PoS - Proceedings of Science

The 39th International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory

LATTICE2022 - (other lattice conferences)
8-13 August 2022
Bonn, Germany

The International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory is an annual conference that attracts scientists from around the world. Originally started as a place for physicists to discuss their recent developments in lattice gauge theory, nowadays the conference is the largest of its type and has grown to include areas like algorithms and machine architectures, code development, chiral symmetry, physics beyond the standard model, and strongly interacting phenomena in low-dimensions.

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Hadron Spectroscopy and Interactions
Hadron Structure
Lattice Data
Non-zero Density
Non-zero Temperature
Nuclear Physics
Particle physics beyond the Standard Model
QCD in searches for physics beyond the Standard Model
Software development and Machines
Standard Model Parameters
Theoretical Developments
Vacuum Structure, Confinement, and Chiral Symmetry
Weak Decays and Matrix Elements
Learning trivializing flows
PoS(LATTICE2022)001 file missing D. Albandea, L. Del Debbio, P. Hernandez, R. Kenway, J. Marsh Rossney and A. Ramos
Kernel controlled real-time Complex Langevin simulation
PoS(LATTICE2022)002 file missing D. Alvestad
Quantum state preparation algorithms for the Schwinger model with a theta term
PoS(LATTICE2022)003 file missing A. Bazavov
Grassmann tensor-network method for strong-coupling QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)004 pdf J. Bloch and R. Lohmayer
Stochastic normalizing flows for lattice field theory
PoS(LATTICE2022)005 file missing M. Caselle, E. Cellini, A. Nada and M. Panero
Strategies for the Determination of the Running Coupling of $(2+1)$-dimensional QED with Quantum Computing (I): Motivations and Theoretical Foundations
PoS(LATTICE2022)006 file missing G. Clemente
Strategies for the Determination of the Running Coupling of $(2+1)$-dimensional QED with Quantum Computing (II): Numerical Setup on Quantum circuits and Results
PoS(LATTICE2022)007 file missing A. Crippa
Quantum computing for lattice supersymmetry
PoS(LATTICE2022)008 file missing C. Culver
Topology changing update algorithms for SU(3) gauge theory
PoS(LATTICE2022)009 file missing T. Eichhorn, C. Hoelbling, P. Rouenhoff and L. Varnhorst
$D_n$ Lattice Gauge Theory on the Quantum Annealer
PoS(LATTICE2022)010 file missing M. Fromm
Applying the worldvolume tempered Lefschetz thimble method to lattice field theories
PoS(LATTICE2022)011 file missing M. Fukuma
Density of states techniques for fermion worldlines
PoS(LATTICE2022)012 file missing C. Gattringer
Efficiently unquenching electromagnetism in QCD+QED
PoS(LATTICE2022)013 file missing T. Harris
Symmetry breaking in an extended-O(2) model
PoS(LATTICE2022)014 file missing L. Hostetler
Digitizing $\mathrm{SU}(2)$ gauge fields and what to look out for when doing so
PoS(LATTICE2022)015 file missing T. Jakobs
Overcoming exponential volume scaling in quantum simulations of lattice gauge theories
PoS(LATTICE2022)016 file missing C. Kane
MGMLMC++ as a Variance Reduction Method for Estimating the Trace of a Matrix Inverse
PoS(LATTICE2022)017 pdf M. Khalil and A. Frommer
Error Reduction using Machine Learning on Ising Worm Simulation
PoS(LATTICE2022)018 file missing J. Kim
Generative models for scalar field theories: how to deal with poor scaling?
PoS(LATTICE2022)019 file missing J. Komijani
Exploring the phase structure of the multi-flavor Schwinger model with quantum computing
PoS(LATTICE2022)020 file missing L. Funcke, T. Hartung, K. Jansen, S. Kühn, M.O. Pleinert, S. Schuster and J. von Zanthier
Toward tensor renormalization group study of three-dimensional non-Abelian gauge theory
PoS(LATTICE2022)021 file missing T. Kuwahara
Improving Quantum Simulations towards lattice SU(3)
PoS(LATTICE2022)022 file missing H. Lamm
Reducing the Sign Problem using Line Integrals
PoS(LATTICE2022)023 file missing R. Larsen
Machine Learning Trivializing Maps
PoS(LATTICE2022)024 file missing J. Marsh Rossney
Real time evolution and a traveling excitation in SU(2) pure gauge theory on a quantum computer.
PoS(LATTICE2022)025 file missing E. Mendicelli and S.A.R.R.L. Emanuele Mendicelli and Sarah Powell
Exploration of Efficient Neural Network for Path Optimization Method
PoS(LATTICE2022)026 file missing Y. Namekawa
An ML approach to the classification of phase transitions in many flavor QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)027 file missing F. Karsch, A. Lahiri, M. Neumann and C. Schmidt
Towards the Application of Skewed Detailed Balance in Lattice Gauge Theories
PoS(LATTICE2022)028 file missing J.C. Pinto Barros
Toward Quantum Computing Phase Diagrams of Gauge Theories with Thermal Pure Quantum States
PoS(LATTICE2022)029 file missing C. Powers
Deflated Multigrid Multilevel Monte Carlo
PoS(LATTICE2022)030 pdf A. Frommer and G. Ramirez-Hidalgo
Improved lattice method for determining entanglement measures in SU(N) gauge theories
PoS(LATTICE2022)031 pdf T. Rindlisbacher, N. Jokela, A. Pönni, K. Rummukainen and A. Salami
Mitigating the Hubbard Sign Problem. A Novel Application of Machine Learning
PoS(LATTICE2022)032 pdf M. Rodekamp and C. Gäntgen
Gauge-equivariant flow models for sampling in lattice field theories with pseudofermions
PoS(LATTICE2022)033 file missing F. Romero-Lopez
Entanglement filtering and improved coarse-graining on two dimensional tensor networks including fermions
PoS(LATTICE2022)034 file missing R. Sakai
Quantum Computing for Open Systems
PoS(LATTICE2022)035 file missing B. Sambasivam
Sampling QCD field configurations with gauge-equivariant flow models
PoS(LATTICE2022)036 file missing R. Abbott, M. Albergo, A. Botev, D. Boyda, K. Cranmer, D. Hackett, G. Kanwar, A. Matthews, S. Racaniere, A. Razavi, D. Rezende, F. Romero-Lopez, P. Shanahan and J. Urban
Circuitizing product formulas for (1+1)D SU(2) lattice gauge theories: Lessons from alternative formulations
PoS(LATTICE2022)037 file missing J. Stryker
Automatic differentiation for stochastic processes
PoS(LATTICE2022)038 file missing G. Telo
T-mu phase diagram using classical-quantum hybrid algorithm
PoS(LATTICE2022)039 file missing A. Tomiya
Defining Canonical Momenta for Discretised SU$(2)$ Gauge Fields
PoS(LATTICE2022)040 pdf M. Garofalo, T. Hartung, K. Jansen, J. Ostmeyer, S. Romiti and C. Urbach
Flow-based density of states for complex actions
PoS(LATTICE2022)041 file missing J. Urban
Transfer matrices and temporal factorization of the Wilson fermion determinant
PoS(LATTICE2022)042 file missing U. Wenger
On the determination of the strong QCD coupling at the Z-pole with new gradient-flow based beta-function
PoS(LATTICE2022)043 file missing C.H. Wong
Infinite Variance in Fermionic Systems
PoS(LATTICE2022)044 file missing C. Yunus
Oscillating Autocorrelation and the HMC Algorithm
