQCD g-2 program
PoS(LATTICE2023)248 file missing C. Lehner
Structure-dependent form factors in radiative leptonic decays of the $D_s$ meson with Domain Wall fermions
PoS(LATTICE2023)249 file missing D. Giusti
$K_L\rightarrow\mu^+\mu^-$ from lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)250 pdf E.H. Chao, N.H. Christ, X. Feng and L. Jin
The mixing of two-pion and vector-meson states using staggered fermions
PoS(LATTICE2023)251 pdf attachments F. Frech, F.M. Stokes, K.K. Szabó, B.C. Toth and  Budapest-Marseille-Wuppertal Collaboration
Computing hadronic vacuum polarization on 0.048 fm lattices with GPUs
PoS(LATTICE2023)252 file missing G. Wang
Form factors for semileptonic B-decays with HISQ light quarks and clover b-quarks in Fermilab interpretation
PoS(LATTICE2023)253 pdf H. Jeong, C. DeTar, A.X. El-Khadra, E. Gámiz, Z. Gelzer, S. Gottlieb, W. Jay, A. Kronfeld, A. Lytle and A. Vaquero
Status update: $\pi^0\to \gamma^\ast \gamma^\ast$ transition form factor on CLS ensembles
PoS(LATTICE2023)254 pdf J. Koponen, A. Gérardin, H. Meyer, K. Ottnad and G. von Hippel
Nonperturbative renormalization of HQET operators in position space
PoS(LATTICE2023)255 file missing J. Lin
Coordinate-space calculation of QED corrections to the hadronic vacuum polarization contribution to $(g-2)_\mu$
PoS(LATTICE2023)256 pdf E.H. Chao, J. Parrino and H. Meyer
Electroweak box diagram contribution for pion and kaon decay from lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)257 pdf J.S. Yoo, T. Bhattacharya, R. Gupta, S. Mondal and B. Yoon
Towards charm physics with stabilised Wilson Fermions
PoS(LATTICE2023)258 pdf J.T. Kuhlmann, P. Fritzsch, J. Heitger and F. Joswig
B(s)-mixing parameters from all-domain-wall-fermion simulations
PoS(LATTICE2023)259 file missing J.T. Tsang
Hadronic vacuum polarization: comparing lattice QCD and data-driven results in systematically improvable ways
PoS(LATTICE2023)260 file missing L. Lellouch
Data-driven determination of the light-quark connected component of the intermediate-window contribution to $g_\mu-2$.
PoS(LATTICE2023)261 file missing M. Golterman
New result for $\varepsilon'$ in $K\to\pi\pi$ decay using periodic boundary conditions
PoS(LATTICE2023)262 file missing M. Tomii
Using Gradient Flow to Renormalise Matrix Elements for Meson Mixing and Lifetimes
PoS(LATTICE2023)263 pdf M. Black, R. Harlander, F. Lange, A. Rago, A. Shindler and O. Witzel
Towards hadronic $D$ decays at the SU(3) flavour symmetric point
PoS(LATTICE2023)264 file missing M.T. Hansen
Structure-dependent electromagnetic finite-volume effects through order $1/L^3$
PoS(LATTICE2023)265 pdf N.H. Truedsson, M. Di Carlo, M. Hansen and A. Portelli
Lattice Calculation of Electromagnetic Corrections to Kl3 decay
PoS(LATTICE2023)266 pdf N.H. Christ, X. Feng, L. Jin, C.T. Sachrajda and T. Wang
$B_s \to K\ell\nu$ form factors from lattice QCD with domain-wall heavy quarks.
