PoS - Proceedings of Science

The 32nd International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory

LATTICE2014 - (other lattice conferences)
23-28 June, 2014
Columbia University New York, NY
published May 21, 2015

Lattice 2014, the 32nd International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory, was held from June 23-28, 2014 on the campus of Columbia University in the City of New York and jointly organized by Brookhaven National Laboratory and Columbia University. Over 415 participants from around the world were in attendance and the plenary program was streamed out via Livestream. Parallel sessions were held in various academic buildings on campus, including Pupin Hall, the home of the Columbia Physics Department and the location of many seminal events in the history of physics.

These annual lattice conferences bring together a diverse community of theoretical physicists all bound by a common interest in a deeper and more quantitative understanding of quantum field theories and the phenomena they predict. Attendees use the largest available computers, and substantial amounts of time on these machines, to produce predictions from well established theories, like Quantum Chromodynamics, while also regularly improving our basic theoretical and numerical tools for analyzing a wide spectrum of quantum field theories. Predictions from Quantum Chromodynamics are vital for precision tests of the Standard Model of Particle Physics and for understanding the phenomena seen at primarily Quantum Chromodynamics oriented experiments, such as at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider at Brookhaven National Laboratory. There is also considerable focus on studying a wide variety of quantum field theories which currently have no direct experimental utility, but which may play a role in physics beyond the Standard Model.

The annual lattice conferences in this series are the most important vehicle for theorists in this field to exchange ideas and stay abreast of the rapid developments worldwide. In addition, nearly one fourth of the attendees were students, for whom the conference offers a detailed overview of the field. The presence of so many younger researchers testifies to the dynamism of the science being studied.

We would like to thank the members of the International Advisory Committee for their help in organizing the scientific program for this conference. We also acknowledge support from Brookhaven National Laboratory, Columbia University, Koi Computer, The RIKEN-BNL Research Center, Brookhaven Science Associates and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Finally, we thank the attendees for making the trip to New York City to share their ideas and results with this international community.

conference main image
Algorithms and Machines
Applications Beyond QCD
Chiral Symmetry
Hadron Spectroscopy and Interactions
Hadron Structure
Nonzero Temperature and Density
Physics Beyond the Standard Model
Standard Model Parameters and Renormalization
Theoretical Developments
Vacuum Structure and Confinement
Weak Decays and Matrix Elements
Hadron Structure
PoS(LATTICE2014)001 pdf M. Constantinou
Heavy Flavors
PoS(LATTICE2014)002 pdf C. Bouchard
Recent results on topology on the lattice (in memory of Pierre van Baal)
PoS(LATTICE2014)003 pdf M. Muller-Preussker
Validity of ChPT - is $M_\pi=135$ MeV small enough ?
PoS(LATTICE2014)006 pdf S. Durr
Few-body physics
PoS(LATTICE2014)008 pdf R.A. Briceno
Hadronic Interaction
PoS(LATTICE2014)009 pdf T. Yamazaki
Simulation in Astrophysics
PoS(LATTICE2014)010 pdf A. Mezzacappa
Inclusion of isospin breaking effects in lattice simulations
PoS(LATTICE2014)013 pdf A. Portelli
Quark masses
PoS(LATTICE2014)014 pdf F. Sanfilippo
Hadron Spectroscopy
PoS(LATTICE2014)015 pdf S. Prelovsek
New algorithms for finite density QCD
PoS(LATTICE2014)016 pdf D. Sexty
Wilson flow and renormalization
PoS(LATTICE2014)017 pdf A. Ramos Martinez
QCD in magnetic fields: from Hofstadter's butterfly to the phase diagram
PoS(LATTICE2014)018 pdf G. Endrodi
Hidden exact symmetry in graphene
PoS(LATTICE2014)019 pdf T. Onogi
Lattice QCD with purely imaginary sources at zero and non-zero temperature.
PoS(LATTICE2014)020 pdf M. D'Elia
QPACE 2 and Domain Decomposition on the Intel Xeon Phi
PoS(LATTICE2014)021 pdf P. Arts, J. Bloch, P. Georg, B. Glaessle, S. Heybrock, Y. Komatsubara, R. Lohmayer, S. Mages, B. Mendl, N. Meyer, A. Parcianello, D. Pleiter, F. Rappl, M. Rossi, S. Solbrig, G. Tecchiolli, T. Wettig and G. Zanier
Measurement of thermodynamics using Gradient Flow
PoS(LATTICE2014)022 pdf M. Kitazawa, M. Asakawa, T. Hatsuda, T. Iritani, E. Itou and H. Suzuki
Long Distance Effects from the Lattice
PoS(LATTICE2014)023 pdf C. Sachrajda
Finite Temperature ($\mu=0$)
PoS(LATTICE2014)392 pdf A. Bazavov
Algorithms and Machines
Dynamical QCD+QED simulation with staggered quarks
PoS(LATTICE2014)024 pdf R. Zhou and S. Gottlieb
Diffusion of topological charge and scaling of autocorrelation times in hybrid Monte Carlo simulations of lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2014)026 pdf G. McGlynn and R. Mawhinney
The FUEL code project
PoS(LATTICE2014)028 pdf J.C. Osborn
CLS 2+1 flavor simulations
PoS(LATTICE2014)029 pdf P. Korcyl
Extending the QUDA library with the EigCG solver
PoS(LATTICE2014)031 pdf A. Strelchenko and A. Stathopoulos
Coulomb and Landau Gauge Fixing in GPUs using CUDA and MILC
PoS(LATTICE2014)033 pdf N. Cardoso
Staggered Dslash Performance on Intel Xeon Phi Architecture
PoS(LATTICE2014)034 pdf R. Li and S. Gottlieb
Optimization of Lattice QCD Calculation on GTX Titan Black GPU and Xeon Phi Coprocessor
PoS(LATTICE2014)035 pdf J. Pak, H. Jeong, W. Lee, Y.C. Jang and J. Kim
Lattice QCD code Bridge++ on multi-thread and many core accelerators
PoS(LATTICE2014)036 pdf S. Ueda, S. Aoki, T. Aoyama, K. Kanaya, H. Matsufuru, S. Motoki, Y. Namekawa, H. Nemura, Y. Taniguchi and N. Ukita
CL2QCD - Lattice QCD based on OpenCL
PoS(LATTICE2014)038 pdf C. Pinke, M. Bach, O. Philipsen and A. Sciarra
Light glueball masses using multilevel algorithm
PoS(LATTICE2014)039 pdf S. Mondal, P. Majumdar and N. Mathur
Tuning of the strange quark mass with optimal reweighting