PoS(LATTICE2022)045 file missing F. Zimmermann
Mass Renormalization of the Schwinger Model with Wilson and Staggered Fermions in the Hamiltonian Lattice Formulation
PoS(LATTICE2022)046 pdf T. Angelides, L. Funcke, K. Jansen and S. Kühn
Strategies for the Determination of the Running Coupling of $(2+1)$-dimensional QED with Quantum Computing (I): Motivations and Theoretical Foundations
PoS(LATTICE2022)047 file missing K. Jansen
Hadron Spectroscopy and Interactions
6144 Pions in a Box
PoS(LATTICE2022)048 file missing R. Abbott
Lattice study on a tetraquark state $T_{bb}$ in the HAL QCD method
PoS(LATTICE2022)049 pdf S. Aoki and T. Aoki
Two- and three-particle scattering in the (1+1)-dimensional O(3) non-linear sigma model
PoS(LATTICE2022)050 file missing J. Baeza-Ballesteros
The Lüscher scattering formalism on the t-channel cut
PoS(LATTICE2022)051 file missing A. Baiao Raposo
Hadronic observables from master-field simulations
PoS(LATTICE2022)052 file missing M. Cè, M. Bruno, J. Bulava, A. Francis, P. Fritzsch, J.R. Green, M.T. Hansen and A. Rago
A determination of the gradient flow scale on $N_f=2+1$ CLS ensembles
PoS(LATTICE2022)053 file missing S. Collins
Precise determination of decay rates for $J/\Psi \to \gamma \eta_c$, $J/\Psi \to \eta_c e^+ e^-$ and $\eta_c \to \gamma \gamma$
PoS(LATTICE2022)054 file missing B. Colquhoun
Finite volume pionless effective field theory for nuclear systems
PoS(LATTICE2022)055 file missing W. Detmold
Investigating Unitarity Violation With Chiral Perturbation Theory
PoS(LATTICE2022)056 file missing Z. Draper
The glueball spectrum with $N_f=4$ light fermions
PoS(LATTICE2022)057 file missing A. Athenodorou
Three particle resonance in lattice $\phi^4$ theory
PoS(LATTICE2022)058 file missing M. Garofalo
Implementing the finite-volume scattering and decay formalism across all three-pion isospin channels
PoS(LATTICE2022)059 file missing M. Hansen
The static energy of a quark-antiquark pair from Laplacian eigenmodes
PoS(LATTICE2022)060 file missing R. Höllwieser
Non-perturbative heavy quark action tuning using machine learning
PoS(LATTICE2022)061 file missing R.J. Hudspith
Long-range matrix elements with three-body intermediate states
PoS(LATTICE2022)062 file missing A. Jackura
Exploring distillation at the SU(3) flavour symmetric point
PoS(LATTICE2022)063 file missing F. Joswig, F. Erben, M.T. Hansen, N. Pitanga Lachini and A. Portelli
An update on QCD+QED simulations with C$^\star$ boundary conditions
PoS(LATTICE2022)064 file missing J. Lücke
Evidence for a doubly charm tetraquark in $DD^*$ scattering
PoS(LATTICE2022)065 file missing P. Madanagopalan
Multihadron resonances in a finite volume
PoS(LATTICE2022)066 file missing M. Mai
Scale Setting for RBC-UKQCD 2+1 flavor Domain Wall Fermion Lattices
PoS(LATTICE2022)067 file missing R. Mawhinney
D meson -- pion scattering on CLS 2+1 flavor ensembles
PoS(LATTICE2022)068 file missing D. Mohler
The I=1/2 and 3/2 K-pi scattering length with domain wall fermions at physical pion mass with all-to-all propagators
PoS(LATTICE2022)069 file missing R. Mukherjee
Relativistic invariance of the NREFT three-particle quantization condition
PoS(LATTICE2022)070 file missing F. Müller
Resolving the NN controversy: a direct comparison of methods used for Luscher and the potential
PoS(LATTICE2022)071 file missing A. Nicholson
Finite volume corrections for form factors of two-nucleon systems
PoS(LATTICE2022)072 file missing F. Ortega Gama
The long-distance behavior of the vector correlator from pi-pi scattering at the physical point.
PoS(LATTICE2022)073 file missing S. Paul
Benchmark Continuum Limit Results for Spectroscopy with Stabilized Wilson Fermions
PoS(LATTICE2022)074 file missing G. Pederiva
Antiheavy-antiheavy-light-light four-quark bound states
PoS(LATTICE2022)075 file missing M. Pflaumer, C. Alexandrou, J. Finkenrath, T. Leontiou, S. Meinel and M. Wagner
Towards $K\pi$ scattering with domain-wall fermions at the physical point using distillation
PoS(LATTICE2022)076 file missing N. Pitanga Lachini, P. Boyle, F. Erben, M. Marshall and A. Portelli
Doubly charm tetraquark and its quark mass dependence
PoS(LATTICE2022)077 file missing S. Prelovsek
The $\sigma$ resonance as a bound, virtual bound and resonant estate.
PoS(LATTICE2022)078 file missing A. Rodas
Anisotropy from the Wilson flow in QED in 2+1 dimensions
PoS(LATTICE2022)079 file missing S. Romiti
Charmonium-like states with $J^{P}=1^{+}$ and isospin 1
PoS(LATTICE2022)080 file missing M. Sadl
Lattice calculation of glueball masses using the renormalized energy-momentum tensor with gradient flow
PoS(LATTICE2022)081 file missing K. Sakai
Hadronic Parity Violation from Twisted Mass Lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)082 file missing N. Schlage, M. Petschlies, A. Sen and C. Urbach
Lattice field theory results for hybrid static potentials at short quark-antiquark separations and their parametrization
PoS(LATTICE2022)083 pdf C. Schlosser, S. Köhler and M. Wagner
Setting the Scale Using Baryon Masses with Isospin-Breaking Corrections
PoS(LATTICE2022)084 file missing A. Segner
Towards the finite-volume spectrum of the Roper resonance
PoS(LATTICE2022)085 pdf D. Severt
$pi^+pi^+K^+$ and $pi^+ K^+K^+$ interactions from the lattice
PoS(LATTICE2022)086 file missing S.R. Sharpe
Optimized meson operators for charmonium spectroscopy and mixing with glueballs
PoS(LATTICE2022)087 file missing J.A. Urrea Nino
Two-baryon variational spectroscopy
PoS(LATTICE2022)088 file missing M. Wagman
Static Energy in (2+1+1)-Flavor Lattice QCD: Scale Setting and Charm Effects
PoS(LATTICE2022)089 file missing J.H. Weber
Formalism for studying γ⋆γ⋆ → ππ in a finite, Euclidean spacetime
PoS(LATTICE2022)090 file missing R. Briceno
The continuum limit with various discretized fermion actions
PoS(LATTICE2022)091 file missing D. Zhao
Hadron Structure
Nucleon transverse quark spin densities
PoS(LATTICE2022)092 file missing C. Alexandrou, S. Bacchio, M. Constantinou, P. Dimopoulos, J. Finkenrath, R. Frezzotti, K. Hadjiyiannakou, K. Jansen, B. Kostrzewa, G. Koutsou, G. Spanoudes and C. Urbach
Removing the $N\pi$ contamination from axial matrix elements at non-vanishing momentum
PoS(LATTICE2022)093 file missing L. Barca
Continuum limit of parton distribution functions from the pseudo-distribution approach on the lattice
PoS(LATTICE2022)094 file missing M. Bhat, W. Chomicki, K. Cichy, M. Constantinou, J.R. Green and A. Scapellato
GPDs in asymmetric frames
PoS(LATTICE2022)095 file missing S. Bhattacharya, K. Cichy, M. Constantinou, J. Dodson, X. Gao, A. Metz, S. Mukherjee, A. Scapellato, F. Steffens and Y. Zhao
Accessing proton GPDs in lattice QCD using a non-symmetric frame
PoS(LATTICE2022)096 file missing M. Constantinou
Resonance form factors from finite-volume correlation functions with the external field method
PoS(LATTICE2022)097 file missing J.L. de la Parra
Inverse Problems in PDF determinations
PoS(LATTICE2022)098 file missing L. Del Debbio