PoS(LATTICE2023)267 pdf P. Mohanta, T. Kaneko, S. Hashimoto and  JLQCD Collaboration:
A strategy for B-physics observables in the continuum limit
PoS(LATTICE2023)268 pdf R. Sommer, A. Conigli, J. Frison, P. Fritzsch, A. Gérardin, J. Heitger, G. Herdoiza, S. Kuberski, C. Pena and H. Simma
Status of the exploratory calculation of the rare hyperon decay
PoS(LATTICE2023)269 file missing R. Hodgson
Non-perturbative mixing and renormalisation of ΔF=2 Four-Fermion Operators
PoS(LATTICE2023)270 pdf R. Marinelli, I. Campos Plasencia, M. Dalla Brida, G. Maria de Divitiis, A. Lytle, M. Papinutto and A. Vladikas
Semileptonic form factors for exclusive $B_s\to K\ell\nu$ decays
PoS(LATTICE2023)271 file missing R. Hill
Studies on finite-volume effects in the inclusive semileptonic decays of charmed mesons
PoS(LATTICE2023)272 pdf R. Kellermann, A. Barone, S. Hashimoto, A. Jüttner and T. Kaneko
Pseudoscalar-pole contributions to HLbL at the physical point
PoS(LATTICE2023)273 file missing S.A. Burri
A status update of Fermilab/HPQCD/MILC Collaborations muon g-2 project
PoS(LATTICE2023)274 file missing S. Lahert
Status of next-generation $\Lambda_b \to p, \Lambda, \Lambda_c$ form-factor calculations
PoS(LATTICE2023)275 pdf S. Meinel
$|V_{us}|$ from kaon semileptonic form factor in $N_f = 2+1$ QCD at the physical point on (10 fm)$^4$
PoS(LATTICE2023)276 pdf T. Yamazaki, K.I. Ishikawa, N. Ishizuka, Y. Kuramashi, Y. Namekawa, Y. Taniguchi, N. Ukita, T. Yoshie and  on behalf of PACS Collaboration
Pseudoscalar transition form factors and the hadronic light-by-light contribution to the muon $g-2$
PoS(LATTICE2023)277 file missing W. Verplanke
Light meson decay constants from Möbius domain-wall fermions on gradient flowed HISQ ensembles
PoS(LATTICE2023)278 file missing Z. Hall
Form factors for the charm-baryon semileptonic decay $\Xi_c\to \Xi \ell \nu$ from domain-wall lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)210 pdf C. Farrell and S. Meinel
Software Development and Machines
GPU-Enhanced Tensor Networks
PoS(LATTICE2023)279 file missing A. Samlodia
Exploiting Modern C++ for Portable Parallel Programming in Lattice QCD Applications
PoS(LATTICE2023)280 pdf A. Strelchenko
GPU computation energy-efficiency: from lattice QCD to large language model training
PoS(LATTICE2023)281 file missing A. Portelli
Status of the Grid Python Toolkit (GPT)
PoS(LATTICE2023)282 file missing C. Lehner
Renormalization of Karsten-Wilczek Quarks on a Staggered Background
PoS(LATTICE2023)283 pdf D. Godzieba, S. Borsanyi, Z. Fodor, P. Parotto, R. Vig and C.H. Wong
SIMULATeQCD: A simple multi-GPU lattice code for QCD calculations
PoS(LATTICE2023)284 file missing D. Bollweg
Restoring Reproducibility to Lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)285 file missing K. Clark
NeuLat: a toolbox for neural samplers in lattice field theories
PoS(LATTICE2023)286 pdf K.A. Nicoli, C. Anders, L. Funcke, K. Jansen, S. Nakajima and P. Kessel
Status of OpenMP Target Offloading in Grid
PoS(LATTICE2023)287 file missing M. Lin
Optimizing Staggered All-to-All for GPUs
PoS(LATTICE2023)288 file missing M. Lynch
First dynamical simulations with minimally doubled fermions
PoS(LATTICE2023)289 pdf R. Vig, S. Borsanyi, Z. Fodor, D. Godzieba, P. Parotto and C.H. Wong
Benchmarking portable staggered fermion kernel written in Kokkos and MPI
PoS(LATTICE2023)290 file missing S. Schlepphorst
Standard Model Parameters
Determination of the gradient flow scale $t_0$ from a Mixed Action with Wilson Twisted Mass Valence Quarks.