PoS(LATTICE2014)040 pdf B. Leder and J. Finkenrath
Fast evaluation of multi-hadron correlation functions
PoS(LATTICE2014)041 pdf P. Vachaspati and W. Detmold
Improved Sampling Algorithms in Lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2014)043 pdf A.S. Gambhir and K. Orginos
HISQ inverter on Intel Xeon Phi and NVIDIA GPUs
PoS(LATTICE2014)044 pdf O. Kaczmarek, S. Mukherjee, C. Schmid, P. Steinbrecher and M. Wagner
High-Performance I/O: HDF5 for Lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2014)045 pdf A. Walker-Loud
An algorithm for thimble regularization of lattice field theories (and possibly not only for that)
PoS(LATTICE2014)046 pdf F. Di Renzo, E. Giovanni and M. Brambilla
A Method to Calculate Conserved Currents and Fermionic Force for the Lanczos Approximation to the Overlap Dirac Operator
PoS(LATTICE2014)047 pdf M. Puhr and P. Buividovich
Conjugate Directions in Landau and Coulomb Lattice Gauge Fixing
PoS(LATTICE2014)048 pdf R.J. Hudspith
A filtering technique for the temporally reduced matrix of the Wilson fermion determinant
PoS(LATTICE2014)049 pdf K. Nagata, Y. Futamura, S. Hashimoto, A. Imakura and T. Sakurai
pyQCD: A Native Lattice Simulation Package for Python
PoS(LATTICE2014)050 pdf M. Spraggs
Applications Beyond QCD
Beta function of three-dimensional QED
PoS(LATTICE2014)051 pdf B. Svetitsky, O. Raviv and Y. Shamir
Monte-Carlo study of the phase transition in the AA-stacked bilayer graphene
PoS(LATTICE2014)054 pdf A. Nikolaev and M. Ulybyshev
Hybrid-Monte-Carlo simulation of the tight-binding model of graphene with partially screened Coulomb interactions
PoS(LATTICE2014)055 pdf D. Smith, L. von Smekal and M. Körner
Path Integral Monte-Carlo method for relativistic quantum systems
PoS(LATTICE2014)056 pdf O. Pavlovsky, A. Ivanov and A. Novoselov
Numerical simulation of graphene in an external magnetic field
PoS(LATTICE2014)057 pdf D. Boyda, V. Braguta, S. Valgushev, M.I. Polikarpov and M. Ulybyshev
Solution to new sign problems with Hamiltonian Lattice Fermions
PoS(LATTICE2014)058 pdf E. Huffman
Glueball masses in 2+1 dimensional SU(N) gauge theories with twisted b.c.
PoS(LATTICE2014)059 pdf M. Koren, M.G. Perez, A. Gonzalez-Arroyo and M. Okawa
Spectrum and Observables in Yang-Mills-Higgs Theory
PoS(LATTICE2014)060 pdf A. Maas and T. Mufti
Spontaneous chiral symmetry breaking and chiral magnetic effect in Weyl semimetals
PoS(LATTICE2014)061 pdf P. Buividovich and M. Puhr
The electro weak transition and the equation of state in the SU(2)-Higgs-model
PoS(LATTICE2014)062 pdf J. Guenther
The effective U(1)-Higgs theory at strong couplings on optical lattices
PoS(LATTICE2014)391 pdf A. Bazavov, C.Y. Lai, Y. Meurice and S.W. Tsai
Chiral Symmetry
Phase Diagram of Wilson and Twisted Mass Fermions at finite isospin chemical potential
PoS(LATTICE2014)065 pdf M. Kieburg, K. Splittorff, J. Verbaarschot and S. Zafeiropoulos
Phase diagram of non-degenerate Wilson and twisted mass fermions
PoS(LATTICE2014)066 pdf D. Horkel and S.R. Sharpe
Individual eigenvalue distributions for chGSE-chGUE crossover and determination of low-energy constants in two-color QCD+QED
PoS(LATTICE2014)067 pdf S. Nishigaki and T.O. Yamamoto
Mesons upon low-lying Dirac mode exclusion
PoS(LATTICE2014)068 pdf M. Denissenya, L. Glozman and C.B. Lang
Fine lattice simulations with the Ginsparg-Wilson fermions
PoS(LATTICE2014)069 pdf J. Noaki
Partial quenching and chiral symmetry breaking
PoS(LATTICE2014)070 pdf M. Creutz
Correlation functions with Karsten-Wilczek fermions
PoS(LATTICE2014)071 pdf J.H. Weber
The Chiral Condensate of One-Flavor QCD and the Dirac Spectrum at $\theta=0$
PoS(LATTICE2014)072 pdf J. Verbaarschot and T. Wettig
Chiral condensate in nf=2 QCD from the Banks-Casher relation
PoS(LATTICE2014)073 pdf G. Engel
Comparison of different lattice definitions of the topological charge
PoS(LATTICE2014)075 pdf K. Cichy
Hadron Spectroscopy and Interactions
Pion-pion scattering phase shifts with the stochastic LapH method
PoS(LATTICE2014)077 pdf B. Fahy, J. Bulava, B. Hörz, K.J. Juge, C. Morningstar and C.H. Wong
Pi-Pi Scattering with N_f=2+1+1 Twisted Mass Fermions
PoS(LATTICE2014)078 pdf B. Knippschild
Lattice study of pion-pion scattering using Nf=2+1 Wilson improved quarks with masses down to their physical values.
PoS(LATTICE2014)079 pdf T. Metivet
K-pi scattering lengths at physical kinematics
PoS(LATTICE2014)080 pdf T. Janowski, P.A. Boyle, A. Juttner and C. Sachrajda
Hadron spectra and Delta_mix from overlap quarks on a HISQ sea.
PoS(LATTICE2014)083 pdf A. Lytle, S. Basak, S. Datta, N. Mathur, P. Majumdar and P. Madanagopalan
Spectroscopy of charmed baryons from lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2014)084 pdf attachments P. Madanagopalan, R. Edwards, N. Mathur and M.J. Peardon
Low lying charmonium states at the physical point
PoS(LATTICE2014)085 pdf D. Mohler, C. DeTar, A. Kronfeld, S.h. Lee, L. Levkova and J.N. Simone
DK and D* K scattering near threshold
PoS(LATTICE2014)086 pdf C.B. Lang, L. Leskovec, D. Mohler, S. Prelovsek and R. Woloshyn
Conserved currents and results from 2+1f dynamical Mobius DWF simulations at the physical point
PoS(LATTICE2014)087 pdf P.A. Boyle
Relativistic three-particle quantization condition: an update
PoS(LATTICE2014)088 pdf S.R. Sharpe and M. Hansen
On the extraction of spectral quantities with open boundary conditions.
PoS(LATTICE2014)089 pdf M. Bruno, P. Korcyl, T. Korzec, S. Lottini and S. Schaefer
Gradient Flow Analysis on MILC HISQ Ensembles
PoS(LATTICE2014)090 pdf attachments N. Brown, A. Bazavov, C. Bernard, C. DeTar, J. Foley, S. Gottlieb, U.M. Heller, J.E. Hetrick, J. Komijani, J. Laiho, L. Levkova, M.B. Oktay, R. Sugar, D. Toussaint, R. Van de Water and R. Zhou
Radial and orbital excitation energies of charmonium
PoS(LATTICE2014)092 pdf B.A. Galloway, P. Knecht, J. Koponen, C. Davies and G.P. Lepage
On the Structure of the Lambda 1405
PoS(LATTICE2014)094 pdf W. Kamleh, J. Hall, D. Leinweber, B. Menadue, B. Owen, A. Thomas and R. Young
Multi-channel 1 to 2 matrix elements in finite volume
PoS(LATTICE2014)095 pdf R.A. Briceno, M. Hansen and A. Walker-Loud
Scalar Mesons on the Lattice Using Stochastic Sources on GPU Architecture.