Unpolarized gluon PDF for the proton using the twisted mass formulation
PoS(LATTICE2022)099 file missing J. Delmar
The pion-nucleon sigma term with $N_f = 2 + 1$ O($a$)-improved Wilson fermions
PoS(LATTICE2022)100 file missing D. Djukanovic
Chiral-even twist-3 GPDs for the proton
PoS(LATTICE2022)101 file missing J. Dodson
Leading-twist Quark PDFs of the Nucleon from Ioffe-time Pseudo-distributions
PoS(LATTICE2022)102 file missing C. Egerer
Transverse momentum-dependent parton distributions for longitudinally polarized nucleons from domain wall fermion calculations at the physical pion mass
PoS(LATTICE2022)103 file missing M. Engelhardt, J.R. Green, N. Hasan, T. Izubuchi, C. Kallidonis, S. Krieg, S. Meinel, J. Negele, A. Pochinsky, G. Silvi and S. Syritsyn
Lattice QCD Determination of the Bjorken-𝑥 Dependence of PDFs at Next-to-next-to-leading Order
PoS(LATTICE2022)104 file missing X. Gao, A. Hanlon, S. Mukherjee, P. Petreczky, P. Scior, S. Syritsyn and Y. Zhao
Quark mass dependence of hadron resonances
PoS(LATTICE2022)105 file missing F. Gil Domínguez
Nucleon charges, moments, and form factors from 2+1-flavor lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)106 file missing R. Gupta
Gravitational structure of the proton and pion
PoS(LATTICE2022)107 file missing D. Hackett
Nucleon PDFs at the physical point from lattice QCD using NNLO matching
PoS(LATTICE2022)108 file missing A. Hanlon
A lattice QCD calculation of the off-forward Compton amplitude and generalised parton distributions
PoS(LATTICE2022)109 file missing A. Hannaford Gunn
Calculation of Distribution Amplitudes in Quantum Chromodynamics using Large-Momentum Effective Theory up to power accuracy
PoS(LATTICE2022)110 file missing J. Holligan
Sigma Terms and Nucleon Charges from $N_f=2+1$ Lattice Simulations
PoS(LATTICE2022)111 file missing D. Jenkins
Sigma terms of the baryon octet in $N_\mathrm{f} = 2+1$ QCD with Wilson quarks
PoS(LATTICE2022)112 file missing P.L. Jones Petrak
Isovector Axial Form Factor of the Nucleon from Lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)113 file missing J. Koponen, D. Djukanovic, G. von Hippel, H.B. Meyer, K. Ottnad, T. Schulz and H. Wittig
Nucleon electromagnetic form factors using $N_f$=2+1+1 twisted mass fermion ensembles at the physical mass point
PoS(LATTICE2022)114 file missing G. Koutsou
Pion polarizability from four-point functions in lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)115 file missing F. Lee
Nucleon isovector form factors from 2+1-flavor domain-wall QCD at physical mass
PoS(LATTICE2022)116 file missing S. Ohta
Mass and isovector matrix elements of the nucleon at zero-momentum transfer
PoS(LATTICE2022)117 file missing K. Ottnad
Update on flavor diagonal nucleon charges
PoS(LATTICE2022)118 file missing S. Park
Progress in calculation of the fourth Mellin moment of the pion light-cone distribution amplitude using the HOPE method
PoS(LATTICE2022)119 file missing W. Detmold, A. Grebe, I. Kanamori, C.J.D. Lin, R. Perry and Y. Zhao
Pion nucleon excited state effects in nucleon observables
PoS(LATTICE2022)120 file missing F. Pittler
Electromagnetic form factors of the proton and neutron from $N_f = 2 + 1$ lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)121 file missing M. Salg, D. Djukanovic, G. von Hippel, H.B. Meyer, K. Ottnad and H. Wittig
Calculation of the pion charge radius from an improved model-independent method
PoS(LATTICE2022)122 file missing K. Sato, H. Watanabe and T. Yamazaki
Study of quasi-beam function in twisted mass lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)123 file missing A. Sen
Collins-Soper kernel and soft function from lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)124 file missing H.T. Shu
Non-perturbative renormalization of quark and gluon operators using a gauge-invariant scheme
PoS(LATTICE2022)125 file missing G. Spanoudes
Towards determining gluon helicity distribution in the nucleon from lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)126 file missing R. Sufian
Towards the continuum limit of nucleon form factors at the physical point using lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)127 file missing R. Tsuji, Y. Aoki, K.I. Ishikawa, Y. Kuramashi, S. Sasaki, E. Shintani and T. Yamazaki
Nucleon form factors with sLapH OR nucleon-pion sigma term from MDWF on HISQ
PoS(LATTICE2022)128 file missing A. Walker-Loud
Quark Transversity Distributions in the Nucleon using the LaMET approach
PoS(LATTICE2022)129 file missing L. Walter
The momentum sum rule via the Feynman Hellmann theorem
PoS(LATTICE2022)130 file missing J. Zanotti
Double parton distributions in the nucleon on the lattice: Flavor interference effects
PoS(LATTICE2022)131 pdf C. Zimmermann and D. Reitinger
Lattice Data
Lattice gauge ensembles and data management
PoS(LATTICE2022)203 file missing C. Urbach and G. Bali
Non-zero Density
Equation of state and Taylor expansions at nonzero isospin chemical potential
PoS(LATTICE2022)144 file missing B. Brandt, F. Cuteri and G. Endrodi
Towards the phase diagram of cold and dense heavy QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)145 file missing A. Chabane
Pion condensation at lower than physical quark masses
PoS(LATTICE2022)146 file missing V. Chelnokov
Isothermal and isentropic speed of sound in (2+1)-flavor QCD at non-zero baryon chemical potential
PoS(LATTICE2022)147 file missing D.A. Clarke
Multi-point Padè for the study of phase transitions: from the Ising model to lattice QCD.
PoS(LATTICE2022)148 file missing F. Di Renzo
The isentropic equation of state of (2+1)-flavor QCD: An update based on high precision Taylor expansion and Pade-resummed expansion at finite chemical potentials
PoS(LATTICE2022)149 file missing J. Goswami
Resummed lattice QCD equation of state at finite baryon density: strangeness neutrality and beyond
PoS(LATTICE2022)150 file missing J.N. Günther
Bump of sound velocity in dense 2-color QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)151 pdf E. Itou and K. Iida
Magnetic catalysis in the $1$-flavor Gross-Neveu model in $2+1$ dimensions
PoS(LATTICE2022)152 file missing M. Mandl, J. Lenz and A. Wipf
A new way to resum Lattice QCD equation of state at finite chemical potential
PoS(LATTICE2022)153 pdf S. Mitra, P. Hegde and C. Schmidt
Measurement of hadron masses in 2-color finite density QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)154 file missing K. Murakami, D. Suenaga, K. Iida and E. Itou
Electromagnetic conductivity of quark-gluon plasma at finite baryon chemical potential
PoS(LATTICE2022)155 file missing M. Naviglio
Inhomogeneous phases in the 3+1-dimensional mean-field Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model on the lattice
PoS(LATTICE2022)156 file missing L. Pannullo
Direct results for the hot and dense quark gluon plasma in the physical point vs extrapolations
PoS(LATTICE2022)157 file missing A. Pasztor
Nuclear Transition in the Strong Coupling Limit.