PoS(LATTICE2023)291 pdf A. Saez-Gonzalvo, A. Conigli, J. Frison, G. Herdoiza and C. Pena
Update on the gradient flow scale on the 2+1+1 HISQ ensembles
PoS(LATTICE2023)292 pdf A. Bazavov, C. Bernard, C. DeTar, A.X. El-Khadra, E. Gámiz, S. Gottlieb, A. Grebe, U.M. Heller, W. Jay, A. Kronfeld and Y. Lin
Quenched Static force from generalized Wilson loops with gradient flow
PoS(LATTICE2023)293 pdf J. Mayer-Steudte
Charm quark mass using a massive nonperturbative renormalisation scheme
PoS(LATTICE2023)294 pdf L. Del Debbio, F. Erben, J. Flynn, R. Mukherjee and J. Tobias Tsang
A non-perturbative determination of $b_{\rm g}$
PoS(LATTICE2023)295 pdf M. Dalla Brida, F. Knechtli, T. Korzec, A. Ramos, S. Sint, R. Sommer and R. Höllwieser
The determination of $r_0$ and $r_1$ in Nf=2+1 QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)296 pdf T. Asmussen, R. Höllwieser, F. Knechtli and T. Korzec
Structure of Hadrons and Nuclei
Nucleon Axial Form Factor from Domain Wall on HISQ
PoS(LATTICE2023)297 file missing A. Meyer
Collins-Soper kernel from lattice QCD at the physical pion mass
PoS(LATTICE2023)298 file missing A. Avkhadiev
Trace anomaly form factor of the pion and the nucleon from lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)299 file missing B. Wang
Extracting the Pion Distribution Amplitude from Lattice QCD through Pseudo-Distributions
PoS(LATTICE2023)300 pdf D. Kovner, J. Karpie, K. Orginos, A. Radyushkin, S. Zafeiropoulos and  for the HadStruc collaboration
Renormalization of non-local gluon operators in lattice perturbation theory
PoS(LATTICE2023)301 pdf D. Gavriel, H. Panagopoulos and G. Spanoudes
Gravitational form factors of the pion and the nucleon
PoS(LATTICE2023)302 file missing D. Pefkou
Magnetic polarizability of a charged pion from four-point functions
PoS(LATTICE2023)303 pdf F. Lee, W. Wilcox, A. Alexandru and C. Culver
Perturbative study of renormalization and mixing for asymmetric staple-shaped Wilson-line operators on the lattice
PoS(LATTICE2023)304 pdf G. Spanoudes, M. Constantinou and H. Panagopoulos
Updates on Pion and Kaon Valence-Quark and Gluon Distributions from $N_f=2+1+1$ QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)305 file missing H.W. Lin
Toward a precision calculation of generalized parton distribution functions.
PoS(LATTICE2023)306 file missing J. Holligan
Flavour-breaking effecting in the Hyperon charges
PoS(LATTICE2023)307 file missing J. Neuendorf and J. Zanotti
Generalized form factors of the pion and kaon using twisted mass fermions
PoS(LATTICE2023)308 pdf J. Delmar, C. Alexandrou, S. Bacchio, I. Cloet, M. Constantinou and G. Koutsou
Towards Unpolarized GPDs from Pseudo-Distributions
PoS(LATTICE2023)309 file missing J. Karpie
Proton Helicity GPDs from Lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)310 pdf J. Miller, S. Bhattacharya, K. Cichy, M. Constantinou, X. Gao, A. Metz, S. Mukherjee, P. Petreczky, F. Steffens and Y. Zhao
The parity-odd structure function of nucleon from the Compton amplitude
PoS(LATTICE2023)311 pdf K.U. Can, R. Horsley, Y. Nakamura, P. Rakow, G. Schierholz, H. Stuben, R. Young and J. Zanotti
Comparison with model-independent and dependent analyses for pion charge radius
PoS(LATTICE2023)312 pdf K. Sato, H. Watanabe and T. Yamazaki
The pion scalar form factor with $N_f=2+1$ Wilson fermions