PoS(LATTICE2014)096 pdf D. Howarth and J. Giedt
Heavy Meson Spectrum Tests of the Oktay-Kronfeld Action
PoS(LATTICE2014)097 pdf Y.C. Jang, J. Bailey, W. Lee, C. DeTar, A. Kronfeld and M.B. Oktay
Nucleon spectroscopy using multi-particle operators
PoS(LATTICE2014)098 pdf W. Kamleh, A. Kiratidis and D. Leinweber
Lattice QCD with 2+1 Flavors and Open Boundaries: First Results of the Baryon Spectrum
PoS(LATTICE2014)099 pdf W. Soeldner
Baryon spectrum with Nf=2+1+1 twisted mass fermions
PoS(LATTICE2014)100 pdf C. Alexandrou, V. Drach, K. Hadjiyiannakou, K. Jansen, C. Kallidonis and G. Koutsou
Excited isovector mesons using the stochastic LapH method
PoS(LATTICE2014)101 pdf C. Morningstar, B. Fahy, Y.C. Jhang, K.J. Juge, D. Lenkner and C.H. Wong
Investigation of the tetraquark candidate a_0(980): technical aspects.
PoS(LATTICE2014)104 pdf J. Berlin, A. Abdel-Rehim, C. Alexandrou, M. Dalla Brida, M. Gravina and M. Wagner
Flavored tetraquark spectroscopy
PoS(LATTICE2014)106 pdf A. Guerrieri, M. Papinutto, A. Pilloni, A.D. Polosa and N. Tantalo
Search for a bound H-dibaryon using local six-quark interpolating operators
PoS(LATTICE2014)107 pdf J.R. Green, A. Francis, P. Junnarkar, C. Miao, T. Rae and H. Wittig
Two-Baryon Systems with Twisted Boundary Conditions
PoS(LATTICE2014)108 pdf Z. Davoudi
Determining Sigma - Lambda mixing
PoS(LATTICE2014)110 pdf R. Horsley, J. Najjar, Y. Nakamura, H. Perlt, D. Pleiter, P.E.L. Rakow, G. Schierholz, A. Schiller, H. Stuben and J. Zanotti
Free-form Smeared Bottomonium Correlation Functions
PoS(LATTICE2014)111 pdf M. Wurtz, R. Lewis and R.M. Woloshyn
Omega-Omega interaction from 2+1 flavor QCD
PoS(LATTICE2014)112 pdf M. Yamada
Finite volume effects and the electromagnetic contributions to kaon and pion masses
PoS(LATTICE2014)116 pdf S. Basak, A. Bazavov, C. Bernard, C. DeTar, E. Freeland, J. Foley, S. Gottlieb, U.M. Heller, J. Komijani, J. Laiho, L. Levkova, J.C. Osborn, R. Sugar, A. Torok, D. Toussaint, R. Van de Water and R. Zhou
Search for Z_c(3900) on the lattice with twisted mass fermions
PoS(LATTICE2014)117 pdf L. Liu
Study of the Zc+ channel in lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2014)118 pdf L. Leskovec, S. Prelovsek, C.B. Lang and D. Mohler
Updated results from maximally twisted mass QCD at the physical point
PoS(LATTICE2014)119 pdf A. Abdel-Rehim, C. Alexandrou, P. Dimopoulos, R. Frezzotti, K. Jansen, C. Kallidonis, B. Kostrzewa, M. Brinet, G. Rossi, C. Urbach and U. Wenger
Rho mesons in strong abelian magnetic field in SU(3) lattice gauge theory
PoS(LATTICE2014)120 pdf O. Larina, E. Luschevskaya and O. Kochetkov
Baryon resonances coupled to Pion-Nucleon states in lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2014)121 pdf V. Verduci and C.B. Lang
Error reduction with all-mode-averaging in Wilson fermion
PoS(LATTICE2014)124 pdf E. Shintani
The charmonium states X(3872)(1++) and Zc(3900)(1+-) on HISQ lattices
PoS(LATTICE2014)125 pdf S.h. Lee, C. DeTar, D. Mohler and H. Na
Hadron Structure
A new strategy for evaluating the LO HVP contribution to (g-2)_mu on the lattice
PoS(LATTICE2014)126 pdf K. Maltman, M. Golterman and S. Peris
The leading hadronic contribution to (g-2) of the muon: The chiral behavior using the mixed representation method
PoS(LATTICE2014)127 pdf A. Francis
The leading disconnected contribution to the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon
PoS(LATTICE2014)128 pdf V. Gülpers, A. Francis, B. Jaeger, H. Meyer, G. von Hippel and H. Wittig
The strange and charm quark contributions to the anomalous magnetic moment (g -2) of the muon from current-current correlators
PoS(LATTICE2014)129 pdf B. Chakraborty
Lattice Calculation of the Hadronic Light by Light Contributions to the Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment
PoS(LATTICE2014)130 pdf L. Jin
Volume effects on the method of extracting form factors at zero momentum
PoS(LATTICE2014)132 pdf B. Tiburzi
Initial nucleon structure results with chiral quarks at the physical point
PoS(LATTICE2014)134 pdf S. Syritsyn, T. Blum, M. Engelhardt, J. Green, T. Izubuchi, C. Jung, S. Krieg, M. Lin, S. Meinel, J. Negele, S. Ohta, A. Pochinsky and E. Shintani
News from hadron structure calculations with twisted mass fermions
PoS(LATTICE2014)135 pdf C. Alexandrou, K. Cichy, V. Drach, E. Garcia-Ramos, K. Hadjiyiannakou, K. Jansen, F. Steffens and C. Wiese
Hadron mass decomposition from Lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2014)137 pdf Y.B. Yang, Y. Chen, T. Draper, M. Gong, K.F. Liu, Z. Liu and J.P. Ma
Quark Spin in the Nucleon with Overlap Fermion
PoS(LATTICE2014)138 pdf M. Gong, K.F. Liu, Y.B. Yang and M. Sun
Results on the disconnected contributions for hadron structure
PoS(LATTICE2014)140 pdf A. Vaquero Avilés-Casco, C. Alexandrou, M. Constantinou, V. Drach, K. Hadjiyiannakou, K. Jansen and G. Koutsou
Disconnected Quark Loop Contributions to Nucleon Structure
PoS(LATTICE2014)141 pdf B. Yoon, T. Bhattacharya and R. Gupta
Strange quark momentum fraction from overlap fermion
PoS(LATTICE2014)142 pdf M. Sun, Y.B. Yang, K.F. Liu and M. Gong
Computing the nucleon sigma terms at the physical point
PoS(LATTICE2014)143 pdf C. Torrero
Extraction of the isovector magnetic form factor of the nucleon at zero momentum
PoS(LATTICE2014)144 pdf K. Ottnad, C. Alexandrou, M. Constantinou, G. Koutsou and M. Petschlies