PoS(LATTICE2022)158 file missing P. Pattanaik
Fourier coefficients of the net-baryon number density
PoS(LATTICE2022)159 file missing C. Schmidt
Meson screening mass at finite chemical potential
PoS(LATTICE2022)160 pdf R. Thakkar and P. Hegde
Exponential improvement of the sign problem via contour deformations in the 2+1D XY model at non-zero density
PoS(LATTICE2022)161 pdf Z. Tulipant, M. Giordano, K. Kapas, S.D. Katz and A. Pasztor
Towards Quantum Monte Carlo Simulations at non-zero Baryon and Isospin Density in the Strong Coupling Regime
PoS(LATTICE2022)162 file missing W. Unger
Boundary terms in Complex Langevin simulations of full QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)163 file missing M. Westh Hansen
Determination of Lee-Yang edge singularities in QCD by rational approximations
PoS(LATTICE2022)164 file missing K. Zambello
QCD equation of state via the complex Langevin method
PoS(LATTICE2022)165 file missing F.P.G. Ziegler
Non-zero Temperature
Study of charm and beauty in QGP from unquenched lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)166 file missing S. Ali
The heavy quark diffusion coefficient from 2+1 flavor lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)167 file missing L. Altenkort
Thermodynamics with Möbius domain wall fermions near physical point (I)
PoS(LATTICE2022)168 file missing Y. Aoki
Photon production rate from Transverse-Longitudinal (T-L) mesonic correlator on the lattice.
PoS(LATTICE2022)169 file missing D. Bala
Charm baryons at finite temperature on anisotropic lattices
PoS(LATTICE2022)170 file missing R. Bignell
Electric charge fluctuations using 4HEX quarks
PoS(LATTICE2022)171 file missing S. Borsanyi
The chiral phase transition at nonzero imaginary baryon chemical potential for different numbers of quark flavours
PoS(LATTICE2022)172 file missing A. D'Ambrosio, O. Philipsen and R. Kaiser
Anomalous transport phenomena on the lattice
PoS(LATTICE2022)173 file missing E. Garnacho Velasco
Topology in electromagnetic fields and the axion-photon coupling
PoS(LATTICE2022)174 file missing J.J. Hernández Hernández
Progress on the QCD Deconfinement Critical Point for $N_\text{f}=2$ Staggered Fermions
PoS(LATTICE2022)175 file missing R. Kaiser
Thermodynamics with Möbius domain wall fermions near physical point (II)
PoS(LATTICE2022)176 file missing I. Kanamori
Phase structure and critical point in heavy-quark QCD at finite temperature
PoS(LATTICE2022)177 file missing K. Kanaya, R. Ashikawa, S. Ejiri, M. Kitazawa, H. Suzuki and N. Wakabayashi
Parallel tempering algorithm applied for the deconfinement transition of quenched QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)178 file missing R. Kara
Mean-field approximation of effective theories of lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)179 file missing C. Konrad
Topology and the Dirac spectrum in hot QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)180 file missing T.G. Kovacs
A $(2+1)$-flavor lattice study of the pion quasiparticle in the thermal hadronic phase at physical quark masses
PoS(LATTICE2022)181 file missing M. Cè, T. Harris, A. Krasniqi, H. Meyer, S. Ruhl and C. Török
QCD mesonic screening masses and restoration of chiral symmetry at high T
PoS(LATTICE2022)182 file missing D. Laudicina
Heavy quark diffusion coefficient with gradient flow
PoS(LATTICE2022)183 file missing V. Leino
QCD phase diagram in a magnetic background
PoS(LATTICE2022)184 file missing L. Maio
Lattice QCD with an inhomogeneous magnetic field background
PoS(LATTICE2022)185 file missing A.D. Marques Valois
Photon and dilepton production rate in the quark-gluon plasma from lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)186 file missing H.B. Meyer
Novel bottomonium spectral results
PoS(LATTICE2022)187 file missing B. Page
Complex potential at T>0 from fine lattices
PoS(LATTICE2022)188 file missing G. Parkar
On chiral spin symmetry and the QCD phase diagram
PoS(LATTICE2022)189 file missing O. Philipsen, P. Lowdon, L. Glozman and R. Pisarski
Thermal phase transitions in rotating QCD with dynamical quarks
PoS(LATTICE2022)190 file missing A. Roenko
Charm fluctuations in (2+1)-flavor QCD at high temperature
PoS(LATTICE2022)191 file missing S. Sharma
New results for thermal interquark bottomonium potentials using NRQCD from the HAL QCD method
PoS(LATTICE2022)192 file missing T. Spriggs
Euclidean correlators at imaginary spatial momentum in thermal QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)193 file missing C. Török
Topological features of the deconfinement transition in quenched QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)194 file missing R.Á. Vig
Stability of homogeneous chiral phases against inhomogeneous perturbations in 2+1 dimensions
PoS(LATTICE2022)195 file missing M. Winstel and L. Pannullo
Non-perturbative determination of couplings in Polyakov loop effective theories
PoS(LATTICE2022)196 file missing C. Winterowd
Finite temperature QCD phase transition with 3 flavors of Mobius domain wall fermions
PoS(LATTICE2022)197 file missing Y. Zhang
Recent results from the FASTSUM Collaboration
PoS(LATTICE2022)198 file missing C. Allton
Nuclear Physics
Structure Factors of Neutron Matter
PoS(LATTICE2022)199 file missing E. Berkowitz
Nucleon-nucleon scattering from distillation
PoS(LATTICE2022)200 file missing J. Green
Extracting the chiral nuclear force from the finite volume energy levels using the plane wave basis and eigenvector continuation
PoS(LATTICE2022)201 file missing L. Meng
Symanzik Improvement of Non-Relativistic Field Theories
PoS(LATTICE2022)202 file missing N. Warrington
Particle physics beyond the Standard Model
Update on SU(2) with one adjoint Dirac flavor
PoS(LATTICE2022)204 file missing E. Bennett
Position-Space Renormalisation of the Energy-Momentum Tensor Two-Point Function
PoS(LATTICE2022)205 file missing H.B. Rocha
One flavour adjoint QCD with overlap fermions
PoS(LATTICE2022)206 file missing G. Bergner
Noether supercurrent operator mixing from lattice perturbation theory
PoS(LATTICE2022)207 file missing M. Costa, G. Bergner", H. Panagopoulos, I. Soler" and G. Spanoudes"
Progress Towards Stealth Dark Matter Scattering
PoS(LATTICE2022)208 file missing K. Cushman
Non-perturbative study of Yang-Mills theory with four supercharges in two dimensions
PoS(LATTICE2022)209 file missing N.S. Dhindsa
The spectrum of GUT-like gauge-scalar models
PoS(LATTICE2022)210 file missing E. Dobson, A. Maas and B. Riederer
Spectroscopy of chimera baryons on Sp(4) lattice gauge theory
PoS(LATTICE2022)211 file missing H. Hsiao
Exploring the large Nc limit with one quark flavour
PoS(LATTICE2022)212 file missing B. Jaeger