PoS(LATTICE2023)313 pdf K. Ottnad and G. von Hippel
Renormalization of transverse-momentum-dependent parton distribution on the lattice
PoS(LATTICE2023)314 file missing K. Zhang
Twist-3 axial GPDs of the proton from lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)315 pdf M. Constantinou, S. Bhattacharya, K. Cichy, J. Dodson, A. Metz, F. Steffens and A. Scapellato
Quark orbital angular momentum in the proton from a twist-3 generalized parton distribution
PoS(LATTICE2023)316 pdf M. Engelhardt, N. Hasan, S. Krieg, S. Liuti, S. Meinel, J. Negele, A. Pochinsky, M. Rodekamp and S. Syritsyn
Proton and neutron electromagnetic radii and magnetic moments from $N_f = 2 + 1$ lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)317 pdf M. Salg, D. Djukanovic, G. von Hippel, H.B. Meyer, K. Ottnad and H. Wittig
Unveiling Generalized Parton Distributions through the Pseudo-Distribution Approach
PoS(LATTICE2023)318 pdf N. Nurminen, S. Bhattacharya, W. Chomicki, K. Cichy, M. Constantinou, A. Metz and F. Steffens
On the Baryon Octet: Sigma Terms in the continuum limit from $N_\mathrm{f} = 2+1$ QCD with Wilson fermions
PoS(LATTICE2023)319 file missing P.L.J. Petrak
Lattice QCD predictions of pion and kaon electromagnetic form factors at large momentum transfer
PoS(LATTICE2023)320 pdf H.T. Ding, X. Gao, A. D. Hanlon, S. Mukherjee, P. Petreczky, Q. Shi, S. Syritsyn and Y. Zhao
Nucleon elastic and resonance structures from hadronic tensor in lattice QCD: implications for neutrino-nucleon scattering
PoS(LATTICE2023)321 file missing R. Sufian
Lattice Constraints on the Fourth Mellin Moment of the Pion LCDA using the HOPE Method
PoS(LATTICE2023)322 file missing R. Perry
Discretization effects on nucleon root-mean-square radii from lattice QCD at the physical point
PoS(LATTICE2023)323 pdf R. Tsuji, Y. Aoki, K.I. Ishikawa, Y. Kuramashi, S. Sasaki, E. Shintani, T. Yamazaki and  on behalf of PACS Collaboration
Nucleon electromagnetic form factors at large momentum from Lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)324 file missing S. Syritsyn
Nucleon isovector form factors from domain-wall lattice QCD at the physical mass
PoS(LATTICE2023)325 pdf S. Ohta
A new approach for computing GPDs from asymmetric frames
PoS(LATTICE2023)326 file missing S. Bhattacharya
Octet baryon charges with $N_f=2+1$ non-perturbatively improved Wilson fermions
PoS(LATTICE2023)327 file missing S. Weishäupl
Update on flavor diagonal nucleon charges from clover fermions
PoS(LATTICE2023)328 pdf S. Park, T. Bhattacharya, R. Gupta, H.W. Lin, S. Mondal and B. Yoon
The lattice extraction of the TMD soft function using the auxiliary field representation of the Wilson line
PoS(LATTICE2023)329 file missing A. Francis, I. Kanamori, C.J.D. Lin, W. Morris and Y. Zhao
How Gluon Pseudo-PDF Matrix Elements Depend on Gauge Smearing
PoS(LATTICE2023)330 pdf W. Good and H.W. Lin
Lattice QCD calculation of the nucleon electromagnetic polarizability
PoS(LATTICE2023)331 file missing X.H. Wang
Parton Distributions from Boosted Fields in the Coulomb Gauge
PoS(LATTICE2023)332 file missing Y. Zhao, X. Gao and W.Y. Liu
Leading Power Accuracy in Lattice Calculations of Parton Distributions
PoS(LATTICE2023)333 file missing Y. Su
Tests of Fundamental Symmetries
Taming power divergences with the gradient flow
PoS(LATTICE2023)334 file missing A. Shindler