Lepton anomalous magnetic moments from N_f=2+1+1 twisted mass fermions and N_f=2 twisted mass fermions at the physical point
PoS(LATTICE2014)145 pdf F. Burger, G. Hotzel, K. Jansen and M. Petschlies
Suppression of excited-state effects in lattice determination of nucleon electromagnetic form factors
PoS(LATTICE2014)147 pdf G. von Hippel, S. Capitani, D. Djukanovic, J. Hua, B. Jaeger, P. Junnarkar, H. Meyer, T. Rae and H. Wittig
Nucleon electromagnetic form factors from twisted mass lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2014)148 pdf G. Koutsou, A. Abdel-Rehim, C. Alexandrou, M. Constantinou, K. Jansen and K. Hadjiyiannakou
Systematics analyses on nucleon isovector observables in 2+1-flavor dynamical domain-wall lattice QCD near physical mass
PoS(LATTICE2014)149 pdf S. Ohta
Nucleon axial form factors from two-flavour Lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2014)150 pdf P. Junnarkar
Nucleon observables and axial charges of other baryons using twisted mass fermions
PoS(LATTICE2014)151 pdf C. Alexandrou, M. Constantinou, K. Hadjiyiannakou, K. Jansen, C. Kallidonis and G. Koutsou
Precision calculations of nucleon charges g_A, g_S and g_T
PoS(LATTICE2014)152 pdf R. Gupta, T. Bhattacharya, J. Anosh, H.W. Lin and B. Yoon
Electric polarizability of neutral hadrons from dynamical lattice QCD ensembles
PoS(LATTICE2014)153 pdf M. Lujan, A. Alexandru, W. Freeman and F. Lee
Perturbative reweighting, dilution, and low mode substitution for sea quark contribution to the neutron polarizability
PoS(LATTICE2014)154 pdf W. Freeman, A. Alexandru, M. Lujan and F. Lee
Background field method and nonrelativistic QED matching
PoS(LATTICE2014)155 pdf J.W. Lee and B. Tiburzi
Vacuum alignment and lattice artifacts
PoS(LATTICE2014)156 pdf M. Golterman and Y. Shamir
Electromagnetic structure of charmed baryons in Lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2014)157 pdf K.U. Can, G. Erkol, B. Isildak, M. Oka and T. Takahashi
Electromagnetic matrix elements for Negative Parity Nucleons
PoS(LATTICE2014)159 pdf B. Owen, W. Kamleh, D. Leinweber, S. Mahbub and B. Menadue
Towards the physical point hadronic vacuum polarisation from Möbius DWF
PoS(LATTICE2014)160 pdf M. Marinkovic, P.A. Boyle, L. Del Debbio, A. Juttner, K. Maltman and A. Portelli
Leading-order hadronic contribution to $g_\mu-2$ from $N_f=2+1$ simulations down to the physical pion mass
PoS(LATTICE2014)161 pdf R. Malak, Z. Fodor, C. Hoelbling, L. Lellouch, A. Sastre and K. Szabo
A Study of the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon computed from the Adler function
PoS(LATTICE2014)162 pdf H. Horch, M. Della Morte, G. Herdoiza, A. Francis, B. Jaeger, A. Juttner, H. Meyer and H. Wittig
Study of the couplings of QED and QCD from the Adler function
PoS(LATTICE2014)163 pdf G. Herdoiza, A. Francis, H. Horch, B. Jaeger, H. Meyer and H. Wittig
Towards the large volume limit - An application to hadronic contributions to muon g-2 and EM corrections
PoS(LATTICE2014)164 pdf C. Lehner and T. Izubuchi
Connected and disconnected quark contributions to hadron spin
PoS(LATTICE2014)165 pdf J. Zanotti, A. Chambers, R. Horsley, Y. Nakamura, H. Perlt, D. Pleiter, P.E.L. Rakow, G. Schierholz, A. Schiller, H. Stuben and R. Young
Glue Helicity $\Delta G$ In the Nucleon
PoS(LATTICE2014)166 pdf R. Sufian, M. Glatzmaier, Y.B. Yang, K.F. Liu and M. Sun
Nucleon transverse momentum-dependent parton distributions from domain wall fermion calculations at 297 MeV pion mass
PoS(LATTICE2014)167 pdf M. Engelhardt, B. Musch, T. Bhattacharya, R. Gupta, P. Hagler, J. Negele, A. Pochinsky, A. Schafer, S. Syritsyn and B. Yoon
Nonperturbative renormalisation for low moments of light-meson distribution amplitudes
PoS(LATTICE2014)168 pdf J. Flynn and T. Rae
The Delta N gamma* transition form factors on the lattice
PoS(LATTICE2014)169 pdf A. Rusetsky, A. Agadjanov, V. Bernard and U.G. Meißner
Signal/noise optimization strategies for stochastically estimated correlation functions
PoS(LATTICE2014)170 pdf W. Detmold and M. Endres
Nonzero Temperature and Density
Curvature of the QCD critical line with 2+1 HISQ fermions
PoS(LATTICE2014)171 pdf L. Cosmai, P. Cea and A. Papa
Effective SU(2) Polyakov Loop Theories with Heavy Quarks on the Lattice
PoS(LATTICE2014)173 pdf P. Scior, D. Smith, D. Scheffler and L. von Smekal
The curvature of the QCD critical line from analytic continuation
PoS(LATTICE2014)174 pdf M. Mesiti, C. Bonati, M. D'Elia, M. Mariti, F. Negro and F. Sanfilippo
Lattice simulations of G2-QCD at finite density
PoS(LATTICE2014)177 pdf B.H. Wellegehausen and L. von Smekal
Status of the SU3 Lambda Scale
PoS(LATTICE2014)179 pdf B.A. Berg
Deconfinement transition as a black hole formation by the condensation of QCD string
PoS(LATTICE2014)181 pdf M. Hanada
Gluonic Correlations at Deconfinement
PoS(LATTICE2014)183 pdf T. Mendes
Thermodynamics of heavy-light hadrons
PoS(LATTICE2014)184 pdf H. Ding
Exploring the QCD phasediagram with conserved charge fluctutaions
PoS(LATTICE2014)186 pdf C. Schmidt
Quark number density at imaginary chemical potential and its extrapolation to large real chemical potential by the effective model
PoS(LATTICE2014)187 pdf J. Takahashi, M. Ishii, H. Kouno, J. Sugano and M. Yahiro
Fluctuation effects on QCD phase diagram at strong coupling