Complex Langevin Study of Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking in IKKT Matrix Model
PoS(LATTICE2022)213 file missing A. Kumar
Spectroscopy of $Sp(4)$ lattice gauge theory with $n_f=3$ antisymmetric fermions
PoS(LATTICE2022)214 pdf J.W. Lee, E. Bennett, D.K. Hong, H. Hsiao, C.J.D. Lin, B. Lucini, M. Piai and D. Vadacchino
Reconstruction of spectral densities in a composite-Higgs model
PoS(LATTICE2022)215 file missing A. Lupo
The density of state method in Yang-Mills theories and first-order phase transitions
PoS(LATTICE2022)216 file missing D. Mason
Gradient flow anomalous dimensions for ten-flavor SU(3) gauge theory
PoS(LATTICE2022)217 file missing C. Peterson
Investigating vector boson scattering: A fully gauge-invariant study
PoS(LATTICE2022)218 pdf B. Riederer and A. Maas
Towards a beyond the Standard Model model with elementary particle non-perturbative mass generation
PoS(LATTICE2022)219 file missing G. Rossi
Exploring conformality in lattice N=4 supersymmetric Yang--Mills
PoS(LATTICE2022)220 file missing D. Schaich
Lattice Studies of 3D Maximally Supersymmetric Yang--Mills
PoS(LATTICE2022)221 file missing A. Sherletov
Supercurrent renormalization in $\cal{N}=1$ supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory on the lattice in GIRS scheme
PoS(LATTICE2022)222 file missing I. Soler
Density of states for gravitational waves
PoS(LATTICE2022)223 file missing F. Springer
Renormalization Group beta function for SU(3) gauge-fermion systems
PoS(LATTICE2022)224 file missing O. Witzel
Dark Isosinglet Mesons in $Sp(4)$ gauge theory
PoS(LATTICE2022)225 file missing F. Zierler, J.W. Lee, A. Maas and F. Pressler
Operator Mixing under the Gradient Flow: The Gluon CEDM
PoS(LATTICE2022)226 file missing M. Rizik
Review on Algorithms for dynamical fermions
PoS(LATTICE2022)227 file missing J. Finkenrath
Review on Quantum Computing for Lattice Field Theory
PoS(LATTICE2022)228 file missing L. Funcke
Use of Schwinger-Dyson equation in constructing an approximate trivializing map
PoS(LATTICE2022)229 file missing N. Matsumoto
Stochastic and Tensor Network simulations of the Hubbard Model
PoS(LATTICE2022)230 pdf J. Ostmeyer
The spectral reconstruction of inclusive rates
PoS(LATTICE2022)231 file missing J. Bulava
Exotic hadrons from an EFT perspective
PoS(LATTICE2022)232 file missing F.K. Guo
Probing new horizons with flavour at the LHCb experiment
PoS(LATTICE2022)233 file missing V. Lisovskyi
Hadron Spectroscopy and Interactions from Lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)234 file missing L. Liu
Topical plenary on multi-particle interactions from lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)235 file missing F. Romero-Lopez
A review on Glueball hunting
PoS(LATTICE2022)236 file missing D. Vadacchino
The Compton amplitude and nucleon structure functions
PoS(LATTICE2022)237 file missing K.U. Can
Heavy flavor physics from lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)238 file missing T. Kaneko
Gluon Structure from Lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)239 file missing J. Karpie
Neutrino Oscillation and Lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)240 file missing A. Meyer
Cluster excitation and single-nucleon excitation in 12C
PoS(LATTICE2022)241 pdf S. Shen, T. A. Lähde, D. Lee and U.G. Meißner
Emergent strongly coupled ultraviolet fixed point with 8 fundamental flavors
PoS(LATTICE2022)242 file missing A. Hasenfratz
QCD thermodynamics: an overview of recent progress
PoS(LATTICE2022)243 file missing F. Cuteri
Update on the International Lattice Data Grid
PoS(LATTICE2022)244 file missing F. Karsch
Modular Supercomputing and its Role in Europe’s Exascale Computing Strategy
PoS(LATTICE2022)245 file missing S. Neuwirth
Quantum chaos in supersymmetric Yang-Mills-like model: equation of state, entanglement, and spectral form-factors
PoS(LATTICE2022)246 pdf P. Buividovich
Master-field simulations of QCD and the exponential clover action
PoS(LATTICE2022)247 file missing P. Fritzsch
Asymptotic lattice spacing dependence of spectral quantities in lattice QCD with Wilson or Ginsparg-Wilson quarks
PoS(LATTICE2022)248 file missing N. Husung
Matching lattice QC+ED to Nature
PoS(LATTICE2022)249 file missing N. Tantalo
$B\to D^{(\ast)}\ell\nu$ semileptonic decays at non-zero recoil
PoS(LATTICE2022)250 file missing A. Vaquero
KWA ceremony and presentation
PoS(LATTICE2022)251 file missing J. Zanotti
Contrasting low-mode noise reduction techniques for light HISQ meson propagators
PoS(LATTICE2022)252 file missing M. Lynch
Metadynamics Surfing on Topology Barriers in the Schwinger Model
PoS(LATTICE2022)253 file missing P. Rouenhoff
Fourier acceleration in strongly-interacting linear sigma models
PoS(LATTICE2022)254 file missing J. Swaim
Interpolation as a means of shift selection for multilevel Monte Carlo with lattice displacements
PoS(LATTICE2022)255 pdf T. Whyte, A. Stathopoulos, E. Romero and K. Orginos
Eight spectra of very excited flux tubes in SU(3) gauge theory
PoS(LATTICE2022)256 pdf P. Bicudo, A. Sharifian and N. Cardoso
The nucleon-pion scattering lengths on a single CLS ensemble with m_{\pi} = 200MeV
PoS(LATTICE2022)257 file missing J. Bulava
NLO perturbative effects in QCD sum-rule analyses of light tetraquark systems: \\A Case Study in the Scalar-Isoscalar Channel
PoS(LATTICE2022)258 file missing B. Cid-Mora
Tuning of QCD+QED simulations with C$^\star$ boundary conditions
PoS(LATTICE2022)259 file missing A. Cotellucci
LapH interpolating fields with open boundary conditions
PoS(LATTICE2022)260 file missing O. Francesconi
Excited and Exotic B, B_s and B_c mesons
PoS(LATTICE2022)261 file missing L. Gayer
Inclusion of heavy quark spin effects in the $I(J^{P})$=$0(1^{-})$ $ud\bar{b}\bar{b}$ four-quark channel in the Born-Oppenheimer approximation
PoS(LATTICE2022)262 file missing J. Hoffmann, A. Zimermmane-Santos and M. Wagner
Recent progress on data analysis on correlation functions of semileptonic decays $B_{(s)} \to $D_{(s)}^{(\ast)} \ell\nu$ form factors
PoS(LATTICE2022)263 file missing S. Jwa
Ab-initio study of dibaryons with highest bottom number
PoS(LATTICE2022)264 file missing P. Madanagopalan, N. Mathur and D. Chakraborty
Study of $I = 0$ bottomonium bound states and resonances based on lattice QCD static potentials
PoS(LATTICE2022)265 pdf P. Bicudo, N. Cardoso, L. Mueller and M. Wagner
Direct access to hadronic decay parameters with twisted boundary conditions
PoS(LATTICE2022)266 file missing J. Neuendorf
Details of RQCD analyses on CLS ensembles
PoS(LATTICE2022)267 file missing W. Soeldner
Isospin breaking corrections from massive QED
PoS(LATTICE2022)268 file missing J.T. Tsang