Exploiting hidden symmetries to accelerate the lattice calculation of $K\to\pi\pi$ decays with G-parity boundary conditions
PoS(LATTICE2023)335 pdf C. Kelly
The calculations of Nucleon Electric Dipole Moment using background field on Lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2023)336 pdf F. He, M. Abramczyk, T. Blum, T. Izubuchi, H. Ohki and S. Syritsyn
Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay from Lattice QCD: The $n^0n^0\rightarrow p^+p^+e^-e^-$ Amplitude
PoS(LATTICE2023)337 file missing P. Oare
The Thirring Model in 2+1d with Optimised Domain Wall Fermions
PoS(LATTICE2023)338 pdf S. Hands and J. Worthy
Neutron Electric Dipole Moment from Isovector Quark Chromo-Electric Dipole Moment
PoS(LATTICE2023)339 pdf T. Bhattacharya, V. Cirigliano, R. Gupta, E. Mereghetti, J.S. Yoo and B. Yoon
Theoretical Developments
Towards space-time symmetry preserving lattice discretisation schemes
PoS(LATTICE2023)340 file missing A. Rothkopf
More on Minimal Renormalon Subtraction
PoS(LATTICE2023)341 pdf A. Kronfeld
Gauge field smearing and controlled continuum extrapolations
PoS(LATTICE2023)342 pdf A. Risch
Extracting OPE Coefficients of the 3d Ising CFT from the Four-Point Function
PoS(LATTICE2023)343 file missing A.M.E. Glück
Euclidean Weak-Field General Relativity on the Lattice
PoS(LATTICE2023)344 pdf C. Bouchard
QED in external EM fields
PoS(LATTICE2023)345 file missing D. Sinclair and J.B. Kogut
Non-equilibrium dynamics of topological defects in the 3d O(2) model
PoS(LATTICE2023)346 pdf E. López-Contreras, J.F. Nieto Castellanos, E.N. Polanco-Euán and W. Bietenholz
Fermi Gases in Two Dimensions
PoS(LATTICE2023)347 file missing E. Berkowitz
The Critical Ising Model on a 2-Sphere
PoS(LATTICE2023)348 file missing E. Owen
A staggered U(1) gauge theory inspired by self-adjoint extensions
PoS(LATTICE2023)349 file missing G. Kanwar
Infrared Phases of 2d QCD from Qubit Regularization
PoS(LATTICE2023)350 file missing H. Liu
Confining Strings as Integrable Spin Chains in Large N Lattice Yang-Mills Theory
PoS(LATTICE2023)351 file missing H. Kawai
A pion decay constant in the multi-flavor Schwinger model
PoS(LATTICE2023)352 pdf J.F. Nieto Castellanos, I. Hip and W. Bietenholz
Spin-taste structure of minimally doubled fermions
PoS(LATTICE2023)353 pdf J.H. Weber
The twisted gradient flow strong coupling with parallel tempering on boundary conditions
PoS(LATTICE2023)354 pdf J.L. Dasilva Golán, C. Bonanno, M. D’Elia, M. Garcia Perez and A. Giorgieri
Tensor renormalization group study of 3D principal chiral model
PoS(LATTICE2023)355 pdf J. Unmuth-Yockey, S. Akiyama and R. Jha
Recent Developments of Euclidean Dynamical Triangulations with Non-Trivial Measure Term
PoS(LATTICE2023)356 file missing M. Schiffer
Methods for lattice QCD calculations of hadronic observables using stochastic locality
PoS(LATTICE2023)357 file missing M. Cè
A qubit regularization of asymptotic freedom without fine-tuning
PoS(LATTICE2023)358 pdf S. Maiti, D. Banerjee, S. Chandrasekharan and M. Krstic Marinkovic
Hamiltonian Truncation on the Lattice
PoS(LATTICE2023)359 file missing M. Luty
Prospects for the stout smearing as an equivalent approach to the Wilson flow
PoS(LATTICE2023)360 pdf M. Nagatsuka, K. Sakai and S. Sasaki
Lattice construction of mixed 't Hooft anomaly with higher-form symmetry