PoS(LATTICE2014)188 pdf T. Ichihara and A. Ohnishi
On curing the divergences in the quark number susceptibility
PoS(LATTICE2014)189 pdf R.V. Gavai and S. Sharma
Temperature dependence of meson screening masses; a comparison of effective model with lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2014)190 pdf M. Ishii, T. Sasaki, K. Kashiwa, H. Kouno and M. Yahiro
Renormalization group flow of linear sigma model with UA(1) anomaly
PoS(LATTICE2014)191 pdf T. Sato and N. Yamada
The Combinatorics of Lattice QCD at Strong Coupling
PoS(LATTICE2014)192 pdf W. Unger
The N_f=3 critical endpoint with smeared staggered quarks
PoS(LATTICE2014)193 pdf L. Varnhorst
Update on the critical endpoint of the finite temperature phase transition for three flavor QCD with clover type fermions
PoS(LATTICE2014)194 pdf Y. Nakamura, X.Y. Jin, Y. Kuramashi, S. Takeda and A. Ukawa
Scalar correlators near the 3-flavor thermal critical point
PoS(LATTICE2014)195 pdf X.Y. Jin, Y. Kuramashi, Y. Nakamura, S. Takeda and A. Ukawa
Critical end point in Nf=3 QCD with finite density and temperature
PoS(LATTICE2014)196 pdf S. Takeda, X.Y. Jin, Y. Kuramashi, Y. Nakamura and A. Ukawa
Canonical approach to the finite density QCD with winding number expansion
PoS(LATTICE2014)198 pdf Y. Taniguchi, A. Nakamura and S. Oka
Complex Langevin dynamics for SU(3) gauge theory in the presence of a theta term
PoS(LATTICE2014)199 pdf L. Bongiovanni, G. Aarts, E. Seiler and D. Sexty
Exploring the phase diagram of QCD with complex Langevin simulations
PoS(LATTICE2014)200 pdf G. Aarts, F. Attanasio, B. Jaeger, E. Seiler, D. Sexty and I.O. Stamatescu
Solution of simple toy models via thimble regularization of lattice field theory
PoS(LATTICE2014)202 pdf G. Eruzzi and F. Di Renzo
The Z3 model with the density of states method
PoS(LATTICE2014)203 pdf Y. Delgado Mercado, P. Toerek and C. Gattringer
Dual simulation of finite density lattice QED at large mass
PoS(LATTICE2014)206 pdf C. Gattringer and M. Kniely
Systematic approximation for QCD at non-zero density
PoS(LATTICE2014)207 pdf I.O. Stamatescu
NRQCD based S- and P-wave Bottomonium spectra at finite temperature from 48^3x12 lattices with Nf=2+1 light HISQ flavors
PoS(LATTICE2014)208 pdf P. Petreczky, S. Kim and A. Rothkopf
Condensation in two flavor scalar electrodynamics with non-degenerate quark masses
PoS(LATTICE2014)209 pdf A. Schmidt, P. de Forcrand and C. Gattringer
Axial U(1) symmetry at finite temperature with Mobius domain-wall fermions
PoS(LATTICE2014)210 pdf G. Cossu, H. Fukaya, S. Hashimoto, T. Kaneko, J. Noaki and A. Tomiya
Effects of near-zero Dirac eigenmodes on axial U(1) symmetry at finite temperature
PoS(LATTICE2014)211 pdf A. Tomiya, G. Cossu, H. Fukaya, S. Hashimoto and J. Noaki
Dirac eigenmodes at the QCD Anderson transition
PoS(LATTICE2014)212 pdf M. Giordano, T. Kovacs, F. Pittler, L. Ujfalusi and I. Varga
Understanding localisation in QCD through an Ising-Anderson model
PoS(LATTICE2014)213 pdf M. Giordano, T. Kovacs and F. Pittler
Chiral transition as Anderson transition
PoS(LATTICE2014)214 pdf F. Pittler, M. Giordano, S.D. Katz and T. Kovacs
Charmonium spectra and dispersion relation with improved Bayesian analysis in lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2014)215 pdf A. Ikeda
Mesonic spectral functions and transport properties in the quenched QCD continuum
PoS(LATTICE2014)216 pdf H. Ding, O. Kaczmarek and F. Meyer
Charmonium spectral functions from 2+1 flavour lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2014)218 pdf attachments A. Pasztor, S. Borsanyi, S. Durr, Z. Fodor, C. Hoelbling, S.D. Katz, S. Krieg, S. Mages, D. Nogradi, A. Schäfer, K. Szabo, B.C. Toth and N. Trombitas
Quark mass dependence of quarkonium properties at finite temperature
PoS(LATTICE2014)219 pdf H. Ohno, H. Ding and O. Kaczmarek
The in-medium heavy quark potential from quenched and dynamical lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2014)220 pdf O. Kaczmarek, Y. Burnier and A. Rothkopf
Multipoint reweighting method and beta-functions for the calculation of QCD equation of state
PoS(LATTICE2014)222 pdf R. Iwami, S. Ejiri, K. Kanaya, Y. Nakagawa, T. Umeda and D. Yamamoto
Recent results on the Equation of State of QCD
PoS(LATTICE2014)224 pdf Z. Fodor, S. Borsanyi, S.D. Katz, S. Krieg, C. Ratti and K. Szabo
The QCD Equation of State
PoS(LATTICE2014)225 pdf T. Bhattacharya
The QCD Equation of State at order $\mu_B^4$
PoS(LATTICE2014)226 pdf attachments P. Hegde
Deconfining temperatures in SO(N) and SU(N) gauge theories
PoS(LATTICE2014)228 pdf R. Lau and M. Teper
The density of states from first principles
PoS(LATTICE2014)229 pdf R. Pellegrini, K. Langeld, B. Lucini and A. Rago
A novel density of state method for complex action system
PoS(LATTICE2014)230 pdf B. Lucini and K. Langeld
Quark number susceptibilities from fugacity expansion at finite chemical potential
PoS(LATTICE2014)231 pdf H.P. Schadler and C. Gattringer
Shear Viscosity from Lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2014)232 pdf S.W. Mages, S. Borsanyi, Z. Fodor, A. Schäfer and K. Szabo
Effective Polyakov line actions, and their solutions at finite chemical potential
PoS(LATTICE2014)233 pdf J. Greensite
Chiral dynamics in the low-temperature phase of QCD
PoS(LATTICE2014)234 pdf attachments D. Robaina, B. Brandt, A. Francis and H. Meyer