Padé and Padé-Laplace methods for masses and matrix elements
PoS(LATTICE2022)269 file missing G. von Hippel
Lattice QCD study of antiheavy-antiheavy-light-light tetraquarks based on correlation functions with scattering interpolating operators both at the source and at the sink
PoS(LATTICE2022)270 pdf M. Wagner, C. Alexandrou, J. Finkenrath, T. Leontiou, S. Meinel and M. Pflaumer
Improving Lattice QCD calculation of the Collin-Soper Kernel
PoS(LATTICE2022)271 file missing A. Avkhadiev
Meson mass spectrum with HYP-smeared staggered fermions using sequential bayesian fitting method
PoS(LATTICE2022)272 file missing J. Pak
A study of the pion and the kaon TMDPDFs in twisted mass lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)273 file missing J. Tarello
The Second Love Number of Dark Compact Planets and Neutron Stars with Dark Matter
PoS(LATTICE2022)274 file missing Y. Dengler
Update on light composite scalar in eight-flavor SU(3) gauge theory
PoS(LATTICE2022)275 file missing G. Fleming
Fine-Tuning of the Yukawa and Quartic Couplings in Supersymmetric QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)276 pdf H. Herodotou, M. Costa and H. Panagopoulos
QCD Thermodynamics with stabilized Wilson fermions
PoS(LATTICE2022)277 file missing R.F. Basta
Distribution of energy-momentum tensor around static quarks in SU(3) gauge theory at high temperature
PoS(LATTICE2022)278 pdf E. Galsandorj, S. Chagdaa, B. Purev and M. Batgerel
A stabilizing kernel for complex Langevin simulations of real-time gauge theories
PoS(LATTICE2022)279 pdf P. Hotzy, K. Boguslavski and D.I. Müller
The quark propagator and quark-gluon vertex from lattice QCD at finite temperature
PoS(LATTICE2022)280 file missing J. Marques Leal Junior
Strange and charm contribution to the HVP from C* boundary conditions
PoS(LATTICE2022)281 file missing P. Tavella
Two-link Staggered Quark Smearing in QUDA
PoS(LATTICE2022)282 file missing H. Jeong
SIMULATeQCD - a SImple MUlti-GPU LATtice code for QCD calculations
PoS(LATTICE2022)283 file missing O. Kaczmarek
Bridge++ 2.0: Benchmark results on supercomputer Fugaku
PoS(LATTICE2022)284 file missing I. Kanamori
MRHS multigrid solver for Wilson-clover fermions
PoS(LATTICE2022)285 file missing D. Richtmann, N. Meyer and T. Wettig
Heavy Quarks in a Can and the QCD Coupling
PoS(LATTICE2022)286 file missing T. Korzec
On improvement and renormalisation of quark currents with stabilised Wilson fermions
PoS(LATTICE2022)287 file missing J. Kuhlmann
Gradient flow scale setting with tree-level improvement
PoS(LATTICE2022)288 file missing C. Schneider, A. Hasenfratz and O. Witzel
Perturbative determination of $c_\mathrm{SW}$ to one-loop order for Brillouin fermions
PoS(LATTICE2022)289 pdf M. Ammer and S. Durr
Varying momentum cutoffs in lattice effective theories
PoS(LATTICE2022)290 file missing F. Attanasio
Intra-taste eigenvalue splittings of staggered, KW and BC fermions in 2D
PoS(LATTICE2022)291 file missing S. Durr
Nonperturbative matching of Hamiltonian and Lagrangian Simulations
PoS(LATTICE2022)292 file missing C. Gross
Isospin Breaking Effects in the 2-Flavor Schwinger Model
PoS(LATTICE2022)293 file missing N. Chreim
Data analysis on 2pt and 3pt correlation functions with the OK action
PoS(LATTICE2022)294 file missing B.J. Choi
Calculating B-meson Decay Constants, via SU (3)f Symmetry Breaking and Weighted Averaging Methods
PoS(LATTICE2022)295 file missing S. De La Motte
Direct lattice calculation of inclusive hadronic tau decay rates
PoS(LATTICE2022)296 file missing A. Evangelista
2022 update of $\varepsilon_K$ with lattice QCD inputs
PoS(LATTICE2022)297 file missing W. Lee
The Dispersion Matrix approach to semileptonic heavy-to-heavy and heavy-to-light $B$ decays
PoS(LATTICE2022)298 file missing G. Martinelli, M. Naviglio, S. Simula and L. Vittorio
Semileptonic $b \to u$ and $b \to s$ decays of the $B_c$ meson
PoS(LATTICE2022)299 file missing M. Wingate
QCD in searches for physics beyond the Standard Model
The muon anomalous magnetic moment with staggered fermions: is the lattice spacing small enough?
PoS(LATTICE2022)300 file missing M. Golterman
RBC/UKQCD update of the HVP contribution to the muon g-2
PoS(LATTICE2022)301 file missing C. Lehner
A first look at the HVP from QCD and QCD+QED with C* boundary conditions II
PoS(LATTICE2022)302 file missing A. Altherr
Disconnected contribution to the LO HVP term of muon g-2 from ETMC
PoS(LATTICE2022)303 file missing C. Alexandrou, S. Bacchio, P. Dimopoulos, J. Finkenrath, R. Frezzotti, G. Gagliardi, M. Garofalo, K. Hadjiyiannakou, B. Kostrzewa, K. Jansen, V. Lubicz, M. Petschlies, F. Sanfilippo, S. Simula, C. Urbach and U. Wenger
nEDM from the theta-term and chromoEDM operators
PoS(LATTICE2022)304 file missing T. Bhattacharya
Isospin breaking corrections to the vector-vector correlator in QCD: the muon g-2 and tau decays.
PoS(LATTICE2022)305 file missing M. Bruno
Eta pole contributions to HLbL at the physical point
PoS(LATTICE2022)306 file missing S.A. Burri
Probing the R-ratio on the lattice
PoS(LATTICE2022)307 file missing A. De Santis
Finite-volume effects in a calculation of the rare Hyperon decay $\Sigma^+ \to p \ell^+ \ell^-$
PoS(LATTICE2022)308 file missing F. Erben
Hadronic vacuum polarization from step scaling
PoS(LATTICE2022)309 file missing F.J. Frech
Time windows of the muon HVP from twisted mass lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)310 file missing G. Gagliardi
Hadronic Vacuum Polarization: A Window on the muon g-2 mystery
PoS(LATTICE2022)311 file missing S. Gottlieb
A first look at the HVP from QCD and QCD+QED with C* boundary conditions
PoS(LATTICE2022)312 file missing R. Gruber, A. Altherr, L. Bushnaq, I. Campos, M. Catillo, A. Cotellucci, M.E.B. Dale, P. Fritzsch, J. Komijani, J. Lücke, M. Marinkovic, S. Martins, A. Patella, N. Tantalo and P. Tavella
Renormalization of the quark chromomagnetic dipole operators in the gradient flow scheme at next-to-next-to-leading order QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)313 file missing R. Harlander
Rare $K^+\to\pi^+\ell^+\ell^-$ decays with physical mass light-quarks
PoS(LATTICE2022)314 file missing R. Hill
Progress on the exploratory calculation of the rare Hyperon decay $\Sigma^+ \to p \ell^+ \ell^-$
PoS(LATTICE2022)315 file missing R. Hodgson
Chiral extrapolation of hadronic vacuum polarization and isospin-breaking corrections
PoS(LATTICE2022)316 pdf M. Hoferichter, G. Colangelo, B.L. Hoid, B. Kubis, J. Ruiz de Elvira, D. Stamen and P. Stoffer
Pion pole contributions to HLbL at the physical point
PoS(LATTICE2022)317 file missing G. Kanwar
Preliminary Lattice QCD Study of nn → ppee Matrix Elements for Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay
PoS(LATTICE2022)318 file missing A. Grebe
Contribution of QCD theta-term to nEDM with Stabilized Wilson Fermions
PoS(LATTICE2022)319 file missing J. Kim
Intermediate window observable for the muon g-2 from overlap valence quarks on staggered ensembles
PoS(LATTICE2022)320 file missing A. Kotov
Intermediate window observable for the hadronic vacuum polarization contribution to the muon $g-2$ from O$(a)$ improved Wilson quarks
PoS(LATTICE2022)321 file missing S. Kuberski
Neutron Electric Dipole Moment from the Theta Term with Overlap Fermions
PoS(LATTICE2022)322 file missing K.F. Liu
Finite-Size Effects of the Hadronic Vacuum Polarization Contribution to the Muon $(g-2)$ with C$^{\star}$ Boundary Conditions
PoS(LATTICE2022)323 file missing S. Martins
Hadronic contribution to the running of the electromagnetic coupling constant
PoS(LATTICE2022)324 file missing S. Mutzel
Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay from Lattice QCD: The Short-Distance $\pi^-\rightarrow\pi^+ e^- e^-$ Amplitude
PoS(LATTICE2022)325 file missing P. Oare
The (g-2) intermediate window quantity from a coordinate-space method
PoS(LATTICE2022)326 file missing J. Parrino
Hadronic vacuum polarization from twisted mass lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)327 file missing M. Petschlies
The hadronic running of the electromagnetic coupling and electroweak mixing angle (Part I)
PoS(LATTICE2022)328 file missing M.T. San José Pérez
Calculating the QED correction to the hadronic vacuum polarisation on the lattice
PoS(LATTICE2022)329 file missing G. Ray
Constraining Beyond The Standard Model Nucleon Isovector Charges
PoS(LATTICE2022)330 file missing R. Smail
Updates on the HVP computation from the BWM collaboration
PoS(LATTICE2022)331 file missing B.C. Toth
Pseudoscalar transition form factors and the hadronic light-by-light contribution to the muon g-2
PoS(LATTICE2022)332 file missing W. Verplanke, A. Gérardin, L. Varnhorst and J. Guenther
Muon g-2 with overlap valence fermions
PoS(LATTICE2022)333 file missing G. Wang
The hadronic running of the electromagnetic coupling and electroweak mixing angle (Part II)
PoS(LATTICE2022)334 file missing H. Wittig
Software development and Machines
Optimizing Staggered Multigrid for Exascale performance
PoS(LATTICE2022)335 file missing V. Ayyar
Lyncs-API: status update
PoS(LATTICE2022)336 file missing S. Bacchio
Status of reproducibility and open science in hep-lat in 2021
PoS(LATTICE2022)337 file missing E. Bennett
Maximizing the Bang Per Bit
PoS(LATTICE2022)338 file missing K. Clark
Porting the COLA software library to AMD
PoS(LATTICE2022)339 file missing W. Kamleh
Twisted mass ensemble generation on GPU machines
PoS(LATTICE2022)340 file missing B. Kostrzewa
Open Science in Lattice Gauge Theory community
PoS(LATTICE2022)341 file missing A. Athenodorou
PoS(LATTICE2022)342 file missing C. Lehner
Performance Optimization of Baryon-block Construction in the Stochastic LapH Method
PoS(LATTICE2022)343 file missing P. Nguyen, P. Nguyen and B. Hörz
MPI Job Manager
PoS(LATTICE2022)344 file missing A. Walker-Loud
Avoiding the Jam
PoS(LATTICE2022)345 file missing M. Wagner
Running HMC Simulations with Python via QUDA
PoS(LATTICE2022)346 file missing S. Yamamoto
Solvers for Wilson fermions in Grid
PoS(LATTICE2022)347 file missing F.P.G. Ziegler
Standard Model Parameters
Observations and results with the gradient flow
PoS(LATTICE2022)348 file missing A. Shindler
The light quark masses from $N_f=2+1$ CLS ensembles
PoS(LATTICE2022)349 file missing G. Bali
A Quenched Exploration of Heavy Quark Moments and their Perturbative Expansion
PoS(LATTICE2022)350 file missing L. Chimirri
Towards precision charm physics with a mixed action
PoS(LATTICE2022)351 file missing A. Conigli
Light quark masses from a mixed action with Wilson twisted mass valence quarks
PoS(LATTICE2022)352 file missing G. Herdoiza
Implications of gradient flow on the static force
PoS(LATTICE2022)353 file missing J. Mayer-Steudte
Nonperturbative renormalisation and the QCD Lambda parameter via the gradient flow
PoS(LATTICE2022)354 file missing C. Monahan
Exploring Non-Peturbative Renormalisation of Two- and Four-Fermion Operators on a Range of Valence Actions
PoS(LATTICE2022)355 file missing T. Peterken
RG-running of the tensor currents for $N_{f}$= 3 QCD in a $\chi$SF setup
PoS(LATTICE2022)356 pdf I. Campos Plasencia, M. Dalla Brida, G. Maria de Divitiis, A. Lytle, L. Pirelli, M. Papinutto, A. Vladikas and  Alpha Collaboration
Scale setting from a mixed action with Wilson twisted mass valence quarks
PoS(LATTICE2022)357 file missing A. Saez
Log-enhanced discretization errors in integrated correlation functions
PoS(LATTICE2022)358 file missing R. Sommer, L. Chimirri and N. Husung
$f_K$ and $f_\pi$ from staggered QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)359 file missing F. Stokes
Electroweak box diagrams on the lattice for pion and neutron decay
PoS(LATTICE2022)360 file missing J.S. Yoo
Theoretical Developments
Simulation of self-dual U(1) lattice gauge theory with electric and magnetic matter
PoS(LATTICE2022)361 file missing M. Anosova
Numerical Stochastic Perturbation Theory around instantons
PoS(LATTICE2022)362 file missing P. Baglioni
Density profiles and correlations of harmonically trapped ultracold fermions
PoS(LATTICE2022)363 file missing M. Bauer
Thermal QCD for non-perturbative renormalization of composite operators
PoS(LATTICE2022)364 file missing M. Bresciani, M. Dalla Brida, L. Giusti and M. Pepe
Adjoint fermions at large-$N_c$ on the lattice
PoS(LATTICE2022)365 file missing P. Butti
't Hooft anomalies for staggered fermions
PoS(LATTICE2022)366 file missing S. Catterall
Lattice Non-Linear Sigma Model on the Supersphere
PoS(LATTICE2022)367 file missing I. Costa
Translating topological benefits in very cold master-field simulations
PoS(LATTICE2022)368 file missing A. Francis
Clifford Fourier Transforms in (2+1)D Lattice Simulations of Soliton Propagations
PoS(LATTICE2022)369 file missing S. Furui and P.a.c.S. Dos Santos".
Computing the Central Charge of the 3D Ising CFT Using Quantum Finite Elements
PoS(LATTICE2022)370 file missing A.M.E. Glück
The emergence of expanding space-time in a novel large-$N$ limit of the Lorentzian type IIB matrix model
PoS(LATTICE2022)371 file missing M. Hirasawa
Massless Schwinger model with a 4-fermi-interaction at topological angle $\theta = \pi$
PoS(LATTICE2022)372 file missing D. Hirtler
Loop-string-hadron formulation of an SU(3) gauge theory with dynamical quarks
PoS(LATTICE2022)373 file missing S.V. Kadam
What is the best way to quantize non-linear electrodynamics?