PoS(LATTICE2023)361 pdf M. Abe, O. Morikawa, S. Onoda, H. Suzuki and Y. Tanizaki
Study of 3-dimensional SU(2) gauge theory with adjoint Higgs as a model for cuprate superconductors
PoS(LATTICE2023)362 pdf G. Catumba, A. Hiraguchi, G.W.S. Hou, K. Jansen, Y.J. Kao, C.J.D. Lin, A. Ramos and M. Sarkar
A Microscopic study of Magnetic monopoles in Topological Insulators
PoS(LATTICE2023)363 pdf N. Kan, S. Aoki, H. Fukaya, M. Koshino and Y. Matsuki
SymEFT predictions for local fermion bilinears
PoS(LATTICE2023)364 pdf N. Husung
Higher-group symmetry in lattice gauge theories with restricted topological sectors
PoS(LATTICE2023)365 pdf M. Abe, N. Kan, O. Morikawa, Y. Nagoya, S. Onoda and H. Wada
NSPT for O(N) non-linear sigma model: the larger N the better
PoS(LATTICE2023)366 pdf P. Baglioni and F. Di Renzo
Negative Coupling $\phi^4$ on the Lattice
PoS(LATTICE2023)367 pdf P. Romatschke
From the Affine Ising model to Quantum Geometry in curved space
PoS(LATTICE2023)368 file missing R.C. Brower
Generalized Hall current on a finite lattice
PoS(LATTICE2023)369 file missing S. Valgushev
Implementation of bond weighting method for the Grassmann tensor renormalization group
PoS(LATTICE2023)370 pdf S. Akiyama
A lattice regularization of Weyl fermions in a gravitational background
PoS(LATTICE2023)371 pdf S. Aoki, H. Fukaya and N. Kan
Hadronic Structure, Conformal Maps, and Analytic Continuation
PoS(LATTICE2023)372 file missing W. Jay
Vacuum Structure and Confinement
New gauge-independent transition dividing the confinement phase in the lattice gauge-adjoint scalar model
PoS(LATTICE2023)373 pdf A. Shibata and K.I. Kondo
The chiral condensate at large $N$
PoS(LATTICE2023)374 pdf C. Bonanno, P. Butti, M.G. Perez, A. Gonzalez-Arroyo, K.I. Ishikawa and M. Okawa
Confining strings and glueballs in $\mathbb{Z}_N$ gauge theories
PoS(LATTICE2023)375 pdf C. Luo, A. Athenodorou, S. Dubovsky and M. Teper
Extracting Instantons from the Lattice
PoS(LATTICE2023)376 pdf F. Zimmermann
Chiral condensate from the spectrum of the staggered Dirac operator
PoS(LATTICE2023)377 pdf F. D'Angelo, C. Bonanno and M. D'Elia
Extracting Yang-Mills topological structures with adjoint modes
PoS(LATTICE2023)378 pdf I. Soler, G. Bergner and A. Gonzalez-Arroyo
Flattening of the quantum effective potential in fermionic theories
PoS(LATTICE2023)379 pdf L. Pannullo, G. Endrodi, T. G. Kovács and G. Marko
Computation of the Kugo-Ojima function from lattice simulations
PoS(LATTICE2023)380 pdf N. Brito, O. Oliveira, P.J. Silva, J. Papavassiliou, M.N. Ferreira and A.C. Aguilar
Testing (asymptotic) scaling in Yang-Mills theories in the large-$N_c$ limit
PoS(LATTICE2023)381 pdf P. Butti and A. Gonzalez-Arroyo
Entanglement Entropy due to the Presence of Static Quarks
PoS(LATTICE2023)382 pdf R. Amorosso and S. Syritsyn
New gauge-independent transition separating confinement-Higgs phase in the lattice gauge-fundamental scalar model
PoS(LATTICE2023)383 pdf R. Ikeda, K.I. Kondo, A. Shibata and S. Kato
Monopoles of the Dirac type and color confinement in QCD - Study of the continuum limit -
PoS(LATTICE2023)384 pdf T. Suzuki
Adjoint chromoelectric and -magnetic correlators with gradient flow
PoS(LATTICE2023)385 pdf V. Leino

When the link to the pdf file is not available, the contribution in question has not yet been accepted for publication.