Two-color QCD with chiral chemical potential
PoS(LATTICE2014)235 pdf E.M. Ilgenfritz, V. Braguta, A.Y. Kotov, M. Muller-Preussker, B. Petersson and A. Schreiber
Deconfinement transition in two-flavour lattice QCD with dynamical overlap fermions in an external magnetic field
PoS(LATTICE2014)236 pdf O. Kochetkov, V.G. Bornyakov, P.V. Buividovich and N.D. Cundy
Magnetic properties of the QCD medium
PoS(LATTICE2014)237 pdf M. Mariti, C. Bonati, M. D'Elia, M. Mesiti, F. Negro and F. Sanfilippo
Physics Beyond the Standard Model
Models of Walking Technicolor on the Lattice
PoS(LATTICE2014)239 pdf D. Sinclair and J.B. Kogut
Phase Structure Study of SU(2) Lattice Gauge Theory with 8 flavours
PoS(LATTICE2014)240 pdf C.Y.H. Huang, C.J.D. Lin, K. Ogawa, H. Ohki and E. Rinaldi
SU(2) gauge theory with many flavors of domain-wall fermions
PoS(LATTICE2014)241 pdf H. Matsufuru, K.i. Nagai and N. Yamada
Approaching Conformality
PoS(LATTICE2014)242 pdf K. Miura, M.P. Lombardo, T. Nunes da Silva and E. Pallante
Walking technicolor: testing infra-red conformality with exact results in two dimensions
PoS(LATTICE2014)243 pdf O. Akerlund and P. de Forcrand
Toward the minimal realization of a light composite Higgs
PoS(LATTICE2014)244 pdf J. Kuti, Z. Fodor, K. Holland, S. Mondal, D. Nogradi and C.H. Wong
Gauge and Higgs boson masses from an extra dimension
PoS(LATTICE2014)248 pdf G. Moir, P. Dziennik, N. Irges, F. Knechtli and K. Yoneyama
Composite (Goldstone) Higgs Dynamics on the Lattice: Spectrum of SU(2) Gauge Theory with two Fundamental Fermions
PoS(LATTICE2014)249 pdf A. Hietanen, R. Arthur, V. Drach, M. Hansen, R. Lewis, C. Pica and F. Sannino
Beyond the Standard Model Matrix Elements with the gradient flow
PoS(LATTICE2014)251 pdf A. Shindler, J. de Vries and T. Luu
Determination of the mass anomalous dimension for Nf=12 and Nf=9 SU(3) gauge theories
PoS(LATTICE2014)252 pdf E. Itou and A. Tomiya
Numerical investigations of Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Quantum Mechanics with 4 supercharges
PoS(LATTICE2014)253 pdf P. Korcyl and Z. Ambrozinski
Targeting the Conformal Window: Determining the Running Coupling
PoS(LATTICE2014)254 pdf R.C. Brower, A. Hasenfratz, C. Rebbi, E. Weinberg and O. Witzel
Exploring the phase structure of 12-flavor SU(3)
PoS(LATTICE2014)255 pdf Z. Gelzer, Y. Liu and Y. Meurice
Conformality in twelve-flavor QCD
PoS(LATTICE2014)256 pdf Y. Aoki, T. Aoyama, E. Bennett, M. Kurachi, T. Maskawa, K. Miura, K.i. Nagai, H. Ohki, E. Rinaldi, A. Shibata, K. Yamawaki and T. Yamazaki
Improved gradient flow for step scaling function and scale setting
PoS(LATTICE2014)257 pdf A. Hasenfratz
The gradient flow running coupling in SU2 with 8 flavors
PoS(LATTICE2014)258 pdf J. Rantaharju, T. Karavirta, V. Leino, T. Rantalaiho, K. Rummukainen and K. Tuominen
SU(3) gauge theory with 12 flavours in a twisted box
PoS(LATTICE2014)259 pdf C.J.D. Lin, K. Ogawa, H. Ohki, A. Ramos Martinez and E. Shintani
Four-fermi anomalous dimension with adjoint fermions
PoS(LATTICE2014)260 pdf L. Del Debbio, L. Keegan and C. Pena Ruano
Calculating the chiral condensate diagrammatically at strong coupling
PoS(LATTICE2014)261 pdf A. Christensen, J. Myers, P. Pedersen and J. Rosseel
First studies of the phase diagram of N=1 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory
PoS(LATTICE2014)262 pdf P. Giudice, G. Bergner, G. Münster, S. Piemonte and D. Sandbrink
Lattice Formulations of Supersymmetric Gauge Theories with Matter Fields
PoS(LATTICE2014)263 pdf A. Joseph
Results from lattice simulations of N=4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills
PoS(LATTICE2014)267 pdf S. Catterall, J. Giedt, D. Schaich, P. Damgaard and T. DeGrand
Dark matter baryon candidates in the sextet gauge model
PoS(LATTICE2014)270 pdf Z. Fodor, K. Holland, J. Kuti, S. Mondal, D. Nogradi and C. Him Wong
Scattering lengths in SU(2) Gauge Theory with two Fundamental Fermions
PoS(LATTICE2014)271 pdf V. Drach, R. Arthur, A. Hietanen, C. Pica, F. Sannino, A. Hietanen, C. Pica and M. Hansen
Gauge-invariant signature of spontaneous gauge symmetry breaking by the Hosotani mechanism
PoS(LATTICE2014)272 pdf P. de Forcrand and O. Akerlund
Latest lattice results of N=1 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory with some topological insights
PoS(LATTICE2014)273 pdf P. Giudice, G. Bergner, I. Montvay, G. Münster, U.D. Özugurel, S. Piemonte and D. Sandbrink
Non-renormalization theorem and cyclic Leibniz rule in lattice supersymmetry
PoS(LATTICE2014)274 pdf M. Sakamoto, M. Kato and H. So
Spectrum of the SU(4) lattice gauge theory with fermions in the anti-symmetric two index representation
PoS(LATTICE2014)275 pdf Y. Liu, T. DeGrand, E.T. Neil, Y. Shamir and B. Svetitsky
Phase structure and Higgs boson mass in a Higgs-Yukawa model with a dimension-6 operator
PoS(LATTICE2014)278 pdf Y.J.D. Chu, K. Jansen, B. Knippschild, C.J.D. Lin, K.i. Nagai and A. Nagy
Standard Model Parameters and Renormalization
A perturbative study of the chirally rotated Schrödinger functional in QCD
PoS(LATTICE2014)279 pdf P. Vilaseca Mainar and S. Sint
A dynamical study of the chirally rotated Schrödinger functional in QCD
PoS(LATTICE2014)280 pdf M. Dalla Brida and S. Sint
Non perturbative renormalization and running of Delta F=2 four-fermion operators in the SF scheme.