PoS(LATTICE2022)374 file missing M. Krstic Marinkovic
The gradient flow formulation of the electroweak Hamiltonian
PoS(LATTICE2022)375 file missing F. Lange
Probing singularities of Landau-gauge propagators with Padé approximants
PoS(LATTICE2022)376 pdf C.Y. London, D. Boito, A. Cucchieri and T. Mendes
A new type of lattice gauge theory through self-adjoint extensions
PoS(LATTICE2022)377 file missing A. Mariani, D. Banerjee, A. Banerjee, G. Kanwar, T. Rindlisbacher and U.J. Wiese
Numerical studies on the finite-temperature CP restoration in 4D SU($N$) gauge theory at $\theta=\pi$
PoS(LATTICE2022)378 file missing A. Matsumoto
Casimir effect for fermions on the lattice
PoS(LATTICE2022)379 file missing K. Nakayama
The critical Ising model on an affine plane
PoS(LATTICE2022)380 file missing E. Owen and R.C. Brower
Reformulation of anomaly inflow on the lattice and construction of lattice chiral gauge theories
PoS(LATTICE2022)381 file missing J. Pedersen
General kinematics three-gluon vertex in Landau-gauge from quenched-lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)382 file missing F. Pinto Gómez
Testing universality of gauge theories
PoS(LATTICE2022)383 file missing A. Ramos Martinez
The influence of gauge field smearing on discretisation effects
PoS(LATTICE2022)384 file missing A. Risch
Towards symmetric discretization schemes via weak boundary conditions
PoS(LATTICE2022)385 pdf A. Rothkopf
Four-dimensional domain decomposition for the factorization of the fermion determinant
PoS(LATTICE2022)386 file missing M. Saccardi and L. Giusti
Persistent homology as a probe for center vortices and deconfinement in SU(2) lattice gauge theory
PoS(LATTICE2022)387 pdf N. Sale, B. Lucini and J. Giansiracusa
Study of SU(2) gauge theories with multiple Higgs fields in different representations
PoS(LATTICE2022)388 file missing M. Sarkar, G. Catumba, A. Hiraguchi, G.W.S. Hou, K. Jansen, Y.J. Kao, C.J.D. Lin and A. Ramos
The de Sitter Instanton from Euclidean Dynamical Triangulations
PoS(LATTICE2022)389 file missing M. Schiffer
Extracting Non-Abelian Coulomb Potential from SU(3) N=4 Lattice SYM
PoS(LATTICE2022)390 file missing G.C. Toga
Real time evolution of scalar fields in semiclassical gravity
PoS(LATTICE2022)391 file missing L. Varnhorst
Vacuum Structure, Confinement, and Chiral Symmetry
Towards glueball masses of large-$N$ $\mathrm{SU}(N)$ Yang-Mills theories without topological freezing via parallel tempering on boundary conditions
PoS(LATTICE2022)392 pdf C. Bonanno, M. D'Elia, B. Lucini and D. Vadacchino
Topological susceptibility in high temperature full QCD via staggered spectral projectors
PoS(LATTICE2022)393 file missing F. D'Angelo, A. Athenodorou, C. Bonanno, C. Bonati, G. Clemente, M. D'Elia, L. Maio, G. Martinelli, F. Sanfilippo and A. Todaro
SU(N) fractional instantons
PoS(LATTICE2022)394 file missing J.L. Dasilva Golán and M. Garcia Perez
Quarks and Triality in a Finite Volume
PoS(LATTICE2022)395 file missing M. Ghanbarpour
Non-invertible self-duality defects of Cardy-Rabinovici model and mixed gravitational anomaly
PoS(LATTICE2022)396 file missing Y. Hayashi
Emergent phenomena from centre vortices in dynamical QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)397 file missing W. Kamleh
Numerical investigation of automatic fine-tuning in the Schwinger model
PoS(LATTICE2022)398 file missing N. Pielmeier
Chiral Symmetry Breaking in QED induced by an External Magnetic Field
PoS(LATTICE2022)399 file missing D. Sinclair, D.K. Sinclair and J.B. Kogut
Topological susceptibility, scale setting and universality from $Sp(N_c)$ gauge theories
PoS(LATTICE2022)400 file missing D. Vadacchino, E. Bennett, C.J.D. Lin, D.K. Hong, J.W. Lee, B. Lucini and M. Piai
Confined Charged Particles in C-periodic Volumes
PoS(LATTICE2022)401 file missing U.J. Wiese, A. Mariani, G. Kanwar and P.B. J.
Weak Decays and Matrix Elements
$B\pi$-state contamination in $B$-meson observables
PoS(LATTICE2022)402 pdf O. Baer, A. Broll and R. Sommer
Inclusive semi-leptonic $B_{(s)}$ mesons decay at the physical $b$ quark mass
PoS(LATTICE2022)403 file missing A. Barone
Calculation of hyperon transition form factors from two-point functions using the Feynman-hellmann method
PoS(LATTICE2022)404 file missing M. Batelaan
B Meson Decay Constants Using Relativistic Heavy Quarks
PoS(LATTICE2022)405 file missing M. Black
Estimating Excited-States Contamination of $B \to \pi$ Form Factors Using Heavy Meson Chiral Perturbation Theory
PoS(LATTICE2022)406 pdf O. Bar, A. Broll and R. Sommer
Lattice calculation of leading isospin breaking effects in $\Gamma(K_{\ell 2})/\Gamma(\pi_{\ell 2})$ with close-to-physical chiral fermions
PoS(LATTICE2022)407 file missing M. Di Carlo
A comparison of Wilson and twisted mass valence quarks for charmed semileptonic form factors
PoS(LATTICE2022)408 file missing J. Frison
An update on RI/IMOM schemes
PoS(LATTICE2022)409 file missing N. Garron
Structure-dependent form factors in radiative leptonic decays with Domain Wall fermions
PoS(LATTICE2022)410 file missing D. Giusti
Electromagnetic finite-volume effects to leptonic decays through order $1/L^3$ in QED$_{\textrm{L}}$
PoS(LATTICE2022)411 file missing N. Hermansson-Truedsson
Quasi-degenerate baryon energy states, the Feynman--Hellmann theorem and transition matrix elements
PoS(LATTICE2022)412 file missing R. Horsley
D-meson semileptonic decays with highly improved staggered quarks
PoS(LATTICE2022)413 file missing W. Jay
Inclusive semi-leptonic decays of charmed mesons with Moebius domain wall fermions
PoS(LATTICE2022)414 file missing R. Kellermann, A. Barone, S. Hashimoto, A. Jüttner and T. Kaneko
Progress towards an improved lattice calculation of Standard Model direct CP-violation in kaon decays
PoS(LATTICE2022)415 file missing C. Kelly
A lattice QCD study of the B \to \pi\pi \ell \nu transition
PoS(LATTICE2022)416 file missing L. Leskovec
Lattice study of spectator effects in B-hadron decays with Domain-Wall Fermions
PoS(LATTICE2022)417 file missing J. Lin
B-meson semileptonic decays with highly improved staggered quarks
PoS(LATTICE2022)418 file missing A. Lytle
Towards precision lattice determination of semileptonic $D \rightarrow \pi \ell \nu$, $D \rightarrow K \ell \nu$ and $D_s \rightarrow K \ell \nu$ decay form factors
PoS(LATTICE2022)419 file missing M. Marshall
Lattice Results for the $K^+\to \ell^+\, \nu_\ell\, \ell'^+\,\ell'^-$ Form Factors and Branching Ratios
PoS(LATTICE2022)420 file missing F. Mazzetti
The search for new physics in $B \to K \ell^+\ell^-$ and $B \to K \nu\bar{\nu}$ using precise lattice QCD form factors
PoS(LATTICE2022)421 file missing W. Parrott, C. Bouchard and C. Davies
Estimation of scheme ambiguities in the separation of isospin-breaking effects in lattice QCD calculations
PoS(LATTICE2022)422 file missing A. Portelli
Inclusive semileptonic $B$-decays from lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2022)423 pdf A. Smecca, P. Gambino, S. Hashimoto, S. Mächler, M. Panero, F. Sanfilippo, S. Simula and N. Tantalo
Direct CP violation in $K \to \pi\pi$ decay at the physical point with periodic boundary conditions
PoS(LATTICE2022)424 file missing M. Tomii
Momentum transfer dependence of kaon semileptonic form factor on (10 fm)$^4$ at the physical point
PoS(LATTICE2022)425 file missing T. Yamazaki, K.I. Ishikawa, N. Ishizuka, Y. Kuramashi, Y. Namekawa, Y. Taniguchi, N. Ukita and T. Yoshie

When the link to the pdf file is not available, the contribution in question has not yet been accepted for publication.