PoS(LATTICE2014)281 pdf M. Papinutto, C. Pena Ruano and D. Preti
Non-perturbative improvement and renormalization of the axial current in N_f=3 lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2014)283 pdf J. Bulava, M. Della Morte, J. Heitger and C. Wittemeier
Renormalization constants for $N_{\rm f}=2+1+1$ twisted mass QCD
PoS(LATTICE2014)284 pdf S. Zafeiropoulos, B. Blossier, M. Brinet, P. Guichon, V. Morenas, O. Pene and J. Rodriguez-Quintero
Determination of $c_{\rm sw}$ in $N_f=3+1$ Lattice QCD with massive Wilson fermions
PoS(LATTICE2014)293 pdf F. Stollenwerk, P. Fritzsch, R. Sommer and U. Wolff
Neutron-Antineutron Operator Renormalization
PoS(LATTICE2014)290 pdf M. Wagman and M.I. Buchoff
Towards a new determination of the QCD Lambda parameter from running couplings in the three-flavour theory
PoS(LATTICE2014)291 pdf P. Fritzsch, M. Dalla Brida, T. Korzec, A. Ramos Martinez, S. Sint and R. Sommer
Perturbative and non-perturbative renormalization results of the Chromomagnetic Operator on the Lattice
PoS(LATTICE2014)289 pdf M. Costa, M. Constantinou, R. Frezzotti, V. Lubicz, G. Martinelli, D. Meloni, H. Panagopoulos and S. Simula
Physical and cut-off effects of heavy charm-like sea quarks
PoS(LATTICE2014)288 pdf F. Knechtli, A. Athenodorou, M. Bruno, J. Finkenrath, B. Leder, M. Marinkovic and R. Sommer
Nonperturbative renormalization of bilinear operators with Mobius domain-wall fermions in the coordinate space
PoS(LATTICE2014)287 pdf M. Tomii, G. Cossu, S. Hashimoto and J. Noaki
Non-perturbative Renormalization of Four-fermion Operators Relevant to B_K with Staggered Quarks.
PoS(LATTICE2014)286 pdf J. Kim, H. Jeong, J. Kim, W. Lee, J. Pak and S. Park
NPR step-scaling across the charm threshold
PoS(LATTICE2014)285 pdf J. Frison, P.A. Boyle and N. Garron
Using NSPT for the Removal of Hypercubic Lattice Artifacts
PoS(LATTICE2014)294 pdf J. Simeth, A. Sternbeck, M. Goeckeler, H. Perlt and A. Schiller
An update on the status of NSPT computations
PoS(LATTICE2014)295 pdf M. Brambilla and F. Di Renzo
Isospin Effects by Mass Reweighting
PoS(LATTICE2014)297 pdf J. Finkenrath, F. Knechtli and B. Leder
Renormalization of Flavor Singlet and Nonsinglet Fermion Bilinear Operators
PoS(LATTICE2014)298 pdf M. Constantinou, M. Hadjiantonis and H. Panagopoulos
Theoretical Developments
Polyakov Loop Correlations at Large N
PoS(LATTICE2014)299 pdf H. Neuberger
TEK twisted gradient flow running coupling
PoS(LATTICE2014)300 pdf L. Keegan, M.G. Perez, A. Gonzalez-Arroyo and M. Okawa
Testing volume independence of large N gauge theories on the lattice
PoS(LATTICE2014)301 pdf A. Gonzalez-Arroyo and M. Okawa
Temperature dependence of the chiral condensate in the Schwinger model with Matrix Product States
PoS(LATTICE2014)302 pdf H. Saito, M.C. Banuls, K. Cichy, J.I. Cirac and K. Jansen
Grassmann Tensor Renormalization Group Study of Lattice QED with Theta Term in Two Dimensions
PoS(LATTICE2014)303 pdf Y. Shimizu and Y. Kuramashi
Causal Space-Time on a Null Lattice with Hypercubic Coordination
PoS(LATTICE2014)304 pdf M. Schaden
Triviality of $\phi^4_4$ in the broken phase revisited
PoS(LATTICE2014)305 pdf T. Korzec and U. Wolff
Induced QCD with Nc auxiliary bosonic fields
PoS(LATTICE2014)307 pdf B. Brandt and T. Wettig
Matrix product states for gauge field theories
PoS(LATTICE2014)308 pdf K. Van Acoleyen, B. Buyens, J. Haegeman and F. Verstraete
Fermion-bags and a new origin for a fermion mass
PoS(LATTICE2014)309 pdf S. Chandrasekharan
Partially quenched chiral perturbation theory for N=1 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory
PoS(LATTICE2014)310 pdf G. Münster and H. Stüwe
Critical behavior and continuum scaling of 3D Z(N) lattice gauge theories
PoS(LATTICE2014)311 pdf O. Borisenko, V. Chelnokov, M. Gravina and A. Papa
Lattice calculation of neural network of theta neuron
PoS(LATTICE2014)312 pdf attachments S. Qiu and C. Chow
Prepotential Formulation of Lattice Gauge theories
PoS(LATTICE2014)313 pdf I. Raychowdhury and R. Anishetty
Lattice Hamiltonian approach to the Schwinger model
PoS(LATTICE2014)314 pdf M. Szyniszewski, K. Cichy and A. Kujawa-Cichy
Pion masses in 2-flavor QCD with $¥eta$ condensation
PoS(LATTICE2014)316 pdf S. Aoki and M. Creutz
Conformal Lattice Field Theory on Spherical Manifolds
PoS(LATTICE2014)318 pdf R.C. Brower, M. Cheng and G. Fleming
Blocking versus Sampling
PoS(LATTICE2014)319 pdf Y. Meurice, Y. Liu, J.F. Unmuth-Yockey, L.P. Yang and H. Zou
Topologically restricted measurements in lattice sigma-models
PoS(LATTICE2014)320 pdf U. Gerber, I. Bautista Guzman, W. Bietenholz, H. Mejia-Diaz and C. Hofmann
Hadron masses from fixed topological simulations: discussion of parity partners and SU(2) Yang-Mills results.
PoS(LATTICE2014)321 pdf A. Dromard, C. Czaban and M. Wagner
Non-perturbative renormalization of the energy-momentum tensor in SU(3) Yang-Mills theory
PoS(LATTICE2014)322 pdf M. Pepe and L. Giusti
Topology density correlator on dynamical domain-wall ensembles with nearly frozen topological charge
PoS(LATTICE2014)323 pdf H. Fukaya, S. Aoki, G. Cossu, S. Hashimoto, T. Kaneko and J. Noaki
Optimisation of Quantum Evolution Algorithms
PoS(LATTICE2014)324 pdf A. Patel
Tensor renormalization group study of the 2d O(3) model
PoS(LATTICE2014)325 pdf J.F. Unmuth-Yockey, Y. Meurice, J.C. Osborn and H. Zou
String tension from smearing and Wilson flow methods
PoS(LATTICE2014)327 pdf M. Okawa and A. Gonzalez-Arroyo
Tree level improvement of the gradient flow
PoS(LATTICE2014)328 pdf D. Nogradi, Z. Fodor, K. Holland, J. Kuti, S. Mondal and C.H. Wong
How to reduce O(a^2) effects in gradient flow observables?
PoS(LATTICE2014)329 pdf S. Sint and A. Ramos Martinez
Locally smeared operator product expansions
PoS(LATTICE2014)330 pdf C. Monahan and K. Orginos
A construction of the Schrodinger Functional for Möbius Domain Wall Fermions
PoS(LATTICE2014)331 pdf Y. Murakami and K.I. Ishikawa
Crank-Nicolson discretization scheme and lattice fermions
PoS(LATTICE2014)332 pdf A. Borici
Fermion Mass Generation without a chiral condensate
PoS(LATTICE2014)333 pdf V. Ayyar
The Hadronic Spectrum and Confined Phase in (1+1)-Dimensional Massive Yang-Mills Theory
PoS(LATTICE2014)334 pdf A. Cortés Cubero and P. Orland
Vacuum Structure and Confinement
Confinement, the Abelian Decomposition, and the Contribution of Topology to the Static Quark Potential
PoS(LATTICE2014)335 pdf N.D. Cundy, Y.M. Cho and W. Lee
Deconfinement, Chiral Symmetry Breaking and Chiral Polarization
PoS(LATTICE2014)336 pdf I. Horvath and A. Alexandru
Partial restoration of chiral symmetry inside hadrons
PoS(LATTICE2014)338 pdf T. Iritani, G. Cossu and S. Hashimoto
Exploring confinement in SU(N) gauge theories with double-trace Polyakov loop deformations
PoS(LATTICE2014)339 pdf M. Ogilvie and P.N. Meisinger
Magnetic monopole and confinement/deconfinement phase transision in SU(3) Yang-Mills theory
PoS(LATTICE2014)340 pdf A. Shibata
Zero modes of overlap fermions, instantons and monopoles
PoS(LATTICE2014)341 pdf M. Hasegawa and A. Di Giacomo
Spectral Flow and Index Theorem for Staggered Fermions
PoS(LATTICE2014)342 pdf E. Follana, V. Azcoiti, G. Di Carlo and A. Vaquero Avilés-Casco
Long Range Topological Order, the Chiral Condensate, and the Berry Connection in QCD
PoS(LATTICE2014)343 pdf H. Thacker
Comparative study of topological charge
PoS(LATTICE2014)344 pdf Y. Namekawa
Study of the Theta Angle in Scalar QED_2 in a Dual Representation
PoS(LATTICE2014)345 pdf T. Kloiber and C. Gattringer
Overlap Quark Propagator in Coulomb Gauge QCD
PoS(LATTICE2014)346 pdf M. Pak, Y. Delgado Mercado and M. Schröck
Evidence of BRST-Symmetry Breaking in Lattice Minimal Landau Gauge
PoS(LATTICE2014)347 pdf A. Cucchieri, D. Dudal, T. Mendes and N. Vandersickel
On the rigid string contribution to the interquark potential
PoS(LATTICE2014)348 pdf M. Caselle, M. Panero, R. Pellegrini and D. Vadacchino
Effective string description of the interquark potential in the 3D U(1) Lattice Gauge Theory
PoS(LATTICE2014)349 pdf D. Vadacchino, M. Caselle, M. Panero and R. Pellegrini
London penetration depth and coherence length of SU(3) vacuum flux tubes
PoS(LATTICE2014)350 pdf P. Cea, L. Cosmai, F. Cuteri and A. Papa
Anisotropy of the quark anti-quark potential in a magnetic field
PoS(LATTICE2014)351 pdf F. Negro, C. Bonati, M. D'Elia, M. Mariti, M. Mesiti and F. Sanfilippo
The static three-quark potential from the Polyakov loop correlation function
PoS(LATTICE2014)352 pdf Y. Koma and M. Koma
Testing the Witten-Veneziano mechanism with the Yang-Mills gradient flow on the lattice
PoS(LATTICE2014)353 pdf M. Cè, C. Consonni, G.P. Engel and L. Giusti
The Dyson-Schwinger equation of a link variable in lattice Landau gauge theory
PoS(LATTICE2014)354 pdf A. Sternbeck, M. Schaden and V. Mader
Z(N) dependence of the pure Yang-Mills gluon propagator in the Landau gauge near Tc
PoS(LATTICE2014)355 pdf O. Oliveira and P.J. Silva
Smearing Center Vortices
PoS(LATTICE2014)356 pdf R. Hoelwieser and M. Engelhardt
Centre Vortex Effects on the Overlap Quark Propagator
PoS(LATTICE2014)357 pdf D. Trewartha, W. Kamleh and D. Leinweber
Study of axial magnetic effect
PoS(LATTICE2014)359 pdf V. Braguta, M. Chernodub, V.A. Goy, K. Landsteiner, A. Molochkov and M. Ulybyshev
Surface operators study within the lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2014)360 pdf A. Molochkov and V.A. Goy
two-dimensional phase structure of SU(2) gauge-Higgs model
PoS(LATTICE2014)362 pdf S. Gongyo and D. Zwanziger
Weak Decays and Matrix Elements
Calculation of $K \to \pi\pi$ decay amplitudes with improved Wilson fermion in 2+1 flavor lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2014)364 pdf N. Ishizuka, K.I. Ishikawa, A. Ukawa and T. Yoshie
Lattice Measurement of the Delta I=1/2 Contribution to Standard Model Direct CP-Violation in $K\rightarrow \pi \pi$ Decays at Physical Kinematics: Part I
PoS(LATTICE2014)365 pdf C. Kelly and D. Zhang
Lattice Measurement of the Delta I=1/2 Contribution to Standard Model Direct CP-Violation in $K\rightarrow \pi \pi$ Decays at Physical Kinematics: Part II
PoS(LATTICE2014)366 pdf D. Zhang and C. Kelly
Rare kaon decays from lattice QCD
PoS(LATTICE2014)367 pdf X. Feng, N.H. Christ, A. Portelli and C. Sachrajda
Kl - Ks mass difference computed with a 171 MeV pion mass
PoS(LATTICE2014)368 pdf Z. Bai
The Kaon Semileptonic Form Factor from Domain Wall QCD at the Physical Point
PoS(LATTICE2014)369 pdf D. Murphy
Calculation of BSM Kaon B-parameters using improved staggered quarks in N_f = 2+1 QCD.
PoS(LATTICE2014)370 pdf J. Leem, Y.C. Jang, H. Jeong, C. Jung, H.J. Kim, J. Kim, S. Kim, W. Lee, J. Pak, S. Park, S.R. Sharpe and B. Yoon
Current status of $\varepsilon_K$ calculated on the lattice
PoS(LATTICE2014)371 pdf W. Lee, J. Bailey and Y.C. Jang
Rare $B$ decays using lattice QCD form factors
PoS(LATTICE2014)372 pdf R. Horgan, Z. Liu, S. Meinel and M. Wingate
Neutral B-meson mixing with physical u, d, s, and c sea quarks
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The scalar B meson in the static limit of HQET
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B meson decay constants and Delta B=2 matrix elements with static heavy and doma in-wall light quarks
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Charm physics with Moebius Domain Wall Fermions
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Charm physics with physical light and strange quarks using domain wall fermions
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PoS(LATTICE2014)382 pdf
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Matrix elements for D-meson mixing from 2+1 lattice QCD
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PoS(LATTICE2014)385 pdf
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$K \to \pi$ vector form factor with $N_f=2+1+1$ Twisted Mass fermions
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Improved currents for B to D(*) ell nu form factors from Oktay-Kronfeld heavy quarks
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Non-perturbative study of the chromagnetic operator on the lattice